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DD-949 Fred Abel LT 5/64 - Conversion fred_abel (AT) Chief Engineer
DD-949 Marvin Baker BT3 9/59-10/60 bakersflat (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-949 Don Bentzin RD2 62-65 lodon (AT)  
DD-949 Robert Bourgoin BT2 7/59-8/60 robertbourgoin (AT) am a plankowner, would like to here from same
DD-949 Jake Brohel FTG3 5/59-8/60 jbb1sg (AT) Plankowner. Went to USS Jarvis for decom on east coast
DD-949 Glen Broxson SK1/E-6 1963 to 1966 glenbroxson (AT) Would like to locate AK1 Keith Butterbaugh
DD-949 Gary Buffey FN 2/62-7/63 Vettebuff1 (AT) Looking for Master Chiefs Kenney or Burkhart
DD-949 David Burbank SN 1959/1960?? emma1 (AT) Searching for shipmates. Especially a ''Donald'' from Florida
DD-949 Norman Cadarette RM3 08/62-06/63 necadarette (AT)  
DD-949 Bob Conace FTG2 63 to 65 bconace (AT)  
DD-949 Peter D'Amico MR3 1960-1961 PvDamico (AT) I ran the machine shop with Buddy Day
DD-949 Ariel (Bud) Davison RD2 1960 to 1961 bdavison (AT)  
DD-949 Tom 'shorty' Ellenburg GMG3 2/60-11/63 tme1 (AT) I am retired live in Brevard, NC
DD-949 Alan Eubanks RD2 6/61-7/63 aeubanks42 (AT) If you served with me sen me an email
DD-949 James Franey MM2 May 59-Aug 60 jfraney448 (AT) Plankowner
DD-949 Jim Fritschie FTG3 1962 to 1964 jmfr (AT)  
DD-949 Donald Fuller QM1 8/62-2/63 fullercrustyone (AT)  
DD-949 Jeremiah Gotjen ETN2 62-65 nsdp (AT)  
DD-949 Richard Hancox EM2 4/1963 - 1/1966 rahancox (AT)  
DD-949 Buddy Hart SF3 1963-Conversion budmh (AT) Shellback 5/16/64
DD-949 Jay Heath PC3 1960 to 1962 jheath (AT) I was the postal clerk for the ship.
DD-949 Ron Henderson RM2 commission rph4 (AT) Looking for some of the commissioning radio gang.
DD-949 Jay Horacek RD2 1960-1962 jaybird163 (AT) A member of the nucleus crew, Pascagula, MS
DD-949 Charlie Hull LT(jg) 6/60 - 9/63 sepengr (AT)  
DD-949 John P. Ivory RM3 5/59-8/60 jivory311 (AT)  
DD-949 Archie Johnson TM 1961 MAMiller1074 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-949 Wally Jones LT 1962-1966 mayamaru (AT) CIC,,gun./nav off.,xo for conversion to DDG
DD-949 Gene Kane BT1 1/59-3/64 gdk-trk (AT)  
DD-949 Tom Kennedy RD2 1959-1961 tomkennedy67 (AT) Looking for other plankowners
DD-949 Keith Kistler LT 5/63 - 5/65 keithgkk (AT)  
DD-949 Brian Lawrence PC3 2/15/64 to 1/16/66 bluegardenia1962 (AT) retired Las Vegas, NV. ph 949 677 4483
DD-949 Jim Machocky STG2 6/59 - 9/60 jadair7 (AT) PreCom and Commisioning in Charlston. Transfered to Ozbourne prior to 1st WestPac cruise. Dischraged 12/60
DD-949 Peter Mangelinks SK2 05/59 - 05/62 peter.mangelinks (AT) plank owner
DD-949 Charles (Chuck) Matthews SH2 29 Oct 1959-? 62 ARetChief (AT) I was your Friendly Barber,
DD-949 Bob McKelvey FTG2 9/60-9/63 salty949 (AT) Moved back to Tacoma 4/10-can see Mt Rainier (every day the weather's clear) frm living room & backyard patio
DD-949 Jim Meadows LT(jg) 6/61 - 8/64 boppameadows (AT)  
DD-949 James Meuleveld RM2 1/60-10/61 jmeul1 (AT)  
DD-949 Daryl Miller   12/5911/61 daryel-miller (AT) looking for jeff womack gordon gaines keith jacobs
DD-949 Gerald (Butch) Miller MM2 1962-1964 cmiller28 (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates. Ship reunions?
