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DD-770 Dan Murphy SA 57-59 grant5006 (AT) I was in the deck force 1st div. for a few months in 59
DD790 Earl Dutton GM3 1954 to 1958 earldutton ..2003 (AT)  
DD-790 Jim Aas FT3 12/55-11/56 jmaraas (AT) Marshall Islands, H bomb tests
DD-790 Russell Adams ETN3 1965 - 1967 adamser (AT) Looking for shipmates era 1965 - 1967
DD-790 Jake Aills RD3 12/59-10/61 packfan19 (AT) anyone know whereabouts of Marty Martinez sm3
DD-790 Steven E. Allison EM3 71-72 allis73 (AT) I loved that first week developing sea legs.
DD-790 Robert Alu RM3 1970 - 1971 pablo1016 (AT) I can still see the inside of the radio shack.
DD-790 James Ansley LT(jg) 4/61-7/64 ansleyj001 (AT) MPA,Chieng,Ops,Navigator. Greatship[ and crew. Also super operations and better libs!
DD-790 Steve Armstrong YN3 1959 last cruise to west pac before Fram was on board for typhon what a ride
DD-790 Rex Armstrong MM2 1958-1961   Call at 701-351-3859
DD-790 Thomas E. Atnip BT3 1/66-2/67 thomas.e.atnip (AT) I grew up on the Shelton
DD-790 James Avery RM3 1967-1969 CATwelvetrees (AT) Just curious to see if anybody remembers me and my buddy C.Tom
DD-790 Larry Badura QM2 7/62/ 3/64 carol.badura (AT)  
DD-790 Walter Bailey RD2 Nov 1969- Nov 1971 Baileywr (AT)  
DD-790 Parke D. Bailor MM2 1956 to 1957 pbailor11 (AT)  
DD-790 Donald Ballweber BM3 71-73 racingforaliving (AT) enjoyed serving,sure would like to hear from anyone
DD-790 Charles E. (Red) Barclay BT3 3/53 to 12/55 c56dbar (AT) Looking for Clarence martin bromley Aka marty
DD-790 Dale Barthel YN3 1959 to 1960 Barthdo (AT) Typhoon of 1959! Enjoyed serving on Shelton-transferred to USS Oklahoma City CLG5 for remainder of my time.
DD-790 Gary Battenfield GM3 06/62-06/64 gbattenfield1 (AT) Asroc Tec. Would like to locate Jim Stoker
DD-790 Kent Beese BT   beesek1 (AT) I'm sorry I can't hear you! Too much noise in the engine/boiler room! :)
DD-790 Daniel Bendig ETR3 1965 to 1967 dandydan (AT) Nice to find this site. Thanks for putting it up.
DD-790 Henry K. Bishop SM2 11/56-11/57 bishmar (AT) want to be located!!!
DD-790 Chuck Blankenship HM3 1/61 to 6/62 blankenshipc (AT) Beautiful ship and great crew. Long Beach shipyards to westpac.
DD-790 Manuel L. Bradshaw GMSN 12/58-02/61 bradmanny39 (AT) Please contact me if you have any questions.
DD-790 William (Bill) Bright E-3 1963 to 1964 brightsw1 (AT) Yokosuka, Subic Bay, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia..whatta time..
DD-790 Richard Brill BT3 1958 to 1960 richardb (AT) Does anyone remember the Typhoon of 1958 or 1959?
DD-790 Edward Brown BTC 1965 1966 edbrown (AT)  
DD-790 Lewis Bugenig EN3 09/50-7/52 Bugenigmahlek (AT) many memories of Korea and Japan and Task Force 77
DD-790 John Burd RD2 01/61-06/64 ussshelton (AT) Good ship and outstanding Radar gang
DD-790 Ron Burt PN3 11/51-5/54 rburt1 (AT) Exciting times - love the dungaree Navy.
