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DD-1047 George Caldwell EM3 10/69 - 02/70 GLCaldwell113 (AT) she drank jp5like a sailor, she set many a record. she, we,.( snoopy)
DE/FF-1047 Robert Benson DSCS 1966 to 1970 willisharris74 (AT) Alive & well-living with his daughter Mary (thats me) - he would be glad to hear from anyone who knew him.
DE/FF-1047 Randy Chapman PN3 02/70 - 01/72 randyjchapman (AT)  
DE/FF-1047 Tony (Angel) De Angelis BT3 5/72-11/75 boiler_1 (AT) Mike, how did you get the gauges? How ya doing Carl?
DE/FF-1047 Victor Gambino IC3 6/66-10/68 VSFPG (AT) Plankowner crew member
DE/FF-1047 Charles McCarthy MM1 1/83-8//87 charlesmccarthy53 (AT) Had a great time onboard. Expecially loved the deck parties. Miss my best friend Steve Smith
DE/FF-1047 Lyttleton Wayne Petit SN 7/70 to 02/72 lyttletonpetit45 (AT)  
DE/FF-1047 Rafael Rolon DK3 12/14/1978 asrolon (AT) great ship made good friends for life had a hell of time!!!
DE/FF-1047 Tom Rosencrance GM2 7/75-7/79 trosencrance (AT) Hey Sparky
DE/FF-1047 Ed Skiba WO1 6/72-8/74 chapedskiba (AT) A-Gang for a while. Made Warrant on board. Great crew!!!
DE1047 Gerald Oliver PN3 1966 to 1968 oliverjerry (AT)  
DE-1047 Larry Actaboski BM3 74 - 77 Ratface (AT) Bobby Lee Crook where are You???
DE-1047 Bill Aranguren ETN2 7/67 - 12/68 billaranguren (AT) A good time, more in retrospect, than at the time.
DE-1047 Lloyd Atherton BT2 05/71 - 03/75 lloyd.atherton (AT) I have the Engineering E and the old fireroom clock.
DE-1047 Jeffery Banks SN 1968 to 1970 mick121 (AT) If anyone remembers thoese years please e-mail me
DE-1047 Gary Battista BT3 1971-1973 gary.battista (AT)  
DE-1047 Dennis Beaty OS2 1974 to 1978 Dennis.Beaty (AT) Set the Special Sea and Anchor Detail
DE-1047 Robert Benson DSCS 66-70 bobbnson111 (AT)  
DE-1047 Edward Bernardo SN 1970-1971 phoolovesyou2 (AT)  
DE-1047 Karl Bernthon QM3 4/70-374 saltysam347 (AT) Where are all the ops gang
DE-1047 Fred Bohn GMG3 9/67-12/68 FBOHN (AT) QWEST.NET  
DE-1047 Charlie Borba BT3 1970 to 1971 borbas (AT)  
DE-1047 Richard Bragg RD3 4/66 -3/68 richard.bragg (AT)  
DE-1047 James Briganti     Dadturn (AT)  
DE-1047 Terrence Brock ETN3 10/1970-03/1974 terryb847 (AT)  
DE-1047 George Cafferty SN 1969 to 1970 bgcaff (AT) Great experience! Anyone know D'Andrea, Adams, Garrett
DE-1047 Marty Carey QM4 9/69-4/72 mctimer (AT) Tommy Lee Henry you out there?
DE-1047 Jim Cousin PNSN July 68 to Jun 69 NascarJim (AT) was member of COMCORTRON SIX staff
DE-1047 Robert Cronk SN 10/71-8/73 rcronk (AT) volley ball- fantail, week lg lock on Russia sub, collision
DE-1047 Bobby ''Cool Breeze'' Crook BM3 74-77 mrberly (AT) Lawrence! I'm down here!!!!
DE-1047 Frank Curl RMSN 8/69 to 10/70 budpac06y (AT)  
DE-1047 Richard Daggett MR3 9/69 - 6/71   369 chapel st harrisville ri 02830
DE-1047 Carl Detterline LT(jg) 1972-1974 carl.detterline (AT)  
DE-1047 Greg Drake STG3 1966 to 1967 egdrake (AT) Plankowner-now in Chelsea,MA at old Naval Hospital-married (1969) 1 son. spend much time in Donegal, Ireland
DE-1047 Greg (Duck) Drale STG3 1966-1967 egdrake (AT) Plank owner. Anyone hear from Squeaky and Andre Salois?
