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DD/DDR-876 Henry Aduna CS-2 11/63 - 3/65 haduna244 (AT) Would like to hear from any one on board during this time frame.
DD/DDR-876 James Allen SN 8/57 - 9/58 marlo_a (AT) Captain Gig operator
DD/DDR-876 Gary Brode E-4 1971-1972 karenbrode (AT) I would love to hear from all of you guys. Lots of memories to share. My phone # ia 903-465-5911
DD/DDR-876 Glen Cavanaugh MMFN 10/52 - 11/54 glecat (AT) typhoon and earthquake all in same week 1953
DD/DDR-876 Raymond Chhaffee MaM3 1/45 - 6/46 rcnjd (AT) Original plank owner was the Navy mail clerk would like to here from those at that time
DD/DDR-876 William Crofts SO2 1941-1945 WCROFTS908 (AT)  
DD/DDR-876 Phillip Deneen FTGSN 1961-1964 deneenrs (AT)  
DD/DDR-876 Paul Drouin BM3 1965-1969 saunamanrocks (AT) 4-wes-pacs
DD/DDR-876 William B. Gauerke ETC 10/64 - 3/67 wgauerke (AT)  
DD/DDR-876 Sheldon Gibbs   52-56 mo_nut (AT) My dad was on the ship Dad passed but we have pic`s. of crew and some in Japan.
DD/DDR-876 Stan Hailey FN 1/63-6/64 stmhailey (AT) worked in after fireroom , went through fame duty ,and back to san deigo.
DD/DDR-876 Walter Hughes FN 2/59-9/60 veelee (AT) interested in hearing from shipmates
DD/DDR-876 Nicholas Hutcheson RD3/OS3 04/70-02/73 nhutcheson28 (AT) looking for anybody going on liberty with me while in Vung Tau Harbor Aug. 1970
DD/DDR-876 Albert Lara BT3 11/62-9/65 albertlara44 (AT)  
DD/DDR-876 Bob Lopez MM2 8/55 - 12/58 Roebier2 (AT) Rem Bob steffan,John Hunter,Ted Louis,others-FA out of MM school w/Larry Murphy.
DD/DDR-876 Robert Miner SM2 1971 to 1975 minerfarms (AT) Really enjoyed being on Rogers,moving to Portland was a Blast
DD/DDR-876 Basilio Nacar E-6 1964-1965 CNacar (AT) Looking for some ship mates I served with in Vietnam
DD/DDR-876 Ted Norwood 3/c 5/56-12/57 tm2norkin (AT)  
DD/DDR-876 Megan Rainey   69-72 church_m05 (AT) My dad (Jim Church) was onboard-want to contact some of his buddies-we are having surprise bday for him 8/09.
DD/DDR-876 Bruce Rogan FTG3 09/61-11/63 rogan_tn (AT) First ship. Looking to contact any and all shipmates for reunions.
DD/DDR-876 Bud J. Schmidt BM2 1948 to 1952 4bjschmidt (AT) My older brothers (Ken & Tom) onboard 48-50-ship's boat coxswain,Capts boat,liberty boats to 5th st,San Diego
DD/DDR-876 Carl (Steve) Stephens FN 1948 1949 CARLANDJEANNETTE (AT) CHINA AND JAPAN. looking for mac sandersl
DD/DDR-876 Don Van Buskirk SN 1947 to 6/1950 donvb29074 (AT)  
DD/DDR-876 Steve Vick SN/E-3 6/71 to 12/72 svicksr (AT) Looking for mates 71 Westpac going into Da Nang harbor,work crew that loaded cargo off dock to ship-any pics?
DD/DDR-876 William Wilhite E-4 4/55. 8/57 wwilhite1 (AT) great ship. Had drag race with nautilus nuke sub. And lost. But in training we sank her.
DD/DDR-876 Dennis Williams GMG3 1962 to 1966 dwilliams (AT) Would like to locate Ron Mason from Colorado.
DD-256 Donald C. MacDonald CMM 39-45 macgolf (AT) Nickname 'Mac' from Boston, MA // Where are you guys !!
DD-786 Jack Kennedy RDE1 1971 - 1973 jackkennedy13 (AT) was also on the uss shelyon dd-790
DD-876 Henry ''little joe'' Aduna CS3 1964 - 1965 haduna244 (AT) would like to hear from any shipmates.
DD-876 Wendell Affield BM3 06/65-02/67 afffarm (AT) WesPac-trans to Mob Riverine Force-2nd VNam tour (68)-wounded/medivaced
DD-876 Tony Ahlrichs EM3 1958 to 1959 ahlrichs (AT)  
DD-876 Scott Aker MM2 12/73 - 3/77 saker (AT) Main Control - great duty in Portland!
DD-876 Fred Allard, Jr. LT(jg) May78-Sep79 frederick.allard (AT) Great Homeport, Got off just before decomm
DD-876 Chris Anthon E-3 67-68 clanthon (AT) Worked in sick bay.
DD-876 Richard Antonetti RM1 1/67-3/69 mary-rich (AT)  
DD-876 William Archibald GMM3 2/68-10/69 williamrarchibald (AT) good ship. spent 20 months on board and made 1 West Pac cruise would like to hear from some shipmates
DD-876 Robert (Bob) Atwell QM3 1969 - 1971 maplechase2 (AT) Wow, what a time ! 3 trips to the gun line !
