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DD-444 Walter Bethel SMAN 41-42 ollie (AT) sister would like information on anyone who remembers him
DD-444 Donald Brewington LT 1941-42 PeterWilsonMusic (AT) Peter Wilson is LT Brewington's 1st cousin-once removed
DD-444 Joseph Carey SN 2/41-8/42 Tincanman47 (AT) USS Ingraham DD444 sunk north atlantic 8-22-42 RIP
DD-444 Le Roy Clark     clarkleroy (AT) My father Adrian M. Clark was a surviver of the 8/42 collision
DD-444 Lynn Brooks Collins RM3 1941-2 terrycollinsii (AT) My great-uncle, who was lost at see the tragic night that his vessel was struck in the fog, 22 Aug 1942.
DD-444 Anne Cooper     mymailbeach (AT) My father received a medal for helping save the 11 men aboard the ship. His name was Charles E. Cooper.
DD-444 Frederick Crocker   1942 muthaiga (AT) Grandson seeking information on namesake & ship
DD-444 Frederick Crocker, III     Westsail43 (AT) Grandson of Lt. Frederick G Crocker. Update to my e-mail address (no longer muthaiga (AT)
DD-444 Kenneth Farley   41-42 nancy (AT) lost w/ ship family would like info&any on board pic's ship
DD-444 Arthur Lawton Greene   8/42 ron.greene (AT) My Grandfather went down with the ship a month before my father was born. Would like any information that is available
DD-444 Roy W. Lumpkin ENS 1941 to 1942 ssbray (AT) family wants info.
DD-444 Wilkie F. Magee Matt1 1941 - 1942 mgwwh (AT) 2nd cousin once removed-is there any official ship accident report available to the public online or otherwise?
DD-444 Robert (Red) Maier   1941-42 albion1943 (AT) family seeking info..manifest of ships company
DD-444 Sharon McEver unknown 1941/42 til sinking spmcever (AT) Would like info on my uncle Marvin Powers if available.
DD-444 Andrew McQuillen SN 1942 geoandrapp (AT) Family needs info
DD-444 Herriet Parker   40-42 sinking usn518 (AT) my uncle RM2 leslie ward (buddy) pringle went down w/ship-anyone rem him/have picts.
DD-444 Marvin Powers unknown 1941-sinking spmcever (AT) Looking for any information and living survivors of DD-444.
DD-444 Donald Prescott   1941 to 1942 shargen2 (AT) Family wants info
DD-444 Billie Ritchie     maxa1 (AT) Would like to know if any survivors are still alive
DD-444 Charles Unger FN/SN 1941- 8/42 Hereiamrs (AT) Any info. would be appreciated
DD-444 Francis D. Yates SN August 1942 till it sank jimwool1 (AT)  
DD-694 Samuel Akers LT(jg) 1967-1969 LeeAkers (AT)  
DD-694 Ed Aldaz FTG1 4/66 - 12/69 peralese (AT) Looking for any of my Ingraham shipmates
DD-694 Charles S. Armstrong BMG3 11/54-11/56 Boompa4 (AT) Passed away November, 2003
DD-694 David Ash BT3 9-67-8/68 dash805 (AT) Foward fireroom,Boston navyyard, Med-cruise 68' I have the cruise book.
DD-694 Marc Ater TMSN 1965 to 1968 vetsbuck (AT) around the world nam , med. greyhound navy
DD-694 Alton Aycock GM3 1944 mrdad56 (AT) I'm looking for information about my father's time on this ship. thank you
DD-694 Phil Ball MM3 3/64 - 6/67 philball694 (AT) Appreciate hearing from any Old Salts still able to remember...
DD-694 Herbie Ball SOG3 4/61-3/63 admrom (AT) Great ship and great crew. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis
DD-694 Raymond Beaudoin GMG1 8/4/67 - 6/5/68 rabeau1 (AT) Good ship, good shipmates.
DD-694 Norman Bellaver RD1 1951-1955 bellaver (AT) The world cruise in 53 was great. Yearly reunions are great. Hope more will come this year.