DD-949 Allen Morrow EM3 4/64 - 1/66 gsmorrow (AT) Still Above Ground as of 2/2010
DD-949 Roland Musolf FTG3 10/63 to 1/66 rmusolf22 (AT) WestPac; Shellback; Hong Kong; Yokosuka;Subic Bay; Hawaii; San Diego; Long Beach;San Francisco;
DD-949 Larry Neu MM3 4/74-2/75 larryneu (AT)  
DD-949 Ruben Nunez FTG3 01/22/64 - 01/19/66 mescalero (AT) WestPac - Shellback - HongKong - Yokuska - Olongapo - Oregon - Hawaii Midshipmen
DD-949 Paul Olson MM2 3/60-10/62 skinnyo1 (AT) Great to see some of those familiar names,
DD-949 Joseph Pomponi GMG3 Jun 63 - Aug 65 chipomp (AT) Was on deck force for a year and a half. Mull was my boss.
DD-949 Steven Ravezzani RD2 1962 to 1965 sjravezzani (AT) Would love to hear from my old shipmates
DD-949 Terre Reynolds E-3 02/60-10/62 tuleterre (AT) looking for old friends , Walker/ Upton/McNerney
DD-949 Frank Rice RD2 1958-1962 dirrice (AT) would like to hear form some of the guy's
DD-949 Martin Schaller LT(jg) 6/63-7/65 mnschaller (AT) Communications officer- Shellback from 5-64 ops.
DD-949 Allen Schofer MM2 5/59-7/60 apschofer (AT) Plank owner
DD-949 Jon Scott GMG3 JAN.-61 SEPT-65 jonn (AT)  
DD-949 Talcott Scovill RD3 1959 tankertal (AT) Plank Owner
DD-949 Tom Skinner BT2 1961 to 1966 bandit_88210 (AT)  
DD-949 Benjamin Strong SN 3/62-3/65 bhstrong3 (AT) looking for old shipmates. good times
DD-949 Leo Martin Sweeney LT(jg) June 1961 to Nov 1963 lsween412 (AT)  
DD-949 Jimmie Taylor   2/60 - 6/63 mbsjimt (AT) I was the one who stole the kangaroo. Love to hear from you
DD-949 Gerald Tisdale GMG3 2/60 to 9/63 gunnerW4 (AT) Ret. USN in 91 with 31+ yrs. Live in Goose Creek, SC
DD-949 George L. Walker EM2 05/60 - 03/62 sparkygeorgew (AT) Lead Electrician on the first West Pac. Cruise (1960)
DD-949 Thomas Weaver GMG2 4/59-6/61 thomaswantom (AT)  
DD-949 Don Weber FTG3 1962-1963 donweber1 (AT) Served with my brother, Len (Wally) Weber FTG2
DD-949 Floyd White GM 1960 to1963 magailw (AT) looking for cruise book
DD-949 Gary Williams RD3 1960 to 1963 gwilly_100 (AT) 6-1-2013 alive and loveable as ever.
DD-949 Dave Wilson IC3 9/60-8/62 sirryktucker (AT) remember Seattle World's Fair?
DD-949 Jeff Womack EN3 59-61 jlw.42 (AT) Wish I could do it again! be good to hear from anyone who served on the showboat
DD-949 Con Wostoupal EM3 1960-1963 gpawoz40 (AT) would like to hear from or about Al Basford, Paul Olson, anyone I served with
DD-949 William Young BM3 Plankowner NEDAC1 (AT) RCN.COM  
DD-949 Gerry Zemlicka RD3 1961 to 1963 gzemlicka (AT) love to hear from any of you old shipmates
DD-949 Warren I. Zorb FT1 1959-1960 hudydelight (AT) First air-conditioned destroyer I served on. Great idea!
