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DD-852 Michael Alden MM3 1973 to 1975 firedawg (AT) skid row brother
DD-852 Jay Angel SOG3 1961-62 angelj (AT) Looking for Neil Anderson, Danny Luczak
DD-852 James Angel MM2 1961-1964 mvblueangel40 (AT)  
DD-852 John W. Armstrong BT1 1968 to 1969 btcmsw (AT)  
DD-852 John Arnold OS2 1970-1973 scorchme2 (AT) Fast says hi to all my mates
DD-852 Alvin Aronson IC2 1957-1960 aronson (AT)  
DD-852 Richard Ashton STG2 1967-1969 richard_ashton (AT)  
DD-852 John Babcock MM2 1955 to 1959 lefthandedjohn  
DD-852 George Bamman ETR3 5/68 - 2/69 gbamman (AT)  
DD-852 John M. Banks GMG3 04/65 to 05/67 jm91047banks (AT)  
DD-852 Paul Bartholomew MS2 10/72-1075 redsox452 (AT)  
DD-852 Don Bartoli ET2 1959 to 1962 bartoli (AT) Home ported in Japan during the good years!!! 1960 to 1962
DD-852 Monte Beach RD3 1955 to 1955 NANABONNIE4 (AT) 3 WESTPAC CRUISES
DD-852 Stephen Benson BM3 1970-1974 slbsr5647 (AT)  
DD-852 Joseph Bernard BM2 1967-1968 Joebernard47 (AT) operation Sea Dragon Viet Nam
DD-852 William (Buzzie) Biggs PO3 09/71 to 07/75 happypappypaman8 (AT) Looking for old shipmates : Mullinnix , Fleck , anyone out there drop me aline.
DD-852 Bill Bishop FT2 1959-1961 bill_bishop (AT)  
DD-852 Roger Blankenship MM3 10/72-5/75 RogerBlank (AT)  
DD-852 Kelsey Blankenship TM1 1968 to 1970 blankenshipkelse (AT) Would like to hear from some shipmates.
DD-852 Donald Boesch ET2 1952 to 1954 dab66 (AT) A lot time has gone by
DD-852 Ron Boles EM3 1964 to 1968 joboles (AT)  
DD-852 Robert Bolter DC2 1951-1954 smbolter (AT) Aloha shipmates! Remember me?
DD-852 William Bottom SH2 1951 to 1954 wbottom (AT) We still had two 5 mounts forward and 1 5 aft''. The torpedoes were still there.
DD-852 John Boucher MM2 8/65-5/69 mtrsouth (AT) A Great Ship with Great Shipmates
DD-852 Mel Brady BM3 8/61 to 12/63 marmel (AT) Ship had a Homeward Bound Pennant going into San Francisco late 11/63-anyone have any data on this? TY
DD-852 Ernest Breau SN1 1966 to 1968 ebreausr (AT) Marines nicknamed her ''Mason's Mortar Maulers'' (were being overrun by vc mortars)-gave captain AK47 as souvenir
DD-852 Joseph Brown QMS3 1950-54 joebrown11532 (AT)  
DD-852 Dennis Brown OS2 9/70-7/74 dwbrown (AT)  
DD-852 William Brown, Jr . SN 12/75 to 11/76 ltalbo22 (AT) 1st div deck ape thanks bmcs love who was a bad influance for the ship
DD-852 Micheal Brumsey RM2 1973-1974 acuraz (AT) Hi
DD-852 Robert Buettner RM3 72-76 buettner1 (AT)  
DD-852 Wayne Burch SH2 1966-1970 wayneannburch (AT) Hello to my Viet Nam era shipmates. Can it really be 40+ years? Would enjoy hearing from you.
DD-852 James Burke GM2 2/50 - 8/52 jamesburkej (AT) I would enjoy hearing from anyone!
DD-852 Allan Burke SM2 8/68-2/71 burke12 (AT)  
DD-852 Paul Cain YN2 1957 - 1958 pdcain11 (AT) Old Sailor with young memories.
DD-852 David Campbell RD2 1968 to 1970 res0n4hi (AT)  
DD-852 Bob Carlson EM3 3/64-9/67 rdcarlson373 (AT) Just found out about the annual reunions 2007. Went to Branson and had a ball.
