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DD785 Bart Vertrees SN 06/1958-1961 golf4fun67 (AT) looking for; John Cathy, John Hastings, Mike Sheehan..
DD-785 William Adams TM3 1951-1953 Brandy6802 (AT)  
DD-785 Robert (Bob) Alaniz STG3 66-68 alanizrobert (AT) Glad to hear from any of the old crew.
DD-785 Richard Albright GMG3 1970-1972 rdalbright47 (AT) Great time in HK and crossing the equator. Hope to hear from all. 208-233-1066. Whitehead? I have a picture
DD-785 Rick Aldrich BM/E-3 1967 to 1968 talk2merick (AT) 603-298-8177 Would love to hear from anyone on the deck crew Mike Ellenberger, Ronnie weager
DD-785 Frank Alesci RMSN 11/52 to 8/53 Papagrande3 (AT) Was on Board during Action Wonson Harbor April 1953.
DD-785 Thomas Allen RD2 6/69 - 10/72 tomallen (AT)  
DD-785 Leslie (Bud) Ammons SN 1952 to 1955 Bud357mag (AT)  
DD-785 William Anderson LT(jg) 6/58 - 8/60 bilandy (AT)  
DD-785 John Arbuthnott ET2 10/46 to6/47 i4t3i7nb (AT) greatest time of my life
DD-785 Marvin Arend MM1 04/55-12/58 mgarend (AT)  
DD-785 Jim Atteberry TM2 7/71-5/75 jdatteberry (AT) I see PJ Cox and some of my other shipmates listed here, Dewitt as well.
DD-785 Donny Aultman RM3 61-63 don.aultman (AT)  
DD-785 John Baker BT3 5/62-1/65 John193395 (AT) Love to hear from old shipmates :)
DD-785 Donald Bechtol RD3 1953 to 1956 oldjockdon (AT)  
DD-785 Ross W. Beetow RD2 63-66 whitehartwest (AT)  
DD-785 William Benson MM2 1966 to 1970 Deceased RIP shipmate
DD-785 Thomas P. Berens SKC 1967-l968 tjtom2 (AT) looking for old shipmates
DD-785 Christopher Bernier BT2 1969 to 1971 christopher,j.bernier (AT) Love to hear from any snipe!
DD-785 Bill Bierly EM3 5/72-8/72 billbierly (AT) Great times and in rate training prior to going to Nuc' School.
DD-785 Harold Biggs SN 3/52-8/53 pbiggs (AT) Was at the 2002 Renunion at Branson, MO
DD-785 George Biglay BT3 9/66-05/70 GBIGLAY (AT) Like to hear fom the hole
DD-785 Richard Blake ETR2 10/67 - 10/69 (AT) Served in the WD division (DASH)
DD-785 Tom Blubaugh RM2 1962-64 tomynate (AT) If you know me let me know
DD-785 Robert Bonvillion SH3 1969 to 1972 rbonvillion (AT) lots of memories
DD-785 Robert (Bob) Booth N/A 1953 deeborahlazzara (AT) My father-died 10/23/82-would love any info regarding his Navy time. Thank You.Deborah Booth Lazzara.
DD-785 Murray Bordeaux BT2 8/67 - 8/70 mbordx (AT)  
DD-785 Al Bostick RM3 1965-1968 spankyb50 (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-785 Richard Bouttell EM3 02/71-3/74 rlbouttell (AT) Great ship,great crew and made great friends.
DD-785 Richard Bray QM3 11/46-11/51 BJanBWillow (AT) I'd like to hear from a shipmate.
DD-785 Edward Brooks SF2 2/64-2/69 epbrooks (AT) R/Div. Can Do -- Hello Shipmates --Now Ret.HTC 2/80
DD-785 Ed Brostrom SM1 1956-1959 edkt2 (AT)  
DD-785 E. J. Brown CAPT 1965-1966? ejbrownjr (AT) My dad (died last year) was the Capt around 65-66. He loved that ship-love to hear any stories about him.
