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DD 703 Bob Tully PN3 1959 to 1961 bchcple (AT)  
DD-702 Fritz Gereau RM3 9/50 - 9/53 fgereau (AT) I enjoyed my time on board and met some lifetimes friends/aquaintences.....enjoyed the reunions etc.
DD-703 Clifford Abramson CWT 9/44-12/45 clabebb40 (AT)  
DD-703 Tony Alagero ET3 5/48-6/48 tala (AT) New Orleans-reserve trng.
DD-703 John Allard MR2 68-69 allardjd (AT) Came aboard just before Portsmouth yard period - left just before ship changed home port to Pearl Harbor
DD-703 Dave Alperovitz TM3 1968 to 1970 roygrp (AT)  
DD-703 Bill Ancker SO2 1951 1953 wancker (AT) like to hear from you old guys.
DD-703 Kenneth Armstrong, Sr. TM2 2/49 - 10/52   PO Box 106, North Stonington, CT 06359 860 535 3222
DD-703 Kenneth Baker SN 12/69 to 7/71 jnkbaker60 (AT)  
DD-703 Edward Bauscher FTG3 69-71 eb62vette (AT) Aka- Fast Eddie. 502-876-2137
DD-703 Bob Beckers FTG3 4/71 - 12/73 bobbeckers (AT) I am back in the area, close to Portland...looking for shipmates...several of us here.
DD-703 Jerry Benson BM3 7/48-1/52 jerrybenson29 (AT)  
DD-703 Donald Berg EN3 1955 to 1957 bergdonnie (AT) Im his son and I want to suprise my dad this Christmas and Thank you for your service
DD-703 Ernest Berry GM2 7/59-6/62 edberry7 (AT) Made a Med / Red Sea / North Atlantic Cruise
DD-703 Roger Bertrand FA 1951-1955 yelena1 (AT)  
DD-703 Richard Bladen CSC 1965-1969 Deceased  
DD-703 John Bolton FT2 1956-1958 bolton39 (AT)  
DD-703 Robert J. Bonifate MMFN 61-63 bonzo (AT) Served during the Cuban Missile Crisis
DD-703 Charles (Chuck) Brewer BT3 1965-1967 charbrew1 (AT) looking for Chuck Singleton and Chester Zellner
DD-703 Charles Brewer, Jr. BT3 8/65-8/67 charbrew1 (AT)  
DD-703 Jesse Brown DC3 9/52-10/54 jnbrown78 (AT)  
DD-703 Paul Brown SH3 6/60-7/62 sgtfuzz (AT)  
DD-703 Robert Budrick MM2 5/49-7/51 turtlep (AT)  
DD-703 Charles Burns SO1 3/55 to 7/57 cburblat (AT)  
DD-703 Ronald Bush SA/TM3 12/63-5/66 joyron2 (AT) Where is GMGSN Walley Skidmoore, RMSN Scott Newby,TM3 James Raighn,TMSN. Send E's.
DD-703 Carlos (Cal) Calderon MM3 1955 to 1958 cjcalderon (AT) Looking for shipmates during that period of time
DD-703 John Campbell SN 68-69 carnot (AT)  
DD-703 Conrado Campomanes BT1 1969-1971 BTCNavRet (AT) looking for old shipmates
DD-703 John Castings SK2 1966 to 1969 jcastings (AT)  
DD-703 Tony Cavicchioli BT3 10/63-8/66 585-225-5462 Call and leave a message
DD-703 William Chapman MMCS 1967 to 1969 hvachap (AT) MMCS William Chapman passed away 12/99. Anchors Away
DD-703 James Clark FN 1948 to 1951 doublej4161 (AT) After fireroom gang
DD-703 Donald Clark SN 1967-1968 Sealhacker (AT) Was the kid Corpsman Striker under Chief Bailey.Still miss my old Shipmates.
DD-703 Darrell Clevenger PC3 12/68-12/70 maryjo (AT)  
DD-703 Luke Cline EN2 9/63-2/66 lrcbee (AT) Great ship to be on.
