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DD-701 Vincent P. Alberico     Albie929 (AT)  
DD-701 Ronald C. Alcorn MM3 Jan 50 Aug 54 dara55 (AT)  
DD-701 Frank Ambrosini SN 4/53-9/54 GJAUSA (AT) Engineering Log Room Yeoman
DD-701 Robert Arnold MM2 9/68 - 5/70 rmarnold (AT) My divoff was Ltjg. Vern Clark, now Adm. Clark, CNO.
DD-701 John C. Babcock QM3 1950-1951 jcam701 (AT)  
DD-701 Marcus Q. Berry GMG3 1967-1968 marcusberry3 (AT) I served onboard during her Mid-East Cruise.
DD-701 Zennon Bezdziecki MM2 3/48-5/50 zenbez281 (AT) serviced in the after engine room
DD-701 Alfred Blaine SK3 1949 coviking (AT) What happ to guys in S Divn who trans off in 50-Doug Mcgee,Ens Chapman,Dr. Steinberg, Charlie Salada. Thx
DD-701 Paul Bongiorno DKSN 1957 to 1959 bbarneyy61 (AT) came aboard as BTFN
DD-701 William Brings BT1 1968-1970 abtchief (AT) Short time I had on her was well worth the experience, loved every minute.
DD-701 Jerome Brown ET3 5/58 - 5/59 jbrown717 (AT)  
DD-701 Jim Brown SN 7/58-11/59 jbw1sjg (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-701 David Brown BT2 Nov. 62 to Aug. 65 None My address is 5845 W. Waveland Chi. 60634.
DD-701 Stan Bryn S1 {RT stryker) 9/46- 6/46 stanbryn (AT) Was a Radio Technition aboard DD701
DD-701 Dan Buchan FTG2 1964 - 1967 dbcomm99 (AT)  
DD-701 Walter Buck LT(jg) 12/64-1/66 buckyandrandi (AT)  
DD-701 Len Budzynski FT1 1956 to 1961 lenski (AT) President: USS John W. Weeks Association
DD-701 John C. Byrne QM3 1953 to 1954? blueline_911 (AT) sent in memory of my Dad.
DD-701 Charles A. Calderon IC3 1966-1968 chalecac (AT)  
DD-701 Don Campbell RDSN 1951 to 1953 doncam (AT) Was aboard during the
DD-701 Robert Canova E-3 9/59-1/63 flashcube69 (AT) a fun ride
DD-701 Louis Carlson SN Aug,Sept 1956 wa8cid (AT) From the Med. to Norfolk to be discharged.
DD-701 Bob Cartwright BMSN 10/60 - 12/62 chiefiowa (AT)  
DD-701 Joe Cayea RDSN 07/61-07/63 opd13retired (AT) On board during Cuban Missle Crisis 10/62
DD-701 George Cirish YN2 1970 gcirish (AT) The last RESCREW Yeoman. Enjoyed the time and cruises.
DD-701 Kenneth E. Clark BT3 1958 to 1960 patkenclar (AT)  
DD-701 Wayne Colbeck RM3 11/68 - 11/69 waynecolbeck (AT) Was on the WestPac cruise in 1969. The ship left Norfolk, VA the day before my 21st birthday.
DD-701 James Cole SN 09/60 - 07/62 jacole (AT) I was a deck ape in 2nd Div., Boat Keeper,Paint Locker
DD-701 Ray Collett BT3 2/58 to 9/60 rcol110479 (AT) What a ship..What a crew...
