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DDG-44 Dan Amick OS1 1981-1987 Damick (AT) Best times in the Navy What a ship!
DDG-44 George Ashbridge LT 09/75-05/77 sussex (AT) ASWO, Did 20 yrs in Navy, Now sailing in Merchant Marine
DDG-44 Graylin Bartley RMSN 07/78-12-78 barttrain (AT) Unitas XIX We lost a plane carrying shipmates home..terrible
DDG-44 James Barton CDR 1981 to 1983 bartonj1 (AT) Executive Officer
DDG-44 Jack Beavers OS3 1977-79 beaversj (AT) UNITAS, Philly shipyard
DDG-44 Rodney W. Beck MM3 1984-1986 BeckBNSF (AT)  
DDG-44 Keith Bellis EN3 09/1975 thru 09/1977 krbellis (AT)  
DDG-44 John Black LT Jun 81 - Feb 85 jblack (AT) CSTO, Fire Control, Nav
DDG-44 Timothy Bubla SM3(SW) 1986-1990 webmaster (AT) Reunion Aug 2005 Charleston. Log into
DDG-44 Ron Buchanan GMT1 02/79-05/81 gmtcswron (AT)  
DDG-44 Mike Campbell EM2 June 87 - Nov 90 mikecamp (AT)  
DDG-44 Brian Canfield FTG 1977 - 11/79 brianc1959 (AT) UNITAS / Phillie Ship Yards....
DDG-44 Tim (Chris) Christopher RM2 4/79 - 10/81 tim (AT) Philly shipyards, Gitmo Reftra, Med 81 Cruise. Gulf of Sidra 81
DDG-44 John Cinque HM3 1986-1988 johncinque (AT)  
DDG-44 Andrew Comdure FTM2 6/78 to 6/84 acomdure (AT) philly shipyard hell, Unitas 19, Chief Giannotti, Johny Gray
DDG-44 Raymond E. Corbett BMSN 11/82 - 12/83 Rallirish (AT) Good Crew
DDG-44 Brian Delamater EN1 6/88-9/91 patriot79us (AT) Best memories of the navy are from the Pratt
DDG-44 Joe Dermody DS2 12/79 2/82 joedmti (AT) Philly Yards, Gitmo, Med. Cruise 81
DDG-44 Chippa Dorrian MS 80/84 dodgevanz (AT) looking for Eric Whisnant,Terry McEwan,'Cherokee' Williams,
DDG-44 Gene Edwards OS2 Oct. 88-decom Genkims (AT) friend of my era.
DDG-44 Robert (Duke) Fanesi GMG3 1976-1980 mackey711 (AT) Bicentennial, Unitas, Med, Phili yards, Gitmo (Smokers)
DDG-44 Mike Finnegan OS2 May 1977-Aug 1981 fin1 (AT) UNITAS, Phila Yards, Gitmo, Med Cruise
DDG-44 Charles Fletcher MM3 03/77-06/80 gsmcret (AT) Work in M division /Aft Engine Room
DDG-44 Greg Froelich GMM2 1988-1991 gregsezz (AT)  
DDG-44 Phillip Gaff GMC(SW) 12/83-10-88 jagalvn (AT) looking for any of our fantastic gunner's mates
DDG-44 Ernest Gibson FC1 1988 to 1992 egibson (AT) Still playing guitar
DDG-44 Alberto (Tito) Gonzalez GMM 1977 to 1980 fyrfighter (AT) Unitas, Pnsy Good Times
DDG-44 Eric Greene LT 1983-1985 usm1978 (AT) ASWO
DDG-44 Jimbo Gurney E-3 12/79-6/81 rollrsk8ter (AT) Philly,Gitmo,Med Cruise.. Looking for Mike Warren, other FT
DDG-44 William M. Hall, Jr. MM1 10/78 - 1/84 mm1retwh3 (AT)  
DDG-44 Fred Hall FTM2 1983 to 1986 hallft (AT)  
DDG-44 Rodger Hall DK1 6/78 - 6/82 hallr44 (AT)  
DDG-44 James Hammond BT3 12/87 - 2/90 Jvhammondsd (AT) Rejoining the Proud Fox crew.
