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DD/DD-470 David Kiger   1943 to 1944 d.kiger (AT) My father-died in 2001-if anyone was onboard with him please contact me-he told me many stories about that ship
DD/DDE-470 Ernest Barrick BN3 10/60 to 12/62 ewbarrick (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Andrew Becker MM3 03/60-09/62 andrew1941 (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Harvey Bock     harveybock3 (AT) My email has been updated. I am now 90 years old, and live independently. I would love to hear from anyone I served on the USS Bache with, or a family member.
DD/DDE-470 Henry (Hank) Bonham   1944, 1945 phoenixtkd (AT) This is my Dad. He was on the ship when it was struck. Dad passed in 1990.Interested if anyone knew him.
DD/DDE-470 Jerry Browning MM3 6/66-2/68 valkyrie (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Walter D. (Spook) Carmichael IC2 9/55 - 6/58 txcarm (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Daniel Cudgma TM2 6/55-6/57 dcudgma1 (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Scott Hickman SN 1966-1968 charlesbttrpr (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Don Hoadley MMFA 1967 to 1968 don.hoadley (AT) Looking for web belt buckle from the ship. Mine is likely on the bottom of the Med.
DD/DDE-470 Charles Richard (Dick) Jones   1944-1945 JAY.JONES (AT) CADDELL.COM THis was my Dad. He never talked about the attack. He was on USS BACHE when hit by plane.
DD/DDE-470 Armanf Kulpa FN 1967 to 1968 afksr62 (AT) I was on uss bache went shipe ground at Greek. I now live in fl. Like here from any one that was thay thank you
DD/DDE-470 Anthony Oteri FN 1966 toceasar (AT) aol. com spent only two weeks on her before discharge.
DD/DDE-470 Paul Owens QM3 0961 1963 paulowens42 (AT)  
DD/DDE-470 Robert Quick YN3 3/52-12/55 Deceased  
DD/DDE-470 Howard Quick RD3 3/52-12/55 None Home address Howard quick , 1630 oak st, Niles,Mi. 49120
DD/DDE-470 Sammy Randall, Jr. SK3 6/43 - 5/45 This is friend of mines Dad, passed away Sept 30, 2013
DD/DDE-470 Norman Schmalz   1942-1945 amfunny (AT) I am Norman's daughter. He passed away in 1987.
DD/DDE-470 Richard (Dick) Silverthorn STG3 10/64 - 1/67 rsilvert (AT) Great memories of Vietnam ''Around the World Cruise''-had some of the best times of my life while onboard.
DD/DDE-470 Kenneth Smith SO2 3/59 to 9/61 bache4268 (AT) Please update my email. I am already on your Bache's listing. Thanks
DD/DDE-470 Leslie Steele FN 19687-1968 sunshine4647 (AT) new email address would like to hear from crewmembers on ship in wreck.
DD/DDE-470 Byford (Cisco) Swofford GMG3 55-63 bache81935 (AT) looking for shipmates in th 40's, 50's, and 60'srrrr
DD/DDE-470 Willard Terry GMG3 1962-1965 wtbt (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD/DDE-470 Ernest Veneziano BM3 1963 Ev1940 (AT)  
DD-470 Joe Ainslie EMP2 10/58 - Approx 1/59 eightja (AT) looking for ex shipmates
DD-470 Joe Ainslie, Jr. EMP2 1959 eightja (AT)  
DD-470 Jerry Allan TM3 4/63 to 1/67 metalmantoo (AT)  
DD-470 John Allen LT(jg) 5/63-3/65 jalle7 (AT) Love to hear from those on board when I was
DD-470 Richard E. Ammon, Jr. BT1 1967 - 1968 RnSammon (AT) I am looking for info and date for each insigna (Des Ron 22) From reactivation thru 1968
DD-470 Ray Baron ST 1963 to 1965 Baronra (AT) Great Ship, Great crew 40's 50's & 60's
DD-470 Andrew Becker MM4 5/60- 9/62 andybecker58 (AT)  
DD-470 Bob Becker FN 12/60 to 11/63 bobbybe (AT) Would like to hear from some of the ''Dirty B's'' crew.
DD-470 Thomas Behan TM2 5/62 to 8/65 tomolly330 (AT) my 6 transister radio ran music thru entire ship 3 years
DD-470 Edgar Bergeron MM2 1942-1945 marlene9395 (AT) i have learned lots of info from my grampa!!
