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DD- John Lannan CS1   johnathonlannan (AT) My father was on this ship, searching for fellow shipmates of his
DD539 William O'Morrissey SO2 1951 1955 romo539 (AT) HEY ..... an ybody still alive????
DD539 Thomas Stone RD3 11/56-8/57 jstonecaca (AT) Trans from USS ERBEN DD631 to complete 3rd WestPac-returned to San Diego 8/57-discharged in 8/19/57.
DD-539 Rich Abney MM3 12/55-9/57 1913 SE 15th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33990 PH (239) 573-9416 No E-Mail
DD-539 Reuben Fisher Andrews F/M 1959 to 1962 leabugsy (AT) Would like to hear from men that served on the above dates.
DD-539 Valerian Banas     kreftmike1 (AT) My grandfather, Val was on this ship in WWII. He passed away April 4, 2015.
DD-539 Louis Behner MM1 1950-1954 sallou (AT) Korean war shipmates
DD-539 Keith Bender GM3 11/54 - 6/56 keithbender (AT)  
DD-539 Eugene Bertone SN 1963-1964 BERT6021 (AT) Tingey was a great ship (Where is Ron Beach?)
DD-539 Gordon Bickel RM2 11/1943 to 12/1945 Gord Bick (AT) Like to hear from anyone on Tingey during that period
DD-539 Alvin Bishop   1945-51 hilltop (AT) This was my dad and ship information. Jeanine Conforti
DD-539 Larry Blunt LT(jg) 12/60-6/62 larryblunt (AT)  
DD-539 Ross (Donald) Bobzin LT(jg) 5/53-5/56 toropoo (AT) Engineering Officer
DD-539 Lewis Boyd 3/c Cook 1951-1954 lewjean (AT) Looking for Arlin Presley, a Cook from California
DD-539 Robert Briggs GM3 1943-1945 Briggsfam (AT) My dad. He passed when I was 6 years old.
DD-539 Jack Brockway YN3 1959-1963 jbrockway (AT) Assigned duty aboard out of boot camp and left to go to COMNAVAIRPAC the day of the collision.
DD-539 George Burr FT3 3/51-10/54 geojobu (AT)  
DD-539 James Butler   1945   my home address is: 6703 Sunset Terrace, Lanham, MD 20706
DD-539 Bill Buxman ET3 5/61-9/62 billbux (AT)  
DD-539 Jack Callicott LT 12/55 - 12/57 anjac (AT) anjac (AT)
DD-539 Albert Campbell MR2 1953-1955 mccoyladue (AT) I'd like to hear from anyone that remembers me.
DD-539 Robert Franklin (Bob) Caviness E-5 1943? to 1946 ? emuwally (AT) My brother-onboard 43-46- would like to get letters/photos frm shipmates for his 83rd Bday 9/9/08.
DD-539 Clarence (Dan) Daniels MM3 03/51-08/53 joydan (AT) Looking for FER & AER-these dates. Like to hear from anyone
DD-539 Wendel Morgan Davis SN Recruit 8/55 to 8/55 wmorgandavis (AT) Was recruit in training. Would like to connect with anyone
DD-539 Rodolfo (Rudy) de la Garza RD2 1961-1963 rdelagarza (AT) It would be great to get in contact with some old shipmates. Was aboard during the '63 collision.
DD-539 Robert DeLong RM3 1954 to 1957 rdbikerbob2 (AT) Use Subj. - USS Tingey when emailing
DD-539 Robert Dixon TM3 1943-45 karent352 (AT) my father served asiatic pacific theater anyone know him.
DD-539 Linus Doll TM2 1945-46 rulin (AT) There can't be many of us left from that time.
DD-539 George Eames TM3 2/44 to 7/45 pgtom (AT) My father
DD-539 Hap Evans ETSN Fall 1954 chp_2640 (AT) Spent a short time aboard, in San Diego prior to going to fa
DD-539 George Falk TM3 1944-1945 GGFalk (AT) The WW II memorial and nostalgia led me to this site.5/31/04
DD-539 Peter Ferreira SOG3 11/44-7/45 peted539 (AT) Looking for the original picture of the Tingey.
DD-539 Gary Fisher BT2 12/59-12/62 margarfisher (AT)  
DD-539 Rudy Flohr FT3 10/54-10/55 ritarudy (AT) Great Ship-Great Crew
DD-539 David Garcia FN 1958 mr.stein (AT) Job was the AFT Gunner
DD-539 Richard Gerety LT 1958-1962 Historybff (AT) Served in Res crew, active 9/61 to 8/62 call up. More talent/ton than any ship at that time-she deserved better fate.
DD-539 David Giddens FN 5/61-12/63 teri0608 (AT)  
DD-539 John Gobbell LT(jg) 6/60-6/62 jgobbell (AT) 2 years on the mighty T and lived to talk about it!
