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DD-776 Rod Allen     ctfpeople (AT) Looking for original shoulder patch to duplicate.
DD-776 Jerry Amoit BMSN 1952 to 1954    
DD-776 John Anderson MM2 1950 to 1953 jander (AT)  
DD-776 Stephen Arnold RD3 71-72 arnold (AT)  
DD-776 Loren Artus SN 1951-1953 timdee (AT) still here!!!!!
DD-776 Stanley Baggett GMG3 '69-'70 slbag66691 (AT) I'm glad I left and went to the GKM DD836. Survived the Chief and Seiler nuff said.
DD-776 Don Baker RD3 70 to 71 dlbakehs (AT) Aboard for her last WESTPAC
DD-776 Nick Barbetta E-3 1962-1963 nbarbetta1 (AT)  
DD-776 Billy Barge BT2 1963 __1966 billyfromjasper (AT)  
DD-776 Bernard Barr BT3 1956-1959 SkipBarr69k (AT) good crew
DD-776 Alfred Beach BT1 1963 to1967 fbeach (AT) Baton Rouge LA 225-273-9639
DD-776 Lester Beal RDSN 1965 to 1966 smeal1 (AT)  
DD-776 Hank Beecher MR3 4/55 - 2/57 hwb (AT) One of 4 MR
DD-776 Gary Beeson E-3 2/66-8/67 G B eeson45 (AT) great ship
DD-776 Donald ''Frenchy'' Belleville SO3 6/55-6/58 JADB63002 (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-776 Leroy Bennett MM3 1967-1969 sbennet (AT)  
DD-776 Byron Bettis LT(jg) 1946 byronbettis (AT) very good shipmates....great morale...esprit de corps
DD-776 Chuck Bielarz BM3 1/67-11/67 edsel46 (AT) a good ship-always rem it-have a lot of pics-it made a difference in my life. God Bless the Navy.
DD-776 Durwood Bludsworth SN 9/56 - 10/57 laurab431 (AT) would like to contact Bob Osborn, Danville, VA
DD-776 Jerry (Tiny) Boerner SF2 1960 to 1965 bboerner (AT) Looking for Robert Hopkins -Steve Belot -Webb-Arther T bear
DD-776 Clifton Bolander BM2 1945-10/46 jusjamming (AT) Aboard when the ship was commissioned
DD-776 Jim Bound ST1 1/67-8/68 imusnret (AT) Looking for shipmates, sonar gang.
DD-776 Donald Bramble STG/E-4 1966 to 1968 DBRAMBLE (AT) COMCAST.NET Looking for Harole Black onboard at same time
DD-776 James Bratcher SPF3 1958-1960 homeofthebrats (AT) First Bratcher was Btatcher
DD-776 Bob Brennan EM3 1961 to 1963 retyred (AT) Fond memories
DD-776 James Bromagen SN 69-71 jamesbromagen (AT) yahoo.con looking for bob mathis, and chico perry.
DD-776 Gilbert Brouillette FM 1950-1953 patbrouillette (AT) Like to here from anyone during these years
DD-776 David Brown RM2 62-63 grokzero (AT) Borrowed SP vehicle at Getmo Bay, the Ed Sullivan Show?
DD-776 Anthony Brunswick E-3 Jun-72 tony.brunswick77 (AT)  
DD-776 Charles F. Bryant SM1 4/63-8/69 Catandahound (AT) Although a steamer,on the move,the best ship,best crew of skilled brothers,2nd 2 none.
DD-776 James Btatcher SFP3 1958 to 1960 homeofthebrats (AT)  
DD-776 John Buhler PF2 1952-1956 plumber776 (AT)  
DD-776 Philip Bullock RD2 6/62-8/65 vpbullock (AT) Great crew!