DD-790 Wayne Byard ETN2 1963 to 1965 wbyard (AT) A great adventure in my life,now I war Cold War warrior
DD-790 William Calderwood GM3 1952 to 1956 wjcalderwood (AT) During the Korean War
DD-790 Howard Campbell RM2 1961 to 1964 CECAMPBELL7 (AT) Shelton was a great ship with a great crew
DD-790 Donald M. Campbell MM2 12/61-6/65 910-842-5152 Water King 63-65. Yea Westpac!!!
DD-790 James Carey BT2 67-71 kelaerin (AT)  
DD-790 Terry Carman EM3 7/67-19/68 tccarman (AT) I think this history of personnel is a pretty neat idea. Wish everyone was listed.
DD-790 Jessie Carmichael SH3 03/66-06/67 jjcam (AT) The BEST ship and CREW in the Navy and I miss them ALL
DD-790 James E Cassidy BT3 05/49 to 07/51 jcassidyc (AT) Oil king entire cruise.
DD-790 Herbert (youngpup Bud) Chaffin FN 1954 -1956 hwcdmc (AT) Was pipefitter striker but spent my time in the fwd fireroom as burner changer. Hot job. Anyone remember me?
DD-790 Eugene Chamberlain DC3 3/56 - 2/60 fsimacek (AT) In memory of Eugene Chamberlain 6/25/2002
DD-790 James Chandler MM2 06/58 - 01/62 jspencer1 (AT) Phone # 870-578-5096
DD-790 Boyce Chapman RD3 10/01/55-06/01/57 boycesuds (AT) remember well bomb tests and visit to au.
DD-790 Floyd Chappel GMG3 69-70 fchap49 (AT) Asroc gunner
DD-790 Tom Cole   1972 to 1973 thecoles (AT)  
DD-790 Stephen Cole SN 3/70 thru 1/71 scole (AT) d3tech  
DD-790 Bob Combs FT3 1966 to 1968 rcombs (AT) WestPac 67
DD-790 Terry Corcoran RM3 1964 to 1966 tj22 (AT) what a crew
DD-790 Steven Coshow RD2 1961-1964 srcoshow (AT)  
DD-790 J. R. Crocker ETR2 1969-1972 tgyclub (AT) Best tour in the Navy
DD-790 Barney Cull SN1 2/51- 9/53 bascliving (AT) I remember the typhoon on the China Sea. Four long days! Lost our life rafts and depth charge broke loose
DD-790 Roy Dahl FT2 1957 - 1960 rbdahl (AT) Remember the typhoon of 1958 or was it 1959?
DD-790 Wilburn Daniel Private 1951-1953 starboard (AT) Looking for some old friends and photos (Nickname ''Sonny'')
DD-790 Al Davis MM3 71-73 decom aldavis (AT) Damned good duty
DD-790 Robert Deer LT 11/70 - 4/74 bob.deer (AT) Chief Engineer - best engineering crew on the West Coast
DD-790 Joe Dixon BTFN boiller rm 1 1958 to 1960 pops 70 (AT) (601) 543-0307 looking for first class BT name murfy
DD-790 Rich Dixon YN3 11/67 - 8/68 dixonr (AT) Worst CO (Kimble) in the history of any navy known to man.
DD-790 Greg Donalson PC3 1969-70 djeepsterman (AT) Postal Clerk
DD-790 Dick Drake BM3 1952-1954 poppop (AT) need info for attending next reunion
DD-790 Robert Dressel SO2 9/51 to 9/54 bobdressel (AT)  
DD-790 Clifford Dunaway ET2 60/62 cliffdunaway (AT)  
DD-790 Earl Dutton GM3 Dec-54 earldutton2003 (AT)  
DD-790 Robert Eby BM2 9/70-9/72 eby1 (AT)  
DD-790 Joe Edison ETN2 1960- 1962 vyp1slo (AT) Great memories! Let's do it again! :)
DD-790 Mike Elliott E-2 1970 to 72 pattielliott (AT)  
DD-790 Dennis Ellis SKSN 1956 to 1958 dmellis3 (AT) Hi to all the Tin Can Shipmates. Remember the Marchell Islands
DD-790 Donald Emrick GMG3 10/66-12/69 don (AT)  
DD-790 John Erickson BT2 1967 -1971 jkerickson (AT) Great Ship - this was the last of the real Navy.