DD-470 William Betz SN 1951-1952 bgbetz (AT)  
DD-470 Edward Blankenship FN 11/61-7/65 uk3blank (AT)  
DD-470 Harvey Bock BK2 1942-1944 hbock (AT)  
DD-470 Chuck Boos LT(jg) 7/61-6/63 cboos (AT) Reporting on board.
DD-470 Jensen Boulle RD1 1/53-4/55 jrboulle (AT) Correction to rate
DD-470 Edward Bowman MM2 5/62-11/63 bowman37amos (AT) moved to maine. new email address
DD-470 Jerry Brackett IC2 63-65 marle_b40 (AT) Looking for any ship mates.
DD-470 George Brady RD3 1965 to 1967 George.Joan (AT)  
DD-470 Jerry Browning BTFN 66-68 jbrown (AT) Good ship-Good crew
DD-470 Bruce Brynildson FTG2 1962 to 1965 brynildson (AT) Interested in hearing from any of my shipmates.
DD-470 Brad Buchan BT3 Oct 66 - Feb 68 bbuchan (AT) Hello to former shipmates - will try to fit in a reunion.
DD-470 Arnie Burmaster STG3 1965 to 1968 aab4222 (AT) Great ship until the bottom fell out.
DD-470 Lloyd Cantrell   1944-1945 charwagz (AT) This was my uncle, looking for any info on him. He was killed by Kamakazi in May 13, 1945.
DD-470 Paul Caravetta RD3 4/61-9/64 caravettap (AT)  
DD-470 Don Carpenter RD3 5/67 - 1968 donc (AT) i was with the above mentioned John Simcox when the bache went aground in 1968 rhodes, greece
DD-470 Paul Carr   57-58 brown28 (AT)  
DD-470 Jeff Carter GMG/SN 1964 & 1965 j carter (AT) hart I would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-470 Hugo Cipriani CQM 12/42 - 9/45 hpcip (AT) Hugo's Memoirs, ( ''Getting on the USS Bache''
DD-470 Carl Clendenning SN 1943-44 ksn5 (AT) Uncle missing after Japanese Attack. Did anyone know him?
DD-470 John Colarusso FTG3 4/66 - 2/68 jec2748 (AT) hot, I was on the helm when the command to abandon ship was given in off the coast of Greece.
DD-470 William Conrad SN 1965 -1967 conradwd (AT) would like to hear from anyone who was on the Bache.
DD-470 James Cosgriff SKD3 1944-1945 slainte017 (AT) 216-732-9132
DD-470 Gary Cross RM3 1/67-11/67 twocrosses (AT) Good friends, but we drank too much
DD-470 Billy Davis YN3 4/63 to 11/64 davisbb (AT) Looking for WALT CROWE or anyone in ships office during this time.l
DD-470 William Dawson EN1 1962 to1966 dawson (AT) Good Days and Bad Days
DD-470 Ken Deak ETN3 11/61-9/63 kdcentral27 (AT) Would like to hear from everyone who was on board
DD-470 John Delworth S1/RD Nov 44 to Nov45 jndelworth (AT)  
DD-470 Pebo DeSimone PO? 1944 - 45 cdesimone79 (AT) From grandchild. He was ship's barber. Told lots of stories inc giving non-reg haircuts & capt being cool about it.
DD-470 Jim Dianni unk 10/56-9/57 rmthomson (AT) His wife-Jim died 11/89-Ten yrs aft his death, I married Tin Can Sailor onboard USS N. K. Perry when he was.
DD-470 Clarence Dibble   1942-1945 ?? b302truckin (AT) If anyone knew him please contact me thank you.
DD-470 Robert Donovan CS3 1966-67 Vdonovan88 (AT) Got off just before last Med Cruise
DD-470 Thomas Dube BM3 1963-1967 dubetj (AT) I grew up on Bache and have many great memories.
DD-470 Larry (Don) Duniho CS 2/67-2/68 lduniho (AT) Night baker, hit the beach that evening in the life boat aft dark in 20 ft. seas-glad everyone was safe. 2/6/68
DD-470 John Dunlap RM3 6/67-2/68 jnodunuga (AT) on board when ran aground at Rhodes 6 feb68 about 1900---next day /bay looked like glass
DD-470 Jim Eager YN3 11/63-07/66 eagerone (AT)  
DD-470 Tom Erb EM3 10/62 - 7/65 skyband (AT) I am Bache Assoc historian, send me any photos of Bache 12280 Lawrence Ridge Rd DeSoto WI 54624
DD-470 Earl Evans     LindaLouLovesGod (AT) Hi, My Father was on this ship between 1944 - 1946.