DD-776 Carl Burkel SN 9/56-9/58 carlb38 (AT)  
DD-776 Bruce Burnham TMSN 1966-1967 deacon119 (AT) looking fo jack kelley
DD-776 George W. Cale BM2 1953-56 bbcale1 (AT)  
DD-776 Dave Carbaugh MR1 1964-1966 dmcar (AT)  
DD-776 Charles E. Carroll MM1 1971-1972 dixie21 (AT)  
DD-776 Ronald Carson MM3 3/66-1/69 Carson644 (AT) Aft. Engine Room / Water King
DD-776 John Chaddock SN 1966-1968 Jchaddock001 (AT)  
DD-776 Don & Dave Chadwick FN3 8/66 - 8/68 lovingmorenow2007 (AT) 770-544-9207 My brother David & I were aboard 67/68-think we were only brother/brother team that ever served aboard her.
DD-776 David Chadwick SN 7/66 to 7/68 dchadwick (AT) One hell of a good ship
DD-776 John (Jason) Clancy RD2 53-55 clancy.jason (AT) Great days in looking back.
DD-776 Bob Clark SN 12/56 - 10/58 rclark529 (AT) Deck/Radio..NATO cruise was too short.
DD-776 Vincent Cloonan RD2 1962-1963 ramroder2000 (AT) any guys from the radar gang?...1962-1963?
DD-776 Mike Coffey STG2 1966 to 1968 mcoffey2297 (AT) Vietnam West Pac cruise
DD-776 Mitchell Collins FN 4/68 - 11/69 smitch30 (AT) worked in shipfitters shop
DD-776 Louis Conti DC3 4/64- 2/66 mconti205 (AT) thanks LM enjoy hearing from shipmates
DD-776 Greg Cooper FN 3/71 - 6/73 beastglc (AT)  
DD-776 Harold Cornwell SN 9/ 67-6/ 68 wsofa (AT) Cong Crusher, Spirit of 776, Stone Face
DD-776 Bill Couch E-3 1/67 bcouch (AT) Would like to hear from Julianno
DD-776 Gary P. Courtney RD2 1967-68 gpccpa (AT)  
DD-776 Dave Craig EMPFN 1952-1953 hookeyfin (AT) Worked in gyro space with Browner
DD-776 Kenneth Cripps FN 57-59 klc56402000 (AT)  
DD-776 Robert Curran GM2 1952 portengineroom (AT) My Brother, My Hero / Passed Away 10/25/99
DD-776 Charles (Bud) Daniel QMS2 1950-1951 budanhelen (AT) Recommissioned ship in Charleston, SC
DD-776 Robert Daniels LT 7/52-9/54 RLDtincan (AT) They were memorable years
DD-776 Robert Dannevig FN 12/50-12/52 bohar (AT) Sustained six direct hits off Songjin, Korea, May 1952
DD-776 Jerry F. Davis SF3 1967-1968 jandee (AT) if you remember me would love to here from you
DD-776 Joseph DeMonte SN 1948 to 1949 jademonte (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-776 Michael DiChiara SN 12/69-10/70 deek (AT)  
DD-776 Bob Dietz FN1 4/46 to 12/47 Bobthefish3 (AT) webtvnet Looking for Ray Gillette
DD-776 James Dingwall SN 1956 to 1959 jennie dingwall (AT) We were Captain Willy's raiders of the fighten' Jimmy C
DD-776 Howard Donovan FC3 1952 mdonovan (AT) My Dad served on the round the world cruise and Korea.22 years in the Navy and this was his best ship.
DD-776 Roscoe Falls Sr. Chief TM During 50's todd.falls (AT) My grandfather-looking for info-onboard when she was hit off Korea-we still have that cru book-any info appreciated.
