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DD_732 Ronald (aka Charlie) Grimm BT3 6/64 - 8/66 ronald grimm 101 (AT) g mail  
DD-732 David Abraham GM3 unknown-1946 geigerocd (AT) This is my dad. He is still alive and well in Santa Barbara, CA.
DD-732 R. J. Acheson S1 1945 to 1946 emailjim (AT) This is my father, he's in good health at 78 years old
DD-732 Arnold Agrella EM2 10/52-10/56 agrella (AT) To my fellow shipmates, this is Chino. If you remember me please send me an e-mail.
DD-732 Richard Allen SN(HM) 1960 to 1961 rrichfrog2 (AT) Worked for HMC Shottwell
DD-732 Laurence Andersen RM3 ~ 9/11/45 jeanne.andersen1029 (AT) Father-in-law-have letter dated 9/11/45 stating Japanese cdr surrended on ship earlier today in Ponape Island.
DD-732 A. Angeli MM2 1959 to 1962 barang216 (AT) Any after engine room crew out there ?
DD-732 Paul Audette MM2 1963-1965 BETPAUL (AT)  
DD-732 Ned Aymond SN 11/65 - 3/68 (AT) Great crew, made my time enjoyable
DD-732 Stephen D. Ballew BM2 1966-1969 marieblw (AT) Would like to hear from any one that was on board at that time
DD-732 Don Barker FT2 2/59-11/61 donellie64 (AT) lookinng for Foster, Mortenson, Fry, Purchase, Rahmer, Day
DD-732 Jack Barley MR2 1963-1965 jackba.geo (AT)  
DD-732 Milton Barnes BMSN boatcoxson 53 54 barjo (AT) stny rr,com like to hear from anyone who remenbers me
DD-732 Ralph Beck EM2 1960-62 ptgeezr (AT) Ship's 25th Reunion-Branson,MO-9/9-16/12-Contact me if interestedwe have had a Ship's Assoc. since 1949.
DD-732 Wesley Becker SKG3 10/1954-10/1956 wesbecker (AT) Wesley is my dad who is living in TN. I may have the dates a bit off, but the DD214 is difficult to read.
DD-732 Dick Becker TM2 7/68-5/69 seavideo (AT) Captain Terry and the Pirates in New Orleans
DD-732 Kenneth Biggs RDM2 1945 - 1946 ugoof (AT) My dad is deceased. He took photos of the Kasaii surrender.
DD-732 Gene Billings MMFN 1958 to 1959 Vivsdolls (AT)  
DD-732 Frederick (Jim) Blanchard SFM3 61-62 fjblanch (AT) Where's Willie Acord, Jim Webster and Kintter?
DD-732 Will Blind RM2 1955-1957 wblind (AT) copied/posted news for breakfast line: Mediterranean cruise
DD-732 Michael Bond MM3 6/21/64-8/6/67 firefoxfm40 (AT) Best times of my life !
DD-732 Raymond Bordoni RDM3 1959 to 1961 judgebordoni (AT) I would like to hear from any shipmates.
DD-732 John Bossi MM2 1/44-6/45 bossidj1 (AT) Deceased April 19, 1980
DD-732 Leo Boudreau YN2 1961 - 1964 leolorrain (AT)  
DD-732 Richard J. Bowman QM3 3/48 to 2/19/50 Eylau04 (AT) I served with 'Willie Pitz, QM1, a great teacher.
DD-732 Neal Brasel RM2 6/55 - 58 nealbrasel (AT)  
DD-732 Ralph Briggs MR1 1965 to 1967 rbrigg (AT)  
DD-732 Chester Briggs, Jr. CDR 7/55 - 9/57 jb89521 (AT) (Daughter) - Home port was Newport, R.I.
DD-732 Jay Brown DC3 1963 to 1965 jayeb33 (AT) I never forgot you.
DD-732 Richard Bryce   1950 sschenk02 (AT) Niece looking for pictures of Richard Bryce
DD-732 Joseph Budnik SK3 1954 to 1956 carolrah (AT)  
DD-732 William Burns MM1 06/44 - 11/48   No computer. Mailing address William Burnes C/O McLean 75 Great Pond Rd. Simsbury, CT
DD-732 Joseph Bush MM2 1956 to cadams67 (AT) looking for pictures/stories about Uncle Joseph. Thanks!
