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  William Taylor   1961-1964 patricia (AT) My father-trying to gather as much info about his time served so that I can share with him anything I can locate.
DD/DDE-499 William Davis GMSM 1957 to 1958 cooter75156 (AT) also serviced on the uss floyd b. parks dd 884 & the uss chevalier ddr 805 both @ sadiego cal.
DD/DDE-499 Don Duke MM2 07/59-11/62 donduke.1 (AT) Add my name to ship's crew list. I attended the 2004 reunion in Portland.
DD/DDE-499 Joseph English FN 6/61 - 8/62 ebts (AT) Like to hear from shipmates. Never fear Baby Huey Will Return.
DD/DDE-499 James Giddings FT2 1956 to 1959 jgg3950 (AT)  
DD/DDE-499 Edward Jaworoski MM3 11/62-8/66 Fantasea813 (AT)  
DD/DDE-499 Edward Jaworoskk MM3 1962 to 1966 Fantasea 813 (AT)  
DD/DDE-499 George Keim ET1   RADSAFE (AT) Need some info to complete autobiography
DD/DDE-499 Larry (Max) Kingsley RD3 7/59 to 62 maxthesailorman (AT) Looking for radarmen
DD/DDE-499 Robert Mize MM3 1961-62 mize2 (AT) would like to see and talk to old shipmates
DD/DDE-499 Bill Patterson RD2 3/55-7/57 billandrainy (AT) if u served when i di contact me for gab
DD/DDE-499 Weldon Purkey SK3 12/52 - 4/55 wapurkey (AT)  
DD/DDE-499 David Rathbun FT3 10/58 to 3/61 deavidflrnc (AT) living in Florence Or,
DD/DDE-499 Brodie Riley MM{S}3/c 1944 to 1946 brodie.riley (AT) Served in aft engine room. Designed and built coffee maker there. Played Guitar
DD/DDE-499 Chris Starr RD3 59-62 starrceak (AT) I am the son of larry kingsley and looking for friends to learn about my father and hear some stories about my dad
DD/DDE-499 Donald Strohl FN2 1945-1946 donalddls (AT)  
DD/DDE-499 Tom Vestal ETN3 9/61 to 9/63 w6nin (AT)  
DD-499 Kenneth T. Adams RD2 2/66-2/69 ktacorp7 (AT) One hell of a time
DD-499 Paul Ahern GMG3 66-69 pattopo (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
DD-499 Howard Ahola RM3 1/68-1/70 MRV82U (AT) Hey Gramps, Nacho, and John Paul! Gimme a buzz!
DD-499 Thomas E. Atnip BT2 2/67 - 6/69 thomas.e.atnip (AT) My father served on the Renshaw as Eng. Off. in the 50's
DD-499 David Baldassano MM2 4/68 - 12/69 David.Baldassano (AT)  
DD-499 Skip Batchelor STG2 65-69 skipbat45 (AT) Would like to hear from anybody that remembers me.
DD-499 Ron Bay QMSN Feb 63-Feb 64 qmcmsw (AT) Retired as QMCM (SW) in 1993.
DD-499 Otto Berg FTG2 1967 to 1968 otto (AT)  
DD-499 Nicholas Bernhardt PCSN 8/61 to 8/63 nmbernhardt (AT) Retired 2002
DD-499 Tom Black RM3 42-43 trukinjim (AT) Tom Black was my father
DD-499 Glenn Blackway FTG2 1967-1970 grblack (AT)  
DD-499 Larry Brosh IC2 9/66-2/68 broshlarry (AT)  
DD-499 Ed Budworth SN 1968-1969 ezbudboats (AT)  
DD-499 Roscoe Carter MM3 1968 - 1970 roscoejr2001 (AT) Nov. 21 / 2016 doing well 3 grand kids.
