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DD-403 Joseph Albert TM3   albert (AT) I'm his son - my father died on 5/15/2001
DD-403 Charles Dole COX 11/39-1/42 cemcdole (AT) She was a great ship
DD-403 Charles Duffany SO ? 1941 to 1943 LWarner96 (AT) I am Charles Duffany's niece. Any information/contact would be appreciated and shared with his family.
DD-403 Jerome Freund RM3 1942-1944 jfreun (AT) Ship's Captain: R.C Williams
DD-403 Harry Fuller RM2 2/43-6/44 FRUPAC1 (AT) Retired as LCDR 1/7/69. Remember Chief Keehn??
DD-403 James (Jim) Gillentine GM1 1939 to 1944 Gillentine2fl (AT) Plankowner
DD-403 William Harrison MM1 1942-1944 bsh121096 (AT) Great duty would like to hear from shipmates
DD-403 Eugene (ka whitty) Haselton TM2 05/941-10/944 u1st4rsh (AT) After serving 20 years no pention how about you guys?
DD-403 Glenn Hooks SN 1945 to 1946 surfer_hoss (AT) My father-died 1993-looking for photos of him/shipmates-have his Cert from Operation Crossroads Atomic Test
DD-403 Carl Hylton GM 1942-1945 sebcoda (AT) Carl is my father-in-law
DD-403 Edward Jenkins WT2 1940-1944 jenkins (AT) E-mail is son, have pictures would send copies if asked
DD-403 Franklin Lane MOMM2 12/26/44-9/45 ronlane (AT) 112 Westview Dr., Houghton Lake,Mi 48629
DD-403 Charles Lemasters WT2 09/44 to 11/46 cjgibson27 (AT) Looking for shipemates that was on this ship with me.
DD-403 Jesse Allen Letterman Navy 1/43-1/45 Jmcottin30 (AT) Allen Letterman was my grandfather and I am trying to reach out to his old tin can buddies. I would appreciate any feedback I can get. Than you for your service!
DD-403 Arthur (Jack) Martens ET2 1942 -1943 mjmartens (AT) Duty - African convoys - Invasions, Southern Sicily and Palermo Bay
DD-403 Edward McCarthy SM1 4/42-12/46 McCarthy766 (AT)  
DD-403 Mary McCarthy-Bexfield SM1 04/42 - 12/46 maryfbex (AT) My father, Edward W. McCarthy, served aboard the USS Trippe WWII; He died of cancer in 2006 He loved the sea, and owned a few sailboats after the war. He married-8 children(6 girls,2 boys), 25 grands. I am one of his 6 daughters. several great- grands, a
DD-403 William McClure COX 10/42-8/45 Gary.McClure (AT) This was my Grandfather. Looking for information.
DD-403 Joel C. McDonald   1940's N4URW (AT) My father-ret aft 21 yrs-died on 1/3/97-looking for pics of him-spoke highly of shipmates-TY to all that served
DD-403 Antonio Milici SM3 2/45 - 7/46 mm69z28 (AT) My father-deceased-onboard at Bikini Atoll Atomic bomb tests-looking forphotos/info on sailors/events onboard
DD-403 John Mills WT1 1941 to 1946 robsinman (AT) Lot great times with Ben Wilford and Jack Harper!! Anybody else remember these boys?
DD-403 William Mullin EM ?/42 - ?/44 mfss1 (AT) My dad-died 2006-looking for any pics of the Trippe or my dad-looking to get a little history for his grandson.
