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DDR-383 James Novak ET3 1958-1959 Jim436163 (AT)  
DE/DER-383 Jannie Carr   1960's nippy_feet (AT) Looking for chuck oster (frm Malvern,PA) frm uss rhodes-met when he was visiting Scotland in 60's-never forgot him
DE/DER-383 Bill Cavanaugh DC2 12/62-11/63 billsnoopy (AT) great times and a great crew
DE/DER-383 Bobby Johnson AG2   bcjohjax (AT) I served on the USS Camp,went to USS Rhodes,then back to USS Camp and then to USS Mills
DE/DER-383 Jack Layer SOG3 1956-1958 jack;ayer (AT)  
DE/DER-383 Nunzio Malara BM/SN 12/59-12/60 flyinnunz7 (AT) N Atl storms-icebergs,rivits popping,radar blowing off,manning abonding ship stations-never forget-scared stiff.
DE/DER-383 David Norsworthy E-4 1965-1968 davidnorsw (AT) Anyone remember in S. China Sea(aft Ceylon) receiving body bags by barge,transporting to another navy ship?
DE/DER-383 Kenneth Paulson     sailer1 (AT)  
DE/DER-383 James Samlaska ETC3 1/63 - 8/63 samjns (AT) ETN 3 trained on the Jason Fleet Broadcast Receiver emember Dog Rocks & F4's doing close fly by.LOUD!
DE/DER-383 Lanny Stewart STG2 65-67 LANNY_223 (AT) i need uss mills page
DE-383 Bill Cavanaugh DC2 58 - 63 billsnoopy (AT)  
DE-383 Clifton Garrett SN1 10/43 to 7/44 garpratt (AT) plank owner
DER-383 John Allen RM1 05/67 - 06/68 vailsouth (AT)  
DER-383 Ron Bartovic STG3 12/61-10/63 rbartovic1 (AT) where is klaui?
DER-383 David Bradley IC2 1962-1965 david.bradley09 (AT) Extended my enlistment 10 months to sail on Operation Deep Freeze 64-65
DER-383 Donnie Carter TM/SN 1260-06/62 DonVCarter (AT) surrvied the north atlantic storm and scotland
DER-383 Larry Chapman RM3 1961 to 1962 larry (AT) Great ship, great sailors and great experiences!
DER-383 Robert Class ETN3 8/58 - 7/61 tbucket1939 (AT) Exciting duty
DER-383 Arthur Cromer LT(jg) 7/58-12/61 Art.Cromer (AT) 12 pickets in North Atlantic & North Sea were interesting
DER-383 Bill Davis STG2 12/64 - 4/66 pakeha (AT)  
DER-383 Roger Dereske DC3 8/64 to 1/66 Mil_Sport (AT) I served in R-div during the first Deepfreeze cruise.
DER-383 Myron Drinkwater LT(jg)/SC 1961-1963 drinkh2o (AT) Two DEW cruises to Scotland in the Winter was enough!!!
DER-383 Terry Dummer ET3 1962-1965 sherrydummer (AT)  
DER-383 Edward Earl FN 1958-1960 ed61us (AT) wish I was back on ship that was one of the best time of my
DER-383 Bob (Gabby) Gaboury SN 4/61 - 12/62 BobGaboury (AT) Really enoyed a great crew and sailing on this ship.
DER-383 Marvin Gage ETR2 10/65-5/68 mcgage (AT) Operation Deep Freeze
DER-383 Richard Gierbolini QM3 9/57-9/58 navyqmc (AT)  
DER-383 Brian Goode RD3 1967-68 Brian (AT) I was on Operation Deepfreeze
DER-383 Mel Grove ENFN 63-64 grove (AT) served as log room yeoman, Engineering
DER-383 Jim Hart BM3 59 to 61 husky.jim (AT) looking for nunzio malara e mail address
DER-383 Charles Hazzard RD2 1959 to 1961 cbhazz3892 (AT) Great Ship. First ship Bay of Pigs.
DER-383 Bobby Herren RD1/OSCS 1961-1964 bmherren (AT) Leading PO of OI division for 39 months.
