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DD-995 Thomas Chambers EW3 1997 to decomm taclove_2000 (AT) Still in the navy. Now a CTT1 and omw to USS Lake Erie
DD-995 Phil DeSilva LT 81-85 desilva (AT) EMO
DD-995 Jimmie Gilmore E-6 7/81 to 7/83 jimmie.gilmore (AT) or gilmore.jimmie (AT) Hull,1972 to 1975,Radford,1976 to 1979,Scott,1981 to 1983,South Carolina,1983 to 1986,Scott,1986 to1988
DD-995 Steve Heather DS2 7/81-8/85 steveheather (AT) Plankowner
DD-995 Al Iannacone PNC 1/92-1/95 alfred.iannacone (AT) Lots of hard work/good memories-retired in 08 as a LCDR. Would love to hear from anyone who was onboard then..
DD-995 Jim Rasmussen RM1 81-82 jjrazz (AT) Pre-Commissioning/Plankowner
DD-995/DDG-995 Joaquin Howell RM1(PJ) 1992-1995 howellj (AT)  
DDG-99 George Schroeder LT(jg) 10/87 - 2/91 gschroed (AT) charter.ner DCA and Commo on Scott; retired as CDR 01/08.
DDG-995 Barry Abrams EN3 precom - 1985 abramsbarry (AT)  
DDG-995 Jim Adams GSM2 2/91 - 1/92 goldenponyauctions (AT) MER1, Oil King, JP5 Czar Only a short time on, but I miss it
DDG-995 Shane Albarado BM2 1987 to 1990 shane_albarado (AT) Making alot of money
DDG-995 Richard Allbritton GMMSN 04/94-02/96 r-allbritton (AT)  
DDG-995 Eddie Angermair BM3 8/81 to 1/85 eddie.angermair (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Bob Archbold GMM2(SW) 1983 to 1986 codybob521 (AT) (aka Archie)
DDG-995 Brian Archuleta SM2 7/85 -4/87 grizzzzlyman (AT) Working as a Wildlife Biologist for USDA in NM. Enjoying life! God bless all the Hotshots!
DDG-995 Mick Argumedo DS2 11/91-11/95 mikkirat (AT)
DDG-995 Todd Armstrong PC3 1989-1991 armstrt (AT)  
DDG-995 James Atkins MS3 1985 to 1989 Redrider (AT) Miss the MS Gang! Alvin - Joe - Matt - Smitty - King - Taco
DDG-995 John Avey BM2 1983-1986 kd5zcq (AT)  
DDG-995 Michael Bailey GSM2 1991-1994 mikejilll (AT)  
DDG-995 Arch Bailey OS2 1984-86 archrb6973 (AT) good times with good crewmates
DDG-995 James Baker SH3 precom to 12/84 Jbaker61 (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Will Barbra EN2(SW) 09/1988 - 10/1991 djwillb2 (AT)  
DDG-995 John Barr OS1 1991 to 1993 jbarr (AT)  
DDG-995 Scott Barson YN2 1990 - 1994 sbarson (AT) sailors belong on ships, ships belong at sea---t.c. cocran
DDG-995 Rodney Bartlome GMG3 1993 to 1995 deputybart (AT) Bart lives!!
DDG-995 Sterling Bartoe BM2/E-5 1989 TO 1991 sterlingnsophia (AT) Looking for QM2 Danny ''Grandpa'' Carder & RM3 Joey D'Antonio!!! Would enjoy hearing from any past shipmates.
DDG-995 Joe Batson STG3 1/92-12/96 joe (AT)  
DDG-995 Ty Beasley GSM3 1988-1991 beasley_ty (AT)  
DDG-995 Frank Bedford GSM1 12/81-08/87 FRANKBEDFORD (AT) Transfered to FLEET Reserve 04/04
DDG-995 Walter (Biff) Beilke MR2(SW) 1981-1985 wbeilke (AT) plankowner
DDG-995 Dana Bell MS1 8/89-12/91 HAZEGRAY21 (AT) Retired 9/93. Miss all the baking for the ''hot shots''.
DDG-995 Chris Bellis GSM2 2/84 - 6/87 cbellis (AT) a.k.a. Mega Torque ....Oil King Extraordinaire !!!!!!
DDG-995 John Bertram EM3 5/81 to 5/84 jbertram (AT)  
DDG-995 John Bertram (Bert) EM3 5/81 to 5/84 jabertram (AT) Looking forward to the reunion!!!!