DD-703 Donald Coles PO3 1954 - 1956 mjcdwc (AT) remember our coalition on our way from the mediteranean
DD-703 Gary E. Conway YN3 12/62-8/65 gconway (AT)  
DD-703 William (Bill) Corboy YN3 10/59-10/61 corken (AT) Looking for Charles Marks, Ron Casella, John Cornelius
DD-703 William (Wally) Cox ET3 1963 to 1966 wgcox (AT)  
DD-703 Mikual (Mike) Craft PN3 12/63-6/65 mlcre (AT)  
DD-703 Jack Creasy SN 11/67 - 01/69 jcreasy (AT)  
DD-703 William Crowe LT(jg) 1957-1960 capt57 (AT) Great Ship to begin a Navy career
DD-703 Jim Crowell SN 3/1966 to 9/1969 fripan (AT)  
DD-703 Billy Curry SN 1955 to1956 bccurry35 (AT)  
DD-703 Gary Curtin SR July 1947 NR cruise gcurtin (AT) Lind,Weeks,Bory& Hanks took NR's on tr. cruise
DD-703 Mike Dalby FN 12/64 - 9/65 mikedalby99 (AT)  
DD-703 Sean Daley SM3 1969 to 1971 sdaley9731 (AT)  
DD-703 Michael Daniel BTFA 1969 to 1970 MikeyDees48 (AT)  
DD-703 Robert Danna SN 12/69-8/71 rd433600d (AT) great time in my life-21 months active on lind 3 mo school cut back to college.8/71
DD-703 James Deacon MM1 5/55- 1/59 Deak703 (AT)  
DD-703 John Dell SN 1952 - 1954 honoluludell (AT) from GM to HM rate
DD-703 Wayne Delph YN2 Jun/71-Jun/72 wcdelph73 (AT) We had fun on the jolly wally and trained reserves
DD-703 George DeMetropolis CO 8/44-8/46 jandeme1 (AT) Anyone serve with my late father in law? Thanks for any info
DD-703 Henry Deskiewicz PO 68-72 hdeskiewicz (AT) Henry J Deskiewicz Jr USN (retired) passed away on March 2 2014
DD-703 Butch Dohrman EM2 1968 - 1971 butchdohrman (AT)  
DD-703 Jim Donlin   1957-1959 Anniedd703 (AT)  
DD-703 William Donlon AN 01/63-01/65 Dwill47243 (AT)  
DD-703 Tony Douglas RD3 3/70 to 8/71 Doug8202 (AT) Still In mobile,ala
DD-703 Jim Draper SKSN 1970 - 1971 qwe1 (AT)  
DD-703 Thomas (Tommy) East E-4 1969-1972 jademeald74 (AT) My father just passed and would like to know if I could find a few people that knew him on the ship, thanks
DD-703 Lynn Ebaugh E-4 1962 to 1964 leebaugh (AT)  
DD-703 Robert Edwards QM3 1950 to 1953 redwards666 (AT) best years & best buddies of my life
DD-703 Richard Edwards RM2 4/59 - 8/61 randd (AT)  
DD-703 Harvey Edwards FA 7/73 - decom harveywards (AT) Great memories were had by a now retired MMC/ 95
DD-703 Paul Eishen SN 1958-1960 peishensr (AT)  
DD-703 Olaf Eliasen MM3 1962 1965 eelioa (AT) cuban crisis
DD-703 Don Estaque MM3 1949 donestack (AT)  
DD-703 Kenneth Estep CS3 7/63 to 7/65 linkenestep (AT) Would love to hear from fellow shipmates.
DD-703 Bobby Farmer SN 1958 to 1961 b.farmer84 (AT) Would like to hear from the members of first divison
DD-703 Joe Fendt SO2 1/53-4/55 jtfendt (AT)  
DD-703 Gary/Gerald Fesler ADJ3 12/68 - 4/70 gfesler (AT) We lived in the hanger bay after we left the ship yards in 69 and took that shake down to GET MO
DD-703 Steven Fidler RDSN 1970-1971 FIDMAN51 (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-703 James Fisher 3/c Sept. 1955 thru Dec 1958 jimedna (AT) Looking for history on the Wallace L. Lind
DD-703 Edward Fitzpatrick FCSN 1951 to 1954 e.fitzpatrick99 (AT) comcast .net when is the next reunion?
