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DD-245 William Alt F2 1940 J_W_ALT (AT)  
DD-245 Claborn Begley     tasty_fire (AT) My Grandpa was a HERO. Why isn't he mentioned anywhere?
DD-245 Robert J. Carr FN2 Jan 1940 - Oct 31, 1941 LynnK84 (AT) Survivor
DD-245 John Calvin Greer CPO ?/40 - 10/41 kochab (AT) Lost in Action, I am a relative.
DD-245 Thomas L. Groot TM Striker Oct.1940 to May 1941 tlg5719 (AT) Not a survivor
DD-245 Joseph Hajowy MM2 1941 Was a survivor hajoway (AT) Joseph was my father.
DD-245 Robert Howard TM3 1941 lho1645391 (AT) Posted by son, Lance. Robert was a survivor.
DD-245 Earl Jaeggi   Was aboard when it sank barbmccune (AT) Earl is a friend of our family. He is a fine man.
DD-245 Paul Magaris RM1 ? to 1941 Gmharrod (AT) My father--lost at sea
DD-245 Ted C. Maybury BM3 1940 - 2/41 or 6/41 raintreelds2 (AT) My Dad-trans off about 4 mos bef she was sunk-I was born 5 yrs to the day aft ship taken.
DD-245 Albert Mondoux CWT 10/41 Redhawk32731 (AT) he was my uncle
DD-245 Lee Powell PhM1 1941 leep57 (AT) Not a survivor, I'm his son.
DD-245 Robert Stone not sure 1941 juniata42 (AT) Albert Ammerman was family friend.
DD-245 William 'Bud' Taylor   ? till 10/41 j.linnen (AT) I was given love letters he sent my mother
DD-245 John Jay (Jack) Waggoner     jwbether (AT) Survivor- I am his daughter looking for more information.
DD-245 Greene Watkins     guarddat (AT) MAJ Mark Ballard, AUS, RET, I am his great nephew
DD-245 James Lee Williams   10/41 Dhmsdirks (AT) Survivor- I'm his daughter
DE-153 Fred Bifulco   1941-1942 Deceased Fred passed 3/11/2010
DE-153 James C. Dorman Unknown 6/44-? oakes (AT) My high school coach-a prince-died 6/7/14. A write up of him is at
DE-153 Vincent McCaul GM2 6/44-11/44 elmccaul (AT) V. F. McCaul, GM2, passed away 25-Apr-1982, I am his son.
DE-153 Thomas Witcher MM2 1943-1946 tb356 (AT) passed away 02 2010. I am his son
FFG-57 Jermaine Bailey SK2 09/95-09/99 jaded220 (AT) Will never forget the days on the James-a lot of good memories-this ship taught me the meaning of camaraderie
FFG-57 Jesse Bautista EMCS (SW) PCU - 1991 jesse1127 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-57 Leon Brown MS3 05/90-12/93 Leon.Brown8694 (AT)  
FFG-57 Andrew Dent DC3 12/00-10/03 andydent_1977 (AT) Loved the James and miss her, best crew ever.
FFG-57 Richard Dorn OS1 1/92-4/97 68p51d (AT) Loved Hawaii and had a good time on the Rubber Jimmie
FFG-57 James Forrest OSC 3/86-4/88 jlforrest (AT) Plankowner
FFG-57 Charles Glisson HT1 91-93 (AT) Who remembers Capt Darrel Beno?
FFG-57 Ed Hendrickson EN1 09/85-6/90 Sealawer (AT) plankowner. Lots of good times even during the hard times
FFG-57 Jim Pate MS1 9/85 -9/90 jimmiepate53 (AT) plankowner
FFG-57 Doug Uhlmann OS1(SW) 1993-1997 deputydoug64 (AT) This was the best ship, time and crew I ever served with!
FFG-57 Robert Waldecker HT1 1990-92 rwaldecker (AT) Great ship and crew, had a good tour aboard her.
FFG-57 Kyle West EW3 03/98-03/00 kwest1941 (AT)  
FFG-57 Jordan White LT 08/12 - 08/13 ussreubenjamesdecom (AT) please contact me if you would like information on the decommissioning ceremony of FFG-57.
FFG-57 Ronald Wilson STGCS 04/86 - 06/90 tqronwil (AT) Plankowner - Original leader of the James Gang

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