DD-694 Benjamin F Bendele III FTG2 1967-1969 bbendele (AT)  
DD-694 Jack Bigley BT3 9/65-9/67 JackGib46 (AT) anyone living in mass. or new england area? I reported aboard in charlestown navy yard
DD-694 Mathew Bilyk GMG3 6/69-8/71 dabull (AT) Also known as Brian, was on the crew that decommissioned her in July of 1971
DD-694 Dennis A. Bohn BT3 7/61 - 7/63 dabohn (AT) Great Site. Hope to find some old shipemates.
DD-694 Chester Bole F1 3/44 genealogynuts (AT) earthlinknet  
DD-694 James Boucher unknown 1950-1955 haboucher (AT) died in 1993, family would love any info for geneology
DD-694 Jon Boylan RM2 1969 to 1970 Jon_b_twdc (AT) Served aboard when the ship was transferred to the Greek navy.
DD-694 Robert Brayshaw LT(jg) 4/59-8/60 castle36 (AT)  
DD-694 Michael Brennan RD3 12/57-19/59 brennanmichaelr (AT)  
DD-694 Thomas Briggs IC3 1960 to 1962 briggs (AT) made Med cruse and went through the FRAM
DD-694 Gary Brodine RM2 1970-1971 stickbmak (AT)  
DD-694 Dennis Brown BT2 1967-1971 dennis44brown (AT) New email address, any news on Paul Perkins
DD-694 Rick Brown E-2 08/70 - 07/71 rwram (AT)  
DD-694 Allan Burke SMSN 5/63-5/65 burke12 (AT)  
DD-694 William W. Butler MM1 1964 to 1965 mrwbutler (AT) came aboard from uss luce , great crew
DD-694 James D. Byrnes FN ?1951-1955 Jklafrance1757 (AT) This is my dad, is now deceased. Interested in his navy career. Thank you
DD-694 John Calabresi CS3 12/68 - 1/71 jcalabresi (AT) Ship's cook
DD-694 Bob Carr STG2 1968-1971 bobcarr4242 (AT) fox division
DD-694 Frank Cerroni IC3 5/62-4/65 inorrec (AT)  
DD-694 George Chartrand SN/DC 1951-1955 pachartrand (AT) I would like to hear from other men who were on my ship during those years. I would like to be notified of next reunion.
DD-694 Donald Cleveland BTFN 1961-1963 lowride03 (AT)  
DD-694 Jerry D. Cochran BM3 1960-1961 jcochran167 (AT) joined her in mayport fl. made the med trip also the trip to the red sea. departed the ship during the fram shipyard,and went to deep sea divers school in washington dc
DD-694 Michael Collins FN 1963-1965 mpceil (AT)  
DD-694 Don Collins TM3 5/66-6/69 blondie (AT) That was some heavy rolls off the coast of France!!
DD-694 Philip Conte senior 1/c 11/43- 11/45 jessvin51 (AT),  
DD-694 James Curry YN3 11/25/57 to 10/7/59 jcurryper1 (AT)  
DD-694 Eric Dannemann LT(jg) 3/68-9/70 ericDannemann (AT)  
DD-694 Billy Thomas Davenport HM3 1949-1951 bt.davenport (AT)  
DD-694 John J. De Santo   1951 - 1953 Deceased Passed away on March 16, 2007
DD-694 Paul Edward Dimler SH3 sept 1957-1959 PED3694 (AT)  
DD-694 Henry Donald LT(jg) 3/60-5/62 hfdesq (AT)  
DD-694 Greg Donohoe BT2 1967-1971 donohoes (AT) good times in rotterdam
DD-694 Joseph Dougherty SN1 1944-1945 jmdough (AT)  
DD-694 Bob Dunbar RM3 7/60 - 2/62 robdunbar70 (AT) Made Med/Middle East cruise; Fram conversion; REFTRA; homeport change from Mayport to Newport.
DD-694 Harold Eaton TMSN 1959-1961 th-ing (AT) would like to hear from former shipmates.
DD-694 Bill Eger IC1 11/55-1/59 bill_e20 (AT)  
DD-694 George Emerson EMC 1954-1959 nj10tree (AT) My dad-died 5/20/13 at 89-loved serving aboard & shared many stories with me over the years.
