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DE-1025 Al Ahner QM3 4/70 - 12/71 printit1 (AT)  
DE-1025 Marc Avery IC3 03/68 to 07/70 averys_98550 (AT) Looking for contact from anyone from when we went reserve
DE-1025 Charles Blauth EN3 1973 cbtesting (AT)  
DE-1025 Daniel Bownes GMGSN 1958 to 1963 coul (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates.
DE-1025 David Brooks MM3 1963 to 1966 dlsabrooks (AT) enjoy hearing from shipmates
DE-1025 Jarrett (Jack) Broughton IC2 6/63 - 8/66 jsBroughton (AT) grew from teenager to man on this ship, a great time in my life.
DE-1025 Rex Burgese SM2 1/60 til 8/63 ssegrub41 (AT) I have always been proud to have been a shipmates to the guys I served with.
DE-1025 Karl Christoph LCDR 1957-1959 radmx (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1025 Harvey Clark BM3 04/65 - 12/68 hclark225 (AT)  
DE-1025 Nelson Combs LT(jg) 1958-59 DrJazz2838 (AT) Will require research to find exact dates
DE-1025 Don Conger SN 1969 to 1970 dcong (AT) would like any contact with shipmates
DE-1025 Thomas Coulson TM2 1957-1959 Ndamers2 (AT) Would like to hear from ex-shipmates. Any reunions planned.
DE-1025 Jack Crone SN 4/59 - 2/60 jcrone (AT)  
DE-1025 Alfred Denofre BM3   Ajdeno (AT) Was part of the decom crew
DE-1025 Thomas Dobrolsky QM3 9/65 - 1/69 lefty266 (AT)  
DE-1025 Al Evans SK1 10/57-12/59   (352)483-5721 Grand Island, FL
DE-1025 Stan Foster RD2 1961-1964 stanfoster2000 (AT) Saw some names that brought back good memories. would be great to catch up..
DE-1025 Robert Fredrickson BT2 1957-1961 Bpfredrickson (AT) I was part of commisioning crew.
DE-1025 Henry T. Freeman FN 1958-1959 freeman5329 (AT)  
DE-1025 Dan Gholston EM2 10/69 to 8/72 dangh1 (AT)  
DE-1025 Bill Griffith FT2 57-59 bajamrbill (AT) great duty - would have stayed 20 if they left me there
DE-1025 Greg Haefele ETR2 1970 to 1973 qwipper (AT) Decommissioned ship and returned as security/cleanup detail.
DE-1025 Marty Hale SMSN Late 62 thru 3/64 CABOMARTY (AT) Never forget the great time I had abaord this ship
DE-1025 John Hall BTFN 1972 - 1973 johnhall77 (AT) I was on the USS BAUER DE -1025 from-1972-1973 as a BTFN, until she was decommistioned in1973
DE-1025 Sam Hartman RM2 1970 to 1972 unclesam (AT)  
DE-1025 N. B. Haynes DC 11/57 eastco_1 (AT) Plank owner----San Diego--Treasure Island---Then Hunters Point to board Bauer
DE-1025 Raymond Horne SA early 1964-11/64 ray.e.horne (AT) Time aboard this ship never leaves me
DE-1025 Larry Howard ETN3 10/65-1/67 larrylee1 (AT)  
DE-1025 Don Humphrey SN 2/1/60-2/1/62 sundogmx (AT)  
DE-1025 Jack Hunt BT3 1958/1962 welder-hunt (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1025 Clifford Hutcheson SA 7/59 - 5/60 confederateyankee (AT) like to hear from anyone on deck crew at that time
DE-1025 Lawrence Jefferis LT(jg) 11/57-8/58 jefferisl (AT) Reported to Builder's Yard in June, 1957.
DE-1025 Jonathan Jones MM3 11/60 - 06/64 jon.jones63 (AT) I am the Historian/Photographer for Cortron 3 Reunions, I have a great Collection of Bauer DVD Movies and Pictures of ship and crew for sale.