DD-785 Michael Brown GMT2 9/75 - 9/79 b423Michael (AT) What a Fast Can.
DD-785 Charles Brown RM3 12/22/61 to 02/03/63 nk8i (AT) I live in East Liverpool, Ohio Telephone 330-385-0336 My amateur radio callsign is NK8I
DD-785 Harold Brown, Jr. BT2 1971 to 1975 melba6353 (AT) forward fireroom 3 years then aft 1 year
DD-785 Harold Bunce TE3 Jan 59 - Feb 61 rickandcarol (AT) My Dad was the Postal Clerk and Radioman
DD-785 David Burke BTFN 5/65-5/66 DMWB57 (AT) 7/65-1/66 in Viet Nam
DD-785 Robert Burns SN 1/10/49-8/10/53 robert626 (AT) Henderson name added to above list
DD-785 James T. Burns S1 1946 Jasburns16 (AT) plank owner
DD-785 Eli (Tex) Byars PFC 4/41-3/43 billclee (AT)  
DD-785 John V. Caro EMC April 1958 - October 1961 kcaro (AT) I remember some exciting moments during my two WestPac crui
DD-785 John Castle MM2 1958 to 1961 after engine room country
DD-785 Jim (Chimo) Chidichimo FN 1963 to 1967 chimo (AT) Looking for shipmates and Rich Houle
DD-785 John Clemensen IC2 1966 - 1969 Twoscooters108 (AT)  
DD-785 Dale Clifton STG2 5/65-2/67 dalec (AT) tctwest Enjoyed my time on the Hendy, WAIT! Sonar Contact!!!
DD-785 Clyde Coder DK3 6/66 to 1/69 ccoder1 (AT) anyone aware of a Henderson reunion this fall?
DD-785 John W. Conner SO3 4/51 thru 11/54 jonconn (AT) Some of my greatest memories are from my time on the Hendy!
DD-785 Billy Conner RD3 65-68 bbconner01 (AT) Hi to all
DD-785 Don Connolly FT2 2/56 to 3/57 d.connolly (AT) Transferred from the USS Brinkley Bass DD 887
DD-785 Jim Conover SM3 1969-1973 jim.liisa.conover (AT)  
DD-785 Rob Cook SA 1972 to 1973 robincook (AT)  
DD-785 Al Cordova SN 1971-1972 cordovas1992 (AT) I had a great time serving on this ship
DD-785 Gerald Corona SH3 1955-1965 coronadd785 (AT) My dad is deceased but I'm his son looking for anyone who knew or served with him-please feel free to email
DD-785 Lee Courtney FTG3 1967 1970 dcourtney (AT) Hendy Maru Can Do
DD-785 Dennis Cox STG2 1966 to 1969 ddcox (AT) Great Ship
DD-785 Paul Cox STG1 1971 to 1975 pjc4148 (AT) Enjoyed time aboard-Still think about my shipmates-R Hanson,T Dolcebac,D DeWitt,C Schultz, rest of Sonar Gang
DD-785 William Crowe CDR 1973-1976 capt57 (AT) Great tour with a superb crew
DD-785 A. D. (Tex) Davis GMSN1 45-46 addavis (AT) Plankowner.
DD-785 Frank de Boer SH3 1969 to 1972 frankdeboer (AT) hopefully to talk to some friends
DD-785 Philip Dewey BT3 63-66 PHILDEWEY1 (AT)  
DD-785 Daniel DeWitt TM3 1/69-10/72 dcdew1 (AT) Fond Memories of Ship and Crew
DD-785 Bill Drew MM2 1966 to 1969 drew2380 (AT) Like to hear from my former shipmates. Great ship and great crew
DD-785 Charles (Chuck) Droz LT(jg) 1974-1976 Deceased MPA. Perished on Flight 77 on 9/11/2001. RIP Shipmate. Hayes sends.
