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DD-938 Robert W. (Bob) Abbott MM2 1960 - 65 seaband (AT) Was part of a Jammin' Rock and Roll combo on board.
DD-938 Joe Abreu BT3 11/73 - 5/77 jabreu15 (AT) Worked in the forward fireroom.
DD-938 Benjamin Aguilera PO3 4/76 - 6/79 blaguilera (AT) I enjoyed my time on the J.I. Great guys and good times.
DD-938 Al Altman BM3 5/64 to 11/66 ELAJ (AT) WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE
DD-938 James Amdrews BM2 1/70-8/73 andrews (AT) would like to hear from anyone abord from 70-73
DD-938 Mark Andersen BM2 1970 to 1975 marksbee (AT) searching for Guidry BM3
DD-938 Lee Anderson STG2 11/79 to 3/83 hole19 (AT)  
DD-938 James Andrews BM2 1/70-8/73 MR_GOODNIGHT (AT) would like to hear from anyone serving from 1970-1973.
DD-938 James E. Andrews III BM2 1970-72 mr-goodnight (AT) I would like to hear from anyone serving from 1970-72
DD-938 George R Arasimowicz BT3 1957-1959 rarasimowicz (AT)  
DD-938 Daniel Arrowood BT3 5/59-8/62 darrowood (AT) Looking for Richard M. Warner BT1
DD-938 Richard Ashcroft MM2 1960 to 1962 drashcroft (AT) Great ship good cruises
DD-938 David Baas ETR2 1970 to 1974 bdavid2653 (AT) Plank Owner . Med Cruise and Mid East Cruise
DD-938 David Baumann MM3 1981-1982 wdworker2002 (AT)  
DD-938 Daniel Becker EM3 7/68 to 4/69 dbecker1970 (AT) A board less then a year did med cruise transfered to Uss Wainwright DLG-28
DD-938 Ron Berg MS3 4/64-12/67 bergronaldl (AT) like to hear from someone from supply at this time, Kenny Reed, Berry(Tiny) Falter, Bill Rosevelt
DD-938 Terry Berkenstock MMFN 1976 - 1979   Like to hear from shipmates. From 6 p.m. to 8pm weekdays. 803 - 541- 9459.
DD-938 David Beuker BT2 7/71 10/74 DOCTORB2 (AT)  
DD-938 Mike Beveridge FTG2 10/64 - 12/67 mjbeveri (AT) Looking to connect with shipmates...Great Ship & Shipmates
DD-938 Dan Bingham STG2 1977 to 1981 jelvabel (AT) Wish I could do it again. any info on GMT1 Ernie Morris or STG2 Dan Higgins (Bear)
DD-938 Bob Bizzano PO3 03/66 - 01/68 rbizzano (AT)  
DD-938 Willard Brewer BTFN Striker 1/57 - 12/58 donnabrewer5 (AT) please contact, I really enjoyed my time on the Jonas Ingram
DD-938 Curtis Brinkley E-4 1970-1973 ezriderga (AT)  
DD-938 Tom Britten   1957 to 1960 tombritten (AT) Trying to find Jay (J.) Allen
DD-938 Thomas Broderick HT-FN 7/73-2/75 pastortombrod (AT)  
DD-938 Ray Brown BT2 1965 to 1967 acadiandivers (AT) B division would like to hear if there is a reunion of all the old crew of 65 to 67
DD-938 Michael Brown ENS Jan 80 - Mar 80 engbrown (AT)  
DD-938 Willard Brown SA 6/1979-9/1980 web274 (AT) Came on board just before entering Charlston Shipyards till 9/80. Looking for 1st Div crew-had great time on board.
DD-938 Ronald L. Brown FTG2 10/79-02/82 ronald (AT)  
DD-938 Stanley Brown RM2 2/78 to 9/81 spam771 (AT) She was our home.