DD-852 David L. Carr GM 1959-1963 copcarr (AT)  
DD-852 John (JC) Celaya BT3 1966 - 1967 jctoolguy (AT)  
DD-852 Andy Chamberlain GMG3 9/1971- 6/1974 My Brother Buzz was onboard with me. We both were Gunnermates.
DD-852 Larry Chamberlin RD1 1956-1957 LMCJEC (AT) MINDSPRING.COM  
DD-852 William Chapman Jr. EN3 1971-1975 hvachap (AT) Shell-Back
DD-852 Max Chesshir SM3 8/63 to 9/66 max1045 (AT) Went to my first reunion 2015, really had a great time
DD-852 Mike (Ski) Ciemnoczolowski HT2 71-74 dlmc (AT) Where is everyone at? Give me a shout. Subic forever
DD-852 Kenneth Clayton BT3 67-68 kmclayton (AT)  
DD-852 Dennis Cooney MM3 1/58-2/60 denniscooney (AT) Love to hear from snipes.
DD-852 Jay (James) Cooper LT(jg) 3/70 - 3/72 jaycooperindio (AT) Supply Officer
DD-852 Tony Cox ST3 1969-1972 cox_mike (AT) any sonarman or torpedoman from that time contact me
DD-852 Robert Dalton QM3 12/66 - 8/68 rtdalton (AT)  
DD-852 Michael Del Rosario SH 1969-1970 mdelrosario (AT) Onboard via high-line-WD div unt Pingao took me und wings/asked Chief(Zuni Indian) to teach me to be a barber
DD-852 John Timothy Dickerson SHSN 63-66 Tim DD852 (AT) aboard the Mason during the Gemini VIII recovery
DD-852 John Dilbatis BT2 1948-1951 jad (AT)  
DD-852 Edouard Dionne SM2 1960 to 1962 ed_dionne (AT) I went over with Desron 3 to station ships in Yokosuka as BM
DD-852 Frank (Dusty) DiStefano MM 69 distefano (AT)  
DD-852 Andy Dorsey MM3 4/68 - 3/70 dorsey_andy (AT)  
DD-852 William (Red) Dottery RMSN 1960 to 1961 dottery (AT)  
DD-852 Dennis Downey SH 1966 - 68 downey1947 (AT) Ships Barber 66-67
DD-852 Michael Driscoll BT2 1964-67 mjdriscoll (AT)  
DD-852 Herbert Driver ET2 01/46-08/46 hdriver (AT) Commissioning
DD-852 Carl (Duff) Duffield RD3 1963-1966 barbaraduffield (AT) WES PAC 1964-66. Home port - Yokouska. Gemini 8. Looking for Arnie Johnson (on Mason 1963-65)
DD-852 Eugene R. Dumas BT3 1/52-6/55 erdumas (AT) Trying to locate Ted Smith,Al Senatore,L. Esterline,C.Odom
DD-852 Michael Dumas SN 7/65-6/67 mddx07 (AT) Hi gang. Looking for shipmates to talk about the old days.
DD-852 Curtis Gene Dunn SN 8/57-8/60 gbdunn (AT) would like to hear from mates, I'm now living in TEXAS
DD-852 Lee Dunn RD2 1960 to 1962 leeadunn (AT) Retired and living in N. Carolina. Looking for reunion info.
DD-852 Gerald Earl SO2 June 1950-May 1953 G_Earl (AT)  
DD-852 Roger Ekman CDR 7/69-6/71 rekman532 (AT) A lucky fast ship!
DD-852 Tom Elias RD2 1964 to 1965 sylly.tom (AT) Joined the Navy and saw the world!
DD-852 Timothy Engle MM3 1969 to 1971 ntengle (AT) I worked the aft. engine room, and was the only sailor to bring back a 2 stroke motorcycle stateside from Japan.
DD-852 David Faige OS3 1971-1974 ke6jqp (AT)  
DD-852 D.J. Fields S1 1952 to 1956 jfields68 (AT)  
DD-852 Charles Fleck BM3 6/73 - 6/76 cjfleck (AT) has it been that long ???
