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DD-114/APD-7 Roy Amburgey QM2 1943-1945 doroy (AT) Made landings as coxn through out Pacific- WW2.
DD-114/APD-7 Stuart Hepburn RM2 5/42 to 11/45 stuhepburn (AT) Talbot earned 11 Battle stars not including Aleutian service
DD-114/APD-7 James Oliver LT(jg) 1944-1945 apdseven (AT)  
DD-114/APD-7 E. L. (Jay) Tutt SH1 1941-1945 jaytutt (AT)  
DEG/FFG-4 Charles Garvey QM2 7/75-2/79 Garvsr (AT) Great Ship!! Great crew!!
DEG/FFG-4 Joseph Huard BM2 1966-1972 jhuard (AT) Many fond memories of the talbot
DEG/FFG-4 Thomas Mcwhinnie RM3 1980-1984 mac.daddy.7 (AT) were are all my drinking buddys
DEG/FFG-4 Dennis Nabors MS3 77-81 Dnabors (AT) Hope to hear from some of you guys
DEG/FFG-4 Max Schultz MSSN 77 to 80 mesj5957 (AT) Like hear from my shipmates
DEG-4 Bob Aldridge RD3 1968-1971 caldridge (AT) Scope Dope ECM Operator
DEG-4 Richard J Barton RM2 1971 to 1974 rbarton (AT) I was just a kid when I first came abord. I grew up fast.
DEG-4 Phillip Bass RM2 6/67-6/70 phillip (AT) Some of my lifes best memories
DEG-4 John Bauer RD3 5/70-8/73 RangerzJMB (AT)  
DEG-4 Bix Belden BT3 1969-1972 c.belden (AT) I miss all you buggers.
DEG-4 Richard Bunn STG2 11/68-8/70 rlbunnjr (AT)  
DEG-4 Terry Caden E-4 11/68-12/71 tlcaden02 (AT)  
DEG-4 Ron Carney SM3 4/72-1/76 rdcarney (AT)  
DEG-4 Charles Carter FTM2 1/67 to 8/69 chuckcarter26 (AT) Plank Owner - Tartar Missile Fire Control Radar
DEG-4 Gerald Chism OS2 6/74-5/25/77 thelooseendsband (AT) would like to hear from those I use to work with in CIC
DEG-4 Jerry Connors RMC 6/73-5/75 jerruth (AT) we're planning a reunion for 2007. Contact me if interested
DEG-4 Bob Crawford BT3 10/70-5/74 usstalbot (AT) So many good thoughts way back when..grew up quickly
DEG-4 Joe Davio BM1 71 - 73 Chiefbosun84 (AT) Talbot belonged to the deck apes
DEG-4 Frank DeNicola SHS3 1967 to 1969 frankdenicola (AT) Plank Owner
DEG-4 Richard Ditson GMG1 9/67-9/69 rditson (AT)  
DEG-4 Richard Fellows RM2 6/74- 6/77 Rabass0324 (AT) Great ship/ loved the crew
DEG-4 Edward P. Foy CS2 11/69-7/73 maxfoy (AT)  
DEG-4 Ronald Gall RD3 1968 to 1969 rong912 (AT)  
DEG-4 Neil Gerstein SM3 1972-1974 neil33778 (AT) Unitas XIII - talk about great liberty
DEG-4 Robert Gibbia E-2 10/67 to 4/68 bobgibbia (AT)  
DEG-4 Rod Given BT2 Comm to 2/64 nmg401 (AT) Had a nice time on that ship
DEG-4 Rod Given, Jr.     renegade6515 (AT) yahoo Took a Dependents Cruise in the early 70s with Daddy-love to hear from some of his ole Shipmates
DEG-4 Parker Godfrey MM3 67 - 69 parkned (AT) Plank owner. Had some good times, good friends.
DEG-4 Paul Hall STG2 1968-1970 Paulhall8 (AT) Wish to locate shipmates from 68-70.
DEG-4 Kim Hall AT3 1972 khall (AT) Unitas XIII...part of the airdale detachment
DEG-4 Edward Hansen, Jr. QM3 1969-1970 nedhansen (AT)  
DEG-4 Robert Hines EM2 11/69-1/72 67fairlane (AT) Many good friends made on Talbot
DEG-4 Henry A Homicz Jr SH3 Feb 1967 - May 1967 hank1_1 (AT) Was part of the PerCom and Commissioning crew
DEG-4 Joseph Huard BM2 1970 to 1976 jhuard (AT) Great ship to serve on, her memory will never die.
DEG-4 Joseph Hupp RD2 1/67 to 9/69 joe.hupp (AT) Was a great time
DEG-4 John Jennette RD3 1967 to 1969 jaxpsych (AT) plank owner
DEG-4 Kenneth Keane BM3 Aug 1973 - May 1976 divepd (AT) / divepd (AT) hotmail Loved that ship and crew.
