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DD-392 Steve Bradaric BM3 1939-1942 bradaric (AT) My father was aboard dur WWII-trying to find someone who rem him/can give me info about his service.
DD-392 Anthony Carnevale TM2 1/40-6/43 pbond (AT) Any TM
DD-392 Pershing Cashen SN 1943-45 kmuehr (AT) He left College SLI Now Universty of Lousiana (AT) Lafayette to fight for his country-truely best of his generation.
DD-392 Joseph Clements SC3/C--In Transit 5/20/1944--6/20/1944 iwojima2 (AT) On 5/25/44 was washed over the side/inj legs&back-need someone to verifiy-pls con-cell 520-404-8122-Tucson,AZ
DD-392 Joe G. Cruz RM3 1943-1945 SCruz39780 (AT) Joe currently lives with his wife of 60 years in Sacramento
DD-392 Donald Culver WT3 5/43-1/44 rusben (AT) Deceased 1992
DD-392 Jack Dowlen OF 1939-1945 Steelin3rd (AT) My grandfather-deceased-my role model-have read his ship log 39-45-fascinating-contact me-want to learn more about him, the ship, and the war.Josh Dowlen, grandson
DD-392 Carl Ekhoff AS1 7/39-7/39 ewilliamson6 (AT) Died 11/8/1994, E-mail is daughter's address
DD-392 Jack Fazio     Deceased My uncle Jack is deceased...
DD-392 Clifford Fobroy   1945 mroregondave (AT) My uncle, still alive, would like to learn more about him
DD-392 Raymond Hanvey S1 1/44-12/45 raymarhan (AT) Would especially like to hear from Jack.Fazio/George.Kaas.
DD-392 Harry (Dean) Hitchcock GM2 1942 to 1945 hitchaz1 (AT) Dean passed away in 2008. E-mail is his son Harry D. Hitchcock, Jr.
DD-392 Joseph J. Hutterer GM3 04/1943 - 03/1946 j.hutterer (AT) My father-looking for someone that knew him and ideally would have pictures to share.Please contact me
DD-392 Harry J. McCleary   12/43-4/45 gjmitchell2 (AT) this information is from my dad's diary... is deceased since 1963
DD-392 Dale McCoy MMC 1937-1943 Ormmac (AT) Dale passed away 8 July 2003; email is son's address.
DD-392 Carl Victor Hugo Miller CTM 9/37 to 3/38 cvmiller21 (AT) My name is Carl Victor Miller. I'm his son. Dad died in November 1949.
DD-392 Cliff Molder RMFC 04/42 to 12/43 robert (AT) e-mail is nephew's address
DD-392 Edward Moore   1939-1942 Deceased Deceased
DD-392 Richard Morales FN3 1942 to 1945 julieluke (AT) My father is 91, and is looking for anyone who served with him.
DD-392 Donald Quigley LT 1941-1945 quigleyd (AT) Deceased 7/6/1997; son's e-mail
DD-392 Elbert (Bud) Smith SON3 6/1941- 11/1943 akadavesmith (AT) my father past a way would like more info
DD-392 Norris Willoughby S1 2/1942 - 11/1944 NorrisWilloughby (AT)  
DE/FF-1061 George Bielkiewicz EM3 6/72 - 01/76 bielki (AT)  
DE/FF-1061 George Dukes HT1 1972-02/74 gdukes (AT) 02/74 Separated to Rhode Island to Retirement
DE/FF-1061 Lee Hendrickson BM3 8/73 - 9/75 beast3782 (AT) would like to hear from the ''old'' gang
DE/FF-1061 Mike Lewis EWC 11/74-6/77 defuniak4 (AT) Once uderway, what a steamer. 6th fleet's Snow White med 76
DE-1061 Henry Almeida RM3 1971 to 1973 ahank911 (AT) Served with great guys , Eddie,Stan,DickFattie,DaveC,DaveM,B
DE-1061 Carl Biehner BTC 1969 to 1971 chief (AT) new email address effective 7/1/05
DE-1061 George Bielkiewicz EM3 6/72-1/76 bielki (AT) Sorry Pete!
DE-1061 Eddie Blanchard RM3 1970-1973 lersman (AT) Great duty until that damn hurricane came along...
DE-1061 Calvin Caudill SM1 1969-1972 joneyc (AT) Looking for plank owners!!!
DE-1061 Larry Charnoski RM2 3/70-2/73 sharkski48 (AT) Plankowner - great guys & what a time in the radio shack...
DE-1061 John Clardy DC2 69 - 71 jaclardy6 (AT)  
DE-1061 David Collins RM2 12/69-1/73 collins (AT) Was on original commissioning crew
DE-1061 Allan Cornell OS2 1970-1973 Accorn (AT) Like to hear from any others. Last saw her in Phila. in 2000
DE-1061 David Duhancik MM3 73-74 Dave_mecheng (AT)  
DE-1061 George Dukes HT1 1972-Feb.1974 gdukes (AT)  
DE-1061 Jon Franklin LT(jg) 11/73-5/75 franklin1907 (AT) Served as EMO then CIC Officer with some good sailors.