DD-790 Bobbie Etienne   1951-1954 jofus1 (AT) Looking for info on my fathers service time-if anyone knew him & served at the same time please notify me-TY
DD-790 David Exford RM3 72 to decom xfrddvd (AT) wondering what you are all doing
DD-790 Willard Ferch SO3 3/57-8/59 wcferch23 (AT) I gave Leon Shelton, brother of James, fiddle lessons when he was 81.
DD-790 Milton Ferguson SM1 1962 to 1967 spidermilton (AT) new e mail address
DD-790 Bob Fliegel LT(jg) 05/63 - 01/65 rfliegel (AT) Gunnery Assistant
DD-790 Donald Florang FTC 12/60-11/62 dbflorang (AT) Great Ship-Great Crew
DD-790 Freeman Franklin BT2 69-73 freeman.franklin (AT)  
DD-790 Kenneth Frazier MR3 11/70-10/72 frazier_fam1 (AT) Watch out for that gun on Tiger Island
DD-790 Robert Fredrickson BT3 12/55 - 57 Bpfredrickson (AT) First sea duty of my career.
DD-790 Earl Gaden YN/LN1 Jan71 - 73 Eggaden (AT) Enjoyed my tour
DD-790 Charles Garcia SN 1960 1962 charlesgarcia1943 (AT)  
DD-790 Roger Gearhart EM1 1956-1957 RGear13632 (AT)  
DD-790 Andy (Gussy) Gesslein STGSN 1965-1967 gee8546 (AT) Good times overseas/bad times up Saigon river-best brown water sailors ever-email ph #s so we can talk
DD-790 Daniel Gibson YN3 1963-1966 danlgibson (AT) The USS Shelton - some of the best years of my life!
DD-790 Marc Gibson EN3 71-72 nwhdbiker (AT) Good ship
DD-790 Richard Gilpin BT2 6/62 to 5/67 rsgilpin (AT) Would love hearing from some of my shipmates.
DD-790 Jerry Gladstone SFP3/E-3 1965 to 1967 HappyrockfromCT (AT)  
DD-790 Boyd Goen EM2 54 to 56 boydgoen (AT) A great experience.
DD-790 Mike Gort RD3 12-66 to 7-67 automall (AT) Would llike to hear from any radarmen from that era
DD-790 Edward Gossman IC3 9/68 to 9/70 efgossman (AT) Want to say hello to all expecially Mr. Avery and Mr. Crocker.
DD-790 Fred Graap E-4 19/1967-1969 fgraap (AT) I enjoyed my time Great members to work with..
DD-790 David Griffiths E-4 1968 to 1971 vercide (AT) Proud of the ship,to have served and my shipmates. She is still working to this Day.Barrier Reef Taiwan.
DD-790 Charles Guerin BT3 10/69-3/73 cguerin112 (AT) Some education, aboard, splashes are not fish jumping
DD-790 Ronald Gulbranson MM1 11/68 to 8/69 swaby91 (AT) great crew in the aft eng room
DD-790 Harry Halford MM1 1970 to 1972 mhhalford (AT) enjoyed-made chief to subic 4 yrs it was good hello quincy s
DD-790 Carl Hansen LT(jg) 11/64 - 9/67 cal5760 (AT) The best of times
DD-790 Bob Harella RD3 5/71-decomm bharella (AT)  
DD-790 Wallace Harkey German GM3 1954-1958 j_harkey (AT) Australia 1957-58.