DD-703 Tom Flowers RM2 03/68-01/70 flowers (AT)  
DD-703 William Fogel STG3 5/66-10/68 afregal (AT) am also contact to L.detwiler
DD-703 Walter (Bob) Forkner GMG3 6/64-8/66 tpa0728 (AT) really felt like a family to be on the ship.
DD-703 Ken Foster CS2 1970 & 1971 drdent17 (AT) The cook that dropped aboard with a beard.
DD-703 James Fredrickson SN 70-72 jefredrickson (AT) Weapons Yeoman
DD-703 Mike Freeman EMFN 1970 to 1971 grovemech (AT)  
DD-703 Del Futrell PN3 July 1964 - January 1966 Del (AT)  
DD-703 John Gaidry F2 01/46-08/46 jgaidry (AT)  
DD-703 Frank Gallagher   9/67 to 6/69 frankgallagher1 (AT) glad to hear from anyone
DD-703 William Geist FT2 9/53 to 6/57 bnb17201 (AT)  
DD-703 Fritz Gereau RM3 9/50 - 8/53 fgereau (AT) enjoyed my time on board and all the good times at the reunions
DD-703 Charles Giberson RM3 1953-1956 ChGibrson (AT)  
DD-703 Kenneth Earl Gibson, Jr. IC3 1961 to 1962 siekmann (AT) looking for Roy Peters, Walter Nodine
DD-703 Mel Goodson EM2 1952 to 1956 mel_goodson (AT) Would enjoy hearing from those I served with.....
DD-703 Samuel Goodwin BT2 11/65-9/68 sam.goodwinjr (AT) Next ship, LKA, then cross rate
DD-703 Mike Gorham FTG3 11/69 to 8/71 mdgorham (AT) looking for softball players & bickers 319-795-0881
DD-703 Louis Gorman, Jr. BT2 1962 to 1965 joe409 (AT) Louis died on 1/4/2003
DD-703 Robert Gottardi SN1 1/57 - 6/60 RobertLGottardi (AT) A good 3 1/2 years with a great group of shipmates.
DD-703 Thomas (Horace) Grealy PNSN 1968 to 1970 grealythomas (AT) Pre Portsmouth Shipyard to after Home Port change from Norfolk to Pearl Harbor.
DD-703 John Griffin SOG/SN 1/58- 11/59 griffinjp (AT)  
DD-703 Richard Hanley CDR -19621963 dickhanley17 (AT) XO of ship under Emil Saroch
DD-703 Rod Hardy DK5 1970 - 1971 macroguy (AT) was Disbursing Clerk on Ship, looking for old shipmates
DD-703 Rod Hardy, II DK2 1970 - 1971 macroguy (AT) was Disbursing Clerk on Ship, looking for old shipmates
DD-703 Edward Hawkins MM3 44-46 mguice (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates during this period.
DD-703 Lawrence Hedge MM2 07/64-12/67 12440 SW 187 St.,Miami,FL 33177  
DD-703 Joe Henderson RD5 1960 to 1962 belfalls (AT) little tex trans. to shore duty(temp) on med deployment 1962 for muster out
DD-703 James Henley LT(jg) 71-72 henleyjr (AT) Trust Your Keel to the Men Who Wear the Wheel!
DD-703 Martens Henry STGSN 11/67-12/68 sonar703 (AT)  
DD-703 Charles Hidalgo CDR 06/59-09/61 hida7670 (AT) Looking for all who may have served above dates
DD-703 Gary Hitchcock SH3 1966 to 9/1969 deboxem (AT) Anyone got a 68 Vietnam cruise book? Lost mine!