DD-852 Ray Flores BT1 1977 to 1971 rayhopflo (AT) Retired 1975 USN 21 years , retired 1995 Civil Service 18 years
DD-852 Malory Flournoy, Jr. BTFN 01/73 - 12/74 malory.flournoy (AT) Lots of memories. 20 yrs. as a BT. Became so good
DD-852 Jim Foster CS3 7/66-1/68 my77malibu (AT) I live in fresno, california would like to talk to some old ship mates ph.559-4385911
DD-852 Jim Fowlston DC3 1967 to 1969 L Fowlston (AT) aol .com  
DD-852 Ronald Fracalossi LT(jg) 1963-1966 fracaron (AT) CIC officer, EMO,Boston, Panama, Yoko,transferred befoe Gemini !!!
DD-852 Tom Franks QM3 4/67-10/70 tfranks (AT) Worlds greatest helmsman
DD-852 Michael R. Fredey SKSA Mar.76-Nov.76(decom) xsquid852 (AT) Go Navy, Beat Army
DD-852 Edward Garcia SH3 1969 - 1971 garciaec (AT) Loved my shipboard experience. I started in the WD division, then transfered to Supply as the Ships Barber.
DD-852 Don Gentry MM3 1973-1974 don (AT)  
DD-852 Lee Roy George SN1 1954 to 1955 llgeorge (AT)  
DD-852 Larry (Gus) Gestwicki SN 1963-1965 dollo46 (AT) would like to hear from my shipmates
DD-852 Don Gillmore QM3 10/50-11/53 fog852 (AT) TCS is the greatest. Couldn't live without it!
DD-852 Robert Glutting WT2 6/46-1/47 dewdrop (AT) Long time ago
DD-852 Steve Goldstein SN 10/66 - 3/68 stgolds (AT)  
DD-852 Morris Gould BT3 8/71-9/73 morrisgould (AT) From good chief Miller, Gould throw some furniture in that, 30 knotts no smoke-#1 fireroom
DD-852 Steve Graham ETR2 5/68 - 6/71 scracker (AT) Retired 5/87.....ETC.....Uss Fulton AS-11
DD-852 Charles Gray ET3 11/66 to 8/67 nikit2 (AT) TCS is a great organization and I'm a proud member!
DD-852 Randall Green MM 73 steffen5103 (AT)  
DD-852 Mike Groethe E-4 7/66-4/70 groethe13 (AT) what a ride and somehow survived
DD-852 Torrey Grubbs EM3 75-76 funguns (AT) First ship, first decomission, still remember ''Doc''
DD-852 Mark Guranik HT3 1/76 - 11/76 mguranik (AT) I remember Doc Kelley-God rest him-think about my shipmates often-wasn't on board long but had a great time!
DD-852 Edward Hackett ET3 1951 to 1953 teafertree (AT) ''leaping Leonard'' nostalgia welcomed !
DD-852 Harvey Halverson SM 11/61-11/63 hhalverson2 (AT)  
DD-852 Philip Hamner BM3 9/72 - 9/74 mustanglcdr (AT)  
DD-852 Alfred Hanson EM2 2/52-10/54 adhans (AT)  
DD-852 Robert Hardegree DC1 12/61-2/65 katbox7 (AT) Looking for fellow shipmates of my dad who retired after 32 years as a Command Master Chief
DD-852 Robert Frank Hardegree, Jr. DC1 12/61-2/65 katbox7 (AT) Daughter looking for assistance in capturing serving in the Navy during this period of time. Father passed 4/04
DD-852 Charles and Anna Hardon BT3 1/51-6/54 cora (AT) Would sure like to hear from any of my old shipmates.
DD-852 Bob Hardy FN/E-3 9/74 to 11/76 robert (AT) B div all the way
DD-852 Bob (Robert) Harmon LT 69-72 bob (AT) The ''good old days'' in Westpac
DD-852 Phillip Harris MM2 8/65-7/68 harristrans (AT) On board during Gemini VIII recovery
DD-852 Brent Harrison LT(MC)USN 1/64-2/65 rbharrison (AT) msn.con DesRon3 Medical Officer-90% on the Mason
DD-852 Thomas Hellawell MM3 1959 1962 tomandjoanne (AT) The best of times
DD-852 Martin Helton SMC Sept 65 to Sept 67 mm451 (AT)  
DD-852 Duke Henry GMG3 1970 to 1974 riverrat69 (AT)  
DD-852 Mike Henry STG3 4/72 to 5/74 biotron (AT) Best remembered as ''Preacherman''-overboard last day at sea
DD-852 Richard Hibbs LT(jg) 2/71 - 12/73 hibbsjr (AT) 1st Lt, Gunnery, Navigator/Ship's Secretary and MPA.
