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DD-823 Frank Abate SN 1959-1961 frankjabate (AT) just checking on former shipmates.
DD-823 Terry Aker YN3 1964 to 1966 ultralift (AT)  
DD-823 Richard Allwelt RM2 1963 rachugsomeale (AT) Would be glad to hear from some old shipmates
DD-823 Jim Anderson ETR3 1969-1970 decom 1farmers1967 (AT) first ship I was on flew into Italy to catch it on med cruise part of Spy vs Spy cruiserweight
DD-823 Dean Antoniadis MM3 9/64 to 4/67 fldean (AT) Looking for the Indian guy named Joe, we partied hardy!
DD-823 Eddie Arnold IC3 1959 DD547 (AT) Aboard short time, Showed a lot of movies to the crew.
DD-823 David Baber SA 1964- 1965 dbaber (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates in this time period.
DD-823 Robert Bacon FT2 1956 - 1959 rdbacon (AT) Was known as Bones Bacon
DD-823 Cecil (Beetle) Bailey BT3 1958 to 1961 cbailey1 (AT) Looking for bts 1960 - 61. Send e-mail.
DD-823 Bill Baker E-4 1968-1970 wbaker (AT) Looking for old shipmates.....remember the Black Sea adventure?
DD-823 Horace Barnes BT1 2-59 2-61 hbarnes6 (AT) Promoted to 1st class in 60-trans when ship went into FRAM-retired in 74 as CPO-like to hear from shipmates.
DD-823 Michael Barrett RM1 1963-1964 micbett (AT) would like to hear from crewmembers
DD-823 Wayne Beaver RD1 11/59 -1961 wbbeav (AT) Looking tor the Radar gang
DD-823 Walter Beck FTA3 1/58 to 12/59 gowdy39 (AT) e-mail changed
DD-823 Walter Beck, Jr. FT3 1/8/58 to 12/59 gowdy (AT) Bethlehem, Pa 610-866-4538
DD-823 Jerry Bell BT1 9/58--/ lvtoolman (AT) btc retired .,
DD-823 Bob Bennett BTFN 9/69-6/70 lin1174 (AT) B.3 B.T. 1969-1970 Med &Black sea Cdr Coogan . Great memories
DD-823 Barney Berlyn SN1 6/50-6/52 bberlyn (AT) 2 blocks from Lone Sailor looking out to sea,.
DD-823 Michael Bertalan PC2 1/65-3/66 roto-ice (AT) Nickname ''stamps''
DD-823 Arthur Blanchard BT3 & DC3 1954 to 1956 arthurblanchard (AT) Like to hear from shipmates 54 to 56
DD-823 John Bordiere SH3 1953 - 1955   10 roma dr. farmington ct.06032
DD-823 Frank Boyd EM3 1964-1966 FTB45 (AT)  
DD-823 Donald Brennan RMC 1964 to 1966 spud (AT) Any radiomen still around
DD-823 Andrew Britt GMG2 9/68 - 8/70 ab_drew (AT) Carrib, Gitmo, Med & Black Sea, North Atlantic
DD-823 Herbert L. Brown EM3 3/56 to 8/58 herblbrown (AT)  
DD-823 Andrew Bruno TM3 1959-1961 nipper1 (AT) Looking for J B Contessa and the rest of the guys that I used to car pool from RI to NJ,NY,PA
DD-823 Gene Bulger ETSN 1952-1954 kbulger (AT) Looking for shipmates and or any reunion information.
DD-823 Arthur Bullard SFPFN 2/61 to 3/62 abullar1 (AT)  
DD-823 Lamberto Capuno TN 1964 to 1967 bcapuno1 (AT) Working in wardroom (battle station) lower handling room Mount 51 in Vietnam
DD-823 Tim Carver MR2 1965-1967 CARVERTA (AT) machine shop-ohio
DD-823 Joe Charbonneau MML2 1/53-8/56 joecharb1 (AT) I would like to hear from anyone In After engine room, FER, ABR, FBR or electricians.
DD-823 Larry Chassels LT 12/68 - 11/69 lwchassels1 (AT) I was Weapons Officer, Nuclear Weapons Officer, and Top Secret Control Officer during my tour.
