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DD682 Ed Gagg MM2 1951 to 1953 idaed (AT)  
DD-682 Mel Adkins SM3 1963 - 1966 tc1966sailor (AT) many a wave for the brave skivie wavers,on this grayhound
DD-682 Murvin Allen CS3 6/60-6/62 A5SHAR (AT)  
DD-682 John Altfeltis SM3 1965-1966 downnwind (AT) Fletcher Class Destroyer, a true greyhound of the sea
DD-682 Dewey (Andy) Anderson FT2 1958 to 1960 deweyanderson (AT)  
DD-682 Leo Armenta GMG3 1965 to 1969 lwarmenta (AT) Mt captain MT3.great ship great crew.
DD-682 Roland Armstrong STG1 1967-1967 roland11 (AT) Looking for some shipmates onboard while in Vietnam
DD-682 Michael Ary RD3 1967 to 1969 mgary27 (AT) All shipmates who sailed with me.
DD-682 Francis (Frank) Audano RD3 Nov.65 to Dec.67 audano (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew - Bad War - It's Over Now - God Bless
DD-682 Joe Ausmus FN 65-67 jausmus (AT)  
DD-682 Charles (Chuck) Baker BMSN 12/59-7/60 bettiechuck (AT) Retired as Senior Chief in Seabees in 1993
DD-682 James Balkema SK2 Supply 2/58 to 2/60 james_balkema (AT)  
DD-682 James Ballinger BT3 2/56 - 6/59 gpajbb (AT)  
DD-682 John Banks GMG2 06/72 to 05/68 jm91047banks (AT) Wasn't there long, but loved every minute.
DD-682 Rudy Barber MM3 04/51-12/52 rudybarber (AT) Looking for photos and correspondence from fellow shipmates
DD-682 Everett Bartlett DC3 68-Thru decom Efrizzenlock (AT)  
DD-682 Toby R. Barton RM3 11/65 to 11/68 tbarton92 (AT) Good site. Looking for old mates. Especially from 66 & 67 WESTPACs. Email me.
DD-682 John Bartosiewicz SFP3 Aug 68 thru Decom jbarto1 (AT)  
DD-682 Robert Baughan CDR/CO 4/51-6/52 bbaughan77 (AT) My first command!
DD-682 Paul Bengtson TM2 1964 to 1965 paulcheryl67 (AT) Glad to be 'on-board'
DD-682 Barry L. Bennett ETN3 8/68-4/70 bennett07 (AT) Last WESPAC tour to Vietnam thru decommissioning, mothball fleet
DD-682 James D. Bennett MM3 Feb1965 - June 1967 jbennett (AT) Larry Howell I saw your name in the shipmates registry
DD-682 John Berchild ENS 12/65 - 6/66 Jdberchild (AT) Deck officer, Vietnam Nam
DD-682 Larry Berger MM 1957-1961 l-stroud (AT)  
DD-682 William Bluhm FT1 3/56 to 1/57 wlbluhm (AT) Great times, I still have the yearbooks for the cruises.
DD-682 David Boo E-4 1965-1967 davidcboo (AT) Radarman
DD-682 Larry Bopp SN 1968-1969 BOPP104 (AT) miss the old crew
DD-682 Edward (Bos) Bosler RD3 6/66 - 10/69 kingboz (AT) I have '67and '68-'69 westpac cruise books. 'What Duck?'
DD-682 John Bosler FN 1968 - 1969 kristinebosler (AT) We would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew my Father
DD-682 William Boyd MM2 1964 1967 nadieb8 (AT) forward engine room
DD-682 Erle Breece CM3 8/43-1/46 eebreece (AT) My Dad's information
DD-682 Carl Breshears FN 1952-1954 beshears (AT) Old buddies...please email me
DD-682 Gene Brick GM2 8/45-1/46 embrick (AT) Put ship into mothballs in San Diego. Great crew!
DD-682 Kenneth Brogdon   1966 - 1970 kennyfox_47 (AT) Would like to hear from all my shipmates.
