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  Robert Reinert   1951-1955 S406170 (AT) Contact me please. I would like to speak with old shipmates.
DD/DDE-468 Richard F. (Dick) Althaus GM3 55 - 56   P.O.Box 7573, Kalispell, Mt. 59904
DD/DDE-468 Ken Bird RM2 2/56-6/58 tefra22 (AT) hotmail  
DD/DDE-468 Alan Brickel RM3 1959 to 1961 apbrickel (AT) see you at the Tayor reunions
DD/DDE-468 Richard Carlson EM3 67-til decom rcarlson47 (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates--any from florida?
DD/DDE-468 Bob Garner RM 1943-1945 garner (AT) Bob passed away 4-14-04, I am his son.
DD/DDE-468 Melvin Harris RNSN 1951-1954 mncharris (AT) Would like shipmates from my years served, to contact me.
DD/DDE-468 D.C. Johnson ETR2 1962-1965 dcramona (AT) Anyone remember the bright light above Johnston Island
DD/DDE-468 Joseph Kappen MM2   beemerchevy (AT)  
DD/DDE-468 Del Labao SO2 1958-1960 tigerbalm (AT) Served with my stepfather who was the Chief Hospital Corpsman HJ Reed Jr -
DD/DDE-468 Thomas (Maverick) Madison BT3 1961- 1964 TPMad (AT)  
DD/DDE-468 William (''Bill'' or ''Art'') Pratt BM1 1942-1946 none right now 3996 Dry Creek Rd., Healdsburg, CA 95448
DD/DDE-468 Robert Smith MM3 1964 thru 1967 bobs (AT) Anybody that remembers me please call me at ( 562 ) 419-0346
DD/DDE-468 Lloyd Stanley GM3 12/56-4/62 lestanley227 (AT) I miss the comradery in Hawaii,would like to hear from shipmxtes.
DD/DDE-468 Monty Yoakley SK2 1952 1956 montyyoakley (AT) what ever happened to big mo kenneth mott??????
DD-468 Francis Adams SM2 1942-1945? rbadams22 (AT) Deceased 11/85 - Submitted by Richard B. Adams (nephew)
DD-468 Warren (Sonny) Albee RM3 1966-68` wpal33 (AT)  
DD-468 Karl Alber SN3 02/62-03/63 karlnmary (AT) At Johnson Island with with Big Blast
DD-468 Michael Andreadakis FTG2 1965-1968 micmar (AT) If you know me, send me an email!!!!
DD-468 Richard Armstrong QM3 1964-1967 richard6982900 (AT) Hey out there would like to here from any of the crew...who served with me on the Taylor.
DD-468 Donald Ballard STG2 62-2/64 dbeharballard (AT) johnson island, samoa, pearl good times!
DD-468 Philippe Baril BM2 8/42-1/44 p_baril (AT) telephone#15085335170-210 mahan circle medway,mass.02053
DD-468 Bob Bernier RD3 1962 sun33634 (AT) great westpac 62/63
DD-468 Chuck Borgel YN3 11/54-6/57 Chulu94 (AT) Would like to hear about future reunions
DD-468 Stanley Bowen STG2 1967-1969 s.b.bowen (AT)  
DD-468 Douglas Brentlinger MM2 1960-1964 dougb120 (AT) Saw the big flas at Johnson Island too!
DD-468 Vernon Brown E-4 8/65 - 4/68 vlb3 (AT)  
DD-468 Ed Budworth SN 1968 to 1968 ezbudboats (AT)  
DD-468 Claude Buffington, Jr.   1942 -1944 ? kenbuff (AT) Deceased 12/1986. Data entered by son, Ken Buffington. xxxxx
DD-468 Wayne Burgess FTGS3 1967 to 1969 wayne.burgess (AT)  
DD-468 John Campbell FTG2 1965 to 1968 okkyungc (AT)  
DD-468 Richard Carlson EM3 1967 to decom rhcarlson (AT)  
DD-468 Richard Chute BMSN 1961-1963 DCGOLFR (AT) SUNRIVERTODAY.COM Would like to hear from antone in this time frame
DD-468 Gary Cole RM3 1963 to 1965 gw.cole (AT)  
DD-468 William Cook SM3 6/43 - 3/46 ruthannporter (AT) Daughter-would like to hear from anyone who knew, served with my Dad William E. Cook
DD-468 William Corbett ET1   wmcorbett (AT) USS Maloy (EDE-791) USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) USS Coontz (DLG-9) (DDG-40)
DD-468 Bill Corbett SOG3 6/62-5/64 wjcorb (AT)  
DD-468 Arnold Cornett MR2 12/64-4-66 cherokee-4 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-468 Tom (Narc) Cosso SN 1968 to 1969 cosso (AT)  
DD-468 Hugh Council E-4 1966-1968 hugh47 (AT)  
DD-468 Hugh Couyncil RM3 1966 to 1968 hugh47 (AT)  
DD-468 George Davis COX 12/43-12/45 davisgld1 (AT) (Son-Gary) Dad passed away on April 13, 2004.
