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FFG-28 Jacob Adelman HMCS 05/81-06/85 docjake66 (AT) plank owner great tour
FFG-28 Richard Anderson EW 3/85 - 5/88 timeto_cruise (AT) Known as 'Andy' or 'SLQ-Rick'
FFG-28 Javier Araujo E-3 1994-1997 aerosci (AT) LTJG Stationed in NAS Whiting Field.
FFG-28 Jeff Askins STG3 1/89-8/92 jaskins (AT)  
FFG-28 Steve Ballay RM2 5/82 to 12/85 digitalspbc (AT) Very Honored to be a Plankowner and of the USS Boone family.
FFG-28 Joe Billesbach STG2 10/86-11/90 jbillesbach (AT)  
FFG-28 Jesse Bowers E-4 1992 to 1994 guise2112 (AT)  
FFG-28 Matthew Butler HT2 1982 to 1985 Battlewagon38 (AT) Proud Plankowner
FFG-28 John Chadwick CWO3 8/87-1/90 john.chadwick (AT) Plankowner, MPA, Auxo. Last sea tour
FFG-28 Steven Clark GSCS 1988-1989 steven_clark2005 (AT) TAD from USS John L. Hall (FFG-32) during the Avondale Yard Period through RefTra and OPPE.
FFG-28 Johnny Cortez SH3 8/87-6/90 usn19872000 (AT) Retired after 20 years. Living permanently in the Philippines
FFG-28 Paul Cunningham QM3 6/82 - 11/85 cunninghamp (AT) Great times Great Friends Great Experience
FFG-28 James Davies TM1(SW) 7/89-8/91 jam132 (AT) Wonderful time onboard! Great shipmates/command, great liberty-some of my fondest US Navy memories!
FFG-28 Brent Embry LT 10/04 - 03/06 brentembry (AT) Former OPS. No finer ship afloat than the Mighty BOONE!
FFG-28 Brian Fogel E-4 1990-1994 brian_fogel_2 (AT)  
FFG-28 Rick Foresteire YN1 6/01-7-04 forestsoby (AT)  
FFG-28 Mike Gaines EW3 5/82-9/84 mgaines (AT)  
FFG-28 Ellwood (Ray) Garland OS3 1982-1985 os1usn (AT) Plankowner, nicknamed Grampa. My son Ray Ray was everyones favorite football. Retired from reserves March 06.
FFG-28 Kevin Garrett HT3 7/85-12/88 mkgarrett90 (AT) Anchors away!
FFG-28 Arthur Grierson ET1(SW) 1982-1985 agmcgregor (AT) Plankowner
FFG-28 Daniel Gronley RM3 1/83- 9/86 dgronley (AT) great ship=great memories
FFG-28 Rob Grose E-4 9/85-488 haylo101 (AT)  
FFG-28 Harold Hatch RMC 4/84-10/87 jagfan2890 (AT) it was a fun tour, looking back at it....
FFG-28 Frankie Heggins PO1/E-6 09/2003 - 10/2005 fheggins (AT) Gtreat Ship! Loved it completely.
FFG-28 Roderick Jolivette TM2 1982-1983 washjolly (AT) Plank Owner - First Ship, Todd ShipYard
FFG-28 Neil Karwath E-3 12/83-02/85 nkarr38 (AT) Great ship- Served in deck division then medical under HMC Adelman. Retired HMC and an RN after 26 years.
FFG-28 Bobby Keller FC2 01/91 to 07/95 bobby (AT)  
FFG-28 Roger Kirkbride GSE2 1987-1989 rdkirkbride (AT) Ship was in New Orleans when I got there and left while in the Persian Gulf.
FFG-28 Glen Kirkland BM2 02/86-01/88 usnkirk (AT)  
FFG-28 Daniel Langlais LT 10/93 - 11/96 DLang1075 (AT) Acting Cheng, MPA and Auxo
FFG-28 Tavares Liggons DC3 06/95-06/99 stuckinguam2001 (AT)  
FFG-28 Toby Lindeland ENC 10/81 - 6/86 tobyandbrenda4748 (AT)  
FFG-28 Erle MacDonald YNC 09/81-05/83 erlem (AT) Plankowner, Retired May 1982
FFG-28 William (Bill) Masewicz FC1 1993-1995 wmasewicz (AT)  
FFG-28 Ronald C. Mathews GSM3 11/87-6/89 rmathews5 (AT) Remember the Persian Gulf
FFG-28 Douglas McGath SM1 1993 to 1997 mstephonica (AT) Great Ship...Even A Greater Crew. sorry about that gate in Charleston.
FFG-28 Thomas McIntyre EN2 2/94 to 8/98 ohsoslimshady (AT)  
FFG-28 Anthony Myers FC2 08/97-04/02 anthony_m_myers (AT)  
FFG-28 Jason Newman SR 7/07- Current Newman (AT)  
FFG-28 Antoyne Oliver E-4 1/02-12/04 OLIVERANTOYNE (AT) Where my homies at? Get at me fellas.
FFG-28 Michael Parker OS2 1985-1988 michael_parker (AT) CS-1 Division. Those were some of the best days of my life.
FFG-28 Brian Phelan QM3 11/81-8/84 bphelan99 (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-28 John Regina OS1 7/81 - 3/84 johnj1314 (AT) Plank Owner One the best ships i served on.
FFG-28 Bruce Rice IT2 03/03 - 05/05 bruce.a.rice (AT)  
FFG-28 Willard Rickerson DC1(SW) 4/88 - 9/90 mr tater5277 (AT) I want a cruise book for 1989 Persian Gulf cruise.
FFG-28 James Rochelle ENS 05/03 to Present j_rochelle (AT)  
FFG-28 Richard Saxton STG2 4/82-12/83 richardsaxton (AT)  
FFG-28 Phillip Senn STG2 (SW) 12/03-12/08 put1first (AT)  
FFG-28 Peter Smith CDR 10/86-12/88 peter_r_smith (AT) Proud Commanding Officer
FFG-28 Harper Smith GSM2 1987-1991 (AT) Want to give greeting to all my old ship mates. I would love a cruise book from 89-90
FFG-28 Steven Smith HM3 1982-1985 tcblf2007 (AT) Plankowner Love to hear from other plankowners..
FFG-28 Rhonda Taylor LCDR 09/08 - 04/10 boonexo (AT) Executive Officer
FFG-28 James Toth MS3 1988-1990 jstoth (AT) Still serving in the reserves
FFG-28 Randall Webber FCC(SW) 02/85 - 04/88 webberrl (AT)  
FFG-28 Matt Wilson STG1(SW) 1987 - 1991 mattw232 (AT)  

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