DDG-995 Robert Bettross EN3 1984-1988 bobbettross (AT) Work in mer.1 Looking for information on Terry Rivett.
DDG-995 Jimmy Bible GM3 07/95 - 05/98 jbible (AT)  
DDG-995 Jeff Blair GSM 1984-1988 jeff_10_13329 (AT) worked in MER#2,
DDG-995 Hank Blake EM3 12/89-12/91 hankandcharlotte (AT) Anyone that remembers me send me an email. Great memories
DDG-995 Edward R Blakeslee, Jr. STG1 1986 to 1989 blakeslee1 (AT) Sonar gang was great and STGCS Simon was one of the best
DDG-995 Matthew Blasting MS3 1985 to 1987 blastingm (AT) Doing well in PA. Love to hear from the cooks!
DDG-995 Mike Blum GSM1 11/82-01/88 michael.blum (AT)  
DDG-995 Tucker Bodman FC1 11/81-12/85 ftbodman (AT) almost a plankowner ---- many good friends & good times
DDG-995 Jim Bowans GSCS precom-1985 jbo106 (AT) anybody interested in a reunion? Jackie from roy's says hi!
DDG-995 Bertram Bowen BM/SH3 1981-1984 bertrambowen (AT) my first ship
DDG-995 Adam Brentlinger GSM1 (SW) 6/88 - 3/91 adam.brentlinger (AT) Made some GREAT friends. Would like to hear from a lot more
DDG-995 James Brooks EN4 precom - 1984 brooksjames45 (AT) A- Gang
DDG-995 David Brooks GSM1(SW) 1989-1991 dmbrooks5 (AT) MER 1
DDG-995 Gregory Brown BM3 03/86-11/91 gregorybrown4 (AT) although most thought I was prob dead,in jail, on crack-wrong-was bm3 brown-now Deacon Brown-God Bless.
DDG-995 Leon Brown MS2 01/97-decom Leon.Brown8694 (AT)  
DDG-995 Charlie Brown GSM3 12/83-02/87 cosmoboiler (AT) MER 1 country bumkin. Looking for pictures of the MER's,CCS.
DDG-995 Mike Buddendeck PN3 89-92 mjbfcva (AT) From sea lawyer to real lawyer
DDG-995 James Burke BM3 93-94 jpatburke (AT)  
DDG-995 John Burns FN 3/89 10/90 Vicardvac (AT) Woot 30 knot scott
DDG-995 Robert Busby OS2 1987-1991 robertbusby (AT) Miss that girl. I wish I knew then what I know now. Life's good!
DDG-995 Brian Caramela PN3 5/96-12/98 caramela10 (AT) love to hear from my old shipmates!!!! please email
DDG-995 Danny Carder QM2(SW) 1988-1991 dtcarder (AT) Looking for RM3 Doug Bush
DDG-995 Michael Cartwright DS2 1981-1985 michael.k.cartwright (AT) Hotshot for Life!
DDG-995 Robert Cary BM3(SW) 95-Decom 985-387-2779  
DDG-995 Sparky Cash SN 5/90-5/92 sparkysscash (AT) haze gray and underway!!!!!
DDG-995 Brian Chapman EN3 10/1981 to Chapcity22 (AT) this is P. Funk. miss u guys. Plan owner 4 life!
DDG-995 Troy Chapman GSE2 1981-1985 troykchapman (AT) Sorry I missed the reunion. Hope there will be another.
DDG-995 Lee Charlton SH2 1/88 - 9/91 Leech0017 (AT)  
DDG-995 John Chaves E-5 6/81-7/84 johnschaves (AT) FTG2 Radar#4
DDG-995 Derrick Chestnut GSM3 3/94-12/96 derrickchestnut1 (AT) living in sc.
DDG-995 Robert Chilelli DS2 07/93 to 08/95 rchilell (AT)  
DDG-995 Stephen Clabaugh ET2(SW) 1990-1994 clabaughs (AT) Fleet Systems Engineer team still in service to the Fleet
DDG-995 Williamson Clay DC2 10/90 - 07/10 fmdclay543 (AT) AKA Willie, Uncle. Fester, My mates Davey, Tracy, Ming, Jim
DDG-995 Ted Clayton RM3 8/94-1/98 Ted_Clayton (AT) Married in Charlotte working at CPCC in the IT division
DDG-995 Brian Cole RMSN 1985-1987 BCole8 (AT) Looking for Beaner, Robert Scott Robinson, John Summers
DDG-995 Patrick Collver MS2 (3) 1986 to 1990 patrickcollver (AT) Worked in galley with Atkins, Prelli, Blasting, Smith, Cappezone,Tengco,Grundler
DDG-995 Kenneth Coody OSC 3/81 - 11/84 grandpax4 (AT) OS2 to OSC! Loved this ship!