DD-470 William Fain   1943-1945 ? diablo20n (AT) I believe my wife's grandpa was on this ship, Howard Webb,
DD-470 Arthur Gandy GMG2 07/67 - 02/68 gand1383 (AT) Onboard when she was lost off Rhodes Greece 2/68-Mess Decks Mast at Arms-stayed behind to rem ammo/exp.
DD-470 Larry Gilmore RD1 7/62-11/64 larrytgsr (AT) Great crew. Cuban Blockade. Med cruise 63-64. Drag race from Elba with 3 other squadron ships. Beale, Eaton, and one other. We lost!
DD-470 Bob Glenney EM2 6/59-12/62 rpglenney (AT) checking in
DD-470 Jeff Golden LT 10/42 - 2/45 oneunderpar1 (AT)  
DD-470 Paul Gould SM3 3/62 - 1/64 Gouldpj (AT) Would like to here from shipmates aboard during 1962-63
DD-470 Emmett (John) Grainer SA 8/63 ? ejgrainer (AT) Was 17 (high school)-had so much fun-got drunk-lost wallet-got it back after it was run over by a lawnmower.
DD-470 Raymond Green MM3 65-2/68 raygreen (AT) Was on board when we grounded. Found a video on YouTube of crew coming ashore. Check it out
DD-470 Paul Guerne   1944-1945 annetom1949 (AT) He is my cousin, was aboard when ship was hit by Jap plane
DD-470 Richard Gunia IC2 63 to 65 rgunia (AT) glad to have been on board
DD-470 John Haas FN 5/67 - 2/68 JLHaas3 (AT) On was aboard when she hit the rocks in Rhodes Greece. Main Control. What a trip.
DD-470 Walter Haeufle NA 1943-1945 mr.haeufle (AT) Dad died (99) I'm a teacher-make sure students understand why Pledge of Alligence-for those that keep our freedom
DD-470 Lloyd M. Hall BM2 5/43-12/45 mahall49 (AT) My dad-still in good health at 87 and has lots of memories about the kamikaze hit-would love to hear from anyone!
DD-470 Kittridge G. Hall SN 1944-1945 None Avail. USS Bache Association (Leader) call for info 314-521-9414
DD-470 Robert Hall FTG3 7/66 - 2/68 robandmaryhall (AT)  
DD-470 Edmund Hanley YN3 10/61 to 9/62 trishedhsd (AT)  
DD-470 Thomas Harrell SK3 7/67 - 2/68 cmhranch (AT) I was on board when ran aground at Rhodes 6 Feb 68 about 1900, next day bay was calm.
DD-470 Raymond Joseph (Joe) Haynes SN 1966 to 1968 rjh2cherry (AT)  
DD-470 Ralph Heneisen EM3 11/61-11/63 rapco55 (AT)  
DD-470 Abson H. Herron   1942-1946 ? j_herron11 (AT) I am his daughter and trying to get information for surprise
DD-470 Frank Hickman SN 1966-1968 fhickman (AT)  
DD-470 Kent (B. K.) Hobbs CS3 11/63 - 9/66 volnut1 (AT) Vietnam - World Cruise
DD-470 Richard Hodges FTG3 1959 to 1960 rickhodges39 (AT) I would like to locate Cyril O'Conner from Reading Mass
DD-470 Arthur Hunter SN 02/62 - 01/64 dav71lin (AT) Laundryman & Haircutter ( after Frenchie the Barber).
DD-470 Paul Joyce Jr. DK3 1967 Chips.joyce (AT) Ship had no inboard passageways-left 8/67, fortunately, as she sank off the coast of Greece-glad no one was lost
DD-470 James Kesel SC2 03/43 - 12/43 kJAMCARL4 (AT) news on accidental death aboard this ship
DD-470 Ed Kubinski MM3 1/56-9/57 jb.coco.hills (AT)  
DD-470 Robert (Bob) Kubinski MM3 1957-1960 bjkubski (AT) Glad to hear from anyone I served with.
DD-470 Armand Kulpa FN 1967 to 1968 afksr62 (AT) Onboard went ship ground at Greek. I now live in fl. Like to hear from anyone that was there. Thank you .
DD-470 Dennis LaChance BTC 8/65-4/67 ldrlachance (AT) 1965- No 2100s 0r ships without aircondition were to deploy to NAM???That didn't count Capt Hasler
DD-470 Raymond Lavallee RMSN 1960-1961 RLaval1216 (AT)  
DD-470 Jerry Leuthard RM3 1/65 to 9/67 jleuthard (AT) Deceased. His younger sister, Joy. Jerry suffered a heart attack and passed away suddenly on June 15. He was almost 63.