DD-468 Merle Dodds CS3 10/65 to 9/66 bigpapa (AT) would like to hear from you
DD-468 Jack Dufford IC3 1965 to 1968 jrdufford (AT)  
DD-468 Steve Duran BMC 1962 - 1964 Deceased Deceased 12/79; glduran (AT) (son)
DD-468 Harry (Skip) Dyck LT 65-68 thedycks (AT) Looking forward to the reunion in Maine
DD-468 Robert I. Eaton, Jr. FC3 07/51-03/52 USSHADLEY (AT)  
DD-468 Dan Ecton FN 1-68 to 5-69 VLEcton (AT) Looking for shellback mates
DD-468 Richmond Thomas (RT) Ezzell FC ???? 1942 - 1945 ?? bezzell (AT) Dad passed away April 1984--This is one of seven children of his!!
DD-468 Vic Fletcher ICC 6/64 thru12/65 VicFletch (AT)  
DD-468 Norman ''Charlie'' Floyd RM3 1968 - 1969 norm6969 (AT)  
DD-468 Leo Foster EN3 1958-1961 FoBt7 (AT) See you in Laughlin at the next reunion
DD-468 Tracy Garner FTG3 Sept 68 - March 69 tracygarner (AT)  
DD-468 Robert Gerould LT(jg) 1962 - 1963 bobgerould (AT)  
DD-468 Clyde Giroir   1956-1962 degiroir (AT)  
DD-468 William Glynn E-5 08/63-07/68 william.glynn (AT) contact me
DD-468 Louis Golembiewski GM 1943-1945 johnnygsr (AT) I am Son-anyone remember my Dad?
DD-468 Paul Grantham RM2 5/65-7/67 judyscave (AT) YAPD, YAPD, Pearl Harbor Frog calling just to say BT AR!
DD-468 James Hale MM1 2/61 - 1/64 jameshale68 (AT) good ship great crew
DD-468 James Hall RM1 2/68 - 6/69 snjenavy (AT) Have attended one Taylor reunion, Oct 2008 in Portland, ME...and
DD-468 Thomas Hanley MM3 5/69 to decommissioning thandly (AT)  
DD-468 Paul Hastings BT2 1960 -64 crhastings45 (AT)  
DD-468 Vince Hayes BT2 1966-1969 purplehayes112011 (AT) I worked in after fire room with a great bunch of guys-feel free to contact me if you remember me.
DD-468 Frank Henninger, Jr. RMSN 1968-1969 fjhenn (AT) I am interested in finding some of my shipmates
DD-468 Bill Hickman FTGSN 4/62-6/64 deltabillhickman (AT) I remember Johnston Island and Pago Pago
DD-468 Eric M. Hilton CS3 1967-1969 thephotomaker (AT) My email address was incorrect. This is my email:
DD-468 Louis Hixson BM2 1959 to 1962 lois_hixson101 (AT) would like to hear from any one god bless all
DD-468 William Hlozek RM3 1968 BHlozek (AT)  
DD-468 Ronald Hoadley RD3 68-69 r_hoadley_1 (AT) Looking for Ron Elmore
DD-468 William Huseman ? 1942-1945 chessmates55 (AT) My Uncle Dudís ship. Uncle Dudís name was John Spradlin. He served during WW2 in the Pacific Theatre.