DD-732 John D. Bussey LCDR 6/44 to 10/45 Bussey65 (AT)  
DD-732 Gerald Calderone FT3 1951 to 1954 saltwaterjer (AT)  
DD-732 Joseph Calhoun GM3 1951-1955 oldcountry4me (AT) 19 Half Circle Dr. Holbrook, N.Y. 11741 Tel# 631-981-0433
DD-732 Bob Capece SOG3 9/61 to 8/62 BBCAPECE (AT) '' water hours'' in the Med- shower in Bahrain-better then sex
DD-732 Bill Carley MM2 10/54 9/57 bills51f1 (AT)  
DD-732 John (J. J.) Carroll WT3 03/44 - 03/46 carroll2109 (AT) Dad passed 03/05/00-Family loves Hyman stories. Dana Carroll
DD-732 Gene Cassady CS3 1948-1952 stevehd99 (AT) grandson looking for shipmates of my grandpa
DD-732 Carlo Cellucci MM3 1951-1955 carlonancy (AT)  
DD-732 Vince Cirillo SN 1951 Vincent cirillo123& Severely injured in refueling transferred to another ship with a doctor and to naval hospital japan
DD-732 David K. Clapp MM3 Aug 1958 - Aug 1960 BulShippr (AT) Aol.Com  
DD-732 Morley Clapp BT1 2/48-1/57 chattydii61 (AT)  
DD-732 Tony Clause GM3 10/58-08/61 PAVLAKS (AT) To do it over, I would'nt change a thing except to take pictures and remember shipmates. God Bless.
DD-732 Laurence Clay FT2 8/51 - 3/56 laurenceclay0301 (AT) I am already listed. The Dates Aboard and e-mail address have been corrected.
DD-732 John Rufus Cleveland   1951 edev (AT) This is my Uncle.Was killed, and washed overboard during Korean attack.Any info.?
DD-732 Everett Cockshott GM 1051-1955 tiger13136 (AT)  
DD-732 Richard Coleman GM2 7/58 - 10/62 Gunner933 (AT)  
DD-732 Martin Condon SOG3 11/58 - 3/61 hi.martyc (AT) I've attended 6 reunions over 12 years. Now less and less people attending.
DD-732 John Conlon EN2 1963 to1965 jconlon101 (AT)  
DD-732 Charles Cooper QM3 1963 to 1965 Charles.cooper3rd (AT) DD-709 62-63, DD-732 63-65
DD-732 Darrell Coppernoll BT2 1957-1959 catspaw70 (AT)  
DD-732 William Craig   1945 wagonerjones (AT) My cousin, William Craig, was declared missing after the attack on April 6, 1945. I have his picture in his uniform.
DD-732 Jim (Junior) Crawford MM1 1954-1958 usshymansnipes (AT) Trying to locate John R. Dwyer MM2, originally from Delaware & other snipes who were aboard 1954-58.
DD-732 Robert Cross YNTSN 4/56 - 11/57 bobtootiec (AT) Worked for Lt. R. D. Biederman in gunnery office, a great officer. Would like to hear from Tim Eames, Robert Ecklund (the swede), Bill Coulter and Cody in ships office.
DD-732 Everett Cummings BT2 56-59 Jodeyjbarnhart (AT) Deceased 7/29/17- Granddaughter looking for any info or photos of his time aboard.
DD-732 John (Joe) Cushing MM2 1950-1954 jjcushing (AT) e mail me any time
DD-732 Doyle Dancy BT3 1/61/ - 10/61 ratsnotagain (AT) Kevin McKeown is the only one I remember that's on the list
DD-732 Robert Dansereau E-2 2/60-3/62 helenbobdansereau (AT) enjoyed cooking
DD-732 Ray Decker BT3 08/62 to 06/65 vsu2cat (AT)  
DD-732 Victor Decker BT3 09/64-09/66 domfabx7 (AT)  
DD-732 James Devlin MM2 12/61 - 5/65 jimmyd (AT)  
DD-732 Jim ''Duck'' Donaldson MM2 1955 to 1959 jdonaldson5255 (AT) Would like to hear from mates. Rudolph, Reynolds, Easter, John Decker, where are you?, Duck
DD-732 Charles Dorsey SN 1/61-11/63 dorseyphotos1 (AT)  
DD-732 Howard Dougherty S1 1944 to 1945 worthsarge (AT) This was my father. He is deceased but would like to hear from anybody that remembers him.