DD-694 Richard Erickson LT 5/64-12/65 rerickson (AT)  
DD-694 James Estright SN 3/66-6/69 Jandmleamer (AT) Looking for some old shipmates
DD-694 Bill Etheridge RM3 8/60-8/61 etheridge74ami (AT) Med cruise and enlistment ended while in Fram
DD-694 Michael Evans STG2 8/65 - 2/68 evansrb (AT) Especially looking for sailors on the Viet Nam cruise
DD-694 John Ferris SK3 1958 to 1959 jsferris (AT) Good Memories
DD-694 Lin Ferris cook and engiman Nam- -around the earth cell 410 491 9590 Son Chris. pop died 10-3-70 but we went m. marines 68- 69 boom runs nam
DD-694 Ralph (Fitz) Fitzpatrick RM3 1963-1966 Fitz11 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who served during this time.
DD-694 Paul Foley PC3 1966 p-foley (AT)  
DD-694 Raymond Fox BT3 1966-1968 kugeliskid (AT)  
DD-694 Daniel Friend STG2 1970 to 1971 gfh1131 (AT) Anyone remember the return trip to the States from the ships last Med cruise? One hell of a storm we went through!
DD-694 Charles Fulcher GMG2 8/69 - 8/70 gmcmsw (AT)  
DD-694 Doug Genereux SOG2 11/57 - 8/60 dgenereux (AT) Currently the secretary for the USS Ingraham Association.
DD-694 James Goodrich EM3 1966-1968 jimkd6zvz (AT) on ship after Viet Nam tour until dry dock at Boston
DD-694 Richard Gustafson LT(jg) 1960-1963 Donaldduck635 (AT) Would like to hear how my fellow shipmates have faired!
DD-694 Joe Hadden EM3 4/69 - 2/71 joeh118 (AT) Looking forward to hearing from some of you guys.
DD-694 Tom Harding MM2 1952-1955 tomsdugan (AT)  
DD-694 Kendall Hayes LT(jg) 6/51 to 6/54 khayes2026 (AT) Round the world cruise, Venezuela, Korean war-looking for Wagne, Burgin, Burkholder-were in my wedding 1952
DD-694 Voris Leon (Deacon) Henderson GM2 WWII www.mrsmontes (AT) Looking for dad's ship mates, please contact
DD-694 Richard Herlehy GM3 1944-1945 rfhmmt (AT) Like to hear from any shipmates
DD-694 David (Dave) Hicks, Sr. SNGM 1/61-5/63 hicksd2001 (AT) Remember the cuban missile crisis! we were there.
DD-694 Lee Hilton RM2 8/48-12/48 LEEDD790 (AT)  
DD-694 Jim Hodges QMC 2/50-5/52 jwhusn (AT)  
DD-694 Walter Holmes LT(jg) 12/66 - 10/68 wbholmes (AT)  
DD-694 James Holten STG3 11/63 to 07/65 jimholten (AT) Just curious if old shipmates still around.
DD-694 Henry A Homicz Jr SH3 May 1967 - Jan 1968 hank1_1 (AT) work in the ship's laundry
DD-694 Jim Horschler MM3 1965-1967 Horschler (AT) I served in the aft engine room
DD-694 Bill Horsley LCDR 1967 to 1969 bandb1934 (AT)  
DD-694 Harvey Hughett MM3 1963 to 1964 whughett (AT) Retired in Rhode Island not far from pier # 2 Newport
DD-694 Paul Ivory MM2 1/65-1/67 pa7317 (AT)  
DD-694 George Jamack MM3 63-65 gjamack (AT) Just reminiscing, about yesteryear.
DD-694 John Jenkerson QM3 6/62 - 9/64 j.jenkerson (AT) Pakistan,when JFK killed, escorting carrier during N Atlantic storm,chasing subs during Cuban Missile Blockade.
