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  Lawrence LInck MM 1951-1954 reagle64 (AT) Now live in Fort Myers Florida
DD/DDE-765 Francis Adams BMSN   fatruckr4852 (AT) like to see shipmates in here
DD/DDE-765 Larry Andrew FN 12/70 to 12/1972 Larryandrew82 (AT) Those were the days
DD/DDE-765 Frederick Ballantine SN 1955 & 1956 mimiball (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Ed Burger BT2 1969-1971 oneoldfartbiker (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Richard Chaillou SN 12/21 to 3/21 pushcart99 (AT) Good time and made some friends.
DD/DDE-765 Larry Cherry QM3 5/57-5/59 LAWCHE (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Herbert Ebner EM2 1955 to 6/58 hebner (AT) Moved from NY to Statesville,NC
DD/DDE-765 Terry Enders E-3 1967 to 1968 Luvkidz1982 (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Lanny Ferraro QM3 10/52 to 10/54 lannyf (AT) home add. 3651 Delmar Dr.,Erie,Pa 16506
DD/DDE-765 John Galure IC Jan 1953-Dec. 1954 johng (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Art Godown BT1 64-67 agod1 (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Eddie Gore MM3 1960 - 1962 gorewhiteville (AT) Great ship-onboard when Keppler & Johnton collided off Cape Hatteres 1/61-will nev forget how rough the seas were
DD/DDE-765 Neil Griffin ETR2 4/64 to 5/67 spedeenedee (AT) Thank God and grayhounds
DD/DDE-765 Marston A. (Al) Hauge SOGSN Jun 61 to Feb 62 alhauge (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Robert Heisel BT3 7/61 - 9/63 gheisel (AT) Looking for contact with shipmates from 61 to 63.
DD/DDE-765 Robert E. Irwin, Sr. SN 1954 to 8/1957 JIrwin3526 (AT) like to hear from friends aboard with me.
DD/DDE-765 Thomas James   1955-57 thomasseawatch (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Rixhard Johnston ET3 8/47 - 1/48 ninauh (AT) Xfrd off because too short time left on enlistment to complete world trip in 1948
DD/DDE-765 Larry Kelley MM2 2/62 - 12/64 lwkpsk (AT) Is anybody out there?
DD/DDE-765 Lanny LaValley E-4 8/66-4/69 lannylavalley (AT) looking for shipmates for reunions-we've been meeting for 8-10 yrs-looking for new people-numbers getting small
DD/DDE-765 Joseph McLaughlin SN 07/61 -07/63 mcl43 (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Larry McVay BT3 12/64-11/67 mcvay711 (AT) worked in the beautiful after fireroom
DD/DDE-765 Parker Miller CRM 1947 1949 usspt27 (AT) PLANK reduced from temp CRM to RM2C greatest DD in fleet
DD/DDE-765 David Ogg SN/E-3 12/63 - 12/64 theogknows (AT) worked in med dept for hm1 paul herring.
DD/DDE-765 Ed Reilly RD3 02/56-08/57 EDW1128 (AT) Still looking for old shipmates
DD/DDE-765 Franklin Rooks MM3 8/67-5/69 rooksf (AT) foward engine room
DD/DDE-765 Arnold Santos SN-RDM 1948 to 1950 lons67riv (AT) helping my dad find Keppler shipmates
DD/DDE-765 Dave Sharples RM3 1/64-5/66 dsharples (AT)  
DD/DDE-765 Warren Snyder   1952-1954 debbie38552001 (AT) did you know him? he passed awawy in 2001 of cancer
DD/DDE-765 Frank Suter SN 1970 - 1972 csanser (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD/DDE-765 Art Tomassetti EMP2 1958 to 1960 arttom9287 (AT) the only way to travel
DD/DDE-765 W. Tyler STG3 7/65-3/68 tobytler71 (AT) Made WestPac
DD/DDE-765 Charles Watkins HMC 8/67-8/69 marjhhi (AT) Best Ship I was ever on.
