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DD-885 Chris Abeyta RD3 1970-1972 elmusicano (AT) still playing music in santa fe- thanks for the many great memories - looking for Thomas Cooke
DD-885 Howard Ahola RM3 2/70-4/71 MRV82U (AT) Richard Hicks! Where are you!!!
DD-885 Fred Allard, Jr ENS May77-Oct 77 frederick.allard (AT) First ship, Good CO, Good Division
DD-885 Jack Allen CS3 1952-1953 jack (AT) Looking for old friends
DD-885 Marty Anderson BT3 1972-1975 mande61611 (AT) forward fireroom
DD-885 Jim Anderson SK3 1958 to 1959 sharen (AT) went into bootcamp with all colorado company in jan/56 (AT) s.d.
DD-885 Richard Andres EM3 1962 to 1965 andydd885 (AT)  
DD-885 Ralph Armstrong pipefitter 2/C 1952 to 1955 annale9898 (AT) Being from Oklahoma I was nick-named Okie. My brother Bobby served aboard with me.
DD-885 Russel G. Ashcraft BT1 1960-0962 bigtim2u (AT) Good Ship
DD-885 Kieth Badenell HT3 71 to 74 Badweld (AT) Looking for shipmates...........have tons of pictures!
DD-885 David Bailes TMO2 2/69-8/72 david (AT) 3 West-Pacs and a few liberty calls
DD-885 Andrew Baker EM3 1956 - 1957 ahughbaker (AT) From Merkel Texas
DD-885 Francis (Bob) Bakos BM3 5/69 - 12/72 crbrookie (AT)  
DD-885 Eugene Balkema E-3 1963-1964 pateric2 (AT) If you remember me or served on board during dry docking at this time please email me.
DD-885 Bruce D. Barker MM3 1957-1960 michbball (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-885 James E. Barrett EMS3 1952-1953 JimBarDD885 (AT) Sect.of John.R. Craig Assoc. Contact me for info. about association
DD-885 Dale Basham GMG3 9/73--6/76 dvbash (AT) 1ts divison for 6months g-division 2 yrs great memories.
DD-885 Daniel ''Ed'' Beach BM3 1964 to 1968 sued (AT) throw me a line
DD-885 Dan Beatty LT(jg) 9/71-9/73 captbeatty (AT)  
DD-885 Mike Betson FN 69 to 71 mikeb.lpn (AT) worked forward and aft firerooms
DD-885 Rodger Beyer DK3 1971-1973 rbeyer (AT) Looking to hear from fellow members of the Tonkin Yacht Club
DD-885 A. K. Bobb BT3 1977-1979 akbobb (AT) Fireroom #2 was home sweet home.
DD-885 Harry Boettcher FN3 1968 to 1970 seminoles885 (AT) Looking for shipmates please e-mail me
DD-885 Frenchy Boutges BT3 5/71 to 10/72 frenchy6 (AT)  
DD-885 Art Boyson IC2 5/60-3/61 aboyson (AT) clean ship
DD-885 Jerry Braunling STG2 1964 - 1967 Jerry (AT) USS John R Craig DD-885 is also a Facebook page
DD-885 Joe Breslin IC1 1962 to 1968 panka2 (AT) Nice to see shipmates on roster-even better seeing them few yrs ago at San Diego reunion-God bless you all
DD-885 Charles Brosseau HT3 1/70 - 8/72 cbrosseau3 (AT) Remember many friends,shipmates & good times.Whatever happened to the Can Do-Malcolm H Mole where are u?
DD-885 Edward Brown BTC 1966&67 edbrown (AT)
DD-885 Ben Bunch SN 9/58-2/60 booney (AT)  
DD-885 Bill ''Monk'' Burnham RD2 66 - 68 bburnham (AT) looking for Dave Forrest & John May
DD-885 Chuck Caldwell SN 1967 to 1969 chuckcaldwell (AT) looking for shipmates phone no.256 538 1777
DD-885 Peter Caldwell HT3 1971-1973 ody777 (AT)  
DD-885 Charles Caldwell GMGSN 5/68-1/69 csn1863 (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-885 Donald Caldwell RD2 4/69-8/72 donc1212 (AT) Craig reunion Sept 10-15 2003, San Diego, CA
DD-885 Eddie T. Carroll GMM2 1962 - 1966 windmill2 (AT) The BEST Tin Can in the Fleet with the BEST Men aboard Her!