DD-694 James Jilek DK2 6/50-1/52 jilek7 (AT) med cruises 1950 &1951
DD-694 Larry Johns ETR2 1963- 1966 lorienurse (AT)  
DD-694 Dave Johnson LT(jg) 6/63 - 6/65 david.s.johnson (AT) Great experience!
DD-694 John Jurchan F2 1945-1946 mitzi (AT) Please call if we were on ''black Gang'' together (AT) (303) 421-2659.
DD-694 Marcus Kaspar RM2 5/1960-9/1962 fmkaspar (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates who might remember me. I wont't know everyone but joggle my memory. Thanks.
DD-694 Ken Kazen FT3 1957 - 1960 kkazen (AT)  
DD-694 Kenneth Keeney BT3 1955 taskforce1951 (AT)  
DD-694 Norman Kelley SK3 58-61 norshakel (AT)  
DD-694 Robert Kettlewell   1950-1951 kettlewellbruce (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-694 Jerry King F1 1946-47 jandbking (AT) We have an active Association! Come Join us!
DD-694 George King EM3 11/66 - 04/69 itselectric1 (AT)  
DD-694 Ken Klein RD3 8/65 to 7/67 kklein (AT) DesRon24
DD-694 Larry Koehler RD1 4/69 - 5/70 taxman520 (AT)  
DD-694 Marty Lachapelle EM3 1971 martyla (AT)  
DD-694 Vincent J. Lane LT(jg) Oct. 53 -Aug. 55 enal999 (AT)  
DD-694 Paul Laurencelle RD3 1963-1966 plaurencelle (AT) shipmates may know me best as ''Frenchy''
DD-694 Rick Leonard SM2 1965-1966 dawsonil2 (AT) Made the NAM cruise, would like to hear from you TKS.
DD-694 Dick Liebold SM1 1952 to 1954 rllnf49 (AT)  
DD-694 Albert Litchfield STG2 70-71 aelitch (AT)  
DD-694 Steve Long SFP2 1969 and 1970 pvtcop (AT) Great ship and NATO cruise was a hoot
DD-694 Peyton Lord PO3 1950 to 1954 colreg (AT) Looking for anyone that was on the destroyer with my Uncle Dee-said he was assigned to boiler rm on the ship.
DD-694 Thomas Lovern   44-46? lovernt (AT) looking for shipmates of my father. Went by ''Bo'' or ''Slats''
DD-694 Jim Lowden STG3 5/63-3/65 jimlowden (AT) Hope to here from shipmates especially from Fox div.
DD-694 Cecil Lowe S1 1944-11/1945 gmantheandbea (AT) My uncle died in 1989-would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Left me drawing of ship (artist-shipmate L Hecking)- any info appreciated.
DD-694 Rudy Lucero   7/48 to 7/52 Lortiz (AT) Dad would love to hear from anyone who sailed during his time.
DD-694 William Ludwig RD3 1966 - 1967 ludw6799 (AT)  
DD-694 John T. Mackelfresh LT(jg) 1/52 to 10/53 jtommack (AT) Served as first Lieutenant
DD-694 Leon Mandell SN 1/56-8/57 ledi60 (AT)  
DD-694 Darrell Mason SN 1960-1961 pipewrench102 (AT) any one onboard at time contact me
DD-694 John Matson MR2 4-62 thru 8-65 jmatson (AT)  
DD-694 Paul McCarthy LT 3/65-1/67 tincan694 (AT) Eng Off during deployment to Vietnam from Newport RI thru Panama Canal and back thru Suez Canal
DD-694 Mike (Cool) McClellan E-3 6/67-6/69 ysalah (AT) We like to hear from any of my shipmates who served with me-especially Mark Ater and Dwight Robinson
DD-694 John J. McGuinness, Jr. RD3 4/55-3/57 USSdd694 (AT)  
DD-694 Neil Meiskey EM2 4/69 - 10/70 iluv2ski (AT) Didn't always love duty-but never forget great guys I served with-seeing the world-was great-proud I served!
DD-694 Frank Meyer LT(jg) 06/62-06/64 frankandjill (AT) retired in Jamestown RI across from Newport
DD-694 Gregory Miller ETR3 1965 - 1967 gmamflyer (AT) gmail Would like to get in contact with my shipmates. Rose Ward E
DD-694 David Millis   1957-1959 s_lovings (AT) Family looking for info.