DE-1061 Kevin Haas RDM 1970 - 1973 khaas (AT) On board during comm - first radar group. great fun
DE-1061 Jim Hunkele MM3 1/71 - 12/73 woodneye (AT) It was the best of times...Looking for Lt. Big Ernie Davis Lumberton NC
DE-1061 Daniel Hutchinson BM2 11/69-3/72 bmcmretired (AT) Enjoyed tour of duty onboard retired in 89 as MCPO
DE-1061 Paul (Little John) Johnson STG2 6/73-1/77 e_paulj (AT) great experience loved the Med cruises
DE-1061 Edward Jones GMG2 6/73 - 4/78 erjones566 (AT)  
DE-1061 Glenn Luedecke BT 12/74 - 04/75 masegl53 (AT)  
DE-1061 Dave Meisinger RMSN ?/71 - 5/74 davemeisinger (AT) Great bunch of maties & great times.
DE-1061 Jerry Nuttall BT2 1969 to 1973 nuts928 (AT) looking to hear from any other plank owners
DE-1061 Grover M. K. O'Hare MM1 1972-1974 FOF150 (AT)  
DE-1061 Joe Pipcho ET1 1969 - 1973 jpipcho (AT) First Patterson Plankowner. First member to report for Patterson nucleus crew in New Orleans La.
DE-1061 Billy Price MMFN 2/74 - 1/76 BamaBill (AT)  
DE-1061 Ronald Przybelinski MM3 1969-1971 przblnsk (AT) Was on original commissioning
DE-1061 James Rushia STG3 3/70-12/72 jrushia (AT) plank owner, outfitted and commissioned Charleston SC
DE-1061 Tom Saulenas RD2 1970-1972 Saulenas (AT) Spades champ
DE-1061 Dave Smith RM3 1969/1970 cdcdmusic1 (AT) The shack was a lot of fun...great guys....dave smith
DE-1061 Joe Sparks FN 1974 to 1975 oldheartedman (AT) Went on board in Nov. 1972 and steped off on July 1975. Worked in the boiler room and mess decks.
DE-1061 Tom Sutton HT3 3/72-3/74 emerson (AT)  
DE-1061 Stan Uber RM2 01/70-11/73 saru99 (AT)  
DE-1061 James Wardlaw RM3 1969-1971 jameswardlaw0601 (AT) Plankowner-enjoyed time with shipmates-on usspattyboat,great band-was honorary manager (i could play/sing)
FF-1061 T. J. Appell PN3 06/80-02/83 sfdnumber51 (AT) Let's get together and have a party
FF-1061 Carl Biehner BTC 69-71 chief (AT) Plank owner Looking for Kraut mm1 or any other shipmates.
FF-1061 James Blackman E-4 06/77 -09/80 Jamestblackman (AT)  
FF-1061 William Brazill SH2 12/76 - 9/80 bbrazill (AT)  
FF-1061 Bill Burdon CAPT 4/76-8/78 Ooink (AT) LT (SUPPO) while onboard
FF-1061 Dennis Carmichael HT2 11/83 - 12/85 bootcarmichael (AT)  
FF-1061 Robert Clay, Jr. BTFN 6/76 - 9/79 bobclay1 (AT)  
FF-1061 John Cordeiro ET3 88-91 (decom) Patriotfan (AT)  
FF-1061 Jack Corle ET3 1/71-1/73 papjack (AT) hay pipcho,sklinka,chief gentleman, polchapeck,jablonski where are you guys
FF-1061 Gilbert Costello MS2 11/79 - 06/83 gilbertcostello (AT) Defining times in my life that I cherish !
FF-1061 Charlie Derrick OS3 11/73-7/75 charliederrick (AT) Last saw her in Philly in 1996. Brought back great memories.
FF-1061 Mike Duffy Lt 74-75 michael.duffy (AT) First of many Destroyer tours
FF-1061 Jason (Craig) Erb DC2 09/90-08/91 craig (AT) Decomed the Patty in 8/91
FF-1061 Alan Feiertag FTG2 1977 to 1980 adf5 (AT) Great crew and memories. Enjoyed the Med and North Atlantic Cruises.
FF-1061 Richard Fisher FA/E-2 8/90-decom newbnman (AT) Worked as BT
FF-1061 Richard Galecki LCDR 12/82 to 6/92 rmgalecki (AT) Captain, USNR (Retired), July 2004
FF-1061 James Genest MM3 06/75-10/77 jgenest (AT)  
FF-1061 Kevin Hermey HMC 01/90 - 10/91 khermey (AT) Finest Frigate in the Freet!
FF-1061 Michael Holzberg BT3 1978 - 1980 mholz34666 (AT) Proud Ship-great crew-amazing times,travels & stories-N Atlantic,Black Sea Russian Coast,Blue Nose-email
FF-1061 Ricky Hughes ET3 6/81 to 6/83 rvhughdog (AT)  
FF-1061 Patrick Hughes OS2 5/78 - 8/81 (AT) The best times of my life. Miss you guys!