DDG-33 Clyde Alexander RMSN 1980 to1981 clyde_l_alexander (AT) i am looking for some of my old rm shipmates.
DDG-33 Joe S. Anton HT1 1973-1977 jsant5 (AT) Good ship and crew/ the GOOD OLD DAYS /Lets talk
DDG-33 Jack Barley MR1 1971-1975 jackba.geo (AT) Hello Shipmates. Still miss Yokosuka after 30 years
DDG-33 Richard Barracato SHB3 6/67 to 1969 RBcuda1 (AT) Hello Shipmates, plank owner, shellback, korea, Yankee Station, Vietnam veteran
DDG-33 Tom Bartmess STG3 2/72-4/74 tlbartmess (AT) Loopy, is that your correct e-mail? George, does that mean you're a shrimper?
DDG-33 Dennis Belk YN3 10/69 - 09/70 www.navyddg33 (AT) 1st Div, then eng logroom YN assigned to R Div-best time of my life-trans 9/70 to uss ouellet de 1077-precom crew
DDG-33 Mike Bell STG3 1967-1969 mikejbell (AT) 936-635-5079 Plankowner,shellback,68-69 westpac,shakedowncruises,Acapulco,Seattle,Bremerton/puget sound-find Greg Furse?
DDG-33 Dana Bell MS3 1975-1978 hazegray21 (AT) night baker / wardroom cook
DDG-33 Steve Bone FTM2 04/68-11/72 miller_brian_sheila (AT) My house is NOT haze, deck, or machinary gray!
DDG-33 Imre Borbely E-3 1969 to 1971 IBlueboy had a nice time there
DDG-33 John Boyd FTM2 1974-1976 bill1199 (AT) In memory of
DDG-33 Charles David Buckley SFP 2 68 - 69 claricebbucck  
DDG-33 Riley Burgess FTM1 1974-1979 riley.burgess (AT)  
DDG-33 Mike Burns YN3 4/71 - 12/72 meburns45 (AT) Great ship & shipmates
DDG-33 Noli Capitulo SD3 9/1972 - 8/1976 nolicapitulo (AT) One of my best duty stations-onboard 4 yrs-tried to extend my duty onboard & was shot down-good crew/ship.
DDG-33 Edwin Chaney QM3 4/70-7/73 chaney75 (AT) Good Ship and Crew
DDG-33 Jim Chapman LT 1970 - 71 jamestchapman (AT) CIC Officer
DDG-33 Joseph Chassereau BM3 11/71-10/73 Gunboatdriver (AT) Comcast.Net  
DDG-33 Don Coleman LT(jg) 1968-1969 bothelldon (AT)  
DDG-33 William Collins YN3 1967 - 1970 collyjt (AT) Plank owner-Weaps dept-greatest mem/4 of u big boys making daily run frm SD to Long Beach in Woody's Bug.
DDG-33 Troy Connor E-4 7/80 - 1/82 oldmantroy (AT) also on facebook
DDG-33 Michael (Mike) Cox BM2 1967 to 1971 mikecox1 (AT) Plank Owner & Coxswain of whaleboat that recued the men from the fishing boat
DDG-33 Randolph Crawford STG3 02/79- 07/82 Rcrawford1 (AT) Lots of merories, some good, some bad, all treasured.
DDG-33 Jeff Crockett MM3 1980 - 1982 jeffcrockett (AT) It would be nice to hear from some old shipmates
DDG-33 John L. Cummings FTG1 May 67 - May 69 johncumm (AT) She wasn't much for liberty. Long Beach Precom was great.
DDG-33 John Dayton ICFN 7/73 - 10/75 veg52 (AT) Best time in Yokosuka and PI
DDG-33 Dan Delehanty SH2 10/67 - 6/71 delehantyd (AT) I ran the ship store remember!