DD-876 Richard W. Avens MS2 4/1976 - 4/1980 RavensShadow27 (AT) Food service Mgt Spec-also bridge watch, FC station, Store Keeper &and Ships Photographer.
DD-876 Dave Avery MR3 1976-77 Pad1231 (AT)  
DD-876 Charles Backes QM2 2/68 - 12/71 clbackes48 (AT)  
DD-876 Chuck Bailey FT2 11/55-11/57 chucksunset77 (AT)  
DD-876 Guy Baldridge E-2 1970 Guy1954jan (AT) Remember we were the last to see Combat just before final ceasefire-that's how Ship got Combat Action Ribbon
DD-876 Walter Ball ETN2 1966-1967 santa-susanb (AT)  
DD-876 Terry Bartle STG2 12/76-02/81 cazlts (AT)  
DD-876 Leon Behrens BT2 03/78-06/80 bamaborn3 (AT) best sea duty in 20 yrs in the navy i ever had
DD-876 Arthur L. Bender Jr. BM2 1960 to 1962 Mryktct1112 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone on board 1960/1962.
DD-876 Arthur L. Bender, Jr. BM2 1960-1962 bendermary (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-876 Joseph Bendon MMFN 1966 - 1967 BABAKOSH (AT) MCHSI.COM  
DD-876 Terry Bendon GMG3 1965-1968 tincan876 (AT) good ship, good crew,good experience!
DD-876 Randy Bird IC2 1975 - 1977 Brbirdman (AT)  
DD-876 Lester Blair GM3 1951-1953 camboy02 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-876 George Blair FN 1967 to 1967 George.Blair (AT) after fireroom only on board for a few months.
DD-876 Keith Bleich BT2 10/78 - 3/81 keithbleich (AT) Decommissioning crew
DD-876 Gregory Boss PN2 6/71 - 12/72 gregboss.greg (AT)  
DD-876 Raymond Brackett PC3 1968-1972 raymonddale (AT)  
DD-876 John Brauner FTGSN 1972-1973 mosslanehome (AT)  
DD-876 Robert Brooks BT2 6/71-6/76 rbbhome1 (AT) Best five years of my life.
DD-876 Eric Buch SM2 1973 to 1976 gin_eric1 (AT) Stayed in Portland area living in Van. WA.360-609-6151
DD-876 Thomas Buchman WTC3 1945-1946 ireportspoof2 (AT) I was one of a group that called ourselves ''the Valley Boys''
DD-876 Jack Buckingham ETR3 1/64-11/66 jackbuckingham (AT)  
DD-876 Chester Buckner BTC 1972 to 1978 CVBUCK1948 (AT) AOL.COM  
DD-876 Allen Burden OS2 6/75-12/80 mburden541 (AT) Was on RESCREW in Portland, Coming across the Columbia River bar when Mt. St Helens blew
DD-876 Jonathon Campbell IC2 10/69 - 10/71 campbellcobra (AT) Good web site, It sure brought lots of memories!
DD-876 Matthew Carey YN 1944-46 Kcjoan70 (AT) Like to hear from my shipmates!!!
DD-876 Richard Carkhuff FTG1 1968-1970 caralma (AT)  
DD-876 George Carr MM1 1946 to 1948 gcarrworks (AT) Aft Engine Room
DD-876 Glenn Cavanaugh MMFN 1952 - 1954 grump876 (AT)  
DD-876 Steven R. Choate STG2 1972 to 1977 w7wwv (AT) Like to hear from anyone I served with.
DD-876 Joseph Cormier BT3 1962-1963 stenjo1 (AT) Swaped from the USS Dixie AD14 in 1962 Swaped to the USS Laws DD558 in 1963
DD-876 Curtis Costlow BTC Aug 1966 - May 1968 kb7zql (AT)  
DD-876 Kenny Craig E-4 1958 to 1962 CGCRAIG (AT) I'm interested in hearing from anyone who served 1958 to 1962
DD-876 John S. Custer BM 3 06/70 to 10/71 jcuster7858 (AT) I was aboard ship when tug boat & us tangled; late 07/29,30 or 31/70; then in hospital 08/06/70 on USS Hector
DD-876 Thomas Cuthbert SN 1956 to 1957 imtomcuthbert (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates on cruise to far east
DD-876 Alfred DaFoe S2 1945 to 1946 redafoe75 (AT)  
DD-876 Robert Dafoe EN2 11/62 - 11/65 Annarrda (AT) Great Ship and crew
DD-876 Barry Dahlberg ET2 6/54 to 6/56 evba (AT)  
DD-876 Roger Daugherty ET2 12/58-12/61 2daughertys (AT) I am interested in a reunion for the ship.
DD-876 Paul Davis MM2 10/77-12/79 blkbeardown (AT) Some of best times in Portland-Sundays playing football w/shipmates,drinking beer/watching pro football.
DD-876 Jack DeKorne LT(jg) 6/70 - 3/72 jackdk1 (AT) 1st Lt and Comm Officer 2 Westpac deployments. Great crew good memories.