DD-885 John Carruthers MM3 10/72-12/74 Carruthers-4 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-885 Gerald Casares IC3 7/72-10/75 gerald_casares (AT)  
DD-885 James (Jim) Casey YN3 1967-4/68 jimmy3fingers (AT) Like to hear from anybody aboard during this time
DD-885 Vern Cassity   4/58-7/58 cassityvl (AT) I am looking for shipmates
DD-885 Ed Cavin BM3 1966-67 Ed.Cavin (AT) Anyone know where to contact Richard J Czarnetzki BM1?
DD-885 Jerry Chwalek SKSN 3/69-1/71 jermail (AT) Secretary-USS John R.Craig Reunion Association
DD-885 Fred Cierley PN3 1960 to 1962 ticond1 (AT) I took care of all personel records, ships diarys,transfers, Leaves, etc.
DD-885 Joseph T. Clare BM/E-4 78-79 toocooll77 (AT) Nothing like mid rats underway
DD-885 Larry Clausen RM1 1964 to 1967 larrydee44 (AT) My e-mail up-date
DD-885 Donald Clayton SN 5/52-1/54 cly (AT)  
DD-885 Ralph Clem EM2 5/66 to 7/68 dutchclem (AT) would like to hear from some shipmates
DD-885 Eric Coleman SN-AN 1977-1978 eric_v2_2 (AT) Anyone rem name of CO who had a heart attack
DD-885 Jerome (Jerry) Commiso E-3 1970-1974 actomsriver (AT)  
DD-885 Neil Compton MM3 10/50-7-52 nfc7233 (AT)  
DD-885 James Conrad EN2 2/51-11/53 ljconrad (AT) Living in California-heard frm Clarence Loehning (MM?),James E. Barret(EM)-all contacts welcome-I have photos
DD-885 Roger Cornell ST3 75-79 Rcorn444 (AT)  
DD-885 Steve Crate EM2 1975 crater (AT)  
DD-885 Max Cronan EM3 64-68 mdcronan (AT) Phone number is now 423-781-7152 or cell 423-284-7121
DD-885 David Curry MR3 06/72 - 09/75 dcurryusn (AT) Assigned to A-Gang. There was alot of good people on that ship. Like to hear from any of you.
DD-885 Donald Dalton ETR3 4/56-10/57 donleedalton (AT) Raised, schooled, worked and retired in San Diego, CA.
DD-885 Claude Davenport MM3 5/55-1/59 drtwa (AT)  
DD-885 Gunderson David QM3 52-54 djgund (AT)  
DD-885 Leroy Dawson SH3 2/64 - 6/67 ledaw40 (AT) Good ship
DD-885 Alfred Denofre SN 1972 to 73 Ajdeno (AT) Remembering April 9, 1972. Ship shot up off Viet Nam.
DD-885 Ben (Red) Denson SN 6/57 - 4/59 nwinds (AT)  
DD-885 Dan Dixon QM2 1962-1966 dedixon42 (AT) what happen to our 64 visit to viet nam
DD-885 Timothy Dowell BT3 1970-1971 td6250 (AT) Some of the best people I have ever know
DD-885 Daniel (Dan) Drew SK3 1976 to 1979 USN1976 (AT)  
DD-885 Robert Duke FTG2 1976-1979 decom whipmaker (AT) Contact me mates!
DD-885 William East FN 08/65 - 08/67 stexum (AT)  
DD-885 Sidney Edinger LT(jg) 12/51 - 8/54 smedinger (AT)  
DD-885 Forrest (Frosty) Edkin BM3 11-66 to 10-69 lredkin (AT) I'd love to hear from anyone who served with me!!!
