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DE/DER-327 Sonny Cole RDM3 1956 - 1958 Sonnycold (AT) Ed Doyle, Mike Hammer, George Schnoble,
DE/DER-327 Laney Earls FTSN 7/60 -10/62 hastywon (AT) Would like to find David Adams, and other shipmates.
DE/DER-327 Jerry Sulzbach RM2 12/64 jsulzbach (AT) Remember coming aboard while in Guam, before deploying to Vietnam on 2 tours
DE/DER-327 James Wills END-3 1956-1958 Recommisioned in Charleston as DER. Over one and under two.
DE-327 Ralph Ball MOMM2 1943-1946 ralphball1924 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone onboard. Anyone know where Gil Roberts is? My number is 804-493-8752.
DE-327 Alton (Al) Basham COX 5/12/1944 JBASHAM (AT) TAMPABAY.RR.COM my father pass-a-way 1992 just thought I would try to locatesome of his shipmates.
DE-327 Bill Cyranowski ? WWII gjc (AT) My father served as a cook onboard in WWII-have photos that I'd be happy to share with any family members.
DE-327 Richard DeLeonard S1 1947 deleonard (AT) helped decomission, like to hear from anyone who remembers me
DE-327 Bernard J. Duffy EN3 7/56 - 10/57 bernardjduffy (AT) Put it in commission in Charleston South Carolina in 1956. Captain was Lt. Cmdr Cody and XO's nick name Little Caesar last name unknown.
DE-327 Willtam Kampen RDM3 1/44 to 6/46 bkampen (AT) Tel.1-504-304-1595
DE-327 Ralph Mayhon BK2 1943-1946 jkmayh01 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me
DE-327 Milton Merritt TM2 1943 to 1946 merritt (AT) Retired from active duty April 1976 (CDR, CHC. USN)
DE-327 Harold Murphy YN2 65 - 67 harold.murphy (AT) Played on the USS Brister's softball team. We were quite good.
DE-327 Reginald Perkins SN1 6/1945-12/1945 rperk1 (AT)  
DE-327 Bob Reading MR3 1957 to 1959 b.reading (AT) I'm a member of the Safety team on the Hornet Museum Alameda
DE-327 Robert ''Bob'' Rouse S1 Gunners Mate 1/44-6/46 Inkables (AT) Looking for shipmates
DE-327 James Samples S1 5/44 to 11/45 jimsamples (AT) Initially a deck hand...later a Radar Man. stood watch on depth charges for awhile.
DE-327 Robert Scheller GM2 1943-11/45 ggma161 (AT) Went aboard prior to commission. Located in Orange, Texas. Would like to hear from someone.
DE-327 Martin Silverman RM2 july 44-june 46 gadyl1 (AT) welcome all contacts
DE-327 Thomas Smith ENS 4/3/45-5/2/46 Tim3644 (AT) (son-in-law My father-in-law-deceased-After his death, I ended up with a flag that flew on the U.S.S.Brister.
DE-327 Thomas Summers   1954-1957 cjsummers0429 (AT)  
DER-327 Art Aamodt LT(jg) 5/59 - 8/61 artalaam (AT) Welcome all contacts
DER-327 Leroy Ashworth EN1 9/59-9/61 horsetrader20 (AT) Boarded in Guam-I remember Decker,BT Oglevie,ENG4 Anderson,Cox,Lemoine & Zanka,DC2 Burns,ENG3 Heno.
DER-327 Ed Austria TN/E-3 4/61 to 11/62 edaustr (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
DER-327 Alan Baade STG2 1964 to 1967 alanbaade (AT) Guam(DEW Line Barrier),Sydney,Pearl,Viet Nam(Market Time)Need Boots on Ground doc-Remember Da Nang?
DER-327 C. W. (Bill) Baker RM1 6/60-8/62 cbillbaker (AT)  
DER-327 Denis Baker E-3 10/66-12/67 dabaker (AT) Looking for shipmates. Weapons Yeomen during Market Time tour of '67.
