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DDG-92 Robert Castillo YN2 3/14 Robert.castillo (AT)  
DDG-92 Joseph Diak FCC(SW) 2003-2005 tjdiak (AT) Pre-com, and beyond to retirement.
DDG-92 Rexford Dundon FC1 05/03- present rexford.dundon (AT)  
DDG-92 Scott Ellis DC1 10/03-05/06 truckergordon (AT)  
DDG-92 Thomas Roy Garner CTA2 1/05 - present thomasroygarner (AT) Great ship, good crew!
DDG-92 Alex Illar DC2 8/10/14 Smokeeater0076 (AT)  
DDG-92 Aaron Kauffman DC3 Plank owner Aaronk2284 (AT)  
DDG-92 Nick Kellenberger LT(jg) 11/03 - 2/06 nick.kellenberger (AT) Plankowner,Gunner Officer, Anti-Terrorism Officer
DDG-92 Patrick Key OSC 12/03-Present keypj (AT)  
DDG-92 Nicolacia Noelke GM3 2003-2006 nico8185 (AT)  
DDG-92 Andy Reid HT3 02/04 - 04/08 reidaw (AT)  
DDG-92 Kevin Smith GSM2 08/06 - 12/11 kowboy92 (AT) Part of the best damn oil lab that hit the water.
DDG-92 Romana Solis E-4 2/04-9/07 Rsolis2710 (AT) Engineering Division rocked!!
DDG-92 Kenneth Tarr GSCS 2003-2006 tarrkl (AT) Pre-com crew-great group of sailors-now ret, working at Conoco Phillips, Ferndale Washington-love to hear frm you.
DDG-92 Keith Wilkerson SK1 2003-2006 kdizzycat (AT) Great ship to Pre-com and even greater Crew!

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