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  Stephanie Mygrant QM3/E-4 2/93- 2/95 stephanie (AT) Anyone can write.
AD-38 S. Ginger (Remy) Martin QM3 1984 - 1986 sgmartin (AT)  
AD-38 Brian Achilli OM2 1970 - 1973 baachilli (AT)  
AD-38 Doug Adams BMSN 7/80 - 7/82 (AT) Had a lot of good times onboard the sound, drop me a line,,
AD-38 Armando Aguirre E-3 07/1977-08/1979 armando.aguirre (AT) party till the sun came out and still more
AD-38 Suzanne Akers MR2 81-84 FifthAveFerrets (AT) Best time of my life.
AD-38 Mike Allen EN3 1/75-10/78 bullwhip6 (AT) Worked in A-gang(emergency diesel crew)
AD-38 Christopher Allen STG3 9/92-1/96 cman701 (AT) R4 Div. Electtronic Safety Officer/Copier Repair
AD-38 Jayla (Bell) Allen E-2 1992-1994 carolann0801 (AT) any shipmate who ever served with me is welcome to write me
AD-38 Robert Allen HTC 7/85 -8/90 robertallen4336 (AT) R-1 div. shipfitter shop
AD-38 Richard Alm DPCS 03/76 - 03/79 y2krick (AT)  
AD-38 Raymond Andreoli HTC 6/72-6/75 raymondandreoli (AT) R 1 Pipeshop Supervisor
AD-38 Mike August MM2 12/80-12/84 deckplate96 (AT) Devils on Ice
AD-38 Frank Bailey E-3 1973-1977 fbailey8723 (AT) I was young then. Now I am old. Looking for dental medical IC and BMS of this era.
AD-38 Lisa Baker AO2 02/90 to 10/92 heyfrenchie (AT) I was in the R-1 Lag shop and carpenters shop.
AD-38 Sandy Bales MM3 4/92-1/96 intimidatorfan69 (AT) Hey, looking for anyone from Engineering Dept...
AD-38 Stephanie Balliet OSSN 1991-1992 smbstuff (AT) My last name was ''Kunkle'' when I left the ship
AD-38 William Barcus HT 2 1973 to 1976 wlbldb (AT) Interested in 2006 reunion
AD-38 Gary Barnes HT2 1978-1980 gbarnes (AT) Some of the best times of my life and great friends
AD-38 Clint Barney EM3 11/93-12/95 Cduramax (AT) Looking for old friends
AD-38 Valerie Barrington-Sheehy SK3 11/86 - 12/88 val49ers01 (AT) Oh! how the Med was one for the Sound in 86-87. Memorable!
AD-38 Robert Bauer EM3 78-79 rtbauer (AT)  
AD-38 Pedro Baybayan, Jr. MS1/E-6 1/71-3-72 priorityMale127 (AT) every day I pass Philly yard I see the mighty AD-38
AD-38 Robert Bean HT-3 1973-1975 rjbean1028 (AT)  
AD-38 Daniel Behrens NC1 6/92-6/94 fisherdan86 (AT)  
AD-38 Jayla Bell FA 1992-1994 usnrseabrat (AT) all shipmates are welcome to write!
AD-38 Jayla Bell (Allen) E-2 1992-1994 usnrseabrat (AT) Searching for Airman Jerry Rusho-best friend ever had-read an obit-hope it wasn't you-email me-miss you, Amigo!
AD-38 Philip (Wizard) Bellerive E-3 73-77 dahlia40 (AT) Had a great time on board! Worked in 3rd div. boat deck.
AD-38 Cliff Bernstein Corporal 1984 to 1986 cliffbernstein (AT) Vacationing in Gaeta next wk-came across this site-int in hearing frm those in Marine Detachment aro same time.
AD-38 Mike Bertetto EM3 1981-1984 mbertetto (AT)  
AD-38 Jerry Bieter MS3 1/83- 5/85 jbieter (AT) Gaeta still where want to retire to of all places I've been! Vic's Bar is there-gut has been clean out for touirst. Good mems.
AD-38 Steve Black BTFN 1/77 -8/78 hotmustard561g (AT)  
AD-38 Bob Blake E-2 4/70 thru 12/72 lblake567 (AT) I remember you John Imparato
AD-38 Chuck Bond E-3 1976 - 1978 nytetyms02 (AT) Chief's Mess / Print Shop
AD-38 Bill Bornemann SN 3/69-12/68 cmservice (AT) Pre-Com Bremerton, Chiefs Messcook & 3rd Division
AD-38 Bob Boulay SF1 1968 to 1970 Boulayr (AT) Weld Shop
AD-38 Daniel Bourassa ML3 9/76-7/80 bourassa179 (AT) truly enjoyed my time on board
AD-38 John Bowman HT3 1982-1986 blueeyejon (AT) Was a Red shirt and proud of it.
AD-38 Thomas Boyd E-6 1974-1975 boyt (AT) Gung-ho
AD-38 Doug Boyer MM3 1979-1981 doug1161 (AT)  
AD-38 Alexander Boyko EM2 10/72 - 5/77 chiefret90 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that served at the time
AD-38 Daniel Brackbill MM2 1990-1992 dgb68 (AT) Went to Desert Storm working 31G pump shop
AD-38 Roger Branham EN3 12/90 - 9/94 abranham (AT)  
AD-38 Ann Branham (Sherrod) BM 1992 to 1994 abranham (AT)  
AD-38 Kevin Breen MM2 4/87 - 9/91 breenmi (AT) R-6 & R-8, ''Buford''
AD-38 Loren Brockway MR 72-73 led_zeppelin336 (AT)  
AD-38 Mark Brooks Sergeant 1980 to 1981 markbrooks (AT) Looking for anyone I served with.
AD-38 Johnny Ray Brown SN 1967 - 1969 cadyhooney (AT) I am only guessing at the info. Johnny was my husband for 26 years
AD-38 Christopher Brown SK3 11/92-10/94 christopher9704 (AT)  
AD-38 Dana ''Buster'' Brown DP2 1977-1980 dmi (AT) Had a Great Time! Spent most of my time in Giata Italy! Also in Portsmouth Dry Dock.
AD-38 Jerry Brownlee HT3 1985-1989 weldebeest (AT)  
AD-38 Peter Brunner E-3 1985-1988 piratepete13 (AT) ahooooooy
AD-38 Michael Bryan BM3 1988 to 1991 bryan4 (AT) Looking for old shipmates, esp. Deck Dept. '88-'91
AD-38 Terrance (Ski) Brzycki TM3 5/81-10/83 Ter8tr (AT) '' BOHICA ''
AD-38 Greg Bugg EM3 1975-1977 rgb4t (AT) Remember all the good times in Naples
AD-38 Jim Burns LCDR 1985-1987 jimi1948 (AT) CHENG
AD-38 Peter Burrows MR2 10/83 - 2/87 bostomatic (AT) Traded haze grey and underway for ''hair grey and overweight''
AD-38 George Butler MR1 10/69-12/71 lazyguy1939 (AT)  
AD-38 Jesse Butler EN2 1990 through 1991 jessejames (AT)  
AD-38 Matt Cain HT2 02/89-06/92 cainster02 (AT) Duty section #2 fireparty was #1!!!
AD-38 John Campomanes EM2 3/85-6/89 JCampomanes (AT) Looking for those who served anytime in Gaeta Engineering
AD-38 Gennaro Capobianco   1982 to 1984 gennarocapobianco (AT) Iam looking for James Robert Thompson a dear friend of Genn
AD-38 Leah Capozzi QM3 1989-1991 waitingfor2012 (AT)  
AD-38 Tim Carlo MM2 6/72 to 10/73 timc (AT) Hello to all the outside repair gang.....