DD-938 Frank Bryant BM3 3/71-1/75 gbfrank3 (AT) RET. BMCS Met BMC Weaver at club he couldn't believe it
DD-938 Richard Burdell SN 1/55 to 2/59 vondaburdell (AT)  
DD-938 Robert Bushaw EM3 1979-1982 Rhinorob1 (AT)  
DD-938 Joe Butterman FTG3 1963 to 8/66 graflz127 (AT) Now it seems that all of the memories are good ones.
DD-938 Michael Campilio BT3 8/70 - 3/73 eo1mikecamp (AT) Hope to hook up with shipmates
DD-938 Claude Cavanaugh E-4 6/58-6/61 satch (AT) Africa was a hoot
DD-938 Edward Chandler EN2 06/67- carolinakudzu (AT) trying to locate EN3 Donellen from R division
DD-938 Boyce Chapman SN 63-64 boycesuds (AT)  
DD-938 Thomas L. 'Tom' Chirhart RM2 2/76 - 3/77 sparks (AT)  
DD-938 Dale Chisler EN3 1970 to 1971 threehillbillys (AT) From PreCom to prior Med deployment
DD-938 Wayne Clayton BTFN 12/81-3/83 djc169 (AT)  
DD-938 Stephen Coleman FN 1965 scoleman (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-938 Ted Conley E-3 8/70-5/73 tlc4134 (AT) Hello to all my old mates, especially the IC & electrical gang.
DD-938 Donald Connely ETC 3/71-12/72 Donald.L.Connely (AT)  
DD-938 Juan M. Contreras SN 4/73-3/74 bigjuan54 (AT) did mayport shuffle,middle east,red sea,lookout at time of ss saudi incident
DD-938 Donald Coppenbarger SK3 1962-1963 dcoppe61732 (AT)  
DD-938 Steve Cosgrove BT 1969 -1971 ccccorp (AT) where are the plankowners
DD-938 Gerry Crum MM2 1/67-3/69 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from anyone I knew onboard at that time
DD-938 Jesse Davis BT3 1968-1969 ddavis (AT) Only onboard a short time; was transferred to USS Power
DD-938 Dusty Destefanis BT3 6/81-3-83 BT2AL (AT) Sunk as target??? How dare they!!!!!!!
DD-938 Richard Dobson FTG3 1976 to 1980 (AT)  
DD-938 Joe Dubuque RM2 1962 to 1965 farleythedog (AT) looking foward to hearing fm shipmates
DD-938 Forrest Eggleston GMG2 1980-1982 forresteggleston (AT) Had some great times on that old ship!
DD-938 Richard Eich GMG2 4/70-2/73 richard.eich (AT) Great ship and crew. Many good memories.
DD-938 George Eidel MM3 2/70 - 8/73 dd938gje (AT) Plank Owner. What ever happened to Bridges, Mac, Hatfield
DD-938 Jeff Erb SOG3 1961 - 1963 jaerbg2 (AT) midshipman cruise-- north atlantic--- med cruise--- etc.
DD-938 Gerome 'Jerry' Escalante EN3   fc3goat (AT)  
DD-938 Curtis Fatherree FTG2 July 77 to October 81 cw_fath (AT)  
DD-938 Frank Fettes MM2 1964 to 1968 fetteshere (AT) Played the base in the band with Bob,Smitty and Pete.
DD-938 Bill Fible MM3 8/70-9/72 billfible (AT) would like to hear from the re-comm. crew/Med cruise '72
DD-938 Michael Foster HT/E-3 4/75 - 9/-76 mflaminate (AT)  
DD-938 Dennis Frett RD3 6/67 - 8/68 n36601 (AT)  
DD-938 Joseph B. Gadbois, Sr. BT2 1978 - 1983 jgadbois (AT)  
DD-938 Donald Harry Gage BT2 4/67-2/69 bgage (AT)  
DD-938 Peter Gati BMSN 8/63 -11/63 gatman23 (AT) short time aboard ,had a good time while on board ship
DD-938 Pat Germany SN 03/63 - 02/65 jgermany (AT) Looking for Fred Vopla
DD-938 Jim Gildea SMSN 9/59- 6/61 jjgildea (AT) looking for Bob Buel from Maine and his '55 Olds
DD-938 Stan Goeckel OS2 1970-1973 Sbgcpa (AT)  
DD-938 Jay Goodman E-4 1975-1978 j.goodman (AT) best and worst of times, but generally, unforgettable..