DD-885 Theodore (Ted) Eggert ET3 2/48-8/48 tpeggert (AT) Anybody out there from Operations?
DD-885 Terry Elstun E-3 1962-1964 terryelstun1945 (AT)  
DD-885 Fred Erben MM3 4/60-10/62 erbssr (AT)  
DD-885 Robert Escarcega   11/54-8/62 Impsch (AT) I am Robert's niece, Theresa. Searching for any shipmates.
DD-885 John Faulknor MS3 78-79 Jfaulknor (AT) Left before de-comission
DD-885 Joseph Ferraro MM3 1955 to 1958 jdfymf (AT)  
DD-885 Steven Fidler OS3 1971-1973 FIDMAN51 (AT) Want to know when the next reunion is
DD-885 Miles R. Finley, Jr. LCDR   858-597-8117 XO of USS John R Craig
DD-885 Dennis Fleury GMSN 1968-1969 drfleury (AT) Looking for ship cruise book from 68-69
DD-885 Jim Florant BMSN 1959 -1960 jflorant (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DD-885 Philip Foote FM 8/72-11/73 philfoote (AT) looking for A-Gang or other engineering crewmen-still alive ~
DD-885 John Foster FTG2 9/73 - 8/75 jffosterjr (AT) G-Division ,one wespac
DD-885 Don Foster SM3 8/66 - 4/68 djfoster2 (AT) From Portland, Oregon. Living in Washington State. Say hello.
DD-885 Grant Frazier FN 64 - 65 mevil (AT)  
DD-885 Paul Fritz LT(jg) 5/53-5/56 zengchingling (AT) pen name Max Blue - novel Tin Can Down published 7/1/15
DD-885 Richard Frye FTG2 1966-1969 rsfrye (AT)  
DD-885 Darrell Fuecker MMCM 1969 to 1972 Bud1e9 (AT)  
DD-885 Frank Gagnon BT3 9/58-10/60 frankie (AT) aft fireroom
DD-885 Forrest Ganther SN 1951 - 1953 forrestganther (AT) Like to hear from former shipmates
DD-885 Ross Gildersleeve EM2 12/67 to 7/69 ROSSLV (AT)  
DD-885 Al Gold BT3 1975 to 1979 al (AT) Worked Oil Lap & Aft Fireroom - Looking for old shipmates
DD-885 Max Goldstein S1/RM 1945 to 1946 maxg0906 (AT) Plankowner. Would enjoy having contact with my old shipmates
DD-885 Donald Gonzales SHSN 10/74-06/78 DONGONZALES74 (AT) I was the ship's barber for 3 years-red-white-green barber shop.
DD-885 James Greenlee RD1 3/66-1/67 jpgpumps (AT) Good ship. Short duty. Great experience.
DD-885 David Grife BT2 12/65-9/67 dgrife46 (AT) They were the worst of years but the best of years.
DD-885 James (Jim) Groff EN3 08/72 - 12/73 jgroff (AT) Grew up in Vietnam, Grew wiser on the Craig, contact me.
DD-885 David Gunderson QM3 52-54 djgund (AT)  
DD-885 John Halstead BT3 1/74-12/75 jwhalste (AT)  
DD-885 Donald Hamilton ETR3 6/56-9/58 fitzhamilton (AT) Living in the Twin Cities, MN
DD-885 Clark Hanson ETN2 1963-1965 clarkhanson (AT) Dash det 4 then ship's crew
DD-885 Albert Harmon CS2 1/47 - 10/49 harmonyhills (AT) First cruise to Japan, China, South Pacific, for the Craig ,
DD-885 Don Harris ICFN 10/60-02/63 umpharris (AT) Are slush funds illegal?
DD-885 Dale Harvey MM3 77-78 daleoffshore (AT) I live in humboldt ca,all welcome to contact me,been a long time,crazy times.
DD-885 Thurman Harvill ET1 1972-1974 harvill (AT) Correction on date served
DD-885 James C. Hawke BM1 54-57 HAWKEYE2 (AT) MLECMN.NET  
DD-885 Danny Hayes FTG2 1967-1970 Danhaze3 (AT) Lots of good memories of great shipmates.