DDG-33 David Delong GMT3 71-74 THEQUIVERTOYOU (AT) If you want to call 417 695 2820 days
DDG-33 Jerry Downs E-3 4/79 - 8/82 Jdowns1961 (AT) Would like to hear from anybody from 1st div. Facebook or email.
DDG-33 Jimmy (Moe) Doyle CS3 1967-1969 jdoyle7686 (AT) anybody remember me
DDG-33 James Dublin SH3 02/80-12/81 Mr.Miata007 (AT) This Ship and its crew were a tightly knit Family....I'll always remember you.
DDG-33 Francis Ducote BT2 10/67-3/71 cajunpits (AT)  
DDG-33 Robert Duplease E-3 1967-1970 Navyret33 (AT)  
DDG-33 Robert Erickson MMC 11/69-4/72 bob_erickson (AT) made chief in the Indian Ocean
DDG-33 Rick Farris ETR3 1/74-1/76 rwfarris1 (AT)  
DDG-33 Dave (Fud) Faupel BT 79-81 kanethegerman3 (AT) like to hear from you dennis moll
DDG-33 Will Ferrick BM3 11/71-11/73 willf (AT) Good to see some others from the Parsons
DDG-33 Dock Freeman SFM2 1967 to 1971 dockmf1_2000 (AT)  
DDG-33 Kevin Freeman BM3 1979-1981 kfreeman (AT) looking to get contact with former members of crew
DDG-33 Harry French SN 06-67to12-70 HFRENCH33 (AT) Aanyone remember me with bad arm and flown to Hornet?
DDG-33 Harry French, Jr. SNBM 1967-1970 frenchjr2 (AT) looking for anyone who remembers me as a deck ape first di
DDG-33 Gregory Furse STG3 08/67 - 10/69 g1948p (AT)  
DDG-33 Dan Gantka OS3 11/70-6/73 dan.gantka (AT) Have a number of good memorries, Japan, Hong Kong & equator
DDG-33 Ron Goss DC2 12/69 - 01/72 turbo2go (AT) If you come to a fork in the road, take it. Yogi Berra
DDG-33 Steven Gruett STG1 1975 to 1978 s.gruett (AT)  
DDG-33 Jerry Hackney MM2 1969 to 1971 JHackney (AT)  
DDG-33 Michael Hand QM2 9/78 - 1981 mrhandsr (AT) Great memories!
DDG-33 Peter Hansen STG2 1979 to 1982 phanse2 (AT)  
DDG-33 Brent Hardy LCDR Jan 1969 - Jul 1970 CAPBPH (AT)  
DDG-33 Elroy Haselius SF1 1968-1970 xfireman (AT) Was me last command in the Navy any one remember going ashore for anything in DaNang in 1970
DDG-33 Clifford Hill BT2 08/78 - 1980 olcountry61 (AT) I would sure like to hear from my old shipmates. Contact me......
DDG-33 Paul Hipsman BT3 1979-1981 paulnliz (AT) like to hear from some ship mates.
DDG-33 Victor Houston FTG2 03/70-03/72 vahouston33 (AT) Great tour-anyone remember gunfire support at night in DaNang harbor/have any photos,exact dates,pls fwd to me.
DDG-33 Stuart (Skip) Huff RM2 1974 to 1976 skiphuff (AT) I came aboard while she was in Yokosuka, Japan for overhaul in 1974. I disembarked in June of 1976.
DDG-33 Jim Isham RD1 1967 to 1970 jisham (AT) Was LPO of OI Div., Master-at-arms, Pre-com Detail
DDG-33 Jim Jackson OS2 1971-1975 radar88 (AT) We were the Fleet's Finest!