DD-776 John Filarey PHM2 10/44 to 3/46 filareys (AT) Was onboard when ship was commissioned (nickname ''Fil'')
DD-776 Gregory J. Flanigan SOG2 6/55 to 6/58 mama-papabear (AT) Looking for some sonar school buddies
DD-776 Terry Forkey SK2 1967-1971 tforkey (AT)  
DD-776 Richard Fronk EN3 1/65-9/66   717-442-0276 Home Phone Update,Hy-Tech E-mail no longer current,5/02/07
DD-776 Edward Ftorski MRFN 62-64 EFtorski (AT)  
DD-776 Gerald Fuller GMG3 1967 to 1968 Geraldlf (AT) Would like to talk about WESTPAC tour to Viet Nam
DD-776 Arthur (Art) Gandy GMG1 1/73 - 6/73 gand1383 (AT) Onboard when most of crew crossdecked to USS Hamner(DD-718) in prep for Owens decom/sale to Brazilian Navy.
DD-776 Everette Gardner LT(jg) 7/67 - 2/69 evgardner (AT)  
DD-776 Sam Gheesling RM3 1950-52 sammong (AT)  
DD-776 Anthony Giuliano EM3 1957-1960 giuliano3944 (AT) Who can forget those wonderful weeks at Guantanamo Bay
DD-776 Stephen Gontarz ET2 1960-1962 steveg14 (AT) Great times and Great crew
DD-776 Joe Griffith SK3 1960 to 1961 itsmee297 (AT) Med Cruise 1961
DD-776 James Gustafson FN 12/72-6/73 NAVY031 (AT) Ahoy shipmates. Hope you are all doing ok
DD-776 Lawrence Gutleber MM2 1966 to1968 Gonavy148 (AT) Great ship great reunions.
DD-776 Thomas Hall SH 1962-1963 thall0104 (AT) I'd like to find J. J. Blair
DD-776 Danny Hall BM3 1966 to 1967 hallaclaudene14 (AT) 850-994-9276
DD-776 Robert Hamilton FTG1 03/70 - 06/71 Sabobton (AT)  
DD-776 Carrold Hanks RM3 1967-68 raystirewm (AT)  
DD-776 Bruce Harbot SN 1967 to 1968 bharbot (AT)  
DD-776 Bob (Robert) Harmon ENS/LT(jg) 1965-67 bob (AT) Did it ever really happen?
DD-776 James Harper E-4 67-68 jharper_01 (AT) if you have any ao problems remember we spent 6 hrs at the em club at cam rahn bay
DD-776 Harold Hart BMSN 8/55 to 1957 hhart (AT)  
DD-776 Bob Harvey RM2 1955-1956 Brayharv1 (AT) YAHOO.COM  
DD-776 Doyle Harwick E-4 1951-1953 dharwick (AT) Ahoy there!
DD-776 Gary Hayes SN 12/69 - 10/71 ghtoyman (AT) someone contact me
DD-776 Larry Heald BT3 1961-1964 marx_mars1996 (AT)  
DD-776 Victor Heintzberger ETR3 11/69 - 7/73 lettuceseed (AT)  
DD-776 Martin Herrick STG3 10/64 - 9/66 mherrick9 (AT) Great experience
DD-776 Brian Higgins IC3 1958-1960 tincansailor (AT) The best of times-the worst of times UNDERWAY!!!
DD-776 Gene Hollabaugh STG2 1961 to 1965 ghollabaugh (AT) Good first ship.
DD-776 Robert Hollenbush YN2 8/61-8/63 eholenbush (AT) Telephone (570) 622-8990. Pottsville, Pa. 17901
DD-776 Stuart Holoman LT(jg) 11/65 - 08/67 sholoman (AT) Yes, Bob, it was real - very real
DD-776 Ray Hopkins BT3 1958-1961 tapioca (AT)  
DD-776 Robert Horning E-3 8/67-11/08 horningr (AT)  
DD-776 Robert W. Hrdlicka RM3 1956-58 wayneandmarge (AT) Where are Rose, Sunafrank and Ralston?
DD-776 Jim Hudson QM2 72-75 jhudson (AT) Paul Nolan, Art Green, Chief Hurlburt, Dave Johnson, Mike Woolridge are all some of the guys I'l like to hear from.