DD-499 Robert Chaney Chief GMGC 60's bobciii57 (AT) Passed away in August of 1989. Served on the Renshaw and the Philips, DD-499 and DD-498
DD-499 Chuck Chason BT2 1967-1969 chuck.chason (AT)  
DD-499 Charles Conway BT2 1962 to 1964 pcon37 (AT)  
DD-499 Greg Corley RD2 1960-1963 gregbcorley (AT) radarmen give me a shout
DD-499 Glenn Covey ETR3 1965-1967 glcovey (AT)  
DD-499 Gene Cross MM3 09/64 - 09/67 gcross6012 (AT) Eddie or Bruce are you out there?
DD-499 Victor M. Davila E-3 1/68-9/69 vicandavila (AT) I would like to hear from anyone from 1st. Division. Roy Meyers, Jim McDaniels, Bruce Schwarts
DD-499 Joseph Del Gandio BT3 12/62 - 6/66 JED499 (AT)  
DD-499 Michael Dziema E-3 12/66-9/68 mdziema (AT)  
DD-499 Eris E. Ervin MM2 30 Jun 58 - 6 Jan 61 edervin (AT)  
DD-499 Don Faustman RM2 1966-1969 donfaustman (AT) would like anyone on the '66 and/or '68 westpac cruises to contact me
DD-499 Tim Fletcher QM3 5/68 - 5/70 deejay88 (AT) Where's Oakie?
DD-499 Charles Fox E-3 1/69- 2/70 Telescopeman (AT) Fond memories, learned my seamanship on her.
DD-499 Alan J. Frey MM1 4/68-12/69 freya (AT)  
DD-499 Milt Gilbert DC1 1969 milt_gilbert (AT) One of best ship in 22 years of service. All good men! If I wasn't too old I would go back on her!
DD-499 Ted Gladkowski EM2 1966 to 1968 tgladkowsk (AT)  
DD-499 Edward Goss MM3 1966 to 1968 tktman101 (AT) gene c -- still alive and well
DD-499 David Hacker PO3 West Pac Cruise 68-39   My telephone number is 316-265-1589
DD-499 Larry Hogan   1942-1945 TROLMI (AT) My pop is 76 Still kickin' was a gunner on when torpedoed
DD-499 Don Hoyt SN 6/62 - 4/66 CharlotteandDon (AT) Some names I rem:Larry McIntyre,Charles Pearce,Jack Serr,Chris Dorman,Gary Wemer,Robert Eppling,Mabry
DD-499 Emmett Hoyt RD3 65-68 elhoyt (AT) Surface submarine, we were more underwater than on top, said one sailor off a Carrier.
DD-499 Leonard ''Hud'' Hudlin MM3 01/68-70 leonhudlin (AT)  
DD-499 Albert M. Huntley CSCS Feb 1961 to Aug 1963 alhunt (AT) would you guys like some Renshaw pictures??
DD-499 Edward Jaworoski MM3 12/62-6/66 fantasea813 (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates
DD-499 Earnest (Ernie) Johnson CPO 1955- 1967 2130AKnorth (AT) Never got to know my father (died in 71)-if anyone remembers him & can tell stories i would love to hear them
DD-499 William A. Johnson SN 1951 and 52 wlljhs4 (AT) Would like to hear from my shipmates who knew me.
DD-499 Dennis Kempf SN 6/65-8/67 swabie (AT) renshaw was called the red lead destoyer .
DD-499 Kenneth Koelle SFM2 4/64 to 12/67 k.koelle (AT) I like to hear from shipmates
DD-499 Tom Kornegay FTGSN 63-66 tomkornegay (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me
DD-499 John Lanning TM3 1962-1964 jlann7900 (AT) Does anyone remember being in Port in Vietnam 1962 - 1964?
DD-499 Daniel Mangan EM3 7/63-6/65 freecellmaster (AT) Retired living in Centerville,TX-appreciate hearing from anyone that remembers those ''good old days''. Ha Ha !!!
