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FFG-20 Mark Anderson EW2 03/84-06/88 manderson (AT)  
FFG-20 Dean Baldwin FN 01/87 to 6/87 Deanusa95b (AT) decommisioned to reserve navy. cruise to Novia Scocia then England 2 week training
FFG-20 Mark Bartow OS2 1/82-7-84 spark1225 (AT) Would be great to hear from some old shipmates
FFG-20 Edward Speed Chapman, Jr. ENC 4/93 - decom speeddog (AT) Looking for old shipmates
FFG-20 Mike Dawson MACS 3/85-3/92 MDAWSON47 (AT) Looking for old shipmates.
FFG-20 Mike Dossett EN3 1982-1985 m.dossett (AT) Like to hear from my old shipmates
FFG-20 Doug Duell STG2 87-89 dougdest (AT)  
FFG-20 Stephen Freeman FCC(SW) 7/84-5/86 tiger437 (AT)  
FFG-20 Tim Futral BM3 3/87-3/88 tmf784 (AT) Looking for old shipmates.
FFG-20 Todd Gartner EN2 1987 to 1990 gartners5 (AT) looking for old friends.
FFG-20 John Hightower RM3 Plankowner john.hightower (AT) best basketball player, onboard
FFG-20 Warren Huddleston SN 12/93-8/95 wrhuddleston (AT) looking for shipmates
FFG-20 George Jackson YNCS 1/81-8/82 jackgeo44 (AT) There at the beginning, Commissioning Crew
FFG-20 Francisco Karr GSE3/FN 6/92-1/95 frank_karr (AT) looking for fellow shipmates
FFG-20 Taylor Kirk OSC 8/80 - 9/85 kirktv (AT)  
FFG-20 Trent Kroetz SN 3/89 - 4/90 takroetz (AT) left Active Duty as an ISCS(SW)..Thanks for a great start!!
FFG-20 Eric Neubert HT3 5/81-4/83 eneubert (AT) Plankowner
FFG-20 Scott Nickerson ET2 SW 4/87 to 12/91 nickerson-scott (AT)  
FFG-20 Leon Noble RM2 5/1982 - 9/1985 Golfer2927 (AT)  
FFG-20 Michael O'Connor QMC precom 1982 PaulsPainting4U (AT) Plankowner
FFG-20 Robert Pagtakhan SN 06/95 - 05/96 rjpagtakhan (AT) Waiting to contact old shipmates
FFG-20 Raymond Paine QMCS 1982 - 1984 ligar (AT)  
FFG-20 Mark Pritchett ET3 3/94-8/95 markandbeckey (AT)  
FFG-20 Marty Raymond RM2 07/84 - 11/87 dmraymond23 (AT) Love to hear from anyone! Hey Mark and Chief Reggie!
FFG-20 Scott Reynolds GMM3 1989-1991 scott.reynolds (AT)  
FFG-20 Raymer Rodriguez FC2 08/81-03/83 rrodriguez (AT) Plank Owners get-together being planned for October 2005.
FFG-20 Reginald Roper RMC 1981 to 1985 rropersr (AT) or rropersr (AT) Still living in Jacksonville, FL
FFG-20 Alan Sautter SH2 9/81-12/84 Sautal18 (AT) It was a privledge and fun!
FFG-20 Ralph Smith IC2 1981-1985 ralph.smith (AT) Still on active duty in San diego
FFG-20 Cord St.Pierre QM2 2/84-2/88 cordstpierre (AT)  
FFG-20 Robert Suguitan PNSN 11/93-Decom robert.suguitan1 (AT) drop an email if I served with you....
FFG-20 Mark Turney RM3 01/83-03/87 gil_mark (AT)  
FFG-20 Craig Van Effen DS2 1985 to 1989 vaneffenc (AT) The first ship is always the best ship (On my LAST ship....)
FFG-20 Mack Wright STGCS(SW) 1988 to 1991 mcwsmw (AT) Headed ASW Division and served as the ship's CMAA.
FFG-20 Bert Wright GSE3 9/93-5/96 william.wright (AT) Would like to talk to old pals.
FFG-20 Bruce Yates STG2 1985 whgislander (AT)  
FFG-20 Jim Yates EN3 1981-1983? blnighttrain (AT) Smoking cig on fan tail when other ship hit us

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