DDG-44 Mike Handley OS 1987 mb31005 (AT) Had a blast!
DDG-44 Lee Hanley QM2 02/85-02/89 hrobopopo (AT)  
DDG-44 Ron Hardy BM2 1976 to 1980 rhardy (AT) It was a great four years. Looking for other BM's
DDG-44 Brent Hardy CDR Aug 75 - Aug 77 CAPBPH (AT)  
DDG-44 Bill Hatcher RM2 2/76-3/79 b2jhatch (AT)  
DDG-44 Larry Hedrick SH3 dec76 to jun80 fp3170 (AT)  
DDG-44 James Helton MM 79-81 nightuser (AT) Philly Yards, Gitmo, Med. Cruise 81 (After Engineroom)
DDG-44 Sal Hernandez OSC 9/75-1/80 saljr46 (AT)  
DDG-44 John W. Herren RM2 Dec85-Jan90 herrenjw (AT) Looking to hear from old shipmates!
DDG-44 Bruce Higgs STG2 1975-1977 brucewhiggs (AT)  
DDG-44 Larry Hockney SN 83-86 hockneyl (AT) Like to hook up with some old mates
DDG-44 Steven E. Holien MS3 July 87 thru Dec. 90 Hueyusn (AT)  
DDG-44 Martin Jacobs RM2 3/77 - 1/79 mjacobs21 (AT) Unitas 19. Great ship, had a great time. Looking for any RM's that served on the Pratt.
DDG-44 Lucious James MMC 5/84 - 4/90 mcss85g (AT) Served with Nuse,Kaiser,Locke,O'larry,Templet,Kidd,Sorrentino,and others
DDG-44 David Jankin GM2 7/80-2-83 jankin337 (AT)  
DDG-44 Edward Jones BM1 1982 to 1986 margiejones40 (AT) This ship was the pride of the fleet. Believe it!!
DDG-44 Mark Kelly FTG1 5/77-11/81 kram56 (AT) Charleston, Unitas, Philly Yards, 81 Med Cruise-FireControlGang
DDG-44 Kenny Koenig SM3 1/77-1/80 kndautobody (AT) looking for some old friends
DDG-44 Don Kresal ET2 5/84 - 10/87 djk (AT)  
DDG-44 John Lago MM1 10/88 - 09/91 GentlemanJohnL (AT) Ya gotta love ''Tin Cans!''
DDG-44 Scott Laitinen FN 2/86-6/88 Devmackx (AT) searching for john (jack )brooks and jerry watson and paul barnes
DDG-44 David Lambeth BT2 1/79-6/82 David.C.Lambeth (AT) Philly shipyard 79'-80', GITMO, Med. cruise 81'
DDG-44 Steve Landers E-5 10/79 - 09/83 satkat (AT) Never Forget!
DDG-44 David Langlais SN 1979-1981 sailordave133808 (AT) worked in gsk for sk1 larry pepper
DDG-44 Arnold Lasley IC3 4/78 to 11/82 Gerldinetony (AT) looking for old shipmates
DDG-44 Daniel Lavelle GMG2 1/80-12/85 stlr32fn (AT)  
DDG-44 Darin LeCompte SH3 1987-1990 bdlecompte (AT) sbcglobal.ney  
DDG-44 David Lee GMG2 1976-1978 daveandkinalee (AT) Grandchildren complete lives and heal all wounds. I love being a Pop-Pop.
DDG-44 Frederic Lessig LT(jg) 09/81-05/84 flessig (AT) Electrical Officer/Firecontrol Officer
DDG-44 Joel (Joe Bob) Little HT1 12/78-12/83 joell (AT)  
DDG-44 James Mailman OS2 11/80-6/84 jmailman (AT) I learned a great deal on the Willie V. She was a proud ship and had a great crew.