DD-470 Douglas Litts ETR3 6/62 - 3/63 audoug (AT) Is there a scheduled ship's reunion? Would like to attend to talk to other shipmates to clarify certain memories.
DD-470 Earl Lively QM3 9/65 - 6/67 livelyec (AT) Anyone heard from Blanton QM1, Chief 66-67
DD-470 Malcolm Lockwood EM3 1944-1946 macpatlock (AT) Will be 83 in a couple months, I know that there aren't very many of my crew left,it would be freat to hear
DD-470 Timothy Manoskey EMFN 3/67 to 2/68 tmano (AT) found this site. good to see some names i remember.
DD-470 Hugh McCulloch MM3 4/66-2/68 Htmcculloch (AT) On board during grounding in Rhodes Greece
DD-470 Harry Melser SK 1943 - 1946 glassetcher2000 (AT)  
DD-470 Virgil Melvin GM1 03/52-06/52 USSmonssen (AT)  
DD-470 Robert Metten BM3 1965-1967 rlm370 (AT) come to the reunions. it for all shipmates who served on her
DD-470 Larry Meyer   5/1958-?? BrenS213 (AT) I am the youngest daughter of Larry Meyer. Feel free write
DD-470 Henry Millan SN 7/63-8/65 cyborg (AT)  
DD-470 Thomas Mischke IC3 5/63-9/66 tmischke (AT) Welcome shipmates e-mail.
DD-470 A. David Moltedo MR3 6/65 to 12/66 dreams66 (AT) Sent to Gitmo to catch Bache dur shakedown-stationed onboard as ships mach until Bache deployed to Vietnam
DD-470 Mike Moschak BTFN 1964 - Feb. 6 1968 mmoschak (AT)  
DD-470 William Musante QM3 10/67 -2/68 wfmusante (AT) I was in the scullery when she went aground, I have some waterlogged pictures if I can find them
DD-470 Mike Normandin MR3 9/65-9/66 mikernormandin (AT) arrived on board just prior to vietnam, world tour.
DD-470 Bernard O'Brien EM3 63 to 66 berny68222 (AT)  
DD-470 Roland O'Dette   1944-1945 jodette (AT) My dad was burned in jap komi hit. Was in engine room.
DD-470 Armand Ouellette SN 1961 to 1964? phrog (AT) Was on board when we lost IC striker overboard
DD-470 Paul Owens QM3 1961 to 1963 paulowens42 (AT)  
DD-470 Dennis Palmer SN 5/67 - 2/68 palmer_dennisd (AT) I was in ASW Division when the Bache ran aground in Rhodes on 2/7/68.
DD-470 Paul Pearson EM3 1966 to 1968 blp (AT) Would like pictures at Rodhes and contact from R division
DD-470 Jim Peirano FN 1964-65 jjp809mc (AT) To young to realize what a great experence the Bache was.
DD-470 Estel ''Billy'' Peters   1943 to 1945 cynthiajupin (AT) This is Billy's sister.
DD-470 Thomas Piper MM2 1962 to 1963 teepee40 (AT) Had a great time at the Bache reunion at Portsmouth.
DD-470 Frank Read E-4 1963 to 1966 readfrank (AT)  
DD-470 Joe Rishel RM3 1964- 1966 joerishel (AT) looking for old vets from the vietnam era
DD-470 David Ritter RM3 10/67-02/68 David (AT)  
DD-470 Louis Ritz MM2 1942 to 1945 jandurajf (AT) My uncle served on this ship, KIA in the Okinawa campaign-looking for information from shipmates, thank you
DD-470 Clyde Rohrbaugh CSSN 8/67 - 2/68 clyde.rohrbaugh (AT) Straight out of boot camp-shakedown to Gitmo then the Med-onboard 2/6/68 when she sank in Rhodes, Greece
DD-470 Virgil Salvevold   1944 to 1945 jsfuoil (AT) Was my uncle. Killed by Kamakazi in 45. Email any info on him
DD-470 Frederick Scheerer MM1 8/66-4/67 dahlgren (AT)  
DD-470 Thomas Schillo GM2 1952 to 1956 ischillo (AT)  
DD-470 Don Schlueter MM2 1966 to 1968 Donandpaddie (AT) Looking to make contact with shipmates.