DD-703 Dave Hobbs BMSN 1962 - 1964 mirage523 (AT) Any Old Shipmates - Send an E-mail
DD-703 Harold Hoffman ME3 10/56-10/58 wa0tof (AT) Great time
DD-703 Frederick Hofmeister RM3 9/49 - 9/52 hoffyfred (AT) Great Ship & Crew
DD-703 Gerry Howe FN 1957-1959 rawhide708 (AT) miss the old days and friends
DD-703 Chuck Hromek BM3 69-71 chuckshomes (AT)  
DD-703 Fred Ingram RD3 1963-65 fgingram5 (AT) gmail. some trip would not of missed it for the world. just did'nt know it then!
DD-703 Ray Jablonskis PN2 1972 to 1973 rayj3303 (AT) I decommissioned her in December of 1973
DD-703 Gary Jenson BT3 12/70 - 9/71 gjen960 (AT)  
DD-703 David Johnson SN 9/58 to 9/59 circledrj (AT) Treas of Lind Reunion 2008
DD-703 Dick Jonas DC3 1969 - 1971 dick.jonas (AT) Changed home ports, Norfolk to Pearl, and Westpac.
DD-703 David Jourdan PN3 3/66 - 11/68 djourdan1 (AT)  
DD-703 George Jung HM 6/62-3/64 arkansasboy (AT) known as ''little doc'' served in sickbay
DD-703 Michael Kasting EM3 7/71-decomm mwkasting (AT) let there be light! Spot says ''aye aye''
DD-703 George Kelly BTCS 12/66-5/69 btusnret (AT) My sixth ship in a 21 year career
DD-703 William F. Kelly, Sr. BM2 1943-1945 mbk41247 (AT) would like a list of shipmates during that period
DD-703 Michael Kerrigan MM3 4/73 mkerrigan (AT) Portland was the best as well as the crew. Worked in Main Control. Looking for shipmates
DD-703 Russell Kidder EM3 1960 to 1961 kidderr (AT)  
DD-703 Lynn Kingsley RD1 11/64 - 01/69 lynn.kingsley (AT) Jolly Wally was a great ship,
DD-703 Garry Kinsey E-4 1/69-1/71 GAKER8346 Captain Westman honoured me by threatening to kick my ass
DD-703 Randall Klepper BT3 8/71-12/73 klep29 (AT)  
DD-703 Larry Koehler RD1 2/68 - 4/69 taxman520 (AT) served aboard a CA and 3 DD's but this one was the best
DD-703 John Konkus RM3 11/65 - 9/68 john.1936 (AT)  
DD-703 Glendon La Fountain RM/SN1 1945 to 1946 Genevanana (AT) Remember Christmas in Wakayama Japan in 1945 & the China Sea
DD-703 Glendon LaFountain RM/SN1 1945 - 1946 glen6 (AT) Remember Christmas 1945 Wakayama Japan & the China Sea Typho
DD-703 Robert Leedom FT3 6/56 - 6/59 r.leedom (AT)  
DD-703 Mark Lemmon CS3 1972-1973 marco51 (AT) Worst cook ever, but the hours were good! 3 on and 3 off!
DD-703 James Lennon GMG3 8/69 to 7/1971 ford9999 (AT) was in second division
DD-703 Pasquale (Pat) Letterii   07/50-07-51 Lpatlett (AT) Was RD2/C.... Who remembers?? Looking for ''The Greek''
DD-703 Robert Lewis STG3 1963-1966 BobLewis45 (AT)  
DD-703 Robert Liatos MMF 53-54 lrobli (AT) Contact for 51-53 History
DD-703 Frank Lippincott CAPT 1956 to 1957 FLIPPI5167 (AT)  
DD-703 Colby Littlepage ETRSN/E-3 8/62-7/65 colbylittlepage (AT) My brother Bill also served aboard the Lind in the early 60's but has now passed from this life.
DD-703 Jay Longsdorf BR 1956 - 1960   828 Prospect, Durand, WI 54736
DD-703 Bruce Ludwig MM3 3/71 - 9/72 bruceludwig797 (AT)  
DD-703 Mabry Lunch CS2 67-70 mabes43 (AT) new e-mail address, be glad to from anybody !