DD-776 Leland (Happy) Humphreys   1945 Rayh662 (AT) My dad-deceased-I'm his 71 yr old son Ray-interested in finding info about my father and his life on a tin can ..
DD-776 Bill Hunt BMSN 1952 to 1955 Huntlompoc (AT) This is a great !!
DD-776 James Johnson MM3 1967-68 mmcret85 (AT)  
DD-776 Jerry Jones EN2 1967 jerryjanicejones (AT) Had temporary orders to her for about six months. great ship
DD-776 Jim Jones, Jr. CS3 1/15/62 - 3/15/64 jjsj.8532  
DD-776 Edward Donald Jones, Sr. GM3 09/54-10/58 dean.mcbride (AT)  
DD-776 Frank Judnich LT(jg) 9/68 - 9/71 frankaj (AT) or frankaj (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates that I served with.
DD-776 Joe Juliano BT3 1966 - 1970 clumper 938 (AT) aol many watches in the after fireroom
DD-776 Charlie (King Kong) Kastel BM3 1955 to 1959 Phone 352 - 628-2844 My two best friends were Rocky Rosato & Jimmy D from sick bay. Whatever became of them after discharge ?
DD-776 Jim Kaufman YN2 4/68-8/69 kaufman46 (AT)  
DD-776 Larry Kelly FT2 12/63-8/66 lbkellys (AT)  
DD-776 Clinton Kennedy FTG2 11/69-7/73 cdkennedy (AT) We were all young then. Life was good.
DD-776 Louis Kenney MMFN 6/70- 1/71 lk.owens (AT) Turned her over to reserve fleet in San francisco after 1970 West Pack
DD-776 Donald (Bear) Kerr MM1 1965 to 1970 loanarranger (AT)  
DD-776 Robert C. Kessler FT3 1956 to 1958 rkessler6617 (AT) I am from St. Louis.....Hello to all my gunnery shipmates ....
DD-776 Robert Kilkelly EN3 12/64-08/65 rkilkelly (AT) 603 447 1074 Name change served onboard as Bruce Harvey
DD-776 Rodney Kitchen TE3 7/53-4/55 J.degman (AT) Radio shack please contact me!
DD-776 Franklin Kleinsorgen RM3 1963-1966 barnaby (AT) The ship and crew inspired me to stay a full 20 years.
DD-776 Gerald Kline YN3 2/60 - 2/62 dianejerry2003 (AT)  
DD-776 Buddy Knotts SN1 10/10/56 - 8/10/59 proudeagle6565 (AT)  
DD-776 Joseph Kollen MC2 1952 - 55 fishing1010 (AT) opt on long island ny fishing stinks see ya
DD-776 Donald La Flame RD3 1954-1957 budbarb59 (AT) New email address-1/2006
DD-776 Moe Labrecque SO3 1951-1952 pgblynn (AT) Would like to get in touch with shipmates.
DD-776 William Lacy HA1 7/46 to 4/48 wmlacy (AT)  
DD-776 Donald LaFlame RD3 1954-1957 budbarb59 (AT) Great Crew and Great Ship
DD-776 Buddy Laws RD2 1966 to 1969 lorettalaws (AT) Remember Cam Rahn Bay?
DD-776 Robert Lee IC3 1956 and 1957 robertelee36 (AT) great memories of my shipmates
DD-776 Tom LeVrier GM3 6/62-4/64 levrierte (AT) Great memories!