DD-470 Norman Schmalz   1942-1945 Amfunny2002 (AT) Father was aboard ship. I am daughter. Did anyone know him
DD-470 Robert Selfridge EMFN 1966 to 1968 selfridr (AT) Was onboard when she grounded off Rhodes.
DD-470 Robert Shampine MR3 1966-2/1968 pzjncv (AT) HAD GREAT CRUISES TILL THE END.
DD-470 Floyd Shannon S1 or F1 10/42 -10/45 zpeck (AT) log room yeoman, this is son in law's email
DD-470 Alfred Sholar F2 4/43 - 10/45 genebear13 (AT) Dad aboard when struck by Kamikaze. Rec commendation. Anyone remember him/can tell me anything about the incident.
DD-470 Esa Siapin Unknown ?-1945 Deceased I would like to sadly report that my Uncle,Esa Siapin passed away this Veteran's Day at the age of 93.
DD-470 John Simcox RD2 4/66 - 2/68 j.simcox1 (AT) Good times Good people.
DD-470 Robert W. (Bob) Sisung SK3 Jan 67 - July 67 rwsisung (AT) Sank in Med 2 mos after I got off
DD-470 James R. (Bob) Smith IC3 1967- 1968 jsmith1043 (AT) I came on board in Norfolk in 1967 and was on board when she grounded off of Rhodes in Feb 1968.
DD-470 Walter Snow RD3 1964-1966 wsnow (AT)  
DD-470 Larry Spurgeon RD1 11/67-2/68 lspurg1935 (AT) Bache went aground Feb 7, 1968 at Rhodes, Greece
DD-470 Charles Stahl   1945?? (WWII) pmj21967 (AT) My father-I have a piece of the suicide wing my father gave to me before he died (1991)-he kept it all those years.
DD-470 Louis Stargel MM1 1965-68 mlstar (AT) I went to alot better ship USSJosephus Daniels DLG-27
DD-470 Lester Starling   1945 uncfan57 (AT)  
DD-470 Leslie Steele SN 1966-1967 nsteele47 (AT) Great ship, Great shipmates
DD-470 John S. Stephenson FN 50's--60's johnskeeter1943 (AT) my husband of 55 yrs. died dec. 9 2016. he was a good man.
DD-470 William Stern BT3 1960-1963 wdstern (AT)  
DD-470 Harry Stetser S1 1/43 - 12/44 revhgs82 (AT)  
DD-470 Gerald Stubleski MM2 1966-1968 gstubleski (AT) Nickname ''Stu''. On board during grounding after engine room
DD-470 Robert Taylor SN 3/64-9/65 watson.taylor (AT) Love to hear from any shipmates
DD-470 Willard Terry GM3 1964-1965 wtbt (AT) would like to hear from any shipmate who served on Bache
DD-470 Larry Thayer RM3 11/61 - 8/64 lkt081642 (AT) Went aboard when ship in dry dock at Norfolk-aboard for shakedown to gitmo, cuban crises,med cruise in 63 etc
DD-470 Arthur (AJ) Thomas FTG3 1966 to 1967 arty (AT)  
DD-470 Victor J. Totoris YN1 1964 - 1966 tomtot0502 (AT) My father-died 3/83-was aboard when Bache circumnavigated the globe-from son, Tom Totoris USN Ret.
DD-470 Kenneth Treloar MM2 1945 jacobspenn (AT) This was my father who was killed on May 13, 1945
DD-470 Lawrence Valletta MM3 1965-1967 lvalletta (AT) Looking for men who served in either engine room.
DD-470 Ernest Veneziano SN 1963-1964 ev1940 (AT) Served on the USS Bache DD470 during Gitmo off Cuba
DD-470 Richard Webber LT(jg) 8/61-6/63 hillrivkinsct (AT)  
DD-470 Andrew West LT(jg) Late 40's-Early 50's torkelson34 (AT) Father was gunner on ship, did anyone know him?
DD-470 Charley Wheldon TM3 1965-1966 c_wheldon (AT) Would enjoy touching base with anyone on board while I was stationed on her
DD-470 William (Bill) Wilde MM1 11/42 to 6/46 BillWilde23 (AT) Served in fwd eng rm,aux gang, aft eng rm-on throttles in aft eng rm when Kam hit-put ship out of com in Charleston.
DD-470 Robert (R. L.) Williams FTG3 66-68 showlowazbob (AT) She had an impressive history. A ship to be proud to have served on.
