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DD-113 John J. Adams FCC 01/37 - 06/42 adamsjjjr69 (AT) My father served aboard her. He died in 1992 but I remember his stories of the destroyers.
DD-113 Robert C. Lathrop GM3 1/44 - 6/45 Ron.Lathrop (AT) My father-he was a member of UDT 10-he's 88 & very much with us and his email is
DD-113 Robert Lytle EM 44-45 Deceased Deceased
DD-113 Abraham McDonald CWT 1944-1945 Deceased Dad died in January 1980. Transferred to Rathburne after surviving the torpedoing of the Jarvis.
DD-113 Jack McGuire 1944 to 1945 I think frankojacinto (AT) My father-died 1/28/03-best times of his life-God bless you guys-thks for your service/our freedom.
DD-113 Charles Snider S2 1944 to 1946 chowell5 (AT) My father-looking for any shipmates/or family of shipmates-email or call 817-284-1014 Thx-Celesta Howell
DE/FF-1057 Randy Andrew GMG2 01/75-10/76 retgmcusn (AT) 'Andy''
DE/FF-1057 Robert Horn STG1 5/70 - 6/75 RHorn90922 (AT) Plank Owner
DE/FF-1057 Gerry Langfitt TMSN 8/74 - 8/76 grlangfitt (AT) Great memories of Wes-Pac 74-75. Looking for Randy Taylor.
DE/FF-1057 Joe Martinez E-2 1973-1974 Joehandball (AT) Friends... Louis Sierra, Ray Talavarea
DE/FF-1057 Butch O'Hara BTFN 1973 - 1975 wooteno (AT) would like to hear from any old friends
DE/FF-1057 John White BTC 06/70 - 06/73 WHITE2126 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1057 Val Baldwin STG3 9/73 - 4/75 suzieb (AT)  
DE-1057 Nick Batzek GMT2 1970-73 No1vette (AT) Drop me a line
DE-1057 Ted Bogusz ETR3 1970-72 Plankowner tgbogusz5 (AT) First to serve, First to WestPac, First to cross the Equator May 31, 1971, Picked up
DE-1057 Michael Bowman BT2 1975 - 1977 MBOW909 (AT) 5/08 Just found out they sunk the Rathburne, a lot of good memories went down with her!
DE-1057 Steve Branch Branch SH2 3/70-9/72 stevebranch38 (AT) Plankowner-would like to share pics of ''Proud Offender'' I'm on facebook check out-photos-live in Lake Havasu,AZ
DE-1057 Charles Buffington BMC 1971 to 1974 bffbuff (AT) Great CPO qtrs in USSN keep in contact for ships reunions
DE-1057 Marvin Cartwright STG3 73-76 mcartwright73 (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
DE-1057 Joe R. Castillo PC3 11/74-6/77 57jrcjr (AT) Mess deck,went to deck force-worked with JD Harris, J.Tong, K Sanchez,J Madden,J Ritzman,P Castillo, etc.
DE-1057 Mike Clemmons BT2 1/70 mlclemmons1 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1057 David Clevinger BTFN 1972-1974 dclevinger (AT) Would like to hear from old crew
DE-1057 William Cordell GMG1 1971-1974 wacky300469 (AT) would like to hear from some of the old crew
DE-1057 James B. Davis DK2 4/70-12/71 jamesd75034 (AT) Did they fix the pier we took out the first time we arrived in Pearl Harbor-did they fix ever fix the hull?
DE-1057 George Davis EM3 73-75 1q503s (AT)  
DE-1057 Tommy Deleon STG3 1972 to 1975 info (AT) wow , it's been a litte bit of time since those vietnam westpacs huh guys?
DE-1057 Robert Feick GMG3 3/72 - 5/75 feick (AT) Great crew and great times on westpac
DE-1057 Robert Guernsey BT3 1970-1973 rguernsey (AT)  
DE-1057 Roger Himelrick E-3 9/72-9/74 rhimelrick1427 (AT) the ohio connection-you know who you are-good times-anyone who remembers me feel free to contact me
DE-1057 John ''Jack'' Hollenbeck EN2 1971 to 1973 j.m.hollenbeck (AT) Like to hear from any of my old shipmates.
DE-1057 Randy Hughes BTFN 8/72-9/74 hugheshollis (AT) Lived through it. Probably the toughest years of my life.
DE-1057 Larry Irwin STG3 5/70 - 5/72 jli72212 (AT) Semi-retired musician / lawyer. Hope my fellow shipmates are well.
DE-1057 Michael Jacob E-3 1970 to 1972 beatsallcleaner (AT)  
DE-1057 William Jeffers RD2 Plankowner - 1972 wjeffers (AT) on way over to pearl harbor she broke down and we called her USS never sail.