DDG-995 Nik Creveling FC3 97 - decom crevelingnp (AT)  
DDG-995 Mark Croley YN3 90 - 93 SWGRAS (AT) Looking forward to Dec 05'
DDG-995 Fred Crum FC2 7/93 - 7/97 emtcrum (AT) CIWS Tech
DDG-995 Joe Custance GSE3 91-94 locoen32 (AT) hope to hear for some of you .
DDG-995 Daniel Dahlman SN 10/93 - 12/95 dpdahlman (AT) Married with one child- live in North Carolina
DDG-995 Joey D'Antonio RM3-SAR 1987-1991 joeydantonio (AT) gone swiminig lately maggio, 2 many others 2 list pls contac
DDG-995 Mark DeMattia EN2(SW) 2/88 - 1/93 demattim (AT) Still active duty, LCPO for A-GANG on CG-55....
DDG-995 Joseph DeMeester IC1 1984-1988 ncwv1225 (AT)  
DDG-995 Dan Dernbach SM2 1983-1987 win24 (AT) Retire Jan 2003
DDG-995 Phil DeSilva LT 81-85 desilva (AT) EMO
DDG-995 Ralph Diaz GMM2 1994 to 1997 r.m.diaz (AT) Hot shot burgers for everyone!!!
DDG-995 Lyn Dickerson FC2(SW) 1/93 - 1/98 lyndickerson (AT) Once a Hot Shot.... Always a Hot Shoot!!! Mk-86 GFCS
DDG-995 James Dietrich BM3 87-90 nautical_man69 (AT) Real Hot Shots served dur drydock-Gitmo-Med Cruise! Join facebook/add me as a friend-trying to get reunion
DDG-995 Greg Donelson GMC(SW) 1/93-5/95 donels6 (AT) Alive and well
DDG-995 Rickey Douglas QM1 02/85 - 07/89 douglasrj (AT) QMC still active, NGFS in Little Creek- EWTGLANT
DDG-995 Damon Drohan EN3 01/85-04/88 aceinus (AT) Miss the Oil Shack, M Div and, of course the A-gangers I finished with, Ebner, Reese, Baker,,,
DDG-995 Charles Durfee DS2 2/92 - 6/93 cdurfee (AT) CE Division
DDG-995 Alan Edwards E-6 1981-1985 Athomedadoftwins (AT)  
DDG-995 William Englert SKC(SW) 08/84 to 02/88 seagypsyone (AT) stores (s-1) div. officer
DDG-995 Rick Evans STG2 9/89-10/93 sawkiev (AT)  
DDG-995 Eddie Ferrandiz STG2 6/81 -1/83 Edocala (AT) Best times of my life-grew up onboard-will always remember Plankowners-where is Hollywood(Steven Vowles ?
DDG-995 Joe Finch GMG3 1992-1996 jfinch (AT) Crossed over from A-Gang to GMG
DDG-995 Sean Fletcher EW3 1987 to 1989 seanfinoc (AT)  
DDG-995 Floyd Franklin ETCS 1985 wa4cgx (AT)  
DDG-995 William Fraser EN3 precom - 83 wcfraserjr (AT)  
DDG-995 Imamu Frazier RM2 1990-1994 bfrzr082 (AT) Still keep in touch with a few guys from the old ship.
DDG-995 Dennis Frizzi STG1 1982-1985 DFrizzi (AT) Miss you crusty f__s-
DDG-995 Gene Garrett LCDR Oct 1980 - Apr 1984 co (AT) Commissioning Combat Systems Officer
DDG-995 Paul Gawronski CWO3 1996-1998 BTSNIPES (AT) Ist Gas Turbine Ship, Great Crew
DDG-995 Joe Gecek GSM1 6/84-9/89 gecek2 (AT)  
DDG-995 John Giesey E-5 1981-1984 jgiesey (AT) Pre-Com Plankowner
DDG-995 Dean Giordano LT 3/92-5/94 giordano1776 (AT) SUPPO under BJ McCullough and Darrell Russell.