DD-470 William Winslow LT(jg) 5/63 - 5/66 lbwinslow (AT)  
DD-470 Peter Wissemann SN 2/59-12/60 donuts (AT) nice to hear from anyone
DD-470 Bobby Wood EMFN 7/67-2/68 koba562004 (AT) onboard 2/6/68 when she went on the rocks
DD-470 Henry Woolley SH3 laundry hacowo76 (AT) Feel free to email me-anyone know whereabouts of John Bohannon-he served onboard with me-thks for any info
DD-470 Neill Young FN 1944-45 ntaylor18 (AT) My father-was on board when it was hit in WW II. Anyone remember him-I would love more info on the ship.
DDE/DD-470 Charles Boos LT(jg) 7/61 - 6/63 cwb (AT) Up dated e-mail address.
DDE/DD-470 Ronald Byrd SN 06/1962 to 06/1963 rbyrd2434 (AT)  
DDE-470 Donald Bascle RD3 2/56-11/57 dab1936 (AT) Use Bache as subject. Write if you know me.
DDE-470 John Battiato FN 1961-1962 BIONICJB (AT) BELLATLANTIC.NET Would like to hear from you if served at this time
DDE-470 Robert J. Battiato MM3 1960-1961 rbattiat (AT) Hope to hear from anyone that served at this time.
DDE-470 Cornell Benkendorfer TM3 2/60-2/62 we4978 (AT) Stationed in Norfolk,Va.Now live in Branson,Mo. area
DDE-470 Melissa Bergeron MM2 1942-1945 melissa.1978 (AT) In memory of our grampa Edgar Roland Bergeron who served on the USS Bache.
DDE-470 William Betz SN1 1951-1952 bgbetz (AT)  
DDE-470 Raymond Blair   1951-1955 babymums (AT) My father-aboard during Korean War-went from a Pollywog to a Shellback aboard the USS Bache-he is still living
DDE-470 Thomas Blaszczyk SOG2 58-60 t.blaszczyk (AT) President of the USS BACHE Association
DDE-470 Robert Brumett BM3 7/1942 to 10/1945 RobertBrumett (AT)  
DDE-470 Jackie Bryson BT3 1959-1962 jacksprat (AT) Miss Carl Henning and Rude, Chief Culpepper
DDE-470 Chuck Calkins SM2 9/58 - 10/61 calkinsvillagers (AT) Working with Tom Blascyzyck to put together and update a web page for the Bache
DDE-470 Gary Carpenter RM2 1956 - 1959 garyordonna (AT)  
DDE-470 George Carr   54 - ? canopycages (AT) I'm George's grandson. He passed away 1/3/99. Info - email me.
DDE-470 Jim Casper RD2 9/60 - 6/62 acasper (AT) Came aboard as SN and left as RD2. Many hours in CIC as watch Petty Officer.
DDE-470 John (Json) Clancy RD1 55 - 57 jason (AT) Old memories of youth are great!!!
DDE-470 James R. Connelly . RM3 4/60 - 5/62 krissconn (AT) (all caps) would like to hear from anyone aboard at that time
DDE-470 Paul Corboy SH3 1960-1962 pjcorb (AT)  
DDE-470 Larry Corn SN3 1964-1965 corn.Larry (AT) Worked with Runda ,weapon alpha. Crossed anchors on deck mine. Let's talk
DDE-470 Henry Cybulski YN2 4/52 - 1/55 hcybulski (AT) Come to the reunions. Lets talk about Navy days.
DDE-470 Ronald Diamond GMG3 06/61 to 07/63 rond382 (AT) went on as sn and made e4 gmg3 in in charge of 3 50 s till discharge in 63
DDE-470 Charles G. Dobson SK1 1956 - 1958 crazysheik (AT)  
DDE-470 Gordon P. Fields RD2 1955-1957 gordon_fields (AT)  
DDE-470 Russ Fosbrink BT3 7/59-12/62 rusel (AT) Would like to hear from Larry M.Meyer
DDE-470 Alan Friedman SK3 1960-1962 ALAN7036 (AT)  
DDE-470 Paul Gassenmayer ET3 1954-1955 pcgassenmayer (AT)  
DDE-470 Ron Gaynor BT2 1953 - 10/57 rongaynor (AT) U know DeweySchmidt
DDE-470 Donald (Don) Geary SKG3 6/55 - 4/57 dongeary (AT) Looking for Jim Dianni of Detroit (?) particularly
DDE-470 Paul Glass   02/60 - 02/61 willie5552001 (AT)  
DDE-470 Gerald (Jerry) Gorski MM3 8/61-9/63 foo5316 (AT)  
DDE-470 John Gower LT 1959-1962 mtwjpg (AT) Great ship, great shipmates (especially radarmen) but sad ending
DDE-470 Lloyd Griffin FN parts of 1955 &1956 griffin3438 (AT) Served in aft eng rm-saved lives of 2 shipmates that were being electrocuted in condenser- would like to contact them.
