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DD-775 Bruce Adams PN3 1961-1963 jayeadams (AT)  
DD-775 Bill Albright LT 58 thru 60 billalb (AT) Served as Ops./ Navigator and Eng. Off
DD-775 Clarence Allemand, Jr. MMCM 7/68-11/70 alleyoops10 (AT) Had a good time on board
DD-775 Herbert Arnold TM1 1950-1952 www.herfan (AT)  
DD-775 Thomas Ashley MM2 1964 to 1968 tomandshirley1 (AT)  
DD-775 Charles Askren IC3 1962 to 1963 askrenv8 (AT)  
DD-775 Douglas Bailey MM3 7/66 to 10/69 dougdotbailey (AT) phone #(757)653-0764
DD-775 Burl (Baldy) Balderson SN 58&59 bdbaldy (AT) postal clerk 1958&59
DD-775 Charles Barrera, Jr. QM3 1965-1966   35 Foley st. Manchester, CT 06040 (1-860) 649-2452
DD-775 Joseph (Moose) Bauer BTFN 1950 to 1952 Joseph.Bauer5 (AT) Verizon.Net Looking for Adm Leslie J . O'Brien's address He was your a
DD-775 William (Bill) Beamish   1950-52 Beamishfamily (AT) son (David) looking for those who knew my dad
DD-775 David A. Bell, Jr. SFM3 8/61 to 7/62 davidab217 (AT)  
DD-775 Ray Bengtson RM2 1962 rbengtson (AT) We had a great football team...
DD-775 Donald Benke MM3 3/48 -1/50 doldwillow (AT) Put ship out of commision 1/50-3/50 (AT) Charleston S.C. Shipyards
DD-775 William Bennett SC1 1944-1945 green_eyed_gal38 (AT)  
DD-775 George Beucler MM3 1963 gwbeucler (AT)  
DD-775 Walter Binn RD3 1960 to 1963 (AT)  
DD-775 George Blanos RD2 1962 to 1966 gblanos (AT) Would not change the experience. Shipmates e-mail me.
DD-775 Herschell Blitz MRFN 11/57 to 8/59 hershblitz (AT)  
DD-775 Stuart Bowen RD3 1960 to 1962 sbowen (AT)
DD-775 Stephen Brasher RD2 8/62 to 5/64 brashersandb (AT)  
DD-775 Tommy Brooks BT-3 6/66-11/69 Brooksie66 (AT) oil king aft. fire room would like to here from some MM AND BTS
DD-775 Jerry Butler MMC 7/71 - 4/72 whitewhiskersma (AT) PMS/MDCS coordinator.. watch in #2engrm Lots of good men but low in numbers
DD-775 Louis Carlson ET2 5/54-8/56 wa8cid (AT)  
DD-775 Fred Ciebell GM3 10/59-07/61 fciebell (AT)  
DD-775 John Coburn SM3 1961-1965 canopus_i94 (AT) Was also on Murray, Beatty, Venture, Nimble, Chandeleur
DD-775 Francis Collins PN3 5/57-5/58 scorpiotwentysix (AT) Played on ships softball team!Anyone have a pic of the Dennis The Menace plaque we displayed when in port!
DD-775 Richard Cook RM3 06/59 - 06/61 DickCook52 (AT) Good times, good memories.
DD-775 Jay Corey RD3 1969 to 1971 4corey (AT)  
DD-775 Jerry Coy IC3 1971 to 1972 gcoy (AT)  
DD-775 Lucious ''Jack'' Davis GM1 1959 to 1963 lectricjack (AT)  
DD-775 Al De Geso RD3 1953 - 1956 degeso (AT) hi guys. keep in touch
DD-775 John DeDionisio DC3 1968 to 1970 jackdd38 (AT) My time onboard was an adventure, I will never forget my shipmates.
DD-775 Marshall Deutsch RD3 9/59 - 6/61 tmarsh (AT) The Med cruise was a highlight
DD-775 Jim Dunn SN 11/59-8/61 ddunn3 (AT)  
DD-775 Robert Farro FN 5/51-9/51 rf07405 (AT)  
DD-775 Raymond Fassberger BMSN 5/48- 4/50 rayandmarge (AT) 2nd Div. coxswain of Captain's Gig
DD-775 James (Patch) Fenton BT2 1968 to 1970 knothead6 (AT)  
DD-775 Rodney Ferguson S1 1954 to 1956 rferg10681 (AT) I worked on the captain's gig
DD-775 James Fitch FC1 1944-1945 elnaco (AT) Plank Owner - Main Battery Dir. Pointer - see DESERT SAILOR
DD-775 James Fogelsonger BT2 1961 to 1962 pfogel25 (AT)  
DD-775 Maurice Foster ET2 1958 to 1959 pinetree1 (AT) Remember the storm coming back from the Med March 1959?