DD-468 Weldon Kilpatrick MM3 3/56-11/56 kilpatrick3535 (AT) Mailing Address is 3536 Haltom Rd., Ft. Worth, TX 76117
DD-468 John A. Kinder MM1 5/22/43 - 12/2/45 (AT) Member 15664 since 1980
DD-468 Joe Klansnic RM2 2/1961-1/1964 joeklansnic (AT)  
DD-468 Joe Kuhar RM1 1/67-7/67 hukking (AT) Taylor Web (
DD-468 Richard Leach RD2 1963 to 1966 dickleach (AT)  
DD-468 Tom Madison BY3 1961 -1964 Madisooney (AT) Aka maverick. Hope all my old shipmates are doing great!
DD-468 Vic Masillo EN3 4/65-10/68 VMas1024 (AT) Like to hear from you sailors
DD-468 Michael McCarthy RD 3 1967 to 1969 listmanger (AT) Looking for cruise book from 1968--please let me know about reunions
DD-468 Merwin McClelland     memcclel (AT) Deceased-info entered by granddaughter-anyone remember him-would love to find out more about his time aboard.
DD-468 Myron Michael CS3 11/66 - 6/69 myronmichael435 (AT) Hi, Erick Hilton and John Stevens hope to hear from you Mike!!!!
DD-468 Edward J. Moran MM3 Jan 44 to Feb. 46 EdandHazel (AT)  
DD-468 Ronald Moser BT2 1964 to 1968 moserron1 (AT) good crew, worked in both firerooms and as oil king.
DD-468 John Neil FTGSN 4/62-7/64 JNSKYONE (AT)  
DD-468 Bob Newell EMFN 1965 to 1969 smich1006 (AT) Nice to find other Tin Can Sailors out there!
DD-468 Jerry (Zack) Noonan RD2 1962 to 1965 ycnoonan (AT) Remember the great times in Japan
DD-468 Patrick O'Brien BT3 1/62-1/64 pat44122 (AT) would like to hear from bt's aft.fireroom
DD-468 James O'Neill LT(jg) 6/65-11/67 oneillfalm (AT)  
DD-468 Thomas Orosz RD3 8/62-8/64 madison105 (AT)  
DD-468 Edward O'Toole CS3/E-4 1964 - 1966 pxy002792 (AT) They sold the Taylor to the Italians and they used it for Targaret Practis
DD-468 Robert Peach SH2 12/65 -10/68 rpeach9828 (AT) Looking for shipmates from that period
DD-468 Henry Petersen CM2 1944-45 rikkor (AT) Deceased 4-86. Data entered by son Wayne.
DD-468 Bill Phillips SO3 1951 thhrough 1954 ragsphillips (AT) Lost memories return
DD-468 Raymond Pickler LT(jg) 7/64-7/67 raypick (AT)  
DD-468 Mike Piontka IC3 11/66 - Decom spginc (AT) Arrrrr. Give a yell you scallywags
DD-468 George (Pots) Potvin STG3 1966-1968 gpotvin (AT) ''PING''
DD-468 Eldon Ragsdale YN2 7/66-9/66 konafox (AT) Transferd to this ship from USS. E.G. Small to return to U.S. for Honorable Discharge.
DD-468 John Reaves LCDR 1942-1945 john_reaves (AT) My Dad was Lt. Commander E. R. Reaves - anyone knew him?
DD-468 William Retz RADM 63-65 retzw (AT)  
DD-468 William (Bill) Rhames EMC 1964-1966 ctytra (AT) My Dad-died 1983-I feel his memory deserves to be listed on her rooster. He was truly a tin can sailor.
DD-468 Lee Rivera EN3 65 to 68 ar62306 (AT)  
DD-468 Richard Rollins PhM1 1943- 1945 richardrollins1 (AT) A great ship. WWII Vets - Like to hear from you.
DD-468 Dave Segerberg FN 1968-1969 daveaels (AT) 510-978-6369
DD-468 Larry Shambaugh EM2 4/60-4/64 LShamb3315 (AT) Residing in Lawrence, Kansas
DD-468 Loren Sherman ENS 1942? to 1945? laddermann (AT) this is my Dad. Can anyone tell me about his time on board?