DD-499 Don McCurry EM2 6/63 - 1/67 renshaw499 (AT) Currently ship's historian
DD-499 James McDowell QM3 June 1966 to Dec. 1968 jakemc (AT)  
DD-499 Tom McRae RD2 1963-1965 tjmacs (AT)  
DD-499 Maurice Mertens BT3 1967 to 10/68 mertfunnyfarm (AT) Thanks, Please send any info. about reunions ot shipmates
DD-499 Roy Meyer BM3 1965 to 1969 roymeyer (AT) All shipmates that remember me
DD-499 Charles Minton FN2 1944-1945 Deceased My father. He was on the Renshaw when it was torpedo. He was awarded the Purple Heart & Silver Star.
DD-499 Dennis Moberg EM3 1964-1967 dennismbbc (AT) missed all the reunions, now there wont be anymore!
DD-499 Paul Mohr ETR3 8/65 - 12/66 paul.mohr (AT) great ship/crew-hard to believe we look back at the harsh living conditions aboard tin cans with fond memories.
DD-499 Jim Morelock EM2   jrmorelock1 (AT)  
DD-499 Thomas Moscoso RD3 2/63 - 7/65 thomasmos (AT) Mighty Mo is always available
DD-499 Paul Newbert SK2 11/63 - 01/66 pnewbert (AT)  
DD-499 Jim Niswonger MM2 62-65 patience (AT) Would love to hear from some of my shipmates
DD-499 Mike Paniagua SM1 1969-1970 Paniaguamike697 (AT) Remember being stationed in Peral Harbor, Hawii
DD-499 William Patterson RD2 1955 to 1957 billandrainy (AT) if u served when i di contact me for gab
DD-499 Lou Pellegrini SM3 April, 1944 - Nov, 1945 ednapell (AT) Was wounded in '45 Torpedo Attack
DD-499 Bruce F. Pilcher MM3 9/63 - 6/66 nyc322 (AT) Where are all you guys?
DD-499 Ken Pintar RD1 64-67 k.pintar (AT)  
DD-499 Waldemar A. Post BTCS 50-52 651-455-7037  
DD-499 James Potts SN 1965 1966 lonzo60 (AT) Would like to here from shipmates
DD-499 Robert Quigley EM 1941-1945 kweichmann (AT) Bob is now 95...would love to kno we if any other crew members are out there
DD-499 Thomas Bill Ray TM3 1966 to 1967 surveyorbill (AT) Glad to visit with all shipmates.
DD-499 Bob Regan FTG2 1/64-12/66 rtregan (AT) Main Battery Fire Control
DD-499 Brodie Riley MMS3C 1943/1945 briley (AT) I played guitar on fantail with Nick Gaetonni
DD-499 Mario Rispoli GM3 11/42 - 11/45 jr3274 (AT) Deceased at age 89 .5 , world war 2 vet . told great stories about this ship .
DD-499 Leslie K. Roberts E-3 4-68 to 6-69 cherokee1947 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates
DD-499 Michael Robertson RD2 5/64 - 6/67 mike.robertson (AT) Also... DD-931, DLG-24 and DD-980
DD-499 John Rossi GMG3 1967 to 1969 john (AT) Looking for anyone from Fox Division
DD-499 Lavern ''Russ'' Russell WT3 42-44 wiseman5 (AT)  
DD-499 George ''Tater'' Ryan MM3 1968-1969 briryan (AT) Daughter-in-law's email...send email for contact information
DD-499 Les Schmehl BM3 10/60-62 les1755 (AT) was on the renshaw 1960 to 1962 and the braine 1963 to 1964
DD-499 Wayne Scott BM2 9/64-8/66 wascottpopeye (AT) does anyone remember me
DD-499 Charles Settles, Jr. ST2 1943 to 1945 coretha (AT) This is my friend's email address. I have a lot of senior moments. I can't remember the months.
DD-499 Kenneth Smith MM3 1965 to 1968 smittydude (AT) Still have my cruise book'' from westpac 1966 - great memories!''
DD-499 Joseph Paul (Boyer) Smith SN1 10/43-03/46 Boyerdj2000 (AT) Name change to Boyer after Discharge
DD-499 Mark Soltanuk DC3 68-70 msoltanuk (AT) liberty launch to Grande island PI
DD-499 Jay Speyerer MMFN 1969-1970 jay (AT) Looking to reconnect with anyone from my era, such as Denis Robin, Daryl Goodaker, Chet Hubbard, et al.
