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DD/DDE-507 Carol Cutchall RD2 1957 - 1959 cmaxc (AT) Transfered to USS Conway from USS Fessenden dEr 142 in March 1957
DD/DDE-507 Robert (Grommett) Dykes SM 7/69 - 12/69 dykesautorepair (AT) Sing me a song Worley.
DD/DDE-507 Ralph Froman MM3 6/60-11/61 ralph122 (AT)  
DD/DDE-507 Harry Hale BT3 1965 to 1968 webber1 (AT) Like to hear from the BTS and other B&M Division mates.
DD/DDE-507 John Horton MM3 4/63-8/65 Johnhorton (AT) Proud to have served aboard her,
DD/DDE-507 Dale Hoyt PC3 1/63-1/65 Dale4eap (AT) Ready to Rumble
DD/DDE-507 John Kelly MM2 10/60 to 6/64 j-j-kelly (AT)  
DD/DDE-507 Dan Kleinrock FC2 1951 to 1952 djkleinrock (AT) It was my honor to have served in the USS Conway
DD/DDE-507 Ronald Liggett BT3 1966 to 1968 ron_an_sher (AT)  
DD/DDE-507 Jack Milnes ET3 09/62 -09/64 janan (AT) See Steve Malady,Lou Shaeffer,Bob Stepnoski from my tour-missing Burgess,Dick Cornell-great times & memories.
DD/DDE-507 Parnell Myhrum HMC 1959-1962 popeye (AT)  
DD/DDE-507 Rene Smith LT(jg) 8/67 - 01/69 smithrene (AT)  
DD/DDE-507 Robert Stepnowski RD2 1961-1963 BSTEPNOWSK (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates
DD/DDE-507 Robert Yerkes RD3 9/54-12/01/1956 onetup (AT)  
DD/DE-507 Daniel Taylor SM3 4/61 to 10/61 dn.taylor (AT) Switched orders w/another SM3-wife due to have their 1st child & he was beside himself-went to USS Darby
DD-507 Frank Alexander   1952? advisor.alexander (AT) My dad (deceased) & uncle Robert Rowland were was aboard this ship-I know he really enjoyed this ship.
DD-507 Bruce Arnold BT2 1968 to decom barnold507 (AT) aol As a retired BTCM, Conway was/is the ship and crew I loved!
DD-507 Theodore Bailey SN1 1942-1945 RBailey938 (AT)  
DD-507 Johnny Baker EN3 1963-1965 johnnylbaker (AT)  
DD-507 Donald W. Banker QM3 May 1964 to June 1965 MrDon623 (AT)  
DD-507 Oscar (Bud) Baxter STG2 1966-68 saigonsams (AT)  
DD-507 Joe Beahm TN3 10/64-12/66 PNJGRSMN97 (AT) I was the engineering logroom yeoman. leon gregoire, john havrille, and bill losby were my best friends.
DD-507 Bob Benson ET2 7/58-10/59 bbeng11 (AT)  
DD-507 Dr. Kenneth Birlin SN 9/62-5/64 k.birlin (AT) Deck Force
DD-507 Lyle Boldt TM3 1/66 - 8/68 nut2boldt (AT) centurylink.nhet Deck force & weaps Dept,WestPac 66,Med trip 67-68-trans to Douglas H. Fox just prior to Viet Nam
DD-507 Larry Bridges BT3 09/67-12/70 larbridges49 (AT) Served on last Med cruise, during the reserve yearsand until decommision in Philly
DD-507 Darrell Brock PN1 03/64 - 07/65 roccobrocko (AT) good tour of duty, especially after leaving an AGR for 18 months.
DD-507 Mike Brumbaugh BT3 1965 to 1969 3847 (AT) I enjoyed my time on the conway met alot good friends hope to here from you.
DD-507 Leo Buckley SN1 1944 to 1946 loriann2 (AT) My father-he is still alive&d has finally started telling about his time in the service-we are so very proud of him.
DD-507 Edward Cazier ENS 04/45 - 06/46 ecazier (AT)  
DD-507 Ed Collins SK3 1/65-10/68 ecoll71999 (AT) .com  
DD-507 Paul Columbia MM3 1968 to 1969 kccpfc (AT)  
DD-507 Bruce Conning QM1 1965-1966 bruceconning (AT) Went To Vietnam and around the world.