DD-776 Don (Taco) Manuel EM2 6/58-3/62 donandbea (AT) Thanks for the memories
DD-776 Richard Marinelli IC2 1960-1962 seahook (AT)  
DD-776 Charles Marshall CS3 1966 to 1968 charlesmarshall5002 (AT)  
DD-776 Ross C. Martin SK3 1968 to 1970 rcmartin (AT)  
DD-776 Joseph Marturano, Jr. CSSN 12/50 - 6/54 jmarturano001 (AT) My father-aboard when it was hit 6 times off coast of Korea-his son Joseph (3rd) USN Veteran 1979-1985
DD-776 Lawrence A. Masci EM2 12/63 - 7/66 lamasci (AT)  
DD-776 Robert Mathias E-3 7/69 - 6/73 dadstoys50 (AT)  
DD-776 Charles McAllister MM3 1958 to 1960 mackkath (AT)  
DD-776 Archie McAlonen ENS 7/46 to 6/47 patriarchie (AT)  
DD-776 Walter McCuiston RM1 5/45 to 1/16/1946 waltermccstn (AT) medals
DD-776 Terry Mccuiston RM1 1945 to 1946 waltermccstn (AT) one of firsr to see hiroshima,nagasaki
DD-776 James McIsaac BT3 1961 to 1965 jimbopocono (AT) Get in touch
DD-776 Tim McVay YN 1971 to 1972 tjmc50 (AT) First ship that I served on, was a great ship even then.
DD-776 Mike Michalco RDC 07/64-07/68 Navyret5172 (AT) Come on OI div. Lets hear from you
DD-776 Edward L. Miller STG3 5/65-3/67 MILLERTIME (AT)  
DD-776 Stephen C. Montgomery CO 05/69-07/71 montyo127 (AT) my greatest tour in the US Navy
DD-776 James Moss SF3 6/69 - 11/71 jimmyrm33 (AT) Best duty of my 4 navy years
DD-776 Ralph Mullins MP 1952-1954 lkjohn (AT) My dad passed away 1965. Does anyone remember him? Email me.
DD-776 Thomas Murphy GM2 1952 to1957 thomasmurphy3 (AT) Great ship and crew.
DD-776 Thomas Narcavage FN 1967 to 1968   404 Bodnick St Peckville,Pa 18452 Guys it sure has been a long time since charleston s.c
DD-776 Donald Narges RDM1 1945-1946 bnarges (AT) was on ship when first commissioned (email is grandson's)
DD-776 David Nations TM3 Jan 1964-Sep 1966 drnorlgn (AT) Reported aboard the JC in Chasn.Shpyd.(FRAM Conv.)
DD-776 W. Keith Nelson SMSN 8/46-2/48 w.nelson (AT) Web page
DD-776 Donald Newman MIDN 1949 sumus47 (AT)  
DD-776 Denis Nicastro SN 1952-1955 DD776 (AT)  
DD-776 Clark W. Nungesser EN3 6/69-10/70 cwn66 (AT) A&R div. Engineman ships boat -70 westpac.
DD-776 Mike Nutter MM3 1964-66 jmnutter (AT)  
DD-776 Gaylord Olson RD2 5/51-8/54 jimmyceevet (AT) Around the world 2X in the Jimmy C.
DD-776 Bill Osterhaus OSSN 1972-73 lazybonz (AT)  
DD-776 Ron Papa E-3 1968-1989 maineinme (AT)  
DD-776 William Patton RD/E-2 1963 to1965 patton2173 (AT)  
DD-776 Bob Petralia FP2 8/54-12/57 jitrrbug (AT)  
DD-776 James (Rodent) Phillips BT3 12/65-6/68 Home: 123 Sally Ave.,Ladson,SC 29456 Hay boys sorry no e mail comp. dummy enjoyed every friend
DD-776 Jerry Pierce EM3 3/65-9/66 piercjeg (AT)  
DD-776 James Portlock RD2 7/67-12/69 jamesdiannusnret (AT)  
DD-776 William (Bill) Pressley RM3 1947-1949 pressleybill0 (AT)  
DD-776 Constantino Procopis FC3 1/48 - 4/49 cgprocopis (AT)  
DD-776 Carlo Prucha FTSN 1959 to 1961 pruchabr (AT) looking for shipmates who hung out in IC room at this time.
