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DD-399 Lyle Beattie LT(jg) 5/44 to 11/45 lwbeattie (AT) The last man off the Lucky Lang - a wonderful little warship
DD-399 Andy Cera   1942 to 1945 ctcera (AT) My father-(his son Charlie)served WWll-grandchildren would like to hear from anyone who new him-thank you.
DD-399 Daniel James Collins BM2C 1943-1945 1collins2meadors (AT) Deceased March4,1944
DD-399 Edward Craft BM1 1939-1945 lindaronc (AT) My uncle-89 yrs old-has brain tumor-love to hear from shipmates-279 hideaway rd,Belhaven,NC Ph 252-964-6806
DD-399 Fred Darnell   starting summer of 41 thomas.brick (AT) My great uncle-went from SN1 to LT-any info anyone has would be appreciated. Thank you. Thomas Brick
DD-399 George Hutson ENC Plankowner Deceased My bro-in-law-he is 92 & not doing well after a bad fall-emails from anyone would mean so much-ty-Hank Cain
DD-399 Don Kenzie FC3 6/44-10/45 zdkretnc (AT) Would like to contact Lang 1060 men re joint reunion
DD-399 Paul Van Knowlton RM1 8/40-8/43 wolverines_92595 (AT) My Dad served aboard the ''Lucky Lang'' before trans to USS The Sullivans-said both were lucky ships-drop a line
DD-399 Robert C. Lane PO2/RM 09/42-10/45 edfritz714 (AT) Would like to get in contact with fellow sailors & reunions
DD-399 Fred Limpert SN1 9/43 to 10/45 rgt721 (AT)  
DD-399 John Mahavier F2 1942 - 1945 Mahavier (AT) John Clayton Mahavier 1924 - 2002
DD-399 Raymond Novak RM1 9/40 thru 8/45 ramar (AT)  
DD-399 John Potthoff RM2 12/40-11/42 jonpott9 (AT)  
DD-399 Russell Sichley COX 1943-1945 Short4MaryJO (AT) Always like to hear from those on this ship
DD-399 Ira Whorf FC 1942 - 1944 cdurkee (AT)  
DD-399 James Reid Wilson, Jr. F3 11/41 to 6/42   P.O. Box 306 Leesburg, Ga. 31763
DE/FF-1060 Ted Bogie E-4 9/79-7/82 tbogie4 (AT) B Div West Pac 1980-shellback-great cruise-proud to have served with all of you thanks an god bless you all
DE/FF-1060 David Duncan MM3 1985-1988 Daviddude25 (AT)  
DE/FF-1060 Roberto Fresquez MM3 3/74 - 11/77 robertofresquez (AT) Good times, good crew. Did 2 West Pacs.
DE/FF-1060 Denis Garke SK2 11/71 to 7/75 inddenis (AT) Good War Ship-made 2 WESPAC'S on her.
DE/FF-1060 Gary Lang STG2 1969 to 1974 gblang (AT)  
DE/FF-1060 Joseph Mcallister MM3 1976-1980 joseph (AT) Just saw there was a reunion in 08-interested in next one. Were some good friendships formed during these years
DE/FF-1060 Michael Niemann E-3   niemann_373 (AT)  
DE/FF-1060 Stephen Peters BT3 10/85-4/89 SKPStormy (AT) hard work good times would like to hear from some shipmates
DE/FF-1060 Thomas (Moped) Ray STG3 75-78 1304tray (AT)  
DE/FF-1060 Larry Stanks HT2 mid 74 to1/77 LDWELDS (AT) Good to see some familiar names here. Hello to former shipmates.
DE/FF-1060 Ralph Wallace EW2 1975-1980 wallacerl (AT) Starting up the USS Lang Association; visit
DE/FF-1060 Russell Willis LCDR 1971-1972 kclmryan (AT) Hello, My father was lcdr 1971-72. My son would like to know more about his grandfather Lang Willis. He was aboard the J. P. Kennedy, Jr. Please email.''
DE-1060 Gary Altig RM2 03/70-03/71 gary (AT) Pre-Comm and Plank Owner
DE-1060 Steve Arnold STG3 1969- 1971 srarnold (AT) Precom-Plank owner
DE-1060 Ralph Beale STG3 1969-1973 rabjr (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1060 Dick ''Frenchy'' Beaumier E-3 precom to 3/71 frenchyvanman (AT) Anyone in Supply Division or stuck mess cooks first months..