DD-876 Craig Dennis BT3 04/70-08/73 jetdennis (AT) Most Fastastic (4) year experience of my life. Should have been a Lifer. It would really pay off right about now
DD-876 Bob Densmore MM2 5/67 - 8/68 bobd13045 (AT) M Div, Fwd Eng Rm
DD-876 Joe DeRosa BT2 10/65-7/69 suederosa (AT) worked in forward fireroom
DD-876 Floyd Doise CS3 1966-1968 fdoisejr (AT) visited destroyer in Orange, TX today..memories memories uss
DD-876 Floyd Doise, Jr. CS2 1966 to 1968 floyd-linda (AT)  
DD-876 Jack Donahue F1 1945-1946 donahue44 (AT)  
DD-876 Paul Drouin BM3 11/65 10/69 saunamanrocks (AT) would like to hear from jerry cook 207-743-8078 maine
DD-876 John Echterhoff TM3 1972 to 1973 jechterhoff (AT) Good Crew - Now a PhD at Los Alamos
DD-876 Billy Elder SM Deckcrew 1969 to 1970 floorboard52 (AT) Aboard when struck with sally B 8/4/70.Looking for more info & shipmates-May God Bless
DD-876 William Engel RM1 1965 - 1968 navman63 (AT)  
DD-876 Billy Engle BT3 1969-71 waterman (AT) After fire room
DD-876 Roger Ewing BT3 03/80-03/81 ewingrd2000 (AT) Decommissioning crew. Retired 2002 as CWO4
DD-876 Larry Farris CS3 1/67 - 10/69 dlfarris66 (AT)  
DD-876 Murray Feiss GM3 3/45 to 12/46 mfdf18 (AT) from comm. to end of w.w.2
DD-876 John Ferguson RDSN 8/70-7/71 cactusjac48 (AT) Rem time spent on Yankee Station w/ Oriskiany-to see ship sunk on nat tv made so many mems come back.
DD-876 Alfred Fidazzo Cook 1944 JOEBANAZ (AT) COX.NET  
DD-876 Barry Fitzthum IC2 1978-1981 tbfitzthum (AT)  
DD-876 David Flockhart BT3 2/64-8/66 daveandkathy.flockhart (AT) Worked in Forward Fireroom
DD-876 Ronald Fuller EM2 7/76-11/79 whitehallbody (AT) Great duty. Great crew. Great times.
DD-876 Tom Gamble LT(jg) 6/67 - 6/68 rtgamble122 (AT) Would love to hear from anyone on board when I was
DD-876 Ed Gaudet BT2 11/71 - 11/72 vortecss (AT)  
DD-876 William B. Gauerke ETC 10/64-3/67 wgauerke (AT)  
DD-876 Ed Geoffrion YN2 67-68 hogmaster2 (AT) remember the Pueblo and not going home?
DD-876 Paul Gleim STG3 1969-1970 paul.gleim (AT) If you remember colliding with the Sally B. tug boat and going into Vung Tao on Aug. 4th, 1970...drop me a line.
DD-876 Warren Gomm     jgodozie (AT) good friends,great memories,great meatballs
DD-876 Bob Gomm CS3 1965-1968 naddagot #3 Mowery Ave, Villas, NJ Phone #609-886-8857 give me a call
DD-876 Rick Gould SM2 71-72 rickgould7 (AT) hotmailcom WestPac-trans from DD 805 (Chevalier)-in charge of signal gang while our SM1 was mess decks master of arms.
DD-876 Gregg Graham ET1 1969 - 1974 GnCGraham (AT) I almost became a shellback.
DD-876 Michael Guidi SN Feb 1967-Sept 1968 LifeORily2 (AT) WESTPAC 67-68
DD-876 Roger Haberman RM2 1968-1971 Rhaberman (AT) Would like to email other RM who remember those day-also looking for Cruise Book 68-70-due to fire all is lost
DD-876 Michael Hall E-3 11/1/1972 TWINCITY12 (AT) Looking for Michael Bush may be in Texas
DD-876 John Halstead BT3 4/70- 6/73 jwhalste (AT) known as Grits or JW
DD-876 Craig Hamilton EM3 12/1972-9/1973 nancy.craig.hamilton (AT)  
DD-876 George (Roady) Harrington FTG3 03/66-09/69 roadyrover (AT)  
DD-876 Jim Harrold QM3 68-71 jimharrold (AT) An unforgettable time, far away and long ago. QMs write.
DD-876 Dennis Hartle CS3 1964 to 1965 dhartle (AT)  
DD-876 Lewis Brad Hatfield TM3 3/1965 lbrad1 (AT)  
DD-876 Raymond (Goldie) Hawn GMG 1971-1973 cmdegaris (AT) Interested in hearing from old buddies.
DD-876 Gary Herberg YN3 65-6 poorherbie (AT) Would like to hear from any of the old crew.
DD-876 Rodrigo Hernandez SKSN 1976-1979 pincherod (AT) Portland,OR.was the best of times.anybody contact me.
DD-876 Dave Heyer OS2 74-78 dave_heyer (AT) reside in leavenworth (not the prison), wa.
DD-876 William F. Hickey QM2 5/67-9/68 willyweasel2001 (AT) West-Pac Sep67...hit Typhoon! 10 days of apples/oranges! Incredible seas! Never forget!