DER-327 Charles Becker QM3 7/67 to 9/68 czb (AT) Like to hear from shipmates especially Mike Harris QM3
DER-327 Dennis Bence IC1 1968 to 1969 D_BENCE (AT)  
DER-327 Rolf Berger RD3 1968 ddg16berg (AT) Ron Parent do you know where Ken Nickolai is currently. I came aboard as RDSN during last cruise out of Subic.
DER-327 Robert Beveridge LT(jg) 6/56-6/59 bobbev2 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DER-327 Donald Biddinger QM3 1957-1960 lthouseacres (AT) address: 2115 W. Dewey Rd. Scottville, Mi. 49454
DER-327 Bill Birdsall SN 6/56-10/57 BLRBIRDSALL (AT)  
DER-327 Bob Brockfield LT(jg) 1958-1962 brockfib (AT) Now living in Cincinnati, Ohio
DER-327 Dennis Burk ETN3 9/58-10/60 dennyrm (AT) I remember some names on this list--how about Wolfe, Vanderhayden, Runion--
DER-327 Carl Burris RM3 59-61 cpburris1 (AT) like to hear from shipmates
DER-327 Phil Butikofer STG3 11/65 to 06/68 philbd (AT) Deck force-stood sonar/deck bridge watches-ship sank 1st light weight gun running freighter in VietNam war 4/66
DER-327 Steven Carter EN3 67-68 slc1604 (AT) My father passed away 11/6/96
DER-327 Eric Cassera E-3 1967-1968 cassera_ric (AT)  
DER-327 Kyle Cherry EN2 1955 to 1957 kylezoroaster (AT) Went to the ship when it was still in dry dock
DER-327 Dave Cole SO2 1/60-12/62 judaco (AT) checking in,Fox DIV
DER-327 Anthony (Tony) Coley EN3 12/61-6/63 coleyct (AT) 1st of 7 ships over 21 years. Great intro. to Navy.
DER-327 Curt Cook FTG3 12/65 - 6/67 cookc45 (AT) Like to hear from any shipmates,especially Weaps & Deck Divs-I remember T Ferber, P Butikofer, T. Lawrence
DER-327 Richard Cox RD3 1959-1961 franky38 (AT) Want to hear from radarmen, and the officers
DER-327 Robert Davitt SN 01/57 to 58 bob_davitt (AT)  
DER-327 Stephen Demetri EN2 5/65-7/67 nohairs71 (AT) would like to hear from ship mates
DER-327 Wally Denman GMG3 6/67 8/69 lwdenman86 (AT)  
DER-327 Andy Doboga PN1 1955-1956 usnibmret (AT) Precommissioning detail Charleston, S.C. CO Lcdr Cote
DER-327 Laney Earls FTG3 7/60 - 10/61 hastywon (AT) Looking for David Adams and Sam Galbavy
DER-327 John Edwards SK2 1963-1967 JOHNARGONAUT (AT) Guam-Barrier patrol-Pearl-Australia-Maket time.
DER-327 Dan Embree ETR2 9/1965-4/1968 dlmo145 (AT) Would like to here from all shipmates possible reunion??
DER-327 Ted Ferber EN3 1/65 - 9/68 tferbe (AT) Hey Chunky are you out there?
DER-327 Paul Foreman RD3 8/61 - 2/63 paulfore (AT) It's been a long time!
DER-327 Kenneth Fricke E-3 7/62 to 12/63 kw.fricke (AT)  
DER-327 William Gain RD3 9/66-9/68 will (AT)  
DER-327 Samuel Galbavy FTG2 12/59-7/61   Box 734, Eureka, MT 59917 - Would like to hear from anyone
DER-327 Nick Garcia RM3 6/66 - 7/68 nickg5919 (AT) 818-887-5919
DER-327 Gary Gatzke CSSN   mary.gatzke (AT)  
DER-327 Donald Gatzke EN3 1959 dthegatzkes (AT)  
DER-327 William Gooch LT(jg), SC 7/63-7/65 brgooch (AT) Joined ship in Guam, homecoming/decomission cruise Australia, re-assigned to Pineapple fleet in Hawaii, two tours to Vietnam.
