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225 Kyle Charles Shubert   11/01/41 to 03/01/42 voxx (AT) POW at Japanese Prison Camp at Makassar-wrote a book about it-like to get back in touch with my buddies.
DD-225 W. L. (Bill) Allen     dennisallen71 (AT) My father Bill Allen served on the USS Pope and later a POW.
DD-225 Richard Antrim LT 1942 cvantrim (AT) He was on the pope when it was sank. And then in charge of he men in the P.w. Camp.
DD-225 William L. Benson LT 02/1936 to 04/1937 bensops5177 (AT) Second Pope tour. Retored RADM. Deceased 01-23-1991 AlexVA
DD-225 Marilyn Brown     marilynjbrown (AT) Have pics of shipmates in lifeboats being rescued/captured by Japanese-happy to email copies-USS Pope in subj
DD-225 Alexander Washington Bryan     brandisbryan (AT) My grandfather was aboard this ship & a POW-I'm very interested in learning more info about day of the attack
DD-225 Val Burgess SN3 1942 vburgess (AT) Researcher with suitcase of letters frm families of POWs that went down on ship-would like to contact families.
DD-225 Jamie Curtismith     curtismith (AT) Grandfather-James Berry Rohletter POW
DD-225 Howard Davis   ?-1942 tstieb (AT) My uncle was only one killed before ship sank. Any info.?
DD-225 Joseph Martin Dekreon S2 12/8/41 to 3/1/42 Rjh20062 (AT) My Uncle Joe from Marseilles, IL-he was a Navy career man, serving from 1941 to 1964.
DD-225 Andrew (Andy) Eaton TM2 00/00 - 3/1/1942 adardh (AT) My father-contacted by a granddaughter of another survivor of USS Pope & prison camp at Makasser Celebes.
DD-225 Roger Vilhelm Eriksson SN/engineer to 3/1/42 - POW jveviking (AT) Are thereany survivors remaining - looking for any history
DD-225 Victor William Estes S2 WWII darlindebbie_2000 (AT) I am the granddaughter of Victor and I was hoping that someone here might remember him.
DD-225 Joseph Fallucca CPO ? 1941-Till it sunk lfallucca (AT) My dad-Captured 1942-45-died 12/30/1987. If anyone has any stories please E-mail me.....Larry Fallucca
DD-225 James Fortner MM1 12/39-3/42 willielee317 (AT) He died in 89-seeking any info of his time as pow-are there any written accounts of sinking & capture?
DD-225 Robert (Red) Gillins MM1 12/41- 5/42 howdude (AT) My Uncle was a POW from USS Pope crew & died 5/45 (AT) POW camp
DD-225 Albert Haas   1941 - 1942 chrisnbriansmom (AT) Aboard when it was sunk-spnt 3 1/2yrs Makassar POW Camp-Recently died-fam int in learning about navy exp.
DD-225 Ashael Ives   3/32 - 6/34 garbaby00 (AT) Grandson of shipmate, would like to know more
DD-225 Robin Litchfield GM2   RobinLitchfield (AT) My Uncle Arthur Joseph Litchfield was taken POW and died while in camp.
DD-225 Donald Mathews ? 1942 judy (AT) My father-died in 1996-anyone out there knew or remember? was a POW with Japanese in Jakarta or Celebes.
DD-225 William D. Maxwell CMM 1939 to 1942 mmp2148 (AT) My Dad died 6/29/94-proud of his service & sacrifices for his country-would have loved to participate in this website.
DD-225 John Henry 'Jack' Miller SC2 41-42 Millerjoel (AT) I am a nephew. Uncle Jack is an MIA.
DD-225 Carl Mills Water Tender   Maddviking (AT) I am his son and am looking for any information. Thank you.
DD-225 Alexander Moraski   ? til sunk 1942 slinkewicz (AT) My uncle Alec was onboard when Pope was sunk
DD-225 Phillip Nagele   3/1/42 rhondalowenhaupt (AT) My uncle-USS Pope survivor-POW in Japanese camp-never spoke about it-would like to hear more.