DD-732 Jeff Drown BM 1960-1962 jjantiq (AT) Good Ship
DD-732 Perry (Duke) Dushek GM1 9/46-7/52 juneduke52 (AT) Been a long time ago but would reply to any one who I served with.
DD-732 Tim Eames RD3 6/56-10/57 teames9079 (AT) Found photos which brought back fond memories
DD-732 Carlos Eastwood BM3 1952-1956 john.w.eastwood (AT) This was my father's ship and he died in 1975 and I am not sure of the exact dates of service.
DD-732 John Edwards SO3 8/52-9/53 jweclu1 (AT) msn.c0m Looking for some sonar buddies from the Hyman
DD-732 Emmett Fagan FC 1944 to 1946 efagan (AT)  
DD-732 Michael Falgout MM3 1965-1967 mikefal1 (AT) Met some good friends on that ship. Port & Starboard watch sucked.
DD-732 Edward Fedako RD2 1/56-6/59 edandjudyf (AT) Would love to hear from some old shipmates.
DD-732 Marshall Fenstermaker SN2 1946-1946 mhfenstermaker (AT) Served on this ship for a short time, in 1946
DD-732 Roland R. Fortier EM3 1962-3 rolamar (AT)  
DD-732 James Fredericksen FN 11/59 to 10/61 PackDad70 (AT)  
DD-732 George Frees FT3 1956-1958 GFrees (AT)  
DD-732 Elton Gannaway SOG2 1960-1962 eltongannaway (AT) Where's Dave Skorka?
DD-732 William Gold PhM1 1944 - 1946 anngold6 (AT) William Gold (my brother) rec head wound 4/6/45, but was not reported. Verification from anyone needed. John (brother)
DD-732 David Goode TM3 10/67 - 07/69 davegoodesr (AT) Served with fellow Torpedoman, Dick Becker.
DD-732 Carl Goodman     firefighter255 (AT) This is my Dad who is deceased, I'd like to find more info.
DD-732 J. Herb Granger RD3 3/51 - 8/51 jgranger8 (AT) Smooth Sailing Ship
DD-732 Harold Gregor MM3 8/50-6/54 harold732 (AT) looking for eng.rm buddies. I used to live in Saugus, MA.
DD-732 Thomas Hall Signalman 2/c June 44 - August 46 hymandd732 (AT) Glad to hear from any plank owners
DD-732 Kenneth Harclerode QM3 1953 to1955 kelenh (AT)  
DD-732 Ernest Harmon MM2 1957 - 1959 ernestrharmon (AT)  
DD-732 Edward Heffner MM2 1944-1947 edsimhef (AT) Plank owner
DD-732 Roy Heyl BT2 6/67-69 serenity7114@attnet Will never forget the MERRY CHERRY
DD-732 John Hickman SN 1965 to 1966 hickmanventures (AT) Reserve crew in new orleans
DD-732 James (Mike) Hill RD1 1967 to 1969 mikehill.1 (AT)  
DD-732 wh Hodges HN2 1965 emily12463 (AT) seeking any reservists that served
DD-732 Bert Holvik MM1 4/47 -6/53 bert.holvik (AT) Went aboard in 4/47 and transfered to USS Yosemite on 6/53. Discharged on 6/55. Now
DD-732 Dale Howard MM2 1967-69 dalehoward (AT) looking for Jensen mm3 a gang
DD-732 Frank D. Hoyt SK2 Feb 68 - Oct 69 fkhoyt (AT)  
DD-732 Carl G. Huff E-6 1945 mandydurbin (AT) Looking for shipmates who knew my great grandfather.
DD-732 James (Jim) Hughs CS3 1957 to 1960 jahughs (AT)  
DD-732 Richard Hutchinson IC3 1960 to 1962 Rhutch295 (AT)  
DD-732 Peter Imperator RM3 1951-1954 PETERIMP (AT) Hope to hear from shipmates
DD-732 James Johnson BM 1965 to 1967 jymyoyoj (AT) Ret. BMC 31 years
DD-732 Al Johnson TM3 8/58 - 1/62 Johnsoncj (AT) Blue Moon Newport, RI = looking for old shipmates
DD-732 Robert Kane EM3 1963-1966 leiniegiggles (AT) I was on the merry cherry in new orleans from 63-66 reserve trairing duty. john conlon
DD-732 Paul Keenan BT2 12/62-6/63 ppa (AT)  
DD-732 Jack Kelly S1 9/46-4/48 jackkelly (AT)  
DD-732 Al Kennedy TM1 2/48-5/49 alkdy (AT)  
DD-732 Emil Kolodi IC3 6/61 - 6/63 efk396 (AT)  
DD-732 John Kowall MM3 12/58 - 10/61 JAKNOLL1 (AT) (516) 735-8660
DD-732 Roger LaMora RD2 62-64 lamorapa (AT) Anybody else from the CIC crew?