DD-876 Roy Highfield ETN2 1975 to 1977 rhighfield (AT) ET Shop Gang
DD-876 Dennis Himes BT2 73-75 blueflood1 (AT)  
DD-876 Scott Hiorns BT3 1979-1981 scottchris99 (AT)  
DD-876 Vern Hogan EMFN 1/73 to 11/73 firetaz50 (AT)  
DD-876 Mark Horgas BTFA 72-73 mhorg (AT) Foreward Fire Room
DD-876 Kenn Horn EM3 73 - 74 hornwiser (AT) Aboard the Rogers and Portland Oregon was the best duty I've ever had
DD-876 Ricky Humphrey MM3 10/57-08/60 HandH (AT)  
DD-876 John Hunter EM2 1958-1960 kk7cx (AT) Please contact if you remember me.
DD-876 Woody Hurt SFFN 1969-1971 sheashea_2324 (AT) looking for proof of USS Rogers DD-876 running over tugboat
DD-876 Nick Hutcheson RD3/OS3 04/70 to 02/73 nhutcheson28 (AT) Great ship and great crew.
DD-876 Leonard Johnson RM2 1970 to 1974 lej1144 (AT)  
DD-876 James Johnson MM1 8/74-75 jjsanta1 (AT) A div looking for buckner Bt1
DD-876 Joe Jones STG2 1963 to 1965 jeddjones (AT) Sonar Technician, FRAM I, Panama Canal, WestPac - 64-65
DD-876 Larry Joyner RD3 1967 to 1971 JayeJ16035 (AT) Great Ship! Great Crew! Living in Mt.Juliet,TN.
DD-876 Glenn Kamm ETR3 2/72-9/72 g.j.kamm (AT)  
DD-876 Tom Kammerude MM2 68-71 golfball_99 (AT) Rem night the tug ran into us-great crew-good times-looking for anyone who played on Rogers softball teams 70-71
DD-876 Ralph Keith   45-47 Wolfalbert (AT) I have many photos and a newsletter from this ship.
DD-876 Jack Kennedy EW1 03/70 - 03/72 jackkennedy13 (AT) PH # 256 715-1309 night raids nvn
DD-876 Henry Kern BTC 74-76 kernjjkern (AT) live in Columbia Gorge
DD-876 Michael Kerrigan MM3 12/73 - 6/75 mkerrigan81136 (AT) Miss the great times in Portland. The best duty I ever had.
DD-876 Randall Klepper BT2 12 / 1973 - 4 / 1975 randallkle (AT)  
DD-876 Rob Kline RM3 3/69 to 11/71 robkline1 (AT)  
DD-876 Dave Klingerman EN3 6/71-2/75 bigd876 (AT)  
DD-876 Jack Kurtzer SOM3 26March 1945-March 1946 jackkurtzer (AT)  
DD-876 Richard (Dick) Landick YN1 9/67 -10/68 rlandick (AT) Leading YN...Office mates PN1 Petrie & YN2 Geoffrion. Interesting ship with interesting leadership.
DD-876 Leonard Landry BT2 1975-1979 jlandry500 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
DD-876 Franky Lane LT(jg) 1975 to 1978 cdrflane (AT) DCA and 1st LT
DD-876 Robert Larrazolo BT3 1964 to 1966 robertlarrazolo (AT) Worked in after fireroom.Transfered to USS Lyman K. Swenson. Looking for James D. Howell (BT3) from Bellaire,OH.
DD-876 Harry Laware SFC 1945 to 1946 hdnanden (AT)  
DD-876 Doug Leehmann OS2 1969 to 1973 Desertrat (AT) Have one picture of ship tied to tender Vung Tau after sally B took off part of bow.
DD-876 Richard (Rick) LeMoine RDSN 1972-74 jomama49835 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-876 Bob Leonhart BT2 12/71-2/72 rleonhar (AT)  
DD-876 Wayne Lewis ST1 9/89-4/72 welewis_49 (AT) Great Ship and a lot of fun times. Looking to hear from Jack Makin, TerryLong, John Keller and Ken Rogers
DD-876 Michael Lisa QM3 11/71-8/73 mikedlisa (AT) Searching for old friends and shipmates for renewal
DD-876 Gene Little YN3 8/70-10/71 egene (AT) What was the date we collided with the tug off the coast of Vietnam
DD-876 Terry Long STG3 1969 to 1972 ripalong (AT) Watched for swimmers night we hit the Sally B-pics of tug coming into Vung Tau & Rogers bow repair by tender.
DD-876 Michael Long MM3 11/74-7/75 mikemlong (AT) Worked in ''A'' Gang and stood watch in Main Control.
DD-876 John D. Louk LT 69-71 swift24 (AT)  
DD-876 Jeff Lourigan BT2 3/76 to 3/79 jeff.lourigan (AT) gems.grubb-elliscom best duty in the navy
DD-876 Greg Lovejoy BM3 9/69 to 9/73 lovey1951 (AT) like to hear from you guys
DD-876 Ronald Lustman LT 7/75-7/77 lustman (AT) Chief Engineer. Retired 7/98.