DD-852 Robert Higgins GMG2 1962-1965 retired gunner75 (AT)  
DD-852 Edgar Hilliard OSSN 1976 ehilliard21 (AT) Doc Kelly was a great guy...
DD-852 Richard (Ski) Hilosky STG3 5/64-9/66 vikes127 (AT) Looking for David E. Gray GMG1 64-66
DD-852 William D. Hohmann CDR 6/73-6/75 wdho3 (AT)  
DD-852 James Hoover E-4 7/73 to 11/76 james_hoover50 (AT) This crew was a blast, I too remember Doc Kelly,
DD-852 Matt Horn, Jr. BM3 1958 to 1962 mattnaudry1945 (AT) 2nd div. Boat cxswain Made BM 3 Nov 1961
DD-852 William Huddleston DC3 64, 67 4billybuffalo (AT) I made it thought,Some times it was tuff,Ship swimmer Gemi 8 recovery
DD-852 Mike Huffman HT2 1/74 - 10/76 mhuffman54 (AT) She maybe old. But she still puts out. Never will I forget this
DD-852 Richard Huffman FTG2 9/66 to mid 1968 Wanicka (AT)  
DD-852 Dewey Hughes BTC 12/60 12/61 la1dude (AT) century would likke to find tom ambrose and john hughes both btc
DD-852 Victor Hugill MM2 70-73 vthmechanical (AT)  
DD-852 Fred Hundhammer LT(jg) 8/56 to 8/57 fre4061 (AT) 1 of the best yrs of my life-TY Capt J Weilerr for qualifying me as an OD underway when I was just a lowly ENS
DD-852 Donald Hunter BR1 1956-1958 maryhunter (AT) would like to hear from anyone that was on the ship with me,
DD-852 Harry Hynes ET3 1954-1960 ecossaise (AT)  
DD-852 Henry Hynes ET3 5/57-5/60 h.hynes (AT)  
DD-852 Bernhard Jackson BT3 6/70-3/74 wernerlw (AT)  
DD-852 Julius E. ''Jesse'' James FCSN 1948-1952 jejames (AT)  
DD-852 David Jensen GMTC 7/73 - 8/75 jensen-d (AT)  
DD-852 Larry Jensenuss MR/E-5 96-99 larry (AT) continued machinist 35yrs enjoyed overseas
DD-852 Hank 'Johnny' Johnson FN 1965-1967 hbjpbj (AT)  
DD-852 Arleen Jones     ajrj45 (AT) Leonard's Niece
DD-852 Tom Jones SN 1967 to 1970 tom.jones (AT) thanks, I'm looking for Lenny Carr
DD-852 Christian Jorgensen YN3 1955-1957 chrisjorgen (AT)  
DD-852 Tom Judd IC3 1971-1974 tjudd1 (AT)  
DD-852 Tom Kalata QM3 1972-1974 KALATA (AT) Subic Bay
DD-852 Robert Klemens ETM3 1947 and 1948 robertfklemens (AT) Generally a good ship-but, bad food,very few eating utensils (spoons,cups & soup bowls and a high rate of VD.
DD-852 Gary Kraner QM3 10/70-6/73 jaccieandgary (AT) Still use this ship as my screensaver-had wonderful career-ret as CWO3. Cdr Hohman my last CO bef I trans.
DD-852 Mike Kruse BT3 1966-1967 mkruse (AT)  
DD-852 John Kuykendall DC2 1966 to 1969 johnandmarshak (AT)  
DD-852 Kenneth Lackey MM4 1966 to 1968 krlack (AT) 1st ship-aft eng rm-water king-great mems--100%disa-leg blind-pls contact 601-824-0252-is there an association.
DD-852 Eugene Laiho   1959 -1962 zing323 (AT)  
DD-852 Don (Duke) Lemay GMG3 63-66 doclemay (AT) worked asroc deck looking for chief boomhower
DD-852 Don Leonard YN3 6/53-9/56 donleonard (AT) Would like to hear from any of my old ship mates.