DEG-4 Mike Kent   1971-1972 mike.kent (AT) Great time at sea. Underway is the only way. UNITAS XIII
DEG-4 William Kievit SHS2 Feb 1967-Sept 1969 kievit (AT) Plank Owner
DEG-4 Terrence King EM2 1971-1972 cubby610 (AT) good times
DEG-4 Philip Knowlton E-3 10/73-6/76 knowltonster (AT) Bounced through a brutal Nor’Easter to Nova Scotia “76”
DEG-4 Walter Latour BM3 1972-1975 handal72 (AT) Looking for other boatswain's mates . BM3 Correa, SA knowlton, Andrew Agosto, BM2 Sambito
DEG-4 Ken Layne GMG3 01/68 to 01/70 layne68 (AT) MT 51 gun gang- GMG1 upperman
DEG-4 Bill Mackey E-4 6/70-1/72 catfishp902 (AT)  
DEG-4 Larry Marsiello E-4 1971 1972 ELJAYM (AT) OPTONLINE.NET  
DEG-4 Bob Martin BT1 12/68-2/72 bbandb3 (AT) I loved that ship and my shipmates in B division. ( thomas,periard,crawford )
DEG-4 Daniel McCray QM2 68-70 castingsales4you (AT)  
DEG-4 James McGarty RM3 1970-1973 nzwd4504 (AT) Can't believe it's been almost 40 years
DEG-4 Timothy McLaughlin LT(jg) 8/71-4/73 tim.celt (AT) Served as Communications Officer
DEG-4 Lanny Melville TM2 1968 to 1972 lannrosie (AT) would like information on future ship,reunions
DEG-4 Donald Mendelewski FTM1 1967 don.mendelewski (AT) Plank Owner - Tartar Missile Fire Control Radar
DEG-4 Steve Miller PO2 1973-1975 trhljk (AT) Miss you guys since we left from Newport, RI to Norfolk, Va. Grest memories.
DEG-4 Roy Miller LT(jg) 7/72-1/75 remiller (AT) UNITAS XIII - haze gray and underway - the only way!
DEG-4 Rod Mortimer EN2 4/67-5/70 MORTNR (AT) plank owner
DEG-4 Ken Muhrenberg YN2 1/69 to 4/70 kjmuhrenberg (AT) i was ships office yeoman, had good friends bill kievit,wayne wagner and franknstanerson
DEG-4 Paul Myers STG3 1967-1968 paulemyers (AT) Plank Owner
DEG-4 Randy Noguera FN 9/72 - 8/73 ranran15 (AT)  
DEG-4 Rich Olin SN 10/68-7/70 ROOLIN46 (AT) On Med and Gitmo cruises, deck and 3rd division
DEG-4 Jim Phillips E-3 1970-1972 joltingjim (AT)  
DEG-4 Lawrence Rice DC3 1969 - 1970 dpdretired (AT)  
DEG-4 Steve Roscoe SN 1968-1970 smrosco (AT) shipstore operater (1969-1970)
DEG-4 James Royal FTC 1/67-8/68 redroyal33 (AT) I'm a Plankowner on Talbot. Good ship with good shipmates.
DEG-4 Jim Sheehy FTM1 1/67 - 7/68 JGSHEEHY (AT) Plank owner - Tartar Weapons System & 52 Radar
DEG-4 Ken Shoener RD3 1970-1974 kenshoener (AT)  
DEG-4 Robert Slover HM3 1971 firedigger1950 (AT)  
DEG-4 Allen Smith ET1(SW) 7/81 - 8/88 absmith48 (AT)  
DEG-4 Chuck Stueber ETN2 11/69-6/71 charles.stueber (AT)  
DEG-4 Robert Swartz MM3 2/67 -10/68 superglide662000 (AT) Plank owner
DEG-4 Ron Tancrede QM2 70-72 Ron (AT) Didn't know it then, but one of the best times of my life.
DEG-4 Jim Thomas BT3 10/68-2/72 jthomas (AT) served with best BT's Bob Crawford,Bob Martin,the Willams boys,Rod Given,Frenchy Caumeo and more
DEG-4 Jackie Thornton TM3 7/71-8/72 tmcsw90 (AT)  
DEG-4 Mike Westbrook RD3 1970-1972 michael_westbrook (AT) radar gang gitmo-med cruse-newport ri
DEG-4 Mike Wilkinson E-4 1969 to 1971 michael.wilkinson (AT) Would like to make contact with former shipmates.