DD-885 Rob Henderson MM3 8/72 - 5/75 RobHondo (AT) Great memories of the Craig and all shipmates.
DD-885 James Herweg BTC 1959-1963 jherweg (AT) 848 Beechcraft Ave. Grand Prairie, Tx 972-264 7357
DD-885 Ronald Hodge SH3 10/71 rthodge (AT) What up my bother remember the days, when the thunder hit us.
DD-885 Hulin Holderman SNGM 53 to 54 Squeakyly (AT) Great ship and great crew!
DD-885 Val Holstrom MM3 1972 to 1975 ohlav (AT) Great times with Doc,Taco Crusty Leggett Hondo many to list ooking to catch up
DD-885 Jim Hoppe YN3 4/63-7/66 jhoppe (AT) three great years - hope to hear from someone
DD-885 Norman R. Hudgins E-3 1971-1974 phudgins7 (AT) Looking for shipmates...
DD-885 Ira (Joe) Hunter EM1 4/71 - 12/73 frilldude (AT) What a west-pac cruise that was
DD-885 Jan Igras ETN2 12/68-1/72 batchman68 (AT) I have many good memories of that fine ship and crew.
DD-885 Steven Isherwood FTG3 1969 to 1973 ish4936 (AT) I was in the director when we got shot up; memories abound! Contact anytime.
DD-885 David Jackson EM2 1976 to 1979 decom ljcozmo (AT) great times aboard the jrc retired mailman now contact me if you remember me
DD-885 Bill Jaeger RM3 56 - 58 billanddouglas (AT) transferred to ComCruDesPac staff 58 thru60
DD-885 Peter Jervis E-5 5/66 to 11/69 georgeb917 (AT) looking for old shipmates to see in september in boston.
DD-885 Carl Jones BT2 1960-1963 cjones (AT)  
DD-885 Steven T. Karnes OS2 Feb. 78 to July 79 decom Pacoastmarups (AT) Other DD's Served aboard USS Rogers 876- Bucannan DDG-14
DD-885 Henry Kern BTC 72-73 kernjjkern (AT)  
DD-885 Chris Kiana SK/BM 11/67-10/70 kiana (AT) Whatever happened to Chris Freeling? or Way to go Harlo?
DD-885 Chris Kiana Sr. SN 11/67- 11/70 kiana (AT) Looking for Chris Freeling and welcome e-mail from shipmates
DD-885 Bob Kirts IC2 64 to 67 bkirts0630 (AT)  
DD-885 Barry Kitsch ADJ3 2/63-4/64 bwk (AT) I was part of the original DASH crew.
DD-885 Bert Kleeberger BT3 Mar 52 Sept. 55 kleeberger34 (AT) would like to hear from old ship mates
DD-885 Joseph (Joe) Krelic E-4 1960-1964 2207 N. 29th Place, Phoenix AZ 8500 I am the daughter of Joe Krelic, who was a boilerman.
DD-885 Bill Kroncke LT(jg) 1/72-8/73 William.kroncke (AT)  
DD-885 Bob Krow EM3 7/72 - 11/73 model_a_28 (AT) Looking for Shipmates.
DD-885 Michael LaBatte MM2 78 to 79 decom oepgis (AT) Main Control manned and ready! looking for machinist mates
DD-885 Ernest Lageson LT(jg) 8/54-8/56 lagesoneb (AT)  
DD-885 Gary Leggett MM3 1974-1978 garyleggett (AT) living in san diego
DD-885 Henry Lehtola EM3 1962 - 1966 zerooneniner (AT) Join the John R. Craig Reunion Association.
DD-885 Dennis LeRoy O-2 7/66-7/68 xoder329 (AT) I made great friends among crew and officers.