DD-694 Harry Miner Midshipman 7/55-8/55 hcminer (AT) Introduction to Navy life during a midshipman cruise to England/Sweden/Norway
DD-694 Francis Leon Monroe 1/c 1963-66 trvlnbuddies (AT)  
DD-694 Daniel Moore RM3 1961-1962 dmoore15toc (AT) Transfered to USS-933, USS Barry early in '62
DD-694 Bob Mutchler DC3 1967-1968 ppartners1 (AT) got on just after she came back from nam-got off in boston.
DD-694 Tom Nardo QM1 1944-1946 Tomnardo33 (AT) Was a Lt Camp on board during this time?
DD-694 Larrie Nichols STG3 1971   Only there for a short time just before decom.
DD-694 Plato John Nikolatos GM3 1941-1945 conniekowat (AT) Would like to be added to your mailing lists-home addr: 4722 Paradise Woods,San Antonio,TX 78249-daughter.
DD-694 J. Lynn Noland MID1 06/68-09/68 ohuallachain28745 (AT)  
DD-694 Charles Norris ETC(SS) 9/65-8/67 chucknor (AT)  
DD-694 Walt Ogden IC2 3/65-5/68 aandw_ogden (AT) Trying to find a bunch of buddies that went to VietNam during 65-66 with the 24th Squadron
DD-694 Grover O'Hare MM1 1970-1971 MerleOHare9 (AT)  
DD-694 John B. Orsini BT3 1956 to 1960 JBOrsini (AT)  
DD-694 Robert Osborne TMC Jan-Nov 1958 terjesen (AT) Looking for shipmates that knew my father
DD-694 Wayne Paddock   50's mark158722 (AT) Looking for shipmates of my father.
DD-694 Ray Padgett RD3 1/62-4/64 raypadgett (AT) Write soon !!
DD-694 Jim Palmer FTGSN 3/56-10-59 JIMNEES (AT) Enjoyed my time aboard, making 8 crossing of the Atlantic
DD-694 Joseph Parisi MM3 1944 when comm to 11/45 jonece (AT)  
DD-694 Jim Parry GMSN 11/58-5/61 loisparry (AT)  
DD-694 Donald Paulus MR3 1959 - 1960 djppaulus (AT) it was great to serve on her, I wish it could have been longer
DD-694 Edward Perida F1 5/1948-4/1949 Fivehrts4God (AT) My father-excited to see info about his ship-he would love any info you can send. TY-daughter Lori Hicks
DD-694 Frank Persico RM3 7/1954 thru 7/1958 frank526 (AT)  
DD-694 Milt (Pete) Peters EN1 9/67 - 5/69 peters844 (AT)  
DD-694 Robert Phillips EM2 6/69-8/71 rsparkyp (AT) lots of great memories, would do it over again!
DD-694 Barry Pigott MM3 1965 to 1966 bpigott (AT)  
DD-694 Paul (Dick) Poley SO3 1950-1953 Bampy9232 (AT)  
DD-694 Edelbert (John) Potempa CSSN 1951 ? PPIINCCORP (AT) Also served on the Sumner DD-692, Also the Wisconsin
DD-694 John Prell CS3 7/61 7/64 johneprell (AT) 40 knots and no black smoke
DD-694 Ralph Rackliff PI 1957-1960 otamyway (AT) Looking for my buddies
DD-694 John Ray BMSN 1963 to 1964 RAYJJ6 (AT) I was called JJ.
DD-694 Calvin K. Reed SN2 1945-1946 thevickster1 (AT) Phone: 540-747-5105
DD-694 John Regan SMSN 8/58-6/60 Ph. 330-644-7303 Like to here from shipmates!
DD-694 Bill Reynolds BT2 7/58-1962 pampabill (AT)  
DD-694 Ron Richardson MM3 1969-1971 Packerstop (AT)  
DD-694 Jim Richardson   5/62 - 10/64 jlr3131 (AT) Greetings from Supply...anyone remember the fuss over the light bulbs?