AD-38 Andre Caron MM3 4/92-8/95 andrecaron (AT) Holmes where are you!
AD-38 John Carothers SM 1988-1993 john.carothers (AT)  
AD-38 Ken Caruana LI3 05/88-10/91 kcaruana (AT)  
AD-38 John Castillo BM2 8/84-8/88 Johncas716 (AT) Would love to hear from any ex-shipmates from that time
AD-38 Jody Caudell Tucker MMFN 1991 to 1992 lady8089 (AT)  
AD-38 John Champagne E-3 1991-1993 champagnejd (AT)  
AD-38 Nicol Chandler BM3 1/90-9/92 nicolbird (AT) Looking for old shipmates, you know who you are!!
AD-38 Deanna Charpentier E-3 1994-1996 dcharpentier2 (AT) do you remember me? Send me an email
AD-38 Genevieve Chmiel DK3 5/83 - 5/85 BarnsMa (AT) Still paying sailors!!!
AD-38 Sherman Clapper MM3 02/68-01/69 sherman (AT) Plankowner from Bremerton to Newport (Engine room)
AD-38 Larry Clark DC3 68-71 lac2148 (AT) good times aboard with you all
AD-38 Everett Clark SN 4/68-4/69 eclark (AT)  
AD-38 Robert Clauson SN 04/68-01/69 steinman (AT) was a Boatswain mate at that time.
AD-38 Edwin Claybaugh MR3 8/73 - 8/75 edclaybaugh (AT) Anyone know what was (built) in the grind shop?
AD-38 Russ Cleaton HT2 1975-1979 rcleaton1 (AT) Weld shop . I was one of Chucks loyal ducks! We flew with the eagles. ,
AD-38 Jackie Colbeck E-2 1991 to 1992 jacilynk (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates- it's been a while
AD-38 Berlin (Lynn) Cole PM2 4/69-8/72 bcole5 (AT)  
AD-38 Ken Connell FN 3/68-11/68 kconnell (AT) Plankowner, R-1 pipeshop, transferred DD708 11/68
AD-38 John Connolly TM1 Plankowner-68-69,80-85 JCONNOLL3 (AT) OPTLINE.NET Best 'Cruise' ship in the med…
AD-38 Robert Conte FN 70 - 72 robert.conte (AT) R div, shop supply p.o.
AD-38 Steven Cooper HM3 10/73-12/74 scooper.1 (AT) Looking for anyone in the medical dept or dental Dept-Would like to find Jeff Pector
AD-38 George Cooper IM3 comm crew COOPERMNUSA (AT)  
AD-38 W. H. Coyote HTC 1981-83 GriffM-98270 (AT) Sheehan You howl like a coyote on a ridge
AD-38 Sam ''Bones'' Cravens MM3 1983 to 1986 samc (AT) A Gang Contact me
AD-38 Aldo Crose MLC 1968-1984 bigalcrose (AT)  
AD-38 Bruce Cuddeback SN 3/68-69 oldsaltyone (AT) Plankowner-Would like to hear from all that knew me.
AD-38 Philip Cundiff SK1 1984-1987 philc (AT)  
AD-38 Joseph Cutshall DC3 1/85-4/88 jlcutshall (AT)  
AD-38 William Daily PM3 1975 - 1979 wdaily1985 (AT)  
AD-38 Richard Damron HT3 3/81-1/83 yddar02 (AT) R-1, 11-A Miss a lot of you guys and wonder how ya been!!!
AD-38 Joe David MMC 2/66-11/68 djoemurray (AT) plank owner
AD-38 Thom Davis RP3 81-83 bitterlyold (AT) Chaplain's office/library/CCTV/Bridge-quartermaster
AD-38 Edward Davis SK1 1968 eandldavis (AT) Plankowner
AD-38 Kevin Deary RM2 1980 to 1982 kdeary (AT) Crossdecked from the USS Albany
AD-38 Julie Denney (now Mikkelsen) SA 93-94 bettyc77 (AT) Loved my time in the Navy!! Wouldn't trade it for the world!
AD-38 Paula DeVito RM 1982-1984 phhct3a (AT)  
AD-38 Steven DeWitt DKSN 3/86-8/88 stvncat (AT) If anyone remember me please write me.
AD-38 Scott DeWitt MM/FM 1978 to 1979 noprob84 (AT) worked in AC/R remember the bonfire bbq's ?
AD-38 Chuck Dickey BM3 1982-1985 charles.dickey (AT)  
AD-38 Floyd Dines BTFN 81-84 dines (AT) Looking for Barney Miller 'had a lot of fun.
AD-38 John Doherty HT(DC)-3 7/72-8/73 abbcat (AT) Worked in R-1 carpenter shop for PMC Femino.Was a sponsor during Op.Pegasus.
AD-38 Tom Doig E-3 1991 to 1995 tomdeb2023 (AT)  
AD-38 Paul Dombkowski E-5 1976-1979 cvrmc (AT) R-3 division 51A Rewind shop & repair dept
AD-38 Michael Doolittle MM1 1985 to 1990 mr_doolittle (AT)  
AD-38 Renee Doss SM3 9/86-11/87 rimccormack (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates, and skivvy wavers!
AD-38 Rick Drilling E-4 6/81 to 6/84 RICKDRILLING (AT)  
AD-38 Robert Drowne HT2 12/79-4/83 steaming1 (AT) Pipe shop/ R-1 Div.//Great time
AD-38 Donald Duaine E-4 3/82-87, 5/94-decom don1977 (AT) Good, fond times. Too bad she's decommed
AD-38 Scott Dube E-2 6/93-12/95 themasterdube (AT) Looking for RYAN C. BUCKOUT or anyone who remembers the drunk times we ha
AD-38 Rick Duncan IMSN 1/83-9/85 rdu3015468 (AT) The med was the place to be, Palma, Athens, Haifa great tour
AD-38 Renee Duncan E-3 1984-1987 duncan.renee (AT)  
AD-38 Lori Dutton E-3   Ldshipwrecked (AT)  
AD-38 Curtis Elam SN 12/88-3/91 rppd (AT) Did anyone go on the Med Cruise in 89?
AD-38 Robert Ellis HTFN 4/88-8/90 robellis (AT)  
AD-38 Harold Erb, Sr. IC1 01/68-09/69 herbster (AT) Was nice being on commissioning crew
AD-38 Alan Ernst PC1 5/80-3/82 aaln1970 (AT) RPC Donaldson cotact me
AD-38 Jack Essayian HTC 06/80-06/84 essayian (AT)  
AD-38 Jennifer Evans E-2 1993-1994 jenniferrae30 (AT) would love to hear from old friends
AD-38 Brett Evans E-6 84-89 nwarmswerkes (AT)  
AD-38 Wayne Everett IC-FN 4/67-11/70 bbvet454 (AT) Plank owner - looking for EM or IC men from 67 to 70
AD-38 Mike Fankhauser EN3 1984 to 1988 mfankhauser (AT)  
AD-38 Ron Fast HT2 1981 to 1984 (AT) she nurtured me to adulthood and showed me half the world
AD-38 Jeff Feldhaus BM3 1990 to 1991 jeffrey.feldhaus (AT) Deck Department
AD-38 Wesley Ferris SGT 1980-1980 wferris999 (AT) Marine Detachment, Flagship Fleet Commander
AD-38 John Fields BM2 1988-1992 johnfields (AT) deck ape
AD-38 Denise Fields (Jones) ET3/E-4 1990 to 1993 a1dr1mn1 (AT) Married BM2 Fields
AD-38 George Findley SKSN 1980-1981 metalmaniac11162 (AT) Loved Gaeta, Italy
AD-38 Mike Finley E-7 -1996 toothmkr1234 (AT) Dental Lab Tech
AD-38 Tracey Finn RM3 1984 - 1986 proudmom01 (AT) So many wonderful people I wish I had kept in touch with.