DD-682 James O. Bronstad FC2 10/30/1943-2/15/46 bronstad1925 (AT) old shipmates please email me when possible
DD-682 Mike Brown LT(jg) 60-62 goneashore2 (AT) 1st Lieutenant, then Weapons Officer
DD-682 C. W. (Bill) Brown PO2 2/58-12/60 cwbillbrown (AT)  
DD-682 Arthur J. (Jim) Browning SK3 6/64 - 5/66 browningaj (AT) Went back into reserves-ret as Sr Ch-shipmates contact me-suggest looking at
DD-682 John Buchanan SM2 1963-1965 jbuch12 (AT)  
DD-682 Kenneth Buehrle MM3 8/68 to 9/69 Mrfixit1515 (AT) I remember
DD-682 Burtchie Bumbalough BT3/BT2 66-69 burtchie66 (AT) aft fire room
DD-682 Richard Busby SS unknown medic-buz (AT) Trying to get info for my father. Will get dates soon.
DD-682 James [Butts] Butler GMGSN 7/63 to 11/66 BUTTS1144 (AT)  
DD-682 Jim Campbell BT3 67-69 jwc46 (AT) slaved in aft fire room
DD-682 Howard Campbell   1954 - 1958 forhilderbrand (AT) I am looking for ANY photos of my dad or the ship he was on. Please contact me.
DD-682 Dale Carroll SK3 8/60 to 6/62 dalecarroll2 (AT) Looking for cruise book from Nov 60 to April 61 cruise
DD-682 Michael Casillas IC2 1963 to1966 casillasmj (AT) Looking forward to reunion in Denver in 2015
DD-682 Lorne Cass BMSN 1961-1963 lococass (AT) Looking for John Wiley, or anyone else from this time...
DD-682 Larry J. Cate GMG2 63-65 lcatesr (AT) GMGC USN Ret. Anyone that knew me get in touch God Bless.
DD-682 Larry J. Cate Sr. GMG2 62-65 lcatesr. (AT) A fond hello to all the Shipmates
DD-682 Larry J. Cate, Sr. GMG2 1962-65 lcatesr (AT) Any person that knew me please E-Mail me. God Bless
DD-682 Don Cauley LT(jg) 10/63-9/65 fooosh (AT) I reported aboard for duty to Michael Jeremy' Boorda - a good friend and great officer! See several familiar names!
DD-682 David Charles ICFN 2/69 - 7/69 dcharles3240 (AT) On decommissioning crew
DD-682 Tom Chase BM3 8/63-8/67 tomitom7 (AT) I have cruise book. Retired as BMC
DD-682 S. Ed Chupp GM1 8/43-11/45 samuelchupp (AT) Gun captain on mount 5 Welcome email from shipmates.
DD-682 Mike Church LT(jg) 8/67-8/69 mikechurch (AT)  
DD-682 James Clark IC2 1966 to decom info (AT)  
DD-682 Jack Clarke ICFN 1961 kg7za (AT) Looking for Ic gang members
DD-682 Glen Clifton STG3 3/65-11/66 gmc-mkc (AT) Like to correspond with old shipmates
DD-682 George Coenen ETR2 3/63-3/66 viejopedor (AT) Spent my whole enlistment on Porterfield. Good ship
DD-682 John Connelly RM3 54-56 harborclub1 (AT)  
DD-682 Jack Corcoran BM3 1959 to 1963 mick2659 (AT) I'm hosting 2009 reunion of Balch-Porterfield Assoc-Chgo.,IL.9/27-10/3-all shipmates/all yrs.
DD-682 Charles Cottrell SM2 1964-67 dcottrell (AT) My brother. Would like to hear from shipmates who knew him.
DD-682 Robert Cox FC(M)2 8/43 - 1/46 cobbox (AT) Served on Pre-Comission Detail in building(Beth.ship/San Pedro) to Postwar
DD-682 Bill Cromwell RM3 1965-1969 billcrom (AT)  
DD-682 Richard Cross RM3 1960-1964 rccross33662 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DD-682 Matt Davis GMG3 1968-1969 hotrod48 (AT) Worked Mount 53 and 54 and small arms trainer
DD-682 Michael DeMonte MM2 1954 to 1956 mcd9660 (AT) Like to hear from Keutzer MM2, Ferguson MM2. & Merly FN
DD-682 William Dennie FTCG 10/55-7/59 dennie54 (AT) Memorable experience visit to Sydney Australia
DD-682 Jim Devin MM3 5/68-10/69 jimdevin (AT) Would like to hear from crew members I served with.