DD-507 Allwood J. Conway E-4 1966-68 cougar46 (AT) I would like to contact fellow BTs. or other Eng. personel
DD-507 Jerry Cook STG3 1965 to 1968 mrjc1947 (AT)  
DD-507 John DeHaven   1943-1946 buyerjohn (AT) would like to get in touch with any of the torpedo men
DD-507 Carl F. Delli Bovi RM2 2/63 - 3/65 lcbovi (AT)  
DD-507 Chuck Doerflinger WT1 4/43 -11/45 doerflingerc (AT) in memory of Wally Doerflinger 12/19/21 to 15/28/84-was proud of his serv on Conway-never forgot his shipmates.
DD-507 Dave Dohner STG3 1967 to 1968 dcdohner (AT)  
DD-507 Len (Dorn) Dornberger YN3 6/64 - 6/66 LenDornberger (AT)  
DD-507 Raymond Dreyer 1C2 1952 to 1955 paulrruess (AT) Ray Dreyer was my brother-in-law--passed away 7/87
DD-507 Robert Dykes SNBM 7/69 - 12/69 dykesautorepair (AT)  
DD-507 John Ehrhart SM3 2/62-2/65 jbexcel (AT) Deck force until making SM3. Signed in to say 'Hey!'
DD-507 James Eldreth BT2 RET BRCS 07/1956 th 03/1963 mountain_ jack (AT) verizon .net Would like to here from anyone that was there during the bay of pigs
DD-507 Billy Featherston DK2 4/46 bfeatherston (AT)  
DD-507 Spencer French LT(jg) 1968-1969 slfrench (AT)  
DD-507 Joe Friend YN3 1969 joefriend (AT)  
DD-507 Jimmie Fulwood PN1 1/62 - 1/64 jfulwood (AT)  
DD-507 Larry Gentry EM3 1963 to 1967 beau945 (AT) Anybody out there?
DD-507 David Getsch SK2 1964-1966 ddgetsch (AT) Would love to hear from fellow ship mates
DD-507 Wayne Good RM3 5/64-5/66 hwgood1 (AT)  
DD-507 Jack Graham BT3 1-65 thru 5-27-66 jograham (AT) where you at melvin foster. polly bergan, berry any engineer
DD-507 Aloysius Granatowski MM3 1944 - 1947 lynnhonderd (AT) In memory of my grandfather, Al Granatowski (died 1/12/10)-would like to hear from anyone who knew him.
DD-507 Craig Grant SFFN 3/69-12/69 Catmancraig (AT) We trained reservists blue and gold
DD-507 Andrew Guess   1944-1946 alan.guess (AT) Dad has passed but found his pictures on the conway web site would like to find some of his shipmates.
DD-507 Ron Hand RD3 1965-67 ronkhand (AT) I'd like to catch up with old shipmates.
DD-507 Richard Harrold BT2 1964-1965 embroideryinc (AT) some things you never forget
DD-507 Barry Heaver ENS 1964 barrytulsa (AT) The greatest guys one could serve with. Our skipper was a Mustang, Cmdr EJ Myers, and we all loved the guy.
DD-507 James Hill MM1 4/60 - 12/64 pier59 (AT) Quebec City, Bay of Pigs, Missle Crisis, Med Cruises & Gtimo!
DD-507 Arch Hogston S2 1944-1946 macreeves52 (AT) Dad is gone, the stories of his ship, the war -live with us.
DD-507 Joseph Hupp RD3 4/65 to 01/67 joe.hupp (AT)  
DD-507 Jerry Kanter S1 10/45 - 6/46 ghkanter (AT) Would like to hear from any personnel that served 1945-1946 in the 1st or 2nd Division.
DD-507 William Kent E-4 1966 Wfkent (AT) gmail. Com 2010 ships reunion
DD-507 Tom Kirkpatrick BT3 1965 - 1967 nukesub65 (AT) lot of fun. would like to hear from the west pac bunch in the aft fire room
DD-507 Robert Krupp MM3 1944 to 1946 karski (AT) My father, Robert, is deceased. This is in his memory.
DD-507 Norman D. Lang RD3 Feb 52 - June 55 Ussconway (AT)  
DD-507 Dave Lathrop FT2 1958-1960 jandave1 (AT)  
DD-507 Allen Lendway TM3 6/64- 7-67 AL (AT)  
DD-507 Ronald Liggett BT3 03/66 to 08/68 ronald_liggett (AT) the best ship
DD-507 Duke Lloy E-4 1965-1968 ldlloy (AT) would love t o my hear from shipmates
DD-507 Robert Logner CDR/CO 1968-1969 mlogner (AT)  
DD-507 Craig Loth EM2 1962-1966 cloth24 (AT) hi-lined aboard Conway during Cuban Missle Crisis '62
DD-507 Dennis Lynch DK2 01/64 - 8/67 ddl369 (AT) I had many good memories aboard the USS Conway and made many good friends while on board.