DE-1047 Peter Dubendris FTG2 1970 to 1973 gnetter (AT) The best of times with the best of crews!
DE-1047 Frank Ehlermann BT2 09/71-06/74 conservco (AT)  
DE-1047 Richard Emerson E-4 1967to1968 rcemrs (AT) plankowner-great time-went from a kid from the sticks to a man-met lots of guys who I will always remember
DE-1047 Richard (Rick) Emery OS2 8/70-11/73 rick_emery (AT)  
DE-1047 Arthur Freeman MM3 1965-1967 piker15 (AT) Looking for plank owners.
DE-1047 Raymond Furbee MM3 01/74--06/77 furbine (AT) Mess Cooking for Chiefs----But Toulon was fun
DE-1047 Victor Gambino IC3 66-68 VPGAMBINO (AT) Plank owner. The movie for tonight is ''SHANE''
DE-1047 Jim Gann IC2 7/70-5/72 jimgann (AT) Great shipmates and fine ship.
DE-1047 Edward Garncarz EM2 1966 to 1968 egarner (AT) Original plank owner was on shakedown cruise to Gitmo.
DE-1047 Victor Geiger IC1 5/66 - 11/67 v.geiger (AT) plankowner & member of softball team
DE-1047 Paul Gergenti SH3 1972 to 1973 jetsjet49 (AT) started ships band and had a great time on board
DE-1047 Gerard Gozaloff MM3 12/72-7/75 gerardjohn (AT)  
DE-1047 Michael Gulish BT3 1970/74 barn (AT) i have the main steam gauges off the voge
DE-1047 Anthony Gurule E-5 1968 to1972 maftag (AT)  
DE-1047 Donald Heffner GMG2 6/67-7-70 bembaum (AT)  
DE-1047 Richard (John) Hooper ETR2 1973-1975 rjhooper (AT) a.k.a. ''Hoop''
DE-1047 John Hughlett ETR2 04/66 - 1268 EYEJOHN (AT) SWVA.NET  
DE-1047 Gayle ''Ike'' Isaac STG2 10/69-4/74 gisaac (AT)  
DE-1047 Irvin Jackson RM3 05/69-01/73 irvin.jackson (AT)  
DE-1047 Jerry Johnson CS3 1966-1967 nucspec1 (AT) Plank owner,commissaryman in the ships galley. Gitmo shakedown cruise.
DE-1047 Randall Jones STG3 3/66-7/69 cedarhill97 (AT) plankowner, looking for others, and greg ladue
DE-1047 Seth King HT3 2/73-1/75 sking1047 (AT)  
DE-1047 Mike Lerch EN3 1970-1972 lerch31 (AT)  
DE-1047 Norm Lovett PN2 1971 to 1972 eos40d (AT)  
DE-1047 Charles Mallory RM3 9/67 - 12/68 cmallory3 (AT)  
DE-1047 Michael McClean RD2 12/65-6/66 mccle32 (AT) Great ship, great grew.
DE-1047 Metrick TM3 1972-1974 pggcorp (AT)  
DE-1047 Les Mittleider HT3 72-73 lndaero (AT)  
DE-1047 Clifford Morris MM3 71-73 cmorris (AT)  
DE-1047 Larry Mundy EN3 6/67 to 9/70 dllem5 (AT) Started as FN and switched over to EN
DE-1047 Ken Noel   9/69 - 10/72 kntnoel73 (AT) We always had a good time.
DE-1047 Charles (Chuck) Occhipinti E-3 1970 &1971 retiredwpd4 (AT) Any Lawrence/Methuen Ma area guys here? Played 45's with them on board-fantail cookouts were awesome.
DE-1047 Joe O'Neill ETR2 4/67-5/70 joeone46 (AT) A great ship and crew!
DE-1047 Bob Pritchard LT 1/71 - 9/73 pritchard5 (AT) dCA operating out of Newport rI...