DD-852 Earnest Lindsey EM2 7/27/64 - 10/21/68 earnest_lindsey2000 (AT) I need documentation of brown water service, anchorage in Da Nang,Camron Bay, Mekong Delta
DD-852 Sheldon Litton FTG3 5/65-5/67 s.litton (AT) Trying to update roster of shipmates. Email me with info
DD-852 Vernon Lloyd RM 1950-1954 vernon.lloyd (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that was in the Radio Gang
DD-852 Sam Lockerman RMSM 11/51 - 5/55 slockerman (AT) was a great ship. 3 trips to Korea was enough. Thanks for great shipmates.
DD-852 Stephen (Jim) Long   7/64-3/66 tucsonjl (AT)  
DD-852 Fred Long STG2 1968 to 1970 Comp941 (AT) Not sure of dates
DD-852 Jim Lowther LT(jg) 2/52-12/54 jhawk51 (AT) missed '02 reunion, maybe next year
DD-852 William (Bill) J. Lucas SN 12/50 to 6/54 Blucas2424 (AT) The best ship in the US NAVY Only ship I served on
DD-852 Bruce Ludwig MM2 7/72-9/74 bludwig50 (AT)  
DD-852 Bob MacArthur RDSN 1952 to 1955 ltcmac (AT)  
DD-852 John B. MacBurney SN 1974 - 1976 CaboDivers (AT) too much to fit here...
DD-852 Bob MacArthur RDSN 03/52-01/55 ltcmacret1 (AT)  
DD-852 Tom Maioli E-4 66-67 tommaioli (AT) On board during Grmini 8, then transferred to submarines. Still riding motorcycles every day.
DD-852 Ken Malbeck YN3 1963 to 1965 KWMALBECK (AT)  
DD-852 Lorance Darel Malone SFC 1953-1958 PoohBeardaddy (AT) I was one of the cooks and would like to hear from anyone.
DD-852 Mike Mance ET2 1956-1959 mmance (AT) stumbled on this site-suprise! Looking for shipmate late50's
DD-852 Vince Mancuso ETR2 1975-77 vince2 (AT) Second ship I decommissioned.
DD-852 Helton Martin W. SMC Sept. 1965- Sept. 1967 mm451 (AT)  
DD-852 Joyce Mason Johnson     lfmason (AT) Sister of Leonard Mason
DD-852 Lauretta Mason-Evans     laurettadd852 (AT) Sister of Leonard F. Mason
DD-852 Phyllis Mason-Shupperd     pjshupperd (AT) Niece of Leonard F. Mason
DD-852 George Matsui E-3 1962 - 1964 htetsuka (AT) HIIYA
DD-852 Wayne Matusek BT1 1952-1955 Tenshew13 (AT) I want to speak to any of my old shipmates!
DD-852 Daniel May SN 1969 to 1971 danielmay (AT) WD division-1st ship & right out of boot camp-played a lot of music then-still playing-man that was LONG time ago!
DD-852 Lloyd McClendon MAM1 46-48 Woodcutter1200 (AT) I was known as Stamps .... I was the mail clerk onboard!
DD-852 Allen McMahon EMFN 5/76 - 11/76 McPump1 (AT)  
DD-852 Walter (Smokey) Menefee E-1 1973-1974 tpowell (AT)  
DD-852 Jerome Mihulka FTA2 05/52 - 04/56 coolfam (AT) I'm Jerry's dau (filling out frm dischg papers) not sure about date-looking for friends/stories-did Grim Reaper patch.
DD-852 Robert Mitchell   48-52 txpsmitch (AT) Looking for shipmates for my uncle-was on USS George,USS Mason,USS Henderson-any info appreciated-thks-Pat
DD-852 Leland J. Moles SN 1961-1964 lelandmoles (AT) Was a hellva good ship, had a lot of fun.
DD-852 Walter Moore   1949 JMOORE (AT) ICC.EDU This was my father's ship. I would like to have crew list
DD-852 Charles (Dave) Morgan RM3 63-66 eaglenut77 (AT) Great ship, recovered Gemini 8
DD-852 Thomas Morrison BT3 6/20-10/69 kun_kwii_yaan (AT) Would love to hear from old ship mates
DD-852 Kenneth Mulder RD3 6/65 - 4/68 klm66402 (AT) Ships call sigh during this period was Stud Poker
DD-852 Roger Muller GMT3 1971-1974 USSLFM (AT)  
DD-852 James T. Murphy SN 5/46-2/49 Bigbear291 (AT) Looking for plankowners
DD-852 Clarence Nazuruk MM 1968 to 1972 merica (AT)  
DD-852 Joseph Neitte GM2 5/52-12/55 cneitte2328 (AT) if there are any of you old people still living,i sure would like to hear from you!!!!