DD-682 Robert (Bob) DeYoe SM3 1960 to 1963 cricket (AT) Spent Easter of 60 in TJ jail-2nd Div BM took up collection for bail-ship sent a sonarman bail me out.
DD-682 John Dillman E-3 1969 JackBonus (AT) The task of putting the girl to rest, was on the decommission crew
DD-682 John Durfey FTSN 4/59-5/62 DURFjp (AT) Good memories
DD-682 Peter Dutton MM2 1959-1960 PeteNVivien (AT)  
DD-682 Donellis Ellis TN2 1944 - 45 cd2ells (AT) great ship, great crew
DD-682 Billy Engle BT3 1968 to decom waterman (AT) on board from 'A' school and on decom crew
DD-682 Roy Enriquez HM1 1963-1965 rrfenriquez (AT) retired as HMCM-P-FIELD was best duty for an independent duty corpsman-great memories of outstanding crew
DD-682 Robert Epling SKC 1961-1962 repling (AT)  
DD-682 Gary R . Essig SH3 Nov. 61 -May 65 nitewolf (AT) Was ships store operator. Looking for Bob Habinyak &Anyone
DD-682 John Fenech MMFN approx 1/62 to 6/62 jpf1004 (AT)  
DD-682 Ron Ferguson RM3 1/67 - 11/67 thunderguitar (AT)  
DD-682 Everett Fielding MM2 1964-1966 eefielding (AT) Great memories of a great crew
DD-682 Patrick J. Fisher PN April 51 - April 53 clfisher (AT) Worked in ships office
DD-682 Jim Flanigan RD2 1967-decom jpflan (AT) Hot'ling, Whitehead, ''Bos''; RMs and OK J. Campbell?, Snipes
DD-682 Sam J. Fogler WT1 1943-1946 sfogler (AT)  
DD-682 Oscar Forbes SH3 1958 to 1961 res0wree (AT) Some of you might remember me as the ship's barber.
DD-682 George Forstner BT2 6/62-9/62 gforstner (AT)  
DD-682 Charlie France CS3 4/53 - 6/54 hfrance (AT)  
DD-682 Charles L. Gifford RM3 8/64 to 5/66 saiga (AT)  
DD-682 Walter Glemba E-5 1958 to 1960 sakref (AT) Nickname by the E gang was known as George
DD-682 Donald Godfrey LT(jg) 1958 - 1960 sciolistla (AT) ASW / ''F'' Division Officer
DD-682 Bob Gossett MM2 Nov 62 - Aug 65 bob_gossett (AT) Looking for old shipmate Charlie Clark MM3 from La.
DD-682 Harold Grems LT July 65 - April 68 haroldg (AT)  
DD-682 Paul Griffin QM3 10/63-10/65 GINNEY1127 (AT) Had a great 2 years on board
DD-682 William Grimm RDSN 1959 to 1960 WPEYTON (AT) This is my corrected information.
DD-682 Benjamin Gurule GM3 3/53-1/56 ben_gurule (AT) Like to contact anyone aboard during this time-2 Jones (1 a GMSN?,oth a GM2) or anyone else aboard
DD-682 Don Hall TM3 02/62-02/64 oac_aac (AT) Removed MK 15 torpedo mount---POOW on QTRDK 22 Nov, 63
DD-682 Van Hardesty GMGSN 1965 to 1966 ks_eazy1 (AT) WOW... What a ride that was. I'd do it over again and just for the kicks another time.
DD-682 William Harper PO3 1965-1969 sbhdawn (AT) Stationed in San Diego. I'm from Port Arthur, TX. Was commisaryman, B Div. Trying to locate Capt. Brees from 1967-969 when I was discharged.
DD-682 Neal Harris SM 9- 59 - 11-60 rgcowles (AT)  
DD-682 Bill Harris EM2 1963 to 1965 billgharris (AT) Great Memories with JFK'S on the pier. WestPac Cruise 1964-65
DD-682 C. W. (Bill) Harrison CAPT 1960-1961 soconnor2455 (AT) Passed away on July 14,2006 (I'm his son-inlaw)
DD-682 James C. Hawke BM3   HAWKEYE2 (AT) MLECMN.NET  
DD-682 Fred Hegel MM3 60-62 fred117 (AT) anybody ever hear from Trent, Guinny, or Bob Canoso 60-62
DD-682 James F. Hildebrand SN 1957 1959 pepperjake (AT) His friend Jake Huffer, Jim has no cp
DD-682 Harold Hill BT3 65-68 Btchhill (AT) Fwd/Aft firerooms remember R.J.Rose/Randall BYRD/Danny Farmer/Skyler/Bt1 Lewis
DD-682 Gene Houghtaling RD3 7/68-decom ERRN95 (AT) waiting to hear from fat cat
DD-682 Jimmie Houser SH3 1953 to 1955 flh5540 (AT)  
DD-682 Emmett Hoyt RD3 1967-68 elhoyt (AT) Good ship.
