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DD-516 Tom Black RD3 12/43 to 8/44 trukinjim3951 (AT) trying to find some military history on my father
DD-516 Harvey Bloom SN1 11/43-2/46 bloom7 (AT)  
DD-516 Robert Bouler, Jr. F1   Soaplake (AT) My Father served on ship 1944 -1945. Have piece of Japanese plane.
DD-516 Don Bullock S1 11/43 To 4/46 bullock835 (AT)  
DD-516 George DeWitt CMM 1940-42 / 1943-45 fwdfwd (AT)  
DD-516 John Dodge MM1 3/42-12/45 jedodge (AT) Am proud to have served aboard the Wadsworth
DD-516 Stanley Eliuk SN1 1943 to 1945 giesh (AT) Stan died 2/19/17. I have his diary and photo's in my possesion including pictures of the ships dog.
DD-516 Paul Herman SH3 12/42 - 2/46 steve_herman (AT) Paul's oldest son, significant Wadsworth history, etc
DD-516 Richard Key     kacham (AT)  
DD-516 Richard M. Lowe QM2 12/43-12/45 rlowe (AT) We enjoyed coordinating several reunions
DD-516 William Mandel FC2 1944-45 cmandel (AT) My father died 5/24/84-believe he started reunions-remember going to a couple w/him-recognize names here
DD-516 George Pollock BM2 3/16/43 to 4/02/46 pointlomalight (AT) Father-in-law--Now deceased
DD-516 Logan L. Webb   1942-1945 twthomaswebb (AT) looking for shipmates of my father who went to any of the reunions he organized in the 60s and 70s
DD-516 Warren Bruce White   1942 to 1946 lewisw (AT) My grandfather (died 2/13/11)-love to hear frm anyone who served with him-putting together info about his service
FFG-13 Curtis Trammell EM2 5/84 - 3/85 Ctramm (AT)  
FFG-9 John Baker BM3 1981-1983 sunny28613 (AT) still thinking about the days on wes-pac like to here from my old shipmates
FFG-9 Terry Baker YN1 1989 - 1995 baker00_00 (AT) Active duty SELRES. Enjoyed the time onboard with YN1 Geiger and other admin.
FFG-9 Roderick Bell FC2 12/89-2/94 rjjrbell (AT) Hey Bro's of Club Wads Smurff Ron ONE Arriving
FFG-9 Sam Brandal E-3 busted to E-1 1979 to 1982 ironbarn (AT) I,m a Plankowner.
FFG-9 Dale Callaway STG1 1979 1983 xraynut (AT) Plank owner and friend
FFG-9 John Chadwick CWO3 6/84-7/87 john.chadwick (AT) MPA, on board when ship went from active to reserve status.
FFG-9 Carlton Davis MR1 1987-1992 cdred69 (AT)  
FFG-9 Les Ellrodt RMC (SW) 1/97 - 12/99 Ellrodt (AT)  
FFG-9 Donald Fay SM2(sw) 1989 to 1993 donald_l_fay (AT) Was a great place in time for me. 1984 to 2010 retired, US Army, US Navy
FFG-9 Mark Henke STG2 12/79-6/82 golfbowler (AT) Plankowner !!
FFG-9 Enrico Hernando PN1 5/81-5/84 tunesmithusa (AT) Great handsome fast frigate... competent crew and officers
FFG-9 Gregory Hines STG1 05/86-02/90 gdhines (AT)  
FFG-9 Rick Kincaid SM1 87-89 rick.kincaid (AT)  
FFG-9 Randy Kittilson EW1 4/82-4/84 chevs57 (AT) 'kitt'
FFG-9 Daniel Langlais GSM1 Jan80 - Feb84 DLang1075 (AT) Commission Wadsworth as GSM3
FFG-9 Michael Lewandowski SN Dec-79 michaelrlewandowski (AT) Plankowner
FFG-9 Jim Linney E-5 12/92-12/95 Jimlinney (AT)  
FFG-9 Charles (Chuck) McGathey CPO 1979-1981 furfeathers95 (AT) My late husband-had heart attack 8/14/1981-I worked in the office,put everything together for ship's comm.
FFG-9 Craig Nelson OS3 12/79 thru 4/82 ozarkweb (AT) Plankowner
FFG-9 Greg Nelson MS3 4/1/1980-12/8/1982 gsn3329 (AT) great stories-shipmates good to see yall,mssn Cain Evans died in Milwalkie 10 years ago
FFG-9 Micheal Olhausen EN2 3/87 to 3/91 mrolhausen (AT)  
FFG-9 Stan Price LT 12/84-5/87 szprice (AT) Transferred to NRF soon after reporting, so no deployments while onboard.
FFG-9 Donald Roberts EW2 4/83-12/85 et1nuc1 (AT) Great WestPac cruise 83-84
FFG-9 Jacob Sandoval GSE2 1/87-6/88 jakeblade9 (AT) Looking for GSE1 Berryhill.
FFG-9 Melvin Schaaf BM/E-2 08/91-08/92 schiten (AT)  
FFG-9 William Sutton RM3 1/80-2/85 ssuttonw61(at) plankowner (may have been the last to leave)
FFG-9 Thaddeus Theriot IT1 1998 to 2001 theriotthad (AT) Great time onboard-01 WestPac-anyone know where I can get that Cruise Book? Lost mine in Katrina.
FFG-9 Christopher Walker BM3 04/84-08/89 caw03ret (AT) the Best Deck div, the best of time on the boat deck, and un rep station # 3, west pac ,

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