DDG-33 Rick James MR2 9/71-2/74 beachhawg (AT) nothing better than a-gang and runnin the honch
DDG-33 Doug Jenkins LT(jg) 1971-1972 dougjenkins250 (AT)  
DDG-33 Mark Johnson MM2 4/74-4/77 mmchomer (AT) alot of the names i see here sound very familiar. I swear that danny gorree is kevein eubanks
DDG-33 Mike Jones FTM2 70-74 racevoodoo (AT) Lets see how many old shipmates we can find.
DDG-33 Steve Joyce FTM2 71-74 3Ravens (AT) Took her over to Yokosuka
DDG-33 Brian Kahn MM3 11/67-6/69 brian13663 (AT)  
DDG-33 Kevin Kelly FN 1/76-1/78 kkelly365 (AT)  
DDG-33 Robert C. Kendrick SH3 78-81 robertc.kendrick (AT) Really enjoyed time onboard-ship's barber-P.I.-visited so many places like to hear from crewmates
DDG-33 E.A. ''Rex'' King, III RM3 7/67-9/68 W5EAK (AT) Plankowner, Anyone else from Radio out there?
DDG-33 Don Koite YN3 08/77 - 2/80 don.koite (AT) 3 years 1977 - 1980.
DDG-33 Al Kosier BT1 1/68 4/69 al_kosier (AT) plank owner
DDG-33 Craig Krook BT3 1972-1974 pkrook (AT) I still pull out the cruise book from time-to-time, good memories. If you remember me, drop me an email.
DDG-33 John Leakey BT3 10/67 to 5/71 JLEAKEYRET (AT) DUCOTE (AT) SHIPMATES. Love to hear from you.
DDG-33 Kelly LeBlanc E-5 06/80-10/82 LEBLANCK2 (AT) AUTONATION.COM Looking for Jim Norrell & Robert Haycraft
DDG-33 Thomas Lintz E-4 9/81-11/82 thlintz (AT) My introduction to shipboard life, Decommisioning Crew Member
DDG-33 Bill Lobb BT2 April 1974-June 1977 BTCLOBB (AT)  
DDG-33 Mike Long GMM2 3/96-8/73 mike.long (AT) Looking for those interested in an association and reunion
DDG-33 George Magowan STG1 1972-1977 gwmkw (AT) retired in key west as a fisherman
DDG-33 Jon Mase BT3 1978 to 1980 jmaries58 (AT) I see some of the guys are on the registry.Will contact you soon.Would be great to catch up!
DDG-33 Patrick McCarron BT3 6/69 to 4/71 patnbeck (AT)  
DDG-33 Steve McCormick RMSN 1975 to 1977 calledat55 (AT) Lots of memories about Yokosuka, Japan, and the friends I served alongside with.
DDG-33 Randall McFarland SN 11/77-80 Mcfarm (AT)  
DDG-33 Thomas McLuckie RMCS 71-74 mcluckies (AT) where is everybody that forward deployed to Yokosuka?
DDG-33 Dennis Moll BT3 9/78-10/80 ozone138 (AT) just want to talk with old friends
DDG-33 Joe Morrall PN2 JUL 79-MAR 81 MORRALLJ (AT) JOTC.COM Great memories!
DDG-33 Steven Murphy SN 02/78-02/80 smurphy2159 (AT)  
DDG-33 Ronny Murray BT3 1976-1978 orphanron (AT) Just a shout out to the BTs.Miss those days!First ones on,,,last one off.Check myspace on
DDG-33 Bill Nagy, Jr. SM2 1971 to 74 & 1975 to 78 biln (AT) Was onboard twice(glutton for punishment)enjoyed both times
DDG-33 Tom Osmond EM3 2/73 - 6/74 teosmond (AT) Medically discharged 1-83, broke my neck on Saratoga CV-60
DDG-33 Ken Ott FTM2 11/71-01/76 kenott (AT)  
DDG-33 Wes (Ovy) Ovesen MM3 1979 to 1981 ovy (AT) I would like to hear from any &all old shipmates
DDG-33 Richard Paris SH2 1/76 - 9/78 theolddinosaur13 (AT)  
DDG-33 Gregg Penn RD2 9/67-9/70 greggpenn (AT) hotmail. com At 67 I'd do it agian in a heartbeat.