DD-775 Robert Foster BT3 1947-1950 rkfgeebo (AT)  
DD-775 Aubrey Fox FT3 1944-1945 aubrey_fox (AT) Looking for 'Fire Control Div.' shipmates around 1944-1945.
DD-775 Robert Friedhaber EN3 1964-1965 Usswillardkeith (AT) Website:
DD-775 Robert Frtiedhaber EN3 1964-1965 rfriedhaber (AT) My email has changed to rfriedhaber (AT)
DD-775 Cecil Fry BT3 1962-1963 wv.moon (AT) frontier. com  
DD-775 Joseph Fuller 3/c 1952-1954 seahawk7575 (AT) Member number 202
DD-775 Robert Furman FN 62-63 ubfur (AT)  
DD-775 Michael Gallagher RD2 5/58 to 3/61 michaelninagallagher (AT) Great ship....anyone heard from Jim Farrell?
DD-775 Francis (Frank) Gardner SO1 1/53 - 1/56 fdgmcg (AT)  
DD-775 Richard Gemberling BT3 07/05/50 to 12/20/54 URREALTYMAN (AT) Enjoy comming to reunions
DD-775 Joseph Giordana MMCS 1969-1971 josgio2 (AT) fine ship and hardest working crew i ever had in any enginerooms aboard any ship.
DD-775 Joseph Giordano MMCS 1969-1971 josgio2 (AT) great m div crew . m div chief
DD-775 James A. Glasgow SK3 1963 to 1965 jglasgow10 (AT)  
DD-775 Paul Goldberg RM3 1956 to 1959 paulmscllns (AT)  
DD-775 Ron Gonter RD3 2/61 - 8/63 swaggerstick1 (AT)  
DD-775 Edward Good SN/E-3 1966 to 1968 gpaed64 (AT)  
DD-775 Roger Graham RMSN 11/50to 10/25/52 www.zitasmate (AT) Would like to hear from RMs that I served with
DD-775 John Greene   1950 to 1952 jagreene4 (AT) 865-688-8749
DD-775 Joe Griffith SK2 1961 to 1962 itsmee297 (AT) Was aboard for Northern European Cruise
DD-775 Edward Groh SN1 1949 hgroh (AT)  
DD-775 Robert C. Hadden RM3 1957 to 1958 rhadden4848 (AT) Just wanted to check and see if I remember other shipmates
DD-775 Leonard Halascsak RD3 59-61 LBHALASCSAK (AT) Interested in hearing from shipmates
DD-775 Bill Hall TM3 1947-1948 Donnabillhall (AT) Also served aboard R.L. Wilson, DD-847 1949-1951
DD-775 Jerry Hansen FT2 2/52 - 10/55 jerryh330 (AT) Enjoying the reunions-meeting up with old/new friends-we were in our 20's back-then-Wish more would join us!
DD-775 John Hardegree QM2 4/59 - 4/60 clayco17h (AT) would like to hear from all that knew me
DD-775 Fred Harden QMQ3 5/51-7/52 gatorfred55 (AT)  
DD-775 Ronald Harrell BT2 1/55 - 6/55 RHARRELL (AT) CINCI.RR.COM  
DD-775 Donald Hartley RM3 1951-52 dp.hartley (AT)  
DD-775 Gary Hartsook MM2 1/61-7/63 bageoman (AT)  
DD-775 Kem (Mack) Hauldren SKSN 1950-1954 khauldren (AT) looking for Jack Jerome & Melvin Van Meter
DD-775 Mike Heffernan SN 09/59 to 09/61 Mhnavy (AT)  
DD-775 Dan Heikkinen STG2 63 to 65 ddhcamp9 (AT)  
DD-775 Don ''Harry'' Hempstead MM2 10/52 - 2/56 dhempj2 (AT) Managed the Engineers Storeroom
DD-775 James E. Herring SB1 12/44- 9/45 jimebbie99 (AT) Notable events: Okinawa, torpedoes, and typhoon.
DD-775 Bill Higgins   1944-? bowman721 (AT) My father was on this ship in WWII
DD-775 Forrest Hoff CQM 1944 to 1946 frosty (AT) Plankowner. would like to hear from
DD-775 John Hover RDSN 4/49-2/50 jghover (AT)  
DD-775 William Huber BT2   bghweh648 (AT)  
DD-775 Dee Hurm FT2 1951 to 1953 dl.hurm (AT)  
DD-775 Robin Johnson MM2 10/1962 to 10/1966 mascotur (AT)  
DD-775 Ellis Jones SH1 1950 to 1953 AVMTLSM (AT)  
DD-775 M.E. (Casey) Jones FTSN 1950-1953 casjones (AT) Am treasurer of ships reunions. Like to hear from shipmates
DD-775 Richard Jones SM2 4/59-12/61 delcogrotto (AT)  
DD-775 Mike Jordan SN 1963 portrichey4 (AT) Two week cruise frm Norfolk to Ft. Lauderdale in 1963. Almost killed when pipe the overhead came loose-miss my head by ab 6''. Other than that a good cruise.