DDG-995 Marcelo Gosiker SM 1979 to 1981 mgosiker (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Welton Gossett OS2 1995-1998 wtg111 (AT)  
DDG-995 William Gray GSM2 Percom - 8/85 wgraybreard (AT)  
DDG-995 Michael Gregory GSM2 (SW) 1986 - 1990 mikeandmist (AT) Glad to have heard from some of you guys lately!!
DDG-995 Chris Grieves BM3 5/84-6/86 cgrieves (AT)  
DDG-995 Geoffrey Gussy BM3 10/85 to 6/88 jeffgussy (AT) 2 years left in the navy
DDG-995 John Hamilton RM 01/91-03/94 anthony.hamilton (AT) Had a blast on this ship!!!
DDG-995 Robert Hammond GSM2 5/88-10/89 rjhammondp2 (AT)  
DDG-995 Doug Haney QM3 1987 to 1993 raider1628 (AT) would like to hear from any of the old nav gang
DDG-995 Jeffrey Hatch RM1(SW) 9/93 - 4/96 Seal504 (AT) I miss the gang from this ship.
DDG-995 Coy Hensley OS2 3/81-7/86 chensley (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 James Hepburn OS3 12/80-08/84 USN036 (AT) A good reunion, lets do this again.
DDG-995 Marco Hernandez DSC 01/80 - 01/83 fuegoyyo1 (AT) Ret as CWO4 aft 30+ yrs-shipwill always hold very special place in my life.
DDG-995 Jim Hill DK1 1993 to 1997 JFHill (AT)  
DDG-995 Ralph Ho Ching OS2(SW) 11/03-decom hochingr (AT) Great Memories. Have video of DECOM Ceremony.
DDG-995 John Hoffmann GSM3 08/81 - 08/84 jjhoffma (AT) Plank Owner
DDG-995 Douglas Holke OS3 1995-1998 dholke (AT)  
DDG-995 Derald Howell OS2 1983 to 1985 derald (AT) Now living in Naples, Florida.
DDG-995 Michael Hunter GSE1 11/82-4/87 huntersnh (AT) a.k.a. Rockethead ''Whaddaya mean we're dead in the water?''
DDG-995 Jason Hurm SM2 6/93-6/95 jasonhurm (AT) had an awesome tour on the 'hot-shot' scott
DDG-995 Al Iannacone PNC 1/92-1/95 iannacal (AT) Did two Meds - good ship, good memories
DDG-995 Timothy Isreal STG2 4/83-10/86 tisreal315 (AT) My nick name was the International lover, looking for mario, and chris
DDG-995 John Jackson GSM3 9/93-3/96 jayblk27 (AT)  
DDG-995 Jake Jacobs IC2 12/83 - 10/88 jakeduke1 (AT) First ship on the Navy. Came on board right after UNITAS.
DDG-995 Chuck Jacobs EM3 1981-1985 sonnyjaco63 (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Rick Jenkins OS2/E-5 09/88-04/93 jenkins3732 (AT) married w/2 sons ages 1&6
DDG-995 Joe Jenkins OS2 (AIC) 1986-1989 junkdog1 (AT) Working for General Motors and Active Member on the PBA Tour
DDG-995 Bilton John GMG2 03/91-11/94 JOHNBILTON (AT) LICK EM'! WHERE'S OLLI ?
DDG-995 Allen Johnson RM3 3/88-4/91 no1uno (AT) Maggio,Joey(D),Jody Williams (Whats up BRU?) Remember when we got locked up in Delaware (smile)
DDG-995 Bobby Johnson OS1 1987-1991 bobandzon (AT) I am an OS1 still on active duty and am stationed in Japan now.
DDG-995 Louis Johnson GMG2 12/89-12/93 ljohnson (AT) I am a GMC on the USS Oscar Austin (DDG-79) in Norfolk, VA.
DDG-995 Joe Johnson FCCS 1991 to 1994 nawcadcmc (AT) I'm stationed at NAS PAX River.
DDG-995 Dan Johnson E-3 1982 to 1984 djohnson1477 (AT)  
DDG-995 Bob Johnson ET2 02/89-08/93 rwjohnson2 (AT)  
DDG-995 Ian Jurkiewicz OS3 9/81-9/84 ianalohaz (AT) Precomm to 1984 / UNITAS 1983 was great !