DDG-33 W. Howard Pepper IC2 10/71-11/73 hpeppersojef (AT) 35 years ago I was a crew member. I retired in 1992 as a GSEC
DDG-33 Lou Pollio QM5 1967 - 1969 kyloup14 (AT) How about a 'plank owners' reunion'?
DDG-33 Bob Pratt BT3 09/69 - 11/72 ka1dza (AT) I was in the Aft Fireroom with Steve Sitta, Jim Bell, Simon, and a few more that I can't remember
DDG-33 Mark Radliff PO2 1970 to 1973 radliffm (AT) Long hours in the Gulf, short hours in Japan, Hong Kong, Subic.
DDG-33 S. Rapada YN2 7/77-3/80 VFA_115_SR (AT) Best memories - great lessons in life and the Navy
DDG-33 George Reed GMGSN 10/67-12/69 rgeorge1947 (AT) plankowner & shellback
DDG-33 John Rhodes SF3 1968-1969 railrhode (AT) Plank owner, 68-69 WesPac cruise, Anyone else out there?
DDG-33 Wesley Rice ETN2 1/77 - 1/79 werice (AT)  
DDG-33 Bruce Riley SM2 12/67 - 09/71 briley671 (AT) Served with Lee Dowden SM1 and Pete Krauchak, SM2. Remember Tony Vano, RM3. We had good times.
DDG-33 Jim Ring IC3 1973 - 1975 jringjr (AT) Great times at Monna's bar on the Honch.
DDG-33 Darrell Roberts SM3 3/72 to 10/74 619=318=2661  
DDG-33 Edward Rowe   1968-1969 w4bwjr (AT) Attended VDay Prog at Elem-wanted to suprise Dad w/this page-oved learning/hearing his stories.
DDG-33 Ron Rubano FTM2 1971 to 1973 rubano (AT)  
DDG-33 Eugene Rugg STG2 06/71-06/74 erugg (AT) We don't know what we have until it's gone.
DDG-33 Roger Rupe EN3 1969-1970 R1969R (AT) First Viet Nam cruise.
DDG-33 Larry I. Samuels BT3 May 72 - May 74 lisamuels (AT) Assigned to Forward Fireroom; BTFN to BT3
DDG-33 Larry Sbonek STG2 1976 - 1977 Madgeola2 (AT) HOTMAIL.COM Would to hear from some of you salts I served with
DDG-33 William (Bill) Schirman FTM3 6/69 to 6/73 bill1199 (AT)  
DDG-33 Jim Schulte BT-2 1977-1979 jschulte (AT)  
DDG-33 Curtis Scism ETN2 11/68-10/70 scismcos (AT) Any one else out there ?
DDG-33 Gerald Sevier BTFN 1974 to 1977 gsevier (AT) Still remember the good times Looking for shipmates from Forward fireroom
DDG-33 Matthew Shank RM2 4/77 - 03/79 dahambone54 (AT) I remember! I posted about 40 Parsons pics on Facebook for Parsons group-need help putting names to faces!
DDG-33 Norman Shulman BT3 1979-1983 normanaugust201952 (AT)  
DDG-33 Bob Skyles RMSN 71 73 skyles (AT)  
DDG-33 Bill Slaughter SK3 1967 to 1971 bilsla (AT) I was a cook striker when first went aboard oct 1967.Then changed rate to store keeper. Lot of great memories.
DDG-33 Jerry Smit EM3 6/77-7/79 hivoltage90 (AT) It was a time for growing while onboard. Joined the reserves in 90' and resently promoted to Senior Chief.
DDG-33 Mark G. Smith BMSN 1975 ms-song (AT) looking for shipmates that served uss parsons bettween75-&76
DDG-33 Russell Spakowitz IC2 1979-1982 RussellSpak (AT) Good to hear from everyone onboard
DDG-33 Tommy Spell MM 1969 - 1971 jspell7 (AT) I would like to hear from any shipmates. Please give me a call at (843) 679-3525.