DE-1057 Stanley Jones BT1 1970 - 1972 tanmannvbch (AT) Plankowner, oil shack, ACC shop, and a who lot of watches, have original inventation to
DE-1057 Ben Kenney RM3 1973 - 1975 BK2800 (AT) Be good to here from any of the same years crew. Looking for RM2 Mickey Waddell, RM3 Bob Beatty
DE-1057 Edward Kerr RM2 2/71 - 12/71 edkerr910 (AT)  
DE-1057 Harold Kuwazaki YN3 1973 - 1975 haroldku (AT) Remember old shipmates: Sandidge, Ramsey, Larsen, Buckley, Hawthorne
DE-1057 Walter Lucas BM/EM/E-3 3/73-9/76 lilmerlin275 (AT) Hey short s!?#-hows that left hook? Westpac74-75-never laughted so hard in my life with you guys-email me
DE-1057 Keith Mann FN 1974-1975 keith.mann (AT) WESTPAC 74-75 Vietnam Evac 1975
DE-1057 Dennis Mayberry 0S3 3/70-9/73 dmaybesh1 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1057 Randall Mietzner STG2 04/1973- 05/1975 randallmietzner (AT) Retired from Wash STate University about 5 years ago
DE-1057 Brad Mildon BT3 8/72-3/75 mildongraham (AT) Great times
DE-1057 Mitch Mitchel EM3 71-73 MITCHMAN1822 (AT) Great ship/crew-2 WestPacs-best eng officer-LT Wright-best DE in Vietnam-and yes we docked in Danang
DE-1057 Phil Monje SN 6/74-12/75 Riverwat1 (AT) Discharged 12/75. Back-in 4/78. Retired as OSC 4/95. I have copy of 74-75 WestPac Cruise Book.
DE-1057 Dennis Pini PC2 08/70 to 08/71 denpini (AT) It would be great to hear from old shipmates on the 1st WesPac tour for the Rathburne
DE-1057 Reid Ransom FTG2 2/70 to 2/73 reidransom (AT) Hope to see everyone at this years reunion San Diego.
DE-1057 Donald Rossi SN 1973-75 rossi80210 (AT) Itís been a long time but I cherish the memories
DE-1057 Dave Rudd CS2 71-73 ruddd (AT) 19 years old in Subic Bay-sigh
DE-1057 Jim Ryan STG2 11/71-5/73 j_ryan62 (AT) My first ship & Westpac-ship remembered with fond memories-1st of many in my 23 yr career-contact me in TX
DE-1057 Eric Salo FTG2 3/70 - 2/72 esalo (AT) Plankowner-1st cruise 1971-Pearl,Midway Island,Yokusaka,Buckner Bay (near Okinawa) among others
DE-1057 Lawrence A. Sanders RD3 5-1970 to 1-1973 boilrmkr (AT) thanks for this page!
DE-1057 (Walter) Bryon Satterfield MM2 1970-1971 bryons (AT) Precom detail, Sea trials, 1st cruise to Pearl Harbor, left before 1st Westpac. Great experiences & friends.
DE-1057 John Seeman MM2 01/72-08/75 jfseeman (AT)  
DE-1057 Michael Smith MMFN/MM3 11/70-5/72 mtsinaz (AT) Was on first WestPac, worked in AC&R Shop, looking for Phil Lewis & Dick Norris
DE-1057 Jack Stephens BT/E-3 06/73 to 06/74 jcfden (AT) Great year. Hope all is well.
DE-1057 Greg Taylor RD3 06/71-12/72 gltff (AT) two westpacs
DE-1057 William (Bill) Tucker SR 1/72 - 2/73 bhtuck494 (AT) not the best time of my life
DE-1057 Vincent Vandersnick GMG2 1971 absarokee01 (AT)  
DE-1057 Mike (Michael) Ward BM3 4/70- 2/73 ward.michael67 (AT) Plank owner--Made the first 2 West-Pac cruises.. Served under Cheif Brooks& Cheif Buffington
DE-1057 Gary Williams SM3 03/70 - 08/72 enola46 (AT) Plankowner; came abord in Seattle then to Bremmerton Wa. for testing.
DE-1057 Guy (Willy) Williamson AW3 1/74-3/74 gpwmson (AT) HSL-35 Det 2- Trans on for temp duty-went to Mombasa, Madagascar & Singapore-then back to Reasoner & Nam.
DE-1057 Harry Ziegler E-4 1970-1972 Hzieg71701 (AT) first to serve on this ship
DE-1057/HSL-35 Terry Wolfe Aviation Tech 1 1973 ? twolfe45 (AT) It was as priviledge and my regards and respects during happening times!