DD/DDE-765 Stoney Willis BT3 71-72 steelhrse52 (AT) Served with some tough old boys
DD/DDE-765 John Wolfe EM3 1963 barbwolfe13 (AT) I was on charles p cecil and it went into dry dock and transferred to keppler
DD/DDE-765 Harry Yoders FTA3 58-60 miyoders (AT)  
DD-765 Francis Adams SN 1966 to 1969 Was proud to serve on her ,grate ship
DD-765 Robert (Bob) Alcott BT3 1948-1951 napaskin (AT)  
DD-765 Arthur Aubrey BT3 4/54 - 9/54 ammen527 (AT) Have DD-765 rosters 1947 to about 1971. Contact me for info
DD-765 William Barnes RM2 5/9/72-6/30/72 wbarnes586 (AT) Trying to keep in touch with shipmates. Great transit to Turkey and was part of the transfer crew.
DD-765 Jim Battenfelder ET2 7/66 - 1/70 battenjc (AT)  
DD-765 William Bausha FT2 1960-1961 Bausha (AT) Where have all of the FTs gone
DD-765 John Baxter RD3 1963-1965 jc-baxter (AT)  
DD-765 Jesse Bearden PO3 1962 to 1965 bearden (AT) ship ahoy!
DD-765 Teddy Beavers BM3 4/69 - 7/72 top5mark (AT) Best Duty Station I ever had!!!Where is everybody living?
DD-765 William Belber BT2 1950-1951 wbelber (AT) looking for John Westbrook or any one else that served in the after fireroom
DD-765 Loyd Biswell SA 5/70 -12/71 Loydbiswell (AT)  
DD-765 Billy J. Blankenship SO3 1948-1948 bjblanks (AT)  
DD-765 Bill Brannon FTG3 69-71 wb1usa (AT) just want to touch base with some old shipmates from a great
DD-765 Robert Broder LT 1960-1963 RABroder (AT)  
DD-765 Bob Brown SK1 7/65 - 9/68 sailorbrowns (AT) Great ship/great crew
DD-765 Edward Burger BT2 69-71 oneoldfartbiker (AT)  
DD-765 Noli Capitulo SDSN 1/70 - 7/72 nolicapitulo (AT) My first best ship.
DD-765 Luis Cianchini SK3 6/60 to 2/63 luiscianchini (AT) looking for sk1 koester. i was a messed-up sn in the laundry, jerry gave me a break, and made me an sk.
DD-765 Robert Cody TM3 1953-1956 Mcelligott3 (AT)  
DD-765 Howard Conner ET1 6/50 to 8/53 heconner (AT)  
DD-765 Fred Cook ETR3 07/69 - 01/71 mrpib428 (AT) many a night partying with Bob Hand from above
DD-765 Jim (Davy) Crockett MM2 12/69 to 03/72 ClearCut50 (AT)
DD-765 Harold Crum MM3 2/11/1968-4/1967 hmcwoodcraft (AT) Forward Engine Room
DD-765 William Cullen CSSA 1/65-6/68 culster1 (AT) just seeing who's still alive lol
DD-765 Charles Cuthbert FN 1948-1952 pcuthbert3831 (AT) Any E div guys
DD-765 Tom Delaney ETR2 1967 to 68 delaney1 (AT) DASH Div. Looking for Ray Meade or Jim Battenfelder
DD-765 Manuel Diaz 3/c 06/61-02/64 mdiaz973 (AT)  
DD-765 James Dines ST1 1969 to 1972 danepiper1 (AT) Retired and email has changed
DD-765 Jack Doyle MM2 6/63 - 1/66 jmdoyle2000 (AT) Have many good memories of my time onboard
DD-765 Robert S. (Bob) Duggan, Jr. ET2 9/47-4/48 r.duggan (AT) Electronics Technician
DD-765 Terry Enders SMSN 1964 to 1966 tle (AT)  
DD-765 Jimmy Estepp FN 5/65 to 4/69 Viet nam
DD-765 Rod Foster ET2 1948-1951 WHITEGYR1 (AT) CENTURYTEL.NET The Bermuda Islands they were the best back then!!