DD-885 Duane Lewis BT1 2/74 dhlewis0204 (AT) yahoo.ccom email me guys served 74-75-remember Portland,OR,Overlook Park Gravat,Hines,Sully & Halstead this louey
DD-885 Timothy Lewis OS3 1969-1973 NAVL0678 (AT) worked as night baker and cook
DD-885 Craig Lindquist IC2 1971-1973 c.lindquist (AT)  
DD-885 Timothy Lingard EN3 2/76 to 8/77 timgard.1 (AT)  
DD-885 Jesse Lowe YN2 1/76 - 10/79 Jss_lowe (AT) Great times! Currently a Deputy Sheriff in LA
DD-885 M. Brent MacDougall MR3 12/62-7/63 bmacks (AT) Helped with FRAMII conversion and got off Dago
DD-885 Richard Mackey SN 1956 to 1961 m6farm (AT)  
DD-885 William Markee SN 1970 - 1972 williammarkee (AT) Looking for seamen Richard Williams
DD-885 Keith Marshall MM2 1967/1971 keith.m (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-885 Mike McLaughlin SM2 3/61-4/64 mem1598 (AT) any shipmates especially Bob Wisneiski or Ken Thompson
DD-885 George McLennon RM3 1958 to 1960 joemac195842 (AT)  
DD-885 Robert McMen SN 8/67 to 02/69 sallymc1948a (AT) looking for mates
DD-885 Don McMurry MR2 1960 - 1961 dessau (AT)  
DD-885 Paul Meeker LT 8/74-10/78 grandbsh (AT) Prospective Chief Engineer (Naval Reserve)
DD-885 Ted Meeker EM3 8/76 -5/79 benchm (AT) aol,.com hey I was in the electric shop
DD-885 Robert Menosky RM3 1963 to 1966 bobmenosky (AT) great ship/-like to hear from any shipmates especially J.T. Hayes, Chuck Rader,C.A. Jones, Butler, Cartwright.
DD-885 Tommy Messenger GMMSN 1964 to 1967 tdmessenger (AT)  
DD-885 James Mills MMFN 1956 to 1958 jmills1768 (AT) Phone# 440-989-4293
DD-885 Jack Mitchell MM2 6/69-11/69 smgrand (AT)  
DD-885 Frank Montelione EM3 2/70 - 7/70 lion1948 (AT)  
DD-885 Patrick W. Mooney BT3 9/58 - 6/62 patmooney (AT) Klooshmaker
DD-885 Dwayne Moore MM2 4/61-10/63 dwayne.moore (AT) like to contact William L Bodie
DD-885 Joseph Moore BM2 1954-1957 hoby847 (AT) Retired life is nice
DD-885 Jefferson (Moose) Morley BT3 01/1952-05/1955 morley (AT) .....
DD-885 Richard Mosca GM1 4/61-5/62 dickmosca (AT) Good ship I worked with a great group of people.
DD-885 George Moulder RMC 01/65 - 12/65 grmoulder (AT) Retired in Pensacola, FL. Shipmates call if in town or passing through. I'm in the book.
DD-885 Gayland Moulder TM2 5/52 to 6/55 mgmoulder (AT) Great Ship, Great Sailors. Retired and on the Golf Course. Come Tee 'em up with me.
DD-885 Michael Murphy BT2 1974-78 murphscooter (AT) Snipes 4 Ever. Hole Snipe after fire room...The only place to be...
DD-885 Howard Nase SK3 10/64-10/66 howard.nase (AT) Great ship/great crew-rem Delbert Cartwright,David Rhoades,David Brake,James Moore,Oscar Skinner & others.
DD-885 Chuck Negus BT2 1/78 - 9/78 scoupe93 (AT) Oil Shack was my home (came over from the Agerholm)
DD-885 Neil Otey OS2 7/71 - 7/73 n.otey (AT) Living Minneapolis/St. Paul area-ret FAA Air Traffic Controller-currently Control Tower Operator since 2002.
