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DD-707 Stanley Ambuski   8/54-11/57 SAmbuski (AT)  
DD-707 Stephen P. Arianas LT(jg) 4/60 - 4/63 carianas (AT)  
DD-707 Wayne Ashbaugh MM3 10/31/62 - 03/23/64 farmersson (AT)  
DD-707 Dick Bailey RD2 9/55-9/58 Ddcbail (AT)  
DD-707 Gaylord Balch YNSN 8/50 - 5/51 gbalchmendon (AT)  
DD-707 Bill Ball EM2 1966-1969 billball (AT)  
DD-707 Joe Bancroft TM2 1/49-3/53 bancroft (AT) Great ship & shipmates.Retired TMC 1966
DD-707 Robert Beauparland MM2 4/54 - 3/58 bbeau10 (AT) Served in the after engine room.
DD-707 Hayes (Bud) Bickford S1 11/45-5/46 budbick (AT)  
DD-707 Werner Bierbach SOM3 45 /46 wcb2927 (AT)  
DD-707 Lyle C. Bird S1 11/45 to 7/46 Deceased  
DD-707 Frank T. Bithell S1 11/45 - 7/46 Deceased  
DD-707 Mike Blatchford FA 1958 to TAD scotchboiler (AT) I was TAD B div aft fireroom, going to Randolph CVA 15
DD-707 Gary Bleecker E-3 6/1/66 spirit5539_99 (AT)  
DD-707 Eugene Blum YN2 5/52 - 9/53 eblum3 (AT)  
DD-707 Les Boggess ETN2 1968-1969 Les.boggess (AT) Any former ETs out there? Most of the time I was aboard we were in Clarleston SC in drydock!!!
DD-707 Roy Boley SN 12/55 -11/59 rpboley35 (AT) I painted a dragon on a rubber mat in the boiler room.
DD-707 LeRoy Bond MM2 01/49-8/51 dlbnd459 (AT)  
DD-707 Virgil Boulter MMFN 8/58 - 8/61 trscagle (AT) Everyone called me Twig Send an email
DD-707 Thomas Bowen BT3 1953 to 1956 eagle7775561 (AT) This is to change my email address
DD-707 Philip Brantley E-3 1967 to 1968 phil_brantley (AT) Served in radio, storage, 5 inch cannons
DD-707 Frank Brennan SFP3 7/62- 9/64 Fbren147 (AT) two great years getting to see the world with a Med cruise, and through the Suzes Canal and getting sea sick.
DD-707 Raymond Broderick RD2 59-62 rjbrod (AT)  
DD-707 Charles Broderick CS2 1950 to 1954 popof17 (AT)  
DD-707 Edward Bryan SN 2/60 to 10/62 purplefrog (AT)  
DD-707 Frank Burley ENFN 60-61 nomad98game (AT) Belong to Tin Can Sailor&USS Soley Association. Retired 1988
DD-707 Charlie Cain DK1   larkinokane (AT)  
DD-707 Vincent Cardillo, Jr. RMSN 1956 to 1958 jmcfund (AT) Have gone to one reunion and will attend the 2005 reunion.
DD-707 Louis Cattera RD3 1956-1958 louis48 (AT)  
DD-707 John Chaffee EN3 1955-1958 JOJUCHA707 (AT)  
DD-707 Richard Chase TM3 6/65-6/68 Deceased RIP ..Rick
DD-707 Frank Chesla ET3 6/62 - 10/63 frank.chesla (AT) Great Times.. First Ship
DD-707 Dennis Clark QM3 1968 to 1970 BaldEagle315th (AT) Any QM Gang Around? Sad day when the OPS Officer ran her aground!
DD-707 Tom Constine GMSN 1962-1964 tom_constine (AT)  
DD-707 Harlan Dahl RM2 1944-1946 Hardahl (AT) Plankowner
DD-707 Mike Daly CS3 01/62 - 2/66 mikedaly (AT) So happy I was able to serve my country in the US Navy.
DD-707 Steven DeFinis BM2 07/1966 to 02/1968 scdef47 (AT) My time onboard,she was at Charleston, Delta Pier-she was assigned to ResDesRon 34 as Res Training Ship
DD-707 Andrew Delandra MR2 53-55 AADELANDRA (AT) SNET.NET  
DD-707 Ed Dennison LT(jg) 1963-1965 EdwardMDennison (AT)  
DD-707 Vernon Duncan SO2 1951 to 1955 creekgypsy (AT) Enjoyed it. Two world cruises.