DDG-33 Dwight Sprosty E-2 1973 to 1976 sprostydwight (AT) all bt's and mm snipes
DDG-33 Ronald Stephens STCS 06/69-12/73 wileywabbit1 (AT) Cell Phone 970-394-4166
DDG-33 Everett Stockton BT3 1969 to 1973 estock (AT)  
DDG-33 Pat Stroop LT 2/71-9/72 stroop (AT) CICO
DDG-33 Mike Sumter RD3 1969 to 1970 modelamotorhead (AT) The Parsons was like the Hilton compared to my first ship, the Marshall DD-676. Enjoyed every minute.
DDG-33 Ron Swanson BMSN 1980-1981 Swansonsgso (AT) Hope you deck apes frm 1stDiv doing well-good times-anyone rem helping me acq items for the Capt. gig?
DDG-33 Robert Theriault LT(jg) 11/67 -1/70 rterrio1 (AT) CIC/Comm Officer
DDG-33 Irv Trinkle ETC 1972 to 1976 irvtrinkle (AT) Missing lots of shipmates.
DDG-33 Everett Truman BTI 1971 to 1974 Everett_Truman (AT) good ship, good times with good people
DDG-33 Rick Tunello MM3 11/74-10/76 zzzgoat (AT) Looking for some old shipmates--George Haley, Danny Goree
DDG-33 David Tyrie OS1 11/69-10/78 dtyrie1914 (AT) If you remember me email me I was known as Tiny
DDG-33 Daniel (Friar Tuck) Uffelman IC2 1975-1978 ufftuck56 (AT) such a long time ago was i really there lol
DDG-33 Anthony ''Tony'' Vano RM3 4/69 to 1/71 ajvano (AT) Was on board when it was struck by tuna boat -Miss her
DDG-33 Mike Virts SM 12/73-2/75 tourv (AT) Looking for Zito, McAnn, Ski, Ransome, Jurgensen
DDG-33 Mark Wagner SN 03/74 - 03/76 mlw195533 (AT) I miss those days. The crew, the ship and liberty lol !!!
DDG-33 Kevin (Joe) Walsh FTM3 1979 to 1982 turtlecove (AT) Hope to hear from you all. Alt. email beretta92s (AT)
DDG-33 Doug Warner ET2 1977-1979 blujkt (AT)  
DDG-33 Randall Webber FTM3 1/80-12/80 (decom webberrl (AT) retired 1998..20 years...sufficient time for retirement
DDG-33 Douglas Welsand STGCS(SW) 1980 to 1983 chief945 (AT)  
DDG-33 Mike Wheeler HT3 1971 to 1973 swheeler72 (AT)  
DDG-33 Michael White EN1 3/80-11/81 mswhite1 (AT) US Navy got their monies worth from her......
DDG-33 Floyd (Bo) White (Anthony) BT3 1967 to 1970 boanthony (AT) Have changed name to Bo Anthony. Web site ( just type in Bo Anthony ) for more Info.
DDG-33 Jim Williams E-3 1971- 1974 WilliamsJK33 (AT) 1st Div. good times aboard and ashore,
DDG-33 Glenn A. Williams MM3 1968-1971 glenn (AT) Plank Owner / Re-Commissioning Crew, was onboard when we were
DDG-33 Mickey Woods RM3 05/1978 - 05/1980 Mickey.Woods1 (AT) Looking for a copy of the 1979/1980 cruise book, The Colonization of Gonzo Station.
DDG-33 Tony Yaron GMT3 73-75 tyaron (AT) Got onto this website and recognized alot of name from AS Division. When's the reunion?
DDG-33 George Yauger E-3 9/69-1/71 george,yauger (AT) Was on ship when struck by tuna boat
DDG-33 Joseph Zoob FTM1 3/69 - 12/73 jrzoob (AT) WDS work center supervisor,

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