DD-823 Ronald Choronzy EM2 3/56-3/59 patata808 (AT)  
DD-823 Mike Cipolla FT2 03/58-02/61 mallopic (AT) Plant City, Florida
DD-823 Bob Collins HM3 1963 to 1964 BobC629 (AT)  
DD-823 Robert L. Commins IC2 1966 to1969 ROBERTSDD823 (AT) would like to hear from other crewmates
DD-823 Charles Confer EN3 1961-1963 raechuck43 (AT) Looking for old friends from this time period.
DD-823 Tom Cooper YN3 03/65-06/66 tcoopsrus (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates, especially those in Ops dept, admin div.
DD-823 Bobby Corbett EN3 1963 to 1964 fiveminutejob (AT) Machine shop[a gang
DD-823 Shelley butch Cosson MM2 1965 -1966 Smcosson (AT)  
DD-823 Earl Cox S2 11/46 - 8/47 edc1928 (AT) plankowner
DD-823 Barry Craig PC3 1965 to 1967 www.craiger (AT) msn .com i would like to here from shipmates
DD-823 Barry Craig (Stamps) PC3 1965 to 1967 www.bcraiger (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-823 Robert Craven SK2 Supply 1965 to 1967 rcraven73 (AT)  
DD-823 Edwin Crosby 3/c 53 - 55 2crosbys (AT) A long time ago
DD-823 Lawrence Cummings SN 6/64-6/66 clarry518 (AT)  
DD-823 Robert Cummings SN 1965 to 1966 bcumm312 (AT) I'm proud to have served with you.
DD-823 Robert Cunningham FT2 7/52 to 1/30/56 cmdr81 (AT) Served under Cmdr Brownlow and Cmdr White
DD-823 Jim Curry SM3 6/63 to 6/65 jim_curry (AT)  
DD-823 George (Mike) Curry SFM3 1963 to 1967 cardinal1938 (AT) like to hear from rolin fells,gallegos,weir, and any one else. I live in clev. ohio. my no. is, 330-4670822.
DD-823 Thomas Dalland FT3 1966-1969 thomastojo3 (AT) would like to talk to old shipmates
DD-823 James (Jim) Davenport SMSN 1963 cicatrix (AT) I was stationed on the U.S.S. Essex (CVS-9) During the Med.
DD-823 Daryl Delagrange RD2 1968-1970 hppdk9ret (AT)  
DD-823 Paul R. Denault SMSN 1964 1966 LTPRD21 (AT)  
DD-823 Lenny Deutsch E-3 10/69 - 7/71 DD823 (AT) Cuba, Med Black Sea 2X Med. Carib
DD-823 Gerard Donnelly E-3 10/68-4/70 718.300.2429  
DD-823 Franklin Donovan E-3 9/64 to 09/67 fdjd0812 (AT) look forward to communication..
DD-823 Mike Dow ETN2 7/69 - 10/70 mdow (AT) Med cruise & Black Sea (Spy vs Spy)-Great times-Looking for shipmates-Port Washington,WI 414-651-3002
DD-823 Terrence Dowd RM3 66/67/68 tntdowd (AT) yeah Charlie Syrie i remember when he ran us up the Mekong and grounded for more stable gun support
DD-823 James Dunn SF3 7/66-3/68 Judithldunn2100 (AT)  
DD-823 John Durant FP2 12/55 to 12/57 tincanman823 (AT) It was a great way to grow up.
DD-823 Don Eagle YN3 Jan 57 to Jan 59 deagle1 (AT)  
DD-823 Richard L. Emery FN R Div 6/59 to 01/61 riverrat486 (AT) Would like to hear from some Buddies
DD-823 Ronald Feldman SN1 6/56 - 10/57 arlron (AT) Love to hear from my old shipmates.
DD-823 Rollin Fells DC3 1963 to 1966 rollin7404 (AT) calling all shipmates from the USS Samuel B. Roberts (DD823) that were in VietNam in 1966.
DD-823 Leonard Ferrara FN 7/23/62 to 7/23/64 l ferrara25 (AT) would like to hear any shipmates who was on the ship from those y
DD-823 Raymond Flagg SOG2 11/58-11/60 rnflagg (AT) Started on tin cansended on sub-was a great ride-anyone who cares pls contact for chat ab old times.
