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DD-603 Morton Brett     michma (AT) This was my grandpa. I wish I knew more.
DD-603 Joseph Buck   1943-1945 jesse.buck (AT) My father died 1/05-was an elec onboard-anyone remember him? Aft the war,became minister & had 8 children
DD-603 Carmelo Ciarmilaro PO2 1942-1945 mass6 (AT) Still living in California, 818-757-8925
DD-603 George Clayton FC3 05/42-11/45 hugal103 (AT) comcast  
DD-603 Donald Cobb RM2 4/44-6/45 drcobb77 (AT)  
DD-603 Andrew Dorto   WWII sixpac2001 (AT) Dad passed a few yrs ago-all records lost-Brother & I would love to hear/see pics of our father-Thks-God Bless
DD-603 Robert Downs RT1 1/44-3/46 rcdowns (AT) 6/46-8/48 NTS Newport RI. 8/48-12/49 USS Wright CVL49
DD-603 Otis Essex WT3 4/45 - 3/46 oessex (AT)  
DD-603 Bill Feller   1942 billfeller (AT) Bill Feller's nephew-Bill was wounded on 11/8/42 and died the next day. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Thank you.
DD-603 Thomas Geisen MM1 ?-10/21/1943 joseph_detzel (AT) My great uncle-believe he died in collision bet Murphy & Bulkoil-anyone have details about him? TY
DD-603 Eugene Hamilton F2   patman (AT) My father served on the Murphy and told us many stories. He passed 9/80
DD-603 Thomas Hilliard BMC 1942 to 1946 Murphy603 (AT) Only crew left that commissioned and de-commissioned Murphy
DD-603 John Hoolihan not sure 1942 to 1945 ? hoolihans (AT) This is my Dad.....he passed on in 2005 but alway spoke with pride about his time on the USS Murphy with his shipmates.
DD-603 Edward Thomas Horak FN3 42-43 SusanL1020 (AT) Dad passed away 6/25/02. Am trying to locate anyone who knew him
DD-603 Bill Hoyer S1 4/44 - 2/46 CHROME DOME235 (AT)  
DD-603 Stanley Kuenstler LT(jg) 12/44-2/46 sprocket (AT)  
DD-603 William Lawton F1 6/4/45 - 5/6/46 seaswept788 (AT) Holding 2010 reunion in Rhode Island
DD-603 Roy Lindeberg EM3 6/4/45 - 5/6/46 Loneagle26 (AT) Died 2/25/10-always looked forward to yearly reunions-meeting with Navy buddies & reminiscing-last attended 2007
DD-603 Michael (Luke) Lukacsko WTR1   lukeconsulting (AT) Luke lived in Cleveland his whole life, Passed in 1999, email for Wayne Lukacsko, Luke's son
DD-603 William McCann EM not known mccannshoes (AT) Dad passed many years ago but spoke kindly of the Murph.Believe he was aboard when she was cut in half.
DD-603 Henry Meech SOG3 12/43 - 5/45 B6u0d3 (AT)  
DD-603 Arthur Melervey LT(jg) 7/44 to 3/46 montezuma34233 (AT)  
DD-603 Joe Melton FC2 Dec. 43 to Mar. 46 melt (AT)  
DD-603 Ray Miller CEM 4/44 to 4/46 thequietone007 (AT)  
DD-603 John Nicholson   1943-1946 nm-gal (AT) Mu Father died 2004. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.
DD-603 Robert Richter   1943 to 1944 Krkendellen (AT) My grandfather(died 4/09)-remember stories of his time aboard-love to hear other stories from his shipmates
DD-603 Guy Roberts COX 2/42-1/43 GUYDD603 (AT) Plankowner
DD-603 Ben Rozanski     stevenrozanski (AT) My dad-died mid 90's-he spoke but not often of the hit and of ther trip to Saudi. Does anybody remember him?
DD-603 Philip Lee Rykken MM 1942-1945? jsrykken (AT) Dad-died mid-90's-told me about collision at sea & about accidentally laying dep chrg on whale mistaken for sub.
DD-603 James Salpetro E-1 1942 to 1943 cfcialone (AT) My father-in-law (died 7/20/12)-injured/taken to hospital-his replacement killed in collision-some twist of fate.
DD-603 Joseph Sansone LT(jg) 10/44 to 5/45 bris65 (AT)  
DD-603 Joseph Schaffer   1942-10/43 vict1949i (AT) My uncle perished in the bow of the ship. Does anybody recall
DD-603 Ronald Sewing FN1? 1942 - 1943 susanl1020 (AT) my aunt and my mother know Ronnie was on the ship with my da
DD-603 Fredric Sheller Y2 Aug 43-Apr 46 fsheller (AT) Contact me via e-mail
DD-603 Lloyd Shimer     rtvan (AT) Dad is deceased but I would love to talk with anyone who served with him. I am interested in preserving memories of him and his service. Thank you, Tracey Shimer (daughter)
DD-603 Everett Simmons ST 1942 -1943 ron.a.cooper (AT) Great uncle-went down w/the bow in 1943 collision-don't know much about him-if anyone knew him pls email
DD-603 Earl Snyder F1F 12/44 - 3/46 ESnyder603 (AT) Enjoying retiremen doing some golfing.Still going into tbe office and helping my son Thomas with clerical.
DD-603 Reuben Speer SF 1944-1945 b_speer (AT) Would like contact
DD-603 Joseph Stone, Jr. SN1 6/42 - 10/43 newbury.firedepartment (AT) Was a Ping Jockey aboard
DD-603 Lester Stump SM 1/C 11/44-O2/46 costump (AT) Mailing addr: Lester O. Stump PO Box 443 Rosamond Ca. 93560
DD-603 James Swindell MM 45-46 Kaskaewliam (AT) Sitting with my grandfather listening to stories of his time and memories aboard.
DD-603 Pete Tisa 1/c 1943-1946 jlt0783 (AT) My grandfather-asked me to put my email on here so he could keep in touch-Jamie Tisa Rossi.
DD-603 Edward Tracy COX   etrac650 (AT) My father-was in comm crew-said the Capt, LCDR Bailey had shamrocks painted on stacks to denote Irish crew.
DD-603 James Trantham     denboyer (AT) James is my father-in-law. He is living near St.Louis and would enjoy hearing from any of his shipmates.
DD-603 Joseph Van Eyzeren MM1 11/42-12/45 The Wec Site will remane open until 6/16
DD-603 James Andrew Venable PO2   Deceased My father-died in 1976-was proud to have served-talked of his job as Radarman-I am his son & an AF retiree.
DD-603 William Vielie SN 41-42 sylnbill (AT)  
DD-603 Leonard Wallace   1945 tincan86 (AT) I am Linda, Leonard Wallace's daughter, he would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-603 Paul Williams   8/45-3/46 ewilliams1322 (AT) Dad passed in 1981 and looking for anyone who knew him

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