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  Allen Morrow   1953-1957 cnlmorrow (AT) ncknamr bullets
DE-667 Clay Aycock RM3 55-56 cbaycock (AT)  
DE-667 Jim Black ET3 51-54 jenny20861 (AT)  
DE-667 Jim Blessitt GM3 3/57 to 1/59 jdb667 (AT) a lot of fun times
DE-667 Carrol Bryant YN3 1953 to 1954 cbramey (AT) Served under Capt. Lombard and Ex Officer O L Tomlinson
DE-667 James Clark QMS2   dave_clark (AT)  
DE-667 Ben Darnell HM3 1961-1964 patriot (AT) Visit my web-site too:
DE-667 Ed Davis EM2 8/51-9/54 jaevd (AT)  
DE-667 Duane P. Davis RD2 11/50 to 8/53 deesquare1 (AT) Really good duty for my growing up years 18 to 21.
DE-667 Richard Dodge SK2 9/55 to 7/56 richard_dodge (AT) It has been a LONG TIME...I think I have the dates correct
DE-667 Jim Duffin FN 12/61-9/62 jduffin (AT) a great place to ''grow up''.
DE-667 Tom Groves SA 6/61 to 7/61 tomgroves1 (AT) Spent 2 weeks ACDUTRA in Ship's Office as YN striker-ship remained tied up to the pier entire time I was aboard.
DE-667 Tommy Harveston EM3 7/557/59 Toharvey22 (AT)  
DE-667 Jerry Johnson SN 4/56 to 1/57 MOOREJERRY4 (AT)  
DE-667 Richard Lewis SO3 01/53 - 02/56 rvlewisr3 (AT) Love this ship hated to see her scraped
DE-667 Avery Linton MM2 56-58 avery.linton (AT)  
DE-667 W.E.(Gus) Lynn   1951-1954 kjwrdh (AT)  
DE-667 Terrence (Mac) McCormick EM3 2/57 - 4/58 tjmac (AT) Wondering who is still around from the 58 cruise
DE-667 Duncan McGonagle HM3 10/61-8/62 Duncan73 (AT) Thanks for setting this board up.
DE-667 Allen C. (Bullets) Morrow GM2 6/53-1/57 cnlmorrow (AT) left in hong kong with motor whale boat while ship left harbor to ride out storm
DE-667 Julian Munoz 2/c 9/50-5/54 Jfmnz (AT)  
DE-667 Noel Nichols FA June 1961 Hopewell_DD681 (AT) Had a great two weeks chipping paint as a new Reservist
DE-667 Lee Noland SN 64 leenoland (AT)  
DE-667 Bill Porter   11/12/51 to 54 jtrefz (AT) granddaughter of John Billy Porter
DE-667 Michael Ricker EMFA 9/61-8/62 ricker2962 (AT)  
DE-667 Gene Stokes RM3 1955-1956 DGStokesey (AT)  
DE-667 Jimmy Talley CSSN 6/57 - 5/59 jimtalley (AT) Great Ship and Great Crew
DE-667 David Tavernese E-3 1962-1964 dtavernese (AT)  
DE-667 James Teixeira BT2 2/55 to 6/58 jmygunsgf (AT) Great crew. Got the big E for best in engineering
DE-667 Daniel Wijangco YN2 1963 EIGHTEENBOAT (AT) CS.COM  
DE-667 Maxie Wright SN 1954 to 1955 mmvend (AT) anyone remember the storm in Hong Kong? The Captain left His Gigg & crew in port & we went to Kowlhoon China

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