DD-852 Daniel Nichols CS/SD Class A 72-75 DNich (AT) Looking for dates we stopped at Westpac Mail Stop, Danang
DD-852 Michael Norris STG1 1973-1975 md80mike (AT) ST's, TM's,GMT's, Give me a shout!!!!!!!!!!!
DD-852 William Norwood ETR3 1968-1969 emailbillnorwood (AT)  
DD-852 R. Bruce Officer ETR2 1964-1965 rbruceofficr (AT) San Diego - Boston Naval Shipyard thru the Panama Canal...What a sight!
DD-852 Pete Olin ETN3 1966 stateasylum (AT)  
DD-852 Jeff Olive MM2 6/65-1269 mrchipsfl (AT)  
DD-852 Thomas O'Neil RD2 1961-64 tjoneilljr (AT)  
DD-852 Thomas O'Neill RD2 1961-64 tjoneilljr (AT)  
DD-852 F. Gregory Opelka ET3 1947-8 gregg (AT)  
DD-852 Michael Orth GMT2 6/68-6/72 mjorth (AT) Had three tours of Vietnam on this ship
DD-852 Paul Ouslander RM3 5/50 to 2/51 ouslander (AT) I served on Uss Leonard F Mason in 1951, we still had torpedoes on this ship at this time
DD-852 Richard (Dick) Ower SFP2 12/61 - 5/64 dickower (AT) I went through FRAM 1 in Boston Naval Shipyard
DD-852 James Packwood RM2 72 to 74 packyrat (AT)  
DD-852 Robert (Frog) Parkin EN2 1961 to 1964 upbobret (AT) Would communicate with someone on board at that time.
DD-852 George Parmeter EM2 67 gwparmeter (AT)  
DD-852 Tom Patton BT2 1959 to 1963 Tomp (AT) full westpac cruise
DD-852 Mitch Pedersen QM3 11/71 - 7/73 mjpeders1 (AT) Found sight by accident. Hard to believe I still recognize some of the names after 40 years
DD-852 Gerald Perinovic STG3 2/65 - 8/68 jelloperi (AT)  
DD-852 Richard Peterson RM1 10/63-6/65 vze29hjq (AT)  
DD-852 Carl W. Peterson, Sr. RM1 Jan 73 - Apr 76 rmcs-ss (AT) Submarine Qualified Destroyerman, Go Figure!
DD-852 Michael Pfafflin FTG2 3/64-3/67 mlpfafflin (AT) GM's-lock your firing circuits. We do the aimin' & shootin'
DD-852 Roy Pierce MM3 1970 through 1972 royboy (AT)  
DD-852 James Pinkley SM3 10/71-4/75 pinksji (AT) Best shipmates ever.
DD-852 Larry J. Porter EM2 1963-1964 dadlarryj (AT) went through Boston on her
DD-852 Jack Powell QM3 1974-1976 pow3ja (AT) West-PAC 1975 Subic Bay, Figi, New Zealand, Guam, Yokoski, Pearl harbor
DD-852 Gordon Powell SN 1961-1963 cincinnati2rowdy3 (AT) Spent time all over the western Pacific and had a lot of fun
DD-852 Roy Powell RD2 12/49-2/52 rlp311 (AT) where is Charlie McKinney QM1
DD-852 William Prewitt S2 7/46-6/47 billandval90 (AT) Plankowner-orig in signal school awaiting ship to be com,then sent to molar barber college-1st barber on Mason
DD-852 Stephen Quandt MS3 4/74-8/76 SWQUANDT (AT) HOTMAIL.COM Like to hear from anyone
DD-852 Donald Quinn LT 1968-1970 nhleos (AT) Happy in NH
DD-852 Tim Rains MM3 11/69 - 8/71 TIM.RAINS (AT)  
DD-852 Leon Randall QMSN 1963 to 1965 noellr (AT) contact shipmates I served with
DD-852 Jim Range PO2/MM2 7/60-7/61 range717 (AT)  
DD-852 George Rapciewicz, Sr. YNSN 11/75-6/76 grappss (AT) I also remember that day in Seattle when they found Doc Kelly.