AD-38 Bob Fletcher MM2 1980-1983 rfletchad38 (AT) M Div, and R-2 31f shop
AD-38 Denny Flood STG2 1975 denny_flood (AT) Looking for R-5 Div
AD-38 Peter Fortin BM3 8/74-4/77 saltysailorboatsfortin (AT) My first ship out of 5. If anyone remembers me please drop me a line.
AD-38 Tom Fortin FTG2 11/69 - 7/71 cabinwench (AT) ''building 38 - Newport R.I.'' Great shipmates in R-5 div.
AD-38 Fritz Fortuna EN3 1969-1971 Fritz.Fortuna (AT)  
AD-38 Beth Foutch E-4 1984-1987 sonic_bethany123 (AT) We had some awesome times overseas. Miss everyone. E-mail me.
AD-38 Michael Fox E-5 1976-1978 mfox11 (AT) Any body from IC shop around
AD-38 Thomas Fox TM1 2/70-3/72 tfox15 (AT)  
AD-38 Kevin Gamble E-3 7/13/93 - 2/3/1996 musicgeek44 (AT) any old friends contact me!
AD-38 John Garafano MSSN 10/84-11/86 JSGarafano (AT) Had a great time in Gaeta. If anyone remembers me, email me
AD-38 Bobby Gates BTFN 80-82 gatesbobby (AT)  
AD-38 Phillip Gavaghan HTFN 1974 to 1975 philg315 (AT) R-I 11-A shipfitter shop the best.
AD-38 James Gibson CWO2 1968 - 1970 gibsonjbjr (AT) B&M R-3
AD-38 Bryan Gilbert MM1 03/89 - 03/92 bkg203 (AT) I worked in R2 Division in Shop 31D & 56B.
AD-38 Greg 'Gilrok' Gilk MM3 6/81 - 9/84 gilkgreg (AT) My greatest command ever! Life was good in Gaeta!
AD-38 Daniel Gillespie SN 3/68 - 12/68 DJG4115 (AT) Plankowner - mess cook - cook striker
AD-38 Sharon Gilliland DK1 3/84-5/88 gonavy90 (AT)  
AD-38 Gary Gillman E-3 1977to1979 chaz14606 (AT) ph 585-594-2829 I am looking to hear from John Carter
AD-38 Stephen Goniea BM2 1991-1995 scgon (AT)  
AD-38 Pedro Gonzalez SH3 1983 to 1985 elsped63 (AT) missed the good times and good friends, MULTO BENE!!!!!!!!
AD-38 Steven Gottwein BM2 1978 to 1980 hebegb (AT) Go Packers!
AD-38 Kenneth Grace STGSN 76 to 79 KennethGrace (AT) R-5 Division seeking RM3 O'Neil
AD-38 Kevin Graham OS 10/85-07/87 keving40 (AT)  
AD-38 Charles Granholm EM3 1968 to1970 charlesgranholm (AT) Cannot wait to hear from my EM friends.
AD-38 Willette Grant SM3 8/84-12/85 justwill (AT)  
AD-38 Craig Grant HT2 1970 to 1971 CrggrantE5 (AT) Passed by it while heading North on I 95, looks great!
AD-38 Helen Grant RM2 1985 to 1987 l5995 (AT) While on board, felt like we could fix anything!
AD-38 Jim Gray HT3 8/79 - 1/81 bamaghostrider04 (AT) I was in engineering, part of the famous RED-SHIRTS,
AD-38 John Green EM 1968 jmgreen (AT)  
AD-38 Karen Greenawalt DK3 4/92-1/96 karenl871 (AT) What memories.
AD-38 Robert (Flash) Griffin MR2 4/84-9/87 moncar70 (AT)  
AD-38 Michael Griffin TM2 3/77-7/79 mgriffin1555 (AT)  
AD-38 Michael Grimes FN 1/68 to 11/69 Carpman526 (AT) I was a Patternmaker
AD-38 Bill Grubb BT2 1976-1979 bill.grubb (AT)  
AD-38 Richard Guerrera E-2 6/28/72 - 6/28/75 klguerrera (AT) Pier duty in Newport RI-A Gang-then Norfork VA-Cornell was my first class PO. Drop me a line.
AD-38 Thomas Guinan RM3 1981-1983 guinant (AT)  
AD-38 Tracy Gula (Grubbs) DK3 3/94 - 1/96 gulax4 (AT)  
AD-38 Gene Gysin ETC(SW) 7/04 - 01/96 genegysin (AT)  
AD-38 Shannon Haasl MR3 1987-1991 shannon_haasl (AT)  
AD-38 Jerrilynn Hadley EM2   jhadley (AT)  
AD-38 Gerry 'Charlie' Haight OM1 9/69-9/70 charliehaight (AT) Optical shop and MIRCS lab
AD-38 Michael D. Halley CDR, CHC 1981 - 1984 mhalley (AT) Gaeta, Italy; would love to hear from shipmates
AD-38 J. Halstead EM2 1975 to 1980 gailandj (AT) Worked in R3 Division.
AD-38 Robert Hamel SH3 1983 to 1985 doink8615443 (AT) I worked in the ship store and with the soda machines.
AD-38 Rich Hamilton BT1 4/80-7/84 hambonebtc1959 (AT)  
AD-38 Dan Hansen ET2 10/80-10/83 daninwv05 (AT) Worked w/Flag ETs & RMs-played guitar-rem ship band?played keyboard, sang, etc.-Lonny Kinback,Dean Scott?
AD-38 Darrell Harden DC2 9/87 - 10-91 dharden (AT) Miss those days....
AD-38 Tommy Harlow BT2 4/84-10/87 tharlow (AT)  
AD-38 Cori Harris PM3 93-95 charris1 (AT)  
AD-38 Lemual Ray Harris LT (LDO) 4/84 - 12/88 hshome (AT) ARO great job treffic ship and crew
AD-38 Terri Harris TM3 9/81-9/83 tharris48 (AT) Best command ever assigned to, what a party!
AD-38 Terri Harris (Owens) TM3 9/81 - 9/83 tharris48 (AT) Loved my time onboard and in Gaeta, great memories!
AD-38 Robert Hartford MMC 68/70 bgh419 (AT) Ships Company
AD-38 Greg Harvey MM3 12/79 - 01/82 yevrahg7 (AT)  
AD-38 John Harwood IC1 11/77 - 11/79 jwharwood (AT) Division R-3 Work Center Supervisor IC Shops, tour at MAA
AD-38 Richard Hasenstab HTFN 1978 to 1980 www.Hasenstab16 (AT) I worked on the Mess Decks as a HT does anyone remember me?
AD-38 Dale Hasse MR2 1976 to 1978 ddhasse (AT)  
AD-38 Don (Hazel) Hasselbach BT3 3/69-7/73 dwhasselbach (AT) Down in the fire room and the oil lab
AD-38 Ken Hatchette AT2 10/69 to 12/70 kmh47 (AT) Attached to the DASH Division
AD-38 Clane Hayward HT2 1985-1990 ht2hayward (AT) If you remember me send me an email. Thanks!
