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DD/DDE-465 Ronell Ayers GMG2 1956-1963 ronell (AT) Rep onboard as an E2 and left Second Class Gunner'smate I was on board longer than any other ship I served on until my ret frm navy in 75.
DD/DDE-465 Frank Burklund LT(jg) 42-45 mburklund53 (AT) My father served as assistant engineer on Saufley during wwII.
DD/DDE-465 Eddie A. Cribbs MM1 1960 to 1962 ec75 (AT) Also served on uss Saint paul CA73, uss Healy DD672, uss Jack W Wilke, Uss Saratoga,uss Sarsfield
DD/DDE-465 Daniel Davis SN 1954 - 1956 ddaneva89 (AT) LAST NAME CORRECTION e-mail correction
DD/DDE-465 Albinus Faraone BT3 1952-1955 jmc (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 Valmore Fournier EM2 1/53-10/55 v4nier (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 Donald Gilbart LT(jg) 1/1953 - 12/1955 gilbartdon (AT) Above is a correction to my email address
DD/DDE-465 Bruce Kroger CDR 1956-58 klklk (AT) Deceased
DD/DDE-465 Larry Marlette BMSN 1953-1954 marlettelarry (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 Richard Martin MM2 1949 to 1952 crosby3720 (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 Bill (Marty) Marttila ET2 11/52-6/54 BillMart (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 James Metzler FT2 1960 - 1962 jimm147 (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 Daniel Michie     bfaem (AT) Dan passed away in June of 1905. Please keep me informed of the reunions and news letters etc
DD/DDE-465 Paul Morgan LT(jg) 1961 to 1963 paulmorgan (AT) Trolling for dolphin; PT-109 filming; Cuban Missile Crisis
DD/DDE-465 Maurice (chuck) Nelson BT3 1955-1959 jcemper4 (AT) great shipmates, great reunions
DD/DDE-465 Harold Newton BT3 1/57-11/59 hnwn (AT)  
DD/DDE-465 John Parke LT(jg) 6/56 - 5/59 jsparke (AT) Served as Deck Div Ofcr, F.C. Asst,First Lieutenant, ASW Ofcr and Gunnery Ofcr
DD/DDE-465 Claude Rocheleau SO3 1955 - 1958 rockey (AT) good ship... learned a lot in rate here.. still in touch with some crew members.. had super re-union in key west last year
DD/DDE-465 Vern Spicer E-4 12/59 - 11/61   Still in Florida
DD/DDE-465 John Travis EN3 7/61 to 10/62 jptravis (AT) Never got any further north of Key West then Miami
DD/DDE-465 Jack Wolfe SN 1/53 to 12/53 way (AT) gocamping (AT) Lokking for BM1 Gabby and just want to change my email address
DD-465 Lawrence Ackley ETN3 8/62 - 8/64 gator2000 (AT) I was a wonderful experience to serve on this destroyer and after leaving the Navy, I became an Electrical Engineer.
DD-465 Bob Arlinghaus FT2 1954-1956 4tguru (AT)  
DD-465 John Arszulowicz BT3 1960-63 KArszulow (AT)  
DD-465 Rolf Augustin LT(jg) 7/54 - 12/55 ARolfOne (AT)  
DD-465 Keith Benedict SO2 3/63 - 6/64 benedict (AT)  
DD-465 John Benka SK2 1962-62 kf6jg (AT)  
DD-465 Ken Bishop LT(jg) 1962-1965 kbishop (AT)  
DD-465 Richard Bonnett SN 1963 to 1965 RichardBonnett (AT) aboard through decomissioning in norfolk and mothballs at Portsmouth, VA.
DD-465 Dan Bourdon FN 1/65-7/65 deecheedb (AT)  
DD-465 Ronald Burford ETN3 1964-1965 RonBurford (AT)  
DD-465 Frank Caroway BT3 3/63-9/64 eagle6769 (AT)  
DD-465 Keith Chermak FTG2 1961 - 1965 rusty97070 (AT) Wonderful memories & very interesting events-yearly reunions-info can be found on the Saufley web site.
DD-465 Kenneth Cooper SC3 1943 to 1946 cooperss (AT) P.O. Box 114, Kent, WA 98035-0114 Married my sweetheart Irene Little had 3 kids & twin g-dau.Good Memories.