DE-1047 Joe Renaud FN 1970 - 1971 usvmcri (AT)  
DE-1047 Reynaldo Reyes TN Plank Owner lagrimasr (AT)  
DE-1047 Glenn Riffey RM2 1966 to 1968 gcriff (AT)  
DE-1047 Clyde (Robby) Robertson MM2 72-76 Alpha357a (AT) Brings Back A Lot Of Memories
DE-1047 Pat (Rock) Rocchio E-3 8/71-8/74 prockrail (AT) ASROC Gunners Mate with Chief Johnson (Gunner)
DE-1047 John Saaybe OS2 1971-1974 jsaaybe (AT) A lifetime of great memories!
DE-1047 Andre Salois STG3 1966 - 1968 andresalois (AT) Plank owner
DE-1047 Peter Sam DS1 1966-1970 psam (AT)  
DE-1047 John Schaefer QM3 1971-1974 jtemi (AT)  
DE-1047 David Senness LT(jg) 7/72 - 12/73 daves (AT)  
DE-1047 William Sesco CS3 1970-1971 tkslm (AT) Remember St. Croix, Mother Tongue, Old San Juan, and of course the Boats getting busted in GTMO
DE-1047 Fred Shelton EN3 05/66 08/68 freddog1968 (AT) Looking for old friends.
DE-1047 Michael Sherman EM2 9/72-6/73 sherm (AT)  
DE-1047 James Smith CSC 1970-1972 JScw04 (AT) Served under CDR Miller and CDR Atwood.....Great ship and a great crew
DE-1047 Roy Smith SN 6/66 - 5/69 rssdsbs (AT) Plank owner
DE-1047 Roger Smith BM3 1970-1973 boatscop (AT) A start of a career with CDR Miller and LCDR Atwood and crew
DE-1047 Richard Smith BM1 4/66 - 3/68 rsmith6589 (AT) Was with precom in Bay City MI
DE-1047 Jeff Staggs MM3 1982 jeffstaggs (AT)  
DE-1047 Steve Sumstad SM3 01/71-07/74 bsumstad2003 (AT) Lots of good memories on the Voge!
DE-1047 Andy Ternullo YN3 9/69-9/71 andyternullo (AT)  
DE-1047 Larry Thomas MR3 6/66 4/69 lthomas438 (AT) plank owner softball team football and soccer teams gitmo shake down great ship mates had a lot of fun
DE-1047 Jeff Torsell SK1 7/69 - 8/70 lemans62 (AT)  
DE-1047 Ray Wathan RM2 09/70-04/74 ray.wathan (AT)  
DE-1047 Todd Weingartner MM2 4/73-7/78 Dirtsailor (AT) Fond memories....Toulon... Wish I set foot aboard one more time...
DE-1047 Ted Williams IC2 5/66-5/68 willie8973 (AT) Plank owner
DE-1047 Randall York STG3 1969 - 1970 Randall.d.york (AT)  
DE-1047 Thomas Yost BM3 1973-1974 OBarY322 (AT)  
DE-1047 Michael Young MM3 1972-1973 yotamike (AT)  
DE-1047 Ronald Zeller STGSN June 71 - Sept- 72 jnrz (AT)  
FF-1047 Tom Anderson LT 1984 to 1986 swobubba (AT)  
FF-1047 Steve Angle SM2 5/86-11/89 TheAngles (AT) Great time. I have the last colors that flew on her
FF-1047 Kelly Birdsong RM1 7/79 - 7/82 Kbird (AT) Went on one Med deployment. CO was Cdr. Brown. Great ship, great crew.
FF-1047 Terrence Brock ETN3 10/70-03/74 TerryB847 (AT)  
FF-1047 Chuck Brown IC3 1977-1979 Chuck (AT) It was the best and worst of times!
FF-1047 Timothy Burnside SK2 8/83 - 7/86 burnsidetimothy (AT) First ship is always the best. Brooklyn Naval shipyard was a trip, but the rest of my tour was fantastic.
FF-1047 Todd Caldwell EM2 1987 to1989 Boatsum65 (AT) Just retired after 25 years and am enjoying the civillian life.
FF-1047 Rick Claar BT2 9/71 - 12/73 rcmn10nce (AT) greeat to see so many here. Are you also listed on Navy Log
FF-1047 Derrick Click STG1(SW) 80-85 and 89 -till decom dclick (AT) The ship wa so nice I served on her twice. ASW all the way !