DD-403 Stan Nielsen MM1 1941 to 1945 dnielsen (AT) 209 S. Nora St, Viborg, SD 57070 #605-766-5352
DD-403 Michael O'Krepka CPO 9/42 - 1/46 Suezzyq131 (AT) My father (died)-very proud of service onboard-have info from his time onboard-if interested contact me(daughter)
DD-403 Richard Ostrowski   1942-1945 asajay.jay358 (AT)  
DD-403 Robert (Bob) Roberts F1 1943 to 1945 trships (AT) I am the son of Bob Roberts who died of natural causes on 3/3/64
DD-403 Olin Smith MM1 Nov. 1,1939 - 1943 niloj (AT)  
DD-403 Jack Webber EN ~1944-45 kinhunter4u (AT) I'm his daughter, he has recently passed away
DD-403 Roger J. Zeller SN Jan 1946 - Oct. 1946 maroger (AT) Skeleton crew - Bikini bomb test
DE/FF-1075 Dennis Gallagher E-6 1989 to 1992 gal_dennis (AT)  
DE/FF-1075 Wally Holley STG1 1983-1984 holley4919 (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DE/FF-1075 Edwin Roy BM3 1981 -1983 boats40508 (AT)  
DE-1075 Gene Arguelles MM3 11/70 to 02/71 gene (AT) Looking for who stole my guitar and foul weather jacket
DE-1075 Dale Blackburn YN3 1971 to 9/74 Dblack3110 (AT) Re-enlisted in Navy in 82, and became a Lifer. Loved it..
DE-1075 Jerry Crumby HT3 3/75-1/77 STC80 (AT) wanted to say hi to some old friends
DE-1075 Rick Gunderson TM3 1170 4/72 rdgunderson (AT)  
DE-1075 Barry W. Haltom IC3 2/72-12/72 BHaltomTX (AT)  
DE-1075 Roger Helmandollar SN 1971-1972 rhelmand (AT) Good ship
DE-1075 George Henderson MM3 1972-1977 Canach5 (AT)  
DE-1075 Mel Henry YN3 12/71-10/74 melhenry8169 (AT) was on board during viet nam/ around the world cruise/was a golden shellback
DE-1075 Richard Lasky GMG3 7/71-12/74 rich,lasky (AT) looking for old shipmates. anybody out there?
DE-1075 Jason (Skip) Lecourt E-3 8/70 - 5/72 a_bocelli (AT) Plank Owner...Deck Force...Went to MR A School San Diego just before Vietnam deployment
DE-1075 Robert Logue ETR3 1972 to 1974 robert.logue (AT) Great ship, great crew
DE-1075 Marcus McCarty GMG3 07/71 - 12/72 mccarty7 (AT) Dewayne, Gunner's Mate from Florida.
DE-1075 Gary Paulson PC3 2/72-1/75 sotapopp (AT) Anybody???? This is my updated Email. Contact me.
DE-1075 Robert Phillips EM2 8/71-9/72 rsparkyp (AT)  
DE-1075 Dennis Reese MM3 1973-1975 mykookie2 (AT) Good ship
DE-1075 Robert Reisner BT1 01/70-12/72 bobreisner (AT)  
DE-1075 Gary Richey TM3 January 73 - December 74 ghrichey (AT) I want to get ahold of my friend Richard A. Lasky
DE-1075 Gerald Schilli STG3 8/70 - 7/73 OldeTymer1 (AT) Enjoyed my time aboard the Trippe, especially the around the world cruise in 72.
DE-1075 Danny Sheets STG3 1970 to 1973 sheets1011 (AT)  
DE-1075 Thomas Simpson TM2 09/19/70 - 03/11/73 TOM.SIMPSON (AT) MALNOVE.COM Any officers during the time I was aboard Mr Carlson, Chief Gossett where are you today
DE-1075 Jay Spielvogel E-4 1970 to 1974 mungig (AT)  
DE-1075 Griffin Stoutenburg EM2 1972 to 1974 elecgrif (AT) Good times and new ship when came on. Worker with the IC gang for the last year.
DE-1075 John Trolinger OSC 01/72 - 7/73 jstrolinger1 (AT) First Knox Class to do Round the World
DE-1075 Allen Voorhees SH3 6/70 bettiv (AT)  
DE-1075 Francis Ward GMG4 2/72-2/74 Looking forward to hearing from some shipmates.
DE-1075 George Webb BM3 6/70-12/72 webbgeorgej (AT) Been a long time-there's a ship reunion this fall-moe info on ff 1075 facebook page-permission to go ashore sir!