DD-703 Mabry L. Lynch CS2 67-70 mabes43 (AT) be glad to hear from anybody out there
DD-703 Bob Lynch ST 1953 to 1957 mldeep6 (AT) My father my best friend past away 3/03
DD-703 William Manchor HTCS 8/67-10/69 sweeneyub1 (AT) Some of the best duty i had, with a great crew.
DD-703 Francis Marino RMC 1960 to 1961 fmarino (AT) Lind was part of first mercury flights
DD-703 Charles Marks FTG2 1958 to 1962 CMARKS4022 (AT)  
DD-703 Henry Martens STG3 11/67-12/68 sonar703 (AT)  
DD-703 Dennis Massion LT(jg) 6/67-10/69 dmassion (AT) Hope to find my fellow shipmates
DD-703 Albert J. Mathews RM2 1962-1962 ajmathews (AT) Editor of onboard newspaper during blockade.
DD-703 William Maxberry GM3 1949 1952 wmaxberry (AT) roadrunner .com
DD-703 Mike Mccarthy ETN2 1965 to 1968 mzmdesign (AT)  
DD-703 Robert McConville RD2 8/52-8/54 RJ McConville (AT) Holland Storm Guatemala barrier patrol
DD-703 Bob McConvillle RD2 8/52-8/54 RJMcConville (AT)  
DD-703 Dennis McCormick ETR2/E-5 1963-1967 inactive till 1969 mccormick47 (AT)  
DD-703 Jim McCoy ETR3 3/66 - 11/68 mccoyjw (AT)  
DD-703 Gary T. Meadors RM2 1963 to 1966 gmeadors (AT) Love to catch up with old shipmates...any reunions planned?
DD-703 Marvin Mealey MM2 24/06/56 to 20/02/60 mms413834 (AT) got a good education all Navy schools i attended while i was aboard the lind and toured the world
DD-703 Len Meritz PN3 09/58 - 08/59 jjkris1 (AT)  
DD-703 Gary Merker SK3 10/71 - 7/73 gmerker48 (AT) New email. Looking for David Edwards, CS3
DD-703 Harold Merricks IC3 9/68-11/69 hbmerricks2 (AT) 321 Pinecrest Dr., Danville, VA 24541.....434-822-2775
DD-703 Ronald Merrill SN 61 - 7/63 4bestway (AT) was a deck hand. darn good ship. looking for h.g.hall,bmsn
DD-703 Mike Michaelson SN 6/65-6/67 camichaelson (AT)  
DD-703 James Mincy ET3 5/56-4/58 jmincy (AT)  
DD-703 Joseph Mitchell CDR 7/68-12/69 opah6 (AT) Nothing in my career was as exciting and rewarding as this.
DD-703 Thomas Moore SN 2/60 - 2/62 Chincot (AT)  
DD-703 Richard (Dick) Moroni SH2 4/66-3/69 rmoroni (AT) recognizing a lot of names, remembering a lot of good times
DD-703 Henry (Tom) Morris FT(L)3 1958 to 1959 htm3 (AT)  
DD-703 Ed Moulder SM 1955-1957 emoulder (AT)  
DD-703 Joseph Murphy SOSN 1956-1958 Sonarjoe (AT) Looking for 3rd Division fellow shipmates
DD-703 Bernard Myer MMFN 12/670-9/69 m545 (AT)  
DD-703 Daniel Nicholson GMG3 12/69-3/71 fordpuman66 (AT) great ship and crew
DD-703 Raleigh Ohlmeyer E-3 1944-46 Mercedesdore (AT)  
DD-703 Richard A. Olsen RM2 1/69 - 1/72 joemama (AT)  
DD-703 Jim Ott RM2 3/49-6/52 jnott703 (AT)  
DD-703 Joe Patterson SN 1958 to 1959 jhpnp (AT)  
DD-703 Thomas Perry MM 10/66 - 11/69 thms_perry (AT) i finaly understand
DD-703 Michael Persiano F1 2/4/46 - 10/4/47 tincans8 (AT)  
DD-703 Roy Pierce MM3 1972-1973 royboy (AT)  
DD-703 Jim Pistarelli MM2 65-66 slantt (AT)  
DD-703 Eugene Placek FN 1960 1962 map450 (AT) gmail.con Looking for William Fitzpatrick.