FF-1057 Raymond Anderson LT 9/71-5/73 navret (AT) where the hell is Riley
FF-1057 Ross Beasley MM3 1982-1984 carolynbeasley2 (AT) yahoo Arno,Mark,call me at 409-682-0433
FF-1057 Mark Bellmore MS2 1985-1987 darlene12 (AT) Hawaii, need I say more
FF-1057 Jack Bowman PNC(SW) 5/83 - 5/86 jbowman12001 (AT) A great CPO mess and crew. Many, many great memories.
FF-1057 Walter Briese OS3 10/77 - 10/79 briese (AT) First ship and in some ways the best
FF-1057 Peter Buckley SN 1972-1975 flashyfingers07 (AT) Took me 2 years to get out of the Deck Department into striking for Yeoman
FF-1057 Kenneth Cleversy GMM3 06/87-11/90 deitersprockets (AT) Looking to purchase a uniform rocker if anyone still has it.
FF-1057 Ron Cobb GMG3 05/70-06/73 rcobb101 (AT) Hey Willy, I was one of Chief Riley's gunners, remember?
FF-1057 Chuck Cole MM3 8/74-8/76 ccole64 (AT)  
FF-1057 Kenneth Coody OSSN 12/75 - 12/77 grandpax4 (AT) First Ship of many (retired as OSCM)
FF-1057 Jim Davis ET3 1/76-1/78 davisjs (AT)  
FF-1057 Steve Dickson ET2 9/90 - 2/92 nolabum (AT)  
FF-1057 Curtis Dry EMC(SW) 1983-1987 cdry (AT) Made Chief here. Good memories. Know location of others.
FF-1057 Michael Early SKC (SW) 06/85-12/86 earlymj (AT)  
FF-1057 Ken Elmore E-5 1985 to 1988 kenelmore (AT) Great times and great people!
FF-1057 Steve Flynn RM3 1972 to 1974 flynnsteve (AT) Would like to hear from anyone on board from 1972 to 1975.
FF-1057 Richard Fourcher DC3 10/88-02/92 rfourcher (AT)  
FF-1057 James Gates EMCS 10/74 - 09/76 Jamesg59 (AT)  
FF-1057 Richard Giacobe MA1 Nov 1990 to March 1991 RGIACOBE (AT) HOTMAIL.COM  
FF-1057 Scott Gieseking GMG3 82-83 pntr777 (AT)  
FF-1057 Kenneth Guidry IC2 1979 to 1982 cajunblaster (AT) Anybody out there?
FF-1057 Ricardo Harris FTM2 07/74 - 07/78 ricardoeharrislove (AT) So many I loved hanging with. Divine favor/lot of hard work let me leave in '81 as a 1st Class-What a wild ride!!!
FF-1057 Wayne Hendrix QM2 9/88-8/89 advcc (AT) SRA then Underway
FF-1057 Jim Hershey STG3 5/75 - 1/80 kamatu (AT)  
FF-1057 Steve Hillerman deck ape 1977-1979 shillerman (AT) can call (505)-299-1097 collect
FF-1057 Ricky Hobbs RM1 1976-1979 pgk3674 (AT)  
FF-1057 Bob Hrter PN2 3/78 - 12/79 bronco22 (AT) Looking to find old friends. Of which I see a few here. Several members of the Warship Band
FF-1057 Jon Jacques FTCS 08/75 - 07/77 crazyjake (AT) A fine ship and crew.
FF-1057 Muhammad K. Johnson BT3 03/85-07/87 mojo9134 (AT) great ship many memories
FF-1057 Richard Keim STG3 06/89 - 02/92 keimre (AT)  
FF-1057 Wes Keller OS2 5/87-1/91 kellercabinets (AT) Missing all, well most of my old shipmates
FF-1057 Mike Kelly LT 4/89-2/92 kellym019 (AT)  
FF-1057 David Kenneson QM2 4/88 - 11/91 dlkenneson (AT)  
FF-1057 Keith Klingborg GMG1 1984 to1986 keith_klingborg (AT)  
FF-1057 Arno Lamb MM3 9/81-5/85 arnoman (AT) Hell of a place to become a man.
FF-1057 Harold Lambert RM2 1980-1984 rm1lambert (AT) OC Divsion, OPS Department
FF-1057 Gerry (Tony) Langfitt TMSN 9/74 - 4/76 grlangfitt (AT) Anyone know what happened to a BM Randy Taylor. We had a many of gr8 times in Subic.
FF-1057 Chuck Larsen PNC 6/74-6/77 Chuck (AT) Would do things differently
FF-1057 Tom Leitch FN 1978 - 1980 the1senior (AT) still active
FF-1057 Terry Lindsey RM3 03/78 - 04/80 terry-lindsey (AT) Warship Rathburne
FF-1057 Jim Marcinkowski OS3 2/76-9/79 marcinkowski8 (AT) Great times! Visit:
FF-1057 Robert McBride STG3 5/24/87-5/7/91 micks (AT) Looking for anyone from A/S Division from then
FF-1057 Gary McGhee EWC 1974-1975 gfmhmc41 (AT) Did it ever get underway on time?