DD-823 Robert E. Flynn LT(jg) 11/57 - 11/59 rflynn (AT) Great ship - Great Crew
DD-823 James Foster PO3 4/58-1-61 jimanddorafoster1 (AT) This Samuel B. Roberts was the second out of three that was given this name.
DD-823 Charles Fox LT(jg) 1964 to 1965 cfoxarch (AT)  
DD-823 Hervey Ray Fox DK3 7/54 - 8/56 herveyloreta (AT) msn  
DD-823 Bob Frangenberg FN 1960 to 1961 frangenberg (AT) phone 510-338-0082
DD-823 Bruce Gadansky STG3 11/64 - 3/67 b.gadansky (AT)  
DD-823 Joseph F. Gallegos E-4 1964 to 1967 lolita (AT) Would like to find friends who served in Vietnam. Please contact me 719-672-3570.
DD-823 Sam Gelber YN3 3/52-1/54 sngelb (AT)  
DD-823 Jim Genisio ET2 1963-1967 jgenisio (AT)  
DD-823 Kenneth Giardina RD2 11/60-4/63 giarkc (AT) looking for old buddies
DD-823 Paul Gillin MM2 1963 to 1965 pgillin (AT) I'd like to hear from anyone who was on the Roberts when I was
DD-823 Douglas Gollihar RM3 4/65 to 8/66 ka5klu (AT) Vietnam Deployment/Round the world cruise
DD-823 Harold Goodwin FT3 11/50 - 5/53 grouchy (AT) Would like to exchange emails with shipmates
DD-823 Frank Green SM2 3/54-8/57 fwgreen823 (AT) Friends last a lifetime - Shipmates are forever
DD-823 Bob Griesenbeck RDSN 12/62 - 7/63 ssgriesenbeck (AT)  
DD-823 Ron Gripon ETR3 4/64-1/67 rongripon (AT)  
DD-823 John Thomas (Ski) Grzybowski SN/CS 3/59 - 3/61 gryzbowt (AT)  
DD-823 Louis Hall SOG1 1950 to 1952 lono630stores (AT)  
DD-823 Kenneth Hamilton GMG2 6/66 - 4/70 captkhamilton (AT) everyone knew me as ''Lurch''; looking for the ole gang!
DD-823 Ronald Hammond SO3 12/54 to 9/56 ronnie2ron (AT) I am looking for William ''Dutch'' Lohr, if anyone knows his a
DD-823 Brent Hammond FTG2 1969 - 10/70 bnchammond (AT) Do you remember the Black Sea Spy vs Spy patches?
DD-823 John Hardegree QM1 4/60-8/62 clayco17h (AT) would be nice to hear from former shipmates
DD-823 David Harkins MM2 1966 1969 iwanafixit (AT) Been a long time
DD-823 Kenneth Harrod SOG3 08/61-06/63 K.harrod (AT) Worked in sonar shack
DD-823 Glenn Hayes MM3 5/58-5/60 glennyh (AT) Was in after engine room ,anybody out there that was there at that time.Like to hear from you
DD-823 Karl Heinze LT(jg) 1953 to 1956 kgheinze (AT) A memorable time
DD-823 John Hency RD3 1965-1967 jjhency (AT) trying to find a friend of mine . last name ramos.
DD-823 William Hennessy SN1 9/1946 to 2/1948 hennessy1580 (AT) Been a long time (plank owner bill)
DD-823 Boyce (B. J.) Honeycutt STG2 8/65-5/67 bjhoneycutt (AT)  
DD-823 Bill Honigmann STG4 6/66 to 11/68 wjh64k (AT)  
DD-823 Michael Hosford RM2 1/63 to 4/66 wingrd (AT)  
DD-823 Bob Hunt ST2 4/66 - 6/70 bobhunt (AT) Lots of stories to be told. Remember the Black Sea trip.
DD-823 Gerald C. Hyatt S1 1946-1948 gunnerh (AT) Plank Owner
DD-823 Salvatore Impenna SN 1956-59 salvig6 (AT) Shipmates!! Call Me (AT) 973-586-3066.