DD-885 James Owen SN 03/63-03/65 jowen74 (AT) served in dash det. and as bowhook on captain's gig
DD-885 Isaac (Ike) Ozenna SN 9/67 to 4/71 navet67 (AT) liked the westpac liberty
DD-885 Steve Padnuk BT3 71-74 padnuk (AT) Retired in Fl. Would like to here from shipmates
DD-885 Richard Pavlik   59-62 tpavlik (AT) this was my dad, looking for people that might remember him
DD-885 Thomas Plaga PNSN 1969 to 1971 calltom_msw (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates
DD-885 Steven Platkowski E-4 1973 to 1974 Steve.Platkowski (AT) new E-Mail address
DD-885 Larry Pollard BT3 61-63?? peddlerman1 (AT) Stood upper level watch in forward fire room.
DD-885 Alfred (Al) Pound ?? 1951-1955 berniepound (AT) Died in 04 (Portland,OR). I'm his son Bernie-looking for info on his time aboard-we're putting together his history
DD-885 Stanley Puffer MM3 1962 to 1966 stanleypuffer (AT)  
DD-885 Rick Reed LT 12/78-07/79 reedr99 (AT) OPS BOSS and decom XO...when you're out of cans…
DD-885 Norris Reese E-3 11/72 - 08/75 gintwmy (AT)  
DD-885 Kevin Reilly QM3 1974-1978 muddyrudder (AT) Any of my brothers still out there?
DD-885 Nick Reis RM3 6/71 - 8/72 Norval89 (AT) Good times on the Jolly John
DD-885 Bert Revoir PN3 6/68 to 12/69 brretired63 (AT)  
DD-885 Fred Rost OS2 1976 to 1978 tinplate01 (AT)  
DD-885 Bill Rouillard SK3 2/67 to 7/70 bill.rouillard (AT) great time
DD-885 Sydney B. Sanders IC2 1963-1965 buckstitch (AT)  
DD-885 Richard Santos BT3 1952 to 1955 capesantos (AT) I have a copy of New Horizons.It has some pictures&rosters
DD-885 Charles (Chuck) Saxton MM2 08/71 to 08/74 chugsaxton (AT) I was in R Division,stood watch in forward engine and DC central at G.Q.
DD-885 Jeff Schmelzer RD3 62-64 redeye (AT)  
DD-885 John Schulte E-3 7/72 - 73 johnschulte (AT) still living on the beach so ca..howdy to all old shipmates
DD-885 Fred Sewell EM2 69-71 freddd885 (AT) Chaplain of the John R. Craig Reunion Association
DD-885 Franklin Shaffer BT3 11/71-5/72 feschevy59 (AT)  
DD-885 Billy Shoop SA 7/65 to 7/67 strollin (AT) bellsouth net  
DD-885 Mark Silva MS3 9/76 to decom Markntucoe (AT) Still remember those screw guard rides out at sea.... Great Crew!
DD-885 Michael Simmonds BT3 10/67 to 4/71 msimmonds_7 (AT) Great experience, am glad I served on the Craig
DD-885 Lester Simmons SN 1/58-12/59 L231S (AT) A Gunners Mate striker
DD-885 Emil Smith SN 6/5711/58 smtty10439 (AT) was gunnersmate / became cook stricker now retired
DD-885 Douglas Smith RD3 6/62 - 12/62 dcs1940 (AT) Swapped aboard from USS Perkins
DD-885 Curtis Smith BM1 1945-1949 utherdogi (AT) I am ''Smittys'' Curtis' daughter. I can relay message.
DD-885 Joe Snyder GMSN m9--6/52 mseandmrj (AT)  
DD-885 Jesse Soper ET3 54-55 jessoper.1 (AT) Still have a copy of our Cruise Book. Great tour of duty
DD-885 Jerry Stevens TM2 1961 N/A POBox 428 Oak Harbor, WA 98277
DD-885 Mike Stile BT3 67 to 68 mstile5098 (AT)  
DD-885 Larry Stockton BMSN 1958-1962 stockton (AT) Would like to hear from former ship mates
DD-885 Jose Stone MM2 1974 to 1976 jstone0423 (AT) LPO main control 1975-76-Gary Leggett's info no longer valid-anybody know how to contact him?