DD-876 Stephen Magga SM3 12/68 to 07/69 smagga (AT)  
DD-876 Joseph Mann LT 1976-1979 joseph.f.mann (AT)  
DD-876 Dwayne Marquez RM3 4/71 - 5/73 thomasmarquez (AT) had a good time would like to talk to other rm s buddys rick trejo james lenny
DD-876 David Marshall MM2 1975 to 1977 mardw (AT) My second ship after the USS Midway CVA-41
DD-876 Jerry Mason HM1 44-45 trees8396 Plankowner
DD-876 Michael McCartney FN3 1977 to 1978 michael.mccartney (AT) Served all 4 years on DD's and all in Portland, Oregon.
DD-876 Jerry McConkey SMSM 1972 to 1975 nascarjm (AT) would like to keep in contact with old shipmates
DD-876 Nick McMann SMSN 12/71-12/73 grnbapac (AT) aol.comm  
DD-876 Richard Medders BT2 71-72 ricmedd (AT) Foward Fireroom.. great crew...lots of fun. west pac in 71 then to Hunters Point
DD-876 Al Mendez CS3 1/67-1/70 junmend (AT) would like to get intouch shipmate on tour of duty.
DD-876 John Miller LT(jg) 9/52-8/55 jolmiller (AT) Reunion 10/13/05 Orange Texas aboard the USS Orleck
DD-876 Robert Miner SM2 1971-1975 minerfarms (AT) Had some really good times on rogers,moving up to Portland made it all worth it.
DD-876 Marv Mitchell EW1 1972-1977 mitchmon (AT) I still have dreams about that ship..30 years later!
DD-876 Robert Moore FN 1963 to 1966 mooreorlesspr (AT) worked in Shipfitters shop
DD-876 Frank Morehead SH2 1966 frank.Morehead icon 3.5 years great times would like that hear from anyone from Rogers
DD-876 Bill Morse BT3 71-73 poolguy1148 (AT) Oil King....softball team....onboard when the tug hit us.....too many gun line trips! Great crew and good ship.
DD-876 Randy Morter STG2 Mar 77 - Aug 80 randy (AT) Web:
DD-876 Herb Mulligan Shipfitter FN 01/67 to 7/70 rogers876 (AT)  
DD-876 Fred Newman BT3 1974 to 1978 newmnaf (AT) Great time was had by all !
DD-876 David Newman EM3 5/70-7/72 david48 (AT)  
DD-876 Andrew Ney ENS 12/45 - 6/46 avney (AT) Enyoyed every minute of ship & shipmates. Wish it was longer
DD-876 Chris Ogden SN 5/65 to 10/68 ckogden (AT) served in both the deck & gun divs along with plenty of extra duty. lot of great shipmates aboard the Jolly Roger
DD-876 Bob Orta STG2 3/66-11/68 boborta (AT) First ship after 'A' school. Was a MK114 tech.
DD-876 Joe Orzechowski RD2 7/69 to 2/71 inthewry (AT)  
DD-876 Tom Osmond EM3 6/74 - 6/76 teosmond (AT) What a great town Portland was. Some great memories!!!
DD-876 Dick Paris MM3 64 - 66 apigt08 (AT)  
DD-876 Richard Parker BT3 1965 to 1967 rparker7 (AT) Worked in the Forward Fire Room
DD-876 Ray Parks DK1 5/72 - 8/73 rayorbarb (AT) Great Ship
DD-876 Michael Parr RM3 1969 to 1972 mparr066 (AT) remember the collision with tugboat very well that night
DD-876 Danny Parsons RD2 June 1967 - May 1970 djparson (AT)  
DD-876 Michael Paul SH3 1962 to 1963 elfandwife (AT)  
DD-876 Carl Pearson ETN2 8/65 -5/67 Was in the DASH Weopons Division
DD-876 Lynn Peters MM2 12/76-5/80 peters1931 (AT) Aft eng rm-best duty in my 24 yrs-ret 2/93-lived in S Diego till 5/08 thn to Philippines-best thing I ever did-life is great
DD-876 Rick Pierson MM2 Jan 1975 jrprep (AT) MMC (ret) 70-97
DD-876 Harvey Rachford RM3 1965-1966 oldhippie65 (AT) any of the old radio gang, get in touch
DD-876 Larry Ramos BTFN 1972 - 1974 larry.ramos (AT)  
DD-876 Charles Reed SM1 11/69 to 12/70 ritchbk233 (AT) Died 5/22/10 (cancer)-was working on VA claim (Agent Orange)-looking for shipmates to help widow with claim.
DD-876 George Rekow GMG3 Jan 64 - Jul 65 gcr11 (AT)  
DD-876 Billy G. Rice RDM3 45-46 bgrice (AT)  
DD-876 Herbert Richards IC3 69-7/73 masterc9C (AT) Looking for exact date we were alongside Hector for repairs when we were struck by Tug
DD-876 Gary Richmond RM2 1971 to 1972 gobigold (AT)  
DD-876 Bruce Ridinger FTG3 1971-1973 b_ridinger (AT) I think we wore out the 5 inch bores on on the gunline.