DD-823 Robert Johnson SH/PO3 1954-1956 Newyourlj (AT) Went around the world with commander white as capt from new port thru Panama Canal and back to new port
DD-823 Rome Johnson MM2 1965 to 1966 C12ed34pt (AT) Looking to speak with shipmates about the 65 to 66 Vietnam deployment
DD-823 Rome Johnson, Jr. MM3 1965 to1966 C12ed34pt (AT) Looking to speak with shipmates about the 65-66 Vietnam deployment
DD-823 Elmer Joiner E-2 1964 -1965 joinerbdg300 (AT) Would like to make contact with Roger Kilgroe
DD-823 David L. Jones SM3 1957 - 1961 cljordison (AT) Anyone know the whereabouts of LTjg Roger P Day? Please phone me at 515-573-2475 or 515-570-2117
DD-823 Chuck Kaczmarek SN 11/60-9/61 ckaczmarek7284 (AT) Would love to hear from former shipmates, does anyone know James Comer? Please call me at 724-586-9304
DD-823 Joseph Kadle STG2 1961 to 1963 jmkadle (AT) looking for mike wagner stg2
DD-823 Bruce Karlson ET2 1963/4 bkarlson1 (AT)  
DD-823 Al Karoff RD3 1964-1967 a.karoff12 (AT) many friends- able to contact Nich Weih for Xmas 2014-Anyone remember names of the Chief & our RD1? Thks.
DD-823 Jim Karvelas RD2 1/62-1/64 jkarvelas (AT)  
DD-823 Walter Kavanaugh GMSN 1/59 - 9/61 wankav (AT)  
DD-823 Gene T. Kelly S1 1946 to 1947 spokane12O (AT) Plank owner. Hi mates, ready to ship out again. (505) 550-5140 Albuqquerque, NM.
DD-823 Jim Kelly RD3 1966 to 1969 jlkelly72 (AT) Bill Bateman, Terry Haskins, Jim Davies, Carl Wigglesworth
DD-823 John Kilcooley SN 9/56 - 12/58 jkilcooley (AT) Still lookin' for Shipmates of the ''Saggin' Sammy''
DD-823 Bill Kimball CPO 1950-53 insitemedia! (AT) Bill Kimball's family hoping to find info for family record
DD-823 Robert Kipphorn SO3 1-57 to 1-59 RLKSR823 (AT)  
DD-823 Richard Krzeminski QM3 1952-1954 ninefingers34 (AT) Anyone that was on the bridge at that time(52-54) give me a call 734-787-9535
DD-823 John La Flamme S1 12/46 to 11/47 jrlaf (AT) Plank owner
DD-823 Ron Lapinskas SK3 8/55 - 8/57 captron007 (AT) Life is Good, Parrish, Florida
DD-823 Edward P. Lavin ETN3 10/63-9/64 Eddie4b (AT)  
DD-823 Charles Lienau SN 10/59-10/61 clienau (AT) Someone out there must remember me the GNU'' & Rich (''Ralph the Dog'') Armstrong. Send me a line.''
DD-823 Bill Light MM2 1963 -1965 willilig9 (AT) Pete I tried to email you but it keeps coming back.
DD-823 David Lipp IC3 10/61 to 1963 dlipp (AT)  
DD-823 John Lockwood ET2 11/58 to 10/60 jhljamdata (AT) Said to hear they used the Roberts for gun practice instead of FRAM
DD-823 Dave Lowdermilk FT2 02/57-10/60   Phone 607 642 8431 Newark valley, NY
DD-823 Mike Lubbers CS2 11/67 -7/70 mlubbers (AT) Hi to all of my shipmate buddies
DD-823 Frederick Maffia SK3 1959 fremar (AT)  
DD-823 Raymond H. Malarkey TM3 1957 to 1959 jslong (AT) 570-722-5756
DD-823 Steve Malick QM3 1968 - 1969 zotz1812 (AT)  
DD-823 Albert Marshall BT2 6/1954-9/1957 birddog500 (AT) Walker, Shields & I Had a great time. Great work O'Quinn
DD-823 Robert Martin   54-55 cheyne.worley (AT) Mr. Roberts is seeking ship mates 1954-1955
DD-823 John (Jack) Maruschak RD3 1959 to 1961 jamaru (AT) Saw a few names I recknognize on list, would like hear from
DD-823 John Matarazzo BT3 6/62-6/65 jamtdc (AT)  
DD-823 George D. McCarver GMG1 44-65 mccarvertodd (AT)  
DD-823 Leon J. McCoy BMSN 2/52 - 10/55 ljmccoy (AT) Founder & Past President USS Samuel B. Roberts Shipmates Association
DD-823 Richard McDonald 1/c 1965 - 67 skip1640 (AT) Looking to hear from shipmates.