DD-776 John W. Radcliff GM 1959-1960 wvmom1944 (AT) Would like a copy of cruse book from our ship and talk to some old friends
DD-776 Ed Radmore   9/62-12/64 radmore2 (AT) IC3 Good shipmates
DD-776 Walter (Bob) Raffle ET3 1/65 - 7/67 wraffle (AT) Good memories
DD-776 Dennis Reed BTC 1964 to 1966 chief007 (AT) Great ship. I made Chief aboard the old DD-776
DD-776 Don Reel SFP2 1960-1963 DREEL (AT)  
DD-776 Charles (Chuck) Reinert SOG1 1950-1951 cnsinpewee (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates who served at same time.
DD-776 John Render RD3 10/55-8/58 renderslawns (AT) Love to talk to ole shipmates. Hello Frenchy
DD-776 Clarence Reynolds BMSN 1960-1962 reynoldsa5 (AT) great crew---great memories
DD-776 Michael Richards (Hembree) E-3 1964 to 1966 darj (AT) Bring back the memories
DD-776 David Riddle BMSN 1965 to 1967 ddriddle97 (AT)  
DD-776 Robert Ritter MM2 1962 to 1966 pelican (AT) Aft Engine Room & Water King
DD-776 Cecil Roakes SFM2 12/65-10/69 cecilroakes (AT) hope to here from anyone
DD-776 Robert (Rocky) Rosato FN 1957 to 1960 jennie dingwall (AT) Whatever happened to Charley Kastel and Jim from sick bay ?
DD-776 Lanny Ross MM3 8/60-4/64 sandrafields (AT) Urgent-Mesothelioma (Asbestos)-Call Atty.Hasty 770 479-0366
DD-776 Julius Sabo RD1 1955 to 1956 mindoro (AT) local net . com  
DD-776 Joseph Sacca SM1 7/63 to 8/66 josephsacca (AT) good duty and a great ship and crews
DD-776 Joseph Sacca, Sr. SM1 1963-1966 JOSEPHSACCA (AT) a great ship and crew
DD-776 John Sagl EM2 1955 to 1958 sparky776 (AT) Would be great to catch up with old shipmates, feel free to drop me a line 631-473-0053
DD-776 Edward Salzman RD3 1951-1952 esalzman (AT)  
DD-776 John Santangelo EM3 1946 to 1948  
DD-776 Stanley Sarubbe   1953 to 1955 stanley .sar (AT) sbc want to buy world cruise book 1953 to 1954
DD-776 Patrick Scalise SA 1965-1966 patrickscalise (AT) Was injured and transferred just before GITMO
DD-776 Joe Schill MM2 9/65 10/69 smokyjoe2 (AT)  
DD-776 Bill Schnauber ETN3 1962-1964 bschnauber (AT) rochester  
DD-776 Harry Scholer STG3 10/61-01/65 hoiyuan1 (AT) Glad to be among shipmates.
DD-776 Ernest ''Doc'' Scoggin SN 1958-1960 fscoggin (AT) Would like to talk with mates aboard ship at this period.
DD-776 Paul Shaffer MM3 1956-58 paulshaffer1 (AT)  
DD-776 David Shanley GM2 6/54-9/56 wshan10367 (AT) great crew! best two years of my life! remember the dunking of EO on hi-line transfer!
DD-776 Larry Shaw BT3 1956-1959 lwjlshaw (AT) Get underway Monday and B.B.F.--be back friday
DD-776 James Shorter LT(jg) Supply Corps 2/69 - 3/71 jshorter (AT)  
DD-776 Deane C. Smith FTG3 8/67-8/68 smithd (AT)  
DD-776 Stephen Smith RM2 1971 to 1973 smithst52 (AT) AKA RM2Smitty
DD-776 Ron (Smitty) Smythe MM1 1956 to 1960 seawash3 (AT)  
DD-776 Jim Souby LT(jg) 6/68 - 7/71 jsouby (AT)  
DD-776 Willie Ray Southern EM1 01/52 - 08/54 wrsouthern (AT) Being part of the crew for the 2 round the world trips was a great experience-would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-776 David Spears IC2 1963 - 1964 davespears (AT) I really enjoyed my tour on the owens. A great bunch of guys
DD-776 James Spence QM1 1961 to 1962 edspence33 (AT) Retired 1971 as QMC
DD-776 Bowen Spencer EM2 1965 to 1969 funbkk (AT) Looking for James Bruhn EM2&(Bear) Kerr MM2. EMAIL
DD-776 David Staley DC/E-4 5/68-10/69 manowoods25951 (AT) Trying to find name of friend killed in motorcycle accident in spring 69(?)---would enjoy talking to shipmates
DD-776 Ted Starnes S1 45 - 45 hotroofermoper (AT) I was one of guys on our ship to see the town of Hiroshima .