DD-732 Edwin Lauderman RM1 6/56-9/57 Edja1933 (AT)  
DD-732 Richard Leitch SM2 Plankowner - 1/45 maryfg01 (AT) Still hale and hearty at 82+
DD-732 Weaver Lester   10/1/45 hillbillywheelers (AT) This is my grandfathers information.please add him.
DD-732 Lou Loibl GM3 7/68 to decom lkaymart (AT)  
DD-732 Santo Lombardozzi MM2 9/57 to 10/59 santo (AT) Like to hear from shipmates especially Dominic Grinaldi From NJ
DD-732 Robert Lorelli SHSN 1958-1960 Casaears (AT)  
DD-732 Victor Loudfoot CPO 4/45 petermarchiony (AT) At 94 am ready to sail again.
DD-732 Wilford I Lutz, Jr PNA3 4/52 to 1/54 lzw30 (AT)  
DD-732 Wilford (Bill) Lutz, Jr. PNA3 6/52 to 12/53 wilfordlutz (AT) Looking for LCDR Percy G Rindi-Thorsen
DD-732 Thomas Maine MM2 May67-Dec68 ThomasRMaine (AT)  
DD-732 Edward M. Manion Sr CSM2 12/23/50 to 7/24/54 eddysrv2 (AT) AOL .com Hadn't seen this opportunity before 8/8/00
DD-732 Eddie Manion, Sr. CM2 12/23/50-7/24/54 eddysrv2 (AT) please update this information. Thanks. Ed Manion
DD-732 John Manning SN 1948-1952 JFManning3 (AT) Father Deceased Need More information
DD-732 Maurice (Moe) Martin RM2 3/55 - 10/58 moemartin (AT) A wonderful adventure from adolescence to adulthood.
DD-732 Edwin McDowell BM 1960 - 1962 smcdowell (AT)  
DD-732 Edward McHugh RD2 4/56-4/59 Emarged (AT)  
DD-732 Kevin McKeown BT3 1960-1963 Navymac (AT)  
DD-732 Norman McLeod FT2 1951 to 1954 nmckmcl (AT)  
DD-732 John McMurtry S2 12/45-8/46 john (AT)  
DD-732 James Meeuwenberg GMG3 9/67 to 6/69 iuwg166 (AT) trying to find more info about when mt 51 shot 13 ft of mt 52 right barrel off dur a res training exercise in 1969
DD-732 Dave Meloche EM3 1958 to 1960 d.meloche (AT) I am the USS Hyman DD-732 Association's Secretary-pease direct questions on the Association to me. Thank you.
DD-732 Nicholas Meola GMSN 2/51 to 10/54 nickmeola (AT)  
DD-732 Harold Minyo MM3 1950-1954 mikeminyo (AT) Looking for shipmates who knew my father
DD-732 Robert F. Moldenhauer S1 1944-46 USSHYMANDD732 (AT) I am Sec/Treas of our organization 'USS HYMAN ASSN'
DD-732 Paul Moore BT2 2/56-10/59 buckandy10 (AT)  
DD-732 John Morgan SN 1960-1951 redneck89103 (AT)  
DD-732 Sam (Mouse) Morris SN 1950-1954 smorris19 (AT) hello to all my former shipmates
DD-732 Marion Morris SN 2/51-2/52 mc870 (AT) bell  
DD-732 Edward Mortenson FT2 1957 -1961 bladeland38 (AT) Live in Darby Montana for the Summer & Brenda AZ in the winter
DD-732 Robert Neilson BT3 2/48-6/53 penny438 (AT) Known as ''RJ'' when on this tin can
DD-732 Linwood H Newell MM3 01/51 09/54 lindyper (AT)  
DD-732 Dennis A. O'Leary EM3 1958 - 1960 wolfie146 (AT)  
DD-732 Edwin Olsen SM2 58- 62 gandeemom (AT)  
DD-732 Mike O'Neil SOG2 1960-1962 Mikeolcri (AT) I was drummer in band with Acord, Riley, Blackmon and Curtis
DD-732 Thomas Pacileo RM2 4/64 - 6/65 usnav59 (AT)  
DD-732 Bob Payne FTG/PO3 1965-1967 r_payne (AT) Do we ever have a reunion?