DD-765 Fred French EM2 1947-1949 fdjr53 (AT)  
DD-765 Carl Fry FN 64 - 67 carl_fry (AT) Anyone have a list from 64 - 67 of the ports of call and the dates we were there. If so please send it to me.
DD-765 John Galure ICFN 1952-1954 JOHNG (AT) VVM.COM  
DD-765 Doug Gibson RD3 3/61-8/64 garfman3 (AT)  
DD-765 Art Godown BT1 64-67 artg (AT)  
DD-765 Art Goldt BT1 64-67 artg (AT) new addy 5/22/07
DD-765 James Goodlet BT3 1969-1972 Urbusted2.jg (AT)  
DD-765 Alan Graf FN/E-3 1967-1968 Grumpster60 (AT) Forward engine room
DD-765 Charles Gravel FN 1970 to 1972 sparkie49 (AT) Just attended the second ships reunion in Mystic, Ct.
DD-765 Robert Hamilton FTG2 02/69 - 03/70 Sabobton (AT)  
DD-765 Robert Hand ETN2 9/69 - 5/72 roberth (AT) call an ET '''
DD-765 David Henderson BT3 1971-1972 HGIZMO809875 (AT) Nothing but good memories. One hell of a ship.
DD-765 Roger Hines GMG3 5/66-4/68 rogerh (AT) The best time I had in the Navy
DD-765 Donald J. Holland SKC 6/68 - 4/69 DJandSG (AT)  
DD-765 William Hollowell EM1 6/68 bigboys (AT)  
DD-765 Ron Hopkins BT/FN 9/71 - 7/72 rocu00 (AT) Was there from Pearl to Izmir......anyone else...?
DD-765 Jim Janke SNTM 11/67-9/68 jcjanke (AT) Med/N Atlantic Cruise, trouble with the russians
DD-765 Horace Jones STG2 10/62 - 12/64 hjjjr (AT)  
DD-765 Robert Kahlandt MM3 1/64-1/66 dsauto (AT) looking for friends from after engine room
DD-765 Ken Kapes MR2 1966-70 kapeska (AT) Visit me at ''!
DD-765 Charles Kimbel ET2 1950 to 1952 cKimbel (AT)  
DD-765 Frank A. Klemser MM2 1957 to 1960 hydrant (AT) Forward Engine Room
DD-765 Leo Knauf MM2 69 to 8/70 Leoknauf (AT)  
DD-765 Harry Konkel LCDR 2/70-5/71 hwk (AT) XO
DD-765 Robert Mack GMG1 1963 - l966 bjmack (AT)  
DD-765 Gerard Marrandino BT3 9/60-9/62 JERADINO (AT) Just a big HI to all the Keppler crew
DD-765 Bob McCormack SFPFN 1959-1960 dnvrdisc (AT) My first ''tin can'' and my first great memories!
DD-765 Joseph McLaughlin SN 7/61-7/63 lincoln3 (AT) Served during Cuban Missile Crisis
DD-765 Roger Metz LT(jg) 7/68-1/70 RCMetz2 (AT) good 'ol BUDWEISER
DD-765 Leslie Meyers E-2 1961 to 1962 oldhippie (AT) served during the missile crisis. Loved this ship
DD-765 Parker Miller CRM Plank 1947 to 1949 usspt27ron1 (AT) added ron1 on my E mail..
DD-765 Theodore Mitchell SN 1960 to 1963 1945dmtm (AT) the big k
DD-765 Bryan Moffatt   63-64 mmoffatt12 (AT) e-mail is son's--Mark Moffatt
DD-765 Stephen Mooney ETN3 1/70-8/72 keppler765 (AT) ET Gang & Great Shipmates. Savannah, GA Reunion Oct 13-16, 2011
DD-765 Delbert Moore MM3 1970 to 1972 mdelbert (AT)  
DD-765 Charles Murphy IC3 66-67 cmurphy371 (AT) Looking for shipmates, contact me....