DD-707 Pierson Eaves CSC 6/58-1/61 pleaves (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-707 Richard Elders SN 1964 relders (AT) My first ship to serve on. Got to see New York City.
DD-707 Kenneth Enos GMSN 2/58 to 9/61 kenenos (AT) Shipmates with three leaf clover on inside wrist
DD-707 James Farrell MM3 1969-1970 japa23 (AT)  
DD-707 Harold Farren BT3 7/59-2/60 hfarren (AT)  
DD-707 Marvin Fisher BT3 10/64 to 10/68 annie-marvin (AT) Would like to find any old ship mates.
DD-707 Donald Flanders, Jr. E-3 1966-1968 ondon1 (AT) Charleston,SC-had ship's Bar (The Soley) outside main gate-hi to all who rem this, Veronica & the GM Gang
DD-707 Ronald Flora BT2 1961 to 1964 flora536 (AT)  
DD-707 Richard Foley BT3 1965-1967 foley51 (AT) Just call me slick ears
DD-707 William (Greg) Fowler SN 1967 Wgregfowler (AT) Two week cruise late 67-ship in drydock Charleston-deckforce paint chipping-missed sailing on this beautiful ship
DD-707 Dennis Frett RDSN 2/67 - 6/67 n36601 (AT)  
DD-707 Art Gamburd (Davidoff) RMSN 12/60- 9/61 taihosan (AT)  
DD-707 Mel Gilmore EN3 1956-1958 melgil2 (AT) A Gang !
DD-707 Robert Gonder MM3 3/61 - 9-62 bobgonder (AT) Soley was sunk as a target. Does anyone know where?
DD-707 Frank Green RD3 1956-1959 FGREENJR (AT)  
DD-707 Ward Grossman ST2 66-69 wardg (AT) weapons division kicked butt
DD-707 Harland Hamm BT2 05/58-03/61 lthamm (AT)  
DD-707 Jim Hawker RM3 3/61-9/63 greenmonk (AT) If possible every sailor should attend a reunion. I know where the Soley rest!
DD-707 Charles (tuney) Haynes E-5 1949-1950 cogp (AT)  
DD-707 William Larry Hendricks BT3 1965 to 1969 hendrickslarry6 (AT) Worked in forward fireroom worked w/Richey Foley Birddog Johnson Taz Miller
DD-707 Larry (Tuna ) Hentges SN 1966 to 1969 ljhentg (AT) Big Man', 'Red Bone' and 'The Fish' - The 3 Amigos
DD-707 David Hodgkins RM2 9/51-6/55 dhodgkins.cps (AT) This was a good adventure/experience for me.
DD-707 Ken Hoult FT(G) 2 1/61 - 1/64 khoult5395 (AT) I will never forget the Soley and the guys served with. A real Band of Brothers.
DD-707 Jerry Hughes IC3 1955-1959 hughesseabat (AT)  
DD-707 Van Hughett BM2 1/68 - 2/70 TSSOPS (AT)  
DD-707 Lloyd A. Hurst EM1 6/51-3/52 lahurst (AT) Recalled reservist for Korean War.
DD-707 Glenn Jackson MM2 1960 - 1964 ggwj1 (AT) A-Gang, Main Control
DD-707 William Jannie SN 1/49 to 1951 billcarter31 (AT) Very good duty
DD-707 James Johnson MMFN 1966 mmcret85 (AT)  
DD-707 Harold D. Johnson BT3 1956-1958 Svenao (AT) We the steamin demons! We loved Flank Speed!
DD-707 Charles J. Kasinec RD3 1955 to 1958 cjkasinec (AT) comcast  
DD-707 George Kelly BT1 2/51 - 11/55 btusnret (AT) Soley was Navy's best ship! I have more and fonder memories of my years aboard her
DD-707 Herman P. Koch Mailman 1/c 1944-1946 lorry13 (AT) I am a Life Member of Tin Can Sailors. The older we get -the greater we were. Sign up-Soleymates!
DD-707 George Kuzmickas GM3 44-46 astrozoots (AT) may be the last of the plankowners...