DDG-44 John McArdle SM3 11/75 - 6/78 octoberjo02 (AT) Signal Gang and Quartermasters were the Best!
DDG-44 John McCulley FTM2 12/83-4/86 mcculley (AT) I owe many shipmates a lifetime of Thanks
DDG-44 Don Minar STG1(SW) 02/85-06/89 bud8lile (AT)  
DDG-44 Bruce Mitchell DS2 1/78 - 5/80 B.W.MITCHELL (AT) LMCO.COM DSC Ed Frost,DS1 Bob Gagnow,DS2 Phil Yehl,DS3 Phil Miller,DS2 Curv Kleindenst,DS3 Terry Kennedy…hey
DDG-44 Jerry Moore DS2 05/84-12/88 jerryjmo (AT) Made a lot of friends onboard 'Willie V'
DDG-44 David Munday OS2 1985 to 1989 dwmunday (AT)  
DDG-44 David Muzzy MS2 1977-1981 muzusnretired (AT) Retired MSCS Muzzy reporting back in. (25 years service)
DDG-44 Christopher Myers FTM2 1980-1984 mrfse01 (AT) was good
DDG-44 Russ Nance SMC(SW) 11/86-12/88 russelln (AT) Great ship, left a lot of good friends behind
DDG-44 Tony Nuzzi GMC 1984 to 1991 anthonynuzzi52 (AT)  
DDG-44 Danny Odom BTCS 08/80-12/85 danmar_odom (AT)  
DDG-44 Leonard Peck SK2 1/75-10/76 lpeck456 (AT)  
DDG-44 Richard Petersen LT 1/81-12/83 rickpetersen (AT) STO, NTDS Officer, CIC Officer - Many fond memories
DDG-44 Tony Pieprzyk BT2 1977-1980 ampieprzyk (AT) Still steaming after all these years. (I'm on facebook)
DDG-44 R. Dennis Pinner HT2 Aug. 1977 - Nov. 1980 n4den (AT) Hope 2 C a New Tin Can Commissioned as the 'Pratt'
DDG-44 Frederick Rebar BT3(SW) 1988-1990 rodriguezfs (AT) write: P.O. Box 45583, San Diego, CA 92145
DDG-44 Brent (Reddog) Redmond OSSN 12/90- 9/91 AlGirdino (AT) Looking to hear from old friends
DDG-44 Sean Reilly OS2 1980-1984 sean.reilly (AT) first ship awesome tour. hey os2 finnegan the rals is here
DDG-44 Bruce Rensing STGCS (SW) 1985-1990 Bruce.rensing (AT) Tin Cans Forever...Great crew and CPO Mess ....Ret 1990
DDG-44 Robert Sheff RM2 1988 rbs4nef (AT)  
DDG-44 David E. Shirley EM2 Nov. 79-Sept. 81 DeShirley01 (AT)  
DDG-44 Dan Shively MM3 6/89-8/91 djshively (AT) can I get one on ya?
DDG-44 Rich Sigler EW2 1981 - 1983 raes48 (AT)  
DDG-44 Robert Sliger E-4 1977-78 ukfan1 (AT) Unitas XIX was unbelievable
DDG-44 John Smith SMSN 1981 to 1985 floridianbrn (AT) Where is all the com's sailors? Had some good times on the Willie V.
DDG-44 Richard Smith MM2 1985-1989 smith81277605 (AT) decommission in Sep 1990
DDG-44 Al Socarras BT2 6/80-10/85 schyler (AT) My first ship and the end of a US Naval era
DDG-44 Leslie Swinehart HT1 4/84 - 5/86 lt_swinehart (AT) By far my favorite ship. I especially remember Med-IO 1984.
DDG-44 Brian Templet MM2 85-89 templeb (AT)  
DDG-44 Steve Townsend LT 1989 to 1991 steve.townsend (AT) R-Div, E-Div, OOD. Part of decommisioning crew.