DDG-995 Jon Kantor OS2 9/96-decom jgkantor2001 (AT) converted to IS1(SW) now Defense Ctr in DC
DDG-995 Al Kasperowicz QM3 7/85 - 1/87 qm3kas (AT)  
DDG-995 Bob Kay ET3 2/93-1/97 vze2nzcb (AT) Bob 3 of 5 in CE division, now a firefighter in Quincy, MA
DDG-995 Frank Keiran OSCM 10/82-12/86 TNUSN (AT) Command Master Chief-----Enjoyed every day onboard
DDG-995 Chad Keith STG2 11/91-06/95 bamkeith (AT)  
DDG-995 Eric Kidder MSSN 1981-1983 Plank Owner lordy_lordy10 (AT) Looking to write to cooks that I worked With
DDG-995 Steven Klass EW2(SW) 12/91-6/96 sklass (AT) Best of times / Worst of times 3 meds!
DDG-995 Ernie Kutcher LT(jg) 1983 to 1987 kutcher61 (AT) the most shafted Mustang aboard
DDG-995 Chris LaGrange ET2 8/96 to decomm lagrange (AT) Living against the recommendations of many therapists
DDG-995 Patrick Laird GSM2 2/92-3/95 pslaird2001 (AT) What's up shooters?
DDG-995 Don Land OS2 84-10/85 tuffyd1 (AT) served under capt. Putnam. Norfolk, VA
DDG-995 Eric Lange GMM3 10/91-7/95 flange09 (AT) GM1 in the USCG teaching the MK75 76MM gun mount in Yorktown.
DDG-995 Gary LaShier OS2 07/85 - 06/88 gwlashier (AT) Will Never Forget The Scott!
DDG-995 Christopher Lavallee HT3 10/93-7/95 cgl500xedge (AT) Don't believe Tim, I was # 1.(ha, ha). Living in Maine !
DDG-995 John Lawrence RM2 7/81-8/82 JRPL (AT) Pre-comm/plankowner OC Division Radio Central
DDG-995 Michael Lawter GMM3 2/91-8/94 michaeljlawter (AT)  
DDG-995 Scott Leasia GSE1 7/83 to 7/88 Leasia (AT) still into gas turbines...
DDG-995 Chris Lee FC2 1993-1998 opt29 (AT) CIWS Tech
DDG-995 Rob Lewandowski SN 1/88-7/89 lewandor (AT) Worked in 1st Division
DDG-995 David Liddle GSE2 8/88-8/91 daliddle65 (AT)  
DDG-995 Nar Lopez SK2 8/1/81 - 4/5/84 narnlorali (AT)  
DDG-995 Mitch Lounsberry MR1 6/86-1/89 mitchell.lounsberry (AT) Spud you still out there???
DDG-995 William Louthian DC3 03/94-07/95 rs1150pilot (AT) Went MA, back in Roanoke now workin for the man...RCPD
DDG-995 Mike Lucarelli STGSN 1993-1994 mbl1096 (AT)  
DDG-995 Frederic (Steve) Lucas GMGSN 06/91 - 04/94 steelersteve13 (AT) Good times, bad times. On FB look for me with my name.
DDG-995 Thomas Maggio RM3 08/86-08/90 carol6803 (AT) Joey ''D'' whats up
DDG-995 Rodney Malcolm EN2 12/87-8/91 r.malcolm (AT)  
DDG-995 Bryan Mann BM3 1992-1996 mann_5000 (AT)  
DDG-995 Paul Markey RM1(SW) 01/91-12/95 madman998 (AT) Best Destroyer in the fleet, truly missed.
DDG-995 Todd Massey QM3 9/93-4/97 rtmassey557 (AT)  
DDG-995 James Maylone EN1 3/81- 1/84 jamesmaylone (AT) enjoy DDG
DDG-995 James McAlpin RM1 10/82-4/86 mcalpin (AT)  
DDG-995 Joe McCabe OS1 3/85-1/90 Navymanjoe (AT) Retired 2/95; served under Putnam, Nash, Corcoran.
DDG-995 Clinton McDaniel GMM3 1/90-1/91 clintmcdaniel (AT)  
DDG-995 Mark McDonald SM3 1989 to 1993 mcdonald1969 (AT) Still active for another year until my retirement. Made Senior Chief and stationed at AIRLANT for my last year.
DDG-995 Robert McDonald STG3 3/86-8/89 rob (AT) How is everybody doing?