DD-938 George Gorino MM3 03/65 - 01/68 ggorino10 (AT) lots of fun and games with mike, dan frank to name a few. many others also. best of times!
DD-938 John Graham LT(jg) 1970-71 jmgraham (AT) A Philly plank owner.
DD-938 Robert (Bob) Greene YN2 6/66-12/67 bobgreenerealty (AT) I also registered under the DESRON14 name
DD-938 Hal Greer QM2 01/77 - 07/80 halgreer (AT)  
DD-938 Frank Haas LT(jg) 6/70-4/72 fhaas (AT) Served under Don Metzger and Lou Colbus
DD-938 Phil Habib OSCS 1976-1979 habibphil (AT)  
DD-938 Raymond Hall BM3 7/77-379 rd.hall (AT) like to here from any one that remembers me
DD-938 John Halter BT2 1971-1978 e9halter (AT) call me 248-379-7006
DD-938 Pete Hanssen MM2 12/59-8/62 cookpete63 (AT)  
DD-938 Phil Harris EM2 1979 to 1983 (decom) pharris (AT) Great memories went down with that boat...
DD-938 John Harrison   1962 luvmyporsh (AT)  
DD-938 Michael Haschker BM3 July 77 to June 79 Haschker (AT)  
DD-938 Gordon Hastler MR2 1970-1972 ghastler (AT) Looking For My Old Buddy's
DD-938 Bob Heil FTG2 1965 - 1967 bitrecovery (AT) Does anyone have info on the FTG or GMG crew Spencer,Billy Hall,Ralph Boyer,Sal or Robert Lopez,Pablo Mata
DD-938 Michael Helms FTG3 8/77-5/79 miki (AT) I would like to hear from others
DD-938 Ralph Henderson TMCA 12/61-6/65 lawlady271 (AT)  
DD-938 Michael Henderson EM2 3/66-4/69 michaelhenderson1947 (AT) would like to hear from any shipmates
DD-938 Derald Hidle MMFN 4/78 to 8/81 deraldh (AT) full speed out of Harm's way (Red Sea conflict)-Iran's Nuc Pow Plant Bombed-2 shellback crossings! LSHMAH
DD-938 John Hogan MM3 1982-1983 wjhogan (AT) Went on her last cruise and decomissioned her. Great ship!
DD-938 Thomas Hojnacke RD2 5/63-2/64 Tom hojnacke (AT)  
DD-938 Garry Holder EM2 1961-1964 Garryhldr (AT)  
DD-938 Jerry Holum PC3 1966 - 68 Milotheo (AT)  
DD-938 Stefan Hopper RM3 75-76 stefanhopper (AT)  
DD-938 Gary Horak   1975-1978 horakd71 (AT)  
DD-938 Patsy Iapalucci MM2 1958 to 1959 iapal (AT)  
DD-938 Glenn Jimmerson EN3 11/78 - 6/80 glennjimmerson (AT)  
DD-938 James Jones E-3   Sandra Page looking for a Jonas ingrahm lighter
DD-938 Earl Joslyn IC3 1960-1963 ejozz (AT)  
DD-938 Harley Juedes MR1 59/62 Deceased  
DD-938 Nick Katsiotis LT 1982-1983 ngkcenkat (AT) Great Crew
DD-938 David Kean RM3 12/70 - 8/72 davidekean (AT) Ship reunion-Mobile,AL,10/2-Chief Neville,Tim Reilly, other RMs will be there-on Facebook ''USS Jonas Ingram''
DD-938 Ellis (Al) Kennedy EN3 12/65 - 4/69 feken344075 (AT) Going to 2010 reunion/ email me /give me a call 440 2437004. looking foward to talking and seing ya guys,
DD-938 Mike Kenney DC3 06/67-02/69 kenneyski (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who sailed with me
DD-938 Chuck Kreidinger LT 1979-81 kreidinger (AT) A/E Division, Comms. Great memories!