DD-885 Gary Strine SO2 4/52-5/55 fysxprof1 (AT) Have photos from Korean War era; let me hear from shipmates
DD-885 Michael Sturm E-4 7/71 - 11/73 ssturmmb (AT) I could still walk the passageways of the Craig with my eyes closed. Many good memories.
DD-885 David Sumstad MM2 1958 to 1960 poppydave369 (AT) 845 590 5459
DD-885 Robert Svien GM1 8/45-9/46 bjb (AT) I was aboard on VJ day.
DD-885 Jim Swan BT3 1977 - 1979 swanjimr (AT) After Fireroom Snipe Paradise
DD-885 Robert Swinn RM3 72 - 74 tuzigoot885 (AT) welcome any correspondence
DD-885 James Taylor MMFN 1976-1979 powderkegguns (AT) It was the best of times and worst of times
DD-885 James Taylor FN/E-3 11/65-06/66 taylor7256 (AT) i was in r division
DD-885 Earl Teeter MM2 12/66 to 12/69 chief (AT)  
DD-885 Carlos Tey GMG2 10/74 - 6/78 carlos.g.tey (AT) Currently CW4 & Blackhawk Pilot Serving in Iraq with Texas National Guard
DD-885 Tom Thurn IC2 April 69 to August 69 xhydro88 (AT) I wasn't on the Craig long, but I'll never forget her.
DD-885 Ed Tipton HM3 10/60-10/62 edtipton (AT) I'm the one that give all you guys the pennicillin. Working station in sickbay near midship.
DD-885 Al Traettino FTG2 12/78-Decom aatraettinojr (AT) Bright eyed and bushy tailed
DD-885 Jerry Trailor RD1 10/68-10/69 jltrailor (AT)  
DD-885 William Monroe Trester BT2 1972 - 1976 mtrester (AT)
DD-885 Paul Vail RD1 1962-1964 pvvail (AT) served on pritchett DD561, LA-CAI35, TOWERS DDG9
DD-885 Arturo.J. Valenzuela SN1 10/47 to 7/49 valenzuelaart (AT) capt hilary c.rowe was our c.o.I hope to get in touch.I was called
DD-885 Bob Vargo PN3 1966 to 1968 rvmed (AT) Looking for a lot of shipmates - going to San Diego reunion
DD-885 John Waddle IC2 1969 to 1972 webfoot70 (AT) I've got lot's of pic's . Anyone know of John Schmoker IC3?
DD-885 Ray Wade BT3 1960 to 1964 rwwad (AT)  
DD-885 Larry D. Walker TM3 July1945 - Sept.1947 larrywalker (AT) other E-mail address, larrywalker (AT)
DD-885 Tony Watkins BT2 3/77 - 6/79 gawjaw (AT) Miss the tin cans
DD-885 Robert Webb BTC 1963-1970 spiderwebb (AT)  
DD-885 William (Bill) Weese HT2 9/70-1/74 Bill.Weese (AT) Any and all are welcome to email me.
DD-885 Lewis White COX EN not sure 1945 1947 bswhite (AT) Died 9/17/81
DD-885 James White RM3 1962 to 1964 jwwdlw (AT)  
DD-885 Harold Wiley FN1 1947 to 1948 hwiley74 (AT)  
DD-885 Kenneth Williams BT3 1967 - 1969 swrl (AT) Best ship that I served upon during my enlistment. Great crew.
DD-885 Thomas Williams RM2 1966-1969 tlwfrstn (AT) looking to hear from old shipmates
DD-885 Bill Wolfe BT3 6/66 - 67 bpwolfe (AT)  
DD-885 Cliff Wooley SN 6/67-6/68 twila54 (AT) Stumbled across this by accident. Just checking in to see who responds to my e-mail
DD-885 Vince Wright E-3 7/73-6/75 andivinni (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-885 Randall D. York STG-2 1971 to 1973 rdyork (AT)  
DD-885 Harold Youmans EM3 1964 to 1967 hyoumans (AT) where yall been-the sum written about craig left out a lot of things (while i was on)-call me [912}449-0311 lets talk
DD-885 J. D. Young   1945-? andi.burgess (AT)  

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