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DD-212 Rexal Kissinger asst gunnery off ? 12/18/1944 davamays (AT) my great uncle was seen in the water after the ship want down-but was never recovered-looking for any info,pics
DD-512 Raymond Aldrich   1943-1944 barb_holum2002 (AT) I am looking for information on my Grandfather
DD-512 Jim Amenson   1944 jimdandy310 (AT) info about my uncle william coppens
DD-512 Artur Awierzbinowicz SN1 ?-1944 a.swierzbinowicz (AT) I am from Poland and I am looking for any information about my ancestor - Ralph Joseph Swerzbin.
DD-512 Francis E. Baeder AOM3 12/18/44 feveterans (AT) Putting together Memoriam's for our MIAs on hometown Memorial-looking for his pic (Service #6504897)
DD-512 Robert Barr   unknown michael.constantine (AT) This was my great-uncle. I am looking for information aboutm
DD-512 Charles Gordon Bearrows SN 1943 to 1944 djleigh (AT) This is my brother who went down with the ship.
DD-512 Michael Bodag F1 ?-1944 kmichael (AT) This is my husband's great-grandfather
DD-512 Richard Bowman   1944 kellbow (AT) Looking for any info for my family. MIA during Typhoon of 1944
DD-512 Buddy Bradshaw   ? to 1944 kendraarcher (AT) Any info on Buddy would be greatly appreciated!
DD-512 Bill Breckon     bnlbreckon (AT) i'm looking for information on my father-in law john c. kaufmann (baker)
DD-512 Peter Broch   1943-1944 Hercules1944 (AT) Seek information on Peter Broch specifically, or any crewman
DD-512 John Buccuzzo S2C 12/44 aggieb (AT) Died 12/18/44. Seeking info on my uncle
DD-512 Richard Bullock   1943? orodenbaugh (AT) Looking for information on my father. He served on the ship. He may have been on it when it sank.
DD-512 William Cahill SN1 1/44 bc656 (AT) Seeking information on my father, Christopher Cahill.
DD-512 Lawrence Callier   1943-44 lo1205 (AT) I am his son trying to find information about his ship.
DD-512 Albert ''Reds'' Cayer RDM3 unknown to 12/44 laba3 (AT) My mother's younger brother KIA December 1944
DD-512 Stillman (Tootsie) Clark   1944 swankemp (AT) Stillman was my uncle, lost at sea on the USS Spence.I would like to know anything about him to inform my 87 year old mother.
DD-512 Roy Cope     dabbyjo (AT) about brother Robert E. Cope
DD-512 Lowell Eugene Ellison SN1 1944 teri1bear (AT) Info about my great uncle &/or wife, Mary Jane Ellison
DD-512 Sara Gillen unknown 1943-44 sj_gillen (AT) Albert R. Lawson-looking for any info on his service.
DD-512 Roy Robert Grillo S2C 1943- 12/18/44 deb.lorz (AT) I would like to know anything about my Great Uncle. He died before I was born. Thank you.
DD-512 Menno Haak   ? - 12/1944 bobbihaak (AT) My gfather-he died aboard the ship-looking for USS Spence surv who knew him-He was possibly a Welder.
DD-512 Michael Hafenbrack AOM 1944 mhaf (AT) Looking for information on Grandfather's service.
DD-512 Harold Hill GM1 1/43 to 12/18/1944 jordanusmcbrat (AT) Harold H Hill was my grandfather. Anyone who was associated with this ship should read Halsey's
DD-512 James Kestle   1944 ginty59 (AT) this was my father's oldest brother. He was 19 when he died.
DD-512 Peter Manghisi     FatherCarrozza (AT) This was my uncle - my mother's brother. He went down with the Spence on 12/18/44
DD-512 Jeannette Marshbanks   1942 - 1944 amarshbanks (AT) My mother's brother.
DD-512 Frank Mathes FN2 1944 nomathes (AT) my dad 22yrs had 2 boys 1 girl died dec 18 when went down
DD-512 Roy Merritt TM 1942 to 1944 lccandy (AT) my grandmother's baby brother
DD-512 Harold Anthony Monnig FN1 01/42-12/44 stanleyh (AT) my uncle who was lost at sea
DD-512 Dorman Powers   1942 to 1944 dormanpowers (AT) I'm looking for information about my Uncle Dorman Powers
DD-512 Albert Rosley   ? to 1944 nuke (AT) Al lives in Frostburg. MD
DD-512 Alexander Sepanski E-4 12/18/1944 Jim59 (AT) I don't know the date when He was assigned to the spence
DD-512 Carl Smith FC3 10/44- carlgibboney (AT) Trying to find info about my wifes uncle
DD-512 Shawn Sommerkamp FC3 1943 shawn.sommerkamp (AT) Searching for a list of survivors from the USS Spence
DD-512 Frenchy Spradling SN1 4/44- 12/44 scunning44 (AT) This was my uncle/ my mothers baby brother. Lost at sea.
DD-512 Dean Strahm MM2 1/43-8/44 p.strahm (AT) Looking for information about a sailor that fell overboard
DD-512 Richard Strand     graceras (AT) Brother lost on Spence. Have assembled an historical document for Spence. Free copy avaial ble
DD-512 Vernon Stromberg YN3 1944 cstromb (AT) I am a nephew looking for information
DD-512 Frank A. Thompson WT 1944 bobbies_arts (AT) My great uncle-went to war in 1944-they never saw Frank again-drowned at sea-any photos of the crew or Frank?
DD-512 Claude ''Tub'' Turner     busterbn (AT) I'm looking for information on my uncle. He was a fireman on the USS Spence.
DD-512 James Otto Vining   He sank on 12/18/44 busybeemat (AT) His youngest sister looking for info about him. He was only 22 yrs old-mother never gave him up for dead.
DD-512 Donald Walton PO2   lgardens (AT) Please help me find out information on my fathers ship ...
DD-512 Adam M. Wecht WT3 1944 adam.wecht (AT) My uncle Charlie was on The Spence, mentioned in several good books, I'm in Iraq...e-mail welcome
DD-512 Charles Wohlleb RD 1944 nellamit2003 (AT) my uncle is a spence surv-lives in AZ-check out ''Down to the Sea'' by B Henderson. lots ab the spence

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