DE-1060 Bruce Boardman FTG1 5/72 - 11/76 bruce.boardman (AT) Great ship, great crew, many memories from 3 WestPacs
DE-1060 Danny Brown SK3 1969 to 1971 nhradan (AT) First crew on DE1060(plank owner) compared to my first ship USS Renshaw DD-499, it was like a cruise ship
DE-1060 Gary Cooper Sh3 8/71- 4/74 melcooper (AT) I went on two west pack tours. Looking for old ship mates.
DE-1060 Gary Creswell MM3 1/70 to late 1971 navy1972 (AT) i was precommissioning plank owner and became a shellback
DE-1060 Peter DiSanto STG3 1969-1973 disantp (AT) plank owner, Great crew
DE-1060 Joe Endreshak RD2 1970 to 1971 joe_man0047 (AT) I am trying to find history of our first Westpac 1970/1971
DE-1060 Gerald Gugel MM2 71-72 boxcarjoe2000 (AT)  
DE-1060 Stephen Hamm ETR3 12/69-4/74 santabear (AT) Nucleus crew, plankowner, 1st ET aboard in Todd ship yards w/ETC Fred McKague-looking for old shipmates.
DE-1060 Robert Harris BM3 69/72 ROBYH (AT)  
DE-1060 Richard Hauzinger BT3 10/71-8/73 rmhauzi (AT) The very best to all that sailed abord the Lang. Zinger
DE-1060 Michael Hernandez E-3 09/71-03/74 zenoyemeri1 (AT) will never forget
DE-1060 Charles Horne ETR2 1968 - 1972 A great ship
DE-1060 Charles Keesey BMSN precom - 12/72 cckeesey (AT) Plank owner
DE-1060 Henry Kei ETN3 1969-1973 hkei1 (AT) first seaman striker for Electronic Technician aboard in Todd ship yard, nucleus crew, plankowner.
DE-1060 Robert Kimball E-5 71 to 73 bobkimball50 (AT) looking for old shipmates
DE-1060 Warren Kline GMG2 69-72 wkline (AT) plank owner-would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1060 Bill Landes RD2 1969 to 1971 brlandes (AT) Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Crew - Plank Owner
DE-1060 Patrick Lessard E-3 1970-1971 lessard (AT) no ship should be forgotten
DE-1060 Dennis Martin FTM1 1974 - 1978 djmartin (AT) In all the years since, wherever I've worked, I've never experienced the camaraderie we had. I miss that.
DE-1060 Lanny Maupin STC 69-70 lrmalask (AT) Plank Owner Second Cheif Master at Arms
DE-1060 Larry Miller SK3 1/70 - 9/71 lmljmiller (AT) Plank owner, great crew good memories.
DE-1060 Sam Newman YN3 01/70 - 10/72 samrnewman (AT) Commisioning Crew/Several WestPac's/Worked in Ships Office and 1JV Phones
DE-1060 Michael Niemann E-3 1969-1971 niemann_373 (AT) 1st shipstore operater
DE-1060 Dallas J. Olson FTG2 1971-1975 Dallas_O (AT)  
DE-1060 Mike Paniagua CS3 1969-1972 runaway2000 (AT) Great Ship had alot fun aboard the Lang something I will always remember.
DE-1060 Peter Podufal STC 1969-1970 danpodufal (AT) Pre-Com/Plank Owner Made Chief Onboard
DE-1060 Dave Sanderson FTG1 12/69-12/74 Daveironbear (AT) Pre-com Last remaining plank owner. She was a good ship.
DE-1060 Sam Schiff RM2 12/69-4/71 phillies20 (AT) I was on the precommissoning detail and I am a plank owner.
DE-1060 Don Sharp GMG3 1972/1974 donjessica (AT)  
DE-1060 Edward W. Shaw MMC 4/1970 to 6/1972 Spicemountain (AT)  
DE-1060 David Skelton IC3 1970 to 1973 dskeltondl2016 (AT) Did 3 westpac cruises and crossed equator on last cruise. Looking for old shipmates.
DE-1060 Larry Stover GMG3 8/72-12/74 larshel (AT) west pac 72-73 fastest Gun in The West
FF-1060 Roger Adamos DK3 06/72 - 08/74 rogermalou2011 (AT)  
FF-1060 David Allen IC1 1979-1980 dallen154shadow (AT)  
FF-1060 Ace Andres HM3 1976-1977 Ace (AT) Those were some of the best days of my life. I loved being your Doc for the time I was on board.
FF-1060 Curtis Betters MM1 71-77 hazegray12 (AT) Many good memories serving with good men.
FF-1060 Ted Bogie E-4 1979 to 1982 tbogie4 (AT) looking forward to hearing from lang gang west pac 80 ' rude dude ! shellbacks rock
FF-1060 Scott Castro SN 85-86 hockeychatguy (AT)  
FF-1060 Ned Chaney FTG2 9/76 to 12/79 nedchaney (AT) At the time, didn't appreciate it, but they were some of the best yrs/friends of my life-never forget the ship/mates.