DD-682 Robert Hudson BM3 3/51-5/51 bobnan (AT) Pre com det to commissioning 2nd div-left for sub duty-
DD-682 Steve Huenemeier ETR2 11/66 - 8/69 hunmir (AT) 1968-69 Cruise the ship went up a river to complete NGFS mission (late '69?)-anyone have info about this event?
DD-682 Robert Huffman RM2 9/52-3/56 bobhuff1 (AT) One of the best times of my life serving on ther Porterfield
DD-682 Richard Hyland QM3 1960-1962 rhyland (AT)  
DD-682 Grant Jensen   1964-1968 tristajensen (AT) this is my dad. i'd love to hear from anyone who knew him.
DD-682 Randall Johnson EM3 1968-decom RKJ2291 (AT) Would like to hear from ship mates.
DD-682 Harry 'Johnny' Johnson EM1 Aug 43 - mothballed 46 hjjessco (AT) Gyro Compass Electrician. MyBestFriend - 'Doggie' Henderson
DD-682 Don Johnson FTG3 12/64 to 6/66 donanddianajohnson (AT) Served on the mess deck, then the magazines, then in the gunmounts, then the Fire Control Director and Plot
DD-682 Donald Jones RM2 5/63-1964 dj1249 (AT) Corley, Cross, Peck, Brandon, Dickie, et all where are you?
DD-682 Mike Judd ETN2 1961-1964 mrjudd (AT) My first ship in a thirty year career, still in touch with some shipmates of the era.
DD-682 Bob Julian IC2 1956 to 1959 indyjulio (AT)  
DD-682 Lawrence Kalakauskis BT3 Nov. 57 - Oct. 60 kalskibb62 (AT)  
DD-682 James J. Kennedy GM3 Dec.65 to Aug.67 jim-kennedy (AT)  
DD-682 Donald Keutzer MM2 1954-1955 www.w9nyu2 (AT)  
DD-682 Daniel Kilcrease SM2 12/54-3/59 jackkilcrease (AT)  
DD-682 Jack Kilcrease SM2 12/17/54-3/9/59 jackkilcrease (AT) Retired USN April 1975 From Recruiting Duty
DD-682 Harold Kline GM3 1958 to 1960 butchy682 (AT) Had a good time and made 3 trips overseas.
DD-682 Paul (Dudley) Korf FT2 6/52 to 3/55 dudkorf (AT) Pride of the Pacific
DD-682 Robert Koyn FN 5/67 to 10/68 vjk 1228 (AT) RJ Rose named me the dumbass reserve-great times & mates in aft fireroom. Feel free to call me at 314-306-5347
DD-682 Larry Landis STG2 1966 to 1969 blulandlari (AT) larry sietz, max steickert are you out there?
DD-682 Phil Lane MM1 1953-1957 philphran (AT)  
DD-682 Edward LeBlanc FP2 10/51-6/55 clubed1 (AT) old shipmates send me an E mail
DD-682 Nebert (Frenchie) Lejeune MM3 6/61- 4/65 nlejeune (AT) would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-682 John Lesniak     medic173rdabn (AT) or 507-455-2375 James Bennet served onboard-he has Diabetes-can anyone help with his VA claim-call me or Jim 507-451-4535
DD-682 John Louden RM2 1960 to 1964 jklouden (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates from this era
DD-682 Neil Lovell LT(jg) 08/67-09/69 Nlovell818 (AT) Served with some really good Men in the weapons dept. aboard the Porterfield
DD-682 Wayne Lowery SN 8/60-4/61 0hara8272 (AT) She was the best ship I served on.
DD-682 Mike Lundy RD2 1/62 to 9/65 bmlundy6789 (AT) Always remember the good times and well, might as well remember the rest, least we forget!