DD-701 Larry Cook DK3 61-62 pcook41 (AT) Great ship, great shipmates and many good memories of Med cruise 61. Cdr. J.L. Rice was a great CO
DD-701 Jack Cooper RM2 59-62 jcoop (AT)  
DD-701 Bill Copes MM2 1963 to 1966 cobill (AT) After engine room
DD-701 Gene Corley IC3 4/56 to 8/57 Cheers2323 (AT) Went aboard in dry dock after it had a world cruise
DD-701 Jack Coughlin RM2 7/44-4/46 jcoughllin (AT)  
DD-701 Barry A. Cruikshank LT(jg) 7/52-5/55 barryc786 (AT) Retired as LCDR USNR
DD-701 Alan Cutcher YN2 1963-1965 WC1996 (AT) Great ship and great reunions every year
DD-701 Frederick Dalton BM3 1969 Looking for shipmates. Phone (417) 781-4752
DD-701 Robert Davis FTG2 62-64 bdavis226 (AT) Retired 1979
DD-701 John de Meurers RM1 1965-67 jdemeurers (AT)  
DD-701 John De Meurers, Sr. RM1 1965-1967 johndem (AT)  
DD-701 Jerry Dean SM3 1955- 1969 jerdean (AT) re-enlisted in 80 to retires in 88 as SMC
DD-701 David DeGanne GMG3 3/61-8/64 holidaydave2000 (AT) 2nd Div 01 level paint locker-gun gang- A real good ship
DD-701 Vincent DeMatteo RM3 1950 -1951 vdematteo (AT) recalled to duty great ship good crew
DD-701 Walter Donovan SN3 11/53-6/54 springhouse1779 (AT) Walter E Donovan has passed away
DD-701 Adelard (Eddie) Dufault BT3 1953-1954 lincoln17 (AT) Looking for anyone who knew Eddie-he died in 1977-any pics or stories would be appreciated & cherished.
DD-701 Russ Eason MM3 7/65-6/67 manwhofish (AT) Does the name Herbie ring a bell. Great ship and crew.
DD-701 Lloyd Eason MM3 7/65-6/67 manwhofish (AT) Does the name Herbie ring a bell? Wonderful adventure.
DD-701 Charles Elfreth RM2 1949 to 1950 Elfs4 (AT)  
DD-701 Tommy Ellison DC2 1968 to 1969 tellison (AT) Was on 1969 WestPac
DD-701 Doug Elzinga SN 1949 - 1950 w8nbt (AT) Worked in sick bay
DD-701 Roy English HM2 06/53 to 06/54 pappajeanne (AT) World Cruise
DD-701 James Fariello RD3 1962-1966 jamesfariello (AT) I love that ship and the crew on it, best years of my life.
DD-701 Fred Fels RM2 44 to 46 Plankowner fredfels1 (AT) gmailcom Read excerpts & want to correct fact-damage to Weeks was friendly fire(sister destroyer)causing only casualty
DD-701 Marshall Fenstermaker SN2 12/45- Early 46 mhfenstermaker (AT) Boarded Ship in Japan Dec. 1945
DD-701 William Fleming BM3 1950-1953 abf (AT)  
DD-701 Ruel Fleming F1 1944 to 1946 djfleming99 (AT) Last man standing on right w/out shirt in Mog-Mog photo
DD-701 Brian Galvin HM1 9/68-10/69 bgalvin (AT)  
DD-701 Paul Garlanger ET 1962-1965 garlanger (AT)  
DD-701 Augie Gatto YN 1949 to 1951 augiegatto (AT)  
DD-701 Morris Gillett CPO 11/44 - 5/45 morrisgillett (AT) Searching for photo (not internet)
DD-701 Floyd Gitelman SKG3 01/52-11/53 fgitelman (AT) Midshipman cruise to nortth Atlantic, Scotland (Grennock) and France (Brest)
DD-701 Michael Gokay ICFN 1970-1970 magokay (AT) Was only on there for 6 months before it got decommissioned.
DD-701 Raymond Goodmuth EM2 1962 to 1966 r.goodmuth (AT)  
DD-701 Joseph F. Gratta RM3 1948-1950 jejg68 (AT)  
DD-701 Thomas Grella CBM 1st Crew trousdel (AT) The Chief has passed,but he was,what a CBM was all about!
DD-701 Ellie Gross GM the begining ellie 7011 My husband-deceased-started the reunions-I also helped-we traveled to all navy places always checked 3
DD-701 Hal Gross GM3 1944 ELLIE 7011 (AT) My husband-Now cedeased was a Tin Can Sailor for many years
DD-701 Alton Gunderson FTG3 1960-1962 acgunder (AT)  
DD-701 Edward A. Hagan RDM2 7/21/44 - 4/6/46 eshagan (AT) Plank owner
DD-701 Jim Hanford LT(jg) 7/59-6/61 jhanford03 (AT)  
DD-701 Francis Hansen TE2 1953 to 1955 fhansen188 (AT)  
DD-701 Frank Harlow FP2 02/53-05/56 ccnehusker (AT) Made around the world cruise. This is new email address.
DD-701 Harry Hash RM3 8/59-10/60 hhash (AT)  
DD-701 Norman Hatfill SN2 1947-48 norn1928 (AT)  
DD-701 Roy L. Hawbaker EM3 7/44 to 10/45 RLBILROY (AT) Plankowner - EM rated 44 to 45. Contact me.