FF-1057 Edward M. McNamara YN2 78-81 e.mcnamara (AT) Hope all the old shipmates are doing well. Always looking for emails. All the best to WARSHIP RATHBURN.
FF-1057 Jerry McPeak BM2 8/75-8/78 bmcmcpeak (AT) Good friends
FF-1057 Randall Mietzner STG2 4/1973 - 5/1975 mietzner (AT) WesPac Oct/74-May 75
FF-1057 Anthony Mitchem E-4 1981 to 1985 tonym125 (AT) Proud To Serve. Poly Wog to Shell Back.....From Sr, SN, FN, IC3...
FF-1057 Jaime Murphy EW1 1980-1984 csource (AT)  
FF-1057 Steve Murto ET1 1980 - 1984 smurto (AT) Turning, burning and learning!
FF-1057 Dwight Norris STG2 1988 to 1991 dwitehawk (AT)  
FF-1057 Richard North OS3 3/89 - 2/91 cableguy4308 (AT) Really miss the ole Rat
FF-1057 Frank Ochmann SMC June 1980-April 1982 frank_ochmann2001 (AT) Best CPO mess around at the time, good skipper and xo
FF-1057 Geoffrey Pearce FTG/FC2 1983 to 1986 geoffp (AT) Miss the old Ratguard
FF-1057 Paul Petrali E-4 3/81 - 10/84 saweachother (AT) Hello anyone from WESPAC '82 out there?
FF-1057 Michael Piepenburg STGCM 75-80 and 89-92 mpiepenburg (AT) Had many a good time on the ship
FF-1057 Dave Pisano SN 1985-1987 seagrape2000 (AT) miss you squids
FF-1057 Michael Pittman BT3 1/78-12/79 MPITTMAN (AT) TGSHARVARD.COM WESTPAC 79 Ship's band Warship Best times of my life
FF-1057 John Reed STG/SN 1978-1980 patavana2000 (AT) What a great time was had by all.
FF-1057 Douglas Reed BT3 4/80-5/82 navyvet7787 (AT)  
FF-1057 Lawrence (Larry) Repass OS1 1/85-6/87 lrepass (AT) Cruised the Middle East before it was fashionable!
FF-1057 Stu Richmond FTG3 01/80-10/81 commdude450 (AT) Anybody seen ET2 Stephen ''Meat'' Walter?
FF-1057 Robert Rowe YNC 2/70 - 6/71 fs5124 (AT) Plankowner
FF-1057 Randy Scott BT2 1/78-3/80 rwscott55 (AT)  
FF-1057 Ron Sears OS2 2/83-10/86 searsr3 (AT)  
FF-1057 Ray Senzig PC3 11/87 to 5/91 senzig (AT) hang loose
FF-1057 Marty Simonich GMT2 1977 - 1980 SimonichMJ (AT) Warship
FF-1057 Kevin Snow OS/E-5 1988-1990 bigbird3148 (AT)  
FF-1057 John Stevenson STGSN 1973 to 1975 js (AT) Helped The Vietnam Refugees, Three Typhoons - Remember the Paint Locker flood? Email for contact.
FF-1057 Jim Sulfare BM2 10/85 -10/89 jimmys (AT) Great Ship... Great People... Clean Sweep Days!! Feel free to email if you would like to talk..
FF-1057 Nick Tracy ET2 1988-1992 bntracy (AT) glad to to have been on a good ship.
FF-1057 Robert Wallace OS3 12/79-5/86 William4AlbaWallace (AT) Enjoyed WestPacs & Hawaiian Isles-many moments-wish I had put in my 20 & retired-hindsight is always 20/20.
FF-1057 John (Jack) Watson GMC 1/85-12/89 MOTOJACK2727 (AT) RETIRED AND LIVING THE GOOD LIFE.
FF-1057 Lee Wiggs MMC/CWO2 1978 - 1980 PO Box 73, Darby, MT 59829 ret. cwo4 1989
FF-1057 Robert Williams GMG3 1971 to 1974 RWROBSAN (AT) all riley gunners get in touch with me urgent
FF-1057 Jerry Willis E-2 12/90-11/91 medicwillis (AT) Served aboard the ole girl right before she was decommissioned-she was a good home,had some good shipmates
FF-1057 John Wolfe ET2(SW) 1986 - 1989 computerwolf (AT)  
FF-1057 Steve (Woody) Woods E-2 12/79- 11/80 stwoods2 (AT) I just want to say hi to all my shipmates

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