DD-785 Tom Drozdowski TM3 69-70 thomas drozdowski (AT) Nickname ski Partnered with Dan Dewitt on torpedo deck
DD-785 Edward Eagan BT3 1970-73 eaglehendy (AT) Really just need to change to new email address. Thank you!
DD-785 Steven Ebert E-4 2/80 - 10/80 sebert3859 (AT)  
DD-785 Thomas Eck GMG2 05/65 - 12/67 mawbetty1 (AT) like to hear from shipmates !!!
DD-785 Neal Evans FT3 11/1959 - 7/1960 EvansN(at)  
DD-785 Donald Evans RD5 1960-1961 donscc (AT)  
DD-785 Charlie Everett LT Dec 66-Oct 69 olecoon (AT) G-Div Off, ASW Off
DD-785 Thomas Ferguson MMC 11/71-10/78 tlfpmndj2 (AT) Had a good time on a Great ship with a lot of good people
DD-785 Harlan Finch SH2 3/62 to 9/65 finch785 (AT) The best Ship I was on in 21 Years.
DD-785 Doug Fischer FTG2 09/76-09/80 lexion915 (AT) Many good memories! Time to connect with old shipmates, especially weapons dept.
DD-785 Ronald Fleenor MS3 8/77-2/80 1-423-693-5255  
DD-785 Vernon P. Floyd FN1 1946-1948 vpfloyd (AT) Went to South pole,Admiral Byrd Exp.Sidney On Return.
DD-785 John Freeburg MM2 2/69 to11/71 catpause (AT) She was my home .and a strict task master.
DD-785 Bill Fulton MM2 1957 to 1960 fultonwsbelpre (AT) Great experience
DD-785 Robert (Stumpy) Gagnon STG3 7/65 - 6/67 bob (AT) Looking for info or pictures when ship was in DaNang harbor for 2 weeks doing shore battery.
DD-785 Michael Gallagher RD2 5/58 to 3/61 michaelninagallagher (AT) 2 westpac cruises...great times
DD-785 Omar A. Gandara BM3 10/73-9/75 ballenaracer (AT) Also served as a gunnersmate, great ship
DD-785 Leroy 'Roy' Gates HM1 11/55 - 6/56 rvwilson (AT) I'm his daughter, would love to hear from his shipmates.
DD-785 Gary Gauwain ETR3 6/62 -8/65 heinz41 (AT) Greetings to all.
DD-785 Tex Gehardt RD3 4/58-10/60 DD785tx (AT) Great duty
DD-785 Lockey (Butch) Gehring MM3 1966-1969 imlbg3 (AT)  
DD-785 Michael George SN 1955-10/57 fadara (AT) Coxswain Capt's Gig, Chief's mess cook, equator crossing, Loved every min of my time
DD-785 Lawrence Gerber IC3 1965 -1967 largerb1 (AT)  
DD-785 Ralph Gerhardt RD3 4-58/0-60 DD785tex (AT) Good Times
DD-785 Tex Gerhardt RD3 1958-1960 DD785tex (AT) Range to the Guide.
DD-785 Gary Gillis FT2 1953 to 1955 chaching34 (AT) Great times aboard this ship...& fabulous friendships were made. Wish I could bring it all back !
DD-785 Robert Gooch SOG3 1962-1964 goochb (AT)  
DD-785 Mark Goodell ETR2 1976 to 1980 markmark1957 (AT)  
DD-785 Urban Goodwin YM2 approx 1950-1954 doubledz (AT) Son, has a picture of him at the Hula Hut with friends, 1952
DD-785 Stephen Greene HT3 1975-1980 SGreene (AT)  
DD-785 James Griffin OS2 12/70 - 4/74 elgriffo1950 (AT) CIC (Christ I'm Confused) What a time in my life...especially the equator crossings.
DD-785 James Grimes IC2 1966 - 1969 jimeug (AT)  
DD-785 John Gullic   70-71 rthecatlady (AT) I am trying to locate anyone who knows John Gullic.