DDG-995 Patrick McGeehan STG3 1980-83 omegateam3 (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Anthony McGrath OS2 1989 to 1994 apmcgrath (AT)  
DDG-995 Aaron McLaughlin EN3 1983-1985 afmcdaddy (AT) A-Gang
DDG-995 Steven Medlock GMG3 88-92 gunner (AT)  
DDG-995 Steve Mendoza EN2 1994 to 1996 steven8869 (AT)  
DDG-995 Michael Mershon FC1 1987 to 1992 michael.mershon (AT) MK74 Tech.
DDG-995 Chuck Miller STGSN 1987-1990 cmiller9598 (AT)  
DDG-995 Ted Miller SH2 9/84-2/87 TMwrks2hrd2003 (AT) best ship served on Retired USNR in 2000 looking for reunion
DDG-995 Chuck Mitchell OS2 1981-1985 CHUCKMITCH_2000 (AT) Pre-Com Team / Plankowner
DDG-995 Richard Moser GM3 02/96- 11/98 richardmoser (AT) went to the reserves loved it. still GM2 keep in touch..
DDG-995 Paul Mount MAC 10/90-10/93 mount_hawksbluff (AT)  
DDG-995 Mike Murno DK2 12/81-07/85 ammurno (AT)  
DDG-995 Anthony Murphy FA 01/97-12/98 anthony17usn (AT) Part of the decomissioning team
DDG-995 Joe Murphy STG3 precom - 1/85 thehumanzoo (AT) plankowner
DDG-995 Dennis Muse MSSN 1982-1984 dennisrmuse2001 (AT)  
DDG-995 Steve Nagorka GMM2 1981-83 stevenagorka (AT) Plankowner, currently reserve journalist NMCB 14
DDG-995 Daniel Noble HT2(SW)/E-5 10/82-5/85 tincansailor995 (AT) Snipes RULE!!!
DDG-995 Michael Noll MS3 1995-decom nollx5 (AT) Got out. Now an executive sous chef at a fine French restaurant.
DDG-995 Michael Novak EW2 1995-decom michel.l.novak (AT)  
DDG-995 Tony Olive GMM3 1981-1982 aolive (AT) Plank Owner
DDG-995 Don O'Neill FC2 86 - 91 oneilld (AT)  
DDG-995 Jimmy Orms STG2 01/89-03/93 jimmymerle (AT) still kickin
DDG-995 Dan Ottolini OS2 90-93 danotto (AT)  
DDG-995 Tim Outland GSM1(SW) 2/81-12/85 tbogemirep (AT) Reunion info ???
DDG-995 Hector O'Valle EN2 precom 1981 to 1985 ovallehector (AT)  
DDG-995 David Owens EMCS 1981-1987 FAASTCPR (AT)  
DDG-995 Wayne Padgette HM3 3/89 - 4/91 wpadgette (AT)  
DDG-995 Raul Palenzuela LT(jg) 1/83-8/85 rpalenz (AT) DCA
DDG-995 Marcus Pante BMSN 11/93 - 7/95 marcuspante (AT)  
DDG-995 Jeff Parks OS3 3/81-9/85 jlparks (AT) Pre-com/ who's coming to the reunion?
DDG-995 Pat Perkins SM2 1982 PDPVW67 (AT) Shakedown cruise alumni
DDG-995 Tom (Pete) Peterson FC2 1991 to 1995 thomas.peterson (AT) 'It's not just a job it's a nightmare'', I miss the nightmare
DDG-995 Eric Pierce STG2 6/81 - 12/82 eric.pierce (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Tony Pike GMM2 1983-1987 tlpike (AT) Looking for info on Pat Stever
DDG-995 Brett Porter SN Aug 93 - May 95 gr8flsocr (AT)  
DDG-995 Brian Porter YN3 10/93 - 8/95 (AT)  
DDG-995 Joseph Prelli MS3 12/83-8/87 bugsy718 (AT) cooked and ran galley for over 3 yrs..
DDG-995 Terry Pugh IC3 4/93-6/96 terryp1973 (AT) Looking for other Hotshots.
DDG-995 David Punch GMM2 1998-1991 Webmaster (AT) I'm currently creating a website for the past crews of Scott
DDG-995 Tony Radunz DC2 10/86 - 10/90 jamesbond101 (AT) Miss all the guys from the HT/DC shop. Get in touch with me.
DDG-995 Bryan Ramsey DCFN 7/88-6/92 ramsey (AT) way to many hot shots to name, soloman thanks for the fiftybucks (ha ha)
DDG-995 Mike Redden OS2 3/90-6/93 dartman8 (AT)  
DDG-995 Dave Reder EM2 11/82-11/84 dreder (AT)  
DDG-995 Donald Reuther BM2 01/83 - 09/86 papadon2005 (AT) Everyone knew Jim Brauer and I were really close when aboard the ship. We did everything together.