DD-707 Harold Lasko GM 12/51-5/55 vlasko126 (AT) Not sure of exact dates. Deceased February. 26, 1991
DD-707 David Latshaw SOM3 12/44 - 11/45 DD707 (AT)  
DD-707 Maurice (Duke) Leduc RdSN 1949 to 1951 remonews (AT) recommissioned ship charleston s.c. 1949
DD-707 Delmar Lewis BT3 6/59-4/61 dlewis3142 (AT)  
DD-707 Paul Liguori SN 1956-1957 cams7stars (AT) Would love to hear from you guys soon!
DD-707 Jackie E. Long MM2 1959 to 1962 maxxdog41 (AT) Aft Engine Snipe
DD-707 Thomas Lowrance E-3 4/60-461 shortman  
DD-707 John Lustyan RD3 49/50 JSLUSTYAN (AT) Still hanging in there.
DD-707 James H. Lynch RM1 Oct 1963 - May 1966 chieflyn (AT)  
DD-707 Custode Macca FT2 58-9/61 maccamary62 (AT)  
DD-707 Dale Maenhout SN 1959-1962 dbmaenhout (AT) Would like to hear from anyone during that time period.
DD-707 Lane Mashaw SA 9/67 - 5/68 lanemashaw (AT) 1st ship while at The Citadel-OCS then USS Leahy (DLG-16)-Missile Off who shot USS Soley 7/70-Kismet
DD-707 Dewey (Butch) McDuffie STGSN 1968 to1969 pintandbutch (AT) She was truly 'preferred sea duty!'
DD-707 Frank Melick FTG3 9/68-7/69 fhmelick (AT)  
DD-707 Ralph E. Monahan SN/FN 2/57 - 1/60 Skipper1339  
DD-707 Charles Moore IC3 6/61-12/63 Charles.Moore (AT) SRU.EDU looking for Ray Fox, Gene Swantek,IC men, check Soley histor
DD-707 Charles Morton SOG3 6/61-2/63 cmort963 (AT)  
DD-707 Jay Moser PNA3 12/51-1953 PelicanLanding (AT) Also member of USS Soley association & Korean Veterans Assoc
DD-707 Kenneth Mulroy FC3 1959-1961 KMFM1 (AT) Would like to receive news letter re:shipmates
DD-707 John Murphy BT3 4/1/52-2/1/55 murphmar1 (AT) FWD Fireroom/ Retired with 32 yrs. active&reserve AWHCS
DD-707 John N. Olejar BT3 8/49-4/53 jolejar (AT)  
DD-707 James J. O'Neill MM3 1955-1959 mickeylover990 (AT) I'm sorry to report that Jim has recently passed - July 31, 2016
DD-707 Daniel Onofrey SN 7/58-1/60 danonofrey (AT)  
DD-707 Richard C. Page RD3 01/54 - 08/54 Staubleg (AT) Good to remember the guys and the ship.
DD-707 Reginald Pelton BMSN 1951-1955 aprp723 (AT)  
DD-707 Thomas (Tom) Phipps BT2 1960-1961 tlptmp (AT)  
DD-707 Robert Piatak FN 11/63 - 11/65 rndpiatak (AT)  
DD-707 Len Porter ETSN 12/60-9/63 etmagoo707 (AT) Home town: Schenectady, NY
DD-707 Dan Prillaman RM3 4/68-7/69 DPrill39wp (AT) Where are you guys from the Shack ??
DD-707 Carroll F. Promades BM2 aug.1951-may 1955 cfpromades (AT)  
DD-707 Burton Purmell YN3 1951 to 1954 bkp7 (AT)  
DD-707 Marion Ramsey CPO 1960-1963 89Ramsey (AT) My Father was in the Navel Reservesí!!
DD-707 Raymond Ray BT3 1965 - 1968 dodyrb (AT) can we do it again
DD-707 John Rhodes MM2 1964-1965 397royal (AT)  
DD-707 William (Russ) Russon MM3 7/56-6/58 bunkhousebuck (AT) Great memories. After engineroom
DD-707 Virgil Sanderson SKC 1969-70 Deano707 (AT) Enjoyed the reserve duty
DD-707 John P. Sartin Mdsm 7/50 jpsartin (AT) Midshipman cruise of the summer of 1950
DD-707 Donald R. Scherf SO2 1952-1956 dscherf (AT)  
DD-707 Marvin Scholl FN 03/61-12/62 mjssailor (AT) gman Would like to find old shipmates
DD-707 Roger Schulrud MMC 4/60-4/61 Thunder_148 (AT) Transfered to RTC, Great Lakes, Retired as MMCS 8/74
DD-707 Steven Scott TM3 5/65 to 6/67 sgscott (AT)  
DD-707 Louis Scott SOG2 1958-1961 tkslou1 (AT)  
DD-707 Bob Sefton RD2 3/61 - 1/64 rybob23 (AT)  
DD-707 Paul Seiler SK3 1/61-12/62 WALLY3856 (AT) Wish I could do it again with the same crew.