FF-1047 Sean Collins EW3 77-81 collins (AT)  
FF-1047 Lenny Conklin SM2 4/81- 7/84 lenny.conklin (AT) First deployment Med/IO/PG great ship great crew a lot of good time and memories.
FF-1047 Robert Cornish HMCS(SW) 3/85 - 2/89 rcornish2 (AT)  
FF-1047 Rick Cox SM2 1979-1981 RCBASEBALL5 (AT)  
FF-1047 Carl Detterline LT(jg) 1972-1974 carl.detterline (AT)  
FF-1047 Thomas Dougherty HM3 1977-1979 radnobody101 (AT)  
FF-1047 J. Keith Dover EM3 04/88-decom Dovers2 (AT) Kraus, Bradley, Chim, Dyroff, Where are you guys?
FF-1047 Mark Dunn OS2 4/75-4/80 mbdunn5138 (AT) Toulon, France.....Need I say more
FF-1047 Richard (Rick) Emery, Jr. OS2 10/70-11/73 rickemery (AT)  
FF-1047 C. Steven Everett SM2 12/76 - 6/81 everett02302 (AT)  
FF-1047 Bobby Fayard OS3 01/81- 08/84 bfayard (AT) Made a couple meds. had a wild ride.
FF-1047 Tom Fillenwarth EW1 12/76 - 5/81 tfillen (AT)  
FF-1047 Charles Foster BM3 4/80-1/84 charles1560 (AT)  
FF-1047 Gregory B. Gallagher BMSN 12/76 - 11/79 gregorybgallagher (AT) don't get pissed, re-enlist!
FF-1047 Andy Getschmann GMG2 10/84-10/86 aggets (AT)  
FF-1047 Stephen Glauser SM2 1/86 - 7/88 sglauser (AT) check out
FF-1047 Eddie Goldsmith RM2 1975 to 1978 egoldsmith (AT)  
FF-1047 Jeff Good STG3 1988 to 1989 jegood715 (AT)  
FF-1047 Gary Goodman EW2 1980-1983 goodmans (AT)  
FF-1047 Scott Gutzler GMG3 1977-1979 swgutzler (AT) W2 div with Tom Rosencrance, Sparky Kindlesbarger, Bill Hibbard, Terry Mosely, etc
FF-1047 Jan Harris RM1 1983 to 1986 janharris23464 (AT) I was FIRED by TAB from the radio shack and sent to the mess decks...
FF-1047 Doyle Hensley GMG1 1975 - 1977 doyle1945 (AT) Voge was one of the best ships I served on in my 17 years in the Navy. Great Crew.
FF-1047 Tim Honchell MM3 1982 timhonchell (AT) Starsky
FF-1047 Richard Hooper ETR2 1972-1975 rhooper1 (AT) a.k.a. Hoop
FF-1047 Clarence Jackman BM2/E-5 1/69-3/73 rdnk17 (AT) great career beginning with CDR ATWOOD AND THE CREW
FF-1047 Ken Johnson PC2 78-80 kjohn777 (AT) The Boston Mass Cruise Braswell Shipyards
FF-1047 Robert Johnson STG1 1/85-8/89 REJohnson365 (AT)  
FF-1047 Steve Kaltneckar LT(jg) 1971-1974 kaltneckar (AT) Served as Communications Officer and Navigator under CDR Atwood and CDR Manny Lopez.
FF-1047 Ron Kenna IC2 4/77-8/80 rkenna58 (AT)  
FF-1047 David Kerr RM1 1986 to 1988 kerrdog89 (AT)  
FF-1047 Charlie Kindlesparger GMG3 4/78-7/80 sparky55_73 (AT) Sparky nickname. Rosie'' Tom Rosencrance, JJ Stocker, Bill Millward, ''Pope'' Landgrebe, Boston yards, Gitmo Med cruise Hey to y'all''
FF-1047 John King EM2 1975-1977 jkingup (AT) Best times ever....Med Cruise..Toulon,France...Lets hear from any of you old steamers'' from that era!''
FF-1047 Denny Lehman FTGSN 05/84 - 06/85 Lehmanld (AT)  
FF-1047 Leo Leonard RMC 1983-1987 rmcsswlion (AT) Great ship... greatest Radio Gang!