DD-507 Beryl T. Lyon HMC 4/68 - 11/69 jblyon22 (AT) Onboard when ship was transferred to Phila as reserve trainer-some of my better days of my Navy career.
DD-507 Mike Macknin BT3 19/65 to 1969 dreamhome1 (AT) worked aft boiler rm-17 yr old snot nose frm Brooklyn-learned to be a man onboard-If we had fun,then lets catch up
DD-507 Michael McDonnell PN3 06/66-05/68 mikemc1046 (AT)  
DD-507 Ernie Meade FTG3 11/64 to7/66 meadeeb (AT)  
DD-507 Allen Meece SN 12/62 - 3/63 theabelmutiny (AT) My destroyer novel at
DD-507 Jim Michels SHB2 66 - 68 jmcpm (AT)  
DD-507 Steven Mlady ET2 1962-1963 s.mlady (AT)  
DD-507 Bob Moody DC2 1969 mowedge (AT) Call 724-452-7065 before 8 PM for 2005 reunion info
DD-507 Tyrone Morgan E-4 1961-1963 chico1465 (AT) I would to here from someone I serve with.
DD-507 Thomas Morgan FTG3 1965-1966 Deceased Went to USS Dealy in Boston after the Conway. Passed away in 1989.
DD-507 Leon Morris ETR1 12/67 - 6/68 lemthebear (AT) Remember the ''Christmas Tree'' Shoring during the Med cruise
DD-507 J. D. Morrow SN1 11/42 - 12/45 jims507 (AT)  
DD-507 Paul Moyer SN1 1944-1946 pjmoyer (AT)  
DD-507 Frank A. O'Brien PNA3 1952-3 Mrger45 (AT) For my father-in-law
DD-507 Armando Ocampo TN 1965 to 1968 agocampo (AT) Where are all the Stews??
DD-507 Jim Oliver QM1 4/62-8/65 josap (AT) Many fond memories of a great ship and a great crew...
DD-507 Paul Overfield BT 7/61 to 7/63 barbs4boys (AT) Fine time on ship
DD-507 Edward (Pat) Patterson SK1 10/60 -7/61 ttapfe (AT) And one that was with me to Cuba
DD-507 Richard Peters MM3 1/60-9/63 gpeters (AT) I didn't know it , but those were the best years of my life.
DD-507 Leo Pickrell FTG2 4/62 to 6/65 lpick7542 (AT) Fox Division
DD-507 Dick Pryor RM3 5/64 - 5/66 dick.pryor (AT) Looking for Wayne Goode RM# and Framk Sizemore RM2
DD-507 Edward Purcell MM2 6/68 - 11/69 efbpurcell (AT) Was on her unti she was decommisioned
DD-507 Edward L. Reid CPO 1943-1945 LindsayReid (AT)  
DD-507 Leland Reynolds FN2 1942 to 1945 sreynolds4 (AT)  
DD-507 Philip Rohrbaugh ETN2 1969-1972 phildoejr (AT)  
DD-507 Edward Rowe FC2 10/42 - 8/44 campedna (AT)  
DD-507 Joseph Ruggiero   10/42 - 01/45 annieliny (AT) in memory of my father 8-25-21 to 6-6-95
DD-507 Louis Shaffer ETN2 1962 to 1963 lshaffe1 (AT)  
DD-507 Frank Sizemore RM2 64-66 fsizemore (AT)  
DD-507 Gerald Smith BT3 1962 to 1966 Bs74gd (AT)  
DD-507 Charles Stewart FTG2 1/65-12/66 Charles.Stewart (AT) Looking for old shipmates from 65&66 FT&ST gangs
DD-507 Leroy Thompson MM3 1966 to 1969 ww9inlat (AT) miss you guys im still kickin foreward engine room with Tom Keane and Jim Zolnik
DD-507 Gary Townsend FN 8/64 - 3/65 gptownsend (AT) tempoary duty awaiting IC A school at Great Lakes
DD-507 Peter Tucci RMSA 1/62 - 09/62 AA7TO (AT) would enjoy hearing from any of the radiomen
DD-507 Richard Turkenkopf CS2 7/67-5/68 provi59 (AT)  
DD-507 Tom Van Derslice EMC 57-59 tomvan1111 (AT)  
DD-507 Edward Vigeant RD3 1961 to 1963 edwardvigeant (AT) Great years for me.