DD-790 Harold Harrington SA 8/65 - 6/67 H. H. 1198246 (AT) yahoo. conm. Asroc was great. Gomer Pyle 1st. Divison
DD-790 Ron Hartman BM3 1971- 1973 tires4 (AT)  
DD-790 Jerry Hartman MM3 1959-1960 jwhhacksaw (AT) Looking for my old friend Jim Mueller MM3
DD-790 Bob Harvey RM-3 1971-1973 bsharvey (AT)  
DD-790 Frank Haun MM3 4/57-8/60 tincandd790 (AT) Foward Engine Room
DD-790 William Haun EM2 1955 to1961 TinCanDD790 (AT)  
DD-790 William Hess ST/E-7 11/66-09/68 terr11y (AT) Great Ship-Great Crew--Interesting Capt.!
DD-790 Ed Hewitt YN5 10/66-6/68 edwardwhewittjr (AT) Some of the best times of my life
DD-790 Fernando Hijar SN 1961-1962 hijar711 (AT) went aboard while still in drydock in Long Beach!
DD-790 Lee Hilton RM2 6/46-9/48 LEEDD790 (AT)  
DD-790 L. E. Jack Hoffman SK3 06/50 -10/53 sarahhoffman9 (AT) i am now a retired skcm living back in my hometown of shenandoah, ia
DD-790 Clifford Holland PC 2 1968-1971 Mrcliffh (AT) Went from running paint locker to becoming the ship's postal clerk for three West Pac tours-1968-1969, 1970 & 71.
DD-790 William C. Hopkins MMC 1959 to 1963 hop1934 (AT)  
DD-790 John Hudson BT3 8/65 - 4/67 john.e.hudson (AT) It would be great to hear from shipmates, lot of memories
DD-790 Richard Hudson PNA/E-4 1964-1966 mahoggy2k (AT) Remember when Howard took the plunge in Midway?!
DD-790 Kevin Huff SK2 1971 to 1973 huffkb (AT)  
DD-790 Larry Huston RM3 10/62 - 10/64 Great Ship/radio gang. Loved being underway!
DD-790 George Isom STM2 5/47-9/47 IsomThatBoy (AT) Aboard this ship, I learned how it felt to be a real sailor.
DD-790 Charles Jackson SH2 9/66 - 05/71 mriberia (AT) Worked for SH1 Ballard. I'm from New Iberia, La.
DD-790 Robert (Bob) Jackson GM3 1962 to 1965 mrmarquis2004 (AT) Loved the Indian Ocean cruise - great gun crews
DD-790 Phillip Jackson ETN3 3/65-12/66 nickolas_mfg_inc (AT) Great 1 1/2 yrs, good wespac cruise. Some fantastic memories.
DD-790 Lorenzo Jaimes SN 3/68 - 9/70 txvet93 (AT) Hard times/ came close to Nuclear war/ facing Russian Navy
DD-790 Frederick James E-3 71-72 ricosutroln (AT) What great shipmates and, what a great fighting ship...
DD-790 Thomas Johnson MM1 1961-1963 johntom 1 (AT) was aboard when ship was going through FRAM in Long Beach Na
DD-790 Kenneth Johnson DCFN 1965-1967 AnderJohn (AT)  
DD-790 Hans (John) Kaumanns BT3 1971 to 1972 Kaumanns (AT) boy, was it hot down in the hole!
DD-790 Jack D. Kearns RM3 1968 - 1972 4FLSun (AT)  
DD-790 Jack Kennedy RD3 1961 - 1964 jackkennedy13 (AT) was also on uss rogers dd-786
DD-790 Michael King HN 1969 - 1970 andy111 (AT)  
DD-790 Bruce Kittredge BTC Feb. 1971 - May 1972 chiefusn (AT)  
DD-790 Mike Kozlik SA 72-73 m_koz52 (AT) Hey,guys,remember killer Koz''? Glad those days are over.''
DD-790 Ron Kunkel BM3 4/71-1/73 KUNKEL (AT) The most exciting time of my life
DD-790 Dave LaBellarti E-4 2/66-11/66 SongPainter (AT) I was a QM
DD-790 Victor Lamberti STG 1965 to 1968 VictorHLam (AT) Loved it, took most of the pic's in 1967 cruise book.