DE-1025 Richard Jones MM2 1958 to 1963 woodcutt (AT) anyone disabled and serviced connected with asbestosis
DE-1025 James Kaufman SO3 1957 - 59 sawman (AT) A very interesting time in my life
DE-1025 Lopez Lawrence SK3 2/63 to 7/66 lopez_l (AT) Great ship good crew. Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DE-1025 David Lawson RD2 1959-1960 925lawson (AT)  
DE-1025 Robert Lopez SK3 11/64 - 6/66 myhemi (AT) Member of the Plus-5. Also server with Brother Lawrence Lopez SK3
DE-1025 Lawrence Lopez SK3 2/63 to 7/66 lopez_l (AT) Great ship good crew. Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DE-1025 Richard Lutz SM2 67-68 richlu870 (AT)  
DE-1025 Roger Marcet MM2 2/64 - 5/70 ? R_marcet (AT)  
DE-1025 Jim Martinez RD3 1963 to 1965 jimmar55 (AT) Went to Camp Pendleton for infantry training. One officer and around 15 guys. We were the landing party
DE-1025 David Michel FTG3 1964 - 1966 davemichel (AT) Would like to hear for shipmates in my area.
DE-1025 Gerry Miles BT3 68-69 ttam1313 (AT)  
DE-1025 David Miller MM FN 12/57 to 9/59 (360) 708-0515 Like to hear from old ship mates.
DE-1025 Larry Mills SN 1960 to 1963 irishs5238 (AT) Larry Mills was my father and I would like to gather some old stories from his Navy Days. He passed away 2010.
DE-1025 Orville (Gene) Milner RD3 7/57-8/58 gjmilner (AT)  
DE-1025 James Mitterer QM2 1968-12/69 jwmitt62 (AT)  
DE-1025 Zane Nolen ET2 2/60-11/60 Nolenz (AT)  
DE-1025 Wayne Padgett QM3 7/60-3/62 wwpadgett (AT) Still remember my time on her as if it were last month.
DE-1025 Ron Richeson MM3 1966 to 1968 richronglobec (AT) just looking for old friends from the engine room
DE-1025 David Robinson HT3 1971 1973- decom 320 630 7120 Stood burner watch underway ya I know! A ht on burners
DE-1025 Robert (Dutch) Robinson, Jr. MM3 1968-1970 daytonasr3 (AT) like to hear from old shipmates!
DE-1025 Billy R. Sampley MM 3 9/65-9/66 Lindasampley (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates, enjoyed time aboard .
DE-1025 David G. Schulz EM3 1957-1960 ftwenty (AT) If you remember me, would like to hear from you.
DE-1025 Ronald Shuck E-5 1/70-11/73 riverguideronnie (AT) like to hear from shipmates
DE-1025 Roy (Mike) Shults RD2 1/67-9/28 trealtors (AT) Started on deck force and became Radarman. Want to hear from shipmates.
DE-1025 James Simmons EN2 06/68-07/70 landlockseadog (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DE-1025 Bill Smerdon RM3 1957 to 1959 bsmerdon (AT) Plank owner
DE-1025 Ivian Smith FTG3 1963-64 ISeaSmith (AT) Picked up the Bauer in Olongopo, left for the USS Razorback
DE-1025 Gordon Snyder MM3 1957-1960 gordon.snyder (AT)  
DE-1025 Jose Stone MM3 1973 jstone0423 (AT) Onboard while res trainer till decom frm Desron 27-had so much fun,closest thing to Mchales navy you ever saw.
DE-1025 Henry Tarango ET3 11/57-5/1960 marybobtarango (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1025 John Ternest SO1 2/63 to 10/63 ultrasec (AT) Short timer waiting to be discharged. Very enjoyable.
DE-1025 Don Terry SN 1967 cdlt (AT) Was on the deck force
DE-1025 Alfred Thomas MM3 06/62 - 02/65 althomas428 (AT)  
DE-1025 Bernard Van Sell SK1 1969 tgbernardo (AT)  
DE-1025 Al Van Sickel LT(jg) 1957-1959 avansickel (AT)  
DE-1025 David Washburn MM FN 12/57 to 9/59 (360) 708-0515 Like to hear from old ship mates.
DE-1025 Rickie Woodson MM3 1/73-4/73 rwoodson (AT)  
DE-1025 Ray Woodward   1/59-12/59 burlwoodjr (AT)  
DE-1025 Tony Zwiener MM2 1965 to 1969 tonyzwiener (AT) Brooks, do you remember me?

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