DD-468 Gary Joe Smith BT2 1962-1966 gjs659 (AT)  
DD-468 Robert Smith MM3 1964 thru 1967 bobs (AT) phone 562 419- 0346
DD-468 Robert Smith BT2 62-63 seabeehoneybee (AT) Like to hear from old friends-does anyone know whereabouts of Billy C. Johnson (BT2)? Thanks
DD-468 Jim Sodergren RD2 4/67 - 4/69 jsmechanic (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates.
DD-468 Clayton Starin MMFN 1968 to 1969 cstarin (AT) Worked in the Aft Engine Room
DD-468 John Stevens CS2 1966 1967 ritstevens (AT) aol.con  
DD-468 Charles Stoffers EM2 4/66-2/68 Stoffers (AT) Great to serve on this historic ship
DD-468 Arden Strock ENFN 1950-1953 pilau3600 (AT)  
DD-468 Johnny Struthers EM3 1958-1961 carlajohns (AT) I live in Iowa, but winter in the south/west.
DD-468 Howard Swartout   1943 to 1945 wmg79 (AT) Howard passed...I am son-in law Phil Grow...thanks and best wishes to all of you.
DD-468 W. T. Taylor   12/43-12/45 davisgld1 (AT) Phone 803.279.537
DD-468 James Larry Thornton GMG3 12/61-12/63 lsthornton2 (AT) trying to contact ''Little John Don Johnson from Georgia
DD-468 Joe Tiscareno BM3 1951-1953 Alyssamdrouillard (AT)  
DD-468 Jack Turley GMG3 1966-1969 Hello Vietnam shipmates, especially those on MT. 52!
DD-468 William Van Atten E-4 1/66 to 4/67 billywilly2u (AT) Known then as ''Squirrel''.
DD-468 Don Vannucci RMSN 1968 to 1969 donvannucci (AT) Came aboard while in yard prior to deployment
DD-468 Robert Wainwright FTG1 8/65-11/66 wainwright (AT)  
DD-468 George Waltman   1943 - 1945 ALight2437 (AT) Info added by daughter. Father still living.
DD-468 John D. Williams MM1 10/66-10/67 ojisanjohn (AT) Taylor has a distinguished service record prior to my time.
DD-468 Steve Williamson SK3 1968-1969 sandhwilliams (AT) great experience
DD-468 Charles Williamson BT2 1953 to 1958 cwilliamson7 (AT)  
DD-468 Michael Wilson E-2 1966 to 1967 vigilans (AT) Great shakedown cruise to Pago Pago.
DD-468 Garron Woodruff MM2 1/61-1/64 garwoodruff (AT) 1/21/2013-AftEngRoom, PagoPago, Kingfisher(?), WeimeaBay, anybody out there?
DD-468 Daniel Wright RM2 1967 wright111243 (AT) Service was during WESPAC VIETNAM , lots of memories, my first and only ship and cruise,
DD-468 Roger Wunsch EM2 04/62 - 06/65 rrwunsch (AT)  
DD-468 Charles Wynia MM3 5/64-7/67 ccwynia (AT) miss the sea
DD-468 Robert Yoggerst SFP3 1/62-9/64 ryoggerst (AT) Remember Johnston Island and crossing the equator in 63 heading for PagpPago American Somoa
DDE/DD-468 Jim Horne BT2 61-63 jimbo74587 (AT) looking for Larry G Koth from Puyallup where are you,dude
DDE-468 Ron Ackroyd RM3 7/56-11/57 rm1rwa (AT) Call all RM's
DDE-468 Bill Bartell MM3 59 - '62 willieb72 (AT)  
DDE-468 Vernon Basterash RM3 1953-1956 vern (AT)  
DDE-468 Michael Baumeister SN 1961 to 1962 e7boats (AT)  
DDE-468 Tom Beckmann BT3 1966 to decom tbeckmann (AT)  
DDE-468 Tom Bick     sbick (AT) Tom passed away on August 29, 2005.
DDE-468 Edward Blegen EM2 2/58 - 10/60 blegen2 (AT) Been to,two Reunions 20002/2004
DDE-468 John Brown MM3 7/1957-6/1961 jcrawbrown (AT) interested in shipmates contacting me. would like to locate
DDE-468 Elgin Burns RD2 1956 to 1960 eburns3 (AT) Live in Surprise, AZ. ( 623-975-5317 )
DDE-468 William Burris MM2 11/58- 5/62 wburris (AT) summers in illinois, winters in southern ca.