DD-790 Farris LaWand FTSN 10/57-8/59 vacantlot (AT) It would be great to hear from old shipmates.
DD-790 Robert Lendosky GMG2 1971-1973 llendosky (AT) Looking for old friends
DD-790 Bill Leuters SH3 72-73 DD790 (AT)  
DD-790 Bill Lewis EM3 1957 1960 bllewis1977 (AT)  
DD-790 Kenneth G. Lewis MM3 1961 to 1963 kgls48 (AT) Fwd eng room sometimes
DD-790 James Lindgren RM3 10/62 - 10/64 jandk (AT) Enjoyed radio gang - we had some great times
DD-790 Donald Livingston RM3 1961-1963 malemd2 (AT)  
DD-790 Donald E. Lockwood FTG2 1966 to 1968 delockwood (AT) Jan & I are planning on attending ships reunion Sept. 2014-hope other shipmates will also attend at this time!
DD-790 Jim Luttschwager FTG2 1972 to 1973 jlutts (AT)  
DD-790 Brian MacDonnell FTG2 1970-1973 decom brianmacdo (AT)  
DD-790 Angelo Mancuso BT3 12/47-8/51 angelom831 (AT)  
DD-790 Gerard Marino FC3 1948-1951 MARIONJERRYM (AT) Deceased 12/13/14
DD-790 Brad Martin ET2 1962 to 1963 bwanabrad (AT) A great ship and a great crew.
DD-790 Kenneth Matson ETR2 6/67-2/70 riozz2002 (AT) What a boat ride--some great memories with a great crew.
DD-790 Jeff May STGSN 71-decom j_tmay (AT) Any one else get prostrate cancer?
DD-790 Doug Mccleskey EN2 7/67-7/68 jmccleskey (AT) bell  
DD-790 Harry (Chip) McComas RD2 1965 to 1968 webmaster (AT) The greatest experience of my life.
DD-790 Bill McGlinn MM3 1946-1948 bnbmcglinn (AT) I now live in Pismo Beach, California phone 805 773 4156
DD-790 Harley McGough SK2 1951-1954 Dmac814 (AT)  
DD-790 Glenn McMullen SM 1957 to 1961 zebb40 (AT) The storm of 58 was bad but I brought us out-I was on helm & the capt gav me opn gangplank in Japan.
DD-790 James Measures RD2 2/68 - 1/71 jmeasures (AT) The best of times. The worst of times.
DD-790 Donald Melvin Ship Serviceman 1968-1970 eagutmann (AT)  
DD-790 Ernest Millen ETSN 1951-1954 emillen9 (AT)  
DD-790 Ferguson Milton SM1 1962 to 1967 spidermiltton (AT) five good years
DD-790 Billy Moore E-3 4/65-4/67 billyandmelody (AT)  
DD-790 Loren Moores STG3 6/65 - 6/67 lemoores (AT) A period of time I will always remember. Proud to be a Veteran.
DD-790 Gerald (Jerry) Mueller RM3 11/64 - 10/66 muellerg8191 (AT)  
DD-790 Walter Muller CS3 3/70- decom wmuller (AT) Ahoy Mudducks!
DD-790 Daniel Murphy SA 1/57 - 10/59 grant5006 (AT) I was in deck force 1st div 57-59 Long Beach, CA.
DD-790 Donald Nelson BT2 12/59-6/64 donnelson.nelly (AT)  
DD-790 Isaac Newman YN1 1946 greenthumb1924 (AT) I was 2nd man to report to the precommission detail
DD-790 Vernon Nicholson FC2 01/48-08/51 nyko (AT)  
DD-790 Donald Otto RD3 1961-10/64 szannotto (AT)  
DD-790 Paul L. Overy ET3 Mar 65 - Jun 65 xnvy20 (AT)  
DD-790 Raymond Perry MM2 1960-1963 rocksaltray (AT) Proud to be a Tin Can sailor!