DD-785 Vernon Hallum EN2 1959-1964 HABIGVERN (AT) We had some good times
DD-785 Russ Hanson STG2 1970 - 1973 russhanson3 (AT)  
DD-785 Earl Harper BT2 7/47- 6/53 elharper230 (AT) it has been a long time
DD-785 Monte Hart ETR2 7/55-7/59 MHart96 (AT) A great ship and the place that started a long career in the Navy.
DD-785 Robert Hasty MM3 1950 to 1953 rhasty (AT) Looking for old buddies. Let's go to our yearly reunion!
DD-785 Bryan Hayes LT(jg) 12/73 - 03/76 hayesbm (AT) Supply Officer. Great ship. Great crew.
DD-785 Marshall Heath MM3 1956 to 1957 mnfheath (AT) Sept. 2002 Reunion Branson, Mo.
DD-785 George Henderson TM3 01/1948 -10/21/1951 bangor2 (AT) would like to hear from anyone that was aboard the hendy .
DD-785 William T. Hill SN 7/66-3/67 HILLMSG (AT) Served 9 months WD Div transfered to PBR's Nha Be Viet Nam
DD-785 Andy Hodges BM3 1978 to 1980 hodgesandy (AT)  
DD-785 Norman Hoff BTFN 1971 to 1974 neonnormhoff (AT) Charles Rosas please contact me. Great Ship, Great Times!
DD-785 Danny Holmes MM3 1976 to 1980 drholmes9 (AT) Homer says Hi to old crew , we did have some good times
DD-785 Brad Holmes BT3 3/68 - 12/68 BradandSharon (AT)  
DD-785 John Hoskins   1951-? mamme2u (AT) I'm John's daughter Dixie. Trying to find information on this ship and its mates.
DD-785 Richard Houle MM1 5/65 - 1/67 rmhoule (AT) Fwd Eng Rm (Main control)
DD-785 Johnny Howell MM3 2/68-8/69 jhh9491 (AT) CP
DD-785 Kenneth Howell RM2 7/57 - 9/60 kj48dodge (AT)  
DD-785 Edgar E. Hunley BMC 1969 EHunley (AT) My last ship, Retired 12/16/70 27 Years.
DD-785 Allen Hutto BT3 10/74-5/78 hazegray5 (AT) Assigned to the forward fireroom
DD-785 John Irwin SF3 1969-1972 JIrwin (AT)  
DD-785 Warren Jabin SA 9/58-7/59 fotto1 (AT)  
DD-785 Howell John MM3 2/68-8/69 Johnh49 (AT)  
DD-785 Richard Johnson EM2 1949-1952 BarbW92335 (AT) My father-killed in auto accident in 72-anyone w/info about him/has any photos of his ship or mates pls email
DD-785 Warren Johnson RD2 67 to 69 wjohn79798 (AT) high to all
DD-785 Norman Johnson MM3/FA 7/73- 10/73 captdoom (AT) I was on my way out
DD-785 Ernest, Ray Johnson SN 1973 to 1975 jim2142003 (AT)  
DD-785 Roddis Jones LT(jg) 8/52 to 07/55 roddis (AT) I am a life member I like the paper. The reunions are GREAT!
DD-785 Bob Karas CDR 1971-1973 Navyk (AT) A great ship
DD-785 Irwin B. Katz YN2 8/66 to 7/67 irwinbk (AT) I would be nice to hear from others who were aboard.
DD-785 Rick Kelly LT 6/77-12/80 hc77 (AT) 1st LT/Gunnery Officer. Loved every minute of it!