DD-732 Benjamin Perry S1 1944-1946 marybenp (AT) Would like to hear from other plank owners
DD-732 Robert Petersen FN 2/60 - 8/61 RPete4811w (AT) I an looking for pins,patches,lighters,belt buckles on Des ron 12 acey duceie squadron
DD-732 William Pitz QM1 5/48 - 3/52 rick (AT) Rick Pitz, for my father. If you knew him, please contact me
DD-732 Kenneth Poelker GM3 1944 kpregal (AT)  
DD-732 Kevin Poirier PN3 1962-1964 kbpoirier (AT)  
DD-732 Jackie Pope BLT 1964 thepope0429 (AT)  
DD-732 Roy Postell BT2 1954 rp67 (AT) Liked that inboard passageway.Bread locker too.
DD-732 Bob Ptaszenski SK2 12/53 - 4/55 bobbyski (AT) Ahoy Mates-Where are you-S.Kosinski,C.Parton,K.Plourde
DD-732 George Radovan BMSN 03/63 - 03/65   203.426.2344
DD-732 Raymond A. Raiczyk S1 Sept. 46 -April 48 njpaconnfla (AT)  
DD-732 Ken Randall S1 1946-48 krpapran (AT)  
DD-732 John Reddy     john.reddy (AT) anyone who met my dad John F. Reddy in WWII
DD-732 Sam Reeder MM3 09/46-4/48 sreeder104 (AT)  
DD-732 John Reeves   unknown lreeves (AT) John Reeves is my father -looking for info on his service
DD-732 John Reilly DC2 9/51-6/55 jreilly45 (AT)  
DD-732 William Reinhard BT3 4/50 - 12/53 bill_jr_32 (AT) Looking here for some shipmates
DD-732 Truman Rice ET1 1944-1946 trice24 (AT) Part of the founding crew in Bath, Maine. On board i worked for Will Craig.
DD-732 Harold Richards FN 1948 to 1952 UB505 (AT) looking for old shipmates
DD-732 H. Gene Riley E 3 1960-1962 bassmangene (AT) I was 1 of the( hymanizers ) band 2-1961 - 12-1962
DD-732 Arnold ''Roy'' Rodgers MM2 10/50-11/53 arnrodg (AT)  
DD-732 Franklyn Rogers IC3 1956-1958 fdr1937 (AT)  
DD-732 Ray Rogers   Korean War leroyb (AT) Contact me through Leroy Bennett email address. Thanks.
DD-732 Bill Rosenson FN1 11/54 - 10/56 sarazev (AT) Like to hear from any old salt.
DD-732 Carl Ross SM3 2/61-9/63 Us (AT)  
DD-732 Gregory (Jerry) Russo DK2 6/65 - 6/67 jerryr815 (AT)  
DD-732 Richard (Dick) Ryan MM3 7/48 - 11/51 wallstblues (AT) Feel free to e-mail anytime, I'll pass along the info
DD-732 Paul Saegh BMSN 1961 - 1963 opecpaul (AT) would like to hear from shipmates 1961 63
DD-732 Robert Schaefer MR1 May 1955-Nov 1958 PAPPY110 (AT)  
DD-732 William Scheiwer RM2 1953-1955 scheiwersr (AT) Served with Brennan, Dilks, Kaceiwich in the radio shack
DD-732 Martin Schermond EM 02/52-1/56 Moines1 (AT) glad to hear from all
DD-732 Theodore(Ted) Schirmer SH3 10/68-12/69 tedschirmer (AT) Looking for shipmates-came from IUWG-1 10/68-after escorting Larry Thurber's body to NY,she was decom
DD-732 Harry Schoeller MM2 12/48 - 4/53 hyman732 (AT) World Cruise and Korea Wonsan and Hungnam Forward engine room. Great crew
DD-732 Joseph Scolza WT3 1943-1945 joyce_altmann (AT) My dad-plankowner-lives in Hartsdale, NY-proudly served-some of his greatest memories are of his time of this ship.