AD-38 Earnest Heath SN/SH3 1994 to 1996 damar8 (AT) 3rd Div. Dog pound ; Get at me; Sorry I was young (you know)
AD-38 Leslie Heaton TMC 12/71-7/75 Heatonlm (AT)  
AD-38 Jaii Hein LI3 4/70 - 10/70 jbirdsound (AT) Enjoyed the Summer of '70 Surfing RI, went to sea duty!
AD-38 Cliff Hemenway DP2 07/81 - 07/83 chemenway5 (AT)  
AD-38 Ben Henley FN 1983 to 1986 benjybear66 (AT) i can still burp the alphabet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AD-38 Eddie Hennington MMCS 1968 to1970 newsight81 (AT)  
AD-38 Matthew Herndon TM3 9/93-12/95 mherndon (AT) I was in the R-5 Division/ASROC Shop
AD-38 Shana Herring DS3 90-93 flirt_1969 (AT) I worked in S-6 fixing the ships computers....drop me a line
AD-38 Andrew Hertel MRFN 1990-1993 andrew3030 (AT)  
AD-38 Michael Hicks MS3 1984-1986 chefmichaelhicks (AT) So many memories in gaeta with such great people
AD-38 Alan Hill EMC 69-70 lhial1 (AT) R-3 Div. Rewind Shop Hear from All who knew me. Kelly EM1
AD-38 Lane Hill BM2 4/88-11/91 lanehill (AT) R5 Division 74A Canvas Shop. Indian Ocean 89, Jeddah 91
AD-38 Ken Hill E-5 1980 - 1984 khill (AT)  
AD-38 Frank Hinton EM2 1967 to 1970 fmhinton (AT) plankowner
AD-38 Roy Holden CWO2 9/76-7/79 ltroyholden (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
AD-38 Harold Hollifield MMC April 1969 to April 1971 HAROLD1D (AT) Commissioned
AD-38 Don Hollingsworth ETN2 1971 to 1972 dh47715 (AT) Electronics shop
AD-38 Robert Holmsen EM2 4/74-11/77 harleydreams26 (AT) worked in r-3 division and played for eagles softball team
AD-38 Richard Holt SK2 10/71-8/75 jdholt1 (AT)  
AD-38 Hank Hopkins BT3 8/78 - 8/80 hankandsue (AT) Came on to re-fit and take her to Italy & Swap decks
AD-38 Ray Hopkins WO1 1970 tapioca (AT)  
AD-38 Tim Horton HT3 11/83 - 03/89 tim_horton1 (AT) Miss the gut runs in Gaeta, Started as a red shirt,....
AD-38 Richard Hoyt MR2 1974 to 1978 nimster3 (AT) Like to hear from other shipmates during my hitch
AD-38 Regina Hughes FN 1989 to 1990 regina3734 (AT) Do you remember?
AD-38 Daniel Hursh STGC 1982 to 1984 dhursh (AT) The Prairie was 6th of 7 ships (remember the 82-84 westpac)
AD-38 Harvey Isabell QMC 1971-1973 heisabell (AT)  
AD-38 Thomas L. Jay EM2 1973 Highrail2 (AT)  
AD-38 Samantha Jenkins PC3 1987-1989 samijenkins (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
AD-38 Roy Jernigen SN 4/70-10/71 roy120411 (AT)  
AD-38 Joe Johnson ET3 3/94 - 11/95 jnjohn (AT)  
AD-38 Esther Johnson RM2 1986 to 1988 estherjohnson (AT)  
AD-38 Albert Johnson ET3 1991 to 1995 main10al (AT)  
AD-38 William Johnson LT(jg) 7/80 - 7/83 bigbillj62 (AT)  
AD-38 Johnny D. Johnson E-3 7/69-11/70 djcc (AT) 2nd & 3rd division under Bm2 Benson & bm2 Griffin & Truelove
AD-38 Norman ''Dutch'' Johnson MLFN 09/89 to 07/93 lpdutchboy (AT) Desert Storm and all that good
AD-38 Esther Johnson-Brown RM 1986-1988 estherjohnson (AT)  
AD-38 George Jones GSM1(SW) 1991-1995 george.jones (AT)  
AD-38 Michael Katzman RM3 12/84 - 7/87 michael.katzman (AT)  
AD-38 James Kearney EM3 03/81 - 01/85 Jimisback (AT)  
AD-38 Kris Keebler PN3 1981 to 1983 agent_kris (AT) Loved every minute of it!!
AD-38 John R. Keen DM3 03/70 to 03/74 wd9cxx (AT)  
AD-38 Mike Kelly BT2 7/76 to 3/80 mjkelly123 (AT)  
AD-38 Jim Kennedy MM3 1969 jimandk2 (AT) A-gang. A W/O talked me into NESEP, applied, made it.
AD-38 John Kent HT2 11/84 - 4/88 jwk203 (AT) I am proud to have been a IRT Red Shirt and a R-1 Div shipfitter. Loved Gaeta Italy
AD-38 Jim Kerick DP2(SW) 11/90 - 02/94 jim.kerick (AT) Would like to hear from ADP shop people.
AD-38 Greg Kerr HT2 8/79-7/82 kerrjar (AT) Great parties at the villa we lived in on Monte Marte!!!
AD-38 George Ketsetzidis SM 9/83-5/85 ggkets (AT)  
AD-38 Max Kidd HT1(SW) 1990 mgkidd (AT)  
AD-38 Toney Kight E-5 1979-1981 tkbk6653 (AT) I was in a-gang
AD-38 Joseph King BM3 02/82 - 09/84 Lyricsiam (AT) Worked in the Motor Pool
AD-38 James King FN 12/86-8/89 JLJM4FUN (AT)  
AD-38 Bekkey Klebe E-3 1993-1994 bekkey (AT) Still looking for old shipmates and friends!! looking for ANDY
AD-38 Paul Klump SN 03/69 - 12-68 klumppk (AT) Plankowner, served as Yeoman striker in RS division
AD-38 Adam Komperda RM3 1983 to 1985 adam_komperda (AT) Good times
AD-38 Tony Koontz OM2 1985 to 1987 bigbadkoontz (AT)  
AD-38 Marsha Kornman-Spadoni YN3 1/91 - 10/93 mspadoni (AT)  
AD-38 Robert (Arlo) Kraus MM3 8/71-12/72 arlo69sporty (AT) OPP. Pegassis, (Greece) good time aboard, But was pain in the butt to the command-love to hear from shipmates
AD-38 Mark LaBuda BMSN 1978-1981 ahardware12 (AT) I also had nickname ''Redlead''. Was a side cleaner .
AD-38 Alan Lane OM3 12/70-6/71 Alan.L (AT) Great Experience
AD-38 Richard Lannon SM3 1971 to 1974 dickrat (AT)  
AD-38 Rich LaPenna HT3 1975 to 1977 angler2001 (AT) If you served with me I'd like to hear from you
AD-38 Harry Lare HT3 1981 to 1983 harrylare (AT) R-Division I.R.T
AD-38 Joseph Laughlin CS/E-5 1968-1970 macdaddy (AT) Plankowner, visit our new site /
AD-38 Bill LeVault WT2 1983 - 1986 bill.r.levault (AT) ASROC Shop
AD-38 Eddie Lewis EM3 10/92 - 4/93 eddie486us (AT) looking for the 51 hotel crew
AD-38 Don Lewis E-4 1978 to 1980 barbarasbubba (AT) charlie brown where are you?