DD-703 James Robert Plum FC2 1944-1945 Bob Plum (AT) Plankowner, Commissioning to Surrender, Tokyo Bay
DD-703 Gary Pollock SN 1965-1967 gary.pollock (AT)  
DD-703 Michael Pope RD3 Sept., 1970 - Aug., 1971 michaelwpope (AT)  
DD-703 Charles Prahl MM 6/49 - 9/52 cpwheels (AT) Please contact me if you were shipmates
DD-703 Preston Pullen BM3 01/62 10/66 preston.pullen (AT) love to hear from any one
DD-703 Darrell Ratcliff SN 1968- 6/70 taichirat (AT) I am from indianapolis, indiana i played basketball on our ship i was a boatwainsmate in first division.
DD-703 Frank Reusing SM 2/67-12/68 fishermanfrank (AT) Would like to hear from someone who was on the Viet Nam cruise
DD-703 Robert D. Rice BT2 11/69-05/72 rrice48 (AT)  
DD-703 Wayne Rieschel LT(jg) 1968-1970 pam (AT) I'm all grown up now
DD-703 John Rivard DC2 1959-1962 mameriwether (AT)  
DD-703 Robert Roche SN 8/65-10/67 HPN39 (AT) looking for Greg Robey AKA Cookie
DD-703 Maurice Rollins GM1 6/58 to 5/58 mooseheadmaine (AT)  
DD-703 Steve Ryan ETN3 1966 - 1967 Steve.ed.ryan (AT) Hello to any old shipmates I have known.
DD-703 Donald Ryder CAPT 7/66-8/68 dryder (AT) Skipper during Vietnam Deployment
DD-703 James Salyers SN 11/67-11/68 SNJSALYERS (AT) I was a BM aka Peanut
DD-703 Ronald Sargent     nathansargent (AT) looking for info/photos of father Ronald Sargent who served sometime between 1958-1964?
DD-703 Joseph Sauls MM3 1949 to 1951 tincansailor (AT) Med Cruise,Korea 1950,re-enlisted for 6 yrs onboard-trans to Charleston to put 2100 class DD's in comm for Korea.
DD-703 Ron Schmitz EM2 9/57-6/60 Ronschmitz (AT)  
DD-703 Charles Schneider TM3 51- 54 skitarip (AT) anybody still out there
DD-703 Michael Schoenberger EM3 11/67-9/69 Thecliffhangers (AT) AKA- Berger
DD-703 Charles Schuckmann GMSN 1/57-1/60 schuckmanncr (AT)  
DD-703 Jeff Schumacher SK2 1962 - 1965 moth2a (AT)  
DD-703 Raymond Scolari MM2 1943-1944 shmanske (AT) Plankowner, would like to hear from anyone from that time
DD-703 Rick Scott BT2 Sept 1972 til Decom rascott9447 (AT) gmailcom  
DD-703 Charles R. Shores SN 9/56-9/58 suechas (AT) I am not sure about the exact date, I will check and see.
DD-703 Edward Siemietkoski RM3 4/64 to 4/66 EdwardPro23 (AT) Looking to surp fath-(RM)-always wanted attend reun but not sure how to get in touch-pls let me give him this gift-TY
DD-703 Joe Simon ETSN 10/53 to 1/54 joey2kar (AT) Was CPO Mess Cook be for discharge
DD-703 James Sinclair EM2 8/71 to 9/72 sinclair5171 (AT) Six years in the Navy, six different ships. This one was the last.
DD-703 Winfred Smith RM3 4/45 - 12/45 winfredrsmith (AT)  
DD-703 Peter Smith E-5 6/61- 6/64 pesmith1021 (AT) Article in Legion mag. made me recall things I was Gitmo blockade,3 months & looked for Thresher for 3 days.