DD-694 Dwight Robinson TM3 10/67-12/70 dwight.robinson (AT) looking for old ship mates i was called robby
DD-694 Richard Rodkey BM3 65-67 rodkey11 (AT) contact 757-621-2544 need copy of title sheet & 1st div pictures to prove onboard to VA for agent orange claim
DD-694 Marion Rogerson DC3 8/65 to 8/67 marion.rogerson (AT) Would like to hear from McKenzie, Weinle, Doupe, Love, Lalama
DD-694 Frank Rooks MM3 05/69 to 05/71 Rooksf (AT)  
DD-694 Carlton Root RD3 12/64-11/66 goldwing (AT) Like to hear from old friends
DD-694 Ronald G. Roscoe, Sr. GMG3 1954 to 4/20/1958 dongha66 (AT)  
DD-694 William Rumble LT(jg) 11/62 - 10/64 gfgcamarillo (AT) Great ship, great shipmates, one of the best times of my life.
DD-694 Owen Sampson unknown unknown Stevegianniny (AT) Owen passed away in 2000. Was looking for any information such as time frame on board and rank
DD-694 Donald Saulpaugh LT(jg) 3/44-2/45 dsaulpaugh (AT)  
DD-694 Egon Schmandt BT3 1961 to 1963 easchmandt (AT)  
DD-694 Robert V. Schmidt SOG3 6/60 - 8/61 sheboyganvet (AT) My first ship, proof that joining the Navy isn't just a job, it truly is an adventure that you remember all your life.
DD-694 Gerard Schmitt RDSN 1960 to 1960 Jerryrv04 (AT) My first ship! Bermuda cruise
DD-694 Larry Schneider RM3 12/59-08/60 lsyd6 (AT) got discharged from her in 1960 in Mayport, Fla.
DD-694 John Sedgwick RD1 1951 to 1954 sedgwick94 (AT)  
DD-694 Christopher Seidel STG3 1966-68 chrisin312 (AT)  
DD-694 Dennis Sexton SN 1st Div 1964-1965 colden22 (AT) Med Cruise and surface of Russian Sub thru the Straits and the Orphanage on Malta
DD-694 Robert Shekell SS2 1944 & 1945 bobshekell (AT) Hi guy's I am pushing 82 and still kicking , my best wishe's to all of you .
DD-694 Michael Shepard SN 1968 - 1969 shepard6 (AT) I worked down in the boiler room
DD-694 Walter Shober FTG2 June 59 thru Jan 63 wcshobe (AT)  
DD-694 Richard H. Shute RMSN 1950-1953 rshute7082 (AT)  
DD-694 David Sillman BT3 7/66-10/67 tincan694 (AT)  
DD-694 Dave Slider BT3 1969 to 1971 mjslider (AT)  
DD-694 Peter Smith BT2 7/67-8/70 whitesmith (AT)  
DD-694 Stephen Smith BT3 1952 to 1954 darby (AT) i was on the world cruise with stop in korea.great shipmates
DD-694 David Statucki RD3 1958 to 1959 mdstatucki (AT) new e-mail address 6/09/06
DD-694 Arthur Steele ET3 1/50 to 5/50 artdugan (AT)  
DD-694 William Stockton PO2 1969-1971 wrstock (AT)  
DD-694 Frank Sweger BT3 57 to 61 cootogo (AT) Long live the snipes!!!
DD-694 Walter Taggart BT1 1958 to 1963 waltertaggart (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Reunion, San Antonio , April 30- May 4, 2008
DD-694 Martin Talucci RM3 1965-1967 none--610 384 4761  
DD-694 Marvin Teal ETN3 1961 - 1965 sschuh (AT) Passed away, 09-Feb-1996, Indianapolis, Indiana
DD-694 John Travis EN3 8/60 to 6/61 jptravis (AT) Made 60/61 Med cruise. Transferred during FRAM conversion .