AD-38 Ricky Littleton E-4 11/75-08/79 Ricky.Littleton (AT) just looking for old shipmates
AD-38 James Lloyd E-3 1976-1977 gemstone (AT) if anyone remembers me (I wasn't in for long) email me
AD-38 Jerry Lovejoy ETN3 1972 to 1973 bennabre (AT) Looking for shipmate Theodore Gasis
AD-38 Gary Lowery ET1 01/67 - 04/68 aelectrician (AT) Plankowner
AD-38 Michael Lucas OSSN 1981 to 1983 michael_lucas (AT) Going back to Gaeta one day for Bill's sub and Vick's beer and the beautiful beach.Love to hear from the CIC Crew
AD-38 Todd Ludwig E-4 03/82-04/84 tludwig3 (AT) I was in deck div. then transferred to a cook what a blast!! This ship holds some of the best memories of my LIFE
AD-38 Francis Lutz BM3 2/76 - 10/78 racerfran74 (AT) 2 meds cruises…Bridgeport, PA.
AD-38 Donald R. MacMillan IC3 3/67 - 12/70 Macmacshell (AT) Want to hear from all IC-men in this time frame
AD-38 Charles MacDonald SKC 11/85-02/89 hstskc2YAHOO.COM Best ship I was on.
AD-38 Patricia Mack DK3 1982-1985 glisspat (AT) Retired and loving it !!!
AD-38 Bill Maddox OM2 1970-1973 williammaddox1 (AT)  
AD-38 Dennis Mahoney RM2 3/70 - 2/72 dmaho13777 (AT) Worked in Electronics Repair Division -
AD-38 Jim Mallett MLCS 12/73 to 9/78 j.mallett (AT) R-1 Div. and Repair Office
AD-38 Robert Manning MM3 11/72-8/75 bmann55 (AT) Best time of my life
AD-38 Tim Manning HTFN 81-84 ocat62 (AT) being Redshirt made me man I am today-thx to fellow Redshirts!-I'll never forget all the good times-Bill's subs were the bomb!
AD-38 Frank Mansfield BM3 1972 to 1975 jaredp16 (AT)  
AD-38 Barry Marchuck MS2 1893-1986 bamfit1 (AT) Served as a cook on the Sound in Gaeta/Norfolk
AD-38 James Marcucci   73 & 74 tprmarc (AT)  
AD-38 Jeff Martin OS2 04/83 - 05/89 jtmartin (AT)  
AD-38 Mike Mattson GMM1 1990 to 1992 prpython (AT)  
AD-38 Bill Mayes EM3 2/1968 - 8/1969 familymayes (AT)  
AD-38 Chris Mayhew EM3 81 - 84 tcmpp (AT) R-3 Division
AD-38 Sheila Maynard   11-81/07-83 pepperpenn4 (AT)  
AD-38 Duane McCormack SM1 1985 to 1989 dtmccormack11 (AT) Would really love to hear from some great people I met onboard.
AD-38 Gary McCormack BM3 4/68-11/70 garyrmccormack (AT) would like to hear from all plank owners
AD-38 Michael McDonald PN2 2/76 - 6/79 pncsmac (AT) Retired from Navy in 1997 as PNCS
AD-38 Norman McDowell BT3 6/75 - 10/76 pmcdow2000 (AT) what a trip
AD-38 Denny McKinnon E-5 comm to 10/68 rdmckinnonsr (AT) First ship store operator on main deck.
AD-38 Karl Mckinster FN 1980 - 1981 ac1man (AT) Looking for old running mates
AD-38 Joseph McLaughlin CS5/E-5 1968 to 1970 josephmclaughlin1947 (AT)
AD-38 Richard McMains ST1 1970 to 1972 sailor1207 (AT)  
AD-38 Kevin McSween BT2 1983-1989 sgt_mac (AT) B-div. steamin' deamon & refuel replenishment ,
AD-38 James McWilliams SKSN 1980-1982 jamescurtismcwilliams (AT) Great times. Great memories of the Sound and the Med.
AD-38 Robin Medeiros HT3 1980-1983 Robinkmedeiros (AT) Looking for Red Shirts 1980-1983
AD-38 Richard Meeker GM1 1986 to 1991 SEREGMC (AT)  
AD-38 Mark Michell OM2 1982-1986 mmmmsail (AT) Great tour!!! -lots of fine shipmates!
AD-38 Julie Mikkelsen SA 93-94 bettyc77 (AT) Loved my time in the Navy!! Wouldn't trade it for the world!
AD-38 Dana Mills CPO 4/77 - 9/79 cprmpppp (AT) made chief on board this ship
AD-38 Sherra Miranda BM3 6/87 to 5/91 sherramiranda (AT) looking for other shipmates.......
AD-38 Robert Mitchell HT3 3/93 to 1/95 rjmjr71 (AT)  
AD-38 Wayne Mitchell ET1 1968-1970 WMitch6 (AT) Plankowner
AD-38 Jaimee Mix SK1 1992-1995 jaimeemix (AT) CHASITY where are you? ANYONE?
AD-38 John Moller HT1 1989 to 1993 SHIPWRECKED1996 (AT)  
AD-38 Osvaldo Monteiro BM2 6/84 to 6/87 cvsailor (AT) great times in the med & all Navy Soccer Team
AD-38 Teddy Moore BT 5/80 - 8/81 tshome (AT) Would like to find Joe Sheriff if possible.
AD-38 Margaret Moore IC3 7/94 - 12/95 moorem300 (AT) I was in R-3 Shop 51-G
AD-38 Al Moreno BT2 12/90-01/93 amoreno91 (AT)  
AD-38 Earl Morrow BMSN 1980-1982 elmorrow1 (AT) Deck Department 1st, 2nd & 3rd Div
AD-38 James Morse   1980-1983 janicemorse (AT) I am signing for my husband Jim, lost to a drunk driver
AD-38 Jim Moseley TM1 71-74 JBMOE (AT) Look forward to email
AD-38 Russ Mountjoy BT2 1/75-1/79 rmountjoys (AT) reserve/avoca pa
AD-38 Donna Mullins RM 1985 TexMichele (AT)  
AD-38 Dennis Murphy SH3 10/79 - 09/82 mannycust (AT) Barber 79-82 & my good freind Phill-in Gaetie we had lunch-would hope any body else would come forward !! And tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AD-38 Dawn Murphy RM2 1983 - 1990 murphette3 (AT) We are looking for anyone who wants to join mailing of shipmates.
AD-38 Ronald Murray HM3 4/76-4/77 wytarheel (AT) Looking for shipmates especially medical dental dept
AD-38 Larry Nava MM2 1968-1971 s_lnav2001 (AT) Another Plank owner heard from in ''A'' gang reefer shop
AD-38 Armando Navarro LI3 1/75 - 1/76 inkspotlitho (AT)  
AD-38 Gerard Negrete PO2 02/77 - 02/80 cgerardnegrete (AT) They called me Chile: 1977-1980 USS Puget Sound AD-38 BootCamp; A school - Olando FL ''
AD-38 Roger Neill MM2 1990-1993 roger.neill (AT) Looking for some valve shop crew
AD-38 Dean Nelson E-5 1980-1985 deannelsonrn (AT) Hey looking for Marilyn Marshall
AD-38 Robert Nicklin TM3 5/73-5/75 nickrocklin (AT)  
AD-38 Bill Nidel IC2 1968-1970 bnidel (AT) Served as a member of the original IC &Gyro/R-3 Division
AD-38 Kim Nielsen E-3 1988-1990 kimmie127 (AT)  
AD-38 Bob Nielsen HT3 3/79-8/81 pepelepewharley (AT)  
AD-38 Dean Niemann ET1 10/74-9/79 deann (AT) R-4 Div LPO
AD-38 Jerry Norman MMFN 1982-1984 karanorman (AT) Who could ever forget the gut runs
AD-38 Darrell Norwood SHC 5/83-5/88 or 10/91-1/96 coreybryce (AT) Hello shipmates!!!!