DD-938 C. William Ladd MM3 1956-60 Deceased Deceased 03/29/04 Waterloo, IA.
DD-938 Carl Lazzeri BT3 4/65-4/67 mag1715 (AT)  
DD-938 Kenneth LeBlanc CS3 1966 to 1968 birdwatcher1946 (AT) Would like to hear from James Falter,Jerry Chandler or Vernon Lefleur
DD-938 Robert E. Lee HM3 1960-1961 relee (AT)  
DD-938 David Leggett EW3 8/81-3/83 dleggett48 (AT) For a old ship she ran smooth
DD-938 Charles Lemon STG1 1973 to 1975 lemonatbeach (AT) Red Sea Cruise, back when Iran had a Shaw
DD-938 Edward LePage MM3 1961-1963 edlepage10 (AT) Worked in forward engine room (main control).
DD-938 Edward Lewis PN2 1968 to 1968 erl47 (AT)  
DD-938 Ivan Licho BTFN 1958 to 1960 j.m.dawson (AT)  
DD-938 Robert Looman EM3 1963-1967 bobl (AT) Looking for people who served aboard at the same time
DD-938 Peter MacLearn BT3 1967-1969 pmaclearn (AT) Great ship/shipmates-2010 reunion in Jacksonville was Awesome-if looking for shipmates checkout other websites.
DD-938 Bobby Madewell ET3(R) 12/61-12/63 bob.madewell (AT) Med Cruise;1962
DD-938 Wesley Madison SOG2 1960-1963 wesley (AT) msdn (AT) want to hear from old shipmates
DD-938 Richard Mahan BT2 1976-1980 termisoil (AT) Worked in the foreward fire-room
DD-938 Ron Maher CS3 01/70 - 11/71 webron (AT) Retired 1996 MSCS(SW)
DD-938 Steve Malone STGSN 1971-7973 semalone (AT) I would love to hear from anyone who ever served on the Jonas Ingram.
DD-938 Robert Marston YN3 1973-1976 rcmstratman (AT) would love to hear from anyone who served on the JI while I did
DD-938 Richard (Rick) Martin FTG1 04/67 - 04/69 rickmartin412 (AT)  
DD-938 Ed McCarty STG3 1963-1966 haremc (AT) Good times and great crew. Sorry she's gone but lots of memories.
DD-938 Pat McGivern E-4 1978 - 1982 pmcgive (AT)  
DD-938 Keith McIntyre ET1 1967-1969 kwm (AT)  
DD-938 Frank McKinney BM/E-3 10/74-10/77 frankmckinney1956 (AT) Where did every one gooo.I miss you guys.
DD-938 Pat McNeice FTG3 12/63-8/66 pmcneice (AT) Sure would like to hear from A.T.(Teddy) and J.C.
DD-938 James (Ed) Mendenhall RM3 76 - 78 jmend56 (AT) Email me if you know me.
DD-938 Brent Merrill ET2 1980-1983 bm721 (AT)  
DD-938 Robert Milheiser M3 1/70 5/73 milheiser88 (AT)  
DD-938 David Miller SN 1960-1960 mllrdavidj (AT) Was on board for a short period.
DD-938 Dutch Milligan BT2 06/78 to 11/81 idonthaveone (AT) (813)545-3557 Interested in hearing from my shipmates.
DD-938 William Mitchell BTFN/E-3 4-74/6-76 wmitche6 (AT)  
DD-938 Gregory Mocsary TM2 09/80 to 08/81 g.mocsary (AT) fastest and best of all Forrest Sherman class destroyers
DD-938 Frank Moorefield BT1 11/70 to 11/71 CATHYCOUCH (AT) If anyone remembers me say hi. One great ship of my 20 yrs and greater crew.
DD-938 Ernie Morris GMT1 1976-1981 ernestmorris (AT) Retired from USN in 98 as LDO LT-of my 24 years, best ship & crew I served with! Great people to work with!