DD-876 Dan Rieck QM2 1968 to 1971 danrremax (AT) Many watches, great ports, Write QM's
DD-876 Carlos Rivera ENS 10/80-12/81 rivera.3 (AT) Rtd USNR, History Facutly OSU/CSCC 1993-2017
DD-876 Bill Roberts MM2 1975 to 1977 billspec (AT) One of the most memorable ships-lots of fun-love to talk about old times-contact me miss my old buddies
DD-876 Tom Rodman SM 9/64 - 4/65 trodman (AT) served on deck force
DD-876 Jack Rogers E-2 1971-73 Whitefeather53 (AT)  
DD-876 Anthony Rooyakkers BTFN 1972-1975 atrooyakkers (AT) Fore and Aft Fireroom, 72-73 West Pac, Reserve Trainer - Portland
DD-876 Ancil Ross BTFN 72-74 aross2566 (AT)  
DD-876 Johnny Rowe HT3 1974-1976 Double R Ranch Best ship out of 3
DD-876 John Russell IC2 74 to 78 john (AT) Great time in my life-miss her-privileged to be aboard a piece of history-went through 3 skippers/met a lot of good people.
DD-876 Dale Rutherford MM2 78-80 rutt (AT) Rutt the Slut
DD-876 John Sabatini S1 1944 to 1945 Moonstruck1972 (AT) Plankowner
DD-876 Barry Sadoff FN 1970-1972 bearkaraoke (AT) A-Gang & B Div.
DD-876 Phil Sanders RM3 10/66 - 4/68 fastfoodphil (AT) West Pac, Plane Guard in Tonkin Gulf, Fire Support and setting in Sasbo, and not going home The Pueblo
DD-876 Chuck Schafer OSC 5/78 - 11/79 crschaferjr (AT)  
DD-876 Ron Schnider RM3 1/69-12/71 debron (AT) On board for Fire on USS Enterprise off Hawaii, Collision with Sally B Memorable times.
DD-876 Carl Schweisthal ICFN 1/66-6/67 leftcarlike (AT)  
DD-876 Rick Scott BT2 10/73-1/75 rscott (AT) Enjoyed the Willamette River Yacht Club
DD-876 David Shaffer SM2 1967-70 Feebop (AT) Visited Vung Tau aft collision w/tug, also fought fire on Enterprise off coast of Hawaii-anybody remember this?
DD-876 Don Shireman BT3 7/68-6/72 donbbugn (AT) Shireman the Fireman
DD-876 Ronald Stevens E-3 8/65-5/68 nvygunner (AT) did not know this was here!! anbody remember Danang pier load&unload?
DD-876 Steve Summa Midshipman 7/75-8/75 ssumma (AT) XO put me in hack for watching the Posodien Adv in a storm
DD-876 Frank Swotkewicz EM3 7/65-12/68 justineswotkewicz (AT) worked in A gang known as Swot give a call 631 379 2206
DD-876 Ken Thomas BTFN 1972-1975, 1978-1980 yk2444 (AT) Became a lifer, made BTC, great times, lots of laughs and hang overs. Work for the Army now running power plant at West Point, Go Figure
DD-876 James Townsend FN 04/63-01/66 jimt1962 (AT) Main Control-Jolly Roger- On Target
DD-876 Ricardo Trejo GMG3 1971 to 1972 trejoparks (AT) Served in NIOTC, USS Blue, and USS Rogers. AKA Tubie
DD-876 Henry Trisler EM2 1964 to 1967 hktrisler93 (AT) Met a great bunch of guys on the ship. Still a Nebraska Husker fan. Living in Colorado.
DD-876 Mike Turner OS2 1/76 - 8/80 MVT5 (AT)  
DD-876 Iain Turriff BT2 1/75 - 7/79 redfx (AT) AKA Turtle
DD-876 George Upton ETR3 64-67 Mgbatty1 (AT)  
DD-876 Galen Usher PN3 1963 - 1966 gfusher (AT)  
DD-876 Fred Van Krieken ETR2 10/74 - 8/77 fredvan (AT) #1 homeport - Portland, ET Shop - Marv, Roy, Steve, Jack
DD-876 Dave Wade EM2 06/63 - 09/65 wades (AT) LT USN Retired
DD-876 Bryce Wellnitz QMC 73-76 bwellnitz (AT) Best QM Nav team to sail the mighty Columbia!
DD-876 Charles White BT2 1975 to 1977 hogwild_austin (AT) Loved going up to Mt Hood after work, for some fresh powder night skiing.
DD-876 Charles White M3 3/45-8/46 cewhite3 (AT)  
DD-876 Edward Whitman sea cadet 06/80 - 09/80 sailwitheddie (AT) sea cadet, worked in fwd. fireroom that summer. went to indain island on last trip for ammo offload
DD-876 William Wilhite EN3 8/55-12/57 off426road (AT) Great Ship. I decided to retire from the navy in 1972 ENC
DD-876 Henry Wussler MM2 62 to 67 hjwussler (AT)  
DD-876 Michael G. Wyatt HM1 1975-1977 trapperworldwide (AT) PRECOM and on. A fine vessel and crew!
DD-876 Lawrence Yoder BT2 1972-1973 LYods1 (AT) Portland still the best Port.