AD-38 Ken Nussle     knussle (AT)  
AD-38 Bebhinn Ogilvie bebhinn 12/94 bobby_bebhinn (AT) who do i love
AD-38 Charles Olah MR3 7/74-4/78 cdrkmolah (AT) Would like to here from shipmates
AD-38 Lori Ore HT2 1984-1986 orelori (AT)  
AD-38 Timothy Ortega E-3 12/76 to 9/78 ortega5622 (AT) looking for shipmates remembering mediterranean
AD-38 Joseph Ottey RM1 01/83 to 0186 rmcret05 (AT)  
AD-38 Todd Palmer E-2 1985 tiptop302 (AT)  
AD-38 Richard Paris SH3 8/70 - 8/72 theolddinosaur13 (AT)  
AD-38 Paul Pauley TM3 7/73 - 7/76 pauleysauto (AT) Looking for any shipmates I served with.
AD-38 Jeff Paulshock BTFN 2/91-8/93 jeffp73 (AT)  
AD-38 LaDwana Pease BM3 1/86-1/90 peas663 (AT) Had good time traveling to Eur every winter-made good friends-met 1st husband-best place to visit Palma Spain!
AD-38 Charles Pennington AG1 2/72-7/75 mepennington (AT) only ''airdale'' in ships company
AD-38 Dennis Pennington ML2 10/93-4/95 depenn (AT)  
AD-38 Leah Peterson QM3 1989-1992 lcapozzi (AT) If you remember me & think I will you, e-mail me!
AD-38 Leah Peterson-Capozzi QM3 1989-1992 lcapozzi (AT) Would love to catch up!
AD-38 Don Piglowski BM2 4/68 - 11/69 don_p50 (AT) from pre-commissioning in Bremerton, Wash. to Newport, RI
AD-38 Scott Pilon DC3 10/87 - 6/91 scotyjp (AT)  
AD-38 Richard Plante FN 4/88 - 11/91 rickandgen (AT)  
AD-38 Lorilynn Ponce E-3 1990-1992 llpshaker (AT)  
AD-38 Michael Pope SN 1992-93 popeme1970 (AT) 3rd and 1st div. miss my friends i made in the navy, still serving though 82nd airborne, ft bragg,nc
AD-38 Robert Potter DP1 2/68 - 2/70 rpotter1 (AT) Plank owner, computer room LPO; Retired 12/77
AD-38 Judson Powell SM2 1982-1984 jpowell (AT) Any signalmen from the sound out there?
AD-38 Frank Prisciandaro ML3 1980-1982 fap102090 (AT) Aboard when ship became, 6th fleet flagship, stationed in Gaeta Italy-had a great time and liked my chief and his family.
AD-38 Pete Pryor MM2 83 - 86 eyescreamman99 (AT)  
AD-38 Tammy Puckett (Carter) SH3 2/86 - 11/89 todeay (AT) Great fun. Married BM2 John O'Deay. Anyone remember us?
AD-38 Alfred Ragas EN1 8/71 - 12/73 ARagas05 (AT) Assigned to I.C.E. Shop and then MAA for 'Operation Pegasus'. The 'Sound' was a good ship!
AD-38 Lee Rahn FTCM 1973-1974 lrahn (AT)  
AD-38 Mindi Ranken (Segretto) E-3 2/91 - 12/94 mindis_29 (AT)  
AD-38 Jim Rapoff QMC 1984 to 1987 wwllzz (AT) Too many great people, so little time. Keep in touch!!!
AD-38 Daniel Rasey BM3/E-4 10/84-7/89 firedan38 (AT)  
AD-38 Douglas Rater BT1 1/83 - 10/86 d.rater (AT) If we aren't havin' fun we aren't doin' it right!
AD-38 Richard Ray HTFN 4/70-9/74 rdr0430 (AT) Miss the good times. looking for anyone that knew me at this time of life.
AD-38 Ronny Redman E-3 8/80 - 8/82 ronny_redman (AT) looking for Baxter, Tipton, and Loomer. Gaeta what a party!!!
AD-38 Jim Reilly HT3 78-80 reilly90 (AT) any shipmates look me up!
AD-38 David Reininger DM3 1978 - 1981 dreining (AT) Best duty EVER!
AD-38 Mark Remke BT1 1981-1984 mjrret43 (AT) R-2 was the can do anything with nothing
AD-38 Claudetta Rhaburn BT3 10/92-01/96 rha_1990 (AT) feel free to hit me up anytime
AD-38 David Rhoades LI2 6/82 - 10/83 Drho584942 (AT) Had a blast there, anyone wanta go to Vic's and get a beer?
AD-38 Vicki Ribera ET3 88-91 vickismailbox (AT) R-4 Calibration Lab
AD-38 Clyde Riggs TMC 5/71-12/74 clyderiggs (AT) just found this site
AD-38 Al Ritchon HM3 1969-1971 alritchon (AT) deck division/corpsman stryker
AD-38 Lynn Rivenburg GMT2 1981-1984 mrgraphics2000 (AT) ASROC Shop, Gaeta was great!!!!!
AD-38 Brenda ''Bren'' Robertson E-1 1988-1990 angler4life (AT)  
AD-38 William Robey MM3 4/1968-11-1968 brobey54 (AT) Like to hear from any shipmates from the time 1968 r-2 div.
AD-38 Debbie Robinson-Frederickson MR2 02/84-02/86 debbie_fred (AT)  
AD-38 Rodney Rodgers E-5 1984 to 1988 rodneyrodgers (AT) Hello, been a while. Wore a red shirt from 1984-1988. Miss the gang
AD-38 George Rodriguez HT2 01/90-09/91 grod9216 (AT) Pipe Shop
AD-38 Richard Roebuck OM1 1977 to 1979 LRR711_04 (AT) Looking for OMs/IMs from this period
AD-38 Rick Rogers MLFN 1973-1974 bowman_rog (AT)  
AD-38 Patricia Rollins E-2 1992-1994 notasnowballs_chanceinhell (AT) Looking for anybody that might know me. I have Yahoo Mssger.
AD-38 Jerry Ronan EN2 1985-1987 jerryr (AT)  
AD-38 William Rosch DT3 10/68 -10/69 rosch1270 (AT)  
AD-38 Rick Rosch DT3 10/68 - 10/69 rosch1270 (AT) Looking back it was the best year in the Navy
AD-38 Patricia (Pat) Ross YN1(SW) (HM1) 08/81 - 10/82 patr (AT)  
AD-38 Michael Rostocil MR2 03/76 to 07/79 mdrostocil (AT) Machinery Repairman, R2 Division. Great time that changed my life forever.
AD-38 Mark Roth BTFN 1983 to 1985 dinks4ever (AT) Great Ship. Loved being stationed in Gaeta, Italy.
AD-38 David Rountree BM3 1976 to 1980 drountree (AT)  
AD-38 Jim Rowley MM1 Plankowner Usnhere (AT) reunion ?