DDG-44 William ''Stoney'' Tuck MS2 9/79 to 1/82 IMNAVY52 (AT) Had a great time on the Silly Willie!!
DDG-44 Earl Waidelich LT 1980-1984 hwaidelich (AT) MPA/Boilers Officer ... was I really that young?
DDG-44 Robert Walters FTCS 1/79-2/80 bnswal7 (AT)  
DDG-44 Charles Watson OS2 01/81 - 06/84 cajunmedic98 (AT) Ahhh in CIC and dealing with was good..
DDG-44 Johnny Welch FC1 June 1986 - April 1991 Johnnyw (AT)
DDG-44 Ken Welsch EM2 5/75 - 10/77 kwelsch1 (AT) Loved that ship... And, stopping in Yugoslavia on the Med Cruise...
DDG-44 Peter Whitney SA Nov 82-Dec 83 Whitmore (AT) Looking for a few old friends
DDG-44 John Wilbert RM2 2/81-6/84 bertsmote (AT) is it live, or is it memorex?
DDG-44 Manny Zeringue BT2 1988-1991 mannyzeringue (AT)  
DLG-13 Roger Lee Andrews E-5 1967-10/71 rogandy (AT) Hope to hear from old shipmates (Radarmen)
DLG-13 Thomas J. Ardecki RM3 10/61-4/63 tardecki (AT) Plankowner Nov 4, 1961 Philadelphia Shipyard
DLG-13 Steven D. Ball ETR3 12/71-9/72 scorpphip (AT) was my 1st ship & Med cruise
DLG-13 Steven Beekley FTM1 7/73-9/77 beeks1169 (AT) Haze Gray and Underway, Always
DLG-13 John Beisbier EM2 9/61 - 1/63 johnbeisbier (AT) Plank Owner Philadelphia Shipyard Norfolk, VA. Cuban Missile Crisis, Nov. 1962
DLG-13 Joe Bilotta EM2 4/62-4/66 joejb (AT) Very good ship. Great Electricians.
DLG-13 Dan Bowman GMM2 Nov 70 Nov 72 dnlbow (AT) A great ship and crew who never missed a commitment
DLG-13 Wythe Brown RM1 2/71- 10/71 wytheb (AT)  
DLG-13 Frank Brylinski YN3 68-70 frankieb55 (AT)  
DLG-13 Adelord Caprood BT3 1965 - 1968 turtleboy (AT) had a lot of fun, drank a lot of booze and worked hard.
DLG-13 Paul Cavallaro MM3 12/65-9/69 pauljr452 (AT) 32 years, still miss the WILLIE V. and crew
DLG-13 Arthur Cheney IC2 1966-1969 artcheney (AT) Remember the garbage truck backing into the ship in San Diego on the way back from the West Pac cruise?
DLG-13 Jack Childs RD1 8/61-10/62 bolen12 (AT) 501-262-2674
DLG-13 George Christenson SN 7/61-11/63 glchristenson (AT) PreComm, Newport
DLG-13 Karl Christoph CDR 1965-1966 radmx (AT) Great ship! Great crew!
DLG-13 Tony Cicero DS1 9/73-10/77 tcicero (AT) Super ship, (AT) med cruises and a Unitas Cruise & Equator Crossing
DLG-13 Ed Conley GMG2 66-68 shared (AT) Best sea duty I had in my 22 years of service
DLG-13 Robert F. Couture MM2 1969 to 1972 shepherd (AT) Nickname=Cooch or Frenchy
DLG-13 Donald Crowell STG2 1966-1967 Relaxn2 (AT)  
DLG-13 Keith Cundiff OS3 11/70 thru 9/72 k106881 (AT)  
DLG-13 Fred DenBleyker ETR2 8/61-10/63 fredd547 (AT) hard work but good memories
DLG-13 David Dietsche FTG1 10/71-3/72 user1303 (AT) Good crew
DLG-13 John (Al) Dognazzi BT1 4/61 - 8/63 jdinsp (AT) Plank Owner
DLG-13 Ronald Duffy MMC 10/71-12/74 RON6401 (AT) Went thru AAW MOD. in Philia in 72
DLG-13 Michael Dunaj MM3 1973-1975 MrD2001 (AT) Main Control
DLG-13 Jerry Dunford EM3 8/64 - 8/66 jerryd14 (AT)  
DLG-13 James Edwards IC2 1971 - 1972 jd6string (AT) Went to North Atlantic and Mediterranean.