DD-499 Anthony Stagliano PO1 1942 to 1945 drstagliano (AT) My father-was a radar operator-may be incorrect about his rank,but will correct when I ask him soon.
DD-499 Mike Steiner BM3 1/67- 1/69 msteiner8 (AT) Looking for info on anyone from 1st div.
DD-499 Joe (Stoney) Stone RD3 64-66 Cobblestone9000 (AT) Have a nice day
DD-499 Gary Sullivan BT3 2/69 - 2/70 sully (AT)  
DD-499 Rhae Swisher LT(jg) Nov.1943 -April 1945 rswisher (AT) I was the Supplu Officer during this time aboard.
DD-499 John Taylor BT1 1962-1967 heyluden (AT) John died 10/13/14-finest Sailor the Seas have ever known-joined society of 'Wooden Ships and Iron Men' RIP
DD-499 David Allan Taylor, Sr.   1960-63 taylor (AT) This is my father's information, someone surprise him!
DD-499 Micheal Tier STG2 1963 to 1965 mtier1 (AT)  
DD-499 Mark Trevillian BT2 4/67 - 1969 mark.trevillian (AT) Two West-Pac cruises aboard this proud old lady-best times in my memory of 4 yrs of active duty. The men of Renshaw will always remember Pearl Harbor in a special way
DD-499 Allen Warren RD2 65-67 atw53224 (AT)  
DD-499 Michael Watson RD2 2/64 -4/69 mwmikew (AT) Red lead kept us afloat.
DD-499 Rusty Welch RM3 1963 to 1965 rustywelch (AT)  
DD-499 Jim Wendell MM2 1967 to 1970 jwend (AT)  
DD-499 Richard Wenzel SOM2 1942-1945 wenzelg (AT)  
DD-499 J. Frank Yaros BT2 1967-1970 jfypry (AT)  
DD-499 William (Bill) York S1 1/45 - 7/46 jyork918 (AT) My father-postal clerk in comm div & 1st loader on quad 40 guns on starboard side-he is 84 & living in Odenville Al.
DDE-499 Clifford Baggett ET2 6/57-7/59 csbaggett705 (AT)  
DDE-499 Glenn Barbee FT1 1958-1960 barbeeg (AT)  
DDE-499 Richard Brown RD2 1957-1960 lngrifle1 (AT) Would like to hear from any ship mates. Looking for Troy Blue
DDE-499 David Callaway RD3 7/51 to 12/54 glodave (AT)  
DDE-499 Bobby Cummons TMSN 1951-1952-1953 b.taco (AT) date of service aboard renshaw was spring of 51 -spring 53
DDE-499 Walton Davis, Jr. RD1 spring 1953 fall 1954 waltondavis (AT) Served during operatio CASTLE at Bikini Atoll, transfered to the HMS Warrior for week.
DDE-499 Pete Dawson PC3 Feb 1960 - Jan 1962 pdawson (AT)  
DDE-499 Wayne T. Dyer DC3 & 2/c Diver 1958 to 1961 watertightdoor (AT) retired from cat tech center mossvill ill
DDE-499 Herman Fritzke LT Feb.1957 - Feb 1959 fritzke2ho (AT) retired as CAPT, USN in 1979
DDE-499 William Frye EM2 1952-55 dbfrye (AT)  
DDE-499 Jim Giddings FT2 3/56-2/59 jgg3950 (AT) Ships Reunion 8/25/2008 to 8/27/2008
DDE-499 Robert Grace SN 1960 bnbgrace (AT) Deck crew, then went into the sickbay as a hospital corpman strikker until leaving for corp school San Diego
DDE-499 George J. (Frenchie) Guillot CS3 Jan.57 - Oct. 60 frenchie (AT)  
DDE-499 Gregory Hanson RD2 61 to 63 carmen45 (AT)  
DDE-499 Elmer Hanson EN3 59-60 echanson (AT) Would enjoy hearing from any and all shipmates
DDE-499 Alton S. Hayslip GM3 1954 to 1958 372 District Line Rd, Cordele, GA 31015  
DDE-499 Pete Henley BTFN 1/57 to 11/59 supergalie (AT) good ship, good mates,good times.
