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219 Arthur (Jim) Bird WT3 12/43 -9/45 ajbird23 (AT) No contacts of any kind. Must be some one left
DE-219 Rufus Hagy Barnett S1 12/43-11/45 hagybarnett (AT)  
DE-219 Dewey Battles FR 1958 debra (AT) This is my Dad - I am looking to hear from anyone who served
DE-219 Edward Bennett PO2 1962 Wendy.Americo (AT) This is my father who passed away 1966. I have his Shellback card dtd 10 March 1962
DE-219 Arthur J. (Jim) Bird WT3 43-45 ajbird23 (AT) Must be some one left besides me.
DE-219 Barry Botsford BM1 (USNSCC) 61-64 deman (AT) I was a Naval Sea Cadet, that spent numerous weekends & several cruises aboard-looking for BM3, Larry Darnell.
DE-219 Leon Carroll SSMB2 06/44-11/46 marystano (AT) 6303 Hagan Stone Park Rd., Pleasant Garden, N. 27313
DE-219 Henry Clark GM/E-2 1967-68 hclark26 (AT) We Took out the weekend worriers............
DE-219 Joseph B. Dale   1947 conn1111 (AT) Why no listing for USS Blackwood on the Destroyer Escort list
DE-219 Billy Dearstone   Early 1950s dearstone8 (AT)  
DE-219 Dominic Delia EM1 1958 -1963 dandhrr (AT)  
DE-219 Mike DiOrio SA Sep-67 b197564 (AT) Did my 2 week cruise on the Blackwood..was a great experience..great crew...from Phila. to Newport..
DE-219 John A. Dombroski EMP3 1952-53 JACKDOMB (AT)  
DE-219 Jackquel Dowdy PC2 1954 - 1957 GOLDOWDY (AT) Ship,s Mailman nick-named HOWDY-DOODY
DE-219 Julius J. Eberl SF3C 1943-1944 jeberl219 (AT)  
DE-219 Vernon Erikson Chief 1943-1945 erikson (AT) Vernon passed away 23 November 2009.
DE-219 Louis Fols ET3 1964-1964 louisfols (AT) Like to hear from anyone on Carribean cruise.
DE-219 Gary Galloway MM2 9/68 to 2/70 galloway1945 (AT)  
DE-219 Edward T. Granger GM3 12/43-03/46 dennislengle (AT)  
DE-219 Ronald Guertin EM2 1962 to 1964 blueleprecon (AT)  
DE-219 Darrell Haverley BM Fall 46 to 3/48 capdee (AT) Served until we de-commissioned at Charleston early 1948
DE-219 Gordon Headley SM3 1955 to 1958 geh21 (AT) Would like to hear from any SM, QM, RM, who was aboard then
DE-219 Harry Hoopes RM3 1954-1960 harrystewarthoopes (AT) Member of the ready reserve crew.
DE-219 Fred Horne RM2 1943 - 1944 john.horne (AT) My father, who is living in a nursing home in Ohio. He love to talk about is service on the Blackwood.
DE-219 Charles Iams BT2 10-01-1961 to 8-01-1962 chasdebiams (AT)  
DE-219 Charles Johnson BM3 1966 to 1968 rebelsam44 (AT)  
DE-219 Tim Kelly CS3 1969 to 1971 FLKELLYs (AT) BELLSOUTH.NET She dances like a lady
DE-219 Ronald Kuklinski BT2 1964 to 1966 rekclays (AT) phila rocks any snipes out there?
DE-219 Ronald Kukulinski BT2 1964 to 1966 rekclays (AT) any one still alive remember the blackwood
DE-219 Bob Light BT2 1963 lboblight (AT) Made several reserve weekend trips after discharged from USS Forrest Sherman DD 931
DE-219 James H. Lynch RM1 May 1966 - May 1968 chieflyn (AT)  
DE-219 Gene D. Matheny SM2 08/69-06/70 rttycw1 (AT) it broke in half while taking weekend warriors on weekend cruise
DE-219 Richard Mault SM2 Reserve Cruise rmault (AT) Only one cruise, but a great ride.
DE-219 Adrian Niesz BM2 1951-1955 ANiesz6633 (AT)  
DE-219 Arthur Palm ET2 1950 thru 1953 arthurpalm (AT)  
DE-219 David Panik RM3 1951-1953 davpannyy (AT) Would like to hear from any old shipmates
DE-219 Tom Poland EM2 10/67-11/68 tompoland (AT) Philly, Norfolk, Newport, New York City
DE-219 Ercil Rexrode ETM1 12/43-2/46 ERexrode (AT) Anyone going to DESA2004 Convention this year?
DE-219 Carl Roberts QMSN   usn1954 (AT)  
DE-219 Steve (Rosie) Rosenthal EM2 1966 - 1968 srosenthal45 (AT)  
DE-219 Thomas Scott RM3 10-1954 to 4-1956 70215.762 (AT)  
DE-219 Leonard (Lennie) Snodgrass STG2 9/68 - 1/70 lrsnodgrass (AT) An old ship but a damned good ship. I learned a lot on this ship.
DE-219 Harold Sparks RMN3 11/50-5/52 sparkys9 (AT) Would like to recieve e-mail from shipmates
DE-219 Ernest Spindler EM2 1/26/69 to 1/30/70 espinx (AT) A good crew. Answering all bells-Darwin's Navy
DE-219 Ernest Spindler EM2 1/69-1/70 espinx (AT) Answering all bells-Darwin's Navy
DE-219 Dale Tangeman MM3 1946 or 1947 - 1948 Pattilinscott (AT) I am reading to Dad tonight & found this site! use my email-dad has low vision & doesn't use the computer.
DE-219 Rodney Thomas COX 11/30/43 - 3/12/46 rthomas (AT) Plank Owner. Like to hear from old friends.
DE-219 Joseph Thompson SN/FN 63-64 whiteeagle (AT) Part of her reserve compliment until ordered to active duty in July 1964. Looking for John Catubi or Danny Ranzitti.
DE-219 Wilbert Ward GM3 1952 to 1956 wilbertbird (AT)  
DE-219 Larry D. Waugh SM/FC 1956 to 1957 waugh (AT) looking for crew members during this time
DE-219 Albert E. Werner DK2 5/51-8/54 aewerner (AT)  
DE-219 William Wilkinson QM1 12/43-12/45 Tezcuco (AT)  

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