DD-539 Chuck Govin LT 1943-1945 tpg (AT)  
DD-539 Julius Marino Granda MM3 12/1950 - 07/1954 dandjg (AT) Great Ship==Great Crew
DD-539 Gilbert Grayson TM3 1961-1963 gilbert.grayson (AT) I made a westpac cruise in 1961 tingey.
DD-539 Delbert Hall 1/c 3/43 45 JMBHALL (AT) SSSNET.COM  
DD-539 Carl L. Hamilton BT2 6/57 to 6/59 fudpuck (AT)  
DD-539 Gary Hanson DK2 8/59 sweetwater (AT) Rammed by USS Vammen (DE-644) 8/1/63, at Fwd Fireroom.
DD-539 Harold Hedlund MM3 2/52-11/53 HKOWH (AT) Nov.2004 Reunion in San Diego
DD-539 Eugene Herring GM3 8/55 - 4/59 meangene 8228 (AT) g  
DD-539 Dan Hiers SKSN 1950-54 danlhiers (AT) was Jack of the dust,ship's service,storekeeper,
DD-539 John Hightower LCDR 1954 hightower.john (AT) This was my father. He passed in 1981.
DD-539 Edward Huckaby YN3 11/50 - 8/52 edwhuckaby (AT) Section C - Ships Office
DD-539 Keith Hunt FN 1943-45   Would like to hear from shipmates 704-821-2073
DD-539 Daniel Hursh STGSA 1962 to 1963 dhursh (AT) The Leaky T my first ship and only collision at sea (7 ships
DD-539 Robert Jordan SN 1961-1962 gmcse8 (AT) Also served on St. Paul , McCaffrey, Pratt, Mahan, Dewey
DD-539 Curt Karvala ENS 7/52 - 5/53 CAKMWK (AT)  
DD-539 Kenneth Kinnear RM3 1956 to 1958 kennethkinnear (AT) Would love to hear from any of the crew.
DD-539 Peter Koury SN 1954_1956 pkoury88 (AT)  
DD-539 Allen Lafoe SN1 07/43-11/45 kyauntdi (AT) My father-onboard WWII-on USS Wasp when torp/sunk 9/15/42-ret to States-anyone rem him pls email w/info.
DD-539 James Larrivee SM3 1956 to 1957 yankee34 (AT)  
DD-539 John Law BT 1951-1954 davcable (AT) My father-my name is Dave Law and would like hear from anyone who may have served with my dad thanks.
DD-539 Dave Law BT 1951-1953 davcable (AT) Would like to hear from anybody who served with my father
DD-539 Roy E. Leasman SN 1959-1962  
DD-539 George (Shanghai) Leonard TMC2 10/44-10/45 shanghai81301 (AT) Someone caught me at the Sr Ctr in Duragno,Co-told me I should tell my stories ab serv on Tin Cans bef/dur WW2.
DD-539 Eugene Luhdorff LT(jg) 12/53-11/56 AC6XQ (AT)  
DD-539 Eugene E. Luhdorff, Jr. LT(jg) 11/53 to 11/56 AC6XQ2 (AT)  
DD-539 Gary Lykins YNSN 5/63 to 6/63 gary (AT) I was only on board a short time, coming from the USS Towers DDG-9 - working in the ships office.
DD-539 Franklin L. Mabry SoM3 1943 to 1945 flsarg (AT) Still looking for John D. Putnam and Lawrence Mackey.
DD-539 Francis (Frank) Marcott Cook 1/42-12/45 dansailing (AT) (425) 788-7855 Dad died 12/07-have heard all the Tingey storys-he was the cook -anyone rem him-would love to talk-thx-son Dan
DD-539 John Marshall SNN 1953 to 1954 logosamj (AT) One tour fo duty in Pacific Fleet, great time
DD-539 Brian McWhirter SN/E-4 02/56-02/59 brian (AT) Great crew and Ship!
DD-539 Errol Melander LT(jg) 2/62-12/63 yippynpoppop (AT) I retired after twenty as a full commander (O-5)
DD-539 Thomas Miller SN1 8/51 - 3/54 Tingey30 (AT) Would like to hear from Shipmates serving when I did .
DD-539 Ben Morgan BR3 9/43 - 1945 reneem (AT)  
DD-539 Heather Morrill     koolmommy28 (AT) My Father in law was on this ship and is dying. Trying to get more info on this ship and shipmates to pass onto my husband and my sont.
DD-539 William Mors LT 8/59 dayliteer (AT) Only temp.duty-but got full attention of the CO with my MOB retrieve. The metal buoy was alongside
DD-539 Robert Murray GM3 ? murray76 (AT) My dad-he wrote detailed memoirs & a few small pubs about her in WWII (S Pacific)-if you knew him pls email
DD-539 Allen Mushin RM2 1956-1959 K1QEX (AT) Best radio shack in the fleet!