DDE-468 Jim Christison EM3 1958-1960 calbearsgt (AT)  
DDE-468 Manuel Codinha EM3 1951-1953 monelc (AT) a wonderful cruz on a wonderful ship with a wonderful crew
DDE-468 Jim Couch FT3 53 - 54 bjcouch (AT)  
DDE-468 Mark Cox SK2 1960 to 1962 mkcox (AT)  
DDE-468 W. Brooks Cross QM3 1951 - 1953 HighmaintBrooks (AT) Thank you
DDE-468 Jim Cumberland EM2 1955- 1957 jcumb (AT)  
DDE-468 John Delashmet GM2 1953-54 cdelashmet (AT) please contact me
DDE-468 Howell Delashmet GM3 2/53 to 4/57 howellmag (AT) would like to see old friends again
DDE-468 Charles Dilliard GM3 1959-1961 cfdill468 (AT)  
DDE-468 Art Dossman FT3 1/53-1/55 adossya (AT) Reunions every two years
DDE-468 Jim Ehrlich MM3 1957-1960 ehrlichl (AT) The E on the Stack for battle efficiency-I still like to say I served on a tin can-''the pineapple fleet'' from Pearl Harbor.
DDE-468 Ray Gardner BT3 1954 to 1956 ray-gar (AT) Nice to find this site. Hope I can contact some shipmates.
DDE-468 Bobby Garrett SM2 9/58-8/62 momo742 (AT) Let me hear from y'all
DDE-468 James Greene BM2 ? till 4/25/61 diona (AT) That My Dad, 20 Yrs. Active Service, Past Away Feb,1989
DDE-468 Robert Hammar YNTSN 1951-53 hamara (AT)  
DDE-468 Kenneth Hearn SO1 12/51-1/53 kenehearn (AT) Would like to know if anyone remembers me after 50 years!
DDE-468 Harvey Heimer MM1 12/51-5/55 h.heimer (AT)  
DDE-468 Louis Hixson BM2 08/59-6/62 louis_hixson (AT) Hope to hear from someone. Bless all.
DDE-468 William Horn GM3 Oct 1954 Apr 1958 whorn (AT)  
DDE-468 Jim Horne BT24 1960-1963 jimbo74587 (AT) Looking to hear from my ol'steamin mates. Esp. would like to contact Larry Koch BT2 from Puyallup, WA.
DDE-468 Maury Hornstein SN3 9/57-7/59 mobims (AT) any shipmates in the known reunions. please note.
DDE-468 Rodolfo Islas E-3 1954 to 1957 rislas (AT)  
DDE-468 James Jellison PNSN 1951-1953 jigoosenest (AT) Brother Fred (PN2) was also aboard - now deceased
DDE-468 Joseph Kappen MM2 1960 to 63 beemerchevy (AT) this ship home port pearl harbor hawaii
DDE-468 Chris Kieswetter FN 68 to decom ckieswetter (AT)  
DDE-468 Danny Locklear BT2 1954-1958 dlcb1962 (AT) Where are you Andy Anderson in Michigan
DDE-468 Lester Marney BT2 6/58-6/60 BUNALOU (AT) Looking for P.W. Sellers BT3
DDE-468 Jack McLaughlin EM3 9/51 - 10/53 jandrmclau (AT)  
DDE-468 Michael Meyers LT(jg) 3/59 - 3/61 mspots (AT)  
DDE-468 John Morgan RD1 2/58 - 7/62 jrmorgan7 (AT) Live in Sacramento, CA
DDE-468 Billy Morton IC2 3/57-12/58 nnn0azo (AT)  
DDE-468 Sherman Mosier TM1 10/51-5/53 alsuptoit (AT) When in Korean waters in 1952 we picked up 5 Korean orphens adrift in an open boat.
DDE-468 Donald Ordogne FN 9/51-4/52 ordogned (AT) Does anyone remember me?
DDE-468 Donald Patrick RD3 1954 to 1956 patcaddo (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DDE-468 Claude Peachey RD2 1959 to 1962 ecpeachey (AT)  
DDE-468 Delmer Pressley GM3 11/53-6/57 e.g.apressley (AT) Dmer passed away on 7/4/05 he was always talking, about the navy, an his ship mates.Im his son
DDE-468 Tony Prince FT2 8/58-6/60 patbutchprince (AT)  
DDE-468 Robert Reinert MM2 1951-1955 alr4hf (AT) In Kansas City, MO!