DD-790 Richard Petrowich QM1 1954-57 rbpetro (AT) Contact me for Shelton Reunions
DD-790 Kenneth (Joe) Piker BT3 1967 to 1968 joelinda1968 (AT)  
DD-790 Gale Pinel BT '46 - '50 drees (AT) My Dad served onboard-loved the ship/mates-would love to get any info of anyone who may have served with him.
DD-790 Howard Pittman SO1 08/54 - 09/57 hwpittman (AT) Best memories - Bangkok, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Yokosuka,
DD-790 Stephen Price SO1 1958 to 1959 thunder35 (AT) Great time aboard - Remember the typhoon of 1959
DD-790 Harold Pulver RD3 01/67-07/69 Kpulver (AT) great crew, some of the best times in my navy coureer
DD-790 Larry Randolph DC3 1965-1967 lmr2 (AT) Great ''R'' division
DD-790 Raymond Reay E-3 11/61 - 12/64 tulaz (AT)  
DD-790 David Reinking RD3 1966- 1967 davetrisha (AT)  
DD-790 Ron Renner RD2 1970-1972 ronr (AT) I remember this as being a great ship with a tight crew.
DD-790 Robert Renney BT3 1955-58 renney2outdoors (AT) Reuniting with shipmates after 46 years is great!
DD-790 Robert Resner MM2 1960 to1963 rdresner (AT) Liked the ship better before the Fram conversion.
DD-790 Bill Rhea QM3 8/66 - 5/69 somowill (AT)  
DD-790 Dale Rhodes SM 1958-1962 bill.rhodes1 (AT) For my father if anyone remembers him. Told lots of stories, especially about the typhoon
DD-790 Bob Richard QM2 8/65-4/68 Brichard22 (AT) Great Ship. Great friends
DD-790 Richard Richards E-5 1/69 to 1972 Jtr39309 (AT) My name is Rick Richards, I fought in Vietnam and need to find anyone that remembers me please.
DD-790 Victor J. Rivera GMG3 12/71 to 01/73 sparta67 (AT) To the last & best gun gang ''bravo zulu''
DD-790 Lowell Robbins LT(jg) 10/62 to 02/65 robbins (AT) Outstanding Tour
DD-790 Don Roberts SK2 8/66 -2/70 just4fun12 (AT) Better than the other choices
DD-790 Bill Robertson RD3 1962 to 1964 brobertson (AT)  
DD-790 Donald Robinson SK1 8/61-9/64 robbytheswabby39 (AT)  
DD-790 Cecil Robison   1966 priscilla_williamson (AT) Sadly,Cecil died-I acquired autographed pix of ship and of the CO JJ Paulis,Jr.-love to hear from anyone!
DD-790 David Rodgers RM3 1971-1973 rodgersd (AT) Love to hear from shipmates
DD-790 Steve Russak EM2 1966-1969 srussak (AT) How can I view the ships log for this period of time?
DD-790 Robert Rutherford ENS 6/52-9/53 wa4fra (AT)  
DD-790 Ray (Sam/Sammy) Sampson RDM 11/63 - 1/67 raysampson (AT)  
DD-790 Calvin Sanders FN 12/71 - 01/73 olderndirt (AT) Really enjoyed my time aboard.
DD-790 Joseph Sansone F2 6/46-9/46 Supermom04 (AT) It was a great life!! - Plank Owner
DD-790 William (Bill) Scalzo EM2 11/56-02/60 scalzo (AT) I do remember the Typhon of 58
DD-790 Kenneth Schaefer BT3 Nov.71 - May 72 schaefe (AT) Looking for shipmate - Charles Hall
DD-790 Larry Sewell SK3 9/58-5/60 larrydsewell (AT) Great time. I do remember the typhoon.
DD-790 Glenn Sewell E-3 10/62 - 09/64 glenns (AT)  
DD-790 Jim Sexton SM2   jimbo4_354 (AT) ooh for all those memories
DD-790 Darell Shaffer BT2 4/66 dwshjaff (AT) At the ripe old age of 17 I grew up/learned what world was about-lot of friends & fam-one of greatest ships in the fleet
DD-790 Robert Sheridan S1 2/46-12-47 robyn (AT) In honor of my father.