DD-732 J. G. Sherrill Plank Owner 1944-1946 Delafayette (AT) 84 and still kickin in Goodyear, Arizona
DD-732 Robert Sipka GMG2 8/60 to 6/65 resipka (AT) first ship, fond memories of Merry/Cherry
DD-732 Timothy Skarupski RD3 2/57-2/59 Tim.Skarupski (AT) Looking for Edward Michael Flynn. Kettering Ohio
DD-732 James (Jamie T.) Slagle RD3 02/68 - 11/69 jimslagle48 (AT)  
DD-732 Terrance (Terry) Smith RD3 04/60 - 11/62 whtfox (AT) Will never forget the Med. cruises and good times ashore
DD-732 Jerry Smith HM2 6/53 - 10/53 jerryrsmith (AT) Replaced Bongo'' Flynn as corpsman after they returned from Korea. ''
DD-732 Jack Songer RM2 62-63 mudduck1939 (AT)  
DD-732 Walter Southard SN 12/59 to 1/61 flophouse93 (AT)  
DD-732 Thaddeus Leroy (Ted) Stahl S1 1945-1946 dstahl71 (AT) My father (killed in a car wreck July 3,1964). Dad never talked about his time. Does anyone remember him ??
DD-732 Billy Sterling PNC 1965-1967 anchormte (AT) desperate for a ship's patch & cdap
DD-732 Dennis Stilley BM3 1/67-10/68 YFOOG4 (AT) BELLSOUTH.NET WIZZ I hated navy life in 1966 and cherish the memories now.
DD-732 Clare Stolz SN 7/59 - 3/61 countyline (AT)  
DD-732 Robert Stroll GMG3 1960 to 1963 bobandhelen13 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates
DD-732 John P. Thompson BMSN 5/59-2/61 t.johnp (AT) Glad to hear from shipmates
DD-732 William Thompson SM/BM 1954 to 1956 billt (AT) Looking for buddys. Looking for Jerry Merritt, Lucien Mateau, Ken Lockhart
DD-732 Joseph Tipton SN 1951 starfireconv (AT) I spent two weeks reserve summer training duty aboard Hyman
DD-732 Leon Tomash ICFN 1960-62 atlantic300 (AT)  
DD-732 Pete Toulon MM3 1959 to 1962 TDP 2GC (AT)  
DD-732 Forrest Travirca PN2 1965 - 1968 feti (AT) Shipmates welcome to respond
DD-732 Fred Tully SK3 9/63-7/65 fredoldford (AT)  
DD-732 William Van Allen IC3 8/58-7/71 vanallewilliam (AT)  
DD-732 Robert Wade RM3 8/51 to 10/53 shirleywade2010 (AT) Transferrred to Yosemite 10/53 to 12/54
DD-732 Mel Wangberg MM3 1964 to 1965 melco72 (AT)  
DD-732 Lester Weaver unknown unknown a_1_trick_pony (AT) looking for anyone who might have knew or heard of my grandfather.
DD-732 Paul Weeks TE3 1955-1957 paulfweeks (AT) It's been a long time. Wwould appreciate hearing from shipmates.
DD-732 Ernest Whitaker SS3 1948 to 1951 ernie (AT) Email me, would like to hear from you
DD-732 Lonnie Wilson SSSN 1951-54 lonnieawilson (AT) looking for Joseph Calhoun at present
DD-732 David Windisch FN 1/63-8/63 dave9n (AT) Came on as a ''boot''. Left for ''A'' school
DD-732 Paul Wollerman SN 1960-1962 pgwiii (AT) I would like to hear from any shipmates
DD-732 Richard Woodbury FT2 1963 to1966 Woody732 (AT) Great crew had a great time
DD-732 Don Wooton Carpenter's Mate 4/45 okellond (AT) My dad passed away in July, 1997. During his service on the USS Hyman, he went overboard during an attack on April6, 1945. He didn't talk much about this time in his life.
DD-732 James Worley TM3 7/48 - 9/53 Jamesvworley (AT) Write me
DD-732 John (Jack) Young RD-3 6/48-5/50 jw61 (AT)  
DD-732 Joel (Zeke) Zaldivar BT3 12/61 to 6/63 jzaldivar (AT) Left ship-cont'd in reserve-went back aboard 2/69 in New Orleans for 2 wks-attended 1st reunion in 2008.
DD-736 Desmond Heathwood LT 06/66-09/67 djh (AT)  

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