DD-694 Denis Tsukalas LT Jan 66-Dec 68 dtsukalas (AT)  
DD-694 Arthur Tucker MM3 8/62-8/65 atucker1 (AT)  
DD-694 Virgil Valentine YNSN 1966-1968 jcservant2 (AT) Worked in Weapons Office for Lt. Wood
DD-694 Frank Valenza E-2 1960-1961 Valenza (AT) LOOKING for friends 1st division
DD-694 Michael Van Eron SN 1/69 to 1970 mtv7angels (AT) Gitmo & NATO N Atl Cruises-1st Div then became Corpsman Striker for Ch Robinson-anyone know his location?
DD-694 Charles Ventura MM3 1/60-1261 MCvent (AT)  
DD-694 Kent Verity BT 1963 to 1964 kpverity (AT) 40 Knots & No Smoke
DD-694 Victor S. Versace CS3 1/65-10/66 vvers131 (AT) also served on DE-1029 as CS-3
DD-694 Robert Vieira FP3 3/55 to 3/57 vieira3637 (AT)  
DD-694 Frederick Wall RDSN 10/59-7/61 f.e.wall (AT) Looking forward to hearing from shipmates
DD-694 Roosevelt D. Ward, Jr. GMG2 04/63-10/66 sirward2 (AT) hello, I plan to attend the Reunion in Rhode Island Oct. 7 2015.
DD-694 Julien V. ''Jerry'' Wayne, Jr. ETR2 1969 to 1971 jvwayne2 (AT) Saw it through to de-commissioning, then to Greek Navy
DD-694 Dave Weaver BT1 06/69 - 12/70 Dave_Nova (AT) Anybody who can rembember me shoot me an e-mail ... Even if U can't shoot me one ...
DD-694 Earl West EM3 7/59 - 2/62 flyawayplace (AT) fram work, med cruise, left when moved to Rhode Island to USS Power and backto the Med.
DD-694 David Westcott IC3 63-65 davewestcott (AT) Hi guys ,how are you doing?
DD-694 John White FT2 1954-1958 jennywhitemt (AT) Rice diet in the Suez Canal !
DD-694 Donald Whitler FT3 10/52 - 6/55 DLW34 (AT)  
DD-694 Martin Wirt LT(jg) 1964-1966 mwwirt (AT)  
DD-694 Fred Wiseman   1965-1971 aPRILDAWNSTAR4211986 (AT)  
DD-694 Dale Wojcik FP2 5/51-6/53 wojcikdale (AT) also on uss sierra ad18 6/53 8/54
DD-694 Donald Wood MMC 9/65-6/67 dwood003 (AT) Round the world by way of Vietnam
DD-694 Bill Zinck EM2 1969-1970 wilkarzin (AT) Like to hear from some of the guys
DD-964 Harold Eaton TMSN 1959-1961 th_ing (AT) Would like to hear from old Shipmates
FFG-61 Alexander Borck EN3 2007 to 2009 mrclean_03 (AT)  
FFG-61 Skylar Carr MM3 12/2012 - 10/2015 skylarcarr0818 (AT) Very first ship. Some of my best memories created we're because of her.
FFG-61 Jonathan Heiberg SN 10/95-7/98 jonheiberg (AT) Berg still misses you guys.
FFG-61 Kasey Knight OS1(SW) 1994-1997 klknight (AT) The best crew and by far the best division of my 20 years. Hello to the wrecking crew!
FFG-61 Cecil Lowe   1944 ? gmantheandbea (AT) Niece-searching 4 shipmate L. Hecking did pen/ink ship draw '44-Will Cressy-unc died 89-have drawing.
FFG-61 Joshua Manuel QM2(SW) 11/97-7/02 joshuamanuel1 (AT) Tin Can Navy is the only way to go!
FFG-61 James Michalak RM3 12/90-08/94 jfmichalak (AT)  
FFG-61 Michael Moran BMC 08/93-08/99 11/06-11/08 Michael.moran44 (AT) Best of the the Commands I have served!!
FFG-61 Scott Rader E-4 1989-1993 sari_undone (AT) FA when became plankowner in eng on newest/last frigate-hardest most rewarding 4 yrs I've ever had.
FFG-61 John Walter GSCS 1993-1996 johnwa (AT)  

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