DLG-13 Robert Faircloth SN 71-72 Racoonrough (AT) first ship, Med cruise, like to hear from shipmates in DeckDiv.
DLG-13 Edward Fenwick EM3 1964-1966 edefen (AT) only EM working with the IC gang at that time
DLG-13 Jim Ferretti BT2 precom to 3/65 ferrett2 (AT)  
DLG-13 Greg Fish SK3 08/70-06/72 gregorylfish (AT) Lots of fond memories-Med cruise,N Atlantic 71,Easter Sunday 72 in the Med w/Russian cruisers-great men.
DLG-13 Roderick Fruendt STG3 1965-1966 rfruendt (AT) My new email-also on Facebook. Great ship, great bunch of guys.
DLG-13 Gary Geyer EM3 1966 to 1969 glgvjg (AT) Got to see the world and make friends
DLG-13 Roger Gill EM2 1970-1971 rogersue (AT) union electrician/ Albany N.Y.
DLG-13 Charles Giovannitti BT3 12/65 to 9/69 cgiova6116 (AT)  
DLG-13 Goody Goodman SM1 67 - 68 goody (AT) Neat Website..Like this very much.. Tin Can Sailors Rule!!!
DLG-13 Lloyd Griffith SH3 1966 to 1968 lloydgriff (AT) GO SHIP!!!
DLG-13 Gene Hall LCDR 1966-1967 genehall7 (AT) Favorite of all destroyer types I served on.
DLG-13 Steve Hancock OS2 73-75 gertenslager (AT) would love to hear from shipmates
DLG-13 Don Hart RM2 7/69-5/70 d.hartsr (AT) Only service on the Pratt for a short time but it was great.
DLG-13 Jack Hazel RM2 1974 to 1977 hazel_jack_j (AT) Retired from the Army as a 1SG/E-8 in 1998.
DLG-13 Charles Hazzard RD2 11/61 - 04/63 cbhazz3892 (AT) Plankowner Philadelphia, PA 11/04/1961
DLG-13 William Henderson FTM3 1963-1966 ansps48e (AT)  
DLG-13 Ralph Hunter FTMC 1961-1968 RFH2534 (AT)  
DLG-13 Ralph James SN 09/64 - 09/66 rustyoldnail (AT)  
DLG-13 Robet J. Jordan GMMC July 1973 - Oct. 1977 gmcse8 (AT)  
DLG-13 Rod Joye BT3 11/68-04/72 rodj44137 (AT)  
DLG-13 Bob Kahl ETN3 8/68-8/69 rbkahl (AT) Trying to contact the old ET gang
DLG-13 C R (Rick) King GS3 8/61 - 8/63 psirick (AT) What happened to Chief Gear or Capt. Gustafson?
DLG-13 Ronnie Kline RD3 5/69-9/69 rbutchk (AT) I was with the BJU2 unit out of Dam Nick Virginia
DLG-13 Phillip Knighton RD2 08/70 - 10/71 phikni (AT)  
DLG-13 David Kuzara FTM2 1969 - 1972 legionaire (AT) You don't realize what you had until it's gone. The end of an era, the
DLG-13 Fred Lehman SN 1967 to 1968 fhlehman (AT) Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club ! 1st Div. deck-apes ! old shipmates?