DD-465 Walter Costa BTR2 08/42- 5/44 SAUFLEYDD (AT)  
DD-465 John Coyle BM 1942-1944 jcoyle (AT) My dad was a proud plank holder
DD-465 Robert.E. Culp SN 1945 to 1946 reculp (AT) Second try
DD-465 Herb Danielson LT(jg) 1957 to 1960 hvdanielson (AT) come to Saufley Reunion at Key West , FL, Aug 20-24, 2006
DD-465 William Deane SN 1942 - 1945 wdea9 (AT)  
DD-465 Ralph DeLorenzo SSMB3 7/42-12/45 jdeloren77 (AT) Plankowner
DD-465 Dennis Dewey SN 1957 / 1959 DEWGOLF2 (AT)  
DD-465 Gordie Domico GM3 1942 to 1945 tdomico (AT) submitted by son
DD-465 Albert J. Dougher HM 1942-1946 Dearing_C (AT)  
DD-465 John Drohan BT3 1959-62 jcdro3 (AT)  
DD-465 Donald Ducharme PC2 1962-62 daddook (AT)  
DD-465 George Duffy RM3 1942-1945 marrisblueyes49 (AT) hello all hands nice to find you again
DD-465 William Duffy RD2 1962-1965 williamfduffy (AT)  
DD-465 Theodore Duryea TM3 42-45 raduryea (AT) My father-died on December 20, 2013. This information was submitted by his son Robert A. Duryea.
DD-465 James Edmonson STGSN 1962-62 KE3NS (AT)  
DD-465 Ted Edquist LT(jg) ?/44 - 6/45 david (AT) submitted by son
DD-465 Joseph John Emanuele SN 1942-1946 blitz7000 (AT) Plankowner, Alive and Kickin, contact my son, Steve
DD-465 Earl Erb TM3 1942-1946 eme1347 (AT)  
DD-465 Henry Fulmer LT(jg) 1962 - 1064 hsfulmer (AT) Glad I found this website!
DD-465 Robert Furman FN 1963-1964 ubfur (AT)  
DD-465 Norman Goodale BT3 1952 to 1954 lorgood57 (AT) Enjoyed the reunion in Key West Florida in 2006...well planned event.
DD-465 Robert Goodlett   1944-45 Mikeyrvp1 (AT) Mr. Goodlett (died 4/03) is listed on page 113 of Tin Can Man (by E. J. Jernigan)-served as a munitians technician
DD-465 Ralph E. Hamby E-5 1959-1963 rhamby62 (AT) will answer any -e-mails received from former shipmates
DD-465 Robey Hamby SN 1960 to 1962 yant2ido (AT) Went to shore duty in Little Creek, Virginia 1962 to 1964
DD-465 James Hamby EM3 1962-1964 jim (AT)  
DD-465 Marty Healy FP2 1953 to 1957 martyheal (AT)  
DD-465 Robert Holbrook WTR1 1942-1945 phfauche (AT) This is my Dad. Not sure of his dates aboard the Saufley.
DD-465 Earl Horn MM3 1950-1954 hornxpress (AT) trying to find photos
DD-465 Lonnie Hutchison IC3 1968 to decomm. HiAnDry (AT)  
DD-465 Larry Kling SOGSN 10/58-4/60 Larrykling (AT) trying to locate sog2 Butler, don't remember first name
DD-465 John Lally EM3 12/45 - 7/46 jhlally (AT) Still working as of 11/2009. Shanghia not the same as it was in 1946.
DD-465 Phillip Lucier LT(jg) 3/43 to 5/44 murdered 7-1970 Grad Notre Dame Univ-had 11 children-true patriot-was murdered 7/24/70-never solved-always spoke highly of the Saufley.
DD-465 Neil Maley RM3 8/62-8/63 ntm01 (AT)  
DD-465 William Maloy SN 1962 maloy fred (AT) my best friend was earl scott charles mccord
DD-465 Jack McLeod MM2 1/59 to 7/62 mcl (AT)  
DD-465 Kenneth J. Melia BM2 1943-1946 rwm0313 (AT)  
DD-465 Ben Mercer LT(jg) 63 - 64 bnmrcr (AT) Gun Boss/ Chief engineer
DD-465 Albert Nye CPO 1942 to 1945 john.nye3960 (AT)  
DD-465 Ed 'Shorty' O'Keefe BTFN Jan 57-Oct 60 ed (AT) If you served on the Saufley contact me-we are 325 strong
DD-465 Don Olderstein RD3 1951-1953 Don.older (AT)  
DD-465 John Pachulski SA 1944 to 1945 vidadepaz (AT) submitted in honor of my stepdad who passed away on 8/6/2010.