DD-785 Al Kennedy TM2 11/46-4/47 alkdy (AT) Order-of-the Golden Penguin, whales & Sydney
DD-785 Donn King SKSN 04/62-6/64 donnme (AT) Would like to have a website
DD-785 Larry Kocsis FTG2 4/68-6/71 ltkocsis (AT) Some of the most dedicated people (crew) that I have ever worked with
DD-785 Barry Kokot SM3 5/69-11/71 bsk2211 (AT) Hong Kong 3 weeks, crossing the equator what a great time
DD-785 Walter H. Kopp LCDR 1971-1972 WHOK (AT)  
DD-785 Ross Kramer SHSN 1951 to 1953 rwkramer (AT) Looking for Doc Hall & Cisneros cssn
DD-785 Oscar Lara MM1 1945 to 1946 linebacker2 (AT)  
DD-785 Craig Latarte MR2 72-73 latarte3 (AT)  
DD-785 Tom Laurin STG2 11/77 - 11/79 tom44viv50 (AT) Great times-Newport(OR),S Francisco,Acapulco (especially memorable) in 78! Not bad ports for a reserve can
DD-785 Chuck Legere RM3 01/78-04/79 chucklegere (AT) Bussing to the ship yard...the stink from the tuna cannery..
DD-785 Richard Lewis MM3 1971 to 1973 tikirihi (AT)  
DD-785 Bob Lex F2 6/47-6/48 grandlex (AT) A fantastic experience
DD-785 Chester Lizak BT3 9/69-12/72 chesterlizak (AT) The Hendy, great ship ,great crew B Division
DD-785 Filbert Locato CS3 3/55-9/59 filbelova (AT) would like to hear from any of the old shipmates
DD-785 Derek Lovett STG2 1976 to 1979 dblovett (AT)  
DD-785 Lannis Lyngle   WWI saj18saj (AT) My father-not certain of much-was a radio operator(?)-knew telegraph code and such-anyone with any info?
DD-785 Douglas Lyon SK3 1/66-5/67 delyon (AT)  
DD-785 John Maddox BMC 5/72 - 5/74 jmaddox003 (AT) She was my favorite ship
DD-785 Dick Mahar FT2 1/52 - 7/54 rmahar01 (AT) Korea
DD-785 Craig Martinsen RM3 11/69 - 2/73 cmartinsen (AT) Henderson Facebook page-Pics & cruise books to get your memories going.
DD-785 Steve Mateyak RD2 3/56 - 7/59 SPMateyak (AT) Great time for my 3 years
DD-785 Tom McCann SM3 1960 to 1962 OILCANTOM (AT) BRESNAN.NET  
DD-785 Jerome McCartney QMSN 08/80 - 09/80 564968183 (AT) Reserve sailor-1st ship out of QM Sch-on act duty in Iraq as QM1.-miss destroyer life (except GQ drills).
DD-785 Roger McConnaughy EM2 10/60-3/61 740-633-9159  
DD-785 Richard McEachron QM1 3/50 - 12/53 remce (AT)  
DD-785 Chas (CJ) McGrillen QM2 04/51 thru 11/54 chasjmcg (AT)  
DD-785 Robert McKay ME3 05/1950 - 06/1953 NutnButJazz (AT) If you remember me, email-I'll give you my phone # so you may call-if I'm not there ask for my oldest son Steve.
DD-785 Walter (Walt) McKeever SK2 1966 to 1969 ssm (AT) Looking for shipmates on Hendy from 1966 to 1969
DD-785 Kirk McKnight ETR2 Aug 67-Jul68 mrmac31 (AT) My first ship. Hendy was a good place to start out.
DD-785 Brian McLarty BT2 07/79-9/80 powerdude45 (AT) I was the ships last oil king and stayed until the end.
DD-785 James (Jim) McLean RM3 12/66 thru 9/67 HENDYMARU (AT) Radio shack shift supervisor/ 67 WESTPAC
DD-785 Al Meeds BT3 11/54-3/57 xaramco (AT) Great ship, great memories. Let me hear from you.
DD-785 Curtis Mercier QM2 1970 to 1972 cr_mercier (AT) Ch Moyers,Snake,Graham,Rodriques,Schaff QM gang at the time-hard to remember-wonder where they are now?