DLG-13 Richard Marlin PN1 1965-68 MCPO Marlin (AT)  
DLG-13 Pete Marselle MM3 4/66-10/69 pmar1 (AT)  
DLG-13 Emert McKaughan MM3 10/61 - 11/62 emckaughan (AT) we commissioned her a great ship lots of good memories
DLG-13 Roger McLane CS3 6/67-11/69 noreaster1919 (AT) The steamin Willie V. haze grey an underway
DLG-13 Rick Menke RD2 1969-1972 rickmenke (AT) hope to hear from RDs
DLG-13 Bill (Popeye) Michaud FTM2 1969 to 1972 michaudb (AT) Willie V sailors, best in the Fleet, where's Fat Albert?
DLG-13 David Miller RM3 1970-71 david.miller (AT)  
DLG-13 Wiley Montana LT(jg) 9/63 - 12/64 wmontana (AT) where is everyone??
DLG-13 Richard Moore CDR 9/63 - 6/65 ogisan_clifton (AT) Second CO; first Med deployment
DLG-13 Robert Nichols STGC 1973 - 1978 nick (AT) Are there any WW II minesweep sailors out there
DLG-13 Joe Paretti RM2 8/61 to 5/63 joehacknj (AT) Plankowner
DLG-13 Norbert Pestana ETR5 1966 to 1970 npestana (AT) say high
DLG-13 Thomas Pyne EM3 1968-1971 dbl_hunter (AT) Lots of hard work and good times on the Willy V.
DLG-13 Randy Quenzel EM3 1966-1969 ourmetro (AT) would like to hear from Mark Noel and anyone else from this time frame
DLG-13 Alan Rasmussen E-2 1969 to 11970 rasmussenranch (AT) the good old day's
DLG-13 Sandy Reutter ETN2 9/69-10/71 sandyreu (AT) just remembering all those nights on the high-line detail
DLG-13 Robert L. Richards SN Aug 61 - Aug 64 lynnrichards (AT) Pre-comm Newport, RI - Med cruise 64. It was a great ship.
DLG-13 Richard Richardson YN3 12/69 to 08/71 richardr (AT)  
DLG-13 Paul D. Richmond FTM3 12/70-9/72 atokaddod98 (AT) Researcher/Historian 4 our .com SITE //55 Type, WDE + others
DLG-13 Rodger Ries FTG1 68-72 rhries (AT) Great ship - Great crew
DLG-13 Tim H. Roberts LT(jg) Jul 63-Apr 65 figtree (AT) ASW , Navigator
DLG-13 Morris (Rod) Roddenberry BT1 73-74 HottRod1950 (AT) Aft. fireroom
DLG-13 Mike (Rosy) Rosenberg SN 2/71-6/72 prosen9230 (AT) Lots of memories of my first ship. Greatest deck division ever.
DLG-13 Don Schneidt SN 5/70-9/72 navydad1981 (AT) 1st ship-Med Curise-Deck Div.-like to here from others in 1st Div & any others that were on board then.
DLG-13 Reginald Sheridan GMM2 1970-71 rsherida (AT) Great ship. Looking for Steve R. Morrison
DLG-13 Woodrow (Woodie) Smith RD3 1/70 - 5/71 smith_ww (AT) Radarman
DLG-13 Thomas Smith SK3 7/61-1/65 twsmith66 (AT) Plankowner. GQ-5''54 local control. Pls bridg. tel talker
DLG-13 Billy Solesbee SK3 6/66 to 12/66 sunshine man1946 (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
DLG-13 Raymond Sprinkle QM3 10/73- 10/77 rsprinkle (AT)  
DLG-13 Melvin States RM3 2/64 - 1/66 states (AT) Good times - Fond memories
DLG-13 Brian Stearns FT1 1964-1967 stearns (AT) Looking for shipmate Ben Darres. Lots of memories of Med, Carribeinn
DLG-13 Rick Steffek GMG3 12/66-10/68 rsteffek (AT) Served with Conley,Giovannitti,Marlin and Townsend (Nam)
DLG-13 R. Stone RM2 73-74 ristone (AT) Great times blowing up things in the Caribbean.