DD-776 Donald Stienstra MR2 9/54 to 6/58 trwyndu (AT) One of 4 MR's while aboard. Would not give up those years.
DD-776 Russell Stott TM3 1959-1962 astottus (AT)  
DD-776 Arthur Strawderman BM2 12/69-8/74 struart7 (AT)  
DD-776 Charlie Sullivan IC2 66 - 68 usn776 (AT) Great Med cruise and West Pac deployment looking for Jim Fowler
DD-776 James Sutter LT(jg) 7/59-7/61 jimsutter (AT)  
DD-776 Richard Tennent LT 12/53 - 11/56 novation36 (AT) Some of my best memories
DD-776 Charles Thomas BM3 2/66-2/69 vincent924 (AT) the jumping jimmy c---------never in port--------med trip----vietnam trip
DD-776 William (Tom) Thompson STG2 6/65-8/68 w.thompson1 (AT)  
DD-776 George Thompson RD3 1958 to 1960 gthompsonfore (AT) Great radar gang!
DD-776 Bruno Tripodi FN 1951 to 1955 tripodib (AT) Hello to all my shipmates-contact me
DD-776 James Trotochaud FN 1967-1968 Jwtrot (AT) WESTPAC cruise.....mess cook,forward and after engine rooms
DD-776 Kenneth Tummons YN3 1957 to 1959 ktummons (AT)  
DD-776 Adrian (Yackel) Vinch FA 1969-1970 svinch (AT) To all the guys that had the steakfrom the captain thank YAK
DD-776 Dave Waldman FN 1967 to 1968 ccrowe1 (AT) Spent a lot of time in th after fireroom and mess cooking.
DD-776 Charles Ward BT3 1962 to 1963 sheilahward (AT) 256-377-2343 Rockford, Alabama
DD-776 Jay Wardell FTG3 64-66 lindward (AT)  
DD-776 Robert Waterfield MM1 2/53-10/56 robertwaterfield (AT)  
DD-776 William Waters FTGSN 10/70-8/71 wwaters1949 (AT)  
DD-776 Greg Weiss SN 70/71 weissgj (AT) Maggio...Silohead... Botsuns extraodinarius (Big Weese)
DD-776 Howard Weyer EN4 5/66 to 11/68 pkmns (AT) check reunions, looking forward to harrisberg pa 9/1917 others wanting to be there
DD-776 Gearld Allan White BM3 Jan 20, 1952 - Apr.15, 1952 Dragonfairy2 (AT) Im trying to find the around the world cruise book.
DD-776 Eddie Whitfield MM2 01/69-04/72 jamiewhitfield (AT)  
DD-776 Danny (Willie) Williams GMGSN 9/69 - 7/71 dwilli (AT) Looking for GMG 1 J.D.Sieler and GMG Paul Berman
DD-776 Roy Willis FN 1969-1971 dwrw56 (AT) Hi Yak. I fished u out of the brink in Hong Kong ? Ollie.
DD-776 George Wills SN 4/67-9/67 meolebud (AT)  
DD-776 Frank Wren SOSN 12/48-1/50 navyman-2 (AT)  
DD-776 Grant Youngman MIDN 6/65-8/65 ghyoungman (AT)  
DD-776 Herbert Ziegler MM2 1951-1952 herborhelen (AT)  

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