DD-507 Peter Wagner SN 1959-1960 PA-Wagner (AT)  
DD-507 Gordon (PeeWee) Watts BT3 1961-1965 ewatts (AT)  
DD-507 Gary Weber   11/58 To 9/60 kimboggs (AT)  
DD-507 Tom Weiss GMG3 1969 to 1969 weissmillwoodcraft (AT) I was transfered to the Conway from the USS Eaton in July 1969.My time on the 507 was
DD-507 Shelby Williams GMGSN 66-69 Seal-It-up-6 (AT) looking for any shipmates in those yrs and west pac cruise
DD-507 Tommy Williams BT1 65 - 68 nathan.williams (AT) Went aboard the conway in cuba, transferred off to another tin can headed to the med
DD-507 Neal Williamson PC3 4/1959 to 5/1961 nealwilliamson3 (AT) nickname was stamps
DD-507 Garnet Wilson BM3 1964-1967 Garn47 (AT) Hoping to hear from any Shipmates
DD-507 Charles Wilson, Jr. MM2 10/50-8/51 budar1950 (AT) Refit SBNSY Recomm.11/50, Korea 'til 8/51 aft ER mostly
DD-507 Joseph Worley SA 1968 gered (AT)  
DD-507 Billey Wygle BM3 10/67 - 69 billeyawygle (AT) In 1969, I transferred to the USS Little Rock
DD-507 William Wylde RD3 12/62 - 5/63 keith (AT) Went from the Independence (CVA-62) to the Conway (DD-507) to the Shenandoah (AD-26)
DDE/DD-507 Burton Pauly MM1 9/57-8/60 burtonpauly (AT) One hell of a ride, with one hell of a crew.
DDE-507 Jack Abbott   1942-1944 kkabbott2u (AT) lived in Ohio
DDE-507 Henry Agueros RDSN 2/58-8/61 henryagueros (AT) Want to make contact with shipmates...specially those who took part in Bay of Pigs, Cuba.
DDE-507 Jerome (Jerry) Barrett BT1 2/52 to 5/55 winjerwin (AT)  
DDE-507 Tom Blanding ET3 1952-53 tebland2 (AT)  
DDE-507 Lyle Blank SN 1/59-3/61 blanklyle (AT) deck force
DDE-507 Eugene Brassard SN 2/59 to 5/60 approx epbcrb (AT) oh the glory days of ASW with task group alpha
DDE-507 Robert Brinkman E-3 1951-1953 brinkmans (AT) My name is Steven M. Brinkman, Bobs son. He served proudly in the USN and always talked about his adventures on the USS Conway. He passed away Jan.7th 2007 and I was wondering if you could add his name to the ships roster anyway. Thank You Steven M Brink
DDE-507 Ed Bristow GM3 Nov61 - Apr64 ebristows (AT) like to hear from any of old gang
DDE-507 Frederick F. Campbell TE3 10/52- 6/55 Campbell (AT)  
DDE-507 Bob Chetwynd SOG2 1960-1961 hobiecathhi (AT) Bay of Pigs
DDE-507 Pat Cofield SNFTG 4/60 to 6/61 patcofield7 (AT)  
DDE-507 Thomas A. Colletti RM3 2/52-6/55 tac4 (AT) I would really like to hear from my shipmates. It was great
DDE-507 Don Denion YNSN 1/51 to 3/53 denion (AT) Great ship. E-mail me for details annual reunions
DDE-507 Francis Joseph (Joe) Fouts BT2 1960 to 1961 lcrane2 (AT) Semi-retired, living in New Lenox, IL
DDE-507 William F. Gardiner, Jr. BT2 Feb. 52-April55 frankgardiner (AT) Tony Finnicaro taught me all I never wanted to know
DDE-507 Salvatore Gentile TORP2 12/52-1/55 ggsg50 (AT) great ship/fine friends
DDE-507 Lare George MM2 1/52 - 10/55 berty737 (AT)  
DDE-507 Robert Gilbert SO3 2/54-3/55 sveikas.2 (AT) Would like to hear from sonar gang members.