DER-327 Larry Gregory IC3 12/59-8/62 kc0rky (AT)  
DER-327 Terry Gunderson STG3 66-67 topgun1946 (AT)  
DER-327 Willis Hallowell E-3 1967-1968 heleno (AT) willis is looking for shipmates
DER-327 Mike Harris QM3 67-68 mikeharris000 (AT) Looking for Jerry Wesphal SM3
DER-327 Bill Hartnett LT(jg) 6/60-6/62 bhart123 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates and DER sailors
DER-327 Blaine F. Heeter FN 7/56- 5/58 mvhoghistorian (AT) Went aboard as recom crew in Charleston,Sc.Lcdr. John Cote, as Captain, and Lt. Stephen P. Douglas as XO.
DER-327 Ken Heller SA/E-2 09/67-09/68 kenneth.e.heller (AT) LT COL Ken Heller, USAR (Ret). Mobilized both Iraq wars.
DER-327 Tracy Holmes MR3 9/60-2/62 tracyh (AT) My first of 3 ships and my favorite. Lots of great memories.
DER-327 Felton Hudson RD3 1959-1961 feltonjennifer (AT) Am trying to locate Radarmen who served on the Brister 59-61
DER-327 Stewart Ike EN3 6/57-10/59 ikems (AT)  
DER-327 William Imgrund Eng. Off. 1956? jersdave (AT) My wife's father, passed away 1/10/07. Rest in peace Bill.
DER-327 Dennis Ishol SO3 7/60-8/62 drishol (AT) it would be fun to visit a little about the navy, guam.carolines,saipan,japan and our lives since
DER-327 Robert Jacobsen RM2 1960 to 1963 rjacobsen (AT) Would appreciate hearing from folks
DER-327 Walter Johnson GM3 6/58-5/61 JoyceBBJohn (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DER-327 Nathaniel Jones RM2 1965 to 1967 k8dje (AT) Met ship in subic summer of 65 enroute to pearl harbor-66 WestPac cruise-visited Singapore,Manila & Hong Kong.
DER-327 Wayne Kitt RM/E-3 11/67 - 6/68 wkitt17 (AT) Taiwan Patrol/Market Time-on patrol when flash messages came in re:USS Pueblo-exciting-now just history
DER-327 Dennis Kuntz E-3 6/66 - 8/68 denniskuntz (AT) Hello from Montana; seeking cruise book
DER-327 Peeks Larry EN3 6/67 to 9/68 larrypeeks (AT)  
DER-327 Tim Lawrence FTG2 7/66 - 9/68 dirtyole69 (AT) Best ship and crew out of the seven I eventually served on.
DER-327 Richard Leach EM2 1966-1968 richandpeggy (AT) We all live in a very different world than we did back then! I can't believe it happened four decades ago......
DER-327 Robert Lindgren YN3 7/58-5/59 rcwl1 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DER-327 Jerry Lipson SM3 1965 to 1967 glipson (AT) it would be nice to hear from an old ship mate
DER-327 Dean May EN3 12/61-6/63 dean_may (AT) Typhoon Karen,barrier patrol,kapangimarangi,bowling team,gab gab beach,deededo,sinijana,spam & beer picnics!
DER-327 Thomas McCarthy CS2 11/60-11/62 bmccar1665 (AT) I was a lifer retired in 74 as CSCS
DER-327 Thomas (Tom) Menadue SK3 1956-1957 bbqjanet (AT) Was a plank owner when we commisioned the Charlston South Carolina.
DER-327 Stanley Mercer E-5 1964-1967 waymanmercer (AT) Looking for shipmates/help with info reg fighting we were involved in-suff frm PTSD-need help to acq disability from VA.
