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DE/DER-147 Donald Broyles EN2 12/54-8/58 broyreno (AT) Hello Olmstead,Adamson,Coolidge,Furlani,Mauser & Conkey.addr:3654 Crestridge Way,Reno,NV 775-786-9075
DE/DER-147 Raymond De Selle FA 1959-1960 rayd (AT) gread crew great ship
DE/DER-147 Henry Leopold AG2 12/57-6/59 H.Leopold (AT)  
DE/DER-147 Thomas Olmsted EM3 8/57 to 2/60 trolo (AT)  
DE-147 James D. Adamson   10/55 - 11/56   Add: 102 SW 165 St., Newberry, FL 32669 Px: 352 472-7288
DE-147 Duane Conkey MM3 1953 to 1955 dordua (AT) my address 1609 So. Rustin St. Sioux City, IA. 51106-2242
DE-147 Richard Coolidge DC2 11/54-4/58 Rcooldad2 (AT) My first ship but not my last Ret. 1-87 as HTCS
DE-147 Jack (Jessie Paul) Depew ??? 1943- ??? millkd_2000 (AT) From Kingsport TN - Looking for stories about my grandfather's experiences & shipmates.
DE-147 Joy Eaton     joyeaton3 (AT) My grandfather Fay L. Eaton served on this ship and is listed at the bottom of this page.
DE-147 Richard (Dick) Eckert ET3 4/53 - 4/56 elndick (AT) Great shipt, trained Sonar Students in Ket West Florida,
DE-147 Eugene Frank LT(sg) 08/43-10/44 eugenefrank1 (AT) I was the Gunnery officer another ex uderCapt Gads
DE-147 Robert Furlani EMFN 1955-1956 rangerbob (AT) I was an EM and our captain was H. O. Webster
DE-147 Walter Gadsby LTCDR USMDR 9/43-11/45 annagadsby (AT) This is my dad.
DE-147 Douglas P. Gorman RD3 5/54-9/55 patgorman1933 (AT) Was on during the winters in Key West training sonar students, summers in Newport, much time in yards also.
DE-147 Leon Katz LT? WWII alhkatz (AT) My father Leon Katz served on the USS Blair in WWII, convoying US to UK. I'm Alan Katz.
DE-147 Joseph Lenihan S1 1945 to dow WA4TDI (AT) Trying to contact any old shipmates, it was a good ship
DE-147 Tom Mauser RM3 1955-1956 ttomnavy (AT) My first ship...many good memories..RMCS Retired 1974
DE-147 William (Bill) McDonough   WWII Rachelb.mcdonough (AT) My grandfather-96-shared his Navy scrapbook-inc detailed pics of his time on the Blair-love to share-email me.
DE-147 Carl Ricno RM3 1952 - 1953 carlr (AT) My first ship wnet aboard as SA advanced to RM3. Retired in 1974 as LCDR
DE-147 Ed Robbins FT3 6/55-11/57 biplane (AT) Dischg 11/57-onboard during conv to DER-could be considered plankowner (on emergency leave/missed com).
DE-147 Willis Shoup EM2 1943-1945 johnshoup (AT) Willis Shoup deceased was my dad. Would love to hear from his buddies. John Shoup
DE-147 Edward T. Sullivan S2 7/43 to 9/43 mweber (AT) Newtless Crew/ Was on first voyage in 1943, went to Africa
DE-147 Frank Sweezy   8/45 grs85 (AT) this is the ship my grandfather was on.
DE-147 Jack Waddell RM1 1943 to 1945 jwad313141 (AT) Enjoyed tour on Blair
DE-147/DER-147 Fred Papay RM1 1955-1959 nzad.pako (AT) Plank owner on DER-147. Good ship, Great Crew! (Both crews!)
DER-147 William Bailey SFP2 02 57-10 59 Bill 597 (AT)  
DER-147 Ron Blanshine SMSN 1957 thru 1959 rfblanshine (AT) Truly enj ship/shipmates-TY Ch Martinovich,BM1 Robinson,SMC J Gibbs,etc-pls email -now in Muskegon,MI
DER-147 Adrien Doiron EN3 1/59-decom 60 butchdoiron (AT) made 10-11 picket patrols and decomissioned her in Bremerton Wash
DER-147 Willard Gilbert GM/E-3 1959 to 1960 patbill65 (AT) Made five north pacific barrier patrols.Like to hear from anyone who served on Blair.
DER-147 Bob Kerrebrock LT(jg) 1958 - 60 svwindshadow (AT) Many Barrier Patrols, put ship out of commission Bremerton, WA
DER-147 Gerry Key RDSN/RD2 58-60 gerry (AT)  
DER-147 Henry Leopold AG2 12/57-6/59 h.leopold (AT)  
DER-147 John McCauley RD3 1959-1960 mathew40 (AT) I was onboard on the last 6 north pacific rotations and helped put her in mothballs in Bremerton,
DER-147 John Miller RD Striker 59 - 60 jmiller8311 (AT) Aboard 1yr in Honolulu & on Dew Line-took her to mothballs at Bremerton-gear was stolen so would love pics
DER-147 Terry Norcott SN 59/60 tnorcott (AT) Please let me know if anyone knows me from my time
DER-147 Robert Prest FTG3 10/59 - 04/60 r2d2rm2n (AT) Served two Barrier Cruises and decommissioned the Blair at Bremerton Navy Yard in April 1960
DER-147 Bob Rogers LT(jg) 1957 to 1960 bob752r (AT) Commissioned/Decommissioned, made all 14 DEW Line Patrols.
DER-147 Will Street AG3 1959 to 1960 willst (AT) Made last 6 North Pacific barrier patrols, decom at PSNS.
DER-147 Larry Vander Roest AG3 1958-1959 larryvan49 (AT) Nickname and most known as ''Dutch''

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