DD-938 Gary Nelson E-5 1960 to 1963 Deceased  
DD-938 Hugh Nicolay IC2 1960-62 HughNicolay at good ship and it was air conditioned
DD-938 Hugh Niolay IC2 1960-62 hcnEnterpriwses at  
DD-938 Charles Nowicki HT2 07/76-11/79 nowickichaz (AT)  
DD-938 Lloyd Nyre SN 9/59-9/60 nyrels (AT) Sad they sunk the Ingram
DD-938 Mike O'Brien MM3 1/1965 to 1/1968 mike121187 (AT) Looking for those served 1/65-1/68-anyone going to 2010 reunion-spoke to Dan Hosko-looking for George Gorino
DD-938 James O'Brien BM3 1974 to 1978 jimtheirish (AT) great crew,learned life lessons,got great memories
DD-938 Rick Olund FTG3 1974 to 77 rick_olund (AT)  
DD-938 Bill Openshaw MM3 6/76 - 7/79 bopenshaw (AT)  
DD-938 Gilbert Ory MM1 1972-1977 budory (AT)  
DD-938 Bill Owens RM3 1972 to 1973 billowens20 (AT) Loved the Med cruise 72-73
DD-938 Thomas Pacheco SMSN 1977-1980 thms_pacheco (AT) Curry,Murphy, Frank ,we were crazy! Miss you guys
DD-938 Joe Palladini MMFN 1970-1971 joepall (AT) Looking to correspond with the old plank owner crew...
DD-938 Pete Pennington LT(jg) 7/57-12/59 roz310 (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Skipper
DD-938 Scott Perdue OS3 4/75-8/78 beemer938 (AT) Thought I'd never miss it! Contact me
DD-938 Robin (Mike) Perkins SK3 4/76-11/79 foolin_513 (AT) wondering about all of you
DD-938 David Perkins MM3 1970-1973 perk502002 (AT) Give me a hollar!
DD-938 David Peterson LT(jg) 2/70 - 6/71 petersondt (AT) Great Wardroom and great crew. Commissioned ship on 8/1/70
DD-938 Earl Phillips GMG2 12/66-4/69 oldsaltdd944 (AT) searching for Thomas and Betty Mcavoy
DD-938 Francis Pickering SF2 12/60 - 03/61 franpickering1111 (AT) Made gitmo crews of '61. Would love to hear from shipmates! (319) 461-3581
DD-938 Rob Pieren MM 1970-1972 rkpieren (AT) Like to hear from old Plank Owners
DD-938 Dennis Ploski MM2 1970-1973 djploski (AT) I am a plank owner. What did happen to the M and B division guys.
DD-938 Ralph Porter RD3 6/63 thru 4/66 rporter44 (AT) Proud to have served aboard the Ingram. Great bunch of guys
DD-938 Curt Pozorski STG3 1972 to 1975 curtandhelen (AT) Red Sea,Karachi,Sea Shell Isls, etc-golden shellback-those 3 yrs were the adventure of lifetime. Miss old friends.
DD-938 Lee Rahn FTCM 1969-1970 lrahn (AT)  
DD-938 Cameron Ratkovic EM3 July,1957-June1958 JFarrell788 (AT) Reunion will be in Oct 2000 in Norfolk
DD-938 Dave Raub STG2 9/71-4/73 draub (AT) Great crew with many a good times, especially the Med cruise.
DD-938 Bruce Redfield BT2 2/80 - 6/83 bruce_redfield (AT)  
DD-938 Mike Reily QM2 1960-1962 mjreily (AT) I'll always remember the Africa cruise.
DD-938 Bill Rhoads RM3 09/65-07/66 bgr101 (AT) wasn't on the ship too long but great crew
DD-938 Willard Rickerson HT1(SW) Aug1980-Mar1983 mr tater5277 (AT) was on the decommisioning crew.