DER-327 Harvey Miller E-4 1963 - 1967 miller.harvey46 (AT) Would like to here from Shipmates./ need help proving i was on land in Vietnam .
DER-327 Ken Mischel FN 1966-1967 kmischel (AT) Came aboard as BT, switched to SF, then Eng YM, EM, & finally IC gang before orders to IC A school aft WestPac
DER-327 Harold Murphy YN2 07/66 - 11/67 harold.murphy (AT) Played on the USS Brister's softball team.
DER-327 Dan Ninedorf SN(ET) Aug-Oct 68 ninedorf (AT) The crew learned of decommissioning over Hawaiian KPOI radio
DER-327 Ron Parrent RD3 1959-1962 rparrent (AT) retired in 2006,my new e-mail adr.
DER-327 Larry Peeks EN3 6/1967-9/1968 LarryPeeks (AT) looking for old ship mates
DER-327 George Quigley END3 1956 to 1957 gsquigley (AT) Was onboard when ship was recommissioned in Charleston, SC
DER-327 Steve Richardson E-4 1966-1968 steve (AT) AKA Poopsie..Live in Tampa, FL. Write anytime.
DER-327 Al Ross LT(jg) 5/65-11/67 ross9128 (AT) Would like to hear from Market Time shipmates
DER-327 Jack H. Rothwell RD3 11/62-05/64 jrothw1944 (AT) Would love to locate ex shipmates for reunion.
DER-327 Everett Roush E-5 8/66-8/67 iokuok (AT) Checked aboard at P.H. Hawaii. Made Westpac cruise.
DER-327 Ben Sanders RD3 1961- 4/63 msanders9057 (AT)  
DER-327 Phil Sharp STG3 1964-1966 sg50-suz-ccex (AT) Guam-Pearl-Market Time-first ship-retired '85-MACS(SW)
DER-327 Thomas Shugrue CS2 ? shegrew (AT)  
DER-327 David Smith SFP2 1963-1965 pjdlsmith (AT) looking for shipmates
DER-327 Earl Sohn EN2/E-3 1964-1967 thesohns (AT) Looking for photos, plus shipmates
DER-327 Elmo Sorapuru   1967 to 1968 sonnysorapuru (AT) looking for shipmates. viet nam, destroyer
DER-327 John Stebbins LT(jg) 6/57-6/59 jsteb1 (AT) Remember the Ichi-Bon, Brock?
DER-327 Arthur Strunk LCDR 9/63 - 8/65 arthurstrunk (AT)  
DER-327 Joe Sturdivant ETR/E-3 09/67 - 07/68 joseph.f.sturdivant (AT) Looking for ETs and RDs during that time frame.
DER-327 Harold Taylor RD3 1958-59 577taylor (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates.
DER-327 Ronald Tone EN2 2/59 to 2/62 rjone (AT) Hope to find Miller and/or other ship mates
DER-327 Charles Towns SK2 12/67 - 9/68 cetowns (AT) Favorite Ship! Great bunch of guys!
DER-327 Stuart (Stu) Urmston RD2 1960 to 1963 stu (AT) Dayton, OH
DER-327 Bill Walker EN3 01/62-07/64 4mrbill (AT)  
DER-327 Richard Weatherly RD3 2/64-1/66 weatherlyr (AT)  
DER-327 Steve Wilcox RM3 1967-68 sewilcox (AT)  
DER-327 Robert Wojdyla RM2 3/58 - 10/60 lopaka52637 (AT)  
DER-327 Thomas Woodfield FN 1956-1958 TINCANNAVY (AT)  
DER-327 Edward Wright CS3 10/62-4/66 edfwright2 (AT) Onboard 3 yrs,6 mos-was 18 yrs old-.Vietman 4/65-9/65 & 1/66-4/66-call me at 843-215-3786-great memories
DER-327 Ralph Yant RMSN 12/61 to 6/63 rytbyant (AT)  

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