AD-38 Chris Rozsas E-2 1993-1994 CROZSAS (AT) DEVOEAUTO.COM sure miss the old boat
AD-38 Drew Ruddy HT3/DV 10/73 - 12/74 ruddy_family (AT)  
AD-38 Lynn Rumery E-3 1992-1994 lrumery (AT) I would love to hear from people in 1st div from 92-94.
AD-38 Jeffery Russell HT2 1987-1990 jrruss65 (AT) Present rate MA1 USNR
AD-38 Danny Ryan HMCS 8/76 - 5/83 tootsieryan (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates
AD-38 Pete Sartor MM3 7/83-6-85 psar62 (AT) Work in Valve shop. Would like to reunite with old friends
AD-38 Ed Saunders MM2 9/76 to 4/80 boatboy93 (AT) Anybody know of any blueprints available for the Puget Sound
AD-38 Mike Savage TM3 9/72-12/75 cactussavoy (AT) Weps was a great div. Try find Steve Kume, Scott Parrot
AD-38 David W. Sawicki BT1(SW) Mar 83 - Mar 85 steamin_demon (AT) 41A / R-2 QAS: Club Med - COMSIXFLT
AD-38 Brian Schlupp HM2 06/94-decom supernovastudios (AT) I miss the big girl!!
AD-38 Stacy Schmauss SN 1994-1996 stacy_j_shoaf (AT)  
AD-38 Robert Schoepfer IC2 1979-1981 RS2504 (AT) Some of the best years of my life...
AD-38 Raymond (Terry) Schwall EN1 1968-1970 reginaboop (AT)  
AD-38 Roger Schwintosky CWO3 4/80-4/83 rerealtor (AT) R-1 Division
AD-38 Romaldo(Aldo) Sciambi HT/DC2 1/82-11/84 & 11/86-8/88 rom-li (AT) Fightin' Fires & Savin' Lives In Philly
AD-38 Stephen Semmelmann BM3 1970 to 1972 eyestorm (AT)  
AD-38 Stan Semuskie ET1 9/71-6/73 ssemuski (AT) Still keep in touch with about 8 guys from the R-4 Div
AD-38 Don Severson FN 1979 to 1981 donseve (AT) ahoy
AD-38 John Seymour EM3 4/68-7/69 rebels45 (AT)  
AD-38 John Shappell MR3 1972-1974 johnshappell (AT)  
AD-38 Gregg Sharp MM2(SW) 1990 sealtroll (AT) lucky still plays golf and still sucks at it. had a great 6 .
AD-38 Jerry Shea HT3 1971 SF3SHEA (AT)  
AD-38 Christopher Shelby TMSN 1994 to 1995 christopher.shelby (AT)  
AD-38 Cliff Sheridan HTFN 2/83 - 3/85 csherida (AT)  
AD-38 Gary Shireman TM3 4/69-4/71 cubswin41 (AT)  
AD-38 Brian Shoaf MM3 1991-1996 bshoaf (AT)  
AD-38 Dave Sibberson E-5 1982-1985 dsracing (AT) Had a great time! What a party! I miss all the good people and the subs......
AD-38 William Silman IC3 Plankowner to 10/69 mrcool69 (AT) Any IC or electricians mates please e-mail
AD-38 Mary Silva SA 1/91 - 6/92 mary.aragon (AT)  
AD-38 Paul Simpson HT2 83-86 vze1ypax (AT) Many great memories, alot of good friends,
AD-38 Thomas ''Spanky'' Sitler MM3 5/84 - 2/88 tlsitler (AT)  
AD-38 Mike Skraba EN3 1984 to 1988 littlefork12 (AT)  
AD-38 Tawnya Slaughter SM3 1986 to 1990 TawnyaEhlen (AT) would love to here from some old friends
AD-38 Andy Sleeman BMSA/E-2 1991 to 1993 andy_sleeman (AT) Deck Third Division
AD-38 Stephen R. Smith DT3 3/80-7/81 quimany (AT) Long Live the Sound. Member of the Flag Ship Crew.
AD-38 Gary Smith MR1 1970 to 1976 lgsmith (AT) would like to hear fom all I knew.
AD-38 Juston Smith FN 94-96 justonsmith (AT) 3rd div deck
AD-38 Kevin Smith SN 10/75 - 7/78 kevinjsmith56 (AT) Yo Slick,Cheese, Jazz, Peacock,CoaCOA MO HOLLA ,YA BOY CANDY.
AD-38 William E. Smith RM3 73-74 KCSWES (AT) Serving aboard the Pudget Sound was great, had lots of fun..
AD-38 Kevin Soltwedel E-3 78-79 ksoltwedel (AT) Tender-Hopper, Looking for others, Please E-Mail
AD-38 Mike Sombronski MR3 1985-1988 sombronm (AT) I escaped from the Atlantic fleet work farm and BSK.
AD-38 Chris Soulia MS3 81-82 ratsfan1 (AT) fooman lives
AD-38 Marsha Spadoni YN3 1/91 - 9/93 mlspadoni (AT)  
AD-38 Tim St.Clair BM/E-3 68-71 timstclair3 (AT) Plankowner / would like to hear from old crew
AD-38 Dan Stamper IM1 12/76 to 8/78 DStamp42 (AT)  
AD-38 Anton Staples BM3 2/88 - 9/91 clarethastaples (AT) looking for anyone in deck div ( 3rd div) and all my guys and gals get at me
AD-38 Kenny Steelman E-3 1989 to 1991 jrsrcowboy (AT) looking for someone from r-5 div.
AD-38 Robert Steiner E-4 01/85 - 10/89 lkng4sx28s (AT) looking for old shipmates
AD-38 Micki Stenglein IC1 1981-1984 mstenglein (AT)  
AD-38 Ronald Stevenson EM2 2/76 - 7/79 stevensonr (AT) Served on board from February 1976 to July 1979 in R-3 Div.
AD-38 Charles Storrin ETR2 4/68 - 10/69 cstorrin (AT) Nickname was Charlie Tuna
AD-38 Lon Strauss BM2 1983 to 1985 loveshackbaby31 (AT)  
AD-38 Allan Strong HT2 1972-1974 stumpmaker99 (AT) R-1 Div, 11-A; Good duty, good crew, great memories
AD-38 Barratt Sturtevant CWO3 1/90 - 11/91 barrattcs (AT)  
AD-38 Don Sullivan BT2 1977-1981 sullivan89 (AT)  
AD-38 Timothy Sullivan E-3 3/68-5/71 tsullivanp (AT) Plank owner. Pre comm school San Diego--3/67 to discharge.
AD-38 Michael Summy ML2 05/72-05/76 sandrat01 (AT)  
AD-38 Timothy Sutton HT2 1975-1976 sheart56 (AT) phone:724-234-3473...Butler, PA..
AD-38 Marvin Swinney SK3 3/87-10/90 marvin.swinney (AT) Was big time public enemy fan-worked in deck (3rd div) from 3/87-9/88 & S1 div frm 9/88-10/90.
AD-38 Joe Szczyradlowski SKC 1990-1993 joeski0302 (AT)  
AD-38 Janice Tabb BM3 2/86 - 3/89 mcdougal1963 (AT)  
AD-38 Victor Tatum SK3 09/84-04/87 JCCbusdir (AT) Sure wish I'd kept in touch!
AD-38 Christine Taylor TM3 2/86 - 04/91 cchouse04 (AT) Email me if you remember me. Like to hear from anyone!