DD-701 Daniel T. Healy S1 7/44-7/45 m8080 (AT) Radar Duty
DD-701 Warren Hemple SN 1961 to 1962 mthemple (AT) I was on during the Cuban Crisis
DD-701 John Heslin RDSA 6/70 to 8/70 jheslin11 (AT) 1st ship-ship just received notice of decom & the office typewritter was missing-no liberty until it was located!
DD-701 Cecil Hesslen FTC2 1953-1954 cecilrayh (AT)  
DD-701 Paul Hetrick RM2 1968 thru 1970 paublo2005 (AT) Westpac cruise 69,USS John W. Weeks DD701 Assoc,VVA Chapter 106,Navy League,TCS,VFW,American Leg
DD-701 Robert Hicks STGS2 1966-1968 hichickshow (AT) Have the Mid-East cruise book and the North-Atlantic cruise book.
DD-701 Frederick Hoff, Jr. EM3 1957 to 1959 fredhoff (AT)  
DD-701 Charles Holotyak MML1 4/51-8/52 hudi (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-701 Theodore Hooven F1 10/46 to 4/48 ted.hoo (AT)  
DD-701 Clarence Howard ETR3 1966-1967 cphowardjr (AT)  
DD-701 Jack Howell SO3 08/57 - 11/59 Jaxsit (AT) ONe of Charlie Wilson;s boys
DD-701 Walt Hummel SM3 64-65 walthummel (AT) my nickname was clyde
DD-701 Frank Hurlburt BT/FN 1958-1959 18 month's bdingolingo (AT) gota lov the leaky weeky
DD-701 C.Wayne Hutson SN 1953-1954 gram_gramps74 (AT) Service On-board during the World Cruise 1953-1954
DD-701 William Hutton FN 1961 - 1963 wth43 (AT)  
DD-701 Don Hyde MM3 63 to 66 donhyde (AT) Becoming a Shellback was the high point of the 64 cruse
DD-701 Carey Inlow IC3 3/62 - 4/64 grey_beard (AT)  
DD-701 Frank Jellison EM2 10/53-10/54 captjell (AT)  
DD-701 Big John Johnson BT3 1968-1970 AJGOLFER (AT) Who remembers West-Pac cruise - I was there
DD-701 William L. Johnson EM3 1/68-11/69 wbabell7 (AT) Looking for EM3 Fulch we did wespac, we were good friends, CTA band #1
DD-701 Jim Johnson RD2 5/54 to 8/57 johnson1935 (AT)  
DD-701 John (Jack) Joyce RM3 10/50-12/54 marjac (AT) Was just out of boot camp and was present at the recommissioning of the Weeks after 4 months in mothballs
DD-701 Charles W. Katz RDSN 4/53 - 8/54 charleswkatz (AT) Started as radarman - bounced to deck force. Still hold record for Captain's masts. Always on report, most of time on mess hall duty. Won the BIG'' anchor pool for the round-the-world cruise! A premier wiseguy and FU!''
DD-701 Steven Kendall MM1 1969-1970? crazydude2121 (AT) My grandfather passed away Jan 14 2009 and I want him to be remembered. please add him to the list of sailors.
DD-701 George Ketchman FTG3 6/1962 to 8/1964 gketchman (AT)  
DD-701 Robert Kimsey QM3 1966 to 1968 robtkzga (AT) Looking for a copy of the Mid-East cruise book
DD-701 Jerry Kirchner RD2 1968-69 fyrman36 (AT) Trying to find Ron Myers, Quartermaster
DD-701 Ken Kirkman BT3 4/68 - 9/69 kek1949 (AT) Came aboard in dry dock-after shake down,Westpac 69-then Norfolk,then A school,then USS John King DDG3
DD-701 Ron Klompstra RD3 1960 to 1962 ronelklom (AT) Served during the Guantanamo blocade of Cuba.
DD-701 Bruce Kollinger SN 1968-1970 exflaman (AT) Was with the Weeks to West Pack
DD-701 Leonard J. (L.J.) Koon BM2 Jan 1955 - Jan 1958 J.Koon (AT) ATT.Net  
DD-701 David K Kurtz PN3 9/64-9/66 dkurtz1 (AT)  
DD-701 Thomas G. Langley GM3 1953 - 1955 tlang33 (AT) Retired , michigan in summers/ florida in winter 231 349-0176
DD-701 Robert Lay Midshipman 1/c 7/52-8/52 w9dmk (AT) Midshipman Cruise- Greenock Scotland, Brest France
DD-701 John Leslie RD3 1965 to 1967 k0atv (AT) Proud to have served and enjoyed the North Atlantic cruise.