DDE-499 Ralph Iverson TE2 1953-54 Riverson (AT) Like to hear from anyone from the Renshaw
DDE-499 Robert G. Jenkins CS2 Sept. 1952 - Feb. 1955 MMJenks3635 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from anyone aboard at this time.
DDE-499 William A. Johnson SN 1950 -1951 williamjohnson17 (AT) Would like to hear from all my shipmates.
DDE-499 Charles Johnson RD3 1950 to 1953 cjohnson32 (AT) A time I'll never forget and the men I served with.
DDE-499 Weldon Kilpatrick MM3 1953-1956   mailing address 3536 haltom rd. ft. worth texas
DDE-499 Francis T. Kleber LT 9/50 to 8/52 frankkleber (AT) Served as Operations Officer under three skippers.
DDE-499 Bob Koch RM3 1959-1962 BKOCH41 (AT) 3 WestPac Tours + Australia
DDE-499 Larry Lauinger YNSN 1960-61 larryl (AT)  
DDE-499 Del Littrell FTC2 192-1955 dellitver (AT)  
DDE-499 Ralph Marez SN -1955 Deceased Ralph passed away last year in Oregon.
DDE-499 James Pass EMFN 4/57- 11/58 eddiepass (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DDE-499 William ( Bill) Patterson RD2 4/55 til 7/57 billandrainy (AT) Chat with anyone who was aboard when I was. Especially to RD's QM's and SO's
DDE-499 Leaonard W. Paulson CPO 59-60 LeonardPaul (AT) Transferred to DesDiv252 Staff/Flagship USS Epperson
DDE-499 David H. Rathbun FT3 9/1958-3/1961 davidflrnc (AT) Any one know how to get ahold of Morris Eugene Boyd SO2
DDE-499 Chet Reinhardt RD2 1959-1962 moneywise (AT)  
DDE-499 Ralph Roach SM3 10-56 to 4-57 rwr6836 (AT) one WESPAC tour
DDE-499 Charles Rodgers MM2 1959-1961 scr0638 (AT) great duty, great ship. served in after engine room
DDE-499 Roland Roy SKSN 11/51-10/53 roanddo51 (AT) 1st trip to westpac was the coldest I have ever been.
DDE-499 Wayne Sall ET3 1954 to 1956 wmsall (AT)  
DDE-499 James J. Spadaro GM3 12/54 - 12/55 lowbrow21 (AT) Looking for shipmate Donald L. Tucker, BM3 at that time.
DDE-499 Joseph Stephens BT2 1/57 - 9/59 joeandrosemarie (AT)  
DDE-499 Delbert Stuive PO3 1956 to 1957 mstuive (AT) Interested in locating shipmates and also reunion info.
DDE-499 Bernard Swanson MM2 53/55 bvswans (AT)  
DDE-499 Donald Vigue SFC 1952 - 1954 DJvigue (AT) I was a cook
DDE-499 Robert Whitcomb MR3 1958-1962 bob.whitcomb (AT)  
DDE-499 Robert ''Doug'' Williams SN 1955 to 1957 dougnlynn (AT) Looking for Ralph Marez and Edmond Surma. Tom Macko died.
DDE-499 Everett O. (Tony) Withrow CSSN 6/52-6/54 twithrow (AT) 2 reserve ,
DDE-499 James Zimmerman E-4 1957 -1958 JamesZimmerman (AT)  
DDE-699 Harold Sprinkle MM/E-3 1960-1961 genesprink (AT)  
DE-499 Donald Biddinger QM3 1960-1961 lthouseacres (AT) address: 2115 W. Dewey Rd. Scottville, Mi. 49454
DE-499 Matt Mattingly FTGSN 1961 to 1962 matt_ins (AT) First time away from home..... wahooooooo!!!!!

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