DD-682 Sam Maddox SN 1/60-11/61 sjmaddox (AT)  
DD-682 Wardell Manns SSN 1967-1967 rdf327 (AT) I worked in the forward engine room
DD-682 Ray Martis OM3 1/65 thru 7/67 ray.martis (AT) Ouartermaster and ships helms for special detail.
DD-682 Raymond Martis QM3 1/65-7/67 ray.martis (AT)  
DD-682 Phillip Mather ET3 1955-1958 bmather (AT) Nickname Butch From Missouri
DD-682 Sterling McNeill PN3 10/63 - 10/65 mcneill44 (AT)  
DD-682 Bill Mellor MM3 65 - 69 WMELLOR (AT) MAIL CITY.COM Hi Guys
DD-682 Doug Merritt MM3 8/66-decom 209-634-2432 worked in forward engine room
DD-682 ''Mashie'' Mihalko MM2 11/65-12/67 mashie57 (AT) FER,''Water King'',AER still Car Crazy
DD-682 Willie Millsaps BT3 1965 to 1969 wencm (AT)  
DD-682 Scott Morse ETN3 1966-1968 sk_morse (AT) 2 1/2 West Pac Cruises
DD-682 Harold (Sam) Moye SF 07/63-02/64 sam_moye (AT) Retired in 1982 as a HTCS
DD-682 Ronald Noel BT2 11/63 - 7/65 rnoel01 (AT) Got a swap with BT 2 James just before WesPac cruise in '65. Like to hear from o'shipmates.
DD-682 Patrick Noonan Midshipman 3/c 7/61-9/61 papanoon (AT) Cruise on ship was important to me-taught us the Navy is built on the backs of sailors-was better div off for it.
DD-682 Roy Norris MM2 43-44 wnorris0458 (AT) My Father ''to the best of his recolection''
DD-682 Christ Norris RM1 3/51 - 10/54 cdmcguyer (AT) The Big Greek says hi to all
DD-682 Roy Osborne FN 68-decom in 69 bigman4852 (AT) Served on Evaporator crew with Lesh and Paxton
DD-682 Larry Patterson ET3 1960-1962 JIGGS65 (AT) Let me know who's out there
DD-682 Donald Pennington RD3 1956 to 1957 don1leah1 (AT) Like to here from shipmates
DD-682 Gerald Picus E-2 9/65 to 4/66 jaypicus (AT)  
DD-682 Frank Pierce FTG2 8/63 - 10/65 frank (AT) Call (208-238-1308) or email (Hi Butts!)
DD-682 Gary Pitts SFP3 7/56. 5/60 Garydee2 (AT) aol .com Had many good times with Carlton b Allen and would like to know if he is still with us ?
DD-682 Glenn Prater RD3 10/53-12/54 prater (AT)  
DD-682 Johnson Randall EM3 1968 to 1969 salty.n.pepper (AT)  
DD-682 Gerald Reichwald Navigator? 1967-1968? kabeeny (AT) I'm 1 of 4 of his son's hoping to talk with anyone who knew him. Please email.
DD-682 James Rindin ENS 1951-1953 jrindin (AT) Made O6 in 1973 and retired in 1982
DD-682 Jon Roberts SO3 1955-1957 pj1471 (AT) Served on her fromm 55-57-Australia, Formosa Patrol, Westpac
DD-682 Gaylen Robison GMSN 9/56-7/60 robisongang (AT) It's been a good life. Anybody got a 57 & 58 cruise book?
DD-682 Gary Rogers SFP3 11/66 to 3/68 grogers15D (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates. I'm looking for Paul Lewis BT1.
DD-682 Art Saenger BM2/E-5 1965-1968 alshopechest635221 (AT) I served on board the USS Porterfield DD 682 from 1965-1968.
DD-682 Brian E. Sams MM3 4/65-9/68 mrub211 (AT)  
DD-682 Isidor Sanchez   1951 to 1955 midnightandme4 (AT) My father-looking for 2 shipmates-Predo Arredondo & Nemico(?) Romeronew him as Manuel Sanchez & wife Mary.