DD-701 Ronald Little FTG2 1961-1963 incabird (AT) Main Battery Director and Mak 25 radar
DD-701 Barry Lowe MM3 1967& 1968 Bearclaw3847 (AT) some one contact me if they were there 757-838-6709
DD-701 Carl Lunde LT(jg) 01/56 - 08/57 cklphoto (AT)  
DD-701 Steve Lynch RD2 12/57 to 3/61 slyn410 (AT)  
DD-701 Ward Mack RD3 1962-1963 wardmack (AT) good tour
DD-701 John Malesko YN3 3/61-11/63 johndee2 (AT) Great memories
DD-701 Daniel Mangine YN3 7/59 to 7/61 dpacentro (AT) Given life to live over,would spend time onboard again-served w/good people-made some life long friends
DD-701 Thomas J. Marcucci SN 2/56 - 2/58 nolungs (AT) What happen to the USS John W. Weeks. I would like purchase a hat with the name and the hull number.
DD-701 Augustus Mark EM2 Sept 51 thru Aug 53 mark2 (AT) Photographer of sinking of Fly'ing Enterprise
DD-701 Ray Martin RM3(SG) 06/67-01/68 W2RM (AT) I'm Cruise Book Editor Mid East Cruise 1967. WB2LNR
DD-701 Stuart Martineau BT2 1964-1967 srmarty (AT) Best of the 6 ships I served on during my 22 yr. career. Great crew. Many fond memories.
DD-701 Robert Martucci SN 1959 -1961 rpm199 (AT)  
DD-701 David J. Matthews SA 10/60-6/61 D5399691 (AT) Started on Deck Force moved to Sonar Gang
DD-701 Clarence McAllister SK2 1959 to 1961 redmac (AT)  
DD-701 James Merideth BT3 1960 thru 6/62 distdktr (AT) looking for pic., Weeks in strm, on her side w/2 screws out.
DD-701 Robert Michaels LT(jg) 02/67 to 07/68 remichaels (AT)  
DD-701 Don Mitchell RM3/RM2 7/67 - 3/68 donmitchell21 (AT) only made one cruise (Mid-East) before being transferred.
DD-701 Thomas Monari BM3 1964 to 1967 bear.monari (AT)  
DD-701 Jack Munnis END2 10/ 1953-11/1955 jmunnis75 (AT) Would like to get in touch with shipmates-also who served as The Captain then.. he was greatly appreciated
DD-701 Leo J. Murphy MM1 9/1950 to 11/1951 Beermugone (AT)  
DD-701 Bill Murphy - McGuiness EM3 3/68 -1/70 w1gh_whmm (AT)  
DD-701 Ron Natalie ENS 6/57-10/58 rbnatalie (AT)  
DD-701 Bruce Neidemire SO3 1954 to 1956 bneidemire (AT)  
DD-701 Phillip Nelson GMG3 4/68-8/70 phillip.nelson (AT)  
DD-701 Loy V. Nix GM3 03/53 to 12/54 lvnix (AT) No aroumd the world cruise in 53 and 54
DD-701 Bill Northey FTG3 1962 - 1964 Bill0244 (AT) aol  
DD-701 Stephen Oakes MM3 69-70 oakessteve (AT) some of the greatest guys i've ever known
DD-701 George Panter STG2 2/68-3/70 Ggpanter (AT)  
DD-701 David Parent SKSN 01/69-05/70 d.parent (AT)  
DD-701 Ronald Parks EN3 1957 to 1958 rmparks (AT) Great ship.I sailed into the great lakes in 1958-would like to hear from any shipmates that are out there.
DD-701 James Patmon S1/TM 01/48 to 11/48 jpatmon (AT)  
DD-701 Dennis Patora FTG2 1968 - 1969 dlpatora (AT)  
DD-701 Jim Pitton RD1 1963 to1964 jimpitton (AT) Red Sea cruise - Crossing equator
DD-701 Peter Podufal STG2 6/63-8/66 danpodufal (AT) Best of the best
DD-701 Bennie W. Poole EM3 11/56 to 10/57 BW4055 (AT) CS.COM  
DD-701 Jan Power RD3 12/59-8/61 janpower (AT) famous drunk looking for old drinking buddies
DD-701 Bill Rands LT(jg) 7/65-6-67 sagres (AT) Does anyone know what happened to Skip (LT C S) Lynch?