FF-1047 Chanse Linder STG1 1983-1986 chanse_linder (AT)  
FF-1047 William Lutz MMC 6/85-9/86 WilliamLutz (AT) Bellsouth.Net  
FF-1047 Walter Maddocks MM1 1981-1984 waltmddc (AT) hope to hear from old shipmates
FF-1047 Gerald Maddox BT2 1977 to 1980 madff1047 (AT)  
FF-1047 Arthur Madrazo HTFN 07/1973-01/1976 drazzo04 (AT)  
FF-1047 Raj Mangipudi BT/E-3   rmangipudi (AT) Had a great time and learned a lot...Made a lot of friends..
FF-1047 John Martin GMG3 6/77 - 2/81 stakmartin (AT)  
FF-1047 Gene Mershell EWCS 3/86-6/89 gmershell (AT)  
FF-1047 Ken Miller FTG2 1973 - 1976 kmiller24057 (AT) Looking for FT's & GM's from the early 70's
FF-1047 Mark Miller ENS 82-85 mgmiller53 (AT) 2 FOR 1 lol
FF-1047 William Mitchell BTFN 1975-1976 wmitche6 (AT) Came aboard right after Tulon, France for a short time
FF-1047 Randy Moore OS2 12/76-06/80 ragamo (AT) Med Cruise-Shipyards in BAASTON-Gitmo
FF-1047 Clifford Morris MM3 71-73 morris.cliff (AT)  
FF-1047 Douglas Mottern EW3 12/75-04/76 dougm (AT) It was a whirlwind courtship!
FF-1047 Michael Mountain DS2 Oct 78 - Early 84 mj.mountain (AT)  
FF-1047 Garrett Moynihan EM3 1975 to 1978 garrett_cdr (AT) Larry Miller, John King; where are you?
FF-1047 Carmelo Nicastro EWCS (SW) 1980-1984 cnicastro (AT) It was an honor and a privelege to have served as part of her crew.
FF-1047 Michael O'Connor PC2 12/76-6/78 michaelseano (AT)  
FF-1047 Robert Pascual BM2 1976-1980 kunsang693 (AT)  
FF-1047 Ed Porawski MR3 1975-1978 /508-763-8986 Fish w/my son in New England-need to get crew together-maybe on USS N Jersey near last birth of Voge in Philly.
FF-1047 Jim Reynolds OS3 1/80-1/82 showboat (AT) Hey everybody!
FF-1047 Kirk Risinger FC2 1984-1987 kirkr (AT) Lot's of good times. Great Weapons Division..
FF-1047 Rafael Rolon DK3 12/14/78 - 8/22/82 asrolon (AT) would like to hear from anyone who was on board from 78-82
FF-1047 David Saunders OSCM 1985 til decom emwena (AT)  
FF-1047 Tom Schuster STG2 9/78 -7/83 txschuster (AT)  
FF-1047 Michael Scott RM3 9/83 to 1/85 kkiikkii (AT)  
FF-1047 Kevin Shebilske FTG3 5/74-7/77 kske (AT)  
FF-1047 Ken Showalter FTG2 1981-8/83 kjshow357 (AT)  
FF-1047 Michael Small RMC 1/84-1/85 colbyadam (AT)  
FF-1047 Tim Sprink MR1(SW) 8/84 - 8/89 jagatorz (AT) Best ship, best crew, best times!
FF-1047 John Stevens SM2 9/70 to 4/74 john.stevens2 (AT)  
FF-1047 Jeff Thomason SM2 1979 to 1981 jlten (AT)  
FF-1047 Tim Trujillo BM3 11/67 - 10/68 tim.trujillo (AT)  
FF-1047 Bill Tutcher HMC(SW) 1989 wtutcher (AT) I was on the decom crew
FF-1047 Barney Tyner GMT-SN 12/76 - 10/78 bjft5 (AT) started as non-rated boatswain's mate switched to GMT
FF-1047 William Vermillion E-5 1981-1984 Vermillionwcmc (AT)  
FF-1047 Scott Whitney SN 4/80 - 3/82 sdwhitney22 (AT) Left the Voge in 3/82, graduated from ET A school served aboard the USS Ranger as ET2. Discharged in 10/85.
FF-1047 Randall Williams ET2 1976 - 1978 rwilliams146 (AT)  
FF-1047 Gerald Wynne SH3 1974-1977 gwynne (AT) ed parowski doing any fishing? john king, how about a skull job at the castle in naples

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