DD-785 Michael Mermer STG2 10/72 - 2/77 Mermer78 (AT)  
DD-785 Phillip Metzger STG3 1972 to 1975 p.metzger (AT) 2 years active, 1 Wespac. 2 years reserve meetings on board
DD-785 Joe Moffitt STG3 68-5/69 jvmoffitt (AT)  
DD-785 Paul K Montgomery   1927 monty4 (AT) Is this the Marines' ''Henderson'' comm.1916 & Shanghai, Chin
DD-785 Dennis Moore BT3 7/65-1/67 suemoore68 (AT)  
DD-785 Don Moore ENFN july 56 to aug 58 dmoore31 (AT) great ship
DD-785 Paul Morgan ET2 7/666-988 Ingcapt7 (AT)  
DD-785 John Morrison GM3 1949 - 1951 nacl78565 (AT)  
DD-785 DaRon Mosley SK3 1/78 - 12/79 mosleed (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-785 Michael Munoz EM2 5/45-10/45 munozrb (AT) 106 Chedburg Dr,Goose Creek,SC-ph 843-569-7440-attached to ship aft EM School until the end of the war
DD-785 Rodney Murphy SN 09/66 to 07/67 Ccynmurphy (AT) Great first WESTPAC and had a lot of fun at Georges Roundup in Long Beach.
DD-785 Joe Nanista MM1 1/49-10/52 nanista (AT)  
DD-785 Stanley Nelson SM3 4/45 thru 6/46 nelson2027 (AT) Plank Owner Original Crew
DD-785 Thomas (Tom) Netka   8/64-12/68 netka10 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-785 J. Lynn Noland LT(jg) 09/69-01/71 ohuallachain28745 (AT)  
DD-785 Robert Nowell PO3 1949 - 1950 marymarienowell (AT) Deceased July 2015
DD-785 Nolan O'Briant S1 1946 & 1947 NolOBr (AT) Operation High Jump-South Pole, Sydney, Au--Japan next year
DD-785 Irvin Ohler GM1 1945 to 1946 iohler (AT) shipmates, Miley McIntyre Novak Capt. Knoentzer
DD-785 George O'Neil BMSN 1977 to 1978 GMTON (AT) WD Division USS Henderson and member of Tin Can Sailors
DD-785 Paul Owens MM3 1/76-1/78 owenspaul5225 (AT) Did the Hendymaru ever make it out of dry dock?
DD-785 Donald Pankow SK3 1956 to 1957 hookpapanmoo (AT) cruise locations from San Diego to Australia and in between
DD-785 Sam Parra FTG2 2/76 - 5/79 sparra (AT) A great crew in WEPs
DD-785 Paul Patrich MM2 1/61-1/65 archigraft (AT) Made two west-pac cruises
DD-785 John L. Pedigo TM2 2/51-7/54 tubes2 (AT)  
DD-785 Robert Walter Phelps TM1 46 ccavara (AT)  
DD-785 Joe Phillips BTFN 8/50 to 8/51` joedotapi (AT) LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO SERVED ON THE HENDY MARU
DD-785 Ken Pintar RD1 66-67 k.pintar (AT)  
DD-785 Ken Piper ETR3 5/65=8/67 kpiper9954 (AT)  
DD-785 Irving Porter SN1 9/48 thru 10/51 rederoof (AT)  
DD-785 Harold Potts STGS/E-3 72-73 dean_29875 (AT) My first ship
DD-785 John Edward Punshon Cook 1947 smalljn78 (AT) For my Grandaughters
DD-785 Ted Purvis QM3 1951-1955 sivrup1 (AT)  
DD-785 Arthur Edward Pyne S1 from comm thru 1946 grandpa (AT) Am a plank owner. Went aboard at Todd Ship Yard{Seattle}
DD-785 Joseph Quinn LT(jg) 12/66-8/68 josquinn (AT)  
DD-785 Robert Radach MM2 1952 to 1955 rradach (AT) Hello Shipmates
DD-785 Harry Rae HMSN August 1966 to Sept 1967 captrae333 (AT) Anyone out there who remembers the Henderson??