DD-703 Russell Snow EN2 1967-1968 tdrussellsnow (AT)  
DD-703 Monty Steedle     s_shipman (AT)  
DD-703 Edmund Steen HMC 1973-1974 dmndsteeb (AT) Need to contact GMC Charles Romancik
DD-703 Robert L. Stevens BT 1952-1956  
DD-703 Arthur R. Stinnett GMG2 1958-1965 tincansailor75 (AT)  
DD-703 Jerry D. Story MMC May 56-Sept. 63 jdstory1 (AT)  
DD-703 Robert Stout GMG3 8 /65 7/67 Bob stout (AT) Best years of my life serving my country
DD-703 Bill Taylor QM3 12/69 -11/71 billtaylor (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-703 Harold Thrash FN 1950-1954 hrt703 (AT) enjoyed serving aboard with my shipmates
DD-703 Richard Thrash, Sr. FN 1951 - 1955 Luckebk (AT) It's great to be a member of Tin Can Sailors
DD-703 William Tomas IC2 1/63 - 10/66 Bill0722 (AT) Enjoyed my time aboard
DD-703 Carl Toreson FC3 10/49 to 1/52 ctoreson (AT)  
DD-703 James Toro MM/FN 11/ 67- 11/68 jamestoro68 (AT)  
DD-703 John Trudeau RD2 DEC 68 - DEC 71 jactru1 (AT) Retired as OSCS serving on 2 other DD's, 1 FF, and 3 staffs
DD-703 Jim Vandivort BT3 5/70 - 5/72 Jim.vandivort (AT)  
DD-703 Merlin Wagner GM2 1951-1955 graryder (AT)  
DD-703 Randy Wagner SK2 1967-1969 richardwagner0991 (AT)  
DD-703 Jack Walton SN 1958 to 1959 waltojac (AT) a great experience
DD-703 Allen Warmingto Midshipman 1/c 6/62 Durrchfall43 (AT) Ordered to chip all paint on gunmt 51-gunmt 54 had been removed & was rep by a drone anti-sub helicopter.
DD-703 Allen Ross Warmington Midshipman 4/c 7/62-8/62 wbotschaft (AT) TAD, Ensign: 1965
DD-703 Ronald Warren MM2 06/59-07/63 captainronw57 (AT) I left the jolly wally when we went into the shipyard for fram conversion
DD-703 Edgar Watson BM3 12/63 to 5/65 edddbldw (AT) would like to hear from old brother Frank servedon board 64 til after Vietnam tou.... frank died Oct.2005
DD-703 Bryce Wellnitz QMC 71-73 bwellnitz (AT) Long Live Reserve tincan duty in the city of Roses!
DD-703 Edward Whitaker EN3 6/65-9/67 Whitaker (AT)  
DD-703 Larry Wisdom E-3 1969 to 1970 tom (AT) Call 816 836 5899
DD-703 Terry B. Wolfe ET(R)2 1967-1968 twolfe45 (AT) (Jolly Wally) Med - NASA - V. Nam Pearl Sydney Auckland Guam - A lotta water under the bridge Also
DD-703 Philip Wood TMSN 11/67-12/68 pwood50 (AT)  
DD-703 David Wright YN3 63 - 67 snappydavid44 (AT) 269.753.5088 (Michigan) Waiting to hear for ANY former shipmates.
DD-703 Robert Wuttke FN/MM 1966-1969 chiefireguy1 (AT) I know some old shipmates are out there..lets hear from you
DD-703 James Yeager SOG2 5/60 - 11/61 rokitdog (AT) What a memory....looking for 50' of water line...still looking!!
DD-703 Lawrence Yoder BT1 1971-1973 LYods1 (AT) Ashley BT1 Streaked the Quarter Deck.
DD-703 Ronald Zaneto RD2 11/01/66 to 11/10/69 Ronze (AT) My tour was like McHales Navy.
DD-703 Joseph Zupon RD3 1966 to 1968 joeyzupon (AT) miss my buddy Tom Taylor

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