DER-383 Gary Hlavka E-3 7/60-12/62 bojajohn (AT)  
DER-383 Jim Holden DK3 08/66-06/67 colner (AT) fond memories of Operation Deep Freeze and New Zealand
DER-383 David Hoskins SK3 Deep Freeze 1. ? davehoskinssr (AT)  
DER-383 Alan Izatt SO2 8/60 to 8/63 aizatt (AT) White squall off New Foundland, 90 ft waves. Still have nightmares about that.
DER-383 Stan (Ski) Jescezezerewski SN 1961 to 1963 zer123 (AT) remember swim call off the coast of cuba-motor boat lost power-almost hit the reef-think it was called dog rock.
DER-383 Robert Kofke EN 6/67 to 10/68 cpinc (AT) Before we become ''Short Timers'' let have a reunion!
DER-383 Ben Laurens RM2 4/64-4/67 nriver (AT) For contact with Mills crew/reunion info Visit
DER-383 Albert Litchfield STG2 67-70 aelitch (AT)  
DER-383 Joe Long RD3 7/63 to 8/64 jlong59_863 (AT) 8/64,( est. ) ''Swapped'' to USS Glennon,( DD - 840 ).
DER-383 Thomas Lussier ENFN 8/64-7/66 bampa (AT) looking for Doug Converse from wasiton state and Syney Smalls.
DER-383 Tony McGowan STG3/E-4 6/67-7/68 Papillond41 (AT) In Dunedin after 49 yr absence-myself,Bob Kofke & Will Souza were flat mates in a sublet apt on St Clair Beach.
DER-383 Robert Mignerey IC3 1966 to 1968 tiki1966 (AT)  
DER-383 Bill Mints ET3 7/67-7/68 bill_mints (AT)  
DER-383 Daniel Murray EM3 9/59-4/61 dfmurray3 (AT)  
DER-383 Henry Napier RM3 1964 1965 hankandiris (AT) operation deep freeze 2 times around the world 2 times
DER-383 Joseph (Tony) Oliver QM3 10/63-6/66 jao911 (AT) Operation Deep Freeze 1964/1965 Around the world Cruise
DER-383 Rick Ormandy RM2 12/59-04/63 rormandy (AT)  
DER-383 Kenneth Paulson SN 8/67 - 9/68 sailer1947 (AT) I only did one DeepFreeze cruise and I wish I had done done more.
DER-383 Thomas Peters RM3 9/63-7/64 t.peters (AT) Great ship and crew.
DER-383 Kenneth Precourt SN 1961-1965 bprecourt (AT) Join your shipmates at
DER-383 Russell Rowden SM1/E-6 6/57-6/58 russ2 (AT) not choice duty
DER-383 David Roy ETN2 1966-1968 DCR2780 (AT) Following Seas
DER-383 Tom Ryan EN2 1963-1967 tjryan (AT) Harry Cuerden where are you?
DER-383 Claude Scarbrough TM3 1965-1966 cscarbrough45 (AT)
DER-383 David Schofield ETRSN 1958 to 1960 dshearwater (AT)  
DER-383 Kenneth Schroeder RD2 1960-1962 retsquid61239 (AT)  
DER-383 Richard Shaw SO2 1959 to1962 w4dix (AT) Great ship , great crew and Sunday brunch was the best !
DER-383 Lanny Stewart STG2 65 - 67 lstewart7 (AT)  
DER-383 Bill Thorpe YN3 07/61 - 07/63 madbill (AT) Good times - great feeling being alone in the vast Atlantic
DER-383 Walter (Jim) Tomes RM3 1964 to 1968  
DER-383 Richard Turco ETR2 1967-1968 rturco67 (AT) Operation Deep Freeze was on the USS TJ Gary DER-326 prior to the Mills
DER-383 Robert G. White AG3 05/66 to 05/67 sezame43 (AT) Aboard in Philly shipyard in early '66-was on Operation Deep Freeze 66-67, & left in about 5/67 for reassignment
DER-383 Griffith Winthrop LT 1962-1964 Winmo081 (AT) Any coffee mugs for sale?
DER-383 John Zelen RDM2 10/57 to 1/60 abbenante1 (AT) plank owner. recomissioned as a radar pickett ship charleston ma. yard

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