DD-707 Richard Sexton QM3 9/64-6/65 rasextonjr (AT)  
DD-707 Russell Shillaber MM1 05/49 to 05/53 shillabers (AT)  
DD-707 William (Big Man) Simmons SN 1965 to 1968 WSim100372 (AT) Life (AT) its very BEST!
DD-707 Leo Smith MMFN Jun 1966 leo59911 (AT)  
DD-707 Richard Smith SHSN 12/63 to 5/66 Rasddc69 (AT)  
DD-707 Robert Snyder BMSN 1958 to 1961 robduke (AT) Chip,Paint Chip,Paint
DD-707 Harold Sorensen LT(jg) 12/58 - 8/61 soren36 (AT) 2nd Division, CIC Officer
DD-707 Roger Sorrells GMG1 5/59-4/62 r.sorrells (AT) Second ship after broken service.
DD-707 Hillary Spann RD3 1958-1959 ray40 (AT) good to see all of your names let me know how you are doing
DD-707 Richard Sprague DC2 1964 to 1966 phone is 928 277 6503 would like to hear from shipmates i served with it was a great ship with a great crew.
DD-707 Jack St. Clair SN 8/48-5/51 jjmstclair (AT) Looking for theron Roy Morgan SN same years.
DD-707 George Stamps FT3 12/55 - 5/57 stam793 (AT) Enlistment: May 1954 - May 1957 (Minority Cruise); did not re-up.
DD-707 Bill Stroud SM1 6/67-9/69 katfishwilly (AT) Was the best of times
DD-707 Paul Sutherland LT(jg) 1955-1956 paulusna55 (AT) First DD duty with 3 more to come in the future
DD-707 Greg Sutliff LT(jg) (SC) 6/53-1/55 Greg (AT) Sutliff  
DD-707 Karl Swigart EN2 1962-1964 kswigart (AT)  
DD-707 Paul Tartanella SK3 1962 - 1964 paulcsrr (AT) Would love to hear from anyone aboard 1962-1964
DD-707 John Taylor FN 09/64-08/66 btaylor (AT) 1st ship week end warrior two week Carribean cruise 2 years on DD860 Viet Nam vet
DD-707 Tommie Thomas MM2 1/64-2/69 tthomas2 (AT)  
DD-707 Roger Thoresen SN 1955-1957 4544808 (AT)  
DD-707 Ray Tidd RD3 1959 to 1962 twotiddbits (AT) would like to hear from west coast Soley sailors
DD-707 Robert Todd QMSN 1959-1961 todd929 (AT) Like to hear from old friends
DD-707 James Townsley SN1 46-47 PreacherJMT (AT) friend Carlton r. Germaine
DD-707 Edward Vaughan SN 1964-1966 1evaughan (AT)  
DD-707 Jerry Vereen SN 1967 to 1968 jerryvereen (AT) She was constantly in disrepair when I was aboard. She was a rust-bucket.
DD-707 Tony Vigna SN 1952-1954 radadguy (AT) Great bunch of guys.
DD-707 E J Wadsworth TMSN 3/67-9/67 ewadswo (AT) I left to go to torpedo ''A'' school. Thought I would return.
DD-707 Danny Wagers BT3 1969 james_wagers (AT)  
DD-707 Thomas L. Walker SN 6/8/69 - 6/22/69 kumite45 (AT) Fleet Support Annual ACDUTRA (14 days RESTRADU)
DD-707 Robert Wallace EM3 11/67-10/69 fabo (AT) I certainly enjoyed my time aboard
DD-707 Ted Watson DK2 1968 to 1970 ted.watson (AT)  
DD-707 Robert Weber SN 8/58-2/59 Rwebe1101 (AT)  
DD-707 B.F. Wright BT2 10-48 to11-49 Frank1Grace2 (AT) Was Oil King--remember me?
DD-707 Richard Zimmerman FC1 1951 rhzimmer25 (AT)  

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