DD-539 Roy W. (Nick) Nicholas YNSN 1953-54 r8d7nicks167 (AT) Still searching for Buddies
DD-539 Larry Nitchman SA 8/58 - 9/58 hoosierlarry (AT) Long Beach Naval Station pier 7 to San Diego Reserve Cruise
DD-539 Bobby Null STG2 10/61-11/63 Null8 (AT)  
DD-539 Henry Okuszki WT1 1951-1953 turtlelady33 (AT)  
DD-539 William O'Morrissey SO2 1951-1955 omor (AT) Smooth Sailin'.....Safe Harbors
DD-539 George Penington RD2 9/60 - 9/62 geodan74 (AT) My last year as a reservist when the Tingey was put into regular service. Great Crew.. Extended thru 9/62.
DD-539 Ross Pintaudi RD3 1957 to 4/58 saropintgol (AT) Just found the site! Happy to know the Tingey crew is here!
DD-539 Jack Reiding SO1 7/55 - 12/55 jackhandle (AT) good ship, good sonar gang
DD-539 Norman Ritzema DKSN 1962-1963 Nritz01 (AT) Would like to hear from ship mates.
DD-539 Herman (dood) Robinson MM2 1952 to 1955 robison (AT) kih .net  
DD-539 James Ruth BT2 1956-1957 FondaNFlorida (AT) looking for a ship's cruise book & shipmate Niemczyk from MN
DD-539 Everett A. (Al) Rutherford TE3 1951 to 1952 alrutherford (AT) The Tingey was a highlight of my life. Looking to see old shipmates.
DD-539 John Samuelson LT 6/60 - 8/62 thesams (AT) Older now but still answering all bells
DD-539 Eddie Sanders GM3 11/59-8/62 ukeee3 (AT) Like to hear from old friends.
DD-539 Philip Scott ME3 12/50 to 6/54 tjscott.4 (AT) This is my father who died in June 2011. I have several photos and a book from the Korean Cruise in 1951.
DD-539 John Selig   1960-1963 carol.selig (AT) Survived the 1963 collision, came home fall of 1963. Sonar
DD-539 Raymond Shever FTM3 03/60-12/60 rshever (AT)  
DD-539 Charles Smiley MM3 3/1963-8/1963 csmiley (AT) On watch forward engine room when the Vamman rammed us.
DD-539 R. L. Smith MM3 1953-55 rlsmith (AT) Like to hear from anyone!!
DD-539 Jim Smith RDSN 61-63 greybeard22 (AT) aboard during the '63 collision
DD-539 Roger Smith BT3 3/52-9/55 smithhouse (AT)  
DD-539 Joseph (Smitty) Smith BT3 12/60-8/63 smicoffee (AT) First ship out of boot camp. help put it out of commission
DD-539 Glen Snyder ET3 9/57-8/58 gdsnyder (AT) Enjoyed sledding on cardboard at Dutch Harbor, Alaska
DD-539 Jack Steinmetz FT2 1956 jkscattle (AT) Transferred from the Boyd 544
DD-539 Thomas Stephenson FTG2 1956-1958 thomas (AT) My first ship and the first of many tin cans.
DD-539 Gerald Sumners ET2 1/54-9/57 gsum (AT)  
DD-539 Clark Tomlin SN2 1945 clarktomlin (AT) A great ship-I'd like to find Henry Masiak-if anyone knows of him,pls call me 770-394-1488.
DD-539 Richard Tomlinson ET3 1951 to 1952 richardtomlinson34 (AT) I enjoyed my stay on the tingey,and working with the crew
DD-539 Harry Underberg   1944-? munder_75 (AT) My grandfather-I know very little about his service-if anybody knew him or can tell me anything I would appreciate it.
DD-539 Robert Vigil GMG3 1961 to 1963 mirag1404 (AT) survived collision and decommission, would like to hear from shipmates
DD-539 Dave Watts BT2 8/60-5/63 fuzzthatwas (AT) San Diego 32nd St went to El Salvador Reserve Cruise
DD-539 Louis (Joe) Welter     Deceased My father was on this ship. He is deceased 06/24/2004. He had shared alot of his memories with us kids.
DD-539 Clinton Whitney TM3 8/55-7/56 clintonwhitney9 (AT)  
DD-539 Robert Winters unknown 6/52 - 2/53 winjon (AT) My father-served as RM & PC during deployment to Korea-seeking any pictures or info available from shipmates
DD-539 Ralph Wright LT(jg) 8/51 - 5/54 rmwright01 (AT) That was long ago!
DD-539 Neal (Ross) Yates SN1 1944 to 1946 Gryboston (AT) My father.
DD-539 Toby Young SR 1958 to 1958 doxe_4downs (AT)  

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