DD-765 Nicholas O'Kash QM3 2/62 to 1/63 phone 715-394-9419 or 218-393-4909 2914 odgen ave. Superior Wi. 54880
DD-765 Alfred Orowitz SN 03/1956 to 09/1959 aorowitz (AT) first div.
DD-765 Joe Paretti RMSN 6/60 to 8/61 joehacknj (AT)  
DD-765 Paul Pederson SOG2 1960 to 1962 pedersonpj (AT) Sonar Shack shipmates...BT on deck good reading.
DD-765 Sam Platania STG3 64-67 ticandtin (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-765 Ed Reilly RD3 2/56-8/57 EDW1128 (AT)  
DD-765 Larry Richardson BT3 1969 to 1971 dadofmatt (AT) looking for buddies who were there with me!!
DD-765 Edward A. Robinson ETR2 August 1963-July 1966 robinson_edd (AT) (812) 854-2953 Office, NSWC, Crane, IN
DD-765 John Robinson SN 1969 to1971 robo3849 (AT)  
DD-765 Franklin Rooks MM3 5/69 to 5/71 RooksF (AT)  
DD-765 Arnold Santos SA 1949-1951 bfs795 (AT)  
DD-765 Brad Schall FTG2 1966 to 1969 w_schall (AT)  
DD-765 Don Schlecht FTG3 1964-1967 copanotx (AT)  
DD-765 Jesse Sellers SK2 2/63-8/64 jsellers43 (AT)  
DD-765 Bradly Setering STG3 1970-1972 bradas (AT)  
DD-765 Wayne Shedenhelm FT2 1961-1963 (AT)  
DD-765 Harvey Siebert ETN3 1968-1972 lona (AT) Was in DASH div.. Gary T. Heider where are you?
DD-765 Ray Smith E-4 1966 to 1970 812 988 0653  
DD-765 Raymond Sphatt FN 1966-1967 RSphatt (AT) Looking for people that were on the Wes Pac tour during 66
DD-765 Chester Stanco MM3 8/47 -3/50 DaddyWabbit1 (AT) We did it all.
DD-765 Lester Stephenson IC2 6/68-8/70 lesterstephenson (AT) Always have fond feelings for my first ship!
DD-765 Gary Sullivan EN2 7/67-10/68 sullychevelle (AT) I was in A gang did Med. Alantic Monaco
DD-765 Jerome Taaffe YN2 Jun 62 to Oct 63 jtaaffe (AT)  
DD-765 Ralph Taylor AT2 10/65-12/67 taylor6813 (AT) Worked is DASH Division
DD-765 Clifford J. Thompson BM1 49-52 atf157 (AT) learned all i know about navy on her,a good ship and crew
DD-765 Neil Torrey ET2 1970-72 ntorrey3158 (AT)  
DD-765 Philip Van Gordon MMFN 10/71 to 7/72 tttmt (AT) great learning experience for a kid
DD-765 Vincent Vandersnick GMG2 1969 to 1971 vandersnick01 (AT) Best ship in 25 year career!
DD-765 Frank Wables RMC 1/70 to 6/72 wablesd (AT)  
DD-765 Alan Walker GMG3 9/68-5/70 alanwalker93 (AT) or ph (508) 679-0532 I like to hear from ashipmate from the Keppler
DD-765 Gary Walker BT3 7/68-5/70 mouse765 (AT) Great Time with a great bunch of guys...
DD-765 James S. Warren MMC 8/66-7/68 e8chiefusn (AT) comcast  
DD-765 Charles Watkins HMC 1967 to 1969 marjhhi (AT) Best ship I was ever on. Great memories.
