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DE/FF-1086 David Diaz HMC 72-75 david.diaz2 (AT) Great ship-never went on a tin can again-ended up w/the Marines again,1st & 3rd Divs-retired at Camp Pendleton.
DE/FF-1086 James (Jay) Lowry YN3 1982-1986 jaybrewton (AT)  
DE/FF-1086 Phil McCracken MM3 7/72 - 1/74 sing14utoo (AT) Plank Owner (WestPac, Pearl, Philipinnes, Singapore, Bandar Abbas, Iran, etc.)
DE/FF-1086 Rick O'Dell CSSN 1974 to 1976 odell130 (AT)  
DE/FF-1086 Leopold Salato     porsche911duo (AT)  
DE-1086 John Barton STG3 1972-1973 john.t.barton (AT) plankowner, looking to contact other plankowners
DE-1086 Jack Darveau FTGC 1972-1975 jdarveau (AT)  
DE-1086 Darnell Dawson IC3 7/72-10/75 darnelldawsonrocketmail (AT) PLANK OWNER
DE-1086 Robert Folkes QM1 1972-1974 b4poms (AT)  
DE-1086 Mike Freeman EM2 1972 to 1973 grovemech (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1086 David Hall E-3 4/72- 4/74 hallfbi (AT) I like to know the time line of the West Pacs our ship took.Where our ship went during this times?
DE-1086 Everett Hayes YN2 72 - 73 dreveretthayes (AT) Log room yoeman. Great times from San Diego Precomissioning to Long Beach!
DE-1086 John Kinnier CDR 1972-74 jkinnier (AT) 1st CO. Great crew! Great ship!
DE-1086 Keith Perkins LT(jg) 1972-1973 kperkins16 (AT) Plank Owner; EMO then Comm. Officer
DE-1086 Robert Walton MM2 4/72-11/74 de1086walton (AT) R-2 Div - AC&R, etc. Whatta Crew!
DE-1086 Jack Williams OS3 1972-1975 easttexas1 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1086 Michael Zaring SN 73-75 MZdomain (AT)  
FF-1086 Eric Anderson LT(jg) 9/72-6/75 eanderson (AT) great cruises!
FF-1086 Donald Baughman SH2 1972-`1976 trk3736 (AT) yahoo. com plank owner
FF-1086 Paul Cadell BM3 1976-1978 epc54epc (AT) where are my old friends of deck ?
FF-1086 Chuck Chason BTC 1974-1976 chuck.chason (AT)  
FF-1086 Dan Curtin TM3 7/86 - 12/89 deepsea67 (AT) Two WestPacs and many friends! Mess Cranked for 153 days! Four NJPs- Good Times!
FF-1086 Mark Danziger ET2 1983-1985 markd60 (AT)  
FF-1086 Jack Darveau FTGC 1972-1975 jdarveau (AT)  
FF-1086 Frank Dengler LT (Weps Off) 03/74 - 02/76 pdengler (AT)  
FF-1086 Richard Dutton SK3 6/76 to 2/80 rckldoit (AT) Miss the old girl. Check out the Bubba Bee Facebook page.
FF-1086 Michael Early SK1 1983-1985 mearly (AT)  
FF-1086 Mike Fancher HT3 1978-1979 mf5768 (AT)  
FF-1086 Tom Foster RM3 1985 to 1988 tfosterintl (AT)  
FF-1086 Felix Fricks YN1 1975 - 1978 fffricks (AT) They were the best of times and they were the worst of times
FF-1086 William Hamilton MMC 11/74 - 2/79 pham1300vtx (AT)  
FF-1086 Terry Harper BTCS 1976-1978 harpert (AT) Retired MCPO in 1986 now in the DC Metro area
FF-1086 Dan Harris BT2 3/78-8/81 drhklh1190 (AT) Retired in 1998 as BTCS.
FF-1086 Sherrill Hazard LT(jg) 1982 to 1985 pulpdryergm (AT) Haze Gray and Underway, no better place to be than at Sea!
FF-1086 Steven Johnson MM1 7/75 - 7/78 saltwater (AT)  
FF-1086 John Kinnier CDR 1972-74 kinnier (AT)  
FF-1086 Todd Maloney GMG3 1987-1991 tmaloney (AT)  
FF-1086 Robert Millroy QM3 1984-1985 bobmillroy7 (AT)  
FF-1086 Joe Morse BT1 1972 1974 jdmorse1 (AT) plank owner on the brewton, be glad to hear from shipmates.
FF-1086 Bryce Nickel BT2 1882 - 1984 BTDEADHEAD (AT)  
FF-1086 Stephen Novak HT211 11/78 - 4/82  
FF-1086 Jim 'Jaime' Picoc DCC 90-92 loloika (AT) Started and ended a career on 'Cans.' What a way to go!
FF-1086 Dave Pudim STG2 12/82-08/85 dpudim (AT) Great crew!
FF-1086 Philip Rossi LT(SC) 5/76-7/78 orossi (AT) Supply Officer
FF-1086 Chuck Schafer OSCS 12/79 - 8/83 crschaferjr (AT)  
FF-1086 Larry Scott GMM1 10/86-8/89 scott.larryd (AT) Ship 6 of 7 in my NAVY career
FF-1086 Steven Stevenson MM3 05/80 - 12/83 sjs_dks (AT)  
FF-1086 Derek (Suds) Suddreth STSN 08/77 - 08/79 flukedog2002 (AT)  
FF-1086 Terry Taylor DTG SN 10/77-11/79 terrywt (AT) great westpac Subic Bay WOW
FF-1086 Ricky Topel E-5 10/80 - 6/84 rrtopel (AT)  

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