DDE-470 David Haase RM3 1955 to 1958 LEHAASE (AT) ACEGROUP.CC  
DDE-470 Gene Hale QM3 10/51 to 4/53 ghale521 (AT)  
DDE-470 Johan (Skip) Hansen SN 12/53-10/56 johan77 (AT) Spent time in Sonar gang, Radio gang, Fire control gang, but mostly deckforce. Talk about immature, that was
DDE-470 Marvin Henley ET1 2/52-3-56 mhenley (AT) Med cruises were some fun!
DDE-470 John Herner FTA1 1953 to 1956 jherner (AT)  
DDE-470 Harry (Frank) Hiatt EM3 1952-1955 holsand1 (AT) Hi all Good ship, good food, lots of fun!
DDE-470 Mike Hrezik CS2 3/53-10/56   po box 401 leesport,pa 19533 610-926-7224 (good time to call 9 pm to 10 pm e.s.t.)
DDE-470 Albert J. (AJ) Hunt QMSN 52-55 TraitorsGate (AT) Where are all those rowdies that I served with?? Got old EH?
DDE-470 John Ingram MM3 1957 thru feb 1959 johnjudy (AT)  
DDE-470 William Jenkins BT3 12/55-12/58 wfj1 (AT)  
DDE-470 Robert L. ''Bobby'' Joe     jojoe6124 (AT) Looking forward to seeing some of the old gang in Va Beach!
DDE-470 George Juanico RD3 1/58-1/62 georgejuanico71 (AT) my nickname was jackemup
DDE-470 Wilfred Kelly QM3 1951 to 1954 phone 518 438 9872  
DDE-470 Henry Kessler RM1 1958 - 1962 tonyd157 (AT)  
DDE-470 John Kiernon RM3 1959-1961 jkiernon (AT)  
DDE-470 Bob Kimmerle FT3 1953-1956 bobbyk470 (AT) would like to hear from my old shipmates.
DDE-470 Deane E. Kogelschatz ET3 1959-1960 dekbooks (AT)  
DDE-470 Casimir (Cas) M. Kolanko RM3 1953 thru 1956 caskol (AT)  
DDE-470 Robert Kubinski MM3 57-60 kubinskibache4 (AT) For those that didnt know,Cisco Swofford died this summer-Great guy/sailor/friend-will be missed but not forgotten
DDE-470 Robert Kubunski MM3 6/57-12/60 robertkubinski& New update as of 12/09, come to the reunions guys. Great times.
DDE-470 James Lawrence FN spring to 12/62 jamesklaw (AT) Was to be discharged Nov. 1, extended because or the Cuban Blockade.
DDE-470 Charles (Dan) Lightfoot RD2 1958 - 1962 mlightft (AT)  
DDE-470 John Mahoney MM3 56 to 60 jsmahoney (AT) lived in ma./ moved to ga. like to hear from shipmates
DDE-470 Richard (Marty) Martino QM2 1/59-6/62 rem_12309 (AT)  
DDE-470 Tony McKenzie SN 1951 /1955 amckenzie (AT) was in first div.
DDE-470 Paul Molino PO1 2/68 nana_pop-pop (AT) Ship broke up at Rhodes Greece 2/6/68-was below-released just in time-like to hear from shipmate with me at time.
DDE-470 Stuart Moore FN 1958-1960 stuarttheracer (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DDE-470 Frank Mussare ET3 11/55 - 2/57 flmussare (AT) Served under Electronics Officer Ensign Ralph Huff.
DDE-470 Bernard OBrien EM3 11/63-6/66 berny68222 (AT) I have a few photos from time I was aboard If anyone is interested.
DDE-470 Bob Overla SKSN 1962-1964 boverla (AT) it was a great ship had good times
DDE-470 Paul Owens QM3 1961 to 1963 t8542po (AT)  
DDE-470 James Hoyle Parker RD1 1955 to 1958 Parkers95 (AT) I remember D. Bascle & G.Fields. Liberty bud was Bill Bard.