DD-790 Robert Shirley CSSN 7/67-8/68 bobnvickie (AT) 'toot-toot' my own horn, best baker in the NAVY. See you all at next reunion....
DD-790 Gerald (Jerry) Slaughter STG3 69-73 jerrylilly63 (AT) I told them we were going to be the ''Mudduck''.
DD-790 Paul Smith BT3 1964 to 1969 paulsmith (AT) Hope to hear from my ship mates.I will be sending out e-mail
DD-790 Charles Smith MM1 1971 to decommission charley (AT) Best ship I ever served in.
DD-790 Ray Smith MM2 1961 - 1965 homeplat (AT) After Engine Roon, Far East Squadron 1962 - 1964
DD-790 Glenn Smith BT3 58 - 60 SEAGLESG (AT) Brill and willhite were good friends
DD-790 Jack Smith FT2 3/51-10/54 esmith2750 (AT) galloping ghost of the korean coast not china coast
DD-790 Robert (Bob) Smith IC1 8/65-6/66 popawbob1 (AT) leading IC &MAA
DD-790 Walter Smith E-5/Shipfitter 4/69-7/71 walter_szmul (AT) Best duty in the Navy.
DD-790 Dwight Smith EM3 1/48 to 8/48 smi28 (AT)  
DD-790 Rob Snoga SK3 1970 - 1972 pers2005 (AT)  
DD-790 Quincy Spears BT1 1971 to 1972 KIPPJ (AT) best ship I ever served on all those red eeee
DD-790 Howard Stepler RM3 6/67 - 8/68 howstep (AT) Served on board when we were TAD to Guam to work with the Nuci Subs during the FBM tests.
DD-790 Dennis Stewart MM 09/65 - 07/68 tesleigh (AT) wanting to hear from anybody that remembers
DD-790 William Stivers FT3 1957 billstivers (AT) I was assigned the MK 56 Fire Control system which controlled the twin 3 mounts on the 01 deck
DD-790 Jim Stockie TM3 1966 to 1969 leapyear (AT) great ship, great crew, great times - what a ride........
DD-790 Robert Stopp YNC 5/1964-7/1965 robertstopp (AT) Yokosuka-San Diego
DD-790 Jerry Sullivan YN3 09/62 - 06/65 Eoils66 (AT) Great ship/crew-ship's office-trans to Lyman K Swenson 6/65 for trip to Australia-like to hear frm anyone
DD-790 John Sullivan LT(jg) 6/65 - 7/67 johnjsul2 (AT) MPA & DCA, OODF
DD-790 Neil Swanson ETR2/E-5 02/1960-01/1964 jodyanne_71 (AT) Rest in peace dad we love you.. 05/18/2009
DD-790 Fred Teegarden MM2 1956-1958 mtgarden (AT)  
DD-790 Stephen (Tom) Thomas CS1 04/64-09/67 esthomas (AT) Amen on Kimble! Good ship, hard 44 months.
DD-790 Lowell Thompson GM 1950-1953 sthompson (AT) Dad-died in 92-served w/Tom Bryant-told many stories about being shot up/nearly sunk-anyone remember him
DD-790 Don (Tommy) Thompson, Sr. PO2? radar opp 51-53 anotyad1 (AT) ahoy, looking for shipmates of my fathers ship.
DD-790 Tom Thornberry RD2 Mid-61 to 7/63 tthorn7091 (AT)  
DD-790 Ken Tucker LT(jg) 1963 - 1964 ken.tucker2 (AT) Great memories but big sea time
DD-790 Holly Van Baugh STG3 1970 sandy.vanbaugh (AT) I would like to hear from any who served aboard during the latter part of 1970.