DD-465 Max Payne DC2 1954-1955 Mpayne (AT) Also on Kitty Hawk, Saratoga & Bon Homme Richard
DD-465 Clyde Pettit RD3 1962-1965 Poppy (AT)  
DD-465 William D. (Billy) Pilkerton FTGSN July 1964 to Oct. 1964 bkpilkerton (AT)  
DD-465 Harry Presnell   12/63-12/64 Harry37687 (AT) Looking for John maddy
DD-465 Jewett Richardson LT(jg) March1950-May1953 jewettr (AT)  
DD-465 Richard Richey SN 61-63 dofearl (AT)  
DD-465 Mark Rosen RD3 April 64 - November 64 mark (AT)  
DD-465 Ted Salkoski Not sure 1/50 - 12/54 - not sure tsalkoski (AT) My Dad-died 1982-served onboard ship & a sub-sonarman-Key West-would like to communicate Beat Army
DD-465 Roy Sanders F2, or F1 1942 to 1943 (est.) pritcharpdixL (AT) My uncle-I'm looking for any crew membre who knew him in the 1940s. Thanks, Bill Pritchard
DD-465 Myles Schoenberger MM2 1959 to 1962 carmy (AT) great duty loved key west
DD-465 Joe Scott RDSN 4/64 to 11/64 jayess62 (AT) Transferred to USS Robert K. Huntington prior to decom.
DD-465 Earl Scott SN 1963 to 1965 Utah.Earl.Scott (AT) aboard through decomissioning in Norfolk and mothballs at Portsmouth,VA.
DD-465 Merland Severson   1952 - 1954 merlanns (AT)  
DD-465 Jesse J. Simonson SN 4/56-12/59    
DD-465 Sam Snavely MM3 1963 - 1965 trawlercaptsam (AT)  
DD-465 Jim Standish RM3 1964- Creo51 (AT) Have vhs tape of times aboard and some cruises
DD-465 Fred Steely SN 1959 - 1961 Hobohicky (AT) Im 73 years old. got a wife and 3 kids
DD-465 Grady Stegall GMG1 02/50-04/57 e7gm (AT) Anyone have more than 7 years aboard her?
DD-465 Irvin Stockburger FP2 1954 - 1957 istockburger (AT) 701 282 4232 309 cherry court west fargo, nd 58078
DD-465 Harold Stuart SOG3 1960-62 hardori (AT)  
DD-465 Joe Tannenbaum MN1 1942-1945 gitgoing (AT) aol contact thru son
DD-465 Willard Terry GMG3 1962 -1964 wtbt (AT) would like to hear from any shipmate who served on Saufley
DD-465 Jim Tethers IC3 1955 - 1959 mongodd727 (AT) Jim was my brother
DD-465 Ronald Waxon IC3 1961-1962 ronwaxon (AT)  
DD-465 Charles West GM2 1950-1953 Balance208 (AT) My father (I'm his 2nd son)-my father died young (age 53)-would like to have him remembered here. Thank you.
DD-465 Tom Whanger EM3 1958-1960 tfwswim2004 (AT)  
DD-465 Wayne Whelan BT3 1959-1961 crapper16 (AT) looking for pics of the fireroom
DD-465 Robert Williams   1963 - 1965 jaredsdad (AT) deceased 8/14/03 son is looking for pics/stories pls email
DD-465 Robert Wolff LT   Wolffxavier (AT)  
DD-465/DDE-465/EDDE-465 Richard Bonnett SN 1963-1965 CaptBonnett (AT) lists-/was at decom-it was sunk
DD-465/EDDE-465 Richard Bonnett SN 1963-65 tallhat (AT) see ed (AT) [reunion/ship's crew details]
DDE-465 Rrichard Allelyt FT3/FTU3 12/55-5/58 rkallely (AT)  
DDE-465 William Arthmann SO2 7/49-7/53 warthmann (AT)  
DDE-465 Ron Ayers GMG2 1956-1963 randrayers (AT) Good sailing and fair wind and seas
DDE-465 Herbert Bailey SH3 Sept 1949-April 1953 Herkbailey (AT)  
DDE-465 Bob Bakos EM2 1960 to 1962 robjan714 (AT) 23yrs. 7mos.10days, retired USNR.