DD-823 Richard McDonald YN3 1965 - 1966 rmcdonald1 (AT) Looking for shipmates and photos of our time in Vietnam and WestPac.
DD-823 Tom McGuire YN3 1962 1964 jtmac629 (AT) Looking for old shipmates Great crew please contact me
DD-823 Kevin McKeown BT2 1963-1966 navymac (AT) Reunion presently underway (AT) Ramada Charleston 10/1/2007 - 10/5/2007.
DD-823 Denny McLaughlin ETN3 1967-1968 THETOMMIES (AT) Looking for old friends
DD-823 David Mead DK3 1959 - 1960 wdmead1941 (AT) Looking for Lt . Butler and DK-2 Don Poulin
DD-823 James Menge MM 1963-1965 hmenge (AT) looking for Bill Light
DD-823 Robert Messenger SM3 12/62-9/63 bobm (AT)  
DD-823 Robert Micklus RD2 2/52 - 10/55 mick.823 (AT)  
DD-823 Carl Migliaccio   1969-1970 CMIGLIAC (AT) PINGRY.ORG Remenber the Black Sea Patch Awesome times Great crew
DD-823 Joe Mihalich SN 9/65-5/66 jmihalich (AT)  
DD-823 Donald Miller SN 69-70 custompaint99 (AT) yahoo . Com  
DD-823 Ron Miller FTG3 1966-1969 JLARAEM (AT) would like to hear from shipmates!
DD-823 William Moneysmith RM2 1966 to 1967 w4nfr (AT) Had a great Med Cruise and learned a lot!
DD-823 Richard Moore SFP3 9/69-6/70 r.moore (AT) Millsboro, DE. 302-238-8485.
DD-823 Gerald E. Mostek MM2/C 12/46 - 11/48 dp53sqd (AT) Looking for shipmates from that time.
DD-823 Brian Murphy BMSN 12/58-11/59 wolfemurph (AT) Been making snaking, anyone? e-mail me.
DD-823 Gerald Muston TMSN 1/62 - 2/64 mustong (AT) Looking for old friends.
DD-823 Jim Norton STG3 1964 to 1966 james (AT)  
DD-823 Donald Novicky RD3 4/52 - 6/53 drnovicky (AT) Looking for anyone who served during this time period.
DD-823 Vincent O'Connor RD2 1965 to 1966 oconnorvt (AT)  
DD-823 Herman O'Quinn BT3 9/53 - 12/56 copper404 (AT) Had a great time!
DD-823 Jeff Owen MM2 1964-67 jkowen (AT)  
DD-823 Marion Palmisano SN 1953-1955 speach2898 (AT)  
DD-823 Joseph Pangraze SO2 9/56-10/57 pangraze (AT)  
DD-823 Dewey J. Parker QM3 11/48 to 7/51 lizzielegs2001 (AT) Any shipmates out there?
DD-823 John (Hans-Pat) Pattison SK3 3/63-3/65 hansjpatt (AT) 1-320-202-8698 minnesota all buds especially paul gillin',ciato,light,antoniadis-I'm polka man von minn midship stores learning computer
DD-823 Robert Paul LCDR 1963 to 1965 Ironduke99 (AT)  
DD-823 Bill Peters SK3 12/59-1/63 pbill823 (AT) 4 Grasmere Rd., Lockport, NY 14094
DD-823 Earl Peters SK3 1/59-12/62 pbill823 (AT) netzero  
DD-823 Joseph Pfeiffer SM3 1956 to 1959 ot702000 (AT) Please contact me I would like to talk about old times!
DD-823 Joseph Pisani LT(jg) 8/52 - 4/64 joepisani1878 (AT)  
DD-823 Leonard Poretti FN 1959-1960 lcp 7 (AT) optimum .net out of newport r.i. went on 2 med cruises with this ,then transfered to uss dealey 1006
DD-823 George Prussack MM2 1/61-12/64 prussal (AT) I would like to hear from old shipmates.