DDE-507 Coy Gillenwater GM3 8/59/ 12/62 clgcag (AT) an outstanding Destroyer, should be another conway
DDE-507 George Greves ETRSN Jan 1960 ? to Jan 1961 eeehhhh (AT) Commander Ryan, The best C O ever...
DDE-507 Francis (Hack) Hackwith   1942/1943 Hackwith (AT)  
DDE-507 Howard Halbach SK3 1/57- 9/57 halgrandpa5 (AT) Would like to hear from ship mates
DDE-507 Carl Heil SM2 11/58-3/61 carlheil (AT) dont see many shipmates listed .
DDE-507 Ray Hill SN/BM3 1953-55 rksm (AT) the good and bad.lets do it again
DDE-507 Allen Jones EM3 10/59 - 7/61 erwinjones41 (AT) retired living on small farm in sw. VA
DDE-507 Ernest Kohler   1966 - 1967 kohler56 (AT)  
DDE-507 Richard LaLonde MM3 1959-1962 rnlalond (AT) astronaught recovery BOP's Pat. Henry etc. Quebec liberty
DDE-507 Dave Lathrop FT2 57-61 jdcape (AT)  
DDE-507 Jack R. Lewis SN. 6/54-6/56 LewisNRew (AT) Would like to communicate with old shipmates who knew me during this time.
DDE-507 Donald Little RDSN RD3? 59 to 61 dlittle (AT) Does anyone remember the guys from the Radar -ET gang ?
DDE-507 Don McCoy SO2 1/52-10/55 w0dm (AT) Originally from Brooklyn, but been in CO 42 years now!
DDE-507 Ernie Meade FTG3 11/64-6/66 meadeern (AT) Great ship and great shipmates.
DDE-507 John Minnich SK3 1957-? jminnow (AT) Signing in for my father, who passed away in 1978.
DDE-507 Arthur J. Occhino TM2 1952-1955 artnel32 (AT) hello to all my shipmates
DDE-507 Robert Peters BT3 1/59 - 9/59 vp93rjp (AT)  
DDE-507 Dane Pierce BT3 1957-1960 dpierce11 (AT) Served with guys like A.Shuh Walter Dale The Peters Bros. Otice Vail and many others
DDE-507 Henry Repetto SN 1952 to 1955 Henry9 (AT) I'm looking for names of men on at that time.
DDE-507 Arnold Schuh BT2 1956 to 1960 eagle2 (AT)  
DDE-507 Carl Sissom RM3 11/57-6/60 velvie87 (AT) Also in contact with DeArcy and Owens. Is Sam Seay there?
DDE-507 Art Sowinski EM3 3/57 - 12/58 sartsue3 (AT) Any EM's out there who served with me?
DDE-507 Douglas Strobel RM1 3/50-4/52 strobeldouglas (AT) I'm 85 yrs old now.....wud like to hear from any old shipmates.....
DDE-507 Richard Stroble FN 1959 Richardstroble (AT) I am so sorry that it had to be sunk
DDE-507 John Strong FT2 1957-1958 jstrong3 (AT)  
DDE-507 Jerome A. Theriot E-1 4/58 to 3/31/1 ALEXANDRIAS2001 (AT)  
DDE-507 Jerry Vines SN/CM striker 6/59-1/62 BALTMAN357 (AT) Best damntime of my life-been with her to Halifax, Bernuda, Qhebec and Bay of Pigs
DDE-507 Frank (Larry) Walls MR2 3/55 to 11/58 vintagepenton (AT)  
DDE-507 Robert Ward TM3 01/52-10/55 SWARD 3 (AT) great years/great shipmates
DDE-507 Lou Warner QM1 8/11/50 - 4/4/52 Warnerjrddjr (AT) Still waving skivvies
DDE-507 John Waters, Jr. LT 12/53 to 12/56 served as Gun Boss
DDE-507 Gary Weber   1958-1960 kimboggs (AT)  
DDE-507 Robert L. Welch DK3 1957-1959 iamsaved (AT)  
DDE-507 Thomas White MM3 9/59 - 9/62 Whitejj1008 (AT) Retired from GM living near Lockport, NY. Will always remember my experiences during the Bay of Pigs.
DDE-507 Charles B. Wilson, Jr. MM2 10/50-8/51 BudAr1950 (AT) Primarily aft engineroom during refit at SBNSY,Recomm.11/50
DDE-507 Robert Yerkes RD3 9/54-12/56 onetup (AT) Came onboard Conway when it was in yards in Charleston,SC-left when it was in yards in Portsmouth,VA 1956.

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