DDR-871 Neal Brown SN 1958 zebra44zebra44 (AT) I was in radio shack as a striker
DDR-876 Tony Ahlrichs EM3 1958 to 1959 ahlrichs (AT)  
DDR-876 William Akin SN 02/61-04/62 wakin63 (AT) My first Graydog. And the BEST Ship/Duty in my entire time in Navy!!!!
DDR-876 Elmer Allen MMFN 8/62-8/63 mrlee-beachbum (AT)  
DDR-876 Robert Andrews MM3 2-48 to 11-50 RAnd784799 (AT) Great 2250 Ship
DDR-876 Robert Archer LT(jg) 1/57-7/58 rnankaonbluebird (AT) looking to connect with shipmates
DDR-876 Ray Arellano EM3 1955 to 1957 buzworm (AT) Brady, Paramore, Tillman,Jazinski,Falkowski, where are you??
DDR-876 Chuck Bailey FT3 11/55 - 10/57 chuckatsji (AT)  
DDR-876 Charles Baily FN 51-55 cbaily876 (AT)  
DDR-876 Gerald Bayless YN2   jbforcma (AT)  
DDR-876 Edward Berg RD3 196?-1964 Deceased Passed away May 23, 1964
DDR-876 Michael Berger MM3 1960-1962 the3fus (AT) What a nice bit of nostagia
DDR-876 Arnold (Terry) Betyn SM(RM) 1946-1948 Arntone (AT) Keep me informed about Biloxi re-union in 2001
DDR-876 Ronald Bissey MM 52-55 ronpeg (AT) Still have old E-Mail address posted bigbiss (AT)
DDR-876 Arthur Bohl SK2 1957-1961 awbohl (AT) Once a tin can sailor - always a tin can sailor. SKCM, Ret
DDR-876 Wayne Bornick QMSN 1955 to 1956 wbornick (AT)  
DDR-876 Rick Brown GMG2 9/58 - 12/61 mindyandmonde2000 (AT) Loved those guns ! Made two West Pac cruises.
DDR-876 William Brown SN 1961 to 1963 nettap1 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates of these years
DDR-876 Walter Brown MM3 7/50-9/53 wwbmm3 (AT) aft eng.rm like to hear from shipmates
DDR-876 Gerald Burnett ET3 1950 to 1952 Jarbar (AT) We were with Task Force 77 in Korea. Had a ship mate : Wilber( Blackjack)
DDR-876 George Carr MM1 46-47-48 gcarrwks (AT) aft.eng. r m.
DDR-876 Frank Charlton ETN3 8/58 - 12/59 KA3FBP (AT)  
DDR-876 Eugene Cunningham FN 8/55-12/58 lingene876ddr. (AT)> best ship&best friend on the ship .went by POPCORN.
DDR-876 Kuno Edwards BT2 12/52-9/55 kunox (AT) Was transfered to the USS LeRay Wilson DE-414 9/55-5/56.
DDR-876 Robert Ernst MM2 11/48-1/52 leuk124 (AT) USS Rogers nicknamed The Jolly ''R'' Have Picture of Lifering
DDR-876 Al (Gilly) Gilmore DK2 4/51-6/54 agilly (AT)  
DDR-876 Terry Gresham SN 10/58-4/61 tymaxgres (AT) was a signalman
DDR-876 Bob Hahn SM2 1948 to 1952 mtnman876 (AT) Korea duty. Great ship, Great Crew
DDR-876 Stan Hailey FN 01/63 - 07/64 stmhailey (AT) would like to see crew list 64/65
DDR-876 James Harrelson 1/c 1956 to 1959 jimah (AT) Bob i remember you, you and i went to a sunken ship school in s.f
DDR-876 Phil Henry QM2 1952 to 1955 ww4i (AT)  
DDR-876 Harold Howe BM2 1949-1953 eg9k (AT) would like to contact old shipmates - ( 2nd div. )
DDR-876 John Hunter EM2 1958 to 1960 kk7cx (AT) new email address. Please contact if you remember me.
DDR-876 William Kania RD3 5/50-9/51 wbkania (AT)  
DDR-876 Jim Kretchmer LT(jg) 8/53-1/56 jimk (AT) I'd like to communicate
DDR-876 Ron Lewis QM3 8/58 to 7/62 breyer272003 (AT) Great times even with our extended year. SHARKY/ Guts
DDR-876 Horace D. Mann LT 4/59 - 6/61 hdmann (AT) Tremendous experiences with fine people
DDR-876 William Martin MM3 1962-1964 martin_bill (AT) two westpac crusies on the JOLLYROGERS
DDR-876 Loring McAllister LT(jg) 61-63 loringmcallister (AT) Communications Officer. We won the ''Green C''!
DDR-876 Bill McDaniel MM3 1957 to 1960 bmcd (AT) Looking for Humphery, Pennington, Anderson, and Lemon
DDR-876 Hal (H. B.) Meadors ST3 1947 to 1948 allenem1 (AT) hello to all in comm. division
DDR-876 Dillard Medlin SN2 1945-1946 dillmedlin (AT) I would like to hear from any mates on this ship at this time.