DEG-4 Rich Williams BTFN 70-73 CANTLOSE (AT) Served with, Bix ,Crawford, Cram Cameau, Givens, Thomas
DEG-4 Jerry Wolk BM/SN 1972 to 1973 wolkconst (AT) Davio says it best she belonged to the deck apes Unitas turn
DEG-4/FFG-4 John (Bart) Bartolozzi GMT3 8/74 to 9/75 Imluky1 (AT) Worked with the ASROC launcher, pciked up in Portsmouth shipyards
DEG-4/FFG-4 Matt Lane BT2 1972 to 1975 PLANEMBL (AT) Caught ship in Newport. UNITAS XIII,BNSY,GTMO,carib cruises.
FFG-4 Howard M. Anderson, Jr. BT3 1981-1982 handerson3 (AT) looking for all BT'S was on board 81-82 (andy) nickname
FFG-4 Ray Butler OS2 1985-1988 Dolphinray39 (AT) 4-Fighters (NOT)
FFG-4 Louis Christmas RM2 1976-1979 Espresso1941 (AT) Iran Hostage Crisis, Persian Gulf 1979. RMC(SW)(Ret)
FFG-4 Lofton Daniels SH3 9/11/79 - 9/11/82 lofton.daniels (AT) i live in las vegas nv now retired 702 564 1728
FFG-4 Jack Dixon GMG3 1/76 - 8/78 JAWJAJAK (AT) Where is GMG2 Dan Connelly?
FFG-4 Louis Federico BT2 8/79-6/81 federicolouis98 (AT)  
FFG-4 Charles Garvey QM2 7/75 to 3/79 Garvsr (AT) fellow QM's Crocilla,S., Jobe,M., Hugh's,T. Cornielus, R.
FFG-4 Myron Grantham GMM2 06/75-06/79 woolf_74 (AT)  
FFG-4 Gary ''Sarge'' Harburn FTG2 77-78 mharburn (AT) Fire Controlman
FFG-4 Gregory Horst OS3 1984 to 1986 gregoryghorst (AT) Great times on board her
FFG-4 Gerald Houseknecht RM3 05/1975 to 06/1976 gerald.houseknecht (AT) Had a lot of good times.
FFG-4 Jim Hudson STG1 1983 to 1985 jim8ball (AT) Back in the good old days
FFG-4 Daniel Jacobs BT3 76-77 dezi3272 (AT)  
FFG-4 Kevin (Love) Jones E-3 12/81 to 3/86 dunbarhi (AT)  
FFG-4 Michael Mahoney RM2 2/80-2/81 Cmmahoney122 (AT)  
FFG-4 Mike Miguel Martinez SH3 9/79-9/82 Miguelx2 (AT) Still living in NYC
FFG-4 Steven Pawlowicz MM3 1978 to 1980 seprider (AT) The greatest crew ever!
FFG-4 Rick Penter BTFN 79 to 80 rickpenter (AT) looking for old snipes for this time period
FFG-4 Scott Reed SM3 10/78-4/81 skivvywaverffg4 (AT) Had a lot of fun. Still in touch with many of my shipmates.
FFG-4 Jim Rosser LT(jg) 1/87 - 8/88 jr (AT) ASWO on Talbot-departed ship for Gas Turbine EOOW school just before decom-retired from Navy in 2006.
FFG-4 Richard Schwendig RM3 1/83 to 3/86 racer024 (AT) Great shipmates/friends-love to know how all are doing-miss MS2 Plante's chipped beef.
FFG-4 Steve Sloan FTG2 1976 to 1980 smsloan (AT) Fire Control Tech - great memories, long lost friends...
FFG-4 David Smith SH2 11/77 to 6/81 dcsmith212 (AT)  
FFG-4 Pedro Soliz GMM3 1977 - 1980 psoliz (AT) E-mail me for info on a great Talbot page!
FFG-4 John Spring MM3 1980-1984 SPRINGFEAVER1213 (AT)  
FFG-4 Ronald Thorns ETN2 2/80-6/82 Brothor1 (AT) My first ship.
FFG-4 William Wade RM1 1984 to 1988 w.k.wade (AT) I left at the end of her second Unitas cruise deployment, close decom
FFG-4 Royce Wagner SN 12/86 - ?/88 islandgrl (AT) 'Walkin on the bulkheads''
FFG-4 Steve Wallace SH3 12/75-9/79 ewallace13 (AT) love to talk with anyone who served with me…only good memories remain, now
FFG-4 Donald Wildes MS1 1/86 thru 9/88 Wildesdonald (AT) Still live in Mayport area
FFG-4 Victor (Willie ''D'' ''SK'') Williams SK3 1976-1980 squidly7316 (AT) H G & U / Cruising High Sea's / Iran Host, Per Gulf/ N Atl

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