DD-225 William Penninger SKC/PA 12/40-03/42 pennin (AT) Asiatic Fleet all lost but 3 ships,( while America forgot )
DD-225 William Seward EM3 1938 - 1942 seward 2291 (AT) I'm still alive.
DD-225 Ralph Sheedy WT1 est. 1939-3/1/42 when sunk smglawson (AT) Mom's husband, taken into captivit after sinking 3/1/1942, died in POW camp, Celebes, March 1945.
DD-225 Robert Sheehan   4/42 Dmaag55 (AT) My uncle-died in the 70s-in a POW camp after ship was sunk (never spoke about it)-know nothing of his exps
DD-225 Kyle Charles Shubert   11/01/41 to 03/01/42 voxx (AT) My father served onboard-survived the sinking,then POW-have written my father's memoir-email me
DD-225 Richard Sikkema   2/42-3/42 joyceslone (AT) My uncle was on the ship for only a few days before it went down. POW until 1945. he is now 98 (as of May, 2016. He dictated a 2 CD summary of his time on board and as a POW. Amazing information.
DD-225 Arthur (Chick) Singleton AD3 1941-3/1/1942 jjag502in (AT)  
DD-225 Joe Sisk SN2 1941- 1942 michealsisk (AT) my dad was on the pope when sunk 31/2 years he is still alive
DD-225 Linda Smith   11/41 - 2/42 smithlinda34 (AT) Interested in any info regarding my father, Stacy Hugh Smith; and experiences of those aboard the USS Pope
DD-225 Bill Smith     bill.smith.200 (AT) Looking for stories about Pope crew's experiences as POWs
DD-225 Murrel Temple     bcouncil101 (AT) I am his daughter. would like to read about his ship mates
DD-225 James Tibbetts RM2 1938-1940 sparks (AT) Don't believe many 4-stacker crewmen left
DD-225 William (Ike) Wilson   1941-42 wrightpress (AT) I am researching William R. Wilson and would like to know how he spent the POW time.
DD-255 Charles J. Talbot BMC 02/42 Cary49v (AT) My wife's father was aboard during the Battle of the Java Sea when she went down March 1st 1942
DE-134 Donald Austin ENS 1942 - 43? connect4business2014 (AT) My Dad-onboard when she went down in Java Sea-rescued by Japanese & put in prison camp in Phillipines
DE-134 Stilman Bowden   43-44 Inspctgeo (AT) My father in law talk alot of his ship-always brings a smile on his face-he was a baker not sure of the post he watch
DE-134 Leonard Colley Chief SK 1943-1944 keithcolley (AT) Served during U-505 capture; chief storekeeper, any pictures or memories?
DE-134 Colin Doig S1 1943-1945 annnolandoig (AT) Colin served aboard the Pope during the capture of the U505
DE-134 James Ford     mwhitman21 (AT) My grandfather-he's been talking alot about the ship & how they captured U-boat that is now on display in Chicago.
DE-134 Ashton Garrett GM3 1943-1945 mgarrett893 (AT)  
DE-134 William Goeckel   1945 wggoeckel (AT) Father William F. Goeckel served aboard when Davis was sunk.
DE-134 Roy Greathouse PO1   jrg.greathouse (AT)  
DE-134 Edward B. Hollingsworth Lt. Cmdr. 1943-1944 hollingsworth5123 (AT) My father-died in 1998-was Gunnery Officer onboard during the U505 action. I am Douglas, his son.
DE-134 Fred Kadatz GM/Cook 1943-1944 Sherlock1130 (AT) My father-died 1986-onboard when it captured German U-505-German sailors so happy they kissed the deck.
DE-134 Frederick Karl SN1 1942-1944 mpicker5 (AT) My father served WW2 when 515 was sunk & U505 was captured-served w/22.3 task force with USS Guadal Canal
DE-134 Diane Maag - Sheehan   1942 Diane.maag (AT) Hoping to contact Joyce Stone-mentioned CDs from relative who recorded exp on USS Pope & as a POW. TY
DE-134 Janet Sullivan Whitehead Chief 1942 jwhitehead (AT) Father was Charles W. Sullivan POW in Japanese Camp.

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