FF-1061 George Hunnicutt SA 07/81-08/82 glhunn (AT) have fond memories of being on board please contact
FF-1061 Mark Jaeger BT2 1980-1982 mark259 (AT) We are planning a get together
FF-1061 Tom Kennedy EM2 1973-1976 tkennedy936 (AT) Gone but not forgotten! - Let's get a reunion together !
FF-1061 Rich Kornacki ET2 10/84-9/88 rkornacki (AT) Had some great friends, miss you guys!
FF-1061 Richard Kuchcinski IC2 5/72 to 6/75 Rwkuchcinski (AT)  
FF-1061 Robert Lee LT Jun 75- Sep 78 bobbea103 (AT)  
FF-1061 Tom Leitch MMC 1990 - decom the1senior (AT)  
FF-1061 Thomas Luter CDR 1974 to 1976 tluter (AT) Commanding Officer
FF-1061 Thomas Mathews SKC 1972 to 1976 t3putt (AT)  
FF-1061 Antoine Matters EN1 1986 to 1991 amatters568 (AT) worked hard and enjoyed the travel and sea time. miss it very much, lead, follow or stand clear
FF-1061 Bob Mauldin BT2 1983-1986 bandb (AT)  
FF-1061 Michael McClung MM3 10/76-1978 dutymm (AT) Main Control. Lower Level & Throttles. Standing by to answer all bells.
FF-1061 Harry Milakeve BT2 6/79-8/81 harrymil (AT) great friends, good old Patty Boat
FF-1061 Johnnie (Monty) Montgomery HT2 11/75 to 11/78 johnreb1992 (AT) Looking for shipmates. Anyone remember me in repair divison HT Shop? Div Off LTGray then LT Duffy
FF-1061 Tim Morrissey E-3 86-88 tmolesee (AT)  
FF-1061 William Ostroff TM2(SW) 1981 to 1984 wto710 (AT)  
FF-1061 Mark Ostroff BT3 09/79-7/82 mostroff1 (AT)  
FF-1061 Gary Pavao MM2 81-83 snipes36 (AT) Is that recovery ship here yet? Fix that Evap yet?
FF-1061 David Priest BT2 79-83 sandandsea71 (AT)  
FF-1061 Glenn Pruden LT(jg) 10/72 - 4/75 glenn.pruden (AT) Communications Officer
FF-1061 Jeremiah Rice ETN2 7/80-5/81 brew14jer (AT)  
FF-1061 Paul G. Richards DCC(SW) 1990-1991 gwen462 (AT)  
FF-1061 Laurent (Frenchie) Riendeau MM3 1977 to 1980 poohbear1958 (AT) Had a great time. Didn't know how good I had it.
FF-1061 Edward Roldan MM2 03/84 to 06/97 erolddan_13 (AT)  
FF-1061 Jim Roman EM3 1986 to 1989 jk_roman (AT) I remember all the good times and friends!
FF-1061 Luis Rosario MM3 12/78-11/81 lrosariol (AT) Retired and living the life!
FF-1061 Steven Schmitt FC1 1985-1989 ziggyhd1 (AT)  
FF-1061 David Shiver IC2 6/74-8/77 dmshiver (AT)  
FF-1061 Tim Skibo BT2 1987 - 1989 vze33bwk (AT)  
FF-1061 Sam Sneed YNC(SW) 08/89-decom bblanco103 (AT)  
FF-1061 Donald Taylor LT 1989-1990 dtaylor55 (AT) Weapons Officer
FF-1061 Harber Thurman BT2 08/77 to 08/81 tharber1 (AT)  
FF-1061 John Tokarewich LT 03/86 - 09/88 krowmaet1 (AT) Commo & 1st LT. Good ship, great crew.
FF-1061 Charles Turbanic LT 1976 to 1979 turbanic (AT)  
FF-1061 Chris Tuter E-4 1980-82 ctuter (AT) Stationed in Mayport,FL 1980-82
FF-1061 Michael Vanderschaaf BMC 1975-1977 msuperchief2000 (AT)  
FF-1061 John Wahking OSCS 10/77 - 4/79 wahking (AT)  
FF-1061 Eddie Walsh BT2 1977-1980 ew179 (AT) i had a great on the patty boat
FF-1061 Tracy Warfel LT(jg) 12/87 - 10/90 panther258 (AT)  
FF-1061 Barry Weinzimmer OS1 1972 to 1977 barry (AT) I would do it all over again!
FF-1061 Jack Welsh ICFN 77-80 wm23bee (AT)  
FF-1061 Rob Whippple BM3 1975 to 1978 whip423 (AT) Anybody remember the new navy!
FF-1061 Jim White BM1 1989-decom boatsj15 (AT)  
FF-1061 Gary Whitehead PNC 8/80 - 5/83 gmwnavy (AT)  
FF-1061 Jeff Wilkey BT2 1977 to1980 jeffwilkey (AT) Stumbled on to this site,would like to hear from old friends
FF-1061 Maurice Wilson BM3 81-83 DABOOTLEGEXPRESS (AT) Remember the Red Sea vacation. Fish, fish and mo fish.

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