DD-852 Barry Rappaport SN 8/65-5/67 bhrapp (AT) a great ship and sailors
DD-852 John Reeder MMCM   reederr72 (AT) All around Tin
DD-852 William Rehm SN Dec. 1972 - 1974 bfocused (AT) Mount 51 right gun -Fire! Beep Beep---Boom!!!
DD-852 Jack C. Reynolds SN 1957-1958 margebnjackr (AT) like to hear from ''old'' shipmates
DD-852 Charles Rinehart BM3 8/51-8/55 ccrinehart (AT) The best ship in the world !!!
DD-852 James (Jim) Robbins FP2 3/54-6/57 J32robbins01 (AT)  
DD-852 Paul Roberts FT3 11/50 - 4/53 bandp57 (AT)  
DD-852 Alan Rockwood LT(jg) 6/68-1/71 drock (AT)  
DD-852 Richard Rodgers BTFN 8/74-?/76 rrodgers (AT) hello crew member you men were the best part of my life would do it all over again.
DD-852 Wright Rodman LT 1972-1973 wrodman (AT) Chief Engineer . Fastest Tin Can in the Fleet .
DD-852 Michael Rossi MM 1969 to 1970 Mikerossi1953 (AT)  
DD-852 Kenneth Rusk RD2 1952-Unknown Beverlysport (AT) I am his daughter, anybody remember him? Have old pictures.
DD-852 Ron Ryniewicz E-4 7/71 - 5/73 rryniewicz (AT)  
DD-852 Felix Saenz RM3 3/73 - 4/74 Bigbear277 (AT) Great times, great crew.
DD-852 David Santucci LT(jg) 3/65 - 12/66 dnsantucci (AT) Tel: 407-344-2778
DD-852 Frederick Sargent LT(jg) May 1953 - May 1954 frsarge (AT)  
DD-852 Dennis Schartz E-3 6/70 to 6/74 ks.fatman (AT) She may be old, but she still put`s out !!!!!!!!
DD-852 Billy Scheets RM3 01/48-02/52 jjlcoleman (AT) Dad helped start the ship's reunion-he's not in good health anymore,but I'd like to keep in touch, pass on info to him
DD-852 Fred Schwyhart EM1 1976 maiaka (AT) I was on the decommissioning crew.
DD-852 Sam Sellers BM3/E-4 10/71 4/74 sellerssm (AT) Da Leaky Leonard. Remember Subic Bay home away from home
DD-852 Raymond Shaffer E4 1973 - 1976 rgshaffer13 (AT) I went buy the nick name moose was in first div . Drop me a email
DD-852 Gary Sheets GMG3 10/72-5/75 gsheets1 (AT)  
DD-852 Chip Sheppard RD2 1968-3/71 chpshep (AT) Remembering when Snoopy lost it's mind and we had to shoot it down in the middle of Yankee Station.
DD-852 Laurence Shields E-3 8/58-5/61 Lar40ry (AT)  
DD-852 Thaddeus (Ted) Sliwinski, Jr. GM2 1/50 to 10/54 coach-nick (AT) (his son) My father-sadly,laid him to rest w/full Navy honors 11/09/13-my mom and family would like to share memories.
DD-852 John Smith SN 05/60 - 11/31/60 jwbndr (AT) Deck ape. Went westpac on her in 1960 05/13/60 i think
DD-852 Steve Smith MM3 1/64-12/66 stevesmith45 (AT) worked in aft eng rm looking forward to green bay reunion
DD-852 David Smith na 1967-71 silverado10 (AT) Anybody remember my uncle Dennis Hoffman..if you do, let me know. Thanks des.
DD-852 Harry Smith SN 4/61-1/63 dana5164 (AT) would like to hear from anyone in the 2nd div deck force that served during this time,Smitty from North Carolina
DD-852 Richard Spechtenhauser PN3 3/49-10/52 lizzimcgee (AT) My Dad-died 9/23/09 with fond memories of his shipmates. Thanks to all who served with him.
DD-852 Donald (Donk) Stanford   1948 or 1949 heydes (AT) I am the Son of Donald
DD-852 Steve Szabo FN 09/73 - 09/75 SSzabo.Tx (AT) She may have been OLD,,,But She still Put Out.....Great memories of days gone by...
