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DD-221 Richard Carlson BM2 3/42-9/44 crlsn (AT)  
DD-221 Richard Doktor COX 1943 - 1946 nhancock (AT) Located in Buffalo, NY. Please contact for any events.
DD-221 Richardson Phelps, Jr. LT(jg) June 1942-Dec 1943 n4rp (AT) I am glad I found this web site.Please keep up the good work
DD-221 Walter Rasmussen TM3 5/42 - 11/45 drrr2 (AT) Corrales, N.M. - 505-994-0418
DD-221 William James Reilly CQM, Bosn W-1 & W-4 9/41 to 1942/3? jamesoreilly (AT) Would love to contact any crew from the Simpson
DD-221 Walter Shemanski TM2 1943-5 johnnymo7_3 (AT) Bro-in-law-Walt just passed away-just found out ab out his service on the forrest and the simpson. It would be nice to hear from anyone who rem him.
DD-221 Edward Smith COX O-1 5/41 VegasSmitty (AT)  
DD-221 Walter Zehrfuhs MM2 1943 - 1946   50 Lacey Road,Whiting,NJ 08759 Ph# 732-849-2415 Still holding reunions-call
FFG 56 Donald (Doc) Helms HM3/E-4 10/89 - 5/90 docdon2112 (AT) What a crew-injured in hurricane-never returned to ship-have miss her-most fun/hardest work in my life.
FFG-56 Bill Aliff BM2 6/04-12/05 rosieandbill (AT)  
FFG-56 Larry Baker PO3 1985 larrybaker 100 (AT) yahoo. com looking to contact plate honors-part of her first crew out of Newport,RI-in supply diffusion-please contact me
FFG-56 Adam Barrett SN3 04/95 - 10/96 barrett.adam (AT)  
FFG-56 Adam Bloomer EN1 1985 to 1987 abloomer39 (AT) Just to say hello!
FFG-56 Neil Charles FC3 12/2002-9/2006 neil.charles (AT) Firecontrolman for Data Display consoles
FFG-56 Charles Chipley LT 5/84 - 2/87 islandphysicist (AT) Remember both canal transits in the same year?
FFG-56 Chris Engle E-6 02/90 - 04/95 mgf2engle (AT)  
FFG-56 Matthew Graw IC3 02/85 to 09/87 mattgraw (AT) comcast.netr brother of 1st plankowner
FFG-56 Steve Graw ET1 83-86 sgraw (AT) First plankowner
FFG-56 Joseph Gray STGSN 11/85-5/88 josephgray1966 (AT) Looking for original crew members out of Newport-please contact-hoping to get in touch with CS1 sonar techs
FFG-56 Wyman Howard CDR   howardhw (AT)  
FFG-56 William Allen Lawrence RM2 1985-1988 crissyandallen (AT) Was just thinking about all of us (Plankowners) and where we are today. A lot of great memories onboard that ship
FFG-56 Chris Lee GSM3 1993 to 1997 leechris137 (AT) crew member during 1994 and 1996 cruises
FFG-56 Scott Lilly E-4 8/85 - 11/87 duckman052 (AT) Plank Owner USS Simpson FFG-56
FFG-56 Rob Maar OS2 8/86 - 3/90 robmaar (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates!
FFG-56 Joe Scarlotto E-3 86-88 joeyscarlotto (AT) Looking for other plank owners
FFG-56 David Silver QMSN 1995-1996 lawschoolharvard (AT) 19 years of the U.S.S Simpson
FFG-56 George Smith YN1(SW) 1/88 - 10/90 celinaspapa99 (AT) Great ship, Best Crew. Hope to make contact with crew
FFG-56 Cameron Smith BM1 85-89 cameron0595 (AT) look forward to seeing everyone at decommissioning
FFG-56 Gregg Woodworth GMG2 8/94 to 8/96 gwoodworth (AT) Had fun, made friends.

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