DD-823 Charles T. Quigley PN3 Nov 58-Oct 60 TINCANFRAM (AT)  
DD-823 Robert Ray EM3 1946-1948 keithrray (AT) His son's email, Bob is a plankholder
DD-823 Ewell Rice MM3 1966 to 1969 edb3rmat (AT) long live the Captain's Den Newport R.I.
DD-823 John L. Richardson FTG3 66-68 celtic_john (AT) I wish the Sammy B. had a reunion that I could go to.
DD-823 William Rodriguez SN/E-3 1964 to 1966 spacecoqui3 (AT) I enjoy the round the world cruise
DD-823 John Rosevear STG2 2/62 to 1/64 jrosev6983 (AT) would like to hear from band members
DD-823 William Rost BT2 1/3/60 - 7/63 rostwa (AT)  
DD-823 Robert Rowe SN 7/65-6/66 rtrowe (AT)  
DD-823 Dan Sarno LT(jg) 1966-1968 sarno.daniel (AT)  
DD-823 Joseph Sarquiz MM3 1956-1957 sarquiz (AT) Looking forward to the reunion
DD-823 Anthony (Tony) Scalese LT(jg) 4 Apr 54 to 23 Jun 56 kartony (AT) We did a great job, didn't we?
DD-823 Donald V. Schickedanz MM3 2/53-5/55 donschick (AT) Let's talk about the ''Sammy B'' and about the good times.
DD-823 Robert (Bob) Schultz ETN2 1966 to 1968 kneebad (AT) Looking for ET, RD and RM that I served with
DD-823 Rollin L. Schwab RM3 7/4/56 - 2/8/61 rls2882 (AT)  
DD-823 John Sells MM3 2-60. To 5-63 Looking for jack Kuhn, and dan shauger
DD-823 Steve Senderovitz RD2 1962 to 1964 stevesend (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-823 Alexander Shepherd PO2 Korean Conflict abuddy945 (AT) looking for anyone who served aboard
DD-823 Peter M. Sherry PN3 9/66 - 8/68 pmsherry (AT)  
DD-823 Robert Shields SN 8/54-01/56 cptshields (AT)  
DD-823 Arthur Small PhM3 1949 asmall1 (AT) Just TAD Plymouth to Tromso
DD-823 Earl Smoyer SN 11/51-4/53 earlsmoyer (AT)  
DD-823 Alfred Souza EM1 4/53 - 8/56 none at this time  
DD-823 Samuel Stitzer RD3 1965-1966 soprano1015 (AT) I am Sam's daughter and I am looking for a Vincent O'Connor
DD-823 Bill Stocks YN3 67-70 wcs_3 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
DD-823 Charlie Syrie RMSN 64-65-66 pappy39466 (AT) Remember when we put the in the sand to conduct shore bardment? CO eased her into beach/commenced firing
DD-823 Michael Testa LT(jg) 12/63 -11/66 jtown (AT) Great ship, great crews
DD-823 Eric Traska Unknown 1956-1959? eric.traska (AT) My deceased father did a tour on this ship. Any info welcome!
DD-823 Mike Travaglio E-3 02/65 - 01/67 krazymikie (AT) I was one of your cooks onboard...I hope no one is still ill from that traumatic experience.
DD-823 George P. Turner FP2 1957 kiowakutie (AT)  
DD-823 Mark Unhjem LT(jg) 10/69-10/70 munhjem (AT) ASW Officer
DD-823 Sammy Vento TM3 12/08/68 - 05/23/1970 skventos (AT) Cuba-69 The Blac k Sea and Med Cruise
DD-823 Ed Vergara STG2 8/68-10/70 edv (AT) Remember Gitmo? The Med? The Black Sea?
DD-823 Anthony (Tony) Villanti ETSN 3/54 - 6/56 avillanti (AT) The Sammy B played a big part in my life and success. Thank you shipmates.
DD-823 Edward Vogler TM3 1/17/1951 Mrsed82l (AT) aol.ocm  
DD-823 Michael Wagner STG2 12/61-1/65 folly765 (AT) looking for Joe Kadle STG2
DD-823 Dennis Warner E-2 1966 n 1967 gsue1023 (AT) husband is interested in finding some of his buddies but he
DD-823 Charles Weaver 3/c 1962-1963 dlweaver33 (AT) would like to hear from anyone that was on board at times
DD-823 Nick Weih RD3 1/63-7/66 nickweih (AT) My Web Page: Check it out.