DD-790 Dennis Van Bibber E-3 1967-1968 dennisvanbibber (AT) I do hope someone will contact me, I have health issues and want to know if you do,
DD-790 Thomas Vance RDSN 1967 to 1969 Vancepntdpny (AT) Just saying hello to old shipmate.
DD-790 Richard L. Venem YN3 6/49 to 5/50 venem1 (AT) Crosses the equator at Galapagos Islands.
DD-790 Joe Ver SMSN 11/58 - 4/60 joever (AT)  
DD-790 Atilano Vigil GM3 1961 to 1964 marati8601 (AT) Had a Band and Many Good Friends, Miss You All
DD-790 James L. Waite CSSN 1958-1960 Jameswaite (AT)  
DD-790 Gary Walker RD3 1970 to decom gwalker (AT) aka Plowboy, this was the best dam ship in the Navy
DD-790 Hank Wallace SO 1969 to 1970 hwallace8101 (AT)  
DD-790 Danny Wallace STG2 1965 to 1968 cwallce (AT)  
DD-790 John Watkins LT(jg) 1971-1973 pethouse (AT) Great '72 cruise: 18.000 round fired: only 5-600 back at us!
DD-790 Jack Watring SFP/E-5 12/63-4/67 watringj (AT)  
DD-790 William Weaver BT2 1962-1968 bardinbill (AT) Served under 5 comanders. Worked foward boiler room.
DD-790 Gary Weaver MM2 1955-1957 rosawe (AT) forward engine room
DD-790 Ray Wells CS3 1965-1967 revray86 (AT) Best known as Tex, tall skinny cook--
DD-790 Richard J. White FTG2 1963 to 3/66 diveman57 (AT)  
DD-790 Gerald White ET1 1964-1966 gerald.white (AT) Great ship & crew. Transfered when advanced to CPO
DD-790 Paul Whitehead RD2 1970-1971 Invader1 (AT)  
DD-790 Steve Wiersma BT2 Oct 67-Jan71 afviolet (AT) wouldn't trade the experience for a million bucks
DD-790 Orion Wiley RD3 11/47 - 4/50 ol.ylee (AT) Thank you!
DD-790 Paul Willhite BT2 1958to 1962 pwill214 (AT) Worked in aft. fireroom,We have a Shelton Reunion every year
DD-790 Harold Williamson FTG2 2/71-decom 73 hjwilli (AT) Great memories, great friends!
DD-790 Dick (Woody) Woodman ST1 1963 to 1967 woodcott (AT)  
DD-790 John David ''Dave'' Woodmansee ST approx 1953-1956 russwoodmansee (AT) In memory of of my father John David Dave'' Woodmansee who passed away Dec 1994.''
DD-790 David Wright BT3 1962 to 1964 flyingeaglex2 (AT) the Shelton was the first ship that I served on, she gave m
DD-790 James Wright BT2 06//67-09/70 jim.wright1970 (AT) I was oil king
DD-790 Steve Wright EM3 56-57 SW332 (AT)  
DD-790 Ronald Wrolson TM3 1972 to 1973 starlauncher (AT) Once a Mud Duck, always a Mud Duck
DD-790 Dan Zeller MM3 9/70 to 4/73 dfiremanz (AT) Vietnam coast and lifeguard duty for carriers horrible hot duty !
DD-790 Jerry Zerns FTG3 1967-1968 jerzerns (AT)  
DD-790 Bill Zieske MM2 8/51-2/55 wezbarb (AT)  
DD-790 Robert Zubaugh ETN3 1965-1967 Bob (AT) Loved time aboard at sea-esp manning helm dur unreps & in/out of port-DASH crew until I had to move on
DE-407 Paul Centofante     jgolive (AT) My uncle (died)-if you rem him, his wife of 60 years,6 children & lone surviving brother & I would love to hear frm you
DE-407 Peter Konior MM2 1943 to 1944 peter.konior (AT)  
DE-409 Robert Blue     bluesnaustin (AT) My father-was severely injured when ship was attacked-no longer with us but spoke of his love for the Navy often.

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