DDE-470 Sam Phillips FM 1951 to 1955 gp58 (AT)  
DDE-470 Fortunato Pichardo MM1 12/54-09/59 lohop38 (AT) Need to know Reunion information for 2003
DDE-470 William Piechowski GM3 11/55-759 williampiechowski (AT) Would like hearing from you
DDE-470 Carl G. Quick SN 1/55-11/55 Cargordieq (AT) Served with 2 other brothers onboard at same time-we kept in touch with CO VADM Jerome King.until his demise
DDE-470 John Jack Rader QM3 8/56 to 7/59 rader (AT)  
DDE-470 John F. Rendon RM1 11/67-2/68 jr4aces (AT) windstream.nt One of last 4 members to leave Rhodes, Greece myself, Rm3 Ritter, YN3 Szczepanski, LT Carter
DDE-470 Walter Ridge CS3 10/51-3/53 waltusn214 (AT) Anyone know where Rudy Alano from Massachusetts is?
DDE-470 Joe Rishel RM3 1964 to 1966 joerishel (AT) looking for old buddies
DDE-470 Neal & Irma Rohrbaugh EM1 8/56-?/57 figon (AT) How about Leonard (Monk) Eloi
DDE-470 Neal Rohrbaugh, Sr. EM1 8/56 - 58 or 59? figon (AT) Anyone know where Leonard (Monk) Eloi is?
DDE-470 Mitchell Rycus HM2 3/52 - 10/53 mjrycus (AT) Old shipmates - please contact me for a free book.
DDE-470 Joseph Sadler   1/58 - 1/62 rustyb (AT)  
DDE-470 Gail Sadler Master at Arms 1967 to 1968 gailsadler2you (AT) I have acquired a badge and it says MASTER AT ARMS USS Bache DDE 470 that Im about to put on ebay if anyone is interested in buying it. User name gailsadler
DDE-470 Alan Scher HN 8/61-11/62 alan (AT) Would like to hear from anybody on board at that time.
DDE-470 Kenneth Smith SO2 3/59 -9/61 bache4268 (AT) USS Bache Assoc contact:Tom Blaszczyk (708-278-0164)-09 reunion in planning stages-see TCS reunion info.
DDE-470 Roy Starks RD3 9/52-12/54 RMSTARKS_2000 (AT)  
DDE-470 Wendell Stimets LT 1953-1955 MVSSI (AT) My father (died 3/08)-med off for DESDIV22 &n avid photog-have 500+ pics frm MED Cru 54-would love to share.
DDE-470 Wendell Stimets, M.D. LT(jg) 1952-55 MVSSI (AT) Dad-died 3/20/08-ships Doc 54 Med Cru-have 500 color pics-love to share with anyone-also slides conv to CD
DDE-470 James J. Sughrue   10/51 to 05/55 cpa sughrue (AT)  
DDE-470 Byford Swofford GMG1 1955-1963 jtbjwright (AT) Glad to hear from anyone anytime.
DDE-470 James Sylvia FNDC 54-57 littlejim57 (AT) hi, to all shipmates-love you to contact me via email-God Bless
DDE-470 George Theriault RD3 1960 - 63 gtheriault222 (AT)  
DDE-470 David Thornton HSN 1957-1960 Thorntonsnw (AT) Looking for Robert Kidwell
DDE-470 Tom Thurman MM3 1960- 1963 thurmansuncity (AT)  
DDE-470 Al Vinti SN 1951 - 1954 phone # 727 944 2563  
DDE-470 George Weiland TM3 2/55-3/59 gwaznew (AT) Play DJ, records over intercom, From TM rm, Henry, Plum, Doc.
DDE-470 Walter Willey FTM2 1951-1952 WHWILLEY (AT) Recomissioned ship in Boston--Gun Fire Control Group
DDE-470 James Williams SN 1957-1960 breens (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who served at the same time.
DDE-470 James Williamson QM2 1960-1961 Jim.Williamson (AT) Just trying to find some old shipmates from the bridge
DDE-470 John E. Wilson SK1 7/59-7/61 jwilso17 (AT) Does QM1 Knapp still sell pots?
DDE-470 Wade T. Winstead TMC3 1943-1945 duane331lis (AT) Wade passed away January 4, 2011, at the age of 85 1/2. I am his youngest daughter (of 3) Melissa.
DDE-470 Donald Zickafoose DK3 01/54-01/56 donaldrtrd (AT) Hope to connect with some shipmates during 1953-1956
DDE-470 Nick Zodrow FT3 1959- 1961 zodnick (AT) Cold sea water showers and lots of good friends and fun.

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