AD-38 Olyn M. Taylor, Jr HM3 5/73-3/74 hersomtack (AT)  
AD-38 Olyn M. Taylor, Jr. HM3 05/73 - 03/74 hersomtack (AT) would like to hear from any fellow corpsmen esp. Jeff Pector
AD-38 Al Teal MM 79-81 shdow5 (AT) A-Gang forever! A flood of memories
AD-38 Robbin Teat E-4 12/89-6/91 poohsbabygirl1 (AT) I'm trying to locate Fred Canady
AD-38 Chris Tell BT2 06/84-11/87 christell (AT) steaming demon over gaeta, good plant mmc(sw) tell
AD-38 Bob Terry EN/PO3 5/75 to 4/77 bobterry (AT)  
AD-38 Charles Thompson OS3SW 2/89-7/94 charlienthompson (AT) Was ET3 and cross rated to OS3. Was onboard for drt stm.
AD-38 Lisa Thompson E-5 3/86 to 9/89 lisathompsontwin (AT)  
AD-38 Ray Thornton MM2 2/71-8/74 rthornton6 (AT)  
AD-38 John Thrasher QM1 80-89 johnthrasher (AT)  
AD-38 Frank Tiboni RM2 07/81 - 12/84 harly (AT) Looking to hear from old friends, also Steve and Carol if anyone knows steve he was either an MM or HT chief, wore glasses and was married to a british woman named Carol....thanks.
AD-38 Don Titus PH3 1981-1983 titusdonang (AT) Party around the Med....
AD-38 Jerry Tobey MM3 1987 to 1989 tobey (AT)  
AD-38 Carlos Toledo LI3 1983-1985 1961 (AT) worked 3-m office and print shop, love gaeta ,palma ,boricua
AD-38 Bryan Tomovcsik EN3 1988-1993 pghtomo2 (AT)  
AD-38 Fred Tormala IC3 1973-6/75 fred_tormala (AT)  
AD-38 Mark Towns MM3 1974 to 1977 mrtown (AT) Searching for MM's from 1974 to 1977.
AD-38 James Trimmer E-3 5/88 - 4/92 james.nezat (AT) Don`t let Nezat throw u off. Thats my last name now....
AD-38 Edgar Gene Trombly LT 1968 letatrombly (AT) Edgar 'Gene' Trombly was the Asst. Repair Officer in 1968.
AD-38 Ina Tucker     tuck283 (AT) I have a lighter from the ship and would like give it back. Help me find the owner ??
AD-38 Troy Tucker MM3 10/89-5/93 troyt (AT) M-Div
AD-38 John Tura SK 90 to 93 jtura (AT) serverd from 90 to 93
AD-38 Michael Tussey SK2 6/75-8/78 TUSSEY735 (AT)  
AD-38 William Unruh EM2 2/68 - 9/69 bunruh (AT) Was with pre-commissioning crew Feb 1968. Plank Owner. Ships company, E-Division
AD-38 Juan Valdez BT3 11/83-09/87 juan16 (AT)  
AD-38 Harry Vallance DKCS 1967 to 5/73 harryandjo (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
AD-38 Robert Van Iderstine LT 05/83 - 12/86 bvanider (AT) Retired as Commander (LDO Admin) on 01 September 2003
AD-38 Larry Veach SH 06/73-11/76 lveach (AT)  
AD-38 Gerald Vetter EM3 1968-1969 gv225 (AT) Precommission and Plankowner. Ships company E-Div.
AD-38 Abel Viamontes IC2 6/72 - 7/73 apvco1 (AT) Would like to hear from IC gang and from crew and dependents of Operation Pegasus 1972
AD-38 Mike Vitucci MR2 1976 - 1979 mvitucci (AT) Awesome memories and two med cruises aboard the Sound
AD-38 Randy Volz WT2 3/87-6/90 randyvolz (AT) WEPS/R-5 38-B 91-C ASROC GMG's TM's WT's
AD-38 Mark Walker BM3 1975 - 1977 MIWalker00 (AT) I was your Boat Coxwain during the Med Cruise 1977
AD-38 Richard (Wally) Wallace IC3 1972 to 1973 richwall (AT) IC shop under old Fat Sam
AD-38 Donald Walsh PNCM 5/69-6/72 donwalsh1 (AT) Great ship and crew. Best of times.
AD-38 Donald Waltz DP2/E-5 1987 to 1989 don (AT)  
AD-38 Ron Warden BT2 R-2 Planner (P&E) 1986 to 1989 ronald.warden (AT) Geata & N Atl-Gen qtrs w/anchors out & ships tide to both sides after Norway-Egypt when Sims hit us at the pier.
AD-38 Robbin (Teat) Washington BM3 12/88-02/91 robwash (AT)  
AD-38 Dyron Webb MM2 6/84-8/88 spider60620 (AT)  
AD-38 Jeffrey Weber ETN2 1/72 - 11/74 weber.judy (AT) In the 30 years I've know my husband he always talks about his shipmates Doug Carrier, Stan Semuski and Dennis Shawley. If any of you are still out there, it would be great to hear from you. Jeff is retired from the IRS as a manager in the computer room
AD-38 Robert Wehn HTC 1969 to 1971 Shipmate21122 (AT)  
AD-38 Jim Welsh BM2 1980 to 1982 jimwelsh48 (AT) Best ship-started in 1st Div-did 6 mos TAD Shore Pat-came back/spent rest tim in 3rd Div-good times/people.
AD-38 Richard West MM2 5/76-2/77 RWest21339 (AT)  
AD-38 John Westrich MM3 08/71-08/74 SBUMP (AT) CSIONLINE.NET  
AD-38 John Wharton BT2 6/93-8/95 jdw (AT)  
AD-38 Robert When HTC 1969 to 1971 shipmate21122 (AT)  
AD-38 Patrick Wickersham MR3 1/89-7/92 drgnwyk (AT)  
AD-38 Al Wilkerson MM2 83-88 albrend (AT) M-div. The med. was great, no better time in my life!!
AD-38 Fred Willey CWO4 1984-1988 willeyadventure (AT) R-1 Division Officer many fond memories . This was a great ship and crew.
AD-38 Robert Wills EN 4/89-3/93 robdar22 (AT)  
AD-38 Robert Wilson PN2 3/76 - 8/79 bobwilson57 (AT) Served on the Sound from 3/76-8/79 - Personnel Department.
AD-38 Gary Winder MM3 6/85-11/88 gygw (AT) if you remember me drop me a line
AD-38 John Wing GMG3 1975 to 1976 Wing3754 (AT) Welded to the pier in Norfolk. Armory Gunner
AD-38 Randy Wingert OM3 1976-1979 randy_wingert (AT) R-5 Division Optical shop Anybody out there
AD-38 Jim Wise DC3 4/68-12/68 jimwise_64 (AT) Damage Controlman in R-1 Div-played on softball team in Brem
AD-38 Bob Wolff HT3 6/85 - 11/88 RoberWolff (AT) Hi everyone. If ya remember me, e-mail me. Thanks
AD-38 Carl Wolford SN 1970 to 1972 rmer56 (AT) served deck dept. 3rd. Div, Crane crew. Operation Pegasus 1972. (once in a life time)
AD-38 Bob Wright SN 3/68-12/68 bobpattiw (AT) Plankowner. RD Striker, OI Division. Pre-Com to Newport.
AD-38 Michael Wyett ETN2 76-77 Mwyett (AT) r-4 Electronic Calibration
AD-38 Paul Zach MM1 8/80-6/84 PSSGEZACH (AT) Best shipboard duty I ever had! Gaeta was GREAT!
AD-38 Graceann Zavada MR3 86-89 gmt0624 (AT) Before I left I married DK 2 Crossley from Disbursing. I worked in R-6 (the nukes).

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