DD-785 John Ramsay STGSN 1972-73 pinevalleyranch (AT)  
DD-785 Richard (Rick) Rausch BM1 1969-1969 PITDOG (AT) CDR. MESTLER SAVED MY LIFE
DD-785 Brian Regimbal RM3 3/71 - 4-72 turfh2o (AT) Super great Westpac cruise....
DD-785 John Reiff EM2 11/66 to 10/69 ReiffJr (AT)  
DD-785 Elmer Reutter MM2 03/50-11/54 dr129er (AT)  
DD-785 Tim Rice IC2 11/76-03/80 wreck97 (AT) What a great bunch of charectors we had in ''R'' Division!
DD-785 Charles Roe E-4 1971 to 1974 roeboat111 (AT) Roeboat says hi. fwd, fireroom
DD-785 Charles Rosas BTFN 1970 to 1973 evrosas (AT) Norman Hoff please contact. Grea tship. Great Times.
DD-785 Donald Rosebro ETR2 8/69 - 7/73 donjan0522 (AT)  
DD-785 John Rozgay ETN2 08/29/1960-10/01/1963 jprozgay (AT) hi Hendy alums
DD-785 William [Bobby] Ruffin TM2 1/49-9/53 bvrough (AT) Great time onboard my first ship
DD-785 William ''Bill'' G. Russell FT3 11/48-6/52 mydoublenickel (AT) Looking for Paul Duhon or Gordon L. Rogers
DD-785 Charlie Russell FT2 2/60-9/61 yehanoha.clr (AT) one wespac cruise
DD-785 William Sagon EM2 10/69-11/72 nogas442 (AT)  
DD-785 Bernard Sarbieski RD2 3/55-8/58 sarbbps (AT)  
DD-785 Winston Savage OS2 1969 to 1973 wsavage58 (AT)  
DD-785 Paul Schnetzka QM3 1966 to 1970 famousshades (AT) Like to get in touch with shipmates onboard when I-also looking for info of when we were in Danang harbor.
DD-785 John Schoellhorn ST1 6/66-11/70 hendy785 (AT)  
DD-785 Del (Thunder) Schoenhoeft BM3 71-73 & 76-79 del_thunder (AT) Except for the Reservists -- Great ship
DD-785 Roy Schuhart Cook 71-74 rschuhart (AT)  
DD-785 Robert Schultz EM 9/71-12/73 schanne74 (AT) Electric shop and gyro compass
DD-785 Vince Schurman RM2 1945-46 cascu4 (AT)  
DD-785 Vincent Shay LT(jg) 07/63-08/65 vshay (AT) Great ship, great shipmates
DD-785 Bill Shilling BT1 1967 to 1970 harley792 (AT)  
DD-785 Billy Silcox RM3 1962 to 1964 sophia.billy (AT) Wildest memories in my life!
DD-785 Charles Slater SN 12/68-9/72 bcslater (AT) Best year's of my naval career!
DD-785 Michael Smicker RM3 1977 - 1979 mksmicker (AT)  
DD-785 Sid Smith gmg3 5/66-11/67 1hdfxsts (AT) g divison was the best
DD-785 Charles Smith ETN2 1967-1971 smith630 (AT) csmith (AT) Hope to hear from Thomas Speers and Lee Poindexter
DD-785 Tom Speers LT(jg) 10/68-06/70 Thomas.Speers (AT)  
DD-785 Robert (Mickey) Spilinek RD2 5/53 - 57 bspilinek (AT) she was a real steamer
DD-785 Louis St.John MMC 1947 -1950 StJohnmimijohn (AT)  
DD-785 Doug Stone BM3 1967-1971 stone5 (AT) great ship,great shipmates
DD-785 Robert Studabaker     robgs_98 (AT) My dad was on Henderson in 50's. Carlos G. Studabaker
DD-785 Dennis Sullivan TM2 4-10/69 Sullytm2 (AT) She was the best.