DD-701 Eugene Ray STG2 1967-1968 eray8662 (AT) Mid East Cruise.
DD-701 Richard D. Riddlebarger MM3 66-68 diamondick (AT)  
DD-701 Richard Robillard ST1 3/68 - 8/70 rrobilla51 (AT)  
DD-701 David Rohrbaugh FTG2 4/66-10/68 drohrbaugh1 (AT)  
DD-701 Joe Rothengast FTSN 11/66 to 01/67 jjrjww (AT) onboard till transferred to AMSU to play ball
DD-701 Herb Rudd PC2 1965 to 1967 hrudd (AT) retired Army Reserve Captain in 1988
DD-701 Peter Rumsey LT(jg) 1962-1964 rumsey (AT)  
DD-701 John Santopietro GMG3 1964 to 1966 john_b_santopietro (AT) Home e-mail debisanto (AT)
DD-701 Norman Scott FTG2 1964-66 jane (AT)  
DD-701 Gary (Tom) Seyler MM2 1960 - 1963 tk4040 (AT) Looking for lost Shipmates
DD-701 Eugene Smith DC3 1969 eugsmith (AT) The 2nd west pac cruise. First was aboard the McCard DD822 1968
DD-701 Ray Soward FN 1948 to decom rsoward (AT) after fireroom / elect.gang
DD-701 Paul Stalcup E-5 1964 to 1967 paul.stalcup (AT)  
DD-701 Charles Taylor SK2 01/67 to 9/69 beachguy8946 (AT)  
DD-701 Maurice Teague TM2 1955-1958, 1959-1962 maryteague (AT) I spent two (2) tours on the weeks.
DD-701 John Theiss SOM1 7/44-4/46 jbtheiss (AT) Plank owner and proud to have served under our Skipper, Capt Robert Theobald.
DD-701 Bob Topliff MM3 1963 to 1966 bobt635 (AT)  
DD-701 Ned Topping LT(jg) 1961-1963 sherwood66 (AT)  
DD-701 Michael Vagianos MM2 2/68-8/70 mv1313 (AT)  
DD-701 Lonnie Vause BM3 3/69-3/70 jvause (AT) Nicknamed Bo Vause
DD-701 Randy Wagner SK3 1969 richardwagner0991 (AT)  
DD-701 Art Wallace ENF1 10/49 - 5/50 artwalll (AT)  
DD-701 Stewart Walls LT(jg) 1/63 - 12/64 stolly67 (AT)  
DD-701 Edward Ward     patrickwardjr (AT) Ed Ward is being layed to rest on sat 4/16. Will send info.
DD-701 Bob Waring IC2 8/65 - 6/67 rwaring (AT) Never forget 6 mo. Red Sea Cruise
DD-701 Gale Watson RD2 1965 to 1968 futile28347 (AT) Best damn ship ever
DD-701 Mike Webb BT3 1963-1964 michaelweb (AT) worked in forward fire room, was on Cuba blockade
DD-701 Jerry Wester EM3 1963 to 1965 pepper61_67 (AT)  
DD-701 Jim Wiley EN3 1965 to 1966 jwiley (AT)  
DD-701 Gary Wilkinson RM3 1963-1965 gwilknsn (AT)  
DD-701 Joe Williams SK2 1957-1959 joekatwill (AT) Montreal, Med cruise, yards at portsmouth, Gitmo, softball team
DD-701 Thomas Wilson RD2 04/56 - 08/58 thomasfwilson (AT)  
DD-701 Pat Wirick FT1 55 56 pwtv1235 (AT) 1 610 759 4176
DD-701 Bill Wright MM3 5/64-5/66 oldcarsbill (AT) Nickname ''Humphey''. After engine room.
DD-701 Carvell Wright RM1 1951 - 1955 lwright (AT)  
DD-701 Preston York E-3 1969 pdy (AT)  
DD-701 Richard L. Young RM2 8/1943 - 4/1946 jwankh (AT) I am adding this in my fathers memory.
DD-701 Ron Zonnak SN 1955 to 1958 Zonbra (AT)  

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