DD-823 Siegfried Weinthal SP3 10/58 zweinthal (AT) worked in laundry-charge of ships store
DD-823 Thomas Weir BT3 1964 to 1968 tweir (AT) gt.rrcom. Forward fire room was hot place to work. Fired Boilers all my life. Retired from Entergy co. 2007.
DD-823 Larry Weisenstein PNSN 1957 to 1960 732 672-0008  
DD-823 Francis Weist MR3 2/52 - 10/55 fweist (AT) would enjoy hearing from old shipmates
DD-823 James Wilson MM2 10/67 - 8/70 camplag (AT)  
DD-823 Jim Wingenroth FN 7/62 to 9/63 jimnancywing (AT) looking for aft engin room ship mates
DD-823 Griffith Winthrop LCDR 6/69-1/70 winmo081 (AT)  
DD-823 Gerald J. Woods SN 9/51-7/54 gjw915332 (AT)  
DD-823 Richard Wynes E-3 1964-1966 mylztogo (AT) Shipmates requiring doc of our Brown Water Navy status (Vietnam) -have copies of deck logs 11/65-2/66
DD-823 Neil Young TM 48-49 nyoung (AT)  
DD-823 Henry Young, Jr. QM3 1996-1998 Reverence95 (AT)  
DD-823 Edward Zboyan SMSN 5/70 - 11/70 eazyryder1 (AT) Was part of the decommisning crew.
DD-823 James A. Zerbe GM3 2/53 - 6/56 jl (AT) Great world cruise
DE-413 James Reid S2 1944 - 1944 reid584 (AT) son looking for informant on my dad,anti-aircraftgun,survivo
DE-413 Richard K. Rohde RM3 4/44-10/44 rkr6 (AT) see you at Reunion in San Diego, 10/24-28, 2004
FFG-58 Michael Baier GSM2 SW 08/90 - 11/93  
FFG-58 Joseph Boyd STGC 1986-1989 boyd11 (AT)  
FFG-58 Timothy Carter E-5 1989-1993 TIMCARTER1 (AT)  
FFG-58 George Cowan ENCS 7/85-4/90 autecengineer (AT) on board during the mine hit. best crew i serviced with in 26 years
FFG-58 Ken Dalton OS1 6/88-7/89 parken6115 (AT) Best command/crew possible-learned about life onboard-most everything I learned I learned in a single day.
FFG-58 Thomas Davis SKC 1989 to 1990 tbdavis24 (AT)  
FFG-58 John Doherty E-3 08/85 to 03/88 John2016nj (AT) Pre-Commissioning Unit Norfolk, VA and Topsham, Maine. Home Port Newport, RI
FFG-58 Robert Grafing QMCM(SW) 1886-1989 bob.grafing (AT) Best ship and crew in the navy---No Higher Honor
FFG-58 Scot Joseph E-5 3/88 - 8/92 chefdad5 (AT)  
FFG-58 Michael McCarey RM2 9/85 - 1/90 mqmichael (AT) Aboard for the mine hit, and one of the Dirty 30 to ride her home on Mighty Servant. Best damn crew ever.
FFG-58 Mark Miller LCDR 85-87 mgmiller53 (AT) 2 FOR 1 lol
FFG-58 Kenneth Mingo E-6 2004 - 2008 chill4377 (AT)  
FFG-58 Sean More BM3 4/88-9/93 otisemma (AT) Sobering reality
FFG-58 Tom Mowry OS1 08/85 - 04/89 tmowry (AT)  
FFG-58 Willard Schmitt SH1 01/86-12/90 willschmitt (AT)  
FFG-58 Pat Shafer HMC 1985-1987 pshafer2 (AT)  
FFG-58 Doug Uhlmann OS1 (SW) 1997 to 2000 Deputydoug64 (AT) The last ship I served on before I retired. Sure do miss it
FFG-58 Michael Wallingford GSECSW 1986 to 1990 out2hunt (AT) just the bump in road apr 14 1988
FFG-58 George Williams SM2 3/93 to 3/95 skeet1968 (AT) Currently SM1(SW) stationed at Naval Brig Pearl Harbor
FFG-58 Richard Wolford SM3 10/03/94-15/10/97 richard.wolford (AT)  

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