FF-1060 Brown Charles EWCS(SS) 1975-1979 anna.brown (AT) Leading Chief OE/OI Div-Best techs I ever served with
FF-1060 Kevin Dunn FTM2 10/77-12/80 kevin.dunn (AT)  
FF-1060 Brian Earney BM3 1972-1975 bdearney (AT) a good time was had by all .
FF-1060 Donald Eubanks EM3 11979-1981 donelectic (AT) if there is any one on here that i served with contact me!
FF-1060 David Gray BM2 01/90 - 02/92 santafedave (AT) Loved going to Canada during the Persion Gulf War
FF-1060 Rick (Rude Dude) Hall HTFM 1979 to 1982 rippinrudedude (AT) Rude, Brillo, T.J., Keith, Face, Johnny Mix. What a motley crew!
FF-1060 John Hauge BTFN 1983-1987 Johnnyoreno (AT)  
FF-1060 Mike Hiemenz BTFN 1977 to 1978 mike (AT) What a time:) :)
FF-1060 Jeff Hollingshead STG3 10/79-3/81 jefferyhollingshead (AT) I would like my name added to the list
FF-1060 Larry Howard FC3 7/84-1/89 larrynrobin (AT)  
FF-1060 Art Hubacz ETN2 5/75-5/78 gpgmhubacz (AT) LPO for ET's and EW's under Master Chief Charles Brown
FF-1060 Kenneth Hudson GMG2 1984 - 1986 kensharon (AT) Knox-class frigates - backbone of the fleet. Even after thrity years in the Navy, she was my favorite ship.
FF-1060 Daniel Hursh STGC 1984 to 1986 dhursh (AT) The Lang was my 7th of 7 ships (The best - I had a good time
FF-1060 Chuck Longshore MM3 1985 to 1989 clongshore (AT) Alway like to here from old shipmates
FF-1060 Frank Mathias MSSN 80-81 fmathias (AT) All who served on Lang contact me. Reunion is on for August.
FF-1060 Edward McKinney STGC 1979-1982 chip728 (AT) would like to hear from STG, TM and GMTs from 79-82
FF-1060 Brian McLarty BT2 8/80-6/81 powerdude45 (AT) Only there for 9 months..made her last westpac
FF-1060 Steven Melia GMG2 3/73 - 6/76 smelia (AT) Met a lot of good friends aboard-still in touch with GMG3 Chuck Maiuri-anyone have a 75 WESTPAC Cruise Book?
FF-1060 Sidney Mitchell BM1 12/90-12/91 mil3847 (AT) yahoo.con haze gray and underway
FF-1060 Charles Morvant GMG2 1978 to 1982 morvantgm1 (AT) Would like to hear from an old shipmate
FF-1060 Randy Nagy ET2 12/85 to 09/88 ab8jp (AT) Hello EW1 Jesus Rodriguez, wherever you are!
FF-1060 Paul Newport LCDR 1979-1981 ptnewport (AT) I am Co-Host for the 2008 Lang Reunion in San Diego, CA Aug 7-10, 2008. Go to for details
FF-1060 Robert Phippen MM3 5/88-12/91 fpnrcng (AT)  
FF-1060 Mark Pitman RM2 9/76 - 6/80 PITMOOSE (AT)  
FF-1060 Don Poat MM2 1977 to 1980 BLAZEN (AT) YHTI.NET Was on for Portland and WESTPAC 79-who else was around for that time.
FF-1060 Rory Rafferty ENS 1979-1981 rrrafferty (AT)  
FF-1060 Dave Rhoades EN3 1984-1987 rodeo1060 (AT)  
FF-1060 Kevin Schafer RMC 1989-1990 kevin.a.schafer (AT) Interesting times...
FF-1060 Michael Stobbs EM3 1/79-8/83 michaelstobbs (AT) Wonderful memories-still think about shipmates-miss sonar friends & Steve Skelton-will never forget you guys.
FF-1060 Ron Thueringer MM2 8/75 to 8/79 ronthuer (AT) Never realized what great times and friends I had on Lang till I was out-love to hear from anyone I served with.
FF-1060 Robert Violanto BM2 1/77-11/80 robertviolanto (AT) lot of great memorys from saveing refugees to catching sharks off the fantail
FF-1060 Keith Weidrick BT2 1974-1977 debraweidrick (AT)  
FF-1060 Richard H. Williams, Jr. GMG3 6/79 -7/82 rhwillatrox (AT) Thinking about you guys, drop me a line.:

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