DE-1075 Steve Whynot SK3 8/71-8/73 sk1_whynot (AT) Aboard for the Vietnam cruise...Wish I had pictures of those days??
FF-1075 Brian Allen GM2 1985-1987 gemini1463 (AT) Great ship for my first command.
FF-1075 Jack Andrews GMG2 4/89 - 7/92 (decom) jandrews (AT)  
FF-1075 David Bilodeau BT2/E-5 77-79 to 2/83 DR.PERT (AT) EXCITE.COM  
FF-1075 Robert Bise MM2 1974 - 1978 robert.bise (AT) Had a lot of fun on 2 Mid East depolyment
FF-1075 Tim Black YN3 1987-1990 t.black68 (AT) miss the crew!
FF-1075 Cal Broussard BM2 03/89-decom quikbikes4me (AT) Hey Rambone, ''You aint got da . . . ''
FF-1075 Michael Brusoe QM1 1990 - 1992 mikebrusoe (AT) Miss the crew.
FF-1075 Buddy Burdick MM3 1979-1983 buddyb1101 (AT) Some of the best days of my life. Hats off my brothers in arms.
FF-1075 Allen Cayea E-5 91-92 acayea (AT) Looking for Rich Ray
FF-1075 Steven Corridon MMFN 11/74 - 7/76 corridonsa (AT) Golden Shellback T Lon. 0 Lat. 0 in Feb 1975. Med.East I Loved the eng. Rm.
FF-1075 David Davies RMCS 77 thru 80 BJSPLANTATION (AT) Great clean ship, Great tour
FF-1075 Terry W. Davis RM2 1970-1971 tdavis (AT) 205-325-2911
FF-1075 Tim Deitz ET2 10/88 - 12/90 tdeitz (AT) Enjoyed my tour on the Mighty War Ship Trippe
FF-1075 Mark Dorobiala BT3 1978-1982 kb1pyd (AT) Doobie-snipe-bt-unitus-20
FF-1075 Phil Embree HTC 11/84-1/87 embreepn (AT)  
FF-1075 Andrew Feuerstein STG2 1977-1978 squirrelturds (AT) Way too much time in the Mid East before it became the tourist attraction it is today
FF-1075 Hal Freisner SH1 83-87 halman (AT) Looking for any of my old Shipmates
FF-1075 Paul Gemme BT2 11/77-05/81 newgem9777 (AT) Looking to hear from other snipes. Had some wild times.
FF-1075 Richie Gonzalez MM2 1989-1991 krustybutt (AT) Newport, comment
FF-1075 David Green EM2 79 - 82 dg50397 (AT) Great ship. Good time in my life miss watching the water go by
FF-1075 Douglas F. Grimm SKC 87-88 grimbo44 (AT)  
FF-1075 Kurt Hall PN2 01/77-03/80 Kurt (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1075 Douglas Handwork IC2 O5/1976-09/1979 dhandwork (AT) Looking back it was a good time got to go many places
FF-1075 Michael Hawley BM3 1977 to 1980 mbjjgbp (AT) lots of fun times and lots of port of call
FF-1075 James Hedgepath MM3 1980 1983 hedge2020 (AT) dog
FF-1075 James Howland EM3 9/87-9/91 j.c.howland (AT) Excellent first command(although tied to the pier)
FF-1075 J. T. John FC1 11/83-5/89 Jtravis73003 (AT) Looking for 2nd division and weapons dept.
FF-1075 Carroll Johnson E-4 4/85-6/89 cjohnson1075 (AT)  
FF-1075 Jack Johnston BM3 6/90-decom jcj68 (AT)  
FF-1075 Bruce Kanterman SM3 1981-1983 bkant2 (AT)  
FF-1075 Leo Lessard CTO2 5/77 - 7/77 cowboybilliards (AT) Was direct support out of Rota-not sure if I can be included (not ship's crew)-Now USN (Ret). Thanks
FF-1075 Peter 'Lefty' LeTarte BT1 1987 - 1992 pletarte (AT)  
FF-1075 Ernest J. Longhi, Sr. MS/E-4 5/81 5/82 biggamestalker (AT) I was on USS Trippe FF-1075 I Bath Maine shipyard for 6 months before going to Charleston, SC.