DD-938 Robert D. Robinson MR2 5/58-9/59 joydan60 (AT) enjoyed all the time i spent on this ship. hi,hump
DD-938 Robbie Robinson RM1 6/71 - 11/72 babs11646 (AT) Left the Navy and transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard
DD-938 Christopher Robison YN1 10/81 - Decom blackjackga (AT)  
DD-938 Mike Roe OSSN 2/76 - 2/78 azep12 (AT)  
DD-938 Steven Russell SN 8/58 - 4/60 srussell74 (AT) looking for al larry bob george capt. desron 14 gig
DD-938 Roy Ryden SH3 4/64 10/67 wilmryden (AT) Great med cruses, Like to hear from my shipmates
DD-938 Joe Schmidt SM3 4/59-10/62 joescpp (AT) Jonas Ingram Best ship in the Navy
DD-938 John Schreiber BT3 July 1957 April 1960 masseybabe (AT) Like to here from shipmates, where did all the time go.
DD-938 Frederick Schrickel BM2 1980-1982 frederickschrickel (AT)  
DD-938 Bob Schroeder STG2 8/72-6/73 Bobmailman (AT) Left you guys in Mombasa, Kenya
DD-938 William Schultz ETNSN3 1971-1973 cc49 (AT) My husband-he passed away anyone know him or have served with him ? would like to hear about it. thanks
DD-938 Bill Scruggs HT3 1973-1976 scruggswas (AT) red sea cruse, dry dock refurbishment,mayport,secluson lounge, $1 topless dances
DD-938 Phillip Senn MR3 8/75 - 4/76 pcsenn (AT)  
DD-938 Clair Shafer FTG3 oct 79 to jan 81 ftg3ces (AT) would like to find bob diedrick
DD-938 Pat Shearer BM3 5/65 -1/67 apsjop (AT)  
DD-938 George (Shumo) Shumaker RM1 1975 - 1978 shumog261 (AT) Hope to see some of the crew in Mobile Al, (ships reunion) 10/12/2012
DD-938 Tom Siler FTG3 1969-1970 tgsiler (AT) Would like to hear from old friends.
DD-938 Charles Simmons SN 12/65-10/69 charlessimmons1946 (AT) Ran shipsstore for three years
DD-938 Tom Simonson RM2 67 - 68 talnav (AT) 3 Amigos-Me-Rick and Blaine Law Cornielson-were are you?
DD-938 Michael Sites RM3 7/77-4/79 mgsites (AT) Good memories with OC Division, had good times in Palma
DD-938 Guy D. (Dave) Sizemore SF3 1962-1965 dsizemore (AT) Would like to here from any 'Joly JI' sailor.
DD-938 Ed Skiba CWO2 9/74-10/77 chapedskiba (AT) Retired as Lt(LDO) from SUPSHIP JAX in 1982. Now a priest in the Charismatic Episcopal Church in Florida.
DD-938 Thomas Sledge GMTC 1972-1976 tsledge1 (AT) Great ship. Great crew.
DD-938 James (Jim) Smith SK3 3/62-3/64 JSmith1915 (AT)  
DD-938 J. W. Smith MM2 1959-1960 Scoop1050 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone aboard during the same time period.
DD-938 George Snyder   1965-1971 gaffney43 (AT) Dad is gone but would love to hear some stories!!! anyone that knew him please contact me. thank you!!
DD-938 Duane Sorenson SOG2 1960-1962 dudot (AT) Would like to hear from my old shipmates.
DD-938 Paul Stewart OS? 3/75-11/76 pstewart (AT) Anyone from OPs please contact me!
DD-938 James E. Stokes GMG3 12/59-01/62 Sharonjames1 (AT) looking for GMG3 Howard 59 thru 62
DD-938 Jerry Streeter TM2 11/77 - 3/79 streeteresq (AT) Anyone heard from Sasquatch?
DD-938 Thomas Sullivan GMG2 6/76 - 8/79 thomas.sullivan (AT)  
DD-938 Paul Swanson MM3 1980 - 1983 decom PSWANSON10 (AT) On the decom crew, retired in san diego in 2003 as MMC(SW).