DDE-468 Garon Roberts SFP2 57 to 58 loisgaron (AT)  
DDE-468 John Singer QM3 1958-1962 farrier1941 (AT)  
DDE-468 Ben Smith EM3 1/58-6/60 bsmith7 (AT)  
DDE-468 William Smith CS3 3/59-163 wsmith (AT) time in navy 6/58 to 7/77
DDE-468 William E. Stallworth FT1 Aug 1958-Sep 1959 we.stal1 (AT)  
DDE-468 Edward Stanford FT2 11/54-08/57 gse01972 (AT)  
DDE-468 Lloyd Stanley GMG2 12/56-5/63 lloyde227w (AT) Sure miss the good times in Hawaii.,and comradship.
DDE-468 Chuck Stoudt GM3 9/56-9/60 stoudtc (AT) I still appreciate the comraderie, I am very proud to have served this magnificent Country with all my Brothers.
DDE-468 Johnny Struthers EM3 1958-1961 jwbunny (AT) like to hear from the EM gang!
DDE-468 Gene Trahan MM3 11/54 to 11/57 gene_t (AT) Where ya at, Rat Adams? How about you, Crespin Martinez?
DDE-468 Donald Underwood QM3 11/54 - 09/56 cobber631 (AT) Served with Frank Bozzi QM1; Murdock QM2, Thomas QM2, D.E. Stephens QM3,
DDE-468 Rodney Watson BT3 1955-1956 rwa3018073 (AT) Going to reunion in Kentucky Oct 2000
DDE-468 Mike Whitehead QM3 7/58 thru 3/59 mikewhitehead (AT) Living in Marysville, Washington
DDE-468 Michael Wright SN 1960-61 wrightplaces (AT)  
DDE-468 Monty Yoakley SK2 1952-1956 montyyoakley (AT) cox-internet .com looking for an old buddy Kenneth Mott
DDE-468 Clarence Ziglar, Jr. RM3 1954-1958 cziglar84 (AT) like to get in touch with shipmates
DDE-468 Otto Zipf LT(jg) 10/55 - 12/57 pozipf (AT) If you are not yet in the TAYLOR info loop for reunion info, or listed in out Directory, please contact me, or Jim O'Neill at oneillfalm (AT) Hope to hear from you.
DDE-566 Louis Hixson BM2 8/68 - 5/62 louis_hixson101 (AT) would like to hear from any one from that time god bless all
DE-415 Michael Palazzo FN1 1944-1946 Paradise825 (AT)  
FFG-50 George Ashbridge LCDR 10/84-10/86 sussex (AT) XO. Did 20 yrs in Navy, now sailing in Merchant Marine
FFG-50 Brian Bentley TM2 1993 to 1998 bben1966 (AT)  
FFG-50 Richard Blackerby QMCS(SW) 02/90 to 06/92 reblacke (AT)  
FFG-50 Christopher Brown DC2 6/94-10/95 chrisbrown (AT)  
FFG-50 Jayson Calhoun BM3 1994-1997 jjircal (AT)  
FFG-50 Alan Chambers GMC(SW) 07/84 - 10/89 chiefal03 (AT)  
FFG-50 Blake Connolly GSE1 1990-1993 bsconnolly (AT)  
FFG-50 Victor Crews GSM3 06/91-01/93 v_crews (AT) Lovin life and livin the dream.
FFG-50 Anthony Gallopo E-2 1984 - 1985 agallopo (AT) Plank Owner-served as Mess Cook-my time was short but very memorable-proud to be a part of her history
FFG-50 Paul Heller SMC 84-89 chiefheller (AT)  
FFG-50 Evan Mohrbacher OS1 02/84-07/88 Strapperdoc (AT) Gmail .com Great memories. Stood the 2nd OOD watch after Commissioning
FFG-50 Greg Murphy GSE1(SW) 9/84 - 6/85 gmurph (AT) Second new construction. Quite an experience
FFG-50 Gary Newcom SK1 4/84-1/85 newco73 (AT) Short tour, but great commissioning experience.

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