DDG-995 Terry Roettele E-4 9/89-92 troettele (AT) Gas turbine mech and oil king to refuel hehlicopter miss it
DDG-995 Thomas (Rosey) Rosendale RM1 5/83-4/85 tlrosendale (AT) Retired out in 87. Oldest son now retired Nuc ET. Now living on Eastern Shore of MD. Sure enjoyed UNITAS.
DDG-995 Scott Rusconi GSM3 1981 to 1985 Otisfield Maine Left Scott for thorn(the thorn was a dump).
DDG-995 Alex Salazar STG2 1991-1996 salazar1870 (AT) Under T.C, McCullough, D.A Russell, And Johnson Still in
DDG-995 Anthony Sanseverino HT/E-3 1980 - 1982 (914) 693-0115 Plank Owner
DDG-995 Darren Sauter GSM2 1981-1985 lagopus (AT) Pre-Commissioning Nucleus Crew M Division/Plankowner
DDG-995 Craig Schmitt GSM3 11/84 to 04/86 ctschmitt (AT) Short time aboard, but the best sea duty I've ever had.
DDG-995 Marc Seawell HT2 1985-1988 dixiepatriot (AT) Served under Cdr. Putnam and Cdr. Nash R Div
DDG-995 Lester Self HT2 1981-1984 nebflyer (AT) Those were the days . . . Or maybe I just feel OLD ! ! !
DDG-995 Mark Sentner RM2 12/88 - 02/91 Marksentner8 (AT) Hello my friends Joey D, Antonio, Johnson , j williams, o'keefe, Bush, Maggio miss ya guys
DDG-995 Earl Shauger DS2(SW) 5/89-7/93 shaug13 (AT) Hot Shots Forever!!!!!!!!!
DDG-995 Rick Shelar GSM1 8/82-7/84 shelars (AT) Served from PSA thru 1984 almost PreComm crew
DDG-995 Mike Shellmer FTG1 1981-1985 mshellmer (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Terry Shiflett OS1 5/92-9/96 shipkiller (AT) OI Division LPO, now retired working as an IT Consultant
DDG-995 Jim Shinkle LT(jg) 10/86-11/89 shinklejr (AT)  
DDG-995 Thomas Shu QM3 6/92-8/95 tcshu5150 (AT)  
DDG-995 Greg Simpson OS3 1985 to 1987 GSS995 (AT)  
DDG-995 Reginald Slade EW2 1986 to 1988 sax_88 (AT) I was the one who always had his saxophone/keyboard nearby
DDG-995 Carlton Smith EN2 1981 to 1984 jgooskie (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Andre Smith SN 1984 - 1985 acsmithesq (AT) Boatswain Mate, served under Capt. A.R.Brittian
DDG-995 Dale Smoot OS2 85-87 alkair40 (AT) aka Smooter
DDG-995 Craig Smythe SN 04/87 - 06/90 callens (AT) Please visit we need your input.
DDG-995 Joe Snyder GSM2 1987-1990 nikkilynn01 (AT)  
DDG-995 Timothy Solomon HT3 1991 to 1994 tsolomon2824 (AT) Hull Maintenance Technician (abbreviated as HT) is a United States Navy occupational rating.
DDG-995 Jim Southern OS3 3/82 - 8/198 gsouthern38 (AT)  
DDG-995 Lionel Staplefoote QM2 1980 to 1983 lstaplefoote (AT) Hoisted up the Jack on commissioning day, Retired 11/00.
DDG-995 Jerry Stefencavage IC2 1985-1987 jerry.stef (AT)  
DDG-995 James Stiff GMG1 6/82-1/86 dm_995 (AT) What's up ''Hot Shots''?
DDG-995 Alfred Stockton GMM1 1980-1985 astock472 (AT) Having way too much fun in Michigan.
DDG-995 Jim Stonecipher RM2 06/83-08/86 kg9lb (AT) Hello to all my old shipmates...lets get together again.