DD-765 William (Wheats) Wheatley BM3 12/65-1168 wheats59 (AT) Mighty K Nam 66 67 great ship great crew
DD-765 Lee White RM2 7/61 to 7/63 LRW (AT)  
DD-765 Bill Wideman FTG2 1965 Thru July 1966 widemanw (AT) Fire Control Technician in Golf Division
DD-765 David Wilkins FTG3 1966-1969 dwilkins (AT)  
DD-765 Rick (Willie) Williams SH3/E-4 11/68-9/71 rickdot (AT) Great bunch of shipmates
DD-765 Billy Worthington SN2 1947 to 1948 billwor (AT)  
DD-765 Phillip Yopek SFM2 1965 to 1967 yopekphillip (AT)  
DD-765 Ed Zajkowski EM2 12/62 3/66 edz765 (AT)  
DDE-765 Sam Antoch SO2 7/52 - 7/55 jansam3933 (AT) Looking for Sonarmen on Operation Mainbrace 1952
DDE-765 Fred Ballantine SN 1955-1956 dde765 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DDE-765 Robert Barbanica SO3 12/56-11/58 BCRCB (AT)  
DDE-765 Calvin Bayless Chief ST 04/60-02/61 kelly.bayless (AT) My father-sadly,time has robbed him of some of his most precious memories-anyone with info, pls email -thks
DDE-765 Richard Binder BT3 12/56-6/59 bevbinder (AT) If David Shinn reads this, contact me.
DDE-765 Thomas Breward FN 11/60- 07/63 bontom2002 (AT) Transferred from the deck force to the shipfitter shop.
DDE-765 John Buckard SN 12/56 - 11/58 jbuckard (AT)  
DDE-765 Alfred Cabral CN3 51-54 bigal1930 (AT) It was a great bunch of guys
DDE-765 Clarence (Ray) Castor SO2 9/59-6/51 alray9 (AT) history of keppler since 51
DDE-765 Lawrence E. Cherry QM3 5/57-5-59 lawche_2 (AT)  
DDE-765 George Clark SN 7/51-7/55 bratty1jasper (AT) like to hear from shipmates.
DDE-765 Bernard Clark ETN3 1955 to 1957 bernie clark (AT)  
DDE-765 Bob Cody TM3 53-56 Lrodysr33 (AT) Great years proud of it
DDE-765 William Culler SN- Hospital Corpsman Striker 1957-1959 rnculler (AT) Have retired as a Radiologist Technologist
DDE-765 Louis M. Della Pietro SO3 1953-1956 ellou8 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DDE-765 Herbert Ebner EM2 1955 to 1958 hebner (AT)  
DDE-765 Bob Elkins TM3 Dec . 1952 - Oct. 1953 whiteelks (AT)  
DDE-765 John Fainor RM2 8/57-2/60 jfainor (AT)  
DDE-765 Peter George CS3 1951-1955 pjzorba (AT) aolcom  
DDE-765 Ralph Gordon GMG3 12/60 - 6/62 RMGordie (AT)  
DDE-765 Donald Green FA 1/59-9/60 cyclingseniors (AT) I'm originally from Covina, Calif. but have resided in Kentucky since 1988.
DDE-765 Paul Hancock FN june57 Feb61 grndph63 (AT)  
DDE-765 Glenn Heckard ETN2 6/60 - 8/61 garard (AT) Was aboard during collision with the Johnston on January 13, 1961
DDE-765 Ben Ingoglia SN 1953 to 1955 Badassano (AT)  
DDE-765 Elmer A. Jaeger SK2 10/49 to 7/52 ejaeger (AT)  
DDE-765 William Jensen TM3 1/60 to 9/63 djensen (AT)  
DDE-765 Frank A. Klemser MM2 6/57-8/60 hydrant (AT)  
DDE-765 Don Knipp RD2 1/59-9/59 nipper (AT) transferred from USS Bearss (DD-654) 1/1959
DDE-765 Allan (Al) Konyn GM3 2/54-2/56 navgun (AT) Made 5 reunions. Due to health, cannot attend anymore
DDE-765 Arthur Larson SOG2 1960 to 1962 twstgrav (AT) Excellent ship,even if I did get seasick 1/2 the time-ret 84 to a cow/calf operation-sold cows in 90-been writing since
DDE-765 Donald Mahon BTR3 1955 to 1957 Kepplerdon (AT)  
DDE-765 Gerard Marrandino E-4 8/60-8/62 jerrym (AT)  
DDE-765 William McCutcheon RD1 1952-1955 whm13131 (AT)  
DDE-765 Darwin R. McKee BT2 April 51- March 55 MCKEEMAC49 (AT)  
DDE-765 Theodore Mitchell SN 1960 to 1963 1942TMDM (AT)  
DDE-765 Loyd Parker GM3 1949 - 1952 lloyd (AT)  
DDE-765 James Penny LT(jg) 12/56 to 6/58 jmapenn (AT) Set the special sea detail was our motto. South American cruise, Med cruise very hot time in the Persian Gulf.
