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DD-461/DMS-26 Harold Carlson, Jr.   1952 lgray (AT) My uncle-was 17-went down with the ship 4/52-I was wondering if any one remembered him, they called him Jr.
DD-464 Raymond R. Bray BT2 1943 to 1946 jladybray (AT)  
DD-464 Thomas Collins SC2 11/41-11/44 graham (AT) Daughter's email.
DD-464 Robert Duncan Elder LCDR 42-45 selder (AT) (daughter) Looking for memories, companions, knowledge of my father. At Normandy, Cherbourg, North Atlantic,
DD-464 Herbert Greenup     kboyd102 (AT)  
DD-464 William E. Hart GM2 3/42 to 12/42 jbh305 (AT) Went to North Africa as part of invasion
DD-464 Conrad Holmberg BK3 1943 to 1945 conceil (AT) e-mail welcome now in FL.
DD-464 James McCann TM3 2/2/44-2/28/45 jmccann (AT) my dad has a diary from Jan-Dec of '44-short passages of the days he spent on the Hobson including the invasion
DD-464 William H. Smith GM1 41-43 jassjas (AT)  
DD-464 Vito Zazzero TM3 6/42-9/44 mikezaz (AT) Please feel free to contact me
DD-464/DMS-26 Dale Devine S1 1944 - 1945 devined (AT) My father-died recently-was wounded in the kamikaze attack on April 16, 1945 at Okinawa
DD-464/DMS-26 George Gleaton   Late 1940s brian_gleaton (AT) My dad was a proud crewmember up until leaving the service just prior to wasp incident+ I wanted to have him put into this registry.
DD-464/DMS-26 Edwin Lankowski   01/52 - 04/52 e_lank (AT) My Father was the Survivor and attends the memorial service in Charleston yearly
DD-464/DMS-26 John Loulan RM3 Oct 42 - Feb 46 loulan (AT) would like info on reunions
DD-464/DMS-26 Walter Melcher   1942-1945 xtremekingsta (AT) Grandaughter looking for info-Gramp still alive-I'd love to hear frm shipmates that served w/him (boiler room).
DD-464/DMS-26 Brenton Ramsey SC1 2/44-9/45 brentmar18 (AT) Made Normandy S. France and Okinawa Invasions-sunk submarine
DD-464/DMS-26 Harry Williams LT(jg) 12/43-5/46 fergusonranch (AT) what about a reunion?
DMS-26 Robert Altherr SN1 1943-1946 ealtherr (AT)  
DMS-26 Joseph Arsenault SN 1952 joehow (AT) i am still kicking and gettig around pretty good i am now 75 years young
DMS-26 Eryne Clark QMS3 1948 to 1952 ewej13 (AT) Would like contact with any former crew members!
DMS-26 Jack Davis 1/c 6/48 - 4/52 jackd234 (AT) 570 466-7318. I would have been on the ship when it sunk if I has not gone to my sisters wedding.
DMS-26 Joseph De Filippo GM3 1948-1952 lazz324 (AT) need to know the union dates
DMS-26 Donald Frazier RD3 6/49- 5/52 dfrazier42 (AT) transfer to Ellyson before Hobson sank
DMS-26 Loring Bernard Kline   ?-1952 kline (AT) Loring B. (Bus) Kline,died on Hobson,son looking for surviv.
DMS-26 Obie Lee, Jr.   4/26/1952 obie (AT) My father was a cook onboard the night the ship sank-went down with the ship-looking for info about that night
DMS-26 Edward Lenza MM2 1943-1945 edwardlenza (AT) My grandfather served proudly on the Hobson, at the Normandy invasion.
DMS-26 Dick McDevitt RDM 7/48-3/52 mcdevittr (AT) Was discharged 26 days before the ship was sunk.
DMS-26 James F. McIntyre RMSN Survivor jmcintyre56 (AT) Looking for any survivors/
DMS-26 Ellwood Moss SN 3/52-4/52 Yncey7 (AT) How many of us are still alive and kicking?
DMS-26 Frank O'Connor SO3 4/52 USSHobsondms-26 (AT) Establishing a survivors network and former crew members con
DMS-26 Edward Wegner Unknown 1948 to 1949 wegsrt61 (AT) My father served aboard the U.S.S. Hobson. Looking for info and any surviving ship mates.
DMS-26 Calvin Wilkinson   1951 wilk17 (AT) Served on the Hobson around 1951. Please contact.
DMS-26 Joseph Wohlmuth MM3 03/49 - 03/52 joearch71 (AT) Presently in Gulf Breeze, Florida

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