DDG-995 Curtis Strickland SM2 1985-1989 bassmancurt (AT)  
DDG-995 David Stroh BM3 03/90-05/93 sparky1507 (AT)  
DDG-995 James Strube STG2 precom 01/85 strubejd (AT) Plank owner
DDG-995 Geoff Swafford OS2 4/93-5/97 geoswaff (AT)  
DDG-995 Jeffrey Swan BMSN 01/94-10/96 jdswan (AT)  
DDG-995 Brian Taylor ET2 10/95 - 12/98 brian.s.taylor (AT)  
DDG-995 Robert Thompson EW2 1/92-4/95 ew1thompson (AT)  
DDG-995 Brian Traupman OS2 3/97 decom b_traupman (AT) OS1 on USS Boxer then going Naples
DDG-995 William Trowe QM2 3/91-5/94 willchuk67 (AT)  
DDG-995 Dennis Turner EW1 83-84 dennis (AT) Got out 22 years ago and still think of the friends I met.
DDG-995 Brian Tutterrow ENC 1985-1987 bstsmt (AT)  
DDG-995 Chris Tyner GSE3 90 - 93 mimismax (AT) aol. com served under CMDR Russell
DDG-995 Frank Vance HT3 1981-1983 frank.vance (AT)  
DDG-995 Walter F. Vosburgh GMM2 8/81 - 10/84 waltv (AT) Pre-com crew, Plankowner
DDG-995 T. J. Walker MS3 1981-1985 TJ88keys (AT) Night Baker! Pre-com, plankowner
DDG-995 David M. Wallace E-3 85-87 dm_ragtop (AT)  
DDG-995 Mark Wallace STG1 8/89-9/93 jmarkwallace (AT)  
DDG-995 Robert Walton OS1(AW/SW) 1986 to 1990 dammitbob1 (AT) Hot Shot Scott, If It Flies It Dies!
DDG-995 Frank (Al) Ward STG3 1986-1989 alzado77 (AT) Yes, I'm still alive!
DDG-995 Anthony Tyrone Washington BM3 1988-1991 tyrone67 (AT) Served under Capt. D.H. Nash and Capt. T.C. Corcoran
DDG-995 Gary T. Watson FTG 1981 to 1985 gary.t.watson (AT) Plankowner
DDG-995 Sean Wheat HT3 1987-1990 ht3wheat (AT)  
DDG-995 Patrick White SN 7/91 - 2/92 pjwhite7291 (AT)  
DDG-995 Daryl White STG1 4/83 - 7/87 darylfw (AT)  
DDG-995 Timothy Williams MSSA 6/81-7/83 Fatcatslimbody (AT) If I were had only had known then what I know now, wow what a difference a few decades makes.
DDG-995 Brian Williams LT Jun95-May97 bdw7 (AT) Still on active duty (LCDR)- stationed at CINCLANTFLT
DDG-995 Joseph Williams RM2 9/87 to 9/91 willy355 (AT) what's up
DDG-995 Robert Williams YN1 1993 - 1996 lilmagichotdog (AT) Ship Secretary - Hello to all!
DDG-995 Clay Williamson DC2 12/90-06/94 ffpmdclay (AT) aka-WILLY OSL for repair 3 now am full time firefighter/
DDG-995 Sam Wilson YN3 3/91 - 3/94 Classicsam71 (AT)  
DDG-995 Scott Winter STG1(SW) 11/89-11/93 scott_winter2002 (AT) Retired in 04, now teaching 8th graders in Bothell, Wa. 3 Med Cruizes, Love to hear from shipmates
DDG-995 James Wise ET2 7/88 - 8/92 james.n.wise (AT)  
DDG-995 Rob Wohlfiel FC1 1986 to 1990 rwohlfiel (AT) Hey all you HOT SHOTS!!!!!
DDG-995 Gary Wolfe QM3 06/83 - 06/85 gi_wolfe (AT) Currently QMC USNR , COMPHIBGRU 2 Det 313 Milwaukee
DDG-995 Chad Womack SN 10/89-04/93 DarthRain (AT) Served 4 years in 1st/Deck Div as compartment cleaner.
DDG-995 Colin Woods EW2 1996 to decom cwoods (AT)  
DDG-995 Chris Woolley HTC 1/97 - 12/98 woolleyt7 (AT) HOT SHOTS!!!
DDG-995 Danny Wright SM2 12/81-07/85 DanDLinSW (AT) ex deckape Signalman
DDG-995 Stephen Yarber OS2 8/92-8/96 syarber1 (AT) still a HOT SHOT
DDG-995 Randall D. York STGC precom - 83 rdyork (AT)  
DDG-995 Jeff (Zack) Zahratka ICC(SW) 01/80- 08/82 steelers58 (AT) Would like correspondence with all crewmembers

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