DDE-465 Curtis Barrett LT(jg) June 1958-June 1963 Bon35DC (AT) Hightest Rank Attained: Captain, USNR (now retired)
DDE-465 Howard Bennett, Jr. RM3 10/60-4/63 hbenn255 (AT) Kennedy. Film & blockade-remember pt109-kennedy visit-bob hope in gitmo
DDE-465 Dave Boone MM3 1957-59 DAVS66 (AT)  
DDE-465 Max Boynton ET3 9/49 to 4/52 joma (AT)  
DDE-465 Raybion Bryant BT2 12/55-6/58 rbryantusn (AT) I miss the ship and the crew
DDE-465 Leroy Buice EM2 1958 to 1961 lbuice (AT)  
DDE-465 Jim Christenson GMG3 1961 to 1964 emosbikes (AT) Am looking for any info about my Dad
DDE-465 Jimmy Claxton BT3 1960-62 claxton-jimmy (AT)  
DDE-465 Eddie Cribbs MM1 1960-62 xyz30x2 (AT) also served on Sarsfield and Jack Wilkie
DDE-465 George Curtis BT3 1958-1960 rainbow_reflections (AT)  
DDE-465 Herb Danielson LT(jg) 7/57 to 6/60 hvdanielson (AT) A great ship & alot of good shipmates.
DDE-465 Herbert Danielson, Jr. LT(jg) 7/57-6/60 hvdanielson (AT) 9831 Sun Pointe Dr., Boynton Beach, FL 33437
DDE-465 Daniel Davis SN 1954 - 1956 edavis0353 (AT)  
DDE-465 Dennis Dewey SN 1957-59 dowee (AT)  
DDE-465 George DiNardo LT(jg) 6/59-7/61 gpdinardo (AT)  
DDE-465 Dr. John P. Dobrowolski ETR2 5/60-6/62 drjaydee (AT)  
DDE-465 John (Jack) Driscoll ENS 6/56-6/58 driscolj (AT) Served as OIC U.S. Naval Cryptographic Repair School '58-'59
DDE-465 Randy Dunham BMSN AUG-64-JAN29-65 two-far-gone (AT) aint it grand to be a NAVY MAN!
DDE-465 Harvey Neil (Doc) Edwards HM3 12/53-9/54 neiledwards (AT) She was a beautiful ship. Great crew.
DDE-465 John Findon QM2 1956 to 1960 jfindon (AT)  
DDE-465 Gary Finecy MM3 1958-1962 gp1fine (AT) (died 8/12/04) Really enjoyed being on this ship and Key West
DDE-465 James Fitzsimmons FT2 9/1949 to 4/1953 jbfitz1951 (AT) Recommissioning plankowner
DDE-465 James Fletcher RM3 1954 to 1955 Fletcherair (AT)  
DDE-465 Douglass Getchell CDR 11/60-2/63 dgetch502 (AT)  
DDE-465 Donald Gilbart LT(jg) 12/52 - 12/55 gilbartd (AT)  
DDE-465 Gil Goodwin PNSN 1958-59 Blugil (AT)  
DDE-465 Donald R. Graham FN 1957-1959 bgraham (AT) I was called Okie aboard ship
DDE-465 Robert Graves MM2 1950-52 TERRYXX1 (AT)  
DDE-465 Gene Hester YNSN 1956to1958 remaxagt (AT) Would love to hear from former shipmates
DDE-465 David Jacobs RM3 1954-1956 davejac97 (AT) Served with a shipmate nicknamed spider.
DDE-465 Alan Keith SOG2 7-1959 through 8-20-62 cwarep (AT) & ahkeith (AT) One of the best experiences of my life; great shipmates!!!
DDE-465 Charles Kennedy MM3 1957-59 CAPTCKENN (AT) I was the Water King
DDE-465 Samuel Kittredge YN3 1951 to 1953 kisama (AT)  
DDE-465 Johnnie Klimkowski LT(jg) 4/62 to 7/64 jfklim (AT) USNR 10/55 - 11/89 Capt USNR (Ret), many Navy related memories, those from Saufley the best.
DDE-465 Donald Kluth SH3 1958-1960 grayhoundusn (AT)  
DDE-465 William E. Manning (Bill) ICFN March58 - Nov60 wmanning (AT)  
DDE-465 Bill (Marty) Marttila ET2 11/52-6/54 billmart (AT)  
DDE-465 James McGready LT(jg) 1951 to 1953 guns465 (AT)  
DDE-465 Jack McLeod MM2 1/59 to 7/62 mcl (AT)  
DDE-465 Chuck Minster FT3 12/59 to 10/62 cminster123 (AT) Great shipmates despite cramped conditions.