DDR-876 John Miller LT(jg) 9/52-8/55 jolmiller (AT)  
DDR-876 Lloyd Mitchell SH3 7/53-10/57 lloydntoni (AT) was the ships barber
DDR-876 Gerald Moberly MM 10/57-3/61 dustbunnies_05 (AT) My dad(fwd eng rm)-he's seeking shipmates-dale kent martin,gary hogaford,others frm ship-pls email for my dad
DDR-876 Orville Monroe BT2 1951 to 1952 orvilleone (AT) ohhhhh it's been a while
DDR-876 Robert Munsch PO3 1958-1962 Bobmary (AT)  
DDR-876 Ted Norwood RA3 6/56-12/57 tmnorkin (AT)  
DDR-876 Gerald Oden FT2 3/58-12/59 Dean.oden (AT)  
DDR-876 Nick Payan SN 1/56 - 10/59 payan.nick (AT) the good old navy
DDR-876 Nels Pedersen RM2 1948-52 pnels (AT)  
DDR-876 Ivan Powell FTSN 2/52-10/52 iandjpowell2002 (AT) went to FT school .then to Orleck
DDR-876 Aaron Powers E-2 1962-1963 aarompowers (AT)  
DDR-876 Glenn Prater RD3 1/1/52-9/1/53 prater (AT)  
DDR-876 Salvador Puga SN 8/51-8/54 SSPUGA (AT) NOT SURE OF DATE ABORD
DDR-876 Billy Ray Ringwald SK1 03/60 - 07/61 tincanusn (AT) The USS Rogers was a good ship with a good crew.
DDR-876 Bill Rivers QM2 11/46-10/49 wmriv6 (AT)  
DDR-876 Bruce Rogan FTG3 9/61-11/63 rogan_tn (AT) First ship
DDR-876 Sherwood Roth FN 49-50 sherwood_roth (AT)  
DDR-876 Robert Russell MM3 1948 to 1952 robertr (AT) Patrick the time we took the rickshaw. great 4 years
DDR-876 Thomas Salo BT3 59 to 62 tdsalo (AT)  
DDR-876 Bud J. Schmidt BM3 1948-1952 4bjschmidt (AT) Loved the Navy-aboard with my two older brothers Ken & Tom for 1st 2 years, but they were transfered, Korea!
DDR-876 John Sharpe ET2 1954 to 1956 johnjyf (AT)  
DDR-876 Wallace Simpson MMFN 1961-1963 simpson.wallace (AT) after engine room crew he haw's in front of the throttle board (AT) 1961 ,and sleeps on deck plates after 72 hours
DDR-876 Frank Smith FT2 1951-1954 fsmithusa (AT) Those were great years- nice to hear from any of FT gang
DDR-876 Dwight Smith EM3 9/48 to 12/48 smi28 (AT)  
DDR-876 Marvin Specht QM3 06/51-06/53 bluesea (AT) Split rate-was QM-hung out w/SMs midnite meals on flag bag w/fresh bak bread,bak beans,butter cheese,pnut butter.
DDR-876 Marlin Spencer RD3 3/58 - 9/58 jdmspencer86360 (AT) Enjoyed my last cruise to far east before my enlistment was up.
DDR-876 Robert Steffen EM3 1956 - 1958 saxysteffen (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates.
DDR-876 Carl (Steve) Stephens FN 6/48-12/49 carlandjeannette (AT) China and Japan
DDR-876 Jerry E. Storm DKSN 1951-1954 stormyweather8 (AT) living in Phoenix, Az.
DDR-876 Burdette Theophilus FT2 51-54 bernie-t (AT) I was 'Big Greek' and my brother Bill was 'Little Greek'
DDR-876 Noel Tossing GMG3 61-63 ntoss9 (AT)  
DDR-876 William Tutt ET2 1954-55 wet (AT) Can anyone send pictures of ship during 54-55?
DDR-876 Richard Van Dyke FN 1960-1963 flyin_lo (AT) Started in fwd fire rm, transfered to E-Gang & by Captains Order became Coxwain on the Motor Whale Boat
DDR-876 David Vick SA 1960-1962 Dvick (AT) Joined the Navy on my 17th Birthday 2 year active duty
DDR-876 Wendell Viles SN 11/51 - 4/53 wendell viles (AT) We took it to Valejeo,CA. dry dock.1/53-1/53 qwe took it up to mare island dry dock i got trasfered to big mo.
DDR-876 Dwight Vincent LT(jg) 7/52-5/55 dwightww2 (AT) Great ship-appreciate hearing from old shipmates
DDR-876 Bert Walsh YN3 1/59-12/59 bertwalsh38 (AT)  
DDR-876 Don Ward YNSN 1947 to 1951 Wdonanddana (AT) Wonderful experience, will never forget
DDR-876 Andrew Washington RM3 1950-1951 awashington (AT) A part of Task Force 77 during Korean Campaign
DDR-876 Jimmy Wehunt SMl 4/61 to 11/63 jmitchell409 (AT) Left on swap with SMl Kelly & went to east coast............
DDR-876 Anthony (Tony) Welch SE3 1966 - 1968 welch876 (AT)  
DDR-876 Bruce White MM2 1959-1863 brucar (AT) GREAT SHIP WAS AN HONOR TO SERVE ON
DDR-876 William E. Wilhite EN3 55-57 off426road (AT) great ship, I remember the columbus taking bow off the parks
DDR-876 William Wise BT1 1957-1958 bak (AT)  

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