DD-938 Joe Sybert IC3 9/68 - 4/69 jsyb123 (AT) served w/ glenn whitfield, chief teague, ellis(al) kennedy, dennis donoho, em1 vandiver in r gang
DD-938 Kelly Tad OSSN 2/82-6/83 tadkelly (AT)  
DD-938 Frank Talarczyk FN 67 to 69 pass556 (AT)  
DD-938 Al Teal MM 1981 to 1982 shdow5 (AT) Life, Liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.
DD-938 Joe Testagrossa BT3 5/76 to 4/80 jtestagrossa (AT) Looking to reconnect with old shipmates from MM,BT,HT Div.
DD-938 Jerry Thomas RD1 8/70 - 3/71 denim74316 (AT) Shorttimer onboard. Made E-6 got a transfer. Still have some fond memories of the ship while in the yards at Philly.
DD-938 Charlie Thomson BM3 64-67 CMT2525 (AT) Damn! I'm still wringing sea water out of my socks
DD-938 Jerry Thornton GM3 1965-67 jwt54_2000 (AT) long time ago ... lots forgotten...lots remembered me out here guys
DD-938 Barry Thurston SM1 1976 to 1980 freespirit5669 (AT) Looking for old shipmates and Reunion info.
DD-938 Gary Trammell FTG3 6/65 - 9/68 bulldookie (AT) good shipmates - interesting times - good times
DD-938 Shawn Trench MM3 8/80-decom shawntrench (AT) Would like to hear from some of hands !
DD-938 Dale Ussery FTGSN 60-63 pada (AT) connect with shipmates
DD-938 Pete Ventola SK3 2/61 to 4/64 pete.ventola (AT)  
DD-938 Randall Verrill GMG3 8/1/1970-8/1971 randylverrill (AT) many good friends looking for other gmgs during that time or fts
DD-938 George Vogel SM3 3/58-4/60 gvogel122218 (AT) great time in my life, should have re-upped
DD-938 Jim Vreeland BT3 7/73 to 11/76 jimbolala (AT) worked in oil shack
DD-938 John Waddell LCDR 1974-1976 cap10john (AT) CHENG
DD-938 William Wade SN 1969 to 1971 swade46 (AT) Great two years with my shipmates. Was in Navigation Division. Where is Richard Fimble and Dan Fermanski?
DD-938 Richard Wagner ETR2 1965-1968 rwagner44 (AT)  
DD-938 Donald Wagoner SK2 57-58 DWAGONER (AT) GWINNETTTECH.EDU Skeleton crew Fargo Bldg,S Boston bef ship put in comm-1st shakedown Cru to gitmo/thru P Canal to Peru
DD-938 Robert Walter DC3 6/57-7/60 rewalter56 (AT)  
DD-938 Larry Waterman ENS 3/61-9/61 larry.waterman (AT) Solant Amity '61
DD-938 Gary Weiss PN3 7/57-6/58 boowise (AT)  
DD-938 James (Jim) Wells RM3 3/64 thru 2/66 jtwrustie (AT) Looking to hear from fellow shipmates.
DD-938 Jimmy Whisenant SHS 3 7/70 - 11/71 Jwwhisenant (AT) Ran the Ship Store.
DD-938 David Widrow PC3 1978-79 woody7555 (AT)  
DD-938 John A. Wojciechowski FTU3 7/58-7/60 jawojo39 (AT)  
DD-938 Neil Woodberry SH2 6/80 - 6/82 edithbiggar (AT) Went through shell-back initiation during Med & IO cruise.
DD-938 Joe Yantorn MM3 7/74-8/75 joe4sta (AT)  
DD-938 Kenneth Yates GMGSN 1961 to 1963 kyates (AT)  
DD-938 William Yates GMGSN 1961-1963 mrwry1 (AT)  
DD-938 Charles Young RDCS 1963-1965 kf4liq (AT)  
DD-938 Henry (Bud) Zellers DCFN 1960-1962 HJZ119 (AT) Great African & North Atlantic cruises....any pics available
DD-938 Michael Zinicola STG2 1978 - 1981 omalley57 (AT) Still get sea sick after all these years. Ended up retiring from the Air Force.
DD-939 Robert Diedrick HT2 1980 to 1982 b_diedrick3 (AT) looking doug vanhorn

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