DD-682 Alois Schmidt BM3 1954-1959 apschmidt2 (AT)  
DD-682 Rick Schmitz RD3 5/60 to 7/61 rschmitz02 (AT) Like to hear from anyone serving on board at that time
DD-682 Donald (Don) Schwebel YN2 8/65 to 10/68 Donschwebel (AT) Would love to hear fr anyone. Have talked to mike Castillo., buddy Star , corado lutz. Please keep in touch.
DD-682 Richard Selvig SN 1965 to 1968 reselvig (AT) good crew. I went to vietnam 65 66 67.
DD-682 Michael Sherwood RD2 10/54 - 10/56 smichael1 (AT)  
DD-682 Jerry Siemens FTG3 1968/1969 siemens (AT) Good crew, good times. We are fortunate!!
DD-682 James W. Siler, Jr. BT3 6/1964 - 6/1966 jwsilerbtc (AT)  
DD-682 Elmer (John) Slaughter RD2 1967 to 1968 radarman204 (AT) Picked up ship at Okinawa waited two days, hard luck right?
DD-682 Robert Smith CS2 12/54-12/55 gmagpasmith (AT)  
DD-682 Donald Stabler FCT3 3/51-10/54 donaldstabler (AT) Recommissioning to November 51
DD-682 William Stancill WTR3 12/43-12/45 edwardsm (AT) nickname ''ten acres'' 3574 Old Creek Road, Greenville, NC 2783
DD-682 Howard F. Starr EN3 8/65 - 9/68 buddystarr (AT) HI to all my shipmates would like to here from anyone from this time frame
DD-682 Herbert Steigers EM3 1945 to 1946 ESTEIGERS (AT)  
DD-682 Ray Stikeleather RD2 1/51 10/6/54 raystike (AT) great crew. join our reunion listed uss balch/porterfield.
DD-682 David Stinnett FTSN 1967 to1968 candosuccess (AT) looking for fat nelly
DD-682 Harold Stone   6/43-6/45 kathyolufs (AT) This is my Daddy who passed on 12/9/04. God Bless You All!
DD-682 Robert Stout   59-62 Ezavala201 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates that served between 59-62
DD-682 Chester D. Stratton MM2 1954-55-56 chetsuewindy (AT)  
DD-682 Richard (Dick) Syslo MM3 1964-1968 dickpolsyslo (AT) Aft. Eng. Rm. Would like to have pictures of old crew. Have 66 Cruise Book
DD-682 Robert Tagg QM/E-5 9/66 - 10/69 Bob.tagg (AT) would like to hear from my old shipmates
DD-682 D. W. Taylor BTC/E-7 1/64 - 6/64 dmjtaylor (AT) Porterfield was a great ship!!!
DD-682 John Teehan   1944-1945 ptsquid (AT) This is my Father's information
DD-682 George Theriault SN 1966-68 gather1 (AT)  
DD-682 Rod Thomas FTG3 1965 to 1966 (AT)  
DD-682 Paul Thunstrom CM3 1961-1965 pcthun (AT) looking for shipmates and cruise book and pictures
DD-682 Bruce Trevillian FN 1968-1970 Decom Crew btrevillian (AT)  
DD-682 Rodney Underwood GMG3 68-69 rodneyunderwood (AT) Great experience serving with so many great guys.
DD-682 Jace I. Valencia BM3 1952-1956 kaufmankdk (AT) Good Times !!!!!!!
DD-682 James Vaughan FA 1965-1966 j.vaughan (AT) Loved every minute onboard the Porterfield
DD-682 Lee Vigil SK3 1965-1967 stellee119 (AT) 505 977-9204 would like to hear from shipmates
DD-682 Richard Virlee RM3 12/66 to 12/67 rvirlee (AT) It was a great experience....
DD-682 Billy N. Walker 1/c 1943 to 1946 yoskieone (AT) This Is My Father's Info I am his Daughter.
DD-682 Gary Wearley EM2 1964-1965 sivart (AT)  
DD-682 Richard Wheeler SOG2 1/58-5/61 kc0ekcrlw (AT) Made 3 WestPac Cruises
DD-682 Paul Whitehead RD3 1968-1969 Invader1 (AT)  
DD-682 Fred Wilkerson SM 11/68-12/69 fwilkerson (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates that served during 68/69
DD-682 Jerre Williams PN3 56 thru 57 jerreb (AT) Looking for John Littman PN1 & George Pierson SK3,

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