DD-785 Harry Tabor RD2 1962-1965 harrytabor (AT) Many good times on the Hendy Made two wespac cruises. spenf
DD-785 Herman Terry BMC 05/73 to 07/74 hterry11 (AT) This was an outstanding DD to serve in. I loved every day I spent aboard. A real tin can.
DD-785 Joseph G. Thomas MM2 1956 to 1957 trishjo (AT) Searching for S. O. Parsons EM1 & engineering personal
DD-785 Roger B. Thompson 2/c 1949-1952 acmaxey (AT) hello old shipmates
DD-785 Jeff Thompson STG3 1977-1979 TClan77 (AT) wonderful memories!
DD-785 David Thornburg HT2 1972 to 1975 dltnavy (AT)  
DD-785 Al Tilley LT(jg) June 1953-June 1956 ivanhoe (AT)  
DD-785 Thomas Tomandl TM3 1958-1960 ttomandl (AT) Great Ship
DD-785 Gary Troxel SM3 10/60-9/62 ndobedo (AT) Loved being underway operating with the Carriers
DD-785 John Turner IC3 10/51-6/55 tjonturn (AT)  
DD-785 E. L. (Jay) Tutt SH1 1946-1950 jaytutt (AT)  
DD-785 Harold Vaughn ET2 1965-1966 vongent (AT)  
DD-785 Alfred Vendt EN2 1/26/66 - 12/67 avendt69 (AT) If anyone remembers me on the Vietnam cruise please call me 757-410-0851 or email me avendt69 (AT)
DD-785 Bart Vertrees SN 4/58 to 9/61 golf4fun67 (AT) Great memories-didn't realize how much fun I was having-miss Mike Salenero,John Hastings & Mike sheehan
DD-785 Ernest Vigue GMG1 1960-1968 firehawk003 (AT) Best ship in the fleet.
DD-785 Bob Vincent BT1 8/78 - 80 Bob (AT)  
DD-785 Steve (Kelly) Vosburg SH3 1969 - 1970 steve4749 (AT)  
DD-785 George Wagner BTFN 1/73-12/74 wagnernh (AT) blast from the past
DD-785 Leo Walker SN 11/71 - 10/75 leomwalker (AT) Every day aboard a learning experience.
DD-785 Theodore aka Oldfield Walker FT2 1/58 - 5/61 kj7v (AT) Best can in the fleet. Ham call sign is KJ7V
DD-785 Wm. S. Wallis BT2 1952 thru 1955 toro (AT) Served as the Oil King first 2 years !
DD-785 Nathan Webb TM3 52-56 Fish5785 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DD-785 Lawrence Webb GM3 8/45 to 3/46 lmwebb77 (AT) plankowner
DD-785 Gary Weigel GM3 1978 garyweigel (AT) Different world coming from CV as USMC brown shirt
DD-785 Walter Weisenhorn QM3 1948-1951 wcarolw (AT)  
DD-785 Paul Wermerson RM3 10/72-10/73 cpswerm (AT) Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club member
DD-785 Russ White RM3 1953-1956 paul.white (AT) Passed away 13 August 2016
DD-785 Dale White SH3 1969 to 1971 daleigh (AT)  
DD-785 Bobby White SF3 1/2/67-12/1/67 Bwhite5709 (AT) West pac cruise 1967!!
DD-785 Bill Whitlow MR3 2/53-2/55 parkum (AT) A Gang, w/Bush, Anderson, Paker, Johnson - Korea - Lt Jones
DD-785 Harold Wiley FN1 1946 to 1947 hwiley74 (AT)  
DD-785 Mike Willis SOG3 09-58 to 09 61 mandmateos (AT)  
DD-785 Warren Wright RD2 1955-1958 warren0820 (AT) Great Years
DD-785 David Zareczny SH3 12/68 - 09/71 davidzareczny (AT) Will never forget my 2 WestPac cruises & becoming a shellback in 1971. It was the greatest time of my life.

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