DD-775 Kenneth Kangas MM3 12/55-4/59 arlyce31 (AT) Want old shipmates to get in contact with me
DD-775 Robert Kleinedler MM3 11/53 - 1/57 pbk10 (AT) Had good times, & good friends on a good ship
DD-775 Charles Knickerbocker YNT3 10/50 - 4/52 chasknick (AT)  
DD-775 Charles K. Knickerbocker, Jr. YNT3 10/01/50 to 4/15/52 chasknick (AT)  
DD-775 Gary Kreutzer SN 1963 to 1964 GARYKREUTZER (AT)  
DD-775 Eddie LaMaison SN 1959-1961 eddlama (AT)  
DD-775 Ralph Lauretano RM2 sometime in 1959 to 6/1/62 rlauretano (AT) Wish I could relive those days-loved the-ship-miss my time aboard-love to hearing from anyone from radio shack.
DD-775 Jimmie Lea     jiml56 (AT) served on board during md east cruise
DD-775 C. J. Long TM3 1955-1957 clong14 (AT) Shipmates and fellow torpedo men please write!!
DD-775 Wallace P. Longmire STC 1964 to 1967 wlongmire (AT) I wish to renew old friendships with ex-shipmates
DD-775 Frank Lynn SN Late 50's csheaves (AT)  
DD-775 Hugh Machus FTG3 1964 to 1966 Hmachus (AT)  
DD-775 Albert Madeiros     tinalwise (AT) looking for my dads shipmates
DD-775 Robert Marble TM1 10/2/44 to 4/8/47 robertmarble (AT) Plankowner
DD-775 James Mary IC3 10/55 - 12/58 kimary1 (AT)  
DD-775 John McCaffery, Jr. SM3 12/44 - 6/46 kevinmccaffery (AT) John's mailing address: 1529 Cherrywood Dr. Modesto, CA. 95350
DD-775 Dan McCartney FTG1 71-72 natsrt05 (AT) I was aboard when Keith was given to the Columbian Navy
DD-775 Joseph McCollum GMGSN 1959 to 1962 jmcco40 (AT) Factor None Verber
DD-775 Steve McDonald RD3 1961 to 1964 mickeyd_812 (AT) still would like to hear from any shipmates aboard between 6/61 and 10/64.
DD-775 Jerry McVeigh SN 1962 - 1963 Jerrymcveigh 1842 (AT) gmail  
DD-775 Robert Meeks DC3 1970-8/71 b0348 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates and reminisce.
DD-775 William Monroe FN 7/1948 to1/50 realcash (AT) Had lots of fun ! Good bunch of guys
DD-775 Steven Mowers EN3 01/69-07/72 stevensmwrs (AT)  
DD-775 Herman Mueller FTG2 9/64-9/67 hwmdmm (AT)  
DD-775 Francis Murphy MR3 6/62-6/65 profmurphy (AT) Boiler & Eng rooms/Ran machine shop/Cuban Blockaide
DD-775 Richard Navarre SO2 58-60 navarre (AT)  
DD-775 John Newcomer SN 1958 1960 montrosrfire35_2 (AT)  
DD-775 Dick Nolan SM 1953 to 1956 dicknolan12 (AT) Let's see if we remember each other.
DD-775 Jay O'Connell CDR 1969-70 navy5186 (AT)  
DD-775 Brian O'Connell RD3 1959-1963 sullivana2 (AT)  
DD-775 John G. Penza SN 6.52-7/53 JO7PEN (AT) AOL.COM  
DD-775 Thomas Persohn E-3 12/68 to 9/69 ppersohn (AT)  
DD-775 Ronald Pete SN 7/58-9/60 dd775-pete (AT)  
DD-775 Willard Petersen WT2 1944 to 1946 petersenwillard9 (AT)  
DD-775 Jim Pierce RM3 1944-1946 jpierce (AT)  
DD-775 Donald Postma EN3 5/58 - 7/61 d_cpostma (AT)  
DD-775 Earl Pryor, Jr. FM 06/62-03/64 www.earlt3 (AT)  
DD-775 Edward Raney FT3 5/53-1/56 karaly (AT)  
DD-775 Frank Reed SN 1963 mahfdr (AT)  
DD-775 John Reichenbach SK3 1963-1965 JERBACH (AT) We sure had good food and a great time.