DDE-765 Glenn Petteys FN 4/52-1/54 paglen (AT)  
DDE-765 Michael J. Philbin RM3 1952-1955 MPHIL57433 (AT)  
DDE-765 Ed Reilly RD3 2/56 - 8/57 Edw1128 (AT) To join- See me on the Uss Edson-Intrepid Museum New York
DDE-765 Richard Reilly RMSN 1957 to 1959 wabbit765 (AT) Nick named Wabbit by the radio gang. spent happy times as the messenger
DDE-765 Richard P. Reilly Jr. RMSN 5/56-7/58 SARGE37r (AT) ''WABBIT'' The Radio Messanger
DDE-765 Lloyd Ricks SN 1952/53 oldsalt54 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DDE-765 Lloyd R. Ricks, Sr. BMSN 6/52-12/53 oldsalt54 (AT) Great ship and great crew.
DDE-765 Robert Rodriguez MM3 6/59-2/62 robt58carol (AT) Looking for shipmates
DDE-765 Jake Roush EM3 1949-1954 pandj (AT) Aboard during the Korean tour
DDE-765 William E. Rousom SN/USN 1955 to 1956 ShayBigmama92 (AT) I want to hear from Briggs, Carter, Trout, and others.
DDE-765 Larry Saylor DK3 6/56-3/57 ALREDALRED22 Home is in Morristown, TN.
DDE-765 Tom Scotto SM3 3/62 to 3/64 Shield0001 (AT) Served and involved with the missile crisis
DDE-765 Paul Seidenstein FT-Str 1956-1959 begaps (AT) I can still get into my dress blues.
DDE-765 Daniel Seip FN 1959-1960 Ddseip (AT)  
DDE-765 David Shinn MM2 11/56-10/59 david_shinn (AT) Many Great Memories
DDE-765 Donald L. Smith ET3 1949-1950 Tailspin (AT)  
DDE-765 Leslie R. Stannard BT3 1960 to 1961 Froggy9026 (AT) Passed away 6/18/02 from Mesothelioma. Did you know him?
DDE-765 Robert Sullivan RM1 1950 to 1954 oceansbob (AT)  
DDE-765 Gary W. Thompson PO3 2/12/61 thru 7/6/63 gthomp1942 (AT) Cuban missile crisis
DDE-765 Carl Trippett BT3 53-57 ctrippett1 (AT)  
DDE-765 Robert Ulmer SN 12/59 - 11/61 bulmer (AT) retired and enjoying myself
DDE-765 Richard Valentino SN 1958-1962 gerrieval (AT)  
DDE-765 Gerald Webb QM3 6/52-3/56 geraldwebb3340 (AT)  
DDE-765 Les Wheeler IC3 5/59-10/61 Mjleswee (AT)  
DDE-765 Bill Wilson MM3 1951 - 1955 Evelynwilson70 (AT)  
DDK-765 B. J. (Bob) Holt SN 01/49-07/50 bjholt29 (AT) Great crew and C.O. We had three E-Hashmarks. Cleanest ship in DESPAC

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