DD-852 Fred Sztukowski EM3 68-71 Masondd852 (AT)  
DD-852 Walter Takecare ET3 65-66 wtakecare (AT) served with dash crew et-gang hanger deck
DD-852 Wendel Tavares PC3 1975 to 1976 Wendel.Tavares (AT) In memory of Mike ''DOC'' Kelley. GOD Bless his soul.
DD-852 Charles Taylor SN 1963 - 1964 cwtaylor (AT)  
DD-852 Olen G. Terrell BM3 1/64 to 6/67 glenterrell27 (AT) Hello to all my Shipmates
DD-852 Bill Teubner STG2 1/69-10/72 billbyrum1948 (AT) The Mason: Nam, with Capt. Ekman, great things, but under Cdr Coke Can my life ruined.
DD-852 Bill Teubner-Byrum STG2 1969-1972 billbyrum1948 (AT) Stepdad & I adopted ea oth 78 but I kept Teubner-loved my birth dad-had 2 great dads-look fw to hearing frm you.
DD-852 Rod Theis STG3 7/66 to 7/67 Rod.Theis (AT) gmail. com  
DD-852 Jerry Thompson BT3 6/66-12/69 jerryjeanthompson (AT) Eagar to talk to shipmates:
DD-852 Daniel Thoren SN 10/53 to 10/54 datbusti (AT)  
DD-852 Wayne Trimble BT3 1952-1954 jtrimble (AT) Are there any of us left? If so would like to hear fromyou.
DD-852 Herb Tripp IC2 1956 hldatripp (AT)  
DD-852 Steven Tyrrell GMG3 1965 to 1967 stevent3 (AT)  
DD-852 Keith Tyson ETN3 1/71-3/73 khlands (AT) Just looking for the old gang
DD-852 Malcolm Uhl FN3 10/61 - 8/65 gold_bug10 (AT) Left navy as SHB3 in 1970-entered army as SGT in the MPs then to the u.s. air force cival air patrol as a 2nd lt.
DD-852 Steve Van Dyke E-3 3/71 to 1/72 sgv52ade59 (AT) would'nt change a thing, great experience !!
DD-852 Jamie Vines E-4 Hull Tech. 10/72 - 07/75 jamievdd852 (AT) Miss all my buddies. God Bless You ALL!!!
DD-852 Thomas F. Wachowiak BM3 1964 to 1966 Thomaswachowiak (AT) I don't want my name used for credit cards and ads.
DD-852 Gary Wallace STG3 75-76 gdswallace (AT) Fred Long send me an e mail!
DD-852 Wallywally F. Walters BMC 1965-1966 WallywallyF (AT) Commanded Deck Force during Gemini recovery operation
DD-852 James Wascisin EM3 1974 to Sept 76 jwascisi (AT)  
DD-852 Gerald Wasik EM2 1/70 to 3/71 dd852 (AT)  
DD-852 Larry Weeks STG2 11/65 - 6/68 lmweeks (AT) Aboard during Gemini-8 recovery
DD-852 Herman Rudolph Welford SN1 7/50 - 6/54 meliahg (AT) Telephone # 601-947-7675
DD-852 Bruce Welshinger HT2 1971-1973 welsh_l (AT)  
DD-852 Tavares Wendel PC3 1975 to 1976 tav96768 (AT) God Bless the soul of ''Doc'' Mike Kelley. Served on board when we put this old rust bucket to rest.
DD-852 Lee Wetherell SK2 1969 -1971 wetherelll (AT)  
DD-852 Jack White EM3 1968 to 1970 whitestampy (AT) It was a long time ago
DD-852 Paul Whitehouse MIDN 6/72-8/72 whitehousegiles (AT) There's no such thing as a sound-powered telephone battery.
DD-852 Ricky Wilson YNSN 1975-77 chippinrick (AT)  
DD-852 Al Wright MM1 1/76-10/77 wright186 (AT) Put out of commission. She did her duty
DD-852 Lloyd Wright, Jr. BT2 8/67-8/70 bornacowboyfan (AT) Hello Shipmates! Let's Talk About Old Times!
DD-852 Rick Wysong HT2 1975-1976 sparky10275 (AT)  
DD-852 Jack D. Yates SA 1956-1957 myates4006 (AT) My first ship out of training after the Great Lakes

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