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DE-244 Allyn Long YN2 5/63 to 12/64 adddist (AT) ships crew Regual Navy
DE-366 Howard G. Adkins DC3 1953-1956 adkinshg (AT)  
DE-366 Dennis Alexander ET3 01/08/60 -11/15/62 Dennis.Alexander (AT) I was part of the Res Crew that went to Wes Pac in 62.
DE-366 Michael Angelinovich DC3 USNR 1966 to 1968 mangelinovich (AT) Served my Reserve monthly weekends on board the USS Cockrell and my two week cruise to BC.
DE-366 Mike Balogh STG2 1965 to 1966 mike_balogh (AT) I have very fond memories of my time on the Cockrell and in California, and the shipmates
DE-366 Joseph J. Blane MM3 05/52 - 09/56 alvinc366 (AT)  
DE-366 Don Calavan-MacRae HM1 11/1960- 4/1963 dmacrae13 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates during the time I was aboard.
DE-366 David Cussins SA 1963-64 davesworld5 (AT) Member of crew from day one-went on 1st reserve weekend drill one month after I joined Reserve Unit.
DE-366 Richard Dodge SK2 7/56 to 1/57 radodge (AT) retired in South San Diego
DE-366 Phil Dyer RD2 1956 Sawsmith (AT)  
DE-366 Donald (Don) Feltner FN 8/57 to 2/59 DonLindaFeltner4339 (AT) Looking for any other Plankowners on the Cockrell during this time, Marice Marutz, Strohmeyer.
DE-366 Doug Fifer RD1 1959-1960 N8281P (AT) Was one of the original Selective Reserve crew
DE-366 Jerry Fisk RM3 7/53 - 7/56 cornrpckt (AT) Would like to hear from any of my Ship mates.
DE-366 Donald Garcia SO1 1944-1945 cutter808 (AT) My father was Joe Garcia
DE-366 Tom Garvey SA 1953-1954 thesomdwoods (AT) would like to hear from anyone who remembers me
DE-366 Dennis Guilloz SO-3 1962-63 dennisguilloz Wonderfully Ship and Crew
DE-366 Wyatt W. Hall     kate4056 (AT) My great grandfather-died 1973-looking for anyone who knew him-would really like to know about him.
DE-366 Robert Harkness SN 9/65 - 9/66 Raharkness (AT) ET Striker on reserve crew
DE-366 Carle Herndon CGM/GMC 51-53 waltandbillie (AT) My dad served on DE 366 @sonar base S.D. Cal. after leaving Adak, Ak. mid June 1950-Had to go ya know…
DE-366 Don Israel GM3 06/53-08/56 disrael (AT)  
DE-366 Roger Jackson FN 8/61 to 8/62, 7/64 to 8/66 union city calif.94587 usnr crew atf. fire room
DE-366 Robert G. Jenkins CS2 Feb. 1955 - May 1956 MMJenks3635 (AT) AOL.Com Would appreciate hearing from anyone aboard at that time.
DE-366 Jerry Johnson SN 3/55 to 3/56 MOOREJERRY4 (AT)  
DE-366 Melford Johnston MM3 1954 to 1956 melj (AT) retired firefighter living in iowa. the name selmon sounds familiar. also adkins
DE-366 Bill Lavine QMSN 10/61 - 10/63 Blavine (AT) Made Westpac cruise 62. Part of regular crew until '63.
DE-366 David Lawson E-3 11/63 to 6/65 david.lawson5 (AT) served at NRTC - alameda,ca. 63-65, went active 6/65 to the uss kennebec ao-36 to 1967 far east viet nam.
DE-366 Charles Lorenson FN 1960-63 charliefl (AT) I now live in Ruston, Louisiana a long way from Stockton, California
DE-366 John Love EN 10/1/61-8/62 BLoveL0926 (AT) my papa recently died and i would love to hear from anyome who was with him or get info on agent orange
DE-366 Alvin Mackey S1 09/45-02/46?? jim mackey (AT) 717-768-8678 my father passed away on 11/11/99
DE-366 Wayne Moberg STC 1959-1962 mosmanor (AT)  
DE-366 Henry Morris MM3 5/51-5/53 hjaamorris (AT) Served as Logroom yeoman then striker of Hospital Corpsman
DE-366 Ed Myers EM3 1961-1963 elm344 (AT) Recalled during Berlin Crisis, sent to Viet Nam
DE-366 Duane Myers BT2 4/62-6/66 dgmelec (AT)  
DE-366 Don Parker RDSN 1961-1962 ofd-spin-doc (AT)  
DE-366 Robert Paxton BT2 1959-1960 HD97fbbudp (AT) Selected Reserve Aft fireroom
DE-366 Emerson Place DK2 1/55-9/56 Emerson-Spud-Place (AT) If anybody remembers me after 50+ years send me an E-mail.
DE-366 Mike Sanders MM3 12/64 - 12/66 mikes1946 (AT)  
DE-366 Ron Sellman MM2 1952 to 1956 rronsr (AT) Would be happy to hear from any former shipmate.
DE-366 Fred Smith RMSN 1/55 to 8/57 fjsmith676 (AT)  
DE-366 Harold Smith FA 1953 - 1954 anchorahoy (AT) I would like to hear from shipmates
DE-366 Charles W. Squires QM1 5/64 -3/67 lorettasquires (AT)  
DE-366 Larry Stephens EM2 1959 to 11962 stephensls (AT) Active duty crew member
DE-366 Terry Sutherland SN 1966-1968 terry.sutherland (AT) nuc crew , lots of fun in Alameda
DE-366 Chuck Tipton SO2 1955 to 1956 chucknfaye (AT) Now live in Phoenix, Ariz.
DE-366 M. H. Whitmer CS3 6/52 6/56 jmbw55 (AT) Retired in KY. Love to hear from you
DE-366 John Wiedman   WWII lakeloralie (AT) My father-served on the destoyer escort alvin c. cockrell for 2 years during WWII. He died in 2003.
DE-366 Ben Wilson     highlander612003 (AT) My dad William N. Wilson served on this ship during Korea
DE-366 Burell Bayron Yates SN1 1944-1946 winford (AT) This is my Dad, Took his own life in 1995 at age 75

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