FF-1075 Brian Louviere MM2 (SW) 1990-1992 koobreez69 (AT) Looking for Kennedy Graham, MM1 (SW) my friend from SC
FF-1075 Greg Lubinsky MMFN 1974 to 1978 loknar54 (AT) Hello A gangers and Engine room people
FF-1075 Paul Marc-Aurele RM3 1977 to 1980 paul.marcaurele (AT)  
FF-1075 Randy Mays IC2 1983-1987 rstdummy (AT) She was a good ship and our crew was the best.
FF-1075 Geoffrey Mc Lean LT 1983-1985 geoff (AT) OPSO
FF-1075 John McCarty RM2 1981-1984 Mccrtscoot (AT)  
FF-1075 Tom McNamara LT(jg) 1975-1977 tom2048 (AT) I was CommO and 1st Lt. on the Trippe...would like to reconnect with shipmates.
FF-1075 Ken Moore MM2 77-81 kmoore4419(AT) Shout out to all the Hole Snipes.
FF-1075 William (Artie) Mosley IC2 11/76 - 4/80 worra (AT) just about saw it all while i was onboard.really enjoyed it
FF-1075 Charles Mountfort EW2 3/77 - 12-80 c_mountfort73 (AT)  
FF-1075 George Myers STG2 9/83 - 2/86 jayman (AT) Looking for anyone from the BURLY BUNCH-3rd DIV
FF-1075 Lester Nash TM1 11/80 to 04/85 lnash (AT) Great ship.
FF-1075 Richard Nottage MM2 11/76-03/80 Rnottage (AT) Who could forget Turner and Chavers??? :-)
FF-1075 Colin O'Brien LT 12/89-7/92 colinjobrien (AT)  
FF-1075 Kevin Petermore DC3 01/90 - Decom kpetermore (AT) Want to talk to shipmates from that period
FF-1075 James Pfeffer OS3 1986-1989 xxjeepxx (AT) low country legend
FF-1075 Rocky Pope EM2 1981-1985 rapope (AT) Thanks Randy for letting me know about this site.
FF-1075 Nick Prelosky YNC 01/89 - 01/92 Preclan5 (AT) Miss the old boat. Made Chief and got my ESWS pin on her
FF-1075 Lou Rambone MS3 1987-1991 syphon66 (AT) Just looking for a shipmate,''SH3 Bob Walker'' give me a yell..
FF-1075 Gilbert Ray OS2 7/77-8/81 gray1 (AT)  
FF-1075 William Richard OS2 1978 to 1983 REDDOG074 (AT) nickname RED
FF-1075 Fred Roehs ETC 91-92 sheorf (AT) surprised to find this list...miss the old crew
FF-1075 Edwin Roy BM3 1981-1983 boats40508 (AT) Would like to hear from all my old shipmates.
FF-1075 Larry I. Samuels BT2 May 74 - Oct 75 lisamuels (AT) First US warship to go through Suez Canal when re-opened
FF-1075 Todd Shelton STG2 1989 - 1990 iamke6jgj (AT)  
FF-1075 Paul Slate STGSN 1988-1990 steersausage (AT) good times locomotive breath
FF-1075 Roy Turner SM 1974-1979 turntwo (AT) Does anyone remember Turner or Chavers?
FF-1075 Jerry M. Watson CPO 1977-1981 jodieroden (AT) would like to hear from old crew mates!
FF-1075 Robert ''Weby'' Webster BT3 1985 to 1989 webster1 (AT)  
FF-1075 Tim Wiersma HT3 1981-1983 amsreiwt (AT) It was quite an experience.
FF-1075 David Williams BT3/E-4 78-81 dwilliams.wi86 (AT) 4 yrs as a hole snipe-great shipmates. If the snipes don't Groove the Trippe won't move.' as per Paul Gemme.
FF-1075 Jerry Wood GMSN 1991 to 1992 jerryvbp (AT) Worked on the 5''54 Gun

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