DD-775 Donald Samples GM3 1/60-6/63 samples04 (AT) anyone who served when i did would love to hear from you
DD-775 Roman Schetka E-5 64-67 RSCHETKA (AT) HOTMAIL.COM Looking for shipmates
DD-775 Roman (Ron) Schetka, Jr. QM2 1964 to 1966 rschetka (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-775 Joe Schwaab SM2 '58-'61 tincanman6 (AT)  
DD-775 Steve Segars SN 1969-1970 seg7mr (AT) also went to the fleet on the USS Davis DD937
DD-775 Calvin Shanower MM3 7/58-2/60 momba193 (AT) love to hear fom former shipmates
DD-775 Raymond Shea LT(jg) 8/54-1/57 rshea86 (AT)  
DD-775 Thomas Simco SN 1952 to 1953 tcsimco (AT)  
DD-775 Bob Simmons ET3 11/47 -10/49 bpsimmons2 (AT)  
DD-775 Bill Singleton RD2 10/55 to 06/59 MWOLDWEST (AT) Painted mascot logo on 4 brass cast plates-Dennis the Menace riding a destroyer hitting a sub with a mallet.
DD-775 James Smith RD1 1952-1956 Jamesdsmith (AT) A long time ago
DD-775 Thomas Spinneweber MM2 1963 to 1965 tgspinne (AT) Assigned to forward engine room
DD-775 Clifford J. (Red) Stanbrough FA/GM/SN 08/53 to 11/54 ccstanbrough (AT) Ph (575) 437- 2027 Cell (575) 491-1351
DD-775 Clifford J. Stanbroughy ANGM 8/15/53 to 11/21/54 ccstanbrough (AT) Great crew of officers and men, enjoyed my time on board. Thank you for the opportunity U.S.Navy.
DD-775 Kenneth Stewart BT2 1970 to 1972 cassie_castle (AT)  
DD-775 Louis T. Stout FP2 1950 -1954 JeanStout1 (AT)  
DD-775 Thomas Synnott IC3 1955-56 tsynnott (AT) home 732-469-6577
DD-775 Richard (Dick) Teague SOG3 1960-1963 kteague (AT) Interested in locating shipmates.
DD-775 Jack Thomas QM2 5/54 - 12/54 jacthomas (AT) Ahoy, Mates!
DD-775 Earl Thorpe RD3 1/66 to 7/68 thor7560 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-775 Frank Tiner MM3 9/55-10/58 dtshinobi (AT)  
DD-775 Jim Tomlinson STG3 12/69-7/72 sewvacusa (AT)  
DD-775 Bob Tomonto LT(jg) 6/54-5/57 bobtomonto (AT)  
DD-775 Jeff Torsell SK2 1965 - 1966 lemans62 (AT)  
DD-775 John Tosloskie LT 1/1966-8/1967 JJTos1 (AT) Best Engineers in LantFlt---
DD-775 Ken Turner FTG2 4/59-6/62 thunderken (AT) Would like to hear from Fox Division shipmates
DD-775 Paul Ulrich MM2 12/59-4/62 michred40 (AT) made mistake on USS Leahy time
DD-775 Thomas Vititow QM3 1954-56 vititow (AT) deceased 4/27/04
DD-775 David S Waranch SN 09/69-06/71 David.Waranch (AT) Navy.Mil  
DD-775 Michael Warga BM3 4/71-7/72 michaelwarga (AT) almost cried when they changed the ships number to 02 the caldez''''
DD-775 Arthur Weeks FN 1950 1953 Arthurweeks1 (AT)  
DD-775 Van L. Wells BMSN 12/1959 to 7/1961 vwruston (AT)  
DD-775 Fred Wetzel MM2 1963-1967 FWETZEL75 (AT) HOTMAIL.COM  
DD-775 Gary Whitbeck MM3 5/72-12/72 glwhitbeck (AT) My first of many ships. Got sick everytime we went to sea
DD-775 Robert C. Wilhelmi SN 1949 1950 WWW.ROCKFRT (AT) ph 815 398 3982 bus/ 815 398 3044 home
DD-775 James Willis SA 1961-1962 smbear3 (AT) I served in the gunnery dept. Under a GM Davis.
DD-775 John Wolfe DK2 1959 to 1962 johnhwolfe (AT) Would like to hear from my old shipmates 1959 to 1962.
DD-775 B. F. Wright BT2 9/45 to11/48 Frank1Grace2 (AT) Was oil king--remember me?
DD-775 Donald Wright RM3 1965-1967 ww4rf (AT)  
DD-775 Anthony P. Zarella BT1 1945 Lghths24 (AT) Looking to talk to old Navy Friends.....

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