DDE-465 Michael Mirabella BMSN 1/62-1/63 firesaf (AT)  
DDE-465 Bob Neer SO3 1/54-5/57 bneer2000 (AT)  
DDE-465 David Netterfield RMSN 1958-1960 davidnetterfield (AT)  
DDE-465 Edward O'Keefe BTFN 1957-1960 jbfitz1951 (AT) Ed passed on-3/28/2019
DDE-465 John Parke LT(jg) 6/56 - 5/59 jsparke (AT) 1st LT, ASW Officer, Gun Boss drill reserves rtd CDR/USNR
DDE-465 Max Payne DC2 4/54 to 12/55 mpayne (AT) also Kitty Hawk, Bon Homme Richard and Saratoga
DDE-465 Gordon Pelarski   1958-1962 cbpelarski (AT)  
DDE-465 Paul (Jake) Pierson BT2 1957-1960 ed (AT) Deceased
DDE-465 Stanley Pratt LT(jg) 7/1953 to 7/1955 Stanpratt (AT)  
DDE-465 H.E (Herb) Reichert LCDR 1958-60 H.E.Reichert (AT) I served as XO while onboard
DDE-465 Richard Robinson LT(jg) 1960-1962 rrobby (AT)  
DDE-465 Claude Rocheleau SO3 1955 to late 1957 rockey (AT) good ship. loved key west
DDE-465 Walter Rogers BMC 8/62 to 11/62 wjriii (AT) submitted by son.
DDE-465 Charles Smolsky EM1 1958-1959 smolsky (AT)  
DDE-465 John Travis EN3 7/60-10/62 johntravisjr (AT) Never got any further north of Key West than Miami
DDE-465 C. George Vogel MM3 1958-61 usssaufley465 (AT)  
DDE-465 Terry Werner EN2 1957-58 ed (AT) Deceased
DDE-465 James (Jim) Wobosel MM2 2/51 - 8/53 jimmaeab (AT) Enjoyed my time aboard the Saufley ... Also enjoyed all my friends in the A division & forward engine room ...
DDE-465 Jack Wolfe SN 01/53 to 12/53 JW2543 (AT) The Saufley was my first ship. Now retired after 20 Years
DDE-465 Harry M. Yockey LT(jg) 8/57-12-58 nanbonar (AT) Sister Nancy reports: Deceased 6/2004
DDE-465 Ron Zwelling RD2 8/49-9/50 ronzwell11 (AT)  
EDD-465 Robert J. Campbell SN 6/59-1960 www.rcavondale (AT) Served only one year then tranfered to norfolk,Va. To serve on the USS Putman 757 for four more years
EDD-465 Daniel Davis SN 1954 1956 daniel.davis80 (AT) aol  
EDDE/DD/DDE-465 Richard Bonnett SN 1963 to 1965 RichardBonnett (AT) Verizon.Net USS Saufley had three designations DD, EDDE and DDE
EDDE-465 Eugene Bair RD3 12/57 - 10/60 eugenebair (AT) A true learning experience with great crew
EDDE-465 Jim Black GMG3 11/60 - 6/62 fjblack (AT) Some good days on ole 465!
EDDE-465 Daniel Davis SN 6/54 -12/56 dan.80 (AT)  
EDDE-465 Larry Everett RD3 1960-1962 Cwocgret (AT)  
EDDE-465 Daniel (Dizzy) Gillespie FTA2 9/55 - 4/59 jeansieger (AT)  
EDDE-465 John Gross SN 9/57-1/60 jgross52364 (AT) Great ship! Great shipmates! Great reunions!
EDDE-465 David Jacobs RMSN 1954-1955 davejac97 (AT) Ship was used for target practice off of Key West in 65 I believe.
EDDE-465 Charles Kennedy MM3 8/57-11/59 mjrsckenn (AT) Was a great tour of duty aboard the Saufley
EDDE-465 Gilbert Lensmyer QMSN 1959 to 1961 Lensmyer (AT)  
EDDE-465 James McGready LT(jg) 3/53-3/55 jmcgready (AT)  
EDDE-465 Richard L. Midkiff BT3 1954-1958 jmidkiff (AT)  
EDDE-465 Daniel O'Rourke ME2 3/53 - 11/56 tinaor61 (AT)  
EDDE-465 Donald Pritchett SN 1961 to 1962 donald2405 (AT) could not find my name on crew roster, best friend john toth
EDDE-465 Albert Stark SN 2/53-6/54 AANDJSLOTS (AT)  
EDDED-465 Gilbert Lensmyer QMSN 1/59 - 4/61 lensmyer (AT) yahoo.comm  

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