DLG-13 John R. Szepesi LTSC 1967-1969 john_szepesi (AT) Good Ship. Like to hear from other crew members.
DLG-13 John Taylor SN 2/64-?/65 frogiisone (AT) Deck/Weps Yoeman/Bugler/Photographer
DLG-13 Frankie Taylor MM3 1970 to 1971 swabbie674 (AT)  
DLG-13 Michael Tebbe GMM3 4/71-10/72 mtebbe (AT) Love to hear from the missile house crew
DLG-13 Harry Thomakos GMG/SN 1965-1968 htnypd1969 (AT) To all my shipmates remember SFM2 J. Roark,SN J. D. Cayce
DLG-13 Charles Townsend GMM1 12/64 - 9/69 chuckt85737 (AT) Looking for Shipmates 67-68 Tonkin Gulf Cruise.…
DLG-13 Guillermo Villanueva EM3 1/65-11/68 GUSAPI (AT) AOL.COM Vietnam Veteran 1967
DLG-13 Richmond Ware SK3 1970-1971 rware01 (AT) Had a memorable time in the Med and living in Mayport, FL.
DLG-13 Charlie Weekley SM2 Oct 70 - Sep 72 chw_3 (AT) Great Ship! Lots of good memories.
DLG-13 Steve White ETC 8/68 - 8/69 etcmusnret (AT) Retired 1979 ETCM
DLG-13 Robert Wogstad BT3 1966 to 1967 rwogstad (AT) looking for ship mates that was on the same ship. my ship mates used to call me wogie.
DLG-13 Philip Woods MM3(R Div) 1961 to 1965 mwoods03 (AT) looking for Harry Baker Eicholtz III
DLG-13/DD-44 Guillermo Villanueva EM3 1965 to 1968 gusapi (AT) I pick up the ship after boot camp
DLG-13/DDG-44 Richard Ball EM2 2/64 - 4/66 excapehatch (AT)  
DLG-13/DDG-44 Bill Flury OSC 3/73-7/77 flury5618 (AT) Plank Owner. Best ship ever. Retired W-4
DLG-13/DDG-44 Ron Halowell EN1   ronandlin (AT)  
DLG-13/DDG-44 Richard Tom Henke MM2 1/74 to 9/77 rtomhenke (AT) Worked in After Engineroom, Had A Blast
DLG-13/DDG-44 John Mulrooney SK2 1/72-10/73 CTRealtorJack (AT) Can't Imagine a better crew!! We are going where???
DLG-13/DDG-44 William Risch RM1 July 73 - Jul 77 wfarisch (AT) Hi to all
DLG-13/DDG-44 Gary Sanford GMM2 2/75-9/79 mr1861 (AT) UNITASx2 , Naples too many times Capn Rod didnt want to go
DLG-13/DDG-44 Kenneth Schroeder CWO3 10/73-11/76 retsquid61239 (AT) aawmod precom (AT) norva summer 73
DLG-13/DDG-44 Walid Shantur SM3 73-77 travel (AT) Great ship, 2 Meds, a UNITAS and others
DLG-13/DDG-44 Andre Simms BM3 1973 to 4/77 407-425-5891 Hello from Orlando, FL 9/21/03
DLG-13/DDG-44 Bruce Smith EM1 74 to 77 sencecausa (AT) looking for any em's who worked with me
DLG-13/DDG-44 James Snider IC2 1974 to 1977 jsnider3 (AT) Fantastic ship. Does anyone remember Gary Gander IC1 (ICC)?
DLG-13/DDG-44 Raymond Sprinkle QM3 11/73 - 11/77 rsprinkle (AT)  
DLG-13/DDG-44 Keith Stillman FTM2 10/73-4/77 kfstillm (AT) Pratt days, Friday the 13th.
DLG-13/DDG-44 Sean Trask     rocky7232 (AT) Looking for info on SN John D. Cayce (MIA) in NAM
